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Europe On Track

Europe On Track

Europe On Track


Welcome to the 2020 edition
of Europe on Track

At Rail Europe, we take pride in being of service to travellers for over 80 years,
and this brochure is just one of the many tools we make available to our travel partners.

Europe’s historic train network is world famous and, with people opting for low carbon transport nowadays, it is also
becoming the first choice for many travellers. As the leading European distributor of train tickets and rail passes, we are
proud to enable travel adventures across more than 30 countries, 25,000 destinations, and 11,000 different routes. Trains
that take you across the Alps, under the English Channel, to islands and highlands, national parks or historic urban ones.
Journey to exquisite coasts such as Amalfi or the French Riviera, but also through time to great UNESCO sites such as
Stonehenge or the Sagrada Família, Venice or Vienna. Rail Europe has experienced teams around the world to support
travellers with planning, booking and aftersales. Book with Rail Europe to ensure that both the journey and the planning
experience exceed expectations.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Why travel by train?

2 Welcome Whether for the efficiency of high speed, the abundant comfort, the scenery,
3 About travelling by train or the attractive prices, travelling by train is a unique experience. If you haven’t
6 Types of trains decided how to travel for your next trip, we’ve put together five compelling
7 Popular trains and ticketing reasons to choose the train.
8 Europe’s national parks
10 Map: Journeys & destinations City-centre to city-centre. Train stations are located in city centres, so
12 Eurail passes you can begin exploring easily. Avoid endless lines at airports or the
14 Italy stress of driving in a different country.
15 Great Britain
16 Germany, Comfort. Trains provide comfort with spacious seating, ample legroom,
and designated areas for luggage.
Eastern Europe & beyond
17 Europe month by month Be green. Trains are an eco-friendly, low impact form of travel. And
18 Switzerland high-speed trains are 3 times more energy efficient than regional trains.
20 Swiss packages
Unique experience. Enjoy diverse experiences; watch rolling
2 landscapes pass by, stretch your legs as you walk through the train, and
chat with locals and other travellers.

Save money. Our broad product range of rail passes and train tickets
fit the needs and budgets of all travellers: adult, senior, youth, child,
groups, and families.

About travelling by train

Now that you know the benefits of train travel, these are answers to the questions we
are asked most often. Should you have a question that is not answered here, contact
your trusted Travel Advisor for more information.

Train tickets Reservations

A train ticket is a travel document issued for travel between two known A reservation guarantees a seat,
destinations. Choose from two types: or berth, on board the train.
Reservations are mandatory on most
Open ticket Valid for travel on a specific route within a set period of time high-speed, scenic, and night trains.
No seat is guaranteed Global tickets include a reservation
Valid from one town or city to another and your seat number is printed
on your ticket. On some trains,
Global ticket Valid for travel on a specific route for a specific date and time when travelling with a rail pass, the
Mandatory reservations are included reservation is called a “passholder
Valid from one town or city to another fare.” When travelling with an open
ticket or a rail pass, you must book
How tickets are issued reservations separately. Space is
subject to availability, so book early.
Depending on the train operator, your train tickets will either be delivered to you
in paper form or electronically via email.

Paper ticket Conventional paper travel document
A paper ticket is mailed to your home.

E-ticket Print at Home travel document
A PDF of the ticket is emailed to you and must be printed
before arriving at the station. Once printed, your ticket is valid
for travel.

Print at Station travel document
An e-ticket confirmation code is emailed to you. To retrieve
your tickets, enter this code at a self-service ticket kiosk in the
station. You must retrieve your ticket prior to boarding.

Classes of service

Train travel offers several options, though most often they are classified as First or Second class.
In all classes, seats are large and comfortable with ample legroom.

Premier, Business, or 1 2
Executive experience
First class experience Second class experience
Business lounge access Comfortable seats
Newspapers and magazines Spacious cars Space for luggage
Onboard catering served at seat WiFi in most cases Access to onboard restaurant/
Quiet cars Comfortable reclining seats with bar-buffet car for food and
Taxi reservations ample legroom refreshment purchases
Generous space for luggage WiFi on many services
Some trains offer extra services
including meals, lounge access, 3
and taxi reservations
High-speed train operators such
as Eurostar, TGV Lyria, Thalys,
Frecciarossa, and Italo offer
Premier or Executive Business
class, in addition to First and
Second class

Book a What is a rail pass?
rail pass in
3 easy steps A rail pass allows unlimited travel on the national rail network(s) of the
country(ies) it covers. Passes are usually the best value if your itinerary includes
1 three or more journeys and they allow you to choose when you travel within a set
period of time and they often come with bonuses. Look for reduced or free fares
Pick the number of days on ferries, cruises, private trains, hotels, museums, and other attractions—plus
you want to travel local discounts. There is a wide range of passes from the Eurail Global Pass,
Continuous travel covering 33 countries, to passes, like the Swiss Travel Pass or the BritRail pass
covering only one country. Travelling with a rail pass is like travelling with a great
days for travellers who want to companion who helps you keep your budget on track.
experience as much as possible
Good to know about rail passes:
in the time they have Pass holder fares, also known as reservations, are mandatory for seats on most
(Eurail Global Pass, BritRail, and high-speed, scenic, and night trains. Remember to book these as early as
Swiss Travel Pass only). Discounted reservations are available for rail pass holders
Flexible travel days for Most rail passes may be purchased up to 11 months before travel dates
the person wanting to spend extra
time at a destination. Which rail pass is best for me?

2 Continuous Pass Flexi Pass e-Pass
Travel consecutive Travel on the days Offered on a Swiss Travel
Reserve your seats Pass and the BritRail England
Reservations are required on most days during the of your choice M-Pass. The Renfe Spain
validity of your within the validity
high-speed, overnight, scenic, of your pass, either Pass, valid for travel on
and international trains. We pass. consecutive or non- Spain’s national network, is
consecutive days.
recommend always checking your also issued as an e-pass.
desired journey for any specific
seat reservation requirements. Discounts on rail passes
Travelling on local and regional
You can get discounts on rail passes if you fall into one of the following
trains allows you to explore at will. categories. Important: Age limits vary according to the product or the country
Simply board with your rail pass travelled, so check before buying your rail pass to see which one best applies.
and choose any open seat. Different rules apply for different train tickets.

