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Change Gardens Final Project

Change Gardens Final Project

Taking sustainability
into your own hands

Media Kit

Table of

About Change Gardens Digital
Media Release Artifact
Creative Brief


Social Media Plan & Mockups

Ad Design
Social Justice Partnership with
Feeding America

Gardens Our Mission

Background Bringing people together to care
about the planet and practicing
eco-friendly ways to bring fresh pro-
duce into your home
without adding to the climate crisis.

Change Gardens is a new eco-friendly company that helps people start their own sustainability
journeys at home. It provides consumers the opportunity to take sustainability (and dirt) into
their own hands.

Change Gardens started in November 2020 with a group of college kids who wanted to help the
climate crisis. All around us, we heard news and facts about climate change and how there
were only so many years to fix the planet before irreparable damage was done. This was
frightening to us. We wanted a future in which extreme weather conditions didn’t affect our daily
lives, people didn’t live in food deserts, and a future that our grandchildren didn’t have to worry
about. We realized that the climate crisis was something that we could help combat with personal
gardens as they promote more sustainable practices.

With Change Gardens, we will not only promote the growth of your own vegetable garden, but
we will make it accessible to learn how to garden. As college students, none of us had ever
gardened before so we wanted to make sure that gardening with CG was as easy as can be. We
provide you with all the basic materials you need with directions and even if you are far from a
green thumb, we have more guides on our website to help you out. We sell the basic kits, but if
you are a step ahead already, you will be able to buy individual seeds or other products.

No more food waste, no questionable ingredients, just freshly grown products by you wherever.

The climate crisis isn’t the only thing we’re worried about, we also want to make sure that
communities facing food insecurity are receiving the help they deserve. That’s why we’ve
partnered with Feeding America. With every basic gardening kit that you buy, we will donate a
meal to a family living in a food desert. With your help, we will be able to help combat climate
change and food insecurity. Help us feed America by buying your own gardening kit and get ready to
get your hands dirty for a clean environment.

Contact: Jocelyn Esparza,
Change Gardens
Phone: 224-406-1124
Email: [email protected]


Take Your Sustainability One Step Forward: Personal Gardening Kits for Your Home
A personal gardening kit made to make your sustainability journey easy, efficient,
and eco-friendly.

Chicago, April 2021—Climate change is no longer just climate change- it’s a climate crisis. With only
a few years left to create sustainable practices and save the planet from irreparable damages, Change
Gardens provides people the opportunity to grow their own produce to help offset carbon emissions
and food insecur ty. Launching this spring just in time for the recommended planting period in
Illinois, Change Gardens can be bought online and in-stores. The basic wooden kits include seeds,
soil pellets, and fertilizer. Individual products also are sold that include the products in the kits.
Change Garden’s Basic Gardening Kit retails for $25.99 and free shipping when you buy your first
Change Gardens helps urban dwellers enhance their sustainability while living in an area not
traditionally known for gardening. You can garden on your 13th floor balcony, or on your 3rd floor
windowsill. You don’t need a huge backyard or a crazy amount of tools. All you need is one of our
kits and you are set to have fresh ingredients at your fingertips.
“Change Gardens was created with the mission to inspire people to care about the Earth and its lon
gevity that we can only expand by doing something,” said Claire Stevens, CEO of Change Gardens.
The intention then spread to help combat food sovereignty in BIPOC communities as well as com-
bating climate change by partnering with Feeding America.
The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2020, hitting 417 parts per million
in May. 2020 was also the hottest year on record and held numerous extreme weather around the
world. Without corporations and individuals actively combating the climate crisis every day, the
planet can see a dangerous future that will disproportionately affect marginalized groups.
Founded in November 2020, Change Gardens is a new eco-friendly company launching this spring to
help people start their own sustainability journeys at home. It provides consumers the opportunity
to take sustainability (and dirt) into their own hands.


If you would like more information about Change Gardens, please call Jocelyn Esparza at 224-406-

Creative Brief/Advertising Strategy Outline
Change Gardens

Change Gardens is a new eco-friendly company launching this summer to help people start their own sustainability
journeys at home. As a new company, we need to develop a campaign that will introduce Change Gardens to
Chicago and create brand awareness. We want to target individuals who care about the environment and don’t
mind getting their hands a little dirty while trying to save the planet.
Consumers are increasingly caring about their health. Whether that be getting more active, consuming less animal
products, or scanning labels on their food. Change Gardens provides people the comfort in knowing exactly how
their ingredients are being grown. The importance of healthy eating is becoming imperative growing your own
food is beneficial for both body, mind, and the Earth.
Marketing Objective:

· Gain distribution of new product in key retail chains (Home Depot, Lowe’s True Value, Walmart, Target)
· Sell out first year production for $20 million in sales
· Be the most well-known gardening kit company in the market

Advertising Communication Objective:
· Introduce Change Gardens as the best way to grow your own produce at home
· Generate awareness among the target of Change Gardens
· Promote personal gardens as a means of sustainability and eco-friendliness
· Educate people on the climate crisis and food insecurity

Advertising Strategy:
· Position the product as a step in increasing consumers’ sustainability
· Use a combination of print, social media, and OTT advertising
· Promote on platforms where the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) demographic is heavily on
· Schedule advertising beginning at the beginning of March through the summer
· The shipping box is the planter itself and it comes with everything you need, makes gardening really easy
· There are different kinds of gardening kits, the basic gardening kit is the easiest one to do and doable for all
of our target audience

Target Audience:
· Younger individuals in the demographic of LOHAS (18-34)
· They are committed to sustainability (don’t use plastic bags, straws, limit their animal consumption, avoid
· Do not mind being outdoors (most love it)
· Do not have any kids yet
· Are college educated and most likely attended a liberal arts university
· Live by themselves or with one roommate
· Have never gardened before but are willing to try in order to combat climate change
· Like aesthetically pleasing and simple things
· Probably already have a few house plants

Competitive Frame:
· Garden in a Box (Colorado company)

· Back to the Roots
· Produce retailers
Current Position
· There is no perception because this is a new product, but our target audience enjoys being outdoors and have

committed to a sustainable lifestyle (or are trying to commit).

