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AT CHAMBAL_28 Dec 16

AT CHAMBAL_28 Dec 16

Registered Office:
Gadepan - 325 208 Dist. Kota, Rajasthan

Corporate Office:
Corporate One, First Floor, 5 Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi-110025

Phone: +91 11 41697900 / 46581300 ; Fax: + 91 11 40638679;
E-mail: [email protected] ;



UREA mÙke ohj
THE “UTTAM VEER” ;wfj;k ys
CAPACITY chtks eksrh
774782 MT ikvks



BRAND MARKET BRAND t#jr tehu dh “ gekjk
“UTTAM” vjeku

Villages adopted UTTAM GADEPAN II Agri-magazine: FARMERS
for all-round FARMHOLD PRODCUTION 'Chambal ki PROGRAM
development RURAL INDIA 775500 MT “UTTAM




The Signature of India’s most trusted Agri-brand


As I pen down my memoirs about the beginning, and how things shaped out
for the brand 'UTTAM', I feel nostalgic about the journey that was: Building

of the brand 'UTTAM”. For me, it is a great opportunity to express
my affection about the brand.

In my entire professional career, all of it with Chambal Fertilisers and
Chemicals Limited, the only thing which I was, and still most passionate

about is “the Brand UTTAM”.

I joined CFCL in the Marketing department in the year 1989, at Bathinda (Punjab) straight from college and had
little idea what a 'Brand' and 'Branding' is all about. Also, it was just the beginning and during those years, the
marketing team of Chambal did not have any brand to talk about. The team was primarily engaged in Dealer
Appointments and Logistic planning for Urea marketing.
During the initial years, three to four brand names were shortlisted and finally 'UTTAM' was selected. Seeding
programme of Urea also started under the brand 'UTTAM'. The word 'UTTAM' suggests superior quality.
The market responded well to this value proposition, and this was really encouraging.The bag design and colour
combination was also appreciated by the trade. That marked the beginning, a new dawn of a new brand in the
Urea market.

Dealers Meet in 1993 – Strong dealers network and our regular meetings was
among the key factors of “Uttam” rapid growth between 1996 to 2002



It was felt that Chambal should have a brand differentiation for Urea from its own production. After lot of
discussions and deliberations, the existing urea brand was re-launched as 'UTTAMVEER'.The bag design was also
revamped to give it a more contemporary look.With the Urea production from a state-of-the-art gas-based plant, a
trendy bag design and a likeable brand name, along with the passion of the marketing team, 'UttamVeer' urea had
the potential to be a market leader. But the prevailing period of Urea glut and lack of brand awareness could not
make it happen instantly.The situation however, proved to be a blessing in disguise, in a way, that it underlined the
importance of the brand.

Brand Building-A Challenge
The best brands are built on great stories and Chambal have
them in large numbers.The essence of Chambal's brand story in a
few words:
“Everything you do in terms of elements of your business or
brand – from the product to the colour, and form of packaging
and business cards. To the staff and the team are all part of
your brand story”.

Ati Uttam campaign was one of the very
previous campaigns featuring Saurabh Shukla

Chambal was a Rs 1200 Cr company engaged in the Urea business.Its market being entirely rural,where
customers have low education and hence cannot decipher the complex communications.
Above all,Urea is consumed only during 4-5 months in a year while it is produced and marketed round the
year.The grit of the marketing team was the core of the brand 'UTTAMVEER' for the customers.

ge fny rks fdlku /kMd+ u Chambal touched the farmers
ge gkFk rks fdlku daxu nerve through its Farmer's outreach
ge ekFkk rks fdlku panu programme “UttamBandhan”

;s gS pEcy vkjS fdlkukas dk mÙke ca/ku

The Campaign and Slogan
^^gekjk vjeku mUur fdlku**

helped establishing Chambal
in different league of very few
companies that cares for Framers

Seeking attention to establishing communication

In view of all these factors and keeping the philosophy in mind, Chambal had a challenge to first 'Seek attention'
from and then to 'Establish communication' with the potential customers.The Marketing team had a real challenge
as they are the face of the company in the market place and had a herculean task of building a brand from the scratch.

In order to 'Seek attention', the brand resorted to the mass media where the first ever slogan for 'UTTAMVEER'
Urea was scripted:
mÙe ohj ;wfj;k ys vkvks] eksrh chtks eksrh ikvks!

This slogan was all over in Print media, Wall paintings, Banners, Shop paintings, Stickers and Posters. It was
appreciated by the farmers and the trade alike; investing the brand with a very high recall value. Even today, this
slogan is fondly remembered by all of our fertiliser dealers.