3 Children Under 4 year olds travel free (unless a reservation for a
separate seat/berth is required)
Activate and travel Ages 4–11 usually pay half the adult fare
A pass issued in paper format Swiss Travel Pass: children under 16 travel free with a parent
requires that you activate it by or legal guardian
getting it stamped at the ticket BritRail Pass: one child under 16 can travel free for one adult
window at the departure station on passholder
the day of your first train journey. Eurail and German Rail Passes allow two children under 12 to
Once activated, you are all set and travel free with a paying adult
ready to explore. In some cases Reservations for separate seat/berths are at an additional cost
you may be asked for your first
date of travel at time of booking. Youth Eurail and German Rail Pass: discounts offered to youth
In this case your pass will be pre- between 12 and 27 years of age
validated and you are all set to BritRail and Swiss Travel Pass: discounts offered to youth
between 16 and 25 years of age
start your trip.
Seniors Travellers 60 years and older are considered seniors and may
4 benefit from special discounts on Eurail, Balkan, and BritRail


Best for discovering more than 3 cities
Children usually travel free
Often includes travel bonuses

What’s at the station?

Each station is unique, picturesque, and has its own distinct architecture; take
time to look around before you get on the train. Most stations offer services
such as currency exchanges, shops, information desks, restrooms, restaurants,
and more. Unwind at Europe’s longest champagne bar at London’s St Pancras
station. Enjoy high-end fashionista shopping at Milan Centrale. How about a little
art infusion at Madrid’s Puerta de Atocha train station, home to a permanent
sculpture display? You’ll also find that many of Europe’s train stations are hubs for
other transportation like local buses and subways, or airport transfers.

How do I find my train?

At the station Locate the large DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL board in the
centre of most stations. Match what is on your ticket with the
Departure Board. Look for Train Number, Departure Time, and
Platform Number, then head to the platform.

At the Look for the Carriage (or coach) Number that is printed on
platform your ticket or reservation and position yourself on the platform
nearest to where your coach will be. Your ticket or reservation
will also indicate your class of service. Many train stations
have diagrams located above the platforms that illustrate the
location of each coach on the train. These diagrams enable you
to wait on the platform very close to where your coach will be

Seat If you have a seat reservation, your ticket will also have your
reservation seat number. Once you have boarded the correct car,
proceed to your seat.

What do I do with my luggage?

Take only what you can easily manage yourself. Storage compartments are
available on all trains and are most often located at the end of each carriage
and/or above the seats. Please label your luggage to avoid mix-ups and note
that some major train stations do have luggage storage lockers or storage room
services. For groups of 10 or more, luggage handling is available for advance
purchase on select trains.

Group travel

We take pride in delivering quality service to all travellers, no
matter the number of travellers. If you know 10 or more people
who want to travel together that’s the best time to contact
one of our Group Specialists. Groups of 10 or more travelling
together receive discounted pricing and personalised service.
Our multilingual Group Travel Consultants are dedicated to
your booking needs throughout the process and will work with
you to secure space months in advance and provide helpful
information to ensure your journey is a success.

They can help you organise:
Seat, sleeper, and couchette reservations
Train charters or exclusive carriages
Meal service, and luggage handling
City transportation cards and museum passes
Secure space months in advance of journey

From student groups to corporate incentives, we’ve got you
covered. We also offer unique booking solutions for MICE, so
be sure to inquire about this opportunity.


Types of trains

There is a wide variety of trains available for travel throughout Europe. Whether you are travelling
a short distance on a local train, whizzing through beautiful countryside at 322kmph/200mph on a
high-speed train, enjoying Alpine vistas on a scenic train, or taking an overnight ‘hotel-on-wheels’,
train travel in Europe boasts not only efficiency and comfort, but also a relaxing environment to just
sit back and enjoy your travel adventure.

Day trains Scenic Up to 322 kmph/
Offer a wide range of schedules,
destinations, and service options. Scenic train operators:
Many Intercity and Express trains, Norway’s Bergen Flam
as well as most high-speed trains and Rauma Railways;
require advance reservations. Switzerland’s Bernina
Express, Glacier Express,
Regional or local High-speed train and GoldenPass Line.
trains: operators:
Travel shorter Eurostar, Trenitalia For spectacular views,
distances and make (Frecciargento and take in the Alps and
frequent stops Frecciarossa), ICE, Italo, UNESCO sites vistas
connecting smaller Railjet, RENFE, SJ High
cities and towns. Speed, TGV, Thalys, and
Virgin Trains.

Night trains Save time Arrive refreshed
& money & ready to tour
Allow you to cover long distances
while saving time and money on
hotels. Arrive the next day in the
city centre rested and ready for
sightseeing. Night trains can be
found in France, Germany, Italy,
Spain, and more.

Popular night train Accommodations vary by route but most include:
operators: Deluxe Sleepers with 1 and 2 berth cabins, shower
Nightjet, EuroNight, and toilet in cabin
Lusitania, Thello, Sleepers with 1, 2, and 3 berth cabins
Trenitalia, Nice- Couchettes with 4 or 6 berth cabins
Moscow, and Paris- Reclining seats
Berlin-Moscow. Bar buffet car for light meals & drinks


