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Family of exclusive brands






Qualite Premiere
& Ukrainian

All of our Ragout production is certi ed HALAL,
ensuring that all our products meet
the highest halal standards.

Our Ragout production stems from a long history
of providing ready made meals to Russian and
Ukrainian military bodies.

Qualite Premiere has the ability to provide
consistent and long term supply of high quality
ready made meals to military and government
institutions throughout the world.

Ukraine has a rich agricultural history,
and the ideal environment for high quality crops

Ukraine is famous for some of the most fertile soil
in the world, known locally as 'black gold'

We grow our own wheat, corn, sun ower seeds,
and soya beans, enabling us to guarantee
the highest level of quality

With our own fully integrated raw material supply,
we control the entire process starting from our farm,
and ending on your customer's dinner plate

Our manufacturing includes dairy plants, wheat mills,
sun ower oil processing and bottling plants, poultry
farms, and pasta production





of Ukrainian & Russian
Beef Ragout “Tushenka”

The rst canning factory for stews and ragout was
established in the Soviet Union in 1870, and the rst
customer was the Soviet Army.

After repeated tests and trials to determine the most
nutritional and enjoyable food for the army, it was
concluded that braised meats allowed for nutrition,

avour, and the potential for extended shelf lives, and
important factor according to military commanders.

It was decided that these stews and ragouts should be
supplied in a canned container with the weight of one
daily meat portion of the lowest rank in the Army –
which at the time was 450 grams! Soldiers were ordered
to open the container with a knife or bayonet, to warm
up the stew and eat straight from the can. And the name
“Tushenka”, meaning stew, was born.

The Army insisted that only beef stew seasoned within
48 hours of slaughter should be used. And that's why
the military stew is always highly appreciated by the
Soviet people.

In 1966 there was a very interesting case. In the All-
Union Scienti c Research Institute of the canning
industry one of the Senior citizens came and put on the
table a canning jar marked "Petpopavlovsk cannery
factory. Meat stew. 1916". Andrey V. Muratov, owner of
the canned jar, was on the front line during World War I.
The analysis and subsequent tasting showed that Beef
stew was perfectly preserved, in spite of been in the can
for 50 years!

Today the canned stew, Tushenka, remains an
indispensable product for the army in Ukraine and
Russia and other countries.


Beer Ragout:

• HALAL Certi ed
• Traditionally named by military as a 'stew'
• Prepared by classical recipe with highest standards.
• Made on modern high standard equipment
• Meets all requirements for the production of meat products
• Prepared using natural beef
• Meet content no less than 54%

Storage: Nutritional Value per 100g:
4 years from the date of production. Protein - 17,4g
Store at 0°C to 20°C Fat - 16,2g
with humidity no more than 75% Energy Value - 215 kcal

Packaging: Shipping Method:
325g and 525g
36 cans (325g) and 24 cans (525g) 20 ft

20 ft container


Chicken Ragout:

• HALAL Certi ed
• A high quality product
• Prepared in its own juice
• Made on the modern equipment
• Meets all requirements for the production of meat products
• Prepared with natural chicken

Storage: Nutritional Value per 100g:
2 years from the date of production. Protein - 16g
Store at 0°C to 20°C Fat - 20g
with humidity no more than 75% Energy Value - 157,7 kcal

Packaging: Shipping Method:
500g and 525g
12 cans in one box 20 ft

20 ft container




‫ﺟﻮدة ﻣﻤﺘﺎزة‬




Domestic sales office International Sales Office
Esplanadna Street, 32V Suite 309, Capital City Building
Independence Avenue, Victoria, Mahé
Kiev, Ukraine
01001 Republic of Seychelles

[email protected]

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