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J-Z of biographies of local Franklin women who voted in the historic 1893 General Election in New Zealand.

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Published by NZ Society of Genealogists - Franklin Branch, 2018-10-28 23:51:13

NZSG Franklin : Suffrage 125 Vol2

J-Z of biographies of local Franklin women who voted in the historic 1893 General Election in New Zealand.

Keywords: suffrage franklin nz

Women of Franklin

on the 1893 Electoral Rolls

Volume two

Women of Franklin
On the 1893 Electoral Rolls

In two volumes



New Zealand Society of Genealogists -Franklin Branch wishes to
thank all the coordinators, contributors, researchers, writers,
compilers and other volunteers who gave their
time so generously to this project which was to celebrate the

125-year anniversary of New Zealand women obtaining the vote.

Also, thanks to the Franklin Local Board for their assistance of a
grant to publish these two volumes.

DISCLAIMER – Every effort has been made to obtain reliable and accurate information for this
publication. The writers and Branch assume no responsibility or liability for any errors,
omissions or inaccuracies that may appear in this publication.
Produced by New Zealand Society of Genealogists – Franklin Branch.
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The area to the west of the red line is the area we defined as Franklin for this book.


The project to write this collection of stories started when the Franklin Branch of the New Zealand
Society of Genealogists was approached by the Franklin Business & Professional Women who were
organising an event to mark the 125th anniversary of the right for women to vote. They asked if we
could find any descendants of the women who signed the 1893 petition. As it happened, if there was
ever a petition from the Franklin area it did not survive.

Legislation was passed on 19 September 1893 and the first election that women could vote in was
held on 28 November 1893, a mere 10 weeks later. The branch decided to use this first roll to identify
those women of Franklin who had enrolled to vote and to write their stories.

In an area defined to include Pokeno, Bombay and Ramarama in the east, Tuakau, Pukekohe, Karaka,
Patumahoe and across to Waiuku, Karioitahi and the Awhitu Peninsula in the west, the names of all
the local women were extracted from the Franklin and Waipa electoral rolls, a total of more than nine
hundred women.

We advertised, networked and used known contacts to involve family members to write about their
ancestors. Branch members set about researching and writing about others. They were to be short
biographies, including a photo if possible, a headstone or newspaper clippings and limited to one page
for consistency. The stories have been written in good faith with the best information we were able
to gather from a variety of sources. They have highlighted the tough times that were endured – brave
women who lived in tents in the bush, women who lost their husbands tragically at a young age and
were left to raise many children alone. Children dying of a variety of illnesses that would now be
curable and the isolation from the families they left on the other side of the world. There were also
tales of strong communities, of good social times and of helpful and caring neighbours. We would like
to think that we have captured life as it was for our 1893 women.

‘Women of Franklin on the 1893 electoral rolls’

The publication is in two volumes, A-I and J-Z, in alphabetical order by surname. The original roll
spellings have been used, please be aware of alternative spellings. Sources may not have been
entered in full due the nature of family contributions and in some cases available space.

New Zealand Society of Genealogists - Franklin Branch 2018.


Volume One BENNETT, Fanny, Waiuku
BENNETT, Lydia, Waiuku
ABBOTT, Eleanor, Riversdale, Tuakau BENT, Henrietta, Waiuku
ABBOTT, Marianne, Riversdale, Tuakau BENT, Rebecca, Waiuku
ADAMS, Charlotte, Pukekohe BENT, Rebecca Selby, Waiuku
ADAMS, Lizzie, Pukekohe BEST, Margaret, Punui
ADAMS, Mary Jane, Pukekohe BESWICK, Emma, Waiuku
ADAMS, Priscilla Jane, Mauku BILKEY, Emily Sarah, Buckland
ADOLPH, Mary, Mauku BILKEY, Helen Warn, Pukekohe
AKEROYD, Mary Jane, Karaka BILKEY, Jane, Buckland
ALEXANDER, Jane Henrietta, Waipipi BILKEY, Rose Annie, Pukekohe
ALEXANDER, Jane Ireland, Waipipi BINNING, Joanna Mary, Razorback
ALEXANDER, Mary Horatia, Waipipi BINNING, Maggie Marshall, Razorback
ALEXANDER, Mary Jane, Waiuku BIRD, Kate, Waiuku
ALLEN, Elizabeth Ann, Hillside, Pukekohe BISCHOFF, Eleanor, Waiuku
ALLEN, Martha, Paerata, Pukekohe BISCHOFF, Lavinia, Waiuku
ALLEN, Rose Ann, Pukekohe BLACK, Mary Jane, Tuakau
ALLISON, Helen, Bombay BLACKWELL, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
ALLISON, Jessie Isabella, Bombay BLAKE, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
ANDERSON, Mary, Pukekohe BLAKE, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
ANDREW, Margaret, Pukekohe BLEWETT, Catherine, Tuakau
ASHDOWN, Fanny, Rama Rama BLOMFIELD, Phebe Jane, Paerata
ASPDEN, Anna, Mauku BLUCK, Matilda, Buckland
AUSTIN, Elizabeth Brown, Pokeno BOASE, Selina, Pukekohe West
BAGULEY, Sarah, Pukekohe East BODEN, Mary Ann, Patumahoe
BAGULEY, Sarah, Pukekohe East BODEN, Sarah, Patumahoe
BAILEY, Elizabeth Fanny, Waiuku BOOKER, Annie E. W., Tuakau
BAILEY, Mary, Waiuku BOOKER, Elizabeth, Kohekohe
BAKER, Grace Ann Cole, Rama Rama BOOTH, Alice Ann, Kohekohe
BALLARD, Mary, Buckland BOOTH, Sarah, Kohekohe
BALME, Elizabeth Ann, Bombay BOVILL, Catherine, Tuakau
BARBER, Agnes, Mauku BOYLE, Eliza, Tuakau
BARBER, Elizabeth, Mauku BRADY, Alice, Patumahoe
BARKER, Rose, Buckland BRADY, Ann Jane, Patumahoe
BARNABY, Charity, Tuakau BRADY, Ellen, Patumahoe
BARNABY, Phoebe Elizabeth, Tuakau BRAITHWAITE, Charlotte, Buckland
BARR, Elsie Helen, The Manse, Waiuku BRAITHWAITE, Martha Louisa, Tuakau
BARRIBALL, Annie Sagatia, Waiuku BRAUN, Esther Sarah, Waiuku
BARRIBALL, Delia, Waiuku BRAUN, Henrietta, Waiuku
BARRIBALL, Eliza, Waiuku BREGMEN, Emily, Waiuku
BARRIBALL, Eliza Jane, Waiuku BREGMEN, Sarah Catherine, Waiuku
BARRIBALL, Elizabeth, Waiuku BREWSTER, Susan, Whangarata
BARRIBALL, Ellen Constable, Waiuku BRIGHT, Elizabeth Martha, Pukekohe East
BARRIBALL, Sophia Amelia, Waiuku BRIGHT, Jane, Waiuku
BARTLETT, Sarah Isabella, Waiuku BRINE, Mary Isabella, Awitu Central
BATES, Isabella Sarah, Pokeno BRITTAIN, Annie, Waipipi
BATES, Louisa Adelaide, Awitu BROWN, Anne, Karaka, Drury
BAYLY, Jessie, Pukekohe BROWN, Aseneth Ann, Waiuku
BAYLY, Loveday, Pukekohe BROWN, Christina, Puni
BAYNES, Kezia, Waiuku BROWN, Christina, Puni
BEAMISH, Minnie, Paerata BROWN, Emily, Whangarata, Tuakau
BEAVER, Jane S., Bombay BROWN, Emily Fanny, Patumahoe
BEGBIE, Ann Switzer, Pukekohe East BROWN, Katie Jane, Whangarata
BEGBIE, Jane, Pukekohe East BROWN, Louisa Catherine, Tuakau
BELL, Laura, Pukekohe West BROWN, Margaret, Razorback
BELL, Mary Jane, Maketu BROWN, Margaret McPherson, Tuakau
BELOE, Eleanor Jane, Pukekohe BROWN, Mary, Pukekohe West
BELOE, Margaret McIntyre, Pukekohe BROWN, Tottie, Puni
BENNET, Eliza, Pokeno BROWNE, Mary, Patumahoe


BROWNHILL, Jessie, Bombay COONEY, Margaret, Whangarata
BROWNHILL, Jessie Mary, Bombay COOPER, Margaret Ann, Pukekohe
BROWNHILL, Sarah Jane, Bombay COPELAND, Elizabeth Ann, Tuakau
BROWNLEE, Agnes, Pollok CORNTHWAITE, Alice Maria, Bombay
BROWNLEE, Isabella, Pukekohe West CORNTHWAITE, Margaret Elizabeth, Bombay
BROWNLEE, Jane, Pollok COSE, Elizabeth, Patumahoe
BRUCE, Annie, Tuakau COSE, Mary Ann, Patumahoe
BRUCE, Mary, Tuakau COSGRAVE, Mary, Waiuku
BUDGE, Sarah Ann, Pukekohe COSSEY, Mary May, Manukau Heads
BUTLER, Flora, Rama Rama COTTER, Emma, Mauku
CAIE, Jessie, Bombay COWAN, Janet, Razorback
CAIE, Jessie junr., Bombay COX, Mary, Mauku
CAIRNS, Louisa, Rama Rama CRAIG, Ann, Waiuku
CALLAGHAN, Annie, Rama Rama CRAIG, Isabella, Razorback
CALLAGHAN, Kate, Rama Rama CRAIG, Jane, Waipipi
CALLAGHAN, Mary Ann, Rama Rama CRAIG, Margaret, Mauku
CALVERT, Mary, Pokeno CRAIG, Mary, Pokeno
CAMPBELL, Mary, Whangarata CRANSTON, Frances, Pukekohe
CANT, Marian Pannell, Awitu CRANSTON, Margaret, Pukekohe
CAROLAN, Eliza, Pukekohe CRANSTON, Mary Jane, Pukekohe
CARTER, Lucy, Bombay CRAWFORD, Elizabeth, Puni
CARTER, Rebecca Mary, Bombay CRAWFORD, Elizabeth Anne, West Mauku
CARTRIGHT, Sarah Hannah, Harioitahi, Waiuku CRAWFORD, Sarah, Patumahoe
CASTLE, Esther, Waipipi CRAWFORD, Sarah junr., Patumahoe
CATHCART, Eliza Jane, Pukekohe CRISPE, Bessie Allen, Mauku
CATHCART, Margaret, Pukekohe CROSBIE, Agnes, Pokeno
CATHCART, Margaret junr., Pukekohe CROSBIE, Agnes junr., Pokeno
CHALMERS, Blanche Elizabeth, Waiuku CROSTHWAITE, Susanna N., Rama Rama
CHAPMAN, Annie, Pokeno CROWTHER, Annie, Pukekohe
CHAPMAN, Edith Maude, Pollok CRUICKSHANK, Helen, Awitu
CHAPPELL, Jane, Buckland CUMMINS, Ann, Waiuku
CHIPLIN, Margaret, Whangarata CUMMINS, Margaret Jane, Waiuku
CLARK, Annie, Tuakau CURRIE, Catherine, Waiuku
CLARK, Elizabeth, Karaka CURRIE, Catherine junr., Waiuku
CLARK, Maria, Glenfield, Karaka CURRIE, Isabella, Waiuku
CLARK, Marion, Pollok CURRY, Ada, Pukekohe
CLARK, Mary, Waipipi CUTHBERT, Jane, Bombay
CLARK, Sarah Matilda, Patumahoe DALE, Grace, Pukekohe West
CLARKE, Louisa, Manukau Head DALTON, Hannah, Pukekohe West
CLARKE, Maggie, Pokeno Valley DALZIEL, Anna Jane, Pukekohe
CLARKSON, Ellen, Pukekohe DALZIEL, Grace, Pukekohe
CLEMENTS, Elizabeth, Bombay DARLINGTON, Margaret, Puni
CLOTWORTHY, Catherine, Pukekohe East DAVY, Minnie, Buckland
CLYDE, Anne, Whangarata DAY, Sophie, Bombay
COBOURNE, Helen Constance, Maioro De GOFF, Mary Ann, Patumahoe
COBOURNE, Mary Ann, Maioro DEAN, Catherine, Pokeno
COBOURNE, Mary Crawford, Maioro DEAN, Catherine Donaldson, Pokeno
COCHRANE, Elizabeth, Pollok DEAN, Elizabeth, Pokeno
COCKER, Annie, Buckland DEAN, Rebecca, Pokeno
COCKER, Margaret, Buckland DEED, Frances Elizabeth, Waiuku
COE, Bridget Annie, Rama Rama DEERNESS, Sarah Riley, Pukekohe East
COLE, Florence Rosamond, Tuakau DELL, Eliza, Pukekohe West
COLEMAN, Sarah, Puni DENIZE, May Rose, Waiuku
COLLINS, Emily, Tuakau DICK, Ellen, Pollok
COLLINS, Margaret, Tuakau DICKEY, Mary Jane, Kohekohe
COLLINS, Mary, Buckland DILWORTH, Sarah, Pukekohe West
COLLINS, Sarah, Tuakau DONAHOE, Ann, Rama Rama
COLLINS, Sarah, Buckland DONNELLY, Hannah, Rama Rama
COMRIE, Helen, Pukekohe East DOOLEY, Mary, Waipipi
COMRIE, Lois Helen, Pukekohe East DORRICOTT, Ruth, Whangarata
COMRIE, Mary Ann, Pukekohe East DOUGLAS, Elizabeth Ann, Pukekohe
CONELL, Mary, Pukekohe DOUGLAS, Flora, Pokeno
CONNING, Maria, Pukekohe DOUGLAS, Jane, Kohekohe
CONNING, Mary Ann, Pukekohe DOUGLAS, Margaret Ann, Waipipi
CONROY, Charlotte, Waiuku East DROMGOOL, Catherine, Tuakau
COOK, Ann, Pukekohe DROMGOOL, Jane, Waiuku East