6 months
Enjoy extraordinary comfort, Great Britain London–Paris: 2h 15m Print at Home
amenities, and efficiency as you’re Belgium London–Brussels: 2h 01m
whisked from city-centre to city- France London–Lille: 1h 22m
centre on board the most popular The Netherlands London–Amsterdam: 3h 55m
high-speed trains like AVE, Eurostar,
Frecciarossa, ICE, Italo, Thalys, Great Britain London–Edinburgh: 4h 20m Print at Station 3 months
and more. High-speed train tickets London–Oxford: 0h 56m
require a seat reservation, which London–Liverpool: 2h 51m
comes at an additional cost, but London–Manchester: 2h 07m
which rail pass holders can get
at discounted rates. E-tickets are Belgium Amsterdam–Brussels: 1h 50m Print at Home* 3 months
available on all of the high-speed France Amsterdam–Paris: 3h 17m Print at Station^
trains featured here either as Print at The Netherlands Brussels–Paris: 1h 22m
Home* or Print at Station**. See chart. Germany Cologne–Paris: 3h 15m

*Customers can also sometimes show the Passenger France Dijon–Lausanne: 2h 01m Print at Home* 4 months
Name Record (PNR) on their mobile device. Switzerland Geneva–Marseille: 3h 33m Print at Station^
**See page 3 for explanation. Paris–Geneva: 3h 09m
^ Thalys and French International TGVs Print at Station Paris–Zurich: 4h 07m
tickets can only be retrieved from a SNCF ticketing kiosk in
France. This includes roundtrip tickets. France Paris–Avignon: 2h 37m Print at Home 3–6 months
^^ DB International Print at Station tickets can only be Germany Paris–Frankfurt: 3h 48m Print at Station^
retrieved at a Deutsche Bahn ticketing kiosk. Italy Paris–Milan: 7h 29m
Spain Paris–Barcelona: 6h 27m

Germany Munich–Salzburg: 1h 28m Print at Station^^ 3–6 months
Austria Berlin–Frankfurt: 4h 08m Print at Home 6 months
Italy Frankfurt–Munich: 3h 23m Print at Home 2–3 months
Munich–Berlin: 3h 55m
Florence–Milan: 1h 54m
Florence–Venice: 1h 58m
Milan–Bologna: 1h 02m
Rome–Venice: 3h 26m
Rome–Florence: 1h 36m

Madrid–Barcelona: 2h 30m
Madrid–Malaga: 2h 20m
Madrid–Seville: 2h 20m
Madrid–Valencia: 1h 35m



Europe’s national parks

There are over 500 national parks in Europe, some of which are on the
doorstep of famous towns or cities. These protected landscapes are the
best places to explore a country’s most pristine natural heritage.




5 6


11 4


Here are some of Europe’s most famous green spaces, that can also be accessed the green
way: by train. Getting back to nature is easy with a Eurail Global Pass which covers all the
countries in this itinerary. However, you can also break the journey down into smaller trips
that fit your travel schedule.

England Germany Scotland

1. Lake District 5. Black Forest 9. Loch Lomond
England’s largest national park, its The Black Forest is one of Germany’s Its full name is Loch Lomond and The
lakes, tarns and peaks are also places finest locations for walkers, skiers, Trossachs National Park, but this is
of poetry, art and music. William cyclists and cake-eaters alike. Easily deceptive because there are actually
Wordsworth was the most famous of accessed by rail, its main gateway 22 large lochs, numerous smaller
this stunning landscape’s ‘lake poets’. towns, via high-speed trains are lochs and over fifty rivers, flowing
There are several trains to the Lake Freiburg and the historic spa town through the Park. Take a train to
District, with the historic wool town of Baden-Baden. You can also take Balloch or Ardlui, both on the shores
of Kendal or Windermere both great a train to Strasbourg and rent a car of Loch Lomond, or to Crianlarich for
starting point stations. right at the station, as the Black Forest walking on the wild and wonderful
is only 60km (37 miles) from there. West Highland Way.
2. South Downs
The closest national park to London, 6. Bavarian Forest Slovenia
just over an hour away by train, the As well as wildlife and forest trails,
soft, grassy wave of hills are what give the Bavarian Forest National Park is 10. Triglav
the park its name. However, there are home to the world’s most extensive, Triglav, named after the country’s
also ancient woodlands, rivers and accessible treetop trail. There are tallest mountain, is Slovenia’s only
white cliffs of the south coast. The plenty of train stations leading national park. It is almost entirely
cathedral town of Winchester and into this vast wooded wonderland, dominated by the eastern Julian Alps
Lewes, with its historic castle, are the including the larger town of Plattling, and is one of Europe’s largest national
main gateway towns, with walking and regional stations at Zwiesel or reserves. Experienced walkers enjoy
trails to suit all levels into the Park. Bayerisch Eisenstein. From here, pure the Vrsic Pass with its near-vertical
wanderlust awaits. climbs, while watersports enthusiasts
France delight in canoeing, sailing and
Italy swimming in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia’s
3. Vanoise largest glacial lake. Access from the
Dramatic mountain and glacial 7. Gran Paradiso gateway station of Lesce Bled.
landscapes dominate Vanoise Tucked away in the Alps on the
National Park, located in the French border with France is Italy’s first Spain
Alps, with Modane as its gateway national park, Gran Paradiso. It
town. Its rippling peaks make the couldn’t be more aptly named with 11. Ordesa
area a popular ski destination in its protected community of Alpine Located within the Aragonese
winter (resorts include Val d’Isere, ibex, conifer woods and glacial peaks. Pyrenees, the Ordesa y Monte
Les Arcs and Tignes) and a hiker’s Thanks to its history as a royal hunting Perdido is one of the world’s first
dream during spring, summer and reserve, it’s also laced with over national parks and accessible from
autumn months. 700km (435 miles) of marked trails for Sabinanigo station. It was established
hikers and adventurers of all abilities. in 1918 and enjoys both UNESCO
4. French Pyrenees World Heritage and UNESCO
Edgier and wilder than the Alps, the Norway Biosphere Reserve status. The park’s
Pyrenees are every bit as majestic as peaks, waterfalls, glacial lakes and
their loftier counterparts. With their 8. Rondane wide array of wildlife are all within
serrated peaks and endangered Rondane, located between Oslo and easy reach by rail.
wildlife, the Pyrenees offer visitors Trondheim, and accessible from Otta
the chance to truly get back to nature. station, is Norway’s first national park Switzerland
The pilgrimage city of Lourdes is an and is widely regarded as having
ideal gateway into the Park, providing the country’s best alpine hiking. Full 12. Swiss National Park
travellers a convenient way into this of contrasts, from barren peaks to Surprisingly perhaps, this is
outdoor enthusiasts’ haven. slopes dotted with mountain farms, Switzerland’s only national park. Not
Rondane caters to both experienced surprising, however, in a country
hikers as well as those who prefer where land is extremely valuable.
to take things slow. Look out for What is also of value, however, is the
Norway’s oldest reindeer herds as Park’s 80km (50 miles) of Alpine trails
you explore this stunning terrain. through pine forests and flower-filled
meadows, also home to wildlife such
as chamois and red deer. The visitor
centre is in Zernez, which is 30km (19
miles) by train from Klosters station.


