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Published by D/FW MSDC, 2018-10-09 12:00:15

access 2018 brochure final

access 2018 brochure final

45th Anniversary MBE Sponsor
Signature Sponsor


Business Expo

Maximizing Meaningful Connections.

May 7-8, 2018 | Irving Convention Center

Signature Sponsors

Bonnie Clinton Mike De La Cruz

General Manager Senior Vice President
Team Member Services Business Development
and Indirect Procurement, and Client Management

CPO Group O
Toyota Motor North America

Celebrating 45 Years of Maximizing Meaningful Connections.


The D/FW MSDC was originally called the
Dallas Purchasing Council and was formed by corporate leaders
intent on purchasing products/services from local minority-owned


From the President


Meaningful Connections. .Impactful Growth

Celebrating 45 Years of Maximizing
Meaningful Connections!

The Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council ACCESS 2018 Business
Expo is all about maximizing connections. Each year we talk connections and work
hard to make sure people connect in new and different ways. This year, our 45th
anniversary year, we are adding another twist to ACCESS. We’re opening up the expo
floor! We’re lowering the draping and letting you see the entire floor at a glance. Our
exciting open floor plan is designed to allow more collaboration and relaxation while
you build important relationships to improve your supply chain and/or business.

Speaking of building relationships, do not miss out on these key elements of ACCESS
that keep getting better each year:

Day One - May 7th

Ÿ BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – MBE Academy presents Procurement – The Buyer Perspective – If
you missed the standing-room only session at ACCESS 2017, don’t miss this session. The Toyota team has
agreed to do it again. Find out from Toyota senior procurement professionals what buyers are looking for
from suppliers and how to successfully connect with supply chain professionals. Get there early!

Ÿ Doing Business Texas Style Spot Bid Fair – Always a fantastic opportunity to win immediate business, the
Spot Bid Fair continues to grow and produce results. State Senator Royce West and the HUB Coordinators
awarded more than $3.7 million in 2017. This year, they are seeking to award even more. Let’s make sure
they don't leave any money on the table. Visit the Spot Bid Fair and enter your winning bids!

Ÿ Opening Power Reception – Don’t miss this powerhouse reception with the Board of Directors, MBE Input
Committee Leadership, buying and supplier diversity professionals, State of Texas HUB coordinators and
MBEs. Enjoy great food and beverages while making connections and building relationships.

Day Two - May 8th

Day two is when the real work begins. Wear some comfortable shoes, map out your plan on who to talk with and
introduce yourself to some people you don’t know.
Ÿ One-on-One Matchmakers – Business connections often begin with a simple conversation. No pressure. Just a 1-on-1 introductory session to explore the possibilities and get to know each
other better. MBEs must register by May 1st in order to be considered.
Ÿ Round Table Speed Introductions – Get a glimpse into our Buying Entity Partners and their business
needs, as well as what MBEs have to offer. That 30-second pitch is all important. MBEs, what have you done
for other clients? Start there. And remember, you might be sitting next to your next new client.
Ÿ Media Opportunities Everywhere – Get youself and your company noticed at ACCESS. Join the Social
Media experience at #DFWMSDC45. Stop by the Media Lounge to record your Five Word Challenge and
have a chance to provide on-the-floor interviews with our media team. You might be a star in the making!

Thank you to our signature sponsors – Toyota and Group O! Toyota is our 45th Anniversary Sponsor and will
help us celebrate all year long. Group O, a long time sponsor of the Closing Reception, realizes the value of
ACCESS to their business. They are this year’s MBE signature sponsor. Thank you to all the exhibitors, behind-
the-scenes ambassadors and volunteers. You are amazing and make ACCESS work for everybody.

The Council hosted a trade mission to England in 1988.

State of Texas Spot Bid Fair

Maximizing Access

to State of Texas Opportunities

It’s FREE to Attend the Spot Bid Fair.

Each year the Doing Business Texas Style Spot Bid Fair held at ACCESS and hosted
by State Senator Royce West continues to grow. Last year, more than $3.7 million
was awarded during the Spot Bid Fair. And, there was money left on the table where
no one bid. This event awards contracts and invites businesses to do business with
the State of Texas – right then and there. Don’t bypass the opportunity to do business!

Not sure how it all works? Join the informative Doing Business Texas Style
educational workshops held during the day on Monday, May 7th. Meet some of the
HUB coordinators, understand the State of Texas procurement process and get better

prepared to participate in the Spot Bid Fair itself.

