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Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship


Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School

I am a student studying at Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School,
who is interested in this program, GSSE at Thammasat University

At first, I didn't know about GSSE before and I was interested in psychology.
Then the time passed, I discovered what I truly want from psychology, the soft skills; how to
communicate with others, due with my emotional and understanding people, especially

Moreover, I also have interest in vegan diet
and environment (how food or our consumption
impacts environment). I had a thought that vegan
food that I have just discovered from researching is
the answer for everyone and I can do something
about it, But I was barely to say or have a thought
that I want to do some start-ups or create my own

Suddenly, An Instagram advertisement
emerged me a fascinating thing, it is the Global
Studies and Social Entrepreneurship (GSSE), school
of global studies. I was immediately into it. It has
everything that I wanted to learn, believing GSSE
will help improve me a lot and be very useful to me
in many aspects and every time.

Hope this ‘Portfolio’ would represent definitely
to you who Chayaporn is and hope it will satisfy you
of what or who GSSE is looking for.

Personal information

Name: Chayaporn Panithaporn
Nickname: Pretty
DOB: 19 February 2005
Age: 17
Nationality: Thai
- 688 NImitmai Rd., Klong Sam Wa District,
Sai Kong Din Subdistrict, Bangkok 10510

Contact Education

Email: : 2020-Now (Grade 10-12)
: Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School
[email protected]
2017-2019 (Grade 7-9)
Line ID: pritty688 : Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School

Tel. : 061-704-8222 2011-2016 (Grade 1-6)
: Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School

Hobbies Interests

Music Vegan/plant based diet
Listening to podcasts
Soft skills
Graphic design
Exercise Physical & mental





- GSSE 7th camp (online)
organized by GSSE students ambassadors

Not so long after I found GSSE,
I was notified about this camp,
surely not hesitate to join.

Me and joiners were divided into four groups and This is me
went into four different rooms.. Discussed about
world's issues-from income inequality, human
rights., education to gender inequality.

What I enjoyed most is the human rights and education session
because I am the one who is in to it. I very enjoyed sharing my
experience in education session and enjoyed listening in human
rights session. I like when people say something and I noticed that's
true it can be thought this way.

At the end of this camp, I can apparently felt I was so small in this
whole big world. What can I do to create such an impact I was so
inspired and wanted to learn and know more things



- A GSSE 8th camp (on-site)
organized by

GSSE students ambassadors

My first on-site camp on Covid-19 pandemic at
School of global studies, Thammasat University
(Rangsit campus).

I was selected to join this camp. There are 25
students joining. We were divided in to groups to
discuss in a topic of farmers and agricultures
(session1) ; The slumping prices of surplus mangoes
issue and the minimum wage of fresh graduate
(session2), then presented it to everyone.

It was a bit difficult for me to think
about issues that did not happened
to me or I was not the one who was
directly affected. It challenged me a
lot like it very new to me and I have
no idea about it. However it's not
bother me I still enjoy and willing to
learn more.

At the end of that day I was full filled
with loves and motivation, I thought that
this is my place this is what I wanted to
By the way people there was so adorable
either GSSE student or student participated.
P'Rung (Cohort7) called me Cohort'10,
that was too good to explain in a word.



- Future food workshop

Based on my interest about sustainability of
food and serendipity.

I went to the future Bangkok exhibition and
unexpectedly found the show case of future
food by tastebud.

So I checked it out for a while and joined
the Line group from QR code showing there.

I heard a news about future food workshop
competition from that Line group, So I sent
it to my friends to ask if they want to join.
Then we brainstormed idea making a survey
to create a menu from material they fixed;
egg white noodles, cannabis, sesame milk,
cricket protein, plant-based meat, and
vegan pork rind.

It is probably the most challenging thing
done in my life, doing thing I have never
done before with new place and new person
(We were the youngest team in the contest).
People there are all doing things related to
food, some are food-sci lecturer and my
friend wants to study food-sci so it's a good

Protein Bar
from cricket and plant-based meat

What me and my team did is the
'Protein bar' from cricket and plant-based meat

Actually we sent many ideas to Tastebud, but we were picked by this idea.
We've never tried to made it before. Everything went very
fast I had to sent them a recipe list but my team were not
yet sure what to do and also the contest was on 2-3 days.
Challenging and pressuring situation but we totally can get

through it.

Sarasas Hybrid - The exhibition gathering

Exhibition Sarasas affiliated schools to
present their project.

I was a representative student who
was assigned to present the
project of the senior high school
student at Sarasas Witaed
Nimitmai School project,

'Miracle Handmade paper'.

That's time I got an opportunity to
practice my public speaking skill in
more formally way.

Moreover, I got my new friends
and met more people. Had a little
talk with strangers, adults and the

It was a great experience for me.
Me and senior high school
students also got a silver medal
for this project.

Being a member of School
school marching band activities

Music competition

Being a facilitator on
Science day activity

Teaching orphans

- English music and vocabularies

Joined a school
president election



Being a

'Volunteer Teacher'

at Pianpin Anusorn School

Teaching cooking
subject every
within a duration
of 10 weeks.

This project is in charge of
Saturday School Foundation.

really appreciate the work inside of this
foundation everyone doing it with 100%
volunteer heart.

It gave me many experiences and feelings of
giver. I got some new skills in my life like alone
travelling skill, planning skill, teaching skill(in a
target of 4 goals; self awareness, growth mindset,
resilience, and prosocial behavior) tax invoicing
skill and withdrawal skill.


Selling second-hand
clothes at Paksoi market

Helping my dad doing
Facebook Page.

- creating an infographic about Crypto My dad's FB page
currency and buildings update.



Silver Medal of integration invention in
Sarasas hybrid learning Project Exhibition.

Silver Medal from test from home in
Mathematics & Physics test.

Certificate of academic excellence

Social & Environment

Passed an environment test Joined YSDA
(Young Thai for sustainable Development Association)

ChanGology camp 7 workshop ChanGology camp 8 workshop

Infographic Design

100 Canva designs achievement


' Positive Thinking '
online course by IBS

' Be in a good mood '
online course by restart project

- Psychology studying guidance
(Online class)

' Start no stress '
online seminar by restart project

Online class teaching about
happiness by V-PEACE

CMU online course about counseling
psychology for beginner.

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