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Newsletter Summer 2019

Newsletter Summer 2019

AUSTIN CLUBHOUSE SPRING 2019 Find us on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter: @austinclubhouse

Austin Clubhouse

610 E. 45th Street
Austin, TX 78751
(inside Hyde Park Christian Church,
east side entrance).
Monday-Friday 9-5pm
Thursdays from 5-8pm
Daily Tours at 11:00am
For info, please call or email

(512) 925-5877

[email protected]


Table of Contents 3
A Letter from our Executive Director 5
Shubhra’s Journey to Employment 5
Employment Poem by Hannah B.
Tvan’s New Direction 6
Work Experiences 7
Clubhouse Employment Programs 9
Looking for Work? Check the Board! 9
Working at the Clubhouse by Diane C. 10
Success Story by Richard F. 10
First Jobs Around the Clubhouse 11
Amplify Austin 2019 12
Mental Health Advocacy Day 13
Austin Clubhouse New Spaces! 14
Poetry As A Tool For Recovery 15
Socials 15
Board Member Spotlight—Jennifer Tucker 16
Rethinking the Melting Pot by Yoli 17
Fort Bend Clubhouse Visits Austin Clubhouse 18
Clubhouse Fun 19
The Goblin King by Pia B. 20
Austin Clubhouse Crossword by Joe
Mission and Vision Statement
Our Awesome Partners and Sponsors


A Letter from our Executive Director

Hello Co-Workers and Colleagues!

I have some pretty amazing news to share with you that should make us
all proud. So far this year 14 members have gotten new jobs -- that's amazing!
And for some, this is the first job they have ever had. A couple of weeks ago a
member came rushing into the Admin Unit to show us her very first paycheck.
Her whole face was lit up with joy. We all celebrated and cheered her on.

The Clubhouse enables members to start or return to paid work
through Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and Independent
Employment. Helping members find and keep jobs within the larger community
is central to our mission. We assess members' readiness, interests and skills
and provide in-house job opportunities accordingly. Our Employment Program
prepares members - whatever their previous work experience - with the
necessary skills and employment opportunities, enabling them to regain the
confidence and motivation members need to become financially independent.

Our Transitional Employment Program is unique in that Clubhouse staff
cover member’s shifts in the event they are unable to attend work due to their
diagnoses or a current crisis, helping members keep their jobs so they can
continue to grow. Our programs are designed to build on members' strengths
and skills; this approach sets members up for success and empower them to
pursue their goals with confidence.

Join us for our next weekly employment meeting on Wednesdays at
3:30pm at the Clubhouse.



Shubhra’s Journey to Employment

Thanks to everyone working as hard workers at Austin
Clubhouse as a volunteer! My hardworking there got me a
golden opportunity with Goodwill on North Lamar on six
months training with Luke Tinius who is first of all my staff
member and now my mentor at Goodwill. So this to all my
family, my sister and my brother-in-law helping me with this
task in their own busy schedule. Thanks to you both love you
sis and their family.

I have to say that I miss my mom who passed away in
year 2015. I was very close to my mom if she would be here
she and my maternal aunt passed away and my maternal
uncle would be very happy to see their niece has made a
golden opportunity in her own field. I am also thankful to my
father, uncle, aunt and my uncle Masa and family living in
different parts of countries in USA, India and Switzerland.

I’m thankful to all that helped me and my hard working, that got me this opportunity. Thanks
staff members and members of Austin Clubhouse who have guided me at each and every step of my
difficulty so I am very thankful to each and every member of Austin Clubhouse member and staff
members and my kitchen crew Jason and Mae, Business and Admin John Woods, the youngest staff
member at Austin Clubhouse, Joanna Linden, Amber Goggia, John Michael, Motiben (Jen Cardenas)
and my staff member and my mentor Luke Tinius help in every step.

Now I can say thank you proudly. I have golden opportunity thanks to Austin Clubhouse and
staff member thanks very much for helping me everyone staff members and members and family
members thanks. My hard working in resource fairs at Austin Clubhouse and outside the Austin
Clubhouse I had good opportunity with all the members. That was my first step towards my future
steps and then unit meetings at Clubhouse in Kitchen and Wellness.