Senator Royce West Senator Royce West believes that small business is at the heart of the Texas

State Senator District 23 economy and that by maintaining a business-friendly environment, our state will
remain a viable engine boosting our economy. There is no reason why anyone

wanting to do business with the State of Texas can’t find the opportunity to bid on work, make meaningful
connections and understand how best to do business with the State. His commitment to this strong connection
event demonstrates how much economic development and minority business inclusion mean to him, the State
of Texas and our overall state economy.

Participate in this unique opportunity to meet with purchasers from state agencies and institutions of higher
education, build relationships and submit bid proposals on-site. Grab your computer, pricing modules and
sharpen your pencils! Need a little space to work out your bids? Visit the Cyber Lounge found on the Expo

Past Participating State Agencies

Ÿ Texas Department of Ÿ University of Texas System Ÿ University of Texas Health
Transportation (TXDOT) Ÿ Office of Public Insurance Science Center of Tyler

Ÿ Health and Human Services Counsel Ÿ Department of Assistive &
Commission Ÿ UNT System Rehabilitative Services
Ÿ Prairie View A&M University
Ÿ The Lottery Commission Ÿ Texas A&M Commerce Ÿ Texas Tech University System
Ÿ University of Texas - Dallas Ÿ Texas Transportation Institute Ÿ Office of the Attorney General
Ÿ University of Texas - Austin Ÿ Texas ArgriLife Research
Ÿ University of Texas - Arlington (A&M) Ÿ Texas Procurement & Support
Ÿ University of Texas - Tyler Ÿ Texas Workforce Commission
Ÿ Texas Racing Commission Services
Ÿ Railroad Commission of Texas Ÿ Comptroller of Public Accounts
Ÿ Texas Facilities Commission Ÿ Tarleton State University
Ÿ Department of Information Ÿ And many more

Resources Note: The Dallas/Fort Worth Minority
Ÿ Texas Engineering Experiment Supplier Development Council
provides HUB certification for
Station minority-owned businesses.
Ÿ Texas A&M University
Ÿ Texas A&M University System


This is the 11th year Senator West has brought the Spot Bid Fair to the ACCESS
Business Expo. Thank you, Senator West!

Let’s Talk Business...

MBE Academy 1-on-1 Matchmaker Sessions
Tuesday, May 8th
Procurement –
The Buyer's Perspective These 1-on-1 Matchmaker Pitch Sessions provide the
perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face and get to know
presented by each other better. There is no guarantee it will result in
business, but it is the first step to seeing if there is a
potential match down the road.

Monday, May 7th MBE Eligibility:
3 pm - 5 pm Ÿ MBE must be certified by the D/FW MSDC or a

Irving Convention Center NMSDC affiliate.
Ÿ MBE must register by April 19, 2018 to attend
Find out from Toyota procurement personnel what
they look for when they seek suppliers and ACCESS 2018 Business Expo (Early Bird
business partners. This dynamic session Registration of $100.00 provides a registration to
examines: ACCESS 2018. Package includes eligibility to be
selected for 1-on-1 Matchmaker sessions and access
Ÿ The Toyota Way in Procurement to 1) Business Expo, 2) D/FW MSDC Academy
Ÿ Before, During and After the RFP session presented by Toyota, 3) Round Table
Ÿ Supplier Standards sessions, and 4) Opening and Closing receptions)
Ÿ Business Strategies Ÿ MBE must complete and/or update their company
Ÿ Plus Q&A profile
NOTE: 1-on-1 Matchmaker sessions are by invitation
You must be registered to attend ACCESS only. Buying Entity members (corporations and public
2018 Business Expo to attend this sector agencies) pick the certified minority business
session. enterprises (MBEs) they wish to meet with. If selected,
MBEs will be scheduled for a 15-minute introductory
meeting with the requesting Buying Entity member.
Buying Entities make ALL selection of suppliers to

Round Table Sessions

Tuesday, May 8th

Round Table sessions provide the perfect venue to
share and/or learn more about how to do business
with a particular Buying Entity. These sessions take
place on the Expo floor and are designed to
provide introductions between Buying Entity
Partners and certified MBEs. Buying Entities should
be prepared to talk about the types of
products/services purchased. MBEs should be
prepared with their 30-second pitch on what you
have done for others and what makes you different.
Round Tables are offered on a first-come, first-
serve basis with online sign-up available once
MBE completes ACCESS online registration.