DROMGOOL, Margaret, Waiuku East FREEGARD, Ruth, Maketu
DROMGOOL, Margaret, Waiuku FREWIN, Emily, Waiuku
DROMGOOL, Margaret, Waipipi FROST, Mary Hariette, Tuakau
DROMGOOL, Margaret Catherine, Tuakau FULLERTON, Alice, Mauku
DUNN, Eliza Jane, Paerata FULLERTON, Margaret Ellen, Mauku
DUNN, Marion, Paerata FULLERTON, Mary, Mauku
DUNN, Mary, Maioro FULLJAMES, Ellen, Patumahoe
DUNN, Mary Teresa, Maioro FULTON, Margaret Annie, Puni
DUNNING, Isabel Buchanan Carson, Mauku FURNISS, Amelia, Waipipi
DWEN, Ellen, Waiuku GALE, Eliza Clara, Tuakau
DYNES, Jane, Pukekohe West GALLAGHER, Annie, Mauku
EAST, Mary Jane, Pukekohe West GARLAND, Esebia Dora Leakes, Awitu
EASTON, Mary, Pukekohe East GARLAND, Lydia Frances, Awitu
EASTON, Mary, Pukekohe East GARLAND, Sarah, Awitu
EGAN, Mary, Waiuku GARLAND, Sarah Lydia, Awhitu
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth Jane, Tuakau GEARON, Jane, Mauku
ENGLAND, Charlotte Eliza, Waiuku GEARON, Susan, Mauku
ENGLAND, Mary, Mauku GERAGHTY, Bridget, Tuakau
ENRIGHT, Ruth Annie, Waiuku GERAGHTY, Bridget sen., Tuakau
ESCOTT, Harriet Elizabeth, Waiuku GERAGHTY, Ellen, Tuakau
EVANS, Charlotte, Awitu GHEZZI, Mary Ann, Maioro
EVANS, Elizabeth, Tuakau GILL, Jane, Tuakau
EVANS, Harriet, Bombay GILLENDER, Elizabeth, Pukekohe West
EVANS, Margaret, Bombay GILLON, Fanny, Mauku
EVANS, Margaret E., Razorback GILLON, Frances Ellen, Mauku
EVANS, Margaret junr., Bombay GILLOTT, Phoebe, Kohekohe
EVANS, Mary Ann, Awitu GILMOUR, Eliza Dickie, Valdon, Tuakau
EVETTS, Louisa, Kohekohe GILMOUR, Mary Jane, Waiuku
FAUSETT, Francis, Pukekohe West GILSON, Lydia, Waiuku
FAUSETT, Isabella, Pukekohe West GIVIN, Mary, Pollok
FAUSETT, Mary Ann, Pukekohe West GIVIN, Susan, Pollok
FAUSETT, Sarah, Pukekohe West GLASGOW, Lillian, Patumahoe
FAUSETT, Sarah, Pukekohe West GLASGOW, Nancy Ann, Patumahoe
FERGIE, Alice, Pukekohe GLASS, Mary, Maioro
FERGUSON, Elizabeth, Pukekohe East GLASSON, Louisa Samina, Linwood, Drury
FERGUSON, Jessie, Rama Rama GLEESON, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
FERGUSSON, Isabella, Kohekohe GLEESON, Julia, Kohekohe
FERGY, Margaret, Tuakau GOLDING, Sarah, East Pukekohe
FINDLAY, Elizabeth Anderson, Manse, Pukekohe GOLDSWORTHY, Sarah, Mauku
FINLAY, Agnes, Mauku GRAHAM, Edith, Buckland
FINLAY, Catherine, West Mauku GRAHAM, Ellen, Pukekohe
FINLAY, Janet, Cawgate, Mauku GRAHAM, Ellen, Pukekohe
FINLAY, Jemima, Waiuku GRAHAM, Isabella, Pukekohe
FINLAY, Martha, Mauku GRAHAM, Mary Ann, Pukekohe
FISHER, Elizabeth, Pukekohe GRAHAM, Mary Eleanor, Pukekohe West
FITNESS, Jane, Razorback GRAHAM, Matilda, Pukekohe
FITNESS, Norah, Razorback GRAY, Eliza, Pukekohe East
FLANAGAN, Jane, Patumahoe GREENHEAD, Eliza Annie, Waiuku
FLANAGAN, Kate, Patumahoe GREGORY, Eliza, Punui
FLAVELL, Elizabeth, Waiuku GREGORY, Mary, Buckland
FLAVELL, Ellen, Waiuku GRIFFIN, Anne, Tuakau
FLAVELL, Emma, Waiuku GRIFFITH, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
FLAVELL, Maggie, Waiuku GUINNEN, Mary, Rama Rama
FLAVELL, Mary, Waiuku GURNEY, Sarah, Pukekohe
FLAVELL, Matilda Sophie, Waiuku GUSSY, Mary Ann, Awitu
FLAVELL, Sarah Heron, Waiuku HALFPENNY, Annie, Tuakau
FLEMING, Agnes Williamena, Pukekohe HALFPENNY, Margaret, Tuakau
FLEMING, Mary, Whangarata HALLIDAY, Annie Grahame, Pukekohe West
FLEXMAN, Malinda, Waiuku HAMILTON, Agnes Wallace, Awitu
FLEXMAN, Mary Hannah, Waiuku HAMILTON, Elizabeth Agnes, Awitu
FORDE, Florence Edith, Bombay HAMILTON, Margaret, Mauku
FORDE, Maud Evelyn, Bombay HAMILTON, Margaret, Pukekohe East
FOY, Margaret, Pukekohe HAMILTON, Margaret G., Awitu
FOY, Mary, Pukekohe HAMILTON, Martha Jane, Mauku
FOY, Rose Ann, Pukekohe HAMILTON, Rebecca, Mauku
FRANCIS, Nora Lillias, Tuakau HAMLIN, Agnes, Pokeno


HAMLIN, Alethea Sophia Osborne, Waiuku HOSKING, Mary Elizabeth, Waiuku
HAMLIN, Mary, Pokeno HOSKING, Sophia, Waiuku
HAMLIN, Sarah Grace, Waiuku HOWARD, Ellen, Pukekohe
HAMMOND, Margaret Emma, Waiuku HUDSON, Eliza, Pollok
HAMPTON, Elizabeth, Bombay HUDSON, Magdaline, Pollok
HANCOCK, Isabella, Bombay HUDSON, Margaret, Pollok
HARDING, Lizzie, Runciman HULL, Eunice Adelaide, Waiuku
HARKNESS, Mary, Tumata HUNTER, Agnes, Patumahoe
HARRIS, Amelia Jane, Tuakau HUNTER, Alice, Mauku
HARRIS, Charlotte, Pukekohe East HUNTER, Elizabeth Ottway, Patumahoe
HARRIS, Jane, Tuakau HUSSEY, Ann, Karaka
HARRIS, Louisa, Waiuku HUTCHEON, Mary Douglas, Buckland
HART, Hannah Jane, Pukekohe West HYDE, Eliza, Whangarata
HART, Margaret, Pukekohe West HYDE, Elizabeth Jane, Tuakau
HART, Margaret Jane, Bombay HYLAND, Annie, Pukekohe
HART, Mary Ann, Pukekohe INGHAM, Eliza Jane, Pukekohe
HART, Sophia, Pukekohe West IRWIN, Agnes, Awitu
HARTLAND, Annie, Pukekohe East
HARTMANN, Paulena, Waiuku Volume Two
HAYTER, Jane, Kohekohe
HAYWARD, Mary Jane, Razorback JACKSON, Fanny, Pukekohe
HEARTNEADY, Bridget, Pukekohe JACKSON, Henrietta, Pukekohe
HEDGE, Agnes, Waiuku JACKSON, Jane, Razorback
HEDGE, Jane, Waiuku JACKSON, Jane, Pokeno
HENNESSEY, Eliza, Waiuku JACKSON, Mabel, Razorback
HENRY, Bridget, Patumahoe JACKSON, Mary, Razorback
HENRY, Mary, Patumahoe JACKSON, Mary Ann, Waiuku
HENTLING, Bridget, Maioro JAMES, Dorcas Ann, Waiuku
HEWARD, Eliza, Razorback JAMES, Elizabeth Prudena, Waiuku
HEWITT, Sarah Jane, Buckland JAMIESON, Catherine, Paerata
HEWSON, Emma, Pukekohe West JENKINS, Agnes Sarah, Pukekohe
HICKEY, Elizabeth, Pukekohe JENNINGS, Alice, Rama Rama
HICKEY, Margaret Cecily, Whiriwhiri, Waiuku JENNINGS, Helen, Rama Rama
HICKEY, Mary, Patumahoe JESSUP, Sarah Ann Phillis, Bombay
HICKEY, Mary Jane, Pukekohe JOHNS, Martha, Pukekohe
HIGGINS, Margaret, Rama Rama JOHNSTON, Eliza, Pukekohe West
HIGGINS, Margaret junr., Rama Rama JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, Buckland
HIGGINS, Sadie, Rama Rama JOHNSTON, Elizabeth Anne, Mauku
HILL, Eleanor, Bombay JOHNSTON, Harriet, Pokeno
HILL, Elizabeth, Pukekohe JOHNSTONE, Annie, Buckland
HILL, Emily, Waiuku JONES, Annie Pinfold, Buckland
HILL, Marianne, Pukekohe East JONES, Constance Mary, Buckland
HILL, Mary, Mauku JONES, Esther Elizabeth, Buckland
HILLMAN, Sarah, Pukekohe JONES, Mary Ann, Buckland
HOCKIN, Rebecca Jane, Waiuku JONES, Susan, Waipipi
HODGE, Eliza, Waiuku JOUNING, Harriet Sinclair, Waiuku
HODGE, Elizabeth, Waiuku KAVANAGH, Charlotte Amelia, West Mauku
HOGAN, Margaret, Pukekohe KAYES, Ellen, Pukekohe
HOGAN, Mary Ann, Pukekohe KEANE, Bridget, Pukekohe
HOGWOOD, Alice Sarah, West Mauku KEANE, Ellen, Pukekohe
HOGWOOD, Elizabeth Ayton, Bombay KEITH, Louisa Mackwood, Pukekohe
HOLLAND, Ellen, Waiuku KELLAND, Jane, Waipipi
HOLLAND, Marie, Waiuku KELLY, Hannah, Waipipi
HOLLOWAY, Eveline Matilda, Waiuku KEMP, Leah Augustus, Waiuku
HOLLYWOOD, Lucinda, Patumahoe KENNEDY, Margaret, Buckland
HOLMES, Alice Ann, Waiuku KENNELLY, Mary Ann, Pukekohe
HOLMES, Elizabeth Kate, Waiuku KEOGH, Johanna, Waipipi
HOLMES, Emily, Rama Rama KEOGH, Margaret, Waipipi
HOLMES, Sarah, Karioitahi, Waiuku KEOGH, Mary, Waipipi
HONE, Elizabeth, Waiuku KEOUGH, Elizabeth, Mauku
HONEY, Elizabeth, Waiuku KERN, Leah Lydia, Ramarama
HONEYFIELD, Mary Ann, Tuimata KERR, Mary, Patumahoe
HONEYFORD, Esther, Rama Rama KERR, Sarah Elizabeth, Patumahoe
HOOD, Susannah, Waiuku KIDD, Susannah Elizabeth, Pokeno
HOSKING, Emma, Whangarata KING, Catherine, Pukekohe East
HOSKING, Mary Ann, Whangarata KING, Charlotte Dair, Waiuku