Journeys & destinations Bodø

Åndalsnes Trondheim Ostersund Su
Dombås Änge

Flåm Lillehammer Sweden
Bergen Oslo
Norway Stockholm

Inverness Stavanger

Aberdeen Larvik

Ballina Londonderry Larne Glasgow Edinburgh Frederikshavn Gothenburg Norrköping

Westport Sligo N. Ireland Stranraer Newcastle Århus
Belfast Helsingborg
Great Denmark
Galway Dublin Britain York

LimerickIreland Liverpool Manchester Fredericia Esbjerg Malmö

Mallow Kilkenny Holyhead Copenhagen Trelleborg

Cork Waterford Rosslare Flensburg

Birmingham The Rostock Sassnitz
Netherlands Hamburg Stralsund
Fishguard Cardiff Oxford Harwich Bremerhaven Szczecin G
Plymouth Cambridge
TRIP TIP Bristol London Amsterdam Bremen Berlin
Did you know you can Osnabrück Hannover
travel by direct, high- Dover
speed train from London to BrightonCalais Rotterdam Braunschweig Poznan
Amsterdam? Through the Magdeburg Leipzig
Channel Tunnel and into the Cherbourg Lille BrusselsAachen Düsseldorf
St-Brieuc Le Havre Cologne Göttingen Dresden Wroclaw
Bonn Fulda


BLeulgxieummbourg GermanyBrest
Rouen Hirson
Lisieux Prague
heart of the Dutch capital. Quimper Lorient
In just under 4h. Rennes Paris Reims Mannheim WurzbNurugrembergRCezpeucbhlicPrerOosvtrav
Metz Heidelberg
Laval Le Mans
Fontainebleau Karlsruhe
Tours Nancy
Nantes Montargis Breclav
Strasbourg Stuttgart
France Austria SHBordeaux
SloveniaDax Agen
Vierzon Mulhouse LuBcaFesrreenliebZuurrgicSht.GallAeungsburgMunichSalzbuLrignz Vienna
Châteauroux Nevers Dijon Maribor

St. Germain Chalon- Bern

La Coruña Limoges sur-Saône LausanneSwitzerland Chur Innsbruck
GCehnaeZmveoarnmixatt Bolzano Graz
Lugo Clermont- Chambéry DisentBisellinzoSnt.aMoritz Villach
Monforte Oviedo Ferrand Lyon Lugano
Vigo Santander
Bilbao Milan Trieste
Valence Grenoble Turin Verona Venice Ljubljana
Pivka Zagreb
Porto León Miranda Biarritz Tarbes Toulouse Genoa Rijeka
Lourdes Montpellier Nice
Coimbra Pampilhosa Vitoria Avignon Bologna Ostarije Bosnia &
Burgos Zaragoza Foix Narbonne Marseille Florence Herzegovi
Portugal Perpignan Croatia
Medina del
Campo Pisa Italy Ancona

Lisbon Split

Madrid Barcelona Mon

Spain Corsica Civitavecchia Pescara
Faro Alcazar Menorca Foggia
València Golfo Aranci
Seville Palma Sardinia Naples Bari
Albacete Mallorca Sorrento Taranto
Ibiza Br
Cádiz Granada Alicante

Algeciras Málaga Cartagena


Palermo Messina

Agrigento Sicily Reggio di Calabri

Main European Rail Lines Siracusa

High-speed rail lines

10 Conventional rail lines
Conventional ferry lines


Kolari Kemijärvi

Rovaniemi Popular routes & fastest travel times

Boden Tornio

Kontiomäki Amsterdam–Brussels 1h 45m 4h 15m 2h 21m


Pieksämäki Joensuu Amsterdam–Paris 3h 12m 4h 45m 5h 16m
Lapua Jyväskylä
Barcelona–Madrid 2h 30m 4h 50m 6h 26m

undsvall Parikkala Basel–Paris 3h 03m 4h 15m 5h 13m

Tampere Bordeaux–Paris 2h 04m 4h 40m 5h 40m

Toijala Kouvola Brussels–Frankfurt 2h 48m 4h 35m 4h 08m
Brussels–London3 2h 01m 4h 40m 4h 31m

Helsinki Edinburgh–London 4h 19m 4h 45m 7h 40m

Turku St. Petersburg Florence–Rome 1h 35m 4h 20m 3h 04m

m Tallinn Frankfurt–Munich 3h 10m 4h 30m 4h 23m

Estonia Russia Frankfurt–Paris 3h 43m 4h 50m 6h 02m

Geneva–Paris 3h 08m 4h 35m 5h 56m

London–Paris3 2h 15m 4h 45m 5h 38m

g Lyon–Paris 1h 57m 4h 30m 5h 07m

Latvia Madrid–Seville 2h 20m 4h 35m 5h 01m

Riga Marseille–Paris 3h 21m 4h 50m 7h 33m

Moscow Milan–Zurich 3h 40m 4h 25m 3h 19m
Klaipeda Lithuania Paris–Strasbourg 1h 46m 4h 30m 4h 55m

Rome–Venice 3h 26m 4h 30m 5h 17m

Russia Vilnius 1 City-centre to city-centre
Kaunas 2 Includes estimated transfer and check-in times
3 Add 10–45 minutes to train time for check-in
Gdansk Minsk
Poland Belarus
Brest Great connections: airport to city centre

Warsaw Helpful Hint: Book your international flight to one of
these cities for great train connections directly from the
Katowice airport. Plus, the trip from the airport may be covered by
Przemysl your rail pass.