Toyota was named the D/FW MSDC E Awards Corporation of the Year in 2017 for

Put Your Best Foot Forward...their commitment to minority business inclusion, utilization and economic

development in North Texas.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Buying Entity (BE) Signature Sponsor SOLD

BUY THOSE THAT BUY USTM $12,000 Opportunity to market your business solution with
Business Solutions demonstrations and sales on expo floor
Pavilion Sponsor Ÿ 10x20 space in Pavilion
Ÿ 10x10 space in procurement area
Ÿ Area Banner

Luncheon Sponsor $12,000 Ÿ Premier Signage inside luncheon area
BE Platinum Sponsor $8,500 Ÿ Option on Keynote Speaker
BE Gold Sponsor $6,500 Ÿ Small logo on luncheon program
Ÿ 10x20 Prime Event Space
Ÿ 20 Admission passes to all events, including

reserved luncheon seating

Ÿ Multi-Media opportunity at Opening Reception
Ÿ 10x20 Event Space
Ÿ 10 Admission passes to all events, including

reserved luncheon seating
Ÿ Company exposure and signage opportunities

Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 6 Admission passes to all events
Ÿ Company exposure and signage opportunities

BE Silver Sponsor $4,200 Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 4 Admission passes to all events
Ÿ Company exposure and signage opportunities

BE Bronze Sponsor $3,500 Ÿ No Event Space
Matchmaker Sponsor $3,500 Ÿ 5 Admission passes to all events
Ÿ Company exposure and signage opportunities

Ÿ 5 Admission passes to all events
Ÿ Company exposure and signage opportunities

Corporate Member $ 1,200 Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Reception, Business
Corporate Non-Member $ 1,500
Opportunity Expo and Luncheon
Government Entity $ 900
Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Non-Profit Resource Organization $ 350 Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Reception, Business

State Agency Spot Bid Booth $ 350 Opportunity Expo and Luncheon
$ 2,500
(State Agencies Participating in the Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
HUB Expo & Spot Bid Fair) Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Reception, Business

YouTube Channel Opportunity Expo and Luncheon

Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Reception, Business

Opportunity Expo and Luncheon

Ÿ 1 Display Table
Ÿ 1 Admission pass to Reception, Business

Opportunity Expo and Luncheon

Ÿ Company exposure on the D/FW MSDC YouTube
Channel throughout the remainder of the year

Ÿ 5 Admission passes to all events

Sponsorship Opportunities

TWITTER FEED $2,500 Ÿ Company exposure on D/FW MSDC Twitter Feed &
MEDIA LOUNGE Ÿ 5 Admission passes to all events
CYBER LOUNGE }$5,000 Ÿ Company exposure and signage for component
Ÿ chosen
$5,000 10x10 Expo Event Space
Ÿ Up to 10 Admission passes to all events



MBE Signature Sponsor SOLD
Opening Reception Sponsor
Closing Reception Sponsor }$6,000 Ÿ Remarks
Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 5 admission passes to all events
Company exposure & event signage opportunities
$6,000 Ÿ

MBE Premier Sponsor $1,500 Ÿ Multi-Media opportunity at Opening Reception
$ 750 Ÿ Premier photo opportunity
(D/FW MSDC Certified MBE Suppliers $ 550 Ÿ 10x20 Prime Event Space
or Subscribers Only) $ 450 Ÿ 6 Admission passes to all events
$1,000 Ÿ Company exposure & signage opportunities
MBE Combination Exhibitor &
Reception Sponsor Ÿ MBE Reception Sponsor Acknowledgment
Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
(D/FW MSDC Certified MBE Suppliers Ÿ 4 Reception Admission passes
or Subscribers Only) Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Luncheon, Business

MBE Exhibitor Only Opportunity Expo and Closing Reception

(D/FW MSDC Certified MBE Suppliers Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
or Subscribers Only) Ÿ 2 Admissions to the Opening Reception
Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Luncheon, Business
MBE Reception Sponsor Only
Opportunity Expo and Closing Reception
(D/FW MSDC Certified MBE Suppliers
or Subscribers Only) Ÿ Reception Sponsor Acknowledgment
Ÿ 4 reception admission passes
NMSDC MBE – Non Subscriber Ÿ 2 Admissions to all events

Ÿ 10x10 Event Space
Ÿ 2 Admission passes to Reception, Business

Opportunity Expo and Luncheon

Individual Tickets

Early Bird After 4/25/18
Admission to All Events - D/FW MSDC Member/Certified Supplier/Subscriber** $ 100
Admission to All Events - Non D/FW MSDC Member or Non-Certified Supplier** $ 75
or Non D/FW MSDC Subscriber $ 125