Desired Position:
· “I would buy a gardening kit because I’m trying to lessen by carbon footprint, plus it seems like a really cool
and relaxing thing to do at home! I’ve been trying to be more eco-friendly by not using straws, bring reusable
bags to the store, but I would love to get my hands dirty and start my own garden. I live in a pretty small
space, but Change Gardens will allow me to start a garden anywhere! I like how simple they make it to be

Consumer Promise:
· Change Gardens will help you grow your own fresh produce at home so you can do your own part in battling
the climate crisis.

Reasons Why:
· Food insecurity still affects over 35 million people
· All of our packaging and materials are made from recycled material and are 100% compostable 
· Personal and community gardens decrease the carbon emissions emitted from food transportation trucks and
decrease grocery store food waste
· 80 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year; the United States is the global leader on this. $1,600 worth
of food is wasted per family in the US per year
· With every gardening kit you buy, we will donate meals to a family experiencing food poverty through Feeding
· 77% of US adults say they are actively trying to improve their health in some way
· If we don’t reduce our consumption, waste and energy use, urban areas will become increasingly polluted,
choked with waste and gridlocked with traffic

Call to Action:
· Go to your local gardening center and pick up a gardening kit
· Visit the Change Gardens website

Tone & Manner:
· With its simple and aesthetically pleasing designs that will captivate our target audience, Change Gardens will
not only inform people about their gardening kits, but also educate people on the climate crisis and what they
can do. It will have a slight urgent tone because the climate crisis is urgent, but it will also allow people to feel
like they will make a difference by buying their products.

Other Considerations:
· Change Gardens color scheme will be green and off-white- this will create a coherent theme
· Partnership with Feeding America will give us visibility and credibility

Product Packaging

Product comes in a recycled
crate box that is the planter
for your garden. The lid is
removable and inside are your
soil palletes, seeds, and
fertilizer package.

Change Gardens Social Media Plan
Change Gardens is a new eco-friendly company that helps people start their own sustainability jour-
neys at home. It provides consumers the opportunity to take sustainability (and dirt) into their own
Bringing people together to care about the planet and practicing eco-friendly ways to bring fresh pro-
duce into your home without adding to the climate crisis.
To reduce individual’s carbon footprint and food waste to combat climate change and food insecurity.
The vision for our social media is an inclusive, informative platform that is not only selling our prod-
uct, but giving our audience information on the challenges we are facing.
Why Instagram
According to Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2021 Report, more than half of all businesses plan on in-
creasing their Instagram budget. With 1 billion monthly users and the largest group being the age
group of 25-34, this hits our exact target audience. A majority (46%) of users also live in urban
areas, and since we are currently launching in Chicago, this is also the target audience that we want
to interact with. 43% of users are interested in food and drink and 35% are interested in health and
fitness, which again will narrow down to our target audience. More than 500 million users interact
with Instagram stories, which is a tool that our company will be using frequently by posting infor-
mational and interactive content that will then be highlighted on our page so people can access them
at any time.
• Theme using our brand colors
• Utilizing all features Instagram has to offer (stories, highlights, reels, etc.)
• Posting on our feed and story consistently
• Replying back to comments
• Utilizing hashtags
Type of Content
• Images of our product
• Information on the climate crisis
• Information on food insecurity
• Partnership with Feeding America
• Guides on planting
• Testimonial-like posts
• Monitor KPIs such as likes, comments, shares, and saves (using Instagram Analytics)
• Keeping track of how users are getting on our website (and if it’s from Instagram)

Social Media Mockup-
Instagram post


Ad Location: DIRT Magazine

Page Dimensions: 7.375 x 9.875
“Healthy living from the ground up”
DIRT Magazine talks about environmetal issues
and offers fresh ideas on sustainable living.
Change Gardens is a fresh new idea for urban
dwellers who want to increase their
sustainability and are intertested in gardening.
DIRT Magazine will help us reach our target
audience because they are seeking ways to
implement more sustainable practices into their
daily life.

Change Gardens Social Justice Partnership Plan
Feeding America

In Illinois, 1,283,550 people are struggling with hunger - and of them
363,900 are children. This equals 1 in 10 people are hungry, 1 in 8 children
are hungry. Now, because of the pandemic, 42 million people may face hun-
ger. Furthermore, many households facing food insecurity do not qualify for
federally funded programs. Change Gardens promotes sustainability to im-
prove the climate crisis, this sustainability also includes helping people.
“Food insecurity is defined as a lack of consistent access to enough food
for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life. This can be a
temporary situation for a household or can last a long time. Food insecurity
is one way we can measure how many people cannot afford food.” - Feeding
The target audience for our product is generally not facing food insecurity,
thus they will be able to buy a personal garden kit and we will donate meals
to a family in need. Corporate Social Responsibility is growing to be more
important to consumers and they will also be able to give back to the com-
munity when buying from us. Our consumers will also be encouraged to
donate any leftover produce that they grow on their own to Feeding Ameri-
ca food bank and pantries close to them.
Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization. By part-
nering with them, we will be able to help this large organization feed more
families and end world hunger. With 200 food banks and 60,00 food pan-
tries, Feeding America’s reach and work is strong and we want to support
them so they can continue doing their important task.
Every time somebody buys a Basic Gardening Kit from Change Gardens, we
will help to donate meals for families living in food desert areas.


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