Zilina Kosice Austria
Vienna Hbf/Mitte............................... Vienna Schwechat

Bratislava Oradea

Budapest Belgium
Brussels (North, Midi, Central)........ Brussels National Airport
Hungary Cluj Nopoca
Arad Sibiu Brasov Copenhagen Central........................ Copenhagen Kastrup
Timisoara Romania England
London, Paddington Station........... Heathrow Airport
& Belgrade Bucharest London, Victoria Station.................. Gatwick Airport
London, Liverpool Street Station... Stansted Airport
ina Craiova

Serbia Nis Gorna Orjahovitza Varna France
Paris, Gare du Nord.......................... Charles de Gaulle Airport
ntenegro Dimitrovgrad Bulgaria

Sofia Germany
Frankfurt Main Hbf............................ Frankfurt Rhein/Main
Bar North Skopje Edirne Istanbul
Macedonia Italy
Turkey Rome Termini..................................... Rome Fiumicino

rindisi Thessaloniki Netherlands
Lecce Amsterdam Centraal........................ Amsterdam Schiphol
Corfu Larissa Spain
Barcelona Sants................................. Barcelona El Prat

ia Patras Athens Switzerland
Zurich HB............................................ Zurich Flughafen



Eurail passes

Eurail has now made it easier for travellers to see more of Europe for less. Visit a total of 33 countries
with a Eurail Global Pass, or choose from one of the 29 Eurail One Country Passes.

Eurail Global Pass Eurail One Country Passes

Included countries in the Global Pass: If you want to explore just one European country, choose
from one of the following One Country Passes:
Austria Great Britain Poland
Belgium Greece Portugal Austria Greece Romania
Bosnia and Hungary Romania Benelux* Hungary Scandinavia*
Herzegovina Ireland Serbia Bulgaria Ireland Serbia
Bulgaria Italy Slovakia Croatia Italy Slovenia
Croatia Latvia NEW Slovenia Czech Republic Latvia NEW Slovakia
Czech Republic Lithuania Spain Denmark Lithuania Spain
Denmark Luxembourg Sweden England Macedonia Sweden
Estonia NEW Macedonia Switzerland Estonia NEW Norway Switzerland
Finland Montenegro Turkey Finland Poland Turkey
France The Netherlands France* Portugal
Germany Norway

TO BOOK: New for 2020 TO BOOK: New for 2020
1. Choose your validity The addition of 1. Choose your validity Eurail Estonia
Estonia and Latvia Pass
Continuous pass: 15 days, 4 days within 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 days of train Eurail Latvia Pass
22 days, 1 month, 2 months, 1 month validity, travel within a 1-month period.
and 3 months of train travel. replacing former
3 days *France offers a choice of 1–8 days of
Flexi pass: 4, 5, or 7 days of train travel within a 1-month period
train travel within a 1-month
period; and 10 or 15 days 2. Choose your fare
of train travel within a 1st or 2nd class
2-month period. accommodations for Adult,
Senior, and Youth.
2. Choose your fare
1st or 2nd class *Considered as one country for pass purposes:
accommodations for Adult, Benelux covers Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg
Senior, and Youth. Scandinavia covers Denmark-Finland-Norway-Sweden


As well as travelling for Senior discount for travellers age 60 and over Passholder fares on most
free on many European Youth discount for young travellers under high-speed trains
rail routes, there are 28 years of age Free or discounted offers on ferries,
several other Eurail Pass 2 children ages 4–11 can travel for free hotels, museums, & more
benefits: per adult Free European rail map with each Pass

Favourite One Country Passes

France Oslo Helsinki

France’s heritage is hailed as one of the most eclectic in the world, be it natural Stockholm
or cultural. From the Alps to the Ardèche, Paris to Provence, France is one of
Europe’s most visited countries for good reason. Taking it all in by train is by Copenhagen
far the best way, with a superb network of high-speed trains transporting you
from Paris to the north, south, east and west. Each compass point offering cities Scandinavia
with superb architecture, world-famous galleries and landscapes which are
undeniably French. The French rail network is yours with the Eurail France Pass Enjoy extensive train travel on the
or see page 12 for Eurail One Country booking and validity guidance. national rail networks of Denmark,
Finland, Norway, and Sweden; four
Eurail France Pass is available with a choice of 1 to 8 days of train travel within a countries with a Eurail Scandinavia
one-month period. Pass, which also includes many ferry
crossings. From Norway’s fjords to
Recommended City Pass Sweden’s lakes and archipelagos,
Paris Pass®: A city card that provides entry to over 60 top attractions, public you can explore some of northern
transportation in central Paris, a Seine River Cruise, wine tasting, and hop-on/ Europe’s wildest landscapes. See
hop-off bus tour. page 12 for Eurail One Country
booking and validity guidance.
Rouen Day trips from Paris
Paris Base yourself in Paris and consider
Reims simple day trips to experience life
beyond the City of Light.
Strasbourg Chartres (0h 58m)
Reims (0h 40m)
Rouen (1h 20m)
Strasbourg (1h 46m)



Italy’s natural and cultural magnificence lives up to expectations and can, for new visitors, be almost
overwhelming. Visiting by train allows time to slow down the pace, and get a real taste of La Dolce
Vita. With a Eurail Italy Pass, travel on the country’s national network from top to toe of the country’s
famous boot, taking in the likes of Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice and even Sicily, thanks to
the train that gets shunted onto a ferry.