Expo Pass Only (D/FW MSDC Certified Supplier) $ 50

Expo Pass Only (Non D/FW MSDC Certified Supplier) $ 75

Reception Only - D/FW MSDC Member/Certified Supplier/Subscriber $ 50

Reception Only - Non D/FW MSDC Member or Non-Certifed Supplier

or Non D/FW MSDC Subscriber $ 75

Luncheon Only - D/FW MSDC Member/Certified Supplier or Subscriber $ 50

Luncheon Only - Non D/FW MSDC Member/Non-Certified Supplier or

or Non D/FW MSDC Subscriber $ 75

**Includes Admission to the TOYOTA Session on The Buyers’ Perspective

Building Relationships

We’re Opening Up the Expo Floor

Tuesday, May 8th
Expo Floor

We’re taking down the tall draping and creating a wide-
open ACCESS 2018 expo floor. After 45 years of
facilitating buying connections, this year is all about
maximizing your view and your connections. You will be
able to see the whole floor from anywhere on the floor and
make a decision on where you need to be. So join us on
the expo floor and build relationships while maximizing
your connections! See you there!

Business Solutions Pavilion
Lounge Highlighting Business Solutions
Tuesday, Tuesday, May 8th
May 8th
Limited Space
It’s your turn Displays by D/FW MSDC
for a few BUY THOSE THAT BUY USTM Honorees
minutes of fame! Stop by the Media Lounge (on
the expo floor) and tell us about your company For our BTTBUTM 2018 honorees, we invite you to
or something of interest to your constituents. demo and display your business solutions to our
You have exactly 60 seconds, so think about it attendees. It’s a great way to introduce new
and be prepared. (We will cut you off after 60 products and services that Council constituents can
seconds!). The results will be uploaded to our use in their business or personally. We invite
YouTube Channel, as well as select ones will everyone to stop by the Business Solutions Pavilion
appear throughout the year on our website. and check out the demos and products. (New
Lights! Camera! Action! phones, energy options and software are popular
Ÿ Become a Buying Entity member of the Dallas/Fort
Worth Minority Supplier Development Council and Don’t Miss the Receptions!
save money on your registration. Call 214.630.0747
for details. Opening Reception - May 7th at 5:30 pm
Closing Reception - May 8th at 3:30 pm
Ÿ Are you a minority-owned business that is not certified
by the D/FW Minority Supplier Development Council? Food | Beverages | Unwind
Submit an application by visiting us online at Relax and make or call 214.630.0747 for more connections while
details. Receive Minority, Historically Underutilized enjoying a cool
Business (for the State of Texas) and SBE beverage and great
certification, if eligible, from D/FW MSDC. finger food. The opening
reception is known for
its crab claws and
Plus, you can’t miss the
closing reception, either. Spot Bid Awards and totals
are announced at the closing reception.


The Council and North Texas Commission jointly developed a mentoring program

Put Your Best Foot Forward...that was recognized in 1995 by then Vice President, Al Gore, as an example of

fostering economic development.

Schedule of Events

May 7

8:30 a.m. Registration Opens
8:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Doing Business with the State of Texas Seminar
12:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. presented by the State of Texas HUB Coordinators
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Lunch on your own
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
State Agencies and Universities Booth Set-Up
3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. (State Agencies and Universities ONLY)
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Doing Business Texas Style State of Texas Spot Bid Fair
May 8 Sponsored by State Senator Royce West
(Entrance to Spot Bid Fair is FREE)

Back by Popular Demand – Procurement – The Buyer Perspective
presented by representatives of the Toyota Procurement Team
(Must be registered for ACCESS 2018 to attend)

Business Expo Booth Set-Up (Exhibitors ONLY)

Opening MBE Hosted Reception (TICKETED EVENT)
(with Round Table Sign-Ups)

7:30 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. Continental Breakfast

8:00 a.m. Registration Opens

8:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Ribbon Cutting - ACCESS 2018

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. ACCESS 2018 Business Expo Opens
Doing Business Texas Style Spot Bid Fair Reopens
BUY THOSE THAT BUY USTM Business Solutions Pavilion Opens

9:30 a.m. - 11:10 p.m. 1-on-1 Matchmaker Sessions (by appointment only)
Round Table Speed Dating Sessions

11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. ACCESS 2018 Luncheon – Maximizing Meaningful Connections

1:15 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ACCESS 2018 Business Expo Continues

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Doing Business Texas Style Spot Bid Fair Continues

1:40 p.m. - 3:20 p.m. 1-on-1 Matchmaker Sessions (by appointment only)
Round Table Speed Dating Sessions
3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m. Closing Reception with State of Texas Spot Bid Awards Announced