KING, Margaret, Pukekohe East McCULLUM, Jane, Pukekohe
KING, Sarah, Razorback McDONALD, Catherine, Maioro
KINGSFORD, Charlotte Elizabeth, Razorback McDONALD, Margaret, Pukekohe East
KINGSFORD, Emily Ada, Harrisville, Tuakau McDONALD, Rosa, Pukekohe East
KINGSFORD, Florence Eliza, Harrisville, Tuakau McDONALD, Sarah, Rama Rama
KINSEY, Mary Elizabeth, Patumahoe McDONNELL, Margaret, Maioro
KNIGHT, Annie, Kariotahi McDONNELL, Margaret Agnes, Maioro
LAMAN, Jane, Pukekohe McDONNELL, Mary Ursula, Maioro
LANER, Lucy Anna, Pukekohe McDOWELL, Sarah, Rama Rama
LANER, Lucy Anna, Pukekohe McELWAIN, Charlotte, Waiuku
LAPWOOD, Helen, Tuakau McELWAIN, Julia, Waiuku
LARGE, Isabella Ewart, Waiuku McEWEN, Sarah, Kohekohe
LEECH, Elizabeth, Pukekohe McFADDEN, Alice, Patumahoe
LEGGETT, Ann, Maioro McFADYEN, Margaret Helena, Waiuku
LEWIS, Wilhelmina Elizabeth, Waiuku McFARLANE, Frances Maria, Bombay
LISK, Jane, Tuakau McGAHAN, Kate, Tuakau
LLOYD, Caroline, Patumahoe McGAHAN, Margaret, Tuakau
LODGE, Marion, Pukekohe McGAHAN, Mary, Tuakau
LOGAN, Amelia, Tuakau McGEE, Janet, Maioro
LOGAN, Letitia, Tuakau McGILL, Adelaide, Pokeno
LOGAN, Margaret Amelia, Tuakau McGOUGH, Margaret Ann, Pukekohe West
LOURY, Jessie, Bombay McGOVERN, Maggie, Pukekohe
LOWE, Emma, Waiuku East McGOWAN, Alice, Waiuku
LOWE, Kate Maria, Waiuku East McGOWAN, Annie, Waiuku
LUCAS, Harriette Anette, Puni, Pukekohe McGOWAN, Sarah, Waiuku
LUCAS, Mary, Puni, Pukekohe McGRATH, Margaret, Patumahoe
LUDLOW, Ann, Tuakau McGUIRE, Anne, Tuakau
LYON, Mary, Patumahoe McGUIRE, Maggie, Tuakau
LYONS, Anastatia, Tuhimata McGUIRE, Mary Ann, Tuakau
MacKINLAY, Isabella, Bombay McINNES, Catherine, Pollok Settlement
MacPHERSON, Christina, Rama Rama McINNES, Elizabeth, Pollok Settlement
MacPHERSON, Janie, Rama Rama McINNES, Jane, Pollok Settlement
MADILL, Annie, Pukekohe McINNES, Sarah, Pollok Settlement
MADILL, Jessie, Puni, Pukekohe McINTYRE, Elizabeth Binie, Pokeno Valley
MADILL, Magaret Ellen, Pukekohe McINTYRE, Margaret, Pokeno Valley
MADILL, Mary Jane, Tuakau McKAY, Annie Isabella, Waiuku
MADILL, Phebe, Pukekohe McKEAN, Jane, Tuakau
MAHER, Mary, Maketu McKELVIE, Elizabeth, Tuakau
MAHER, Mary junr., Rama Rama McKERRAS, Elizabeth, Tuakau
MAKGILL, Margaret Isabella, Waiuku McKINNEY, Christina, Waiuku East
MANN, Sarah Powley, Buckland McLAREN, Elizabeth, Waipipi
MANNING, Maria, Waiuku McMAHON, Kate, Patumahoe
MANSFIELD, Margaret, Pukekohe East McMAHON, Mary, Patumahoe
MARKS, Amy Jane, Tuakau McMEEHAN, Phobe, Pukekohe West
MARKS, Elizabeth, Tuakau McMEHAN, Phoebe, Pukekohe East
MASEFIELD, Elizabeth, Bombay McMILLAN, Barbara, Whangarata
MATCHETT, Martha Jane, Buckland McMILLAN, Sarah Louisa, Whangarata
MAXWELL, Margaret, Whangarata McMULLEN, Margaret Jane, Pukekohe
MAXWELL, Mary Catherine, Pukekohe McNALLY, Ann Jane, Pukekohe
MAXWELL, Sarah, Pukekohe McNAMARA, Johannah, Waipipi
MAY, Anna, Waiuku McNAMARA, Mary, Waiuku
MAY, Josepha Tregtown, Waiuku McNAUGHTEN, Ann Jane, Waiuku
MAY, Rebecca, Waiuku McNAUGHTEN, Bessie, Waiuku
MAY, Susan, Maioro McPHERSON, Alexina, Waiuku
MAYNARD, Jessie, Parsonage, Waiuku McPHERSON, Helen, Pokeno
McCARTHY, Mary, Ramarama McPHERSON, Margaret, Pokeno
McCLUNE, Mary Ann, Bombay McPHERSON, Margaret Jane, Rama Rama
McCONNELL, Anna, Mauku McSHEEN, Annie, Pukekohe West
McCONNELL, Elizabeth, Mauku McSHEEN, Maggie, Pukekohe West
McCONNELL, Harriet Grace, Mauku McSHEEN, Mary, Pukekohe West
McCORMICK, Esther, Pukekohe West MEAD, Selina, Puni
McCORMICK, Rachael, Pukekohe West MEIKLE, Catherine, Pollock
McCOWEN, Margaret, Pukekohe MELLSOP, Charlotte Elizabeth, Waiuku
McCRISTEL, Mary Ann, Patumahoe MELLSOP, Kathleen, Waiuku
McCRORY, Elizabeth, Pukekohe MICHIE, Hannah, Waipipi
McCULLUM, Elizabeth, Pukekohe MIDDLETON, Joanna, Waiuku


MIDDLETON, Vere, Waiuku POTTER, Ellen, Bombay
MILLER, Dinah, Tuakau POWELL, Johanna, Waipipi
MILLER, Eliza Jane, Pukekohe PRIDEAUX, Ethel Miriam, Pokeno Valley
MILLETT, Annanetha Julia Pellett, Awitu PRIEST, Janett, Waiuku
MILLETT, Elizabeth Helena, Awitu PROUDE, Eliza Catherine, Bombay
MILLS, Elizabeth, Pukekohe West PULLENG, Johannah, Puni
MOELLER, Cecilia, Manukau Heads PULMAN, Selina, Tuakau
MOORE, Isabella, Mauku PYE, Harriett, Pollok
MOORE, Margaret Jane, Pukekohe PYE, Helen, Pollok
MORGAN, Rachel Emma, Pukekohe East PYE, Jane McKerrow, Pollok
MORONEY, Hanorah, Pukekohe PYNE, Isabella Martha, Pokeno
MORRIS, Caroline, Pokeno QUINN, Rebecca, Mauku
MORRIS, Louisa, Pukekohe RANKIN, Jane, Pukekohe
MORRIS, Louisa, Pukekohe RATCLIFFE, Jane, Karaka, Drury
MORRISON, Janet, Awitu REID, Eliza Mary, Maioro
MORROW, Annie, Punui, Pukekohe REID, Isabella, Rama Rama
MORROW, Margaret, Pukekohe REVELL, Mary Ann, Tuakau
MOYES, Agnes, Rama Rama REYNOLDS, Kathleen, Pukekohe
MUIR, Elizabeth, Kohekohe REYNOLDS, Lily, Bombay
MUIR, Elizabeth jun., Kohekohe RIDGLEY, Elizabeth, Waiuku
MUIR, Margaret Douglas, Pokeno RIDGLEY, Sarah, Waipipi
MUIR, Mary, Kohekohe RIDGWAY, Ruth, Pukekohe West
MURTON, Isabella, Tuakau ROBINSON, Mary Helen, Pukekohe East
NEIL, Margaret, Maioro ROBINSON, Sarah, Pukekohe Hotel
NICHOLSON, Annie, Kohekohe ROBSON, Amelia Mabel, Awitu
NICHOLSON, Florence, Kohekohe ROBSON, Mary Jane, Awitu
NICHOLSON, Marianne, Maketu RODGERS, Nelly, West Mauku
NINNIS, Priscilla, Waiuku ROGERS, Margaret, Mauku
NOONAN, Mary, Pukekohe ROOSE, Elizabeth Mary, Pukekohe
NOTT, Amy Gertrude Westly, West Mauku ROOSE, Ellen Matilda, Pukekohe
NOTT, Elizabeth Ann, West Mauku ROSS, Catherine, Pukekohe
NOTT, Mary Ann, West Mauku ROSSER, Jane, Awitu
O'CONNOR, Rose Ann, Harrisville ROSSER, Jane junr., Awitu
OHLSON, Elizabeth, Runciman ROSSITER, Clara Louisa, Waiuku
OHLSON, Janet, Puni ROUTLY, Ann Maria, Pukekohe West
OLDHAM, Alice Caroline Martha, Tuakau ROUTLY, Mary, Pukekohe West
OLDHAM, Elizabeth Ann, Tuakau ROUTLY, Mary Ann, Pukekohe West
OLDHAM, Elizabeth Rebecca, Tuakau ROUTLY, Mary Jane, Pukekohe West
O'NEIL, Sarah Jane, Bombay ROWE, Mary, Mauku
PAGE, Mary Ann, Puni, Pukekohe ROWLEY, Catherine, Rama Rama
PALMER, Annie Pellett, Awitu RUMBALL, Harriet, Waipipi
PALTRIDGE, Miriam, Manukau Heads (South) RUSSELL, Mary, Pukekohe West
PARKER, Elizabeth Anne, Waiuku RUSSELL, Sarah, Pukekohe
PARKER, Lucy, Waiuku RUTHERFORD, Rebecca Jane, Bombay
PATTERSON, Catherine, Mauku RUTTER, Mary Jane, Pukekohe West
PELLOW, Elizabeth Sarah, Tuakau RYAN, Mary, Waipipi
PENNY, Rosetta, Whangarata RYNOLDS, Mary Ann, Puni
PEPLER, Sarah Jane, Pukekohe West SALISBURY, Ann, Puni
PERRY, Margaret, Mauku West SANDERS, Gertrude, Awitu
PERRY, Mary Ann, Bombay SAWYER, Margaret Ann, Bombay
PICKARD, Elizabeth Mary Theresa, Rama Rama SAWYER, Mary Ann, Bombay
PICKARD, Emily, Waiuku SCHUMACHER, Isabella, West Mauku
PICKARD, Mary Ann, Rama Rama SCOPES, Catherine Laura, Manukau Heads
PIESEEY, Jane, Whangarata SCOTT, Mary, Rama Rama
PIGGOTT, Elizabeth, Bombay SEDGWICK, Kate, Mauku
PILGRIM, Ada, Pukekohe SELBY, Eliza Jane, Mauku
POLAND, Agnes, Tuakau SELBY, Mary Charlotte, Waiuku
POLAND, Mary Elizabeth Frances, Tuakau SELBY, Mary Rebecca, Waiuku
POLAND, Teresa, Tuakau SHANAHAN, Margaret Agnes, Bombay
POLLOCK, Agnes Ellen, Pukekohe SHARP, Anna, Mauku
POLLOCK, Elizabeth, Pukekohe SHARP, Cecilia Brown, Pukekohe East
POLLOCK, Margaret, Pukekohe SHARP, Cecilia Jane, Pukekohe East
POLLOCK, Mary, Pukekohe SHARP, Helen, Pukekohe East
PONSFORD, Emma, Kohekohe SHARP, Mary Elizabeth, Bombay
PONSFORD, Lucy, Kohekohe SHARP, Mary Rebecca, Bombay
PORTER, Eliza Scott, Harrisville, Pukekohe East SHARP, Susannah, Mauku