Eurail Italy Pass Travelling without a rail pass
in Italy
A great choice for travel on the national rail company Trenitalia’s
high-speed network. Their flagship long-distance trains are called If you want to travel around Italy without a rail
the Frecce family: the Frecciarossa (‘Red arrow’) is the high-speed pass, both Trenitalia and Italo offer many high-
and energy-saving one. Also fast and ergonomically pleasing is the speed options to access the country’s iconic
Frecciargento (‘Silver arrow’) service which operates on both high- towns and cities.
speed and traditional lines. Other trains that can be used by the
Eurail Italy Pass holder are Frecciabianca, Intercity, Intercity Night, Trenitalia trains
and regional trains. If you want to travel point to point around Italy,
without a pass, Trenitalia offers over 250 high-
TO BOOK: speed services between the country’s iconic
1. Choose your validity towns and cities. Travel in comfort and style, at
speeds of 300kph (186mph), between the likes
Flexi pass: 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 days of train travel within a 1-month period. of Rome and Milan or Naples to Venice. For a
longer Italian adventure, travel the length of the
2. Choose your fare country with Trenitalia between Turin and Lecce
1st or 2nd class accommodations for Adult, Senior, and Youth. in 9h 32m, with opportunities to stop at places
like Rimini or Bari along the way. Or explore two
Recommended accompanying pass of Italy’s romantic greats, Venice and Verona,
Omnia Vatican and Rome Card: Includes free and Fast Track entry just over an hour apart on a Trenitalia high-
to Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. speed train.

Bolzano Day trips Italo trains
When you base yourself in As well as the national train operator, Trenitalia,
ToGrRineeBMgongeoiilrovaganEBamomrMeiBlooisoadclTAoeiraVgneVnanOeMatrooraannatTVorivecaevRinsaVzovePaeanUndedonTzivaniraaieeste Florence or Rome, it’s easy there is also a private train company in Italy
La Spezia Firenze Rimini to travel to a variety of cities known as Italo. Easily recognised by its sporty
Pisa PAesrsuisgi iaAncona less than 2 hours away on red colour, it has been nicknamed the ‘Ferrari’
Siena the train. of trains and was launched in 2012. Although
you cannot use your Eurail Italy Pass with Italo
Pescara Travelling from Florence trains, you can still book exciting journeys
Bologna (0h 35m) on Rail Europe with Italo. Also high-speed,
Fiumicino Rome Foggia Rome (1h 35m) travelling up to 360kmph/223mph, Italo’s trains
Aeroporto cover three main cross-country arteries:
CaNsearSptaaolelirSAnPaofaproaMrlPgiaaootteelranaSziabTBaaarrirainLteocce Travelling from Rome
Lamezia Terme Catanzaro Lido Naples (1h 07m) Turin–Milan–Bologna–Florence–Rome–
Sicily Reggio di Calabria Turin–Milan–Verona–Venice


Great Britain BritRail Scotland
Passes are all valid in
Standard class, and
offer a discount for

children 5–15

Given that Great Britain was home to the first full-scale working railway, it is not
surprising that there is still a very impressive train network. From the cliffs of Dover
to the Scottish Highlands, London to the Lake District, you can travel through history
and heritage quickly and easily.

BritRail Passes 1234567

Whether you are travelling to the 1. BritRail Pass Validity options:
capital cities of London, Edinburgh For train travel throughout England, Continuous pass: 3, 4, 8, 15,
or Cardiff, or to the traditional rural Scotland, and Wales. 22 days, or 1-month continuous
towns of the Cotswolds or Cornwall, travel.
there is a rail pass to make your 2. BritRail England Pass
adventure the best of British. Travel For train travel throughout England, issued Flexi pass: 3, 4, or 8 days train
every day with the Consecutive Pass either as a paper pass or a mobile pass. travel within 1-month, or 15 days
or, with the Flexi version, travel at a within 2 months.
leisurely pace, stopping for extended 3. BritRail South West Pass
periods between journeys. Train travel within a specific area of Fares: 1st or 2nd class
southwest England, including Devon and accommodations for Adult,
Fare types Cornwall as well as to the Gower Peninsula Senior, Youth, or Saver for three or
Senior Pass: Travellers 60 and over in South Wales. more travelling together.
Saver: 3 or more adults travelling
together 4. BritRail London Plus Pass Valid for: 3, 4, or 8 days train
Youth Pass: Travellers under 26 For travel within the southeast area of travel within a 1-month period.
Family Pass: One child 5–15 years England surrounding London including
of age travels free with each full Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Stratford. Fares: 1st or 2nd class
fare (Adult or Senior) or a BritRail accommodations for Adult,
Pass, BritRail England Pass, or Senior, and Youth.
BritRail South West Pass

5. BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass Valid for: 4 days train travel
Experience train travel within Scotland, within 8 days, or 8 days train travel
including the Caledonian MacBrayne ferries within 15 days.
from mainland Scotland to the islands and
from the cities of Carlisle and Berwick.

6. BritRail Central Scotland Pass Valid for: 3 consecutive days.
Perfect for day trips from Glasgow or

Note that the Eurail Global Pass 7. BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass Valid for: 4 days within 8 days on
also includes Great Britain, see Explore Northern Scotland by rail, ferry and designated rail, ferry, and bus
page 12 for details. bus to enjoy some of the most scenic routes lines in Northern Scotland.
in Scotland.



Germany boasts a vast rail network, freeing you to explore the entire country.
Plus, you can use a German Rail Pass to go to Salzburg, Austria, and Basel Bad, Switzerland.

German Rail Pass TO BOOK: Recommended City Pass
1. Choose your validity Berlin Pass: A smart-chip card that
A versatile choice for train travel provides public transportation in
across all of Germany, plus ICE Consecutive pass: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, or Berlin zones ABC, free access to over
International trains to Liège and 15 continuous days of train travel. 50 attractions, a hop-on/hop-off bus
Brussels, DB-ÖBB EuroCity trains tour, and a river cruise.
to Kufstein, Innsbruck, Bolzano, Flexi pass: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, or 15 days
Trento, Verona, Bologna, and of train travel within a 1-month
Venice; DB IC Buses to Strasbourg, period.
Prague, Antwerp, Krakow, London,
Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Milan, 2. Choose your fare
and Paris. 1st or 2nd class accommodations
for Adult, Twin*, and Youth.