Event Space Tear-down

Meaningful Connections...Impactful Growth

Minority Business Development Agency
Dallas/Fort Worth Business Center

Ray Cervantes The Minority Business Dallas/Fort Worth
Development Agency is an MBDA Business Center
Program Director agency of the U.S.
Department of Commerce The MBDA mission is to assist
established in 1969. It’s the minority owned businesses by
only federal agency that was providing them with business
specifically set up to tools to promote growth.
advocate on behalf of
minority-owned businesses The Minority Business Development Agency –
to expand their capabilities Dallas/Fort Worth Business Center delivers a variety
and build capacity, so we can of services for minority-owned businesses. These
elevate their capabilities to services include:
grow from a local business to
regional, national or Client Services
international level. Ÿ Facilitating federal, state and local government

We deliver services including procurement assistance, procurement opportunities
access to capital and strategic business consulting. Ÿ Offering specialized professional assistance to
We can help a company look for other markets that
are outside their usual expertise. If they have a sense source financing needs
that they want to grow in that particular market, we Ÿ Providing strategic business counsel
can go in and help search for opportunities, not only Ÿ Pipeline enhancement
on a local level, but also regionally, nationally and Ÿ Ongoing Web series
internationally. We assist with access to capital, as Ÿ Business outreach opportunities
well. We have a unique skill set with staff able to Ÿ National Procurement Center
identify and evaluate prospective loan proposals and
to approach our strategic network of financial lenders. Outreach Opportunities
Ÿ Monthly Lunch and Learn Sessions
Ÿ International Trade Consulting

MBDA is a program for minority businesses to achieve Access to Markets/Contracts
a certain amount of traction in their business. We take
businesses that have some traction. We can The MBDA Business Center aligns its clients with federal,
implement and utilize our resources to get them to the state, and local purchasing organizations and assists in
next level. bringing transactions to closure. The Center has several
national database systems that provide vital information

for the success of MBE businesses.

Performance at a Glance Access to Capital

$401,184,327 Dollar Value of The MBDA assists clients by packaging financial documents
for Commercial/SBA loan programs, bonding assistance
Awarded Contracts

Take Your Business to the Next Level$41,632,273 Value of Financial
and factoring. The Center maintains strategic alliances with
conventional and non-conventional financial institutions

Transactions and identifies their target markets.

293 Jobs Created &Retained Strategic Business Consulting

Ranked as an Outstanding MBDA Consulting includes Teaming Arrangements,

Mentor/Protégé Agreements and Mergers and

Business Center in 2012, 2013, 2014, Acquisitions.
2015 & 2016
The Global Business Center

The MBDA provides international trade assistance.

Helping Businesses Grow Nationally and Internationally

Why You Should Be
at ACCESS 2018


Alcon (a division of Novartis) Fluor
Fujitsu Network Communications
American Airlines JCPenney
Lockheed Martin
$ $ AT&T Methodist Health System
$ Nokia
Oncor Electric
Austin Commercial Parkland Health & Hospital System
PepsiCo, Inc.
BNSF Railway Company Raytheon
Southwest Airlines Company
Capgemini US LLC Texas Instruments
Toyota Motor North America
City of Dallas Trinity River Vision Authority
UNT System
City of Fort Worth Vistra Energy


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas County Community College District


Dallas ISD



Ericsson Inc.

Supplier Minority The Right People for the Right Connection
Diversity Business
Professional Enterprise Input The Supplier Diversity Professional Working Group and MBE Input
Working Group Committee Committee partnered to get the right people to attend ACCESS.
This includes buyers and end users from the Buying Entity side
Chair Chair and MBEs from various industries and sizes from the MBE
perspective. ACCESS is the first step in what we envision as a
Guy Toliver Betty Manetta continuous follow-up thru out the year to create business
Business Development CEO opportunities and utilization.

Manager Argent Associates & Asociar Opportunities to Connect All Year Long
Business Diversity &
Ÿ MBEs-- In celebration of the 45th Year Anniversary of the
Development Council, The MBE Input Committee is hosting an event
DFW International Airport each month. It is a great way to connect with other MBEs
and our Buying Entity partners. Visit the Council website
( for the latest activities.

Ÿ SDPs - The Supplier Diversity Professionals Working
Group meets regularly on a bi-monthly basis. It’s a great
way to share program ideas and support with other great
professionals. Check with the Council staff on the
upcoming meetings.


D/FW MSDC has been recognized as Council of the Year by the National Minority

Supplier DevelopPmuentt CYoounucirl thBreee tsimteFs -o19o88t, F20o11rawnda2r01d5.a.n.d has been in

the top tier of Councils for the past seven years.

45th Anniversary MBE Sponsor
Signature Sponsor


Business Expo

Maximizing Meaningful Connections.

May 7-8, 2018 | Irving Convention Center

For More Information Visit Us at or call 214.630.0747

Meaningful Connections. Impactful Growth.

8828 N. Stemmons Freeway
Suite 550
Dallas, TX 75247

Register Now!

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