SHEA, Alma Campbell, Whangarata TURBOTT, Catherine, Tuakau
SHEA, Margaret, Tuakau TURNER, Cecilia, Awitu Central
SHEEHAN, Mary, Waiuku TURNER, Elizabeth, Awitu
SHEFFIELD, Eleanor Louise, Pokeno TURNER, Rebecca Jane, Pokeno
SHERDIAN, Bridget, Patumahoe TWIDLE, Ada, Pukekohe West
SHERDIAN, Mary, Patumahoe TYLER, Ann, Bombay
SHERDIAN, Mary Ann, Patumahoe UNSWORTH, Margaret, Tuakau
SHIPHERD, Alice Sila, Pukekohe UPSON, Teresa, Waiuku
SHORT, Frances Eleanor, Awitu URQUHART, Eleanor Sarah, Karaka, Drury
SHORT, Margaret Ann, Awitu URQUHART, Mary Jane, Karaka, Drury
SHORT, Mary Ann, Awitu USHER, Annie, Pukekohe
SHORT, Mellicent Olivia, Mauku USHER, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
SHORTT, Matilda Jane, Harrisville, Tuakau USHER, Mary Elizabeth, Pukekohe
SINCLAIR, Ellen, Rama Rama VAUGHAN, Florrie, Kariotahi
SMALLFIELD, Arabella, Karaka, Drury VAUGHAN, Lizzie, Kariotahi
SMART, Catherine Florence, Whangarata VINCE, Jane, Bombay
SMART, Jane, Whangarata WALKER, Bertha Jane, Tuakau
SMART, Jane Arnott, Whangarata WALKER, Emily Caroline, Tuakau
SMEED, Edith, Tuakau WALKER, Martha Jane, Pukekohe East
SMEED, Helen, Tuakau WALKER, Mary Ann, Mauku
SMITH, Agnes, Patumahoe WALKER, Mary Hannah, Tuakau
SMITH, Ann, Waiuku WALKER, Sarah, Tuakau
SMITH, Anna, Pukekohe WALKER, Susan, Pukekohe East
SMITH, Anne, Tuakau WALLER, Elizabeth, Puni
SMITH, Elizabeth, Tuakau WALLIS, Sarah, Tuakau
SMITH, Julia Annie, Waiuku WALTER, Elizabeth Grace, Mauku
SMITH, Margaret, Tuakau WALTER, Sarah Ann, Mauku
SMITH, Mary, Patumahoe WALTERS, Margaret Aitken, Waiuku East
SMITH, Mary, Buckland WALTERS, Mary Ann, Waiuku East
SMITH, Mary, Tuakau WALTERS, Susan, Waiuku
SMITH, Rachael, Waiuku WARN, Ellen, Pokeno
SNELGAR, Selina, Karaka, Drury WARREN, Rebecca, Tuakau
SOMERVILLE, Martha, Mauku WATERS, Annie Eliza, Patumahoe
SOMMERVILLE, Ann Jane, Waiuku East WATSON, Bridget, Puni
SPARGO, Elizabeth, Maioro WATSON, Jane, Patumahoe
SPEAR, Emily Louise, Pukekohe West WATSON, Lily Jane, Pukekohe East
SPEAR, Susan Nevill, Pukekohe West WATSON, Sarah Anne, Pukekohe East
SPEAR, Susan Nicolls, Pukekohe West WATTERMAN, Mahala Augusta Maude, Waiuku
SPROUL, Marion, Pukekohe West WATTERMAN, Sara, Waiuku
SPROUL, Mary, Waiau WATTS, Essney, Waiuku West
SPROUL, Mary Ann, Patumahoe WATTS, Laura Cecilia, Manukau Heads
STANLEY, Mary, Pukekohe West WEBSTER, Helen Watson, Pukekohe
STEENSON, Phebe, Pukekohe WEST, Annie, Waiuku
STEMBRIDGE, Agnes Gertrude, Rama Rama WEST, Margaret Northey, Waiuku
STEWART, Margaret Buchanan, Pokeno WESTHEAD, Emily, Kohekohe
STOREY, Maria, Tuakau WHEELER, Charlotte Maria, Waiuku East
STRATFORD, Ethel Lilian, Bombay WHITE, Eliza, Bombay
STRATFORD, Harriette Elizabeth, Bombay WHITE, Emily, Waiuku
STRATFORD, Ida Beatrice Dyer, Bombay WHITE, Florence, Bombay
STRONG, Annie, Bombay WHITE, Mary, Bombay
STRONG, Jessie, Bombay WHITE, Mary Sophia, Manukau Heads
SUMMERVILLE, Margaret, Pukekohe WHITESIDE, Susanna, Whangarata
SWEETMAN, Catherine, Bombay WHITING, Sarah, Mauku
SWEETMAN, Henrietta, Bombay WHITTEN, Sarah, Puni
TAYLOR, Florence, Maioro WIDGERY, Caroline, Tuakau
THOMPSON, Kathleen Edith, Pokeno WIGHTMAN, Fanny, Puni
TIERNEY, Helen, Kahawia East, Waiuku WIGHTMAN, Louisa, Puni
TIERNEY, Helen, Kahawai East, Waiuku WILCOX, Annie Jane, Pukekohe East
TILBY, Jane, Pukekohe WILKINSON, Jane, Woodlands, Pukekohe
TILBY, Jane, Pukekohe West WILKINSON, Jessica, Pukekohe
TINDALL, Margaret, Awitu WILLIAMS, Anna, Waiuku
TOOMEY, Ellen, Rama Rama WILLIAMS, George Ruth, Waiuku East
TOOMEY, Johanna, Rama Rama WILLIAMS, Georgina, Waiuku East
TORBET, Janet Stephen, Pollok WILLIAMS, Hanora, Waiuku
TOWNSEND, Margaret, Rama Rama WILLIS, Rachael, Bombay
TUCKER, Elizabeth, Waiuku WILLS, Drusilla, Awitu


WILSON, Charlotte, Pokeno The following women were unable to be
WILSON, Elizabeth Annie, Tuakau identified and researched:
WILSON, Jane, Pollok
WILSON, Rebecca Jane, Puni, Pukekohe ADAMS, Elizabeth, Pukekohe
WILSON, Sarah, Bombay BAKER, Rose, Buckland
WILSON, Sarah Jane, Bombay BROWNE, Millicent, P.O., Mauku
WILY, Clara Ninnis, Mauku CAIRNS, Margaret, Pukekohe
WILY, Emma Elizabeth Vivian, Mauku DONOHOE, Anne, Rama Rama
WOODS, Mary, Pukekohe RADILL, Mary Jane, Tuakau
WOODWARD, Rachel Decima, Waiuku East WALKER, Mary, Tuakau
WORDEN, Caroline Janet, Bombay WRIGHT, Mary, Pokeno Valley
WORDEN, Elizabeth, Bombay
WORTH, Fanny, Mauku
WORTH, Helen, Mauku
WORTHINGTON, Mary Anne, Paerata Park, Pukekohe
WRIGHT, Ann, Patumahoe
WRIGHT, Annie McNaughton, Mauku
WRIGHT, Bridget, Rama Rama
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Amelia, Pukekohe
WRIGHT, Harriett, Pokeno Valley
WRIGHT, Jane Edwards, Pukekohe
WRIGHT, Margaret, Pokeno
WRIGHT, Nellie, Rama Rama
WRIGHT, Sarah Annie Elizabeth, Patumahoe
WRIGHT, Septina, Pukekohe
WYLIE, Jane, Buckland
YOUNG, Jane, Pukekohe East
YOUNG, Mary, Tuakau


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1516 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Fanny Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Fanny PAICE was born 8 November 1846 in Eton,
Buckinghamshire, England, daughter of James Paice
and Martha WOODWARD. She had arrived in New
Zealand on Bluejacket about 1850. In 1875/1876
James had freehold land at Lot 108 Section 10,
Cabbage Tree Rd, Cabbage Tree Swamp, an area
where Eden Park is now in Mt Eden.

In 1863 Fanny married Henry JACKSON and had 19
(or 20) children, 14 of whom survived childhood.

In 1875 they were living on Eden Terrace in
Auckland but must have moved to Pukekohe prior
to 1889 when their son, Thomas Gilbert, of Otahuhu

In December 1880 Henry Jackson of Otahuhu gained
a slaughter licence for £2/10 shillings and in 1890
Henry is listed as a farmer and butcher living in

In 1893 Fanny was listed as living in Pukekohe but
by 1911 Henry and Fanny were at 24 Mackelvie St,
Grey Lynn. Henry died there on 5 September 1916. Fanny was living in St Andrew's Rd, Auckland
with her daughter, Henrietta, when she died on 7 February 1924 and is buried at Waikumete
Cemetery with her husband, Henry.

Fanny and Henry celebrated their Golden wedding anniversary with 12 of their children still alive

Jackson Family Tree – My Heritage
Old newspapers –
Headstone photo –

Researcher: Rosemary Lewis


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1517 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Henrietta Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Her signature from her will dated 16 December 1924

Henrietta JACKSON was born 17 November 1869 in Auckland, daughter of Henry and Fanny (nee
PAICE) Jackson and died 14 June1925. Her parents had married in Auckland in 1863.

She was one of 19 (or 20) children. Six of her siblings died as infants and one brother, 2nd Lt Thomas
Gilbert Jackson was killed on 8 October 1918 in France. Her will divided her assets equally between
her living sisters and her brother, James Paice Jackson, even though she had other brothers still
living at the time.

Henrietta moved around - in 1900 Henrietta she was working as a domestic in Victoria Ave,
Auckland, in 1905/1906 she was in Wynyard Street, in 1911 she was in Vauxhall Rd, Devonport and
in 1919 Henrietta and her mother are at St Andrew's Rd, Mt Eden. She obviously owned this house
which is described in detail in the auction notice of 1925.

Henrietta remained single and died on 14 June 1925. She is buried in Waikumete cemetery with her

Old newspapers –;
Probate records –;
BDM –;
NZ electoral rolls –
Researcher: Rosemary Lewis


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1292 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Jane Residence: Razorback
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Jane was the fourth child in a family of five born to Mary and Thomas JACKSON of Razorback. Jane’s
birth registration is for 1871 (1871/14331) and it is likely she was born at Bombay.

Jane never married and during her adult life shared a house with her sister in Epsom, Auckland.

Jane died aged 86 years on 18 January 1958 and is buried with her sister at Purewa Cemetery,

Purewa cemetery records;
Researcher: Mary Mercer


Electoral Roll: Waipa 3289 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Jane Residence: Pokeno
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Jane TAYLOR married Campbell JACKSON on 31 December 1860 at Ruther Gel, Lanarkshire, Scotland,
where they are on the 1861 Scottish census with Campbell, age 24 a railway labourer.