I liked the small box that I got at the first resource

fair I went to with John Woods thanks very much,

I appreciate it. I hope you have liked the journey

Shub Dogwith me from Shubhra to.


Employment Poem by Hannah B.

Ideally one would gain employment DISCLAIMER: Hannah is not a real plumber.
In an environment that brings enjoyment Please do not contact her for plumbing services.
And to get there one has to practice
Skills needed to succeed
And the Clubhouse knows of that need!
Here we help each other
Staff and members together
To weave a future brighter
For a community tighter together and kinder
Each day, and committed to seeing you paid

Tvan’s New Direction

My name is Tvan Bryant and I am proud
to be a member of Austin Clubhouse,
which has been helpful in every way for
my progress!

I am proud to say my job as Community
Engagement Specialist at Bluebonnet
Studios has been a major change in my

Thanks goes out to all people involved.
My job has been a great opportunity for
me to enter back into working again
and I am very grateful!

I never thought that it would be possible due to the issues I have experienced with my
mental health. I am very content with the way my life is headed. THANKS AGAIN!


Work Experiences

I started working for UT on July 29th, Gary says, “Hook ‘Em Horns!”
1985. I had three supervisors and they’re all
now retired. I worked with the Grounds Crew
for 30 years. I also had a CDL license which I
gave up. I used to drive the UT trash truck.

Most of the time I helped the Grounds
crew out. Lots of times I got stuck with the
push mowing, despite being the oldest
member of the crew. I worked mainly at JJ
Pickle Research Center on Burnet. I retired in
August 2015.

My advice to people working is, listen
to what your boss says but don’t do anything
foolish. You got to take care of yourself first
and foremost and then you can give your all
at work. Also, use a ride mower if you can,
push mowers are hard work! - Gary K.

The Art of Work by Paula B.

Employment: making contributions to the world. I am proof positive that if a person REALLY wants to work, they can.
Since being in Austin, I have been continually employed for the 30 years in a variety of positions – except for 2 weeks. I
did temp work in between jobs. Of course, I’ve taken “breaks” now and then to take care of myself due to my mental
health and other health conditions.
Here’s what I have always done throughout my life and want to continue to do. I want to motivate others and give
inspiration. I want to help them achieve – to find their own limitations and strengths. ANYONE can work if given the
chance. For 13 years, I worked as a “vocational evaluator.” That means that I did ‘job testing’ with people with a
variety of disabling conditions. If necessary, I would break down tasks into smaller steps – giving individuals the
opportunity to try things that they might not explore otherwise. To show accomplishment. My mantra: ‘Try it’. If not
able to do the task, quit, and try something else. If you accomplish the task, be proud of yourself and know you can do
bigger and better things in life – whatever that may be.
Let me give you an example. I recently met one of my ‘consumers’. She thanked me for my compassion in working
with her; in showing her that she could do things although she didn’t have the confidence that she would ever be able
to do anything work-wise. She became employed through both our efforts and even got “Employee of the Month.”
This was affirming to me – that “trying” something new can lead to opportunities aplenty!
My life may not be what I envisioned. I don’t know how it will end or what I will be doing. My parents pushed me to try
my best despite me also having a physical disability. To try activities that I may not have “wanted” to do because they
were “too hard.” It just takes baby-steps to try something new. Go for it. You’ll feel better for it. I know I do.


Clubhouse Employment Programs

Transitional Employment positions are paid part-time
jobs we have established with local employment
partners, where the Clubhouse helps manage the
position by recruiting and training the working member,
frequent communication with the employer, supervisor
and employee; and cover shifts in the event the member
can not work his/her shift.

Supported Employment is obtained by a member
with the help and support of the Austin Clubhouse.
Whether that be by resume writing, employment
searches, letters of recommendations, collaborating
with the employer and the working member to
coordinate support services, or by providing
community support services during employment.

Independent Employment is when the Clubhouse
does not play a role in helping the member obtain the
job. Clubhouse supports are determined by each
working member to help them maintain the position.