*Two passengers travelling together

Eastern Europe & beyond

The Balkan Flexipass European East Pass

Travel on the rail networks of Train travel in Austria, Czech
Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
& Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro,
Romania, and Turkey. Validity options: 5 days train travel
Validity options: 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15 days within a 1-month period.
train travel within a 2-month period.
Fares: 1st or 2nd class Fares: 1st or 2nd class
accommodations for Adult, Senior, accommodations.
or Youth.
Central Europe Triangle
Pass See the Greek Islands with the Eurail
Greek Island Pass. Choose among 53
Two unique itineraries covering the Greek Islands. A perfect complement
most popular cities in Central Europe to the Eurail Greece Pass.
offering one-way train travel in 2nd
class. Travel in either direction. Destinations:
Choose either itinerary: 6 trips: Round-trip ferry crossing
between Italy and Greece plus 4
Vienna–Prague–Budapest–Vienna domestic Greek Island ferry trips in
Vienna–Prague–Salzburg–Vienna 1 month
5 domestic trips: Five one-way
16 ferry trips in 1 month

Fares: 1st or 2nd class
accommodations on international
route, 2nd class on domestic routes.

Europe month by month

Europe may be changing but there are many traditions that will always stay the same.
Each month brings a new festival, tradition or celebration. You can reach all of these
destinations with a Eurail Global Pass or with a One Country Pass.

January Sales season July Sun and sunflowers in France

January ‘sales’ make shoppers light up during the days July is the month when there is an explosion of
of shorter daylight hours. In England, London and sunflowers throughout France. Particularly around the
Bicester Village are the top spots. Or take the train from Nouvelle-Aquitaine hot spots of La Rochelle, Bordeaux
London to Paris for ‘Les Soldes’ at Galeries Lafayette or and Biarritz. It’s also worth travelling to Provence at this
La Vallée Village. Serious fashionistas head to Milan for time, to see the lavender light up the landscape.
the ‘saldi’.
August Edinburgh Festival & Military
February Venice Carnival, Italy Tattoo

February in Venice is Carnival time. Dating back to the As well as Edinburgh’s world-famous Fringe Festival,
11th century, Carnevale di Venezia takes place in the run 2020 is the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Military
up to the Christian festival of Lent between 16 February Tattoo, an annual spectacle at Edinburgh Castle.
and 5 March 2020. Rent a costume, pose on the streets, Combine with a trip on the West Highland Line from
listen to free music events, eat, drink and be merry. Glasgow, one of the world’s finest rail journeys.

March Ski in the Alps September Oyster Festival, Galway

Take your pick of top ski destinations in Europe during Galway, on Ireland’s west coast, is European City of
March. Moûtiers, Chamonix, Bourg-St-Maurice and Culture in 2020. As well as many arts events throughout
Aime-la-Plagne are the top train stations for French ski the year, the end of September is Galway’s International
stations, or ski with the Swiss at Zermatt, Klosters and St. Oyster Festival. A time when the pubs, seafood
Moritz, all sublime pistes. restaurants and famous Irish welcome are top grade.

April Tulips in the Netherlands October Café Budapest Festival

This is tulip time in the Netherlands, the most famous Previously known as Budapest Autumn Festival, the
displays being at Keukenhof, near Leiden. In every Dutch Hungarian capital has been a creative hub in early
town the flower markets are a pure palette of prettiness. October for over two decades. Combine fine arts,
Top tip is to take a train from Amsterdam to Lelystad, as dance, jazz and theatre with an exploration of this
you pass many tulip farms along the way. historic city, keeping warm at its many outdoor
thermal baths.
May Go green in Lisbon
November Christmas market season
Lisbon is European Green Capital for 2020, and early
summer brings added beauty to Portugal’s chic, coastal Europe starts to sparkle in November, with traditional
city. The night train journey between Madrid and Lisbon Christmas markets lighting up the streets in many
is a great and green way to go. By day, as well northern destinations, as well as the hearts of visitors.
as strolling around the town, explore the Tagus River Favourites include Strasbourg in France, Berlin and
by bike. Nuremberg in Germany and Bolzano in northern Italy.

June Summer solstice in Estonia December Traditional Spain

The perfect month to visit Estonia, the smallest of the Traditional Christmas spots in Spain include Seville,
Baltic countries. With strong Nordic cultural influences, which is aglow with plenty of Christmas lights and
long summer days give plenty of time to discover not traditional markets; Granada, celebrates with a pagan
only the ancient capital of Tallinn but also its coast and fire ritual known as Hogueras de Navidad on the winter
many lakelands. solstice when the medieval town of Jaen also goes
bonfire crazy.



Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a country renowned for its unparalleled beauty and
a cultural diversity that includes four national languages: French, German, Italian, and Romansche.
We embrace that diversity, offering rail passes to explore, scenic trains to delight, hotel packages to
relax, and mighty peaks to put you on top of the world.

Swiss Travel Pass TO BOOK: Swiss Half Fare Card
1. Choose your validity
As well as offering train travel 50% off tickets for most trains,
throughout Switzerland’s world Consecutive pass: 3, 4, 8, or 15 buses, and boats
famous, efficient rail network, the consecutive days of travel. 50% off public transportation
Swiss Travel Pass includes many other in 90 towns and cities
benefits: Mountain excursion to the Flex pass: 3, 4, 8, or 15 days travel Valid for 1 month
likes of Rigi, Stanserhorn, and Stoos; within a 1-month period.
Swiss Museum Pass with access Swiss Family Card FREE
to over 500 museums; and public 2. Choose your fare
transportation in 90 towns and cities. 1st or 2nd class accommodations, Valid with all Swiss Travel System
Adult, Youth. products
New: Swiss Travel Pass is now Children under 16 travel free with
available as an e-pass (Print at Home). parent or legal guardian
Request at time of purchase

Regional passes The Swiss Travel System
includes trains, lake
For in-depth exploration of a specific Swiss region.
steamers, postal buses, and
Jungfrau Travel Pass city transportation lines—
Explore the Jungfrau region with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 all synchronised for easy
consecutive days of travel on Jungfrau Railways,
including Jungfraujoch. connections. Reservations are
not required in Switzerland,
Regional Pass Berner Oberland except on scenic trains.
Choose 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 consecutive days of travel in the
Bernese Oberland region including PostBus lines and
more than 15 mountain excursions.