They had a son named Hugh before they left Glasgow aboard the Helenslee on 10 September 1864,
bound for New Zealand. They arrived in Auckland on 22 December 1864 and after a short time in
Auckland settled in Pokeno having been granted Lots 24, 30 and 33 on Section 1 Pokeno (as recorded
on the 1875 electoral roll). In the 1893 roll they were living on Lots 23 and 130, Pokeno, where
Campbell was a farmer and active in community organisations.

A further seven children arrived between 1866 and 1878, making a family of six sons and two

Jane died in 1894 and Campbell married a widow, Emily OTTO in 1900 at Te Aroha. He died in 1911
and is buried with Jane in the Pokeno cemetery.


Fletcher & Hansen family Tree –
Old newspapers –
NZ electoral rolls:
Headstone photo – Waikato District Council
Shipping lists - NZ Society of Genealogists

Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1294 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Mabel Residence: Razorback
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Mabel was the second child born to Mary and Thomas JACKSON of Razorback. Mabel’s birth
registration is 1867/14163.

Very little is known of Mabel’s early life but during adulthood she lived with her sister Jane in Epsom,

Mabel appeared to be independent and on her death 15 June 1937 her estate was estimated to be
worth around £4,000.

Mabel left detailed instructions in her will, one item left to her brother William was described as
“chest of drawers known as my Mother’s and made by Milburn, cabinet maker of Bombay”.

Mabel shares her burial plot at Purewa with her sister Jane, number 1292 on the 1893 Waipa
Electoral Roll.

Purewa cemetery records;
Researcher: Mary Mercer


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1295 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Mary Residence: Razorback
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Mary JACKSON was the second daughter of Jane and Rev. J. F. MANDENO, who came to Auckland
with their family in 1855. Mary was born in 1831 and baptised on 30 September 1831 in Wem,
Shropshire, England.

The family is difficult to find in the 1841 census but in 1851 they can be found at Chapple House,
Northamptonshire. J. F. Mandeno is an Independent Minister and he and his wife have 7 children
living with them. The three eldest girls Jane, Mary and Sarah are all teachers.

The family sailed for New Zealand in 1855 leaving behind Jane the eldest daughter.

Mary married Captain Thomas Jackson in 1860 (NZBDM 1860/2595) and settled in 1866 at
Razorback where Captain Jackson had purchased a property of 600 acres. Together they raised 4
children at Razorback. Captain Jackson was a resident Magistrate for Waikato.

Mary died in February 1929
NZBDM (1929/8801).

Mary’s two daughters Jane
and Mabel are also on the
1893 Roll.

1851 Census England
Findmypast – England births baptisms 1538-1975
Papers Past
Researcher. Mary Mercer


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3616 Surname: JACKSON
Given names: Mary Ann Residence: Waiuku
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

5 possible Mary Ann Jacksons found:

1. Died 1906 – wife of George who died 17 March 1897 – both buried at Purewa.
1890 George, gumdigger, Riverhead
1896 Douglas St, Auckland with Annie (she was buried as Mary Ann in 1906).

2. Died September 1915 – wife of John, farmer Taupaki who died 28 September 1907 age 70.
She was Mary Ann NESBITT. Married 1876 in New Zealand. Both buried at Waikumete.
She is an interesting character – left her estate to a church in England that turned out to be
non-existent and the Court had to decide who to give it to and her sister Rachel SCOTT
contested the will claiming board from 1907 to 1913. The court agreed and gave her the
£200 she claimed – LOTS OF NEWSPAPER REPORTS.

3. Died 1 September 1915 - age 76 – no proof this is her but born 1839 is nearer George’s age.
– wife of George, settler, Taupiri who died 12 October 1889, age 62 (born 1827).
1880/81 Taupiri, labourer.
Left his property to his wife, with his son in law, Michael FARRELL, as executor. Their
daughter Harriett Frances married in 1887 and had a baby in 1888 – she died in Otorohanga
at childbirth and the baby died 5 days later at the home of Mary Ann and George in Taupiri.
There is an Intention to Marry on NZSG Kiwi Index and Frances attended Taupiri School from
April 1881 until September 1881 – left for home.
Seems no other children.

4. Died 1922 – wife of Edward, bootmaker, Devonport who died 28 October 1905 at Rose Bank
Cottage, Devonport, age 75. They are both buried at O’Neill’s Point Cemetery.

5. Died 26 October 1915 – spinster age 60 (born 1855) died at Auckland Hospital, from
Onehunga – no parents known, says born in New Zealand (from death certificate).

Researchers: Heather Maloney and Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1525 Surname: JAMES
Given names: Dorcas Ann Residence: Waiuku
Occupation: dressmaker Qualification: residential

Dorcas Ann JAMES was born on 28 April 1867, the first child of eight born to William John James and
Elizabeth Prudence WALTERS who lived at ‘Brookside Farm’, Waitangi (now 412 Bald Hill Road
Pukeoware) near Waiuku.

Dorcas appeared on the 1893 Electoral Roll as a
dressmaker and it would be a profession that would be
useful in a country district. Although most country women
will turn their hands to anything that “special occasion”
garment needs the professional and something extra.

In future years Dorcas was on ‘domestic duties’. It could
simply have been that with her mother aging and many of
her family still living at the farm, these duties were too
much for Elizabeth and Dorcas, as eldest daughter, took
over the responsibility of the home.

Dorcas remained unmarried, as did most of her sisters and
one brother. One brother, Joseph John Albert (known as
Albert, a saddler) married Ruby BARRIBALL, and one sister,
Selina Doney, married Robert PRITCHARD in Queensland,
Australia, late in life.

At the time of her death Dorcas was still living at Brookside
Farm, the family farm her parents developed, as were
Richard William Arthur, Alicia Jane, Sarah Louisa James and
Selina Doney Pritchard, her brother and sisters.

Dorcas passed away on 31 October 1949 at the age of 82.
She was buried on 1 November 1949 in Waiuku Cemetery
alongside many members of her family.

Cemeteries Online
NZ Electoral Rolls
NZ BDM Historical Records
Ancestry Public Records

Researchers: Penny Prescott, Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1526 Surname: JAMES
Given names: Elizabeth Prudena* Residence: Waiuku
Occupation: domestic Qualification: residential

Elizabeth Prudence* was the second child of Vincent John and Ann WALTERS who had arrived in
Australia from Cornwall, England with a baby girl. Elizabeth was born on 1 January 1840 and
christened at Mulgoa, New South Wales on 1 November that year.

In 1848 the family came to New Zealand on the brig “Louisa”.

William John JAMES, born Cornwall, England 1836, met and married Elizabeth on 26 October 1865.
A newspaper clipping to celebrate their golden wedding stated that they were married at East
Tamaki by Rev. J.S. RISWORTH who was assisted by the Rev. G. BUTTLE.

They had eight children – six girls and two boys:
1867-1949 Dorcas Ann
1869-1936 Mary Elizabeth Pawley/Pauley (known as Pollie)
1871-1954 Richard William Arthur
1873-1957 Sarah Louisa
1874-1958 Selina Doney – married Robert PRITCHARD (his second marriage) in 1922 in Queensland
1877-1957 Alicia Jane Walters
1880-1933 Joseph John Albert – married Ruby Ethel BARRIBALL 1904 – they had four children,and
1882-1956 Clarice Augusta.

Early electoral rolls had William listed as having premises at which he resided in Waiuku East.
However, on the 1880-81 Electoral Roll he was on two lists – residence as before, but also 100 acres
Part Lot 65 Waiuku East. It is this block that became the family farm known as ‘Brookside Farm’.
Elizabeth and William developed the farm, and many used their grounds and tennis courts.

William passed away at ‘Brookside Farm’ 412 Bald Hill Road at the age of 81. His obituary states he
(and Elizabeth) had resided at Waiuku for nearly 60 years and were well-known and highly-respected
residents. Land on the main road had been donated to be used for community activities. The
current Pukeoware Hall is on that land now (2018). William had been a member of the Waiuku
Volunteers during the Maori war and saw active service on several occasions.

At the time of William’s death on 31 July 1916 his widow and seven of their eight children still
resided in Waiuku. Selina was living in Australia but in 1938 returned to New Zealand.
Elizabeth passed away on 1 September 1920 at the age of 80. Her death record states that the
“Waiuku district has lost a very old resident, and parent of a highly-respected family.”
Both William and Elizabeth were buried in the Presbyterian section of the Waiuku Cemetery.

James family knowledge – Don James
"Australia Births and Baptisms, 1792-1981,"
database, FamilySearch
"New Zealand, Civil Records Indexes, 1800-
1966," database, FamilySearch
Photo and information – Glenis Wilson, current
owner (2018)
Researcher: Penny Prescott, Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3617 Surname: JAMIESON
Given names: Catherine Residence: Paerata
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Catherine was born 12 November 1833, a daughter of William McCORD and Sarah nee BAINBRIDGE.

In 1853 on 24 May at Ahoghill, Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland, she married Archibald JAMIESON.

Between 1853 and 1877 Catherine and Archibald had 10 children who they brought to New Zealand
on the ship "Lady Jocelyn" in January 1881.

After they landed at Tauranga, the family farmed at Paerata.

No more children were born and over the following years there were to be marriages and
grandchildren. There was even a fire that burnt down a stable and cowshed in 1892.

In July 1901 her husband, Archibald, died. His body was taken by train from Paerata to Pukekohe to
be buried in the Pukekohe Cemetery.


Catherine was to survive until 26 May 1914. She passed away at Paerata at the age of 81 and is
buried in Pukekohe Cemetery.


Papers Past.
NZSG Franklin Branch cemetery photos.
MyHeritage Family trees.
Researcher: Bea McGill


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1537 Surname: JENKINS
Given names: Agnes Sarah Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Agnes Sarah CLARKE, daughter of John Thomas Clarke and Matilda Eleanor (Helena) COLLOMBINE
was born c1848 in Shoreditch, London where her father was a watchmaker.

Agnes arrived in Auckland with her parents and siblings on the Tyburnia on 3 October 1863. In the
UK 1861 census, Agnes was the oldest of six children and was a scholar.

Agnes Sarah Clarke married William JENKINS in 1869 and they settled at Pukekohe where they
farmed on Lots 221 to 224, Pukekohe.
They had 8 children: William John born 1870; Thomas born 1872; Charlotte born 1874; Piercy also
known as Percy born 1876 (who won a prize for his onions in the 1894 Franklin Show); Annie Priscilla
born 1878; Agnes Sarah born 1880; Walter born 1883 and Matilda Helena born 1886.

Agnes died in 1897 and is buried in Pukekohe Cemetery. The
headstone reads:
In loving memory of Agnes the beloved wife of William JENKINS who
died 10 March 1897 aged 47 years. Also Charlotte JENKINS who died
October 31st 1903 aged 34 years
William Jenkins died in Ponsonby on 8 April 1913.

UK census 1861 –
NZ electoral rolls –
Headstone photo – Franklin Branch NZSG
Researcher: Rosemary Lewis


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1308 Surname: JENNINGS
Given names: Alice Residence: Rama Rama
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Alice was born Alice MURPHY, daughter of James Murphy and Mary GRANNELL, baptised 15
November 1839 at Ballinloe, Wexford, Ireland.

As a young woman she travelled to the Cape Colony where at age 16, in 1855, she married Jack
O’COCKLAND and a son John was born in 1859. She then married William JENNINGS c1859, age 20
and they set sail from Cape Town, arriving on board the ‘Maori’, in Auckland on 23 December 1864.
As part of the Waikato Immigration Scheme they were given a Crown Grant of 15 acres at Maketu,
Ramarama, land they were to farm for many years.

Alice and William had eight children, sadly their eldest, William Jnr, not a year old, died at sea on the
way to New Zealand. William Jennings died 16 May 1897 and is buried at St John’s cemetery, Drury.

Alice (her death certificate just says Alice) died on 27 March 1925 and is buried with her son Henry,
at the Ramarama Catholic cemetery.