Busy with a plethora of sales promotion and brand building activities, the marketing team always remained abuzz.
The marketing resorted to 'Blitzkrieg' changing the elements very often to attract the customers.The market was
pleasantly surprised and the competitors were taken aback, as at that time no other fertiliser company could match
Chambal's marketing activities in terms of novelty and freshness of ideas.
The efforts started yielding results and very soon 'UttamVeer' urea became a visible and a distinct brand.

Soon the market place was abuzz with the saying:
At Chambal,brand is UTTAM,the product is UTTAM and the Chambal people too are UTTAM.



The 'Uttam Veer' Urea became a known brand and the hiccups witnessed during the initial years faded off.With
successful handling of Gadepan-I Urea, Chambal also ventured into import and marketing of DAP and MOP.
Simultaneously, the company also increased its focus in Pesticides' marketing.With sourcing from the renowned
multinational companies,Chambal's pesticides' volumes grew gradually and the brands became popular owing to quality.
Most of the pesticide brands had 'Veer' as a prefix or a suffix identifying them with the Urea brand 'UttamVeer'.

Chambal had significantly strengthened the Urea brand, handled the logistic issues and made remarkable presence
in the DAP and Pesticides market. But in a complex market place although 'Uttam Veer' Urea was a preferred
brand, it still was not the brand of first choice.With Gadepan II in the horizon, 'UttamVeer' had to be a 'Premium
brand' or a brand of first choice otherwise post Gadepan II,the situation would potentially become tough.

Everything being so apparent and in favour,“Why UttamVeer brand was not a brand of first choice?”was a big question.
Something was missing,but what was it? This was a puzzle which needed to be answered and without any delay.

The answer wasn't easy

Various factors were focussed upon and reviewed in
isolation but the answer remained elusive. Chambal has
to do something very fast to bring in the 'Paradigm
shift' in order to address the Brand preference issue.
Our advertising and publicity partner agencies could
only suggest some changes in design and
communication strategy but it did not change the
ground situation.

The change did happen but not very soon 'Brand availability” and the “Brand visibility” were the
corner stone of the Marketing campaign
In 1997, during one of the brainstorming and
introspective sessions by the marketing team, it was
decided to focus exclusively on 'BRAND' excluding all
other elements of marketing. It was decided to conduct
an extensive and exhaustive market survey covering
Chambal Dealers, Retailers and Farmers to get the first
hand 'ground level feel' and perception about the brand
'Uttam Veer' and 'Uttam'. Reaffirmed the belief that
Chambal indeed had all the elements to become a
brand leader but needed to work upon them
differently. The mandate from the ultimate customer
'farmer' was clear.


'Uttam' brand has to be a part of everyAgri-input the farmer needs.
Chambal has to ensure 'Brand availability' and 'Brand visibility'.
Taking clues from the survey,Chambal coined and started working on 3 main commandments.

#1 “How to contemplate the farmer pay a higher price for 'Uttam' brand for quality while other
brands are available at a cheaper price?”

#2 “How to establish a potential customer relationship with the brand 'Uttam' even before he has
actually purchased an 'Uttam' product?”

#3 “How to make 'Uttam' brand available to the farmer at the nearest possible outlet all
the times?”
As part of marketing communication, new slogans were thoughtfully coined. It focussed on the importance of
balanced nutrition and asserting Chambal's presence in the balanced nutrition segment (NPK).Another expressed
Chambal's commitment to the well-being of the farmers.
Slogan #1
“t:jr t+ehu dh---- mÙke rkdr rhu dh”
Slogan #2
“gekjk vjeku---- mUur fdlku”



All-round Development

With an aim to establish relationship with
potential customers, villages were adopted
by the marketing team for their all-round
development. A host of welfare activities
were conducted which were not only
agriculture related but also touched all
aspects of farmers' lives. Experts from
different walks of life like Agriculture,
Veterinary science, Farm Machinery and
Home science were roped in to organise
training programs for farmers in these
villages. These welfare activities helped
instant brand recall and generated enormous
goodwill for Chambal.Many farmers became
company's brand ambassadors, spreading
good words about Chambal even before they became customers. More and more progressive farmers were included
in the mailing list for the company's agri-magazine“Chambal ki Chitthi' ensuring regular connect with the farmers.

The Dealer strength was increased to approx. 2000 by appointing new dealers at existing locations as well as at every
possible new location.The improved network of Dealer and approx. 21000 sub-dealer facilitated easy availability of
'Uttam' products and farmers found