Available as an e-pass (Print at Home)


Popular scenic routes Schaffhausen

Bernina Express This UNESCO World

Heritage listed journey features a Basel St.Gallen

north-south Alpine crossing from Zürich
Chur to Lugano, with breath-taking
views as you travel from ice-age Appenzell

glaciers to palm trees. Neuchâtel Bern Luzern Rigi Chur
Fribourg Pilatus Stanserhorn Davos
Cheese Train A roundtrip
excursion from Montreux or Engelberg Flüelen St.Moritz
Zweisimmen to Château-d’Œx,
includes an artisan cheese Interlaken Titlis
making demonstration, Gruyère Schynige Platte
cheese fondue, and entry Zweisimmen Schilthorn Jungfraujoch Andermatt
to Musée du Vieux Pays- Lausanne
Montreux Gstaad

Chocolate Train This Glacier 3000

train is not just for Visp Brig Bellinzona Tirano
chocolate addicts. This
Genève Locarno
one-day trip includes
a visit to the famous Martigny Zermatt Gornergrat Lugano
Broc chocolate factory,
MPaartatdeirsheorn Glacier
a stunning trip through Montreux
vineyards, and the medieval city of Gruyères.

Glacier Express Between Zermatt and St. Moritz, you’ll Mountain top excursions
cross 291 bridges, pass through 91 tunnels and reach the
2.045m Oberalp Pass, slow enough to enjoy every single detail Discounted with your Swiss Travel Pass.
of the view.
Glacier 3000 A short 15-minute cable-car
GoldenPass Line The GoldenPass Line is one of the most ride rewards you with a panoramic view of
picturesque in Switzerland. It links the Swiss Riviera to Lake four snow-capped peaks.
Lucerne, the historic heart of Switzerland.
Gornergrat Europe’s highest open-air cog
Gotthard Panorama Express Cross Lake Lucerne on a historic railway and one of the best panoramic views
paddlewheel steamer. Continue the journey on a scenic train, of the Swiss Alps.
heading to Italian-speaking Lugano. Impressive ravines and
majestic snow-covered cliffs guaranteed. Jungfraujoch Travel from Interlaken,
Grindelwald, or Wengen to the Jungfraujoch
Note: Reservations on scenic trains are mandatory, and are an additional cost. at 4,454m/11,333ft, the highest railway
station in Europe.

Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Experience
a Glacier Palace, ice slide, and view of the
French, Swiss, and Italian Alps.

Mt. Pilatus Reach the Pilatus summit
by cable car, panoramic gondola, and the
world’s steepest cogwheel railway.

Luggage services Mt. Stanserhorn Travel by nostalgic
tram and on the world’s first double-decker,
Travel light. These services offer various delivery options to meet open-air cable car to reach the summit of
your needs. Mount Stanserhorn.

Express Flight Luggage: Check your luggage for your flight and Mt. Titlis Travel from Engelberg to Mt. Titlis
have it delivered to selected Swiss Rail stations. in the world’s first revolving cable car.

Express Door-to-Door Flight Luggage: Check your luggage for Schilthorn / Piz Gloria The four segment
your flight and have it delivered directly to your Swiss hotel. Also cable-car used to reach the summit is the
available from Switzerland to any location except North America. longest cable car system in the world.

Special pricing available for groups of 10 or more. Schynige Platte A relaxing 40-minute
scenic journey by cogwheel train brings you
Express Door-to-Door Luggage in Switzerland: Have your to Swiss nature at its best.
luggage transferred between your destinations, so you can travel
‘hands-free’. More Swiss Peaks Grindelwald-First, Rigi,
Rothorn, and Monte Generoso.


Swiss packages Glacier Express Tour Rail Adventure
3-day/2-night package includes 8-day/7-night package combines
Combining transportation and hotel journey on the Glacier Express and travel on the Gotthard Panorama
accommodations, these exciting overnights St. Moritz and Zermatt. Express, Bernina Express, and Glacier
packages allow you to see the best Express with overnights in Lucerne,
of each Swiss region. Itineraries can GoldenPass Tour Lugano, St. Moritz, and Zermatt.
be extended, booked in the reverse 6-day/5-night package highlights
direction, and rail and hotel upgrades the GoldenPass Line’s scenery Top of Europe and Titlis
are possible. Seat reservations are between Lucerne and Lake Geneva, 5-day/4-night package contains
additional. an excursion to Jungfraujoch—Top of excursions to Jungfraujoch—Top
Europe, and overnights in Lucerne, of Europe and Mount Titlis with
Bernina Express Tour Interlaken, and Montreux. overnights in Interlaken and Lucerne.
3-day/2-night package highlights
the Bernina Express route by train Grand Train Tour of Switzerland Tops of Switzerland
and bus as you travel from the Swiss 8-day/7-night package features the 5-day/4-night package includes
Alps into the tropical Italian region GoldenPass Line, Glacier Express, excursions to Jungfraujoch and
of Switzerland. Choose one night in Bernina Express, Gotthard Panorama Mt. Pilatus and overnights in
Chur or St. Moritz and one night in Express, excursion to Jungfraujoch, Interlaken and Lucerne.
Lugano. and overnights in Interlaken,
Montreux, Zermatt, St. Moritz,
Lugano, and Lucerne.

For information and reservations, please see your trusted Travel Advisor.

Visit [URL HERE] to
make a booking, review product details,

and view Terms and Conditions.


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