Sources: Family history & photo – Mr B Breen; Old
newspapers – Auckland Star 2 April 1925
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1310 Surname: JENNINGS
Given names: Helen Residence: Rama Rama
Occupation: dressmaker Qualification: residential

Ellie JENNINGS (taken age 94 in 1967)
Although she appeared on the 1893 electoral roll (and rolls until 1905) as Helen JENNINGS,
dressmaker at Ramarama, she was always known to her family as Ellie.
From 1928 until her death she appeared on the electoral rolls as Ellen Emma, spinster, living with
her sister Elizabeth Jennings, also a spinster, firstly at 72 Symonds St, then at 24 Domain Drive,
Auckland. Mr BREEN remembers visiting them at this address in the mid 1960’s. He said they were
very helpful providing family history and photos at that time.
She died on 2 January 1971 and is buried at Purewa cemetery, Auckland.

Family information & photos – Mr B Breen; NZ electoral rolls –; BDM –
Cemetery records – Purewa cemetery
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Waipa 1315 Surname: JESSUP
Given names: Sarah Ann Phillis Residence: Bombay
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Sarah Ann Phillis COLLINS was the daughter of James Allston Collins and was born in London about
1837. Her father was a lighterman, operating barges on the Thames.

On 6 April 1863 she married John JESSUP, at St Andrew, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets, London. John
was born at North Fleet, Kent, in 1837 and had joined the Navy as a young lad. His career included
service as aide de camp to Admiral Edmondson on HMS Aragon and several voyages to South Africa
in connection with suppression of the slave trade.

Sarah and John Jessup emigrated from England to New Zealand in 1865. They sailed on the Bombay,
leaving London on 26 November 1864 and arriving in Auckland on 18 March 1865.

The couple settled in Bombay, the district named after the ship many of the settlers had come on.
What a far cry this was from their previous lives for both Sarah Ann and John. No longer leading lives
connected closely with water-based occupations, Sarah Ann and John took up farming at Bombay.
The district had been surveyed into 10-acre sections and converting the bush to pasture was no easy

Sarah and John’s family included Elizabeth Phillis who married George Wootten, Jane who married
Henry Wootten, James Edward (who died at 20
months), Sarah Rebekah who married John Howie,
Annie Ellen who married Robert Smith and John who
married Helen Westray. Sarah’s daughter Elizabeth
was the first European girl born in the settlement
after the arrival of the ship Bombay.

Sarah died on 7 March 1900 at the age of 62 and was
buried at St Peters in the Forest, Bombay. A notice
appeared in the Auckland Star of 7 March 1900:

She had 16 grandchildren and 10 great-
grandchildren. Her husband John died 22 years later
in 1922 at the age of 85. By the time of his death he
was survived only by his four daughters, having
outlived both his sons.

Sources: Cemetery Records; Papers Past obituary; WikiTree;
NZ Historical bdm
Compiled by Lynda Muir.


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1565 Surname: JOHNS
Given names: Martha Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Martha was born Martha HENWOOD, the daughter of
Thomas Henwood (1810-1878) and Jane SNELL (1811
-1855) and was baptised on 12 November 1851 at St
Teath, Camelford, Cornwall, England.

She was the tenth of eleven children and after her
mother died in 1855 her father brought his eight
surviving children to New Zealand where they settled
on land at Mangere and Martha attended school.

Her father remarried, and another seven children
were born, making a total of 17 siblings for Martha.

On 11 June 1870 she married John JOHNS at her father’s residence, Carkeen, Mangere, Auckland.
He was a farmer and they lived at Mangere for some years before moving to Pukekohe. Here they
had 350 acres, running sheep, cattle and horses. The house was described in a report as being a well
built, eight roomed weatherboard house, surrounded by two acres of orchard.

Martha and John had a family of twelve children – eight sons and four daughters. They also farmed
at Te Awamutu before retiring to Mt Eden where John died 22 October 1929. Martha died at her
daughter’s place in Mt Eden on 14 November 1942 and is buried with John at Mangere.

Johns Family Tree –
Old newspapers –

Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1585 Surname: JOHNSTON
Given names: Eliza Residence: Pukekohe West
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Elizabeth (Eliza) came to New Zealand on the Ganges with her first husband, George HALLIDAY and
their two children Andrew age 3 and Annie age 1. Sadly, just five days after the ship arrived in
Auckland on 14 February 1865, Andrew died. There were 54 children who died during the voyage
and Andrew probably died of the same causes, bronchitis and whooping cough.

Another son, James, was born in New Zealand in 1866 but once again Eliza was to experience the
pain of death when George died in 1868 at just 34, leaving her with two small children to care for.

Annie was seven, James just three when Eliza married James JOHNSTON (1828-1926) in 1871, a
widower with three small children, two sons, Charles and Thomas and a daughter, Jane. Five more
children were born – four sons, William, John, Arthur and Robert and one daughter, Eliza, making a
total of ten children.

James who had arrived as a young married man on the Ganges had taken up his 10 acre land grant in
Helvetia but the family had moved to a holding on Nelson Street about 1882. Life would have been
hard but times got even tougher when James filed for bankruptcy in December 1890.

Eliza would not get the opportunity to cast her vote,
as on 25 November 1893, just three days before the
election, Elizabeth died while out walking (NZ Herald
27 Nov 1893). James lived to be 98 and died in 1926.

Sources: Newspapers, BDM, Shipping records; cemetery
Researcher: Judith Batt Compiler: Heather Maloney

In loving memory of Mary Ann the beloved wife of James JOHNSTON who died 28th Sept 1870 aged 35
years. Also ELIZA the beloved second wife of James JOHNSTON who died 25th Nov 1893 aged 57 years. And
Thomas JOHNSTON died 3rd October 1902 aged 32 years


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1583 Surname: JOHNSTON
Given names: Elizabeth Residence: Buckland
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Elizabeth HEWITT, daughter of James Hewitt and Mary AUSTIN, was born about 1848 in County
Armagh, Ireland.

She arrived in New Zealand c1866 and married Robert JOHNSTON on 5 January 1871 in the
Pukekohe area.

In 1890 Robert's qualification for the electoral roll was Pukekohe Lot 25 Section 2, 10 acres freehold.

Robert Johnston was born c1840 in Toureen, Annacarty, Tipperary, Eire. He died in Cambridge, 18
June 1920.

Robert arrived in New Zealand c1864 and had worked as a plate layer on the railways. He had also
helped to drain the swamplands where the present Pukekohe Race Course is. When he retired from
the railways he went farming in Harrisville and later Buckland and was instrumental in establishing
the Buckland Anglican Church.

Robert and Elizabeth had 10 children between 1871 and 1891: Mary Jane, Annie (married William
McGOWAN), Edward, Eda Eliza (married Frederick FINLEY), Robert (lived in Alberta Canada and died
in USA), William, Joseph Howard, John, Albert Edward and Lillian Gladys (married Alan FISHER).

In 1928 Elizabeth was living with her daughter Mary Jane Johnston at Thornton Rd, Cambridge.

Elizabeth died 3 December 1933 in Cambridge, where she had lived since c1920.

Old newspapers –; BDM –; Pukekohe Old Cemetery headstone
inscriptions, NZSG
Researcher: Rosemary Lewis


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3618 Surname: JOHNSTON
Given names: Elizabeth Anne Residence: Mauku
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Elizabeth Anna (or Anne) BLACKBURN was born c1842 in Lambeg,
County Antrim, Northern Ireland, the daughter of John Blackburn.

On 3 June 1867 she married Robert JOHNSTON in Belfast.

They had a son, James Harvey born on 13 September 1868 and
sometime after that they left Ireland and came to New Zealand. Maybe they were the Robert
Johnston and family on the ship Percy that arrived in Auckland on 3 March 1869.

Another son, George Henry was born in 1871 in New Zealand. The family settled at Mauku, where in
early electoral rolls Robert was recorded as having 10 acres at Mauku but this advertisement selling
their property in 1892, describes 80 acres with a substantial home.

It seems that Elizabeth and Robert did eventually sell their farm and move, as when Elizabeth died
on 3 August 1902, it was at Mt Roskill. Robert died 19 June 1917 and they are both buried at Purewa

Wiki Tree – info & photo; Newspapers – &; BDM –;
NZ electoral rolls –
Researcher: Judith Batt Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Waipa 3691 Surname: JOHNSTON
Given names: Harriet Residence: Pokeno
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

In 1892 an English immigrant, Miss Harriet JOHNSTON, arrived
in New Zealand.

She was to become a great benefactor to the district, her first
undertaking being the building of St Mary’s Church, Pokeno.

It is reported that the contract price to build it was £690,
which was defrayed by Miss Johnston and that price did not
include the fittings which are also her gift.

In the book, ‘St Mary on the Hill, Pokeno 1900 – 2000’, author
Dora Hessell writes – We have been unable to discover her
antecedents or her reason for settling in Pokeno. Her death certificate gives her mother’s maiden
name as ROEBUCK and shows that she was already sixty three years old when she came. She
brought with her to the Pokeno district Francis PYNE, probably a kinsman, who grew up in her
household, married and continued to live there, sharing her work for the church and becoming her

Continuing from the book – A Mr Thomas BATES was Miss Johnston’s friend and gardener back in
England. He and his wife Sarah and family sailed for New Zealand in 1890, their passage being paid
by Miss Johnston. In the new land he would again be gardener and take care of her house. Miss
Johnston lived in some style in a handsome two and a half- storied house. Ground floor for the
servants, first floor living and upper floor for bedrooms. “The Springs” with an extensive garden was
on a site near the church.

It was recorded in the minutes of the Standing Committee of 12
October 1899 that Miss Johnston would give £50 a year towards
the stipend – a generous benefactor indeed. She also gave a
beautiful stained glass window, installed in 1910.

Apart from church activities, Harriet also enjoyed her tennis and it
was known that binoculars were used to see if there was any
activity at the courts and if so, she was soon on her way. When
she wished to play tennis a flag flew from the upper story of her

Harriet Johnston died in 1916 at the age of 87 and is buried at
Pokeno cemetery.

Sources: St Mary on the Hill, Pokeno 1900 – 2000 – a book by Dora
Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 4057 Surname: JOHNSTONE*
Given names: Annie Residence: Buckland
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Annie’s signature on probate records for William, 1950

Annie JOHNSTONE – actually JOHNSTON*, was born in New Zealand (probably Pukekohe) in 1872.
She was the daughter of Robert Johnston (1841-1920) and Elizabeth HEWITT (1849-1933) both long-
time residents of Pukekohe and Buckland. Annie was the second of ten children, 4 daughters and six
sons, so no doubt would have helped at home before her marriage to William McGOWAN in 1898.

Their only child Howard Gordon was born in Tuakau. It is probably safe to assume that William
McGowan was the blacksmith who was at Waiuku in 1896 but on the electoral roll in Tuakau as a
blacksmith in 1900, 1905 and 1911.

By 1914 Annie and William had moved to Papatoetoe and taken up farming. They were to spend the
rest of their days in this locality at their property they called Ashlynn.

Son Howard was a schoolteacher and later a Headmaster at several schools – in Kerepehi in 1950
and in Northland later.

William died on 29 May 1950 and Annie on 13 January 1953. They are buried side by side, with
separate headstones at the Papatoetoe cemetery.

Probate records –; BDM –; NZ electoral rolls –;
Old Newspapers –; Headstone photo –
Researcher: Judith Batt Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3620 Surname: JONES
Given names: Annie Pinfold Residence: Buckland
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

When Annie Pinfold JONES appeared on the 1893 electoral roll she was the wife of Frederick Jones,
farmer Buckland, freehold part Lots 9 and 12 Buckland. She was the mother of Frederick Reginald,
Acheson John, Constance Mary and Esther Elizabeth who were also on the 1893 Franklin roll.

Other children were Hugh Kennedy, Edith Evening and Clarice Norah.

Annie had married Frederick in Melbourne, Australia in 1866 – quoted in many family trees but not
confirmed. Frederick Acheson Jones was born in Mauritius in 1838.

The first two children were born in Redfern, Sydney and they had come to New Zealand via Tonga
where son Hugh was born in 1878. Two children were born in New Zealand – Edith in 1879 and
Clarice in 1882 with the mother’s name being recorded as Hannah Pinfold Jones.

