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Published by D/FW MSDC, 2018-09-10 12:16:27

Meet - Greet Best Practices

Meet - Greet Best Practices

For Meet & Greet Success

Do you want to have a successful session while attending a Meet & Greet? Here are some tips
complied by our leading experts on the subject.

• Print your business card on card stock that can be written on with a normal pen or

• It’s 2018, everyone should have a website. Make sure its accurate and on your business

• Before calling your Supplier Diversity Professional, send an e-mail with Capabilities
Statement and a list of recent/current contracts highlighting past performance in that
industry – that way they will have something to reference when you call.

• When responding to Supplier Diversity Professionals via email inquiries and you are
asked to attach a capability statement – name the attachment your company name vs
capability statement. This allows the capability statement to be saved via your company
name making it easier to reference in future communications.

• Capability Statement Content: The 4 C’s
o Clear: Tell the purpose of your company – do not lead with certification
o Concise: Use bulleted factual points to give overview of your company
o Compelling: State core competencies & differentiators ~ include past
o Capturing: Format & Content ~ if using NAICS codes – give two word definition

• Try to attend as many networking / workshops as possible, even if you don’t think that
the topic of the event suits your company. There will ALWAYS be another person in
attendance that you could potentially do business with.

• Be ready to speak (concisely) on how your company/firm’s services can be successful
with the entity you are speaking to and to what kinds of contracts would be most
optimal. You may only have a minute or two. Practice what you can say that will draw
attention to your capabilities. (I saved my client $XXX because I _____. We reduced the
cutover time for our client by ___ days/months because we _____. Our product/service
increased purchases? Productivity? Talent retention?)

• Remember, the Supplier Diversity Professional is there to HELP YOU not to restrict your
access to their company. Listen to what they have to say and see if your services even
match their company needs. Not every product/service works for every company.

• BE DIFFERENT -- If your field is packed with competition, lead with how your offerings
are different and the successes you have had.

• BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS. You may not be the only one who is trying to speak to the
Supplier Diversity Professional/Buyer. Your objective should be to be noticed for what
you can provide and to establish a potential meeting or follow up. This is not the time to
SELL your whole product line. Target what you can offer THIS COMPANY.

• LISTEN because there might be someone AROUND the table who needs your services
more than the corporation or public sector agency.


• Please make sure your entry on the CMBL (Centralized Master Bidders List) and the HUB
registration with the State of Texas is accurate and complete.

• Update your email address, website, and phone number immediately if they change.
• Make sure you have a website and an email address that correlates with that website.

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