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Most people are going through many hard and
difficult situations in their lifetime. These difficult
situations are the big part in the making of a person’s
character. Life was never meant to be easy; it is
meant to be a journey filled with quests, a journey
where we must travel through no matter how bad the
obstructions are ahead of us. In the cycle of life, we
are teaching that even our failures are better than our victories. Life does notpunish us for our
downfalls, but it rewards us for our own successes. Obstacles should not be seen as a
burden, but rather as a stepping stone and a blessing to further our life. Hindrancesalso give
us chance to grow and nourish. So, due to pandemic Covid-19, many challenges we have to
face such as online learning, lack of focus and difficulties to accept lessons. As a student,
we also have some worries especially in continue lessons. This will be seen when we are
starting to face online classes via Google Meet, Zoomand WebEx. So, we are having some
hard time to manage our schedule and time wisely. Wealso had emotional disturbances and
a bit of stress to face this online learning until this pandemic is over. Through this incident, we
find out the solutions by strengthening family relationships, having positive circles and
motivate ourselves.

Strengthening family relationship is one of the ways we become stronger because the
whole family and siblings give us their full attention. Due to all the family members being too
busy with work and duties before, they could not spend any time with us. Yet when we have
problems in continuing online learning they always make the time to listen to our problems
and give some advices so we can continue to be
motivated to review lessons. After we express our
problems in dealing with this online learning, sisters
often made phone calls to inquire about the learning
process and the current situation. So, we feel very
appreciated. Not only our sister but even our brother
willingly extend help to teach the subject we not understood. Regarding of how tired they are
in work they still make a time to teach us. Parentsalso taken the initiative to solve this online
learning problem by providing adequate internet every month and feeding us with appetizing
meals. Every time we have the online learning session, mother will prepare hot food and a
cup of coffee to reduce drowsiness and boredom. By doing this, strengthening family
relationships become one of the sources of our reason to stay motivated on being an
excellent student.

Positive circle is the necessary thing that make
us strong. Being in the positive circle, we can confess
our feelings and problems comfortably. They will be
good listeners and give us beneficial advice. It is not
just a good listener but also looking for ways to solve
the problems together. In addition, with a positive circle
they can guide us in lessons that are less understood.
Often, these good friends are also ready to lend a helping hand again when we are in trouble.
These friends will always invite us to review lessons together as well and create a study group
online.If we fill our circle with too many people, especially people who are not helping us grow
as individuals, we do not create time for the strong interpersonal relationships that can help
us succeed. We are wasting our time on people who are not influencing us positively and not
giving us the energy to become a better person. Our circle should be composed of people who
are care about our goals and can be helpful in times indeed. Thus, we as a student who want
to achieve the best lessons must create a small positive friend in order to get a conducive and
effective learning environment.

Motivation is a very powerful thing we can use to get further in life and to achieve our
dreams and goals. Setting goals for ourself is very important. We must believe for always
pushing ourself to improve the life is not only about physically but also mentally as well. In
order to stay motivated, we must keep on update of our main goals so it will lead to produce
something satisfying. For example, to keep being motivated, we need to have self-aware on

listening to the talk from various sources. By listening
to advice and talk from many people, it will inspire us
to do our best in lessons and life. We also need to find
talks that can make us feel comfort and have a high
awareness so that we are always eager to move on
with life. Thus, in listening to the talk from various
sources we also need to apply it in daily life. If we are
able to apply everything that leads to self-motivation, we will definitely feel pleased to
continue the learning session well and efficiently. In addition, if we receive a variety of advice
from the public it will desire us to continue the struggle in becoming a first-rate student.
Therefore, being such a motivate person is the significant key for us to stay strong and
enthusiastic in facing this learning process.

To summarize, after all the challenges we
have been through during this pandemic, we
managed to be a stronger and preserve to get the
best lessons. Everyone might assume that they are
capable of weathering every challenge with their own.

In overcoming each of these challenges it must be accompanied by actual efforts to lead us
having a better life. So, it is clear that we are able to solve every problem we face well. Every
problem we had faced pushes us to become stronger by strengthening family relationships,
having a positive circle and always feel motivate. Most importantly, do not see the challenge
as a problem but show and yield it as an opportunity to be an improved person. This can be
proven when we all are able to overcome all these challenges proficiently and become the
tougher person.

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