In 1905 Annie and Frederick were living at Edendale, Mt Roskill, Auckland and that is where she died
in 1909. Annie is buried at Purewa together with her husband and daughter Constance.

Purewa cemetery burial record

Family Tree
Jones Web site
My Heritage
Old newspapers-
Australian birth records
NZ electoral rolls

Researcher: Judith Batt Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3621 Surname: JONES
Given names: Constance Mary Residence: Buckland
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Her signature from her will

Constance Mary JONES was born in Redfern, Sydney,
Australia in 1869, the eldest child and daughter of
Frederick Jones and Hannah (Annie) Pinfold Jones,
who had married at St Kilda, Melbourne in 1866.
Constance’s brother Hugh was born in Tonga in 1878
and her next sibling was born in New Zealand in 1879,
so the family obviously moved about.
Although her father appeared on the 1893 electoral
roll as a farmer at Buckland, owning land there, his
usual occupation was given as gentleman.

Constance qualified as a nurse and this is her entry in the Register of Nurses in the NZ Gazette.

In her father’s will, dated 1 June 1911, when Constance had been in Woking, England, he wrote;

Constance nursed her father at their home in Sandringham Road, Auckland until his death 14
October 1930, aged 92. She died 15 November 1946, leaving a considerable estate, naming her
siblings or their partners and her 15 nieces and nephews as beneficiaries. She remained single and is
buried at Purewa cemetery with her parents.
Sources: Photo and info – Jones Family Tree on My Heritage; Probate –; NZ electoral
rolls –; BDM – Australian & NZ records –
Researcher: Judith Batt Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3622 Surname: JONES
Given names: Esther Elizabeth Residence: Buckland
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Signature from her will

Esther Elizabeth JONES was born c1872, the daughter of Annie Pinfold Jones (1842-1909) and
Frederick Acheson Jones (1838-1930) and was the fourth child of seven – four girls and three boys.

She came to New Zealand in 1879 and her parents were farming in Buckland by 1886 when her sister
Edith started at Harrisville School.

In 1903 Esther married Huntley Spencer HAMLIN (1873-1945) and they went to Wellington to live
where Huntley was a stereotyper and printer.

They had five children – 1905 Frederick Spencer, 1906 Acheson Huntley, 1907 Mildred Annie, 1909
Gweneth Cora and 1910 Edith Roma.

Esther died 20 February 1934 while living at 41 Rata Rd, Haitaitai, Wellington and is buried at Karori
cemetery in Wellington. She had probate in England and in New Zealand and left a modest estate.


Probate records –
BDM –;
NZ electoral rolls –;
Old newspapers –
Headstone photo –

Researcher: Judith Batt
Compiler: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1541 Surname: JONES
Given names: Mary Ann Residence: Buckland
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Mary was born Mary Ann OVENS at McGillivray, Ontario, Canada on 2 March 1855. She was the
third child of at least ten born to Stewart Ovens and Mary CRUISE (10 children on the 1871 Canadian census,
see below), who were farmers of Irish descent.

On 17 March 1879 in Middlesex, Ontario, Mary married John JONES (1848-1941). John had been
born in Canada to Welsh parents and did not speak English until he went to school. They had three
children born in Canada – 1881 John Russel, 1882 Mary Edith Lloyd, 1884 Rubie Maud Martha Cruise

and one born in New Zealand 1895 Stewart Thomas.
Mary, John and the family came to New Zealand

They settled in Buckland where they farmed until
1905. They then farmed at Waiau Pa until 1911
when they decided to return to Canada. Unable to
settle and missing the New Zealand lifestyle, they
returned after a year and bought a house in Church
St, Penrose, where they lived until their deaths.

Mary died in 1932 and John in 1941 – they were
survived only by their two daughters as both sons
had died – John in 1908 and Stewart (spelt Stuart on
the memorial) was killed in action in 1918. They are
buried in Pukekohe Cemetery with their son and
grandson Stewart GILL.

Sources: Canadian census and BDM records; Obit for John –; Headstone photo – Franklin Branch
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3626 Surname: JONES
Given names: Susan Residence: Waipipi
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Susan was born Susan FAULKNER in Manchester, England and she went to
South Africa then Australia. It is not known when she met her husband – John
JONES but they married in 1855 in Australia, possibly at Bathurst at the

Susan was a bit of a renegade – she cut her hair short.

Her mother had appointed her to accompany her father John, to look after
him. Early married life was pretty primitive, and she related that her father
John Faulkner slept in the wagon and she and “Jones” – she always referred to
her husband in this vein – slept underneath. She apparently adopted this
method of differentiating between her father John, husband John, and son
John. They may have gone to Queensland to work in the cane fields.

Eldest daughter Margaret was born in 1856 in Australia probably at
Bundaberg. They must have returned to England between 1856-58 as Samuel was born in 1858 at
Doncaster where Margaret died of measles. They next moved to Cape of Good Hope where William
[1860] and Sarah [1863] were born.

The next move was on 18 August 1864 when the family left in the Hamburg barque “Steinwarder”
for New Zealand, arriving at Auckland on 14 October 1864. The family apparently received
assistance to emigrate. Son John was recorded as being born at Newton, Auckland in 1865 and
George at Waipipi in 1867 so this was when the connection to the Waipipi district started. They had
a small holding situated on Keogh Road between Craig Road and Creamery Road, Waipipi. Five more
children were born – Walter 1872, Matilda 1874, Mary 1874, Alfred 1876, and Henry 1879.

Early experiences at Waipipi were very severe also and relatives were told they had been forced to
dig up the seed potatoes for food at times.

Susan, along with John, is buried at the Waipipi Cemetery. She died on 28 September 1926.

Source: “Recollections of Granddaughter Sarah Mildred McQuire” Genealogy compiled by Edgar Thomas Jones
for Jones Reunion held February 1984

Researcher: Irene Luhrs


Electoral Roll: Franklin 4060 Surname: JOUNING
Given names: Harriet Sinclair Residence: Waiuku
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Harriet Sinclair JOUNING was born Harriet Sinclair WILSON on 7 November 1869 to John WILSON
and Catherine SINCLAIR in Cullen, Banff, Scotland.

Harriet met William Henry Jouning and married on 2 November 1893, in New Zealand.

William Henry was born Henry William on 23 June 1869 to John Henry Jouning and Betsy Ruge BELL
(known as Bessie) in New Zealand, in a family of nine children, six boys and three girls.

Harriet and William made their home in Waiuku and started to raise their family. William made his
living as a bootmaker.

They had three children, all girls, and none of them married.

Marion Harriet – born 25 June 1893 – died 11 April 1986

Hilda May – born 24 July 1896 – died 17 August 1982

Vera Adeline – born 30 July 1897 – died 22 January 1989

In the early 1900’s the family moved to Bond Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland and William continued to
work as a bootmaker. Life was not easy for the family and by 1911 they had moved again, to Lower
Hepburn Street in Freeman’s Bay. William was working as a labourer at that time.

The family had grown and were now young ladies but sadly their father William passed away 6 April
1914 at the age 45. He was laid to rest in Purewa Cemetery, Meadowbank, Auckland.

The three daughters continued to live with Harriet, firstly in 10 Montague Street and then 77
Margan Avenue, New Lynn.

Harriet passed away 12 April 1945, aged 75, at Margan Avenue. She was laid to rest beside William
in Purewa Cemetery. The ashes of all three daughters were placed with their mother.


Electoral Rolls
NZ BDM Historical Records
Cemetery Records
Ancestry Public Tree – Kyrstle Barnes

Researcher: Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1597 Surname: KAVANAGH
Given names: Charlotte Amelia Residence: West Mauku
Occupation: storekeeper Qualification: freehold

Charlotte Amelia KAVANAGH was married to Charles Kavanagh. They raised four children in the
Mauku area. There was one daughter, Marcella, and three sons, Frank, Cecil and Vivian.

A newspaper article on 31 August 1917 reads that Vivian had been killed in action and shows his
mother’s address as Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Charlotte (by now a widow) passed away on 8 November 1936 at 140 Crummer Road, Grey Lynn.
Probate records show that Charlotte left an estate of £3000.
Charlotte is buried at Waikumete Cemetery with her son Francis (Frank).


NZ Herald 31/8/1917
NZ Herald 9/11/1936
Auckland Star 1/12/1936

Researcher: Joan Taylor


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1599 Surname: KAYES
Given names: Ellen Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Ellen was born Ellen JENNER, in April 1833 at Dartford, Kent, England. She was the third child of
John Reuben Cripps Jenner (1792-1883) and Rebecca TURNER (1805-1851) and had six sisters and
four brothers.

On 23 December 1860, Ellen married Henry KAYES at the Crayford Parish Church, Kent, England.
Their first three children, all little girls died very young. Alice born 1861 died in 1863 and Clare born
1862 died 1863. Maybe this was one of the reasons the couple decided to make a new life in New
Zealand and boarded the Lancashire Witch on 10 February 1865. Tragedy was to strike again and
Grace, born in 1864, was one of the twelve children who died on the voyage.

What a dreadful trip it must have been for Ellen, as she was pregnant and had to endure 112 days at
sea in cramped conditions and deal with the death of young Grace.

Charles was born a few months after they arrived in Auckland and another eight children were to
follow, making a family of seven daughters and five sons in all. The youngest daughter, Ann Emily
died aged 23 months.

The family settled to farm at Pukekohe on Lots 119 and 121 and the children attended Pukekohe
School, including their granddaughter Bertha Ann, daughter of Susan, who was raised by her
grandparents. They remained on this property until their deaths.

Ellen died on 29 March 1906 and Henry on 23 September 1912. They are buried with their daughter
Maude in Pukekohe cemetery. They have a road named after them in the north area of Pukekohe.

The inscription reads:
In loving memory of Ellen beloved wife of Henry KAYES died
March 29th 1906 aged 61 years. Also Maude Ellen KAYES
their daughter died Nov 5th 1897 aged 24 years

BDM –;
Newspapers –;
Headstone photo: Franklin Branch NZSG;
Jenner Family Tree –;
Shipping records: Auckland Libraries

Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1605 Surname: KEANE
Given names: Bridget Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Bridget RONAN was born 10 September 1942 in Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland, the daughter of
Michael Ronan.

In 1856 she married Dennis (Denis) KEANE (1839-
1902), a carpenter, at Kilworth. They had four
daughters before they decided to start a new life
in New Zealand, sailing on the ship British Empire,
and arriving in Auckland on 7 October 1875.
Bridget’s father came with them. Two more
daughters and two sons were born in New
Zealand between 1884 and 1889, where they
settled on Lot 15, Section 3 of the Parish of
Pukekohe and Denis continued his trade as a
carpenter. He died on 21 October 1902 and
Bridget on 19 April 1921. They are buried in the
Pukekohe Catholic cemetery but have no
headstones, maybe as a result of the dispute over
her will (see left).

This property sold for £1050 to A. Williams
Keane Family Franklin Pioneer Register;
Newspapers –; Will dispute, NZ
Herald 25 Oct 1922
BDM –;
Probate records:;
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1604 Surname: KEANE
Given names: Ellen Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: dressmaker Qualification: residential

Ellen KEANE was born in Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland in 1867, the eldest child of seven of Dennis
(Denis) KEANE (1839-1902) and Bridget RONAN (1842-1921). She had four sisters and two brothers.

She was eight years old when her parents and at that time, three sisters and grandfather Ronan
decided to immigrate to New Zealand. As the oldest daughter no doubt Ellen was required to help in
the home but she gave her occupation in the electoral rolls from 1893 until 1900 as dressmaker, so
she found time to persue this talent.

On 13 February 1902 she married Alexander Scott SPROUL (1877-1960) and they had a family of two
daughters and two sons born between 1902 and 1906. They farmed first at Puni, then Pukekohe

Ellen was one of the daughters who disputed her mothers will – Bridget had left everything to her
two sons – and the claim was upheld. Ellen and her sisters claimed that they had lent money and
provided services over many years while their mother was in poor health. Ellen was awarded £118
by the court.

Ellen died on 20 June 1947 and is buried in the Pukekohe Catholic cemetery and Alexander died in
1960 and is buried in Pukekohe Public cemetery.

BDM –; NZ electoral rolls –; Probate records –;
Newspapers –; Cemetery records & photo – Franklin Branch NZSG
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3627 Surname: KEITH
Given names: Louisa Mackwood Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: housekeeper Qualification: residential

Louisa was born at Arney Road, Remuera, Auckland on 1 October 1865. Her
parents James Hodgson KEITH (1919 - 1891) and Ann WARTERS (1823 - 1892)
had arrived on the Ulcoats in 1864 and settled on farm land in Auckland. She
was named after James’ much loved sister Ann, whose married name was

Louisa was about 10 years old when the family moved to Mauku and she
stayed on the farm helping run the property with her father and sister Emily.
After her father’s death in 1891 Louisa moved to Pukekohe where for six
years she lived with her widowed brother John. She helped him bring up his
young family until he remarried in 1897.

Later Louisa trained as a Salvation Army officer, serving with the Army for a good many years until ill
health forced her to resign. She joined her sister Annie in keeping a boarding house in Grafton Road.

In 1910 she married James DAVIS and resided until her death in Balmoral Road, Mt Eden. They ran a
poultry farm combined with some nursery work. Throughout her life she was an active worker for
the Salvation Army.

On 3 January 1936, in her 70th year, Louisa suffered a stroke and died several days later. She is
buried at Purewa cemetery. James died in 1954 and is also buried at Purewa.

Auckland Star 10 Jan 1936

Auckland Star 3 Jan 1936
Keith Family in New Zealand 1864-1993 – book, Pukekohe Library; Old newspapers -
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3628 Surname: KELLAND
Given names: Jane Residence: Waipipi
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Jane KELLAND was born Jane WERRY on 22 John Wingent Werry (brother) arrived in New
July 1862 in Cornwall, England to William Zealand prior to Jane and further research
Werry and Ann Amelia WINGENT, one of nine shows Thomas (brother), Ethel (sister) and
children (six girls and three boys). Father, Ann (mother) followed, exactly when is
William, died in England in 1895 but had been uncertain. Mother, Ann, lived with Jane for
a farmer of 200 acres employing 3 men and a some time and they got involved with things
boy. like fundraising for the men at the front –
both making a financial donation to the SOCK
At that stage Jane fund while others knitted.
was living in New
Zealand and had met Frank passed away 2 January 1922 and is
and married Frank buried at Purewa Cemetery (Block A Row 30
Kelland – 27 July Plot 76).
1892 at St Barnabas
Church, Mt Eden, by Jane continued on the farm with the help of
the Rev. W.H. son William who married Kathleen FORDE on
JOHNSTON. Frank is recorded as living at 17 April 1926 at the Anglican Church, Royal
Sandridge, Waipipi and Jane in Remuera. Oak, Auckland and they had a daughter
Gwendoline Dorothy. (Allan John RAINBOW –
Jane and Frank had four children: husband). Jane’s two daughters were still at
1893 – Ruth – only lived eight hours Waipipi on 1938 Electoral Roll.
1896 – Louisa May (also called Queenie)
1897 – William Harold However, life became difficult over the next
1902 – Gertrude Clara (also called Trudy). few years as Jane’s mother died 27 December
1931 and was buried at Waikaraka Cemetery.
Electoral Rolls have Frank owning 225 acres at In her will she left funds to Jane and her
Waipipi in the form of Lot 160, 186/7, part grandson William. William’s wife Kathleen
324. Kelland Road today joins on to Creamery died on 16 December 1932 after a long illness
Road at the junction of Coronation Road, and and William passed away on 11 November
on across Kohekohe/Karioitahi Road. 1938. Both were buried in Waipipi Cemetery.

A newspaper article acknowledges the quality Gertrude married Seymour BENT on 1
of the stock (sheep and fat stock) “…. and October 1942 and they farmed in Warkworth
arrive at one of the best-worked farms in the before moving to Otumoetai and then Te
district, that of Mr F. Kelland.” The setting for Puke.
the homestead must also have been well
chosen from a description in that same article. It is possible that Jane and her sister Ethel,
“Being invited for lunch I have the opportunity along with her daughter Louisa, were living
of viewing the magnificent outlook from Mr together in Sandspit Road.
Kelland’s verandah. The N.S.S. Weka can be
plainly seen all the way up the creek from Te Jane passed away at her residence in Sandspit
Toro Wharf, and a fine view of most of the Road on 27 January 1943 and was buried at
surrounding country is obtainable.” Other Purewa Cemetery, Block A Row 30 Plot 75
articles tell of hunts being held over the beside Frank.
Kelland Farm and several neighbouring farms.

Paperspast, NZ BDM Register, NZ Electoral Rolls
Photo – Ancestry Public Family Tree - MacKinnon
Researcher: Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3631 Surname: KELLY
Given names: Hannah Residence: Waipipi
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Hannah was born c1827 and came to New Zealand with her husband, Thomas KELLY and their two
daughters Hannah (c1861) and Margaret (c1863) on board the “Alfred” on 16 November 1864
having left Cape Town on 27 September. There were 251 passengers and cargo on the ship.

It appears many wanted to escape the climate of Africa and when advertisements appeared for free
passage to five acres of free land in New Zealand, there was a stampede to register. Many did not
stay for long as they found the cash income from the small acreage could not support their families.
Those who settled for life were named the ‘Cape Pigeons’ in memory of their origin. Their
allotments were sited off Craig, Creamery and Parakau Roads, Waipipi.

Thomas and Hannah were granted Lot 54, Part Lot 184,
Waipipi. Their family increased by two boys at Waipipi;
Michael (1865-1932) and Adrian Thomas (1871-1914),
and they continued to work hard on their farm.
However, life in their later years was difficult as both
Thomas and Hannah suffered ill health. Hannah was
indeed an invalid for many years prior to her death.

Thomas died 2 October 1907 and Hannah died 16 June
1914. They are buried with their sons in Waipipi

Hannah (known as Annie), the eldest child, entered a
religious order in her youth, but she was allowed to
return to private life to care for her aging parents.
When they passed she continued to care for her
brothers and she became a district legend for her
willingness to help any household in time of sickness or
other needs as she had been taught nursing and
hospitality at the Convent. She is especially remembered for having fostered an orphan girl, Annie
MALONEY (Mrs Alex DRUMMOND), who was her companion for life. A Post Office was built,
originally in a movable building on skids attached to her house, and Annie served as Post Mistress for
24 years from 1908.

Annie died 25 December 1941, aged 82, and the property was passed to Dromgool relatives; her
sister Margaret married James DROMGOOL. Annie was buried at Waipipi Cemetery after a Service
at the Waipipi Catholic Church.”


“West of the Manukau” – Ben Westhead
“Of Pigeons and Pipis” and Waipipi District 150 years Booklet Article –Clyde Hamilton
NZ BDM Historical Records
Cemetery Records

Researcher: Lois Hopping


Electoral Roll: Franklin 3636 Surname: KEMP
Given names: Leah Augustus* Residence: Waiuku
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Leah Augustine* was born on 4 December 1867 to John KEMP and Mary EMBLING at Brookby, near
Papakura, and was the eldest of the family. Leah was the name of Mary’s mother and Augustine was
another family name, but Leah was known as Tine. Mary’s parents had a farm on the corner of
Brookby Road. John’s family had arrived in Auckland in 1842 and his father was said to have
ploughed the first furrow ever in the Auckland district. John, known as J K, was born at Tamaki then
moved with his family to Mt Albert. In his early life John joined the Mounted Defence Force and was
involved in the Force during the Land Wars. With his brother Thomas he ran a trading cutter from
Turanga Creek to Auckland and back. He was then engaged principally in the building trade.

Leah’s siblings were:
Elizabeth Blanche born 8 May 1871 at Turanga Creek, Brookby, d. 1885, aged 12 years.
William John born 27 April 1874 at Newton, Auckland, d. 24 January 1899 at Karangahake of typhoid
Charles Frederick born 21 December 1877, d. 12 May 1878 (aged 4 months)
Alice Gertrude [Gertrude] born 22 November 1880 at Pukekohe, m. Walter SMITH 1902, d. 27 April
1966 at Paeroa
Charles born 23 September 1884, d. 6 October 1884 (aged 13 days)
Norman George born 25 July 1886 at Waiuku, d. 8 October 1886 (10 weeks)
Lionel Gregory b 27 July 1888, at Waiuku, m. Hildagarde Alice STANLEY in Paeroa 1916, d. October
1917 at Passchendaele, France

Leah was not to marry but performed her domestic duties at Mauku and at Waiuku after the family

By 1900 the family were at Karangahake – at Crown Hill, Scotsman’s Gully, at the foot of the
Coromandel. John used his skills to build a two-storey house but when a storm blew off the roof
prompt action was needed. The family took in boarders, usually goldminers working nearby. John
was a keen flower and vegetable gardener and sold vegetables. The family were very involved in the
church and were well respected in the community.

Mary, who had suffered from rheumatic fever early in life, passed away on 5 June 1902 at
Karangahake, aged 56. She was buried at Te Aroha where William had also been buried. Leah took
over the responsibilities of running the boarding house which she was very proficient at. At the end
of the year Gertrude married Walter Smith.

In 1907 Leah was one of 100 plus residents of Karangahake who signed an unsuccessful petition to

have the goldmining township declared a borough. Records stated: “L. A. Kemp – DD.” John also

signed; his occupation was carpenter.

John died at Waihi Hospital, aged 76, on 28 July 1920 and was buried at Te Aroha with Mary and
William. Of the family, only Leah and her sister Gertrude were left.

Leah died suddenly on 16 April 1923, aged 56, at Paeroa where Gertrude was living. She was buried
in the Pukerimu Lawn Cemetery.

papers past. “Thomas Belton Kemp & Ann Savage Pioneer Family in N Z”
bdmhistoricalrecords Family Information: Ian Johnson
Researcher: Penny Prescott


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1634 Surname: KENNEDY
Given names: Margaret Residence: Buckland
Occupation: household duties Qualification: residential

Margaret was born Margaret WATSON on 7 October 1840 at St Andrews, Lhanbryd, Moray,
Scotland, the second child of seven of John Watson (1813-1895) and Margaret PROCTOR (1816-
1877). The family arrived in New Zealand on 20 November 1861 on the ship Black Eagle and settled
in Pukekohe.

In 1867 she married John KENNEDY (1813-1895) and settled in Buckland where they farmed.
Although Margaret’s obituary says she leaves no children, in her will written in 1914, she names her
daughter Elsie Thompson Kennedy born 1891,who had married that year to Lawrence SPINLEY and
in John’s will probate of 1916, Elsie is a beneficiary and signed an affadavit.

Margaret signed her will with her mark-

Margaret died on 6 July 1915 and is buried at Waikumete Cemetery and John died on 21 January

NZ Herald 7 July 1915
Sources: BDM –; Newspapers –; Probate–
Researcher: Heather Maloney


Electoral Roll: Franklin 1633 Surname: KENNELLY
Given names: Mary Ann Residence: Pukekohe
Occupation: domestic duties Qualification: residential

Mary Ann KENNELLY married Thomas
Kennelly in South Africa just before sailing
to New Zealand aboard the Eveline in 1864-
65. She would have been in her 21st year.

Mary Ann and Thomas were amongst a
small group of immigrants who, after
arriving in New Zealand, made the journey
by small boats from Onehunga to Drury,
and then made their way on foot to

In the dense bush that covered the district
they made a home and established the
Cape Settlement, which led to the starting
of the existing town of Pukekohe.

Mary Ann had seven known children one of
whom died young. Mary, Johanna, Joseph,
Ellen, John, James, Bridget were all born in
New Zealand however they were registered
with five variations of the surname:

Mary Ann died on 24 March 1902
and is buried in the Pukekohe
Catholic Cemetery.

NZSG burial locator

Waikato Immigration Scheme passenger lists
Researcher: Judith Batt

Compiled: by Mary Mercer


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