Looking for work? Check the board!

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest
job postings from around town, then you
need to stop by our new Employment
Resources Board! It’s located in the hallway
headed towards the Business & Admin Unit.
If you’ve got some hiring opportunities to
share, especially hiring fairs, bring them in
and tack them up. The more the merrier!


Working at the Clubhouse by Diane C.

My name is Diane Clay and I’ve been coming to the Austin Clubhouse since April of 2018. I started
out working in the kitchen, then I discovered the business unit, and then I was asked to answer the
phone at the front desk, even though I really didn’t want to because when I used to work, I was
terrible at answering the phones. I usually cut people off instead of putting them on hold. But since
it was only one line here and I don’t like to say NO when any staff member asks me to do
something, I gave it a try. Now it’s my favorite task to do when I’m here.

I excelled here pretty quickly, having worked in several areas, so I was asked to give a speech in
October of my story. That wasn’t hard for me to do so since the Clubhouse had changed me SO
much. But in that speech I said that I considered myself somewhat stable. However, over time I
found out I’m not as stable as I thought I was. I quit smoking weed in July of 2017 so I no longer
have that to mask my bipolar depression or behavior so I’m dealing with that again and it’s been a
long time since I’ve had to, but I’m definitely in the right place to get help to recovering and
discovering the real me. I can be depressed, mad or frustrated before I get here, but once I’m here,
I usually let it all go.

The Clubhouse has improved my self-esteem, given me value, a chance to learn to socialize,
meaningful work (and I haven’t worked in 27 years due to my bipolar illness), shown me that I’m
worthy of having friends, things that I haven’t felt for 40 yrs. As Robbie Vorspan, Sr. Program
Officer at the Clubhouse International says, “It’s the member/staff relationship that makes all this

work.” Speaking of Staff,
they are wonderful.
They are understanding,
have a very positive
attitude, they’re patient,
they know every
member’s first and last
names, they are
organized (most of the
time), friendly and I
could go on and on.
They are the best and I
love coming here.

Some awesome women of Austin Clubhouse on International Women’s Day!


Success Story by Richard F.

I moved to San Marcos in October 2016 into an apartment living
program. For my first year here I worked at the facility owned ranch
doing landscaping. Then in February 2018 I found a job at Little
Caesars. I started immediately saving money to buy a car.

I worked there for a year and 1 month until I got tired of it....then
found a job at Firehouse Subs that I started a few weeks ago. I like it
much better. I've got $7,600 saved towards a car. I'm buying a 2017
Nissan Sentra at the end of April.

My dad's paying for 1/2. By the fall, I'll be moving into my own place!
(with my dad's help on bills and still assisted by my program). After a
year of that, I'm going to graduate from the program and move back to Dallas near my dad, get a
job and a place, etc.

Anyway, I fondly remember my days at the Clubhouse and haven't forgotten y'all!

First Jobs around the Clubhouse

You never know where life is going to take you but you have to start somewhere!

Ever wondered where people from the Clubhouse got their start?

Here’s a list of some first jobs from our hard-working folks!

 Gussie—Golden Corral Line Server Wendy—Cook at McDonald’s

 Joanna—Counter Girl at Corner St. Diner Jason—Camp Counselor

 Liz—Temp Worker for Texas State Shubhra—Merch Processor at Goodwill
Attorney General’s Office Eric—Page at Public Library
Luke—Busboy/Host at T.G.I. Friday’s
 John W.—Dishwasher at a Bar & Grill Gene—A/V Librarian at Dept. of Health
 George—Math & English Tutor in HS Mae—Sandwich Maker
 Amber—Cashier at Waterpark JM - Telemarketer at Vacation Tour & Travel
 Holly—Technical Writer at IBM


Amplify Austin 2019

We’re happy to announce that
during Amplify Austin, we raised


in 24 hours to help us fund a new
transit van as well as our organic
garden and healthy meals.

Folks celebrating at our annual Amplify Watch Party!

Huge thanks to everyone who told their family and friends, made donation pages, gave their
time, energy and money to support us! Special gratitude to St. David’s Foundation, for
donating matching dollars to raise the total amount. Amplify Austin provides an easy way for
the entire city to give together to help local nonprofits. This year they raised an amazing 11.2
million dollars for 746 different nonprofits with the help of 31,108 donors.

Mental Health Advocacy Day

On February 26th, Mental Health organizations from all over Texas came to
rally at the State Capitol building to champion Mental Health Advocacy. Our
Clubhouse brethren from San Antonio, Houston, Fort Bend, San Angelo and

Austin in association with
NAMI Texas came to speak
on behalf of increased
spending and awareness
across the state. Way to go
everyone, your voices are
helping make a big
difference for the future!


Austin Clubhouse New Spaces!

Guess what! We have a new room for tasks that is much bigger for the Admin unit. There is art
work we actually have hung on the walls. There is much more room for the 8 computers so
people aren’t touching elbows. These 8
computers are used for data entry, job
searching and updating resumes and other
personal projects.

There are 2 tables, one is mainly used for
outreach calls and the other is used for
miscellaneous work like signing Birthday cards
and Thank You Cards. The larger room just
makes the Work Order Day more efficient.

After three and half years of having activities and classes next to the dining room, we
now have a dedicated space for QiGong, Yoga, Poetry as a Tool for Recovery,
meditation, health topics discussions, green team meetings and goal setting. It is a
HUGE improvement! We are truly grateful! Come check out the new space soon!

Our crew after we had a great blessing ceremony to open up the new space!


Poetry as a Tool for Recovery

In our Poetry as a Tool for I don’t mind it getting lost
Recovery classes, we explore Sometimes my soul needs to be tossed
our relationship with ourselves Topsy turvy on the street that I see
& others, by using our Oh my oh my what ill this come to be
imagination. Looking around there’s some people to meet
The Clubhouse sign is the welcome greet
Skills include, making healthy
choices, gratitude and self- Come in come in you are not alone
compassion. It’s we it’s we in the comfort zone
I didn’t know of this special place
The sessions are held on Until I was ready to show my face
Thursday, 10-11:30am, in the It’s a room to grow, it’s a room to flow
Wellness Center. Come join us, It’s poetry class where we surely glow
for one or more of the last 3
sessions. Zero experience Steve M.—Session 4, March 14, 2019


Martha &


PTfR facilitators

Some of our gifted poets at our Poetry Celebration in January



(Top Left) Paula & Lauren having a blast at Dart Bowl

(Top Right) We had an excellent party here at the
Clubhouse for Pal-entine’s Day to celebrate all our
awesome friends.

(Middle) Sandy & Holly at our Amplify Austin Party

(Bottom Left) Diane, Pam, Southern, Hannah and Jen
getting goofy in the photo booth at our Pal-entine’s Day

(Bottom Right) Saad smiling the day after he became an
American citizen. Congratulations Saad!


Board Member Spotlight—Jennifer Tucker

Q: What are your responsibilities in your current role with

A: I work with all of Goodwill’s programs that help people
prepare for employment.

Q: Which programs that Goodwill offers are you most
excited about?

A: The Goodwill Career and Technical Academy! The GCTA
offers classes that lead to industry recognized credentials to
help people propel their careers forward.

Q: Why is supporting good mental health important to

A: I don’t know anyone who has NOT been affected by the
journey to maintain good mental health. Mental health is a mission our community is
tackling together and of which I am glad to be a part of.

Q: How did you first get involved with Austin Clubhouse?

A: I met Joanna at a community meeting and was excited to get involved. Goodwill has
been an employer partner for many years, and I was involved with a different Clubhouse in

Q: What was your first job when you were younger?

A: My very first job was working at a farm market selling fruit on the side of the road in
my hometown. I’ve also worked at many, many restaurants as a hostess and server. Being a
server was my favorite because I got to talk to so many people.

Q: Where are you from and what do you do in your free time?

A: I am originally from Michigan and then lived in Savannah, GA for a short time. I am
glad to be here in Austin with the warm weather and great people. I have a serious Netflix
addiction – I’m currently watching the OA and love to read. I also love to meditate and go
for walks in my neighborhood.


Rethinking the Melting Pot by Yoli

The USA has long prided itself on its “melting pot” ethos, a blending of a variety of races and
individuals that assimilate into a “cohesive culture”. In 2019, I dare to argue that if we are to foster a
culture that promotes respect and tolerance, a paradigm shift is in order….

Instead of promoting a false homogeneous culture, I respectfully suggest that we learn to embrace
our differences. By listening to different perspectives within our country and the world, we can
dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. In doing so, we can build
bridges of trust, respect, and understanding as we interact with
one another.

Cultural, religious, and educational diversity makes our country a
more interesting place to live in. People from diverse
backgrounds contribute language skills, new ways of thinking, new
knowledge, and different experiences that ultimately make
America great.

Fort Bend Clubhouse visits Austin Clubhouse

We were happy to host our friends who have recently started a clubhouse in Fort Bend, outside of
Houston. They jumped right in and participated in our Work Ordered Day, shared their ideas and
took notes to take back to their clubhouse. Let’s all cheer them on as they spread the good work!


Clubhouse Fun

(Top Right) Tasha, Holly and Luke coming
back from the P.O. Box with the mail
(Top Left) Some beautiful art from Lynn
B. titled Integration of Fragmentation
(Middle) David and Eric partying down
(Bottom Left) A poem Diane wrote in the
70’s. A true classic!
(Bottom Right) Kristin, Shubhra and Erich
supporting Mental Health at the Capitol

SUNSET by Diane C.
The sinking sun suspended

in hovering haze
Slowly slides behind the hill
Where he sleeps until the dawn.


The Goblin King by Pia B.

Antowin and her grandfather sat at a wooden
table looking at a bowl full of water. Suddenly the
water rippled and a picture appeared. It was a
wedding party full of laughter and happiness. The
groom was the Goblin King, Antowin’s
grandfather. His bride was a beautiful goblin with
lavender eyes and dark purple skin with scales
that shimmered and sparkled in the moonlight.

The wedding party was full of magical creatures
like fairies, giants, unicorns, centaurs and even a
few dwarves. Technically, the dwarves were
human and not magical, but they were great friends of the Goblin King and he
wanted them at his wedding. It was midnight. The wedding was done in secret.
They were all in a valley between the two mountains somewhere deep in the
enchanted forest.

Hagrid was the Goblin King’s name.

“Did I ever tell you how I met your great grandmother?” he asked.

He said, “Yes, Antowin said you met her in the woods when you were talking to
Uncle Jared, the centaur. He was just walking to work with the Goblin King when a
very pretty goblin ran toward them. She was very scared.”

“Why was she scared?” Antowin asked.

“Well, a witch put a spell on her.”

“What kind of spell?” the young elf asked.

Antowin had lovely pale skin like her human friends. She also had pointed ears
and lavender eyes like her grandmother. Her mother was a fairy with lovely blue
eyes and light brown hair. Antowin had light brown hair too. She was eight years
old everyone in her family remarked how pretty she was.

Then, the Goblin King turned to Antowin and said, “Do you want to know the
To be continued………
family secret?”



Our Vision Our Mission

“Our vision is of a recovery- “Austin Clubhouse exists to
oriented Central Texas provide acceptance and
community in which all
empowerment, so adults living
people living with a serious with a mental health diagnosis can
mental illness will achieve
their highest potential.” pursue personal goals and play
meaningful roles as co-workers,

colleagues, family members,
neighbors, and friends.”

(512) 925-5877
[email protected]

Austin Clubhouse Board of Directors

Meghan Weller, President

Olivia Juarez-Reid, Vice President Keep up with us on social media!
Kevin Cole, Treasurer @AustinClubhouse
Sherry Blyth

Coby Chase

Kevin Cole

Christine Kempff

Athena McClendon

Amy Walton, MD

Jennifer Tucker

Joanna Linden, ex-officio



The Gordon & Virginia
Hughes Charitable Fund

KCL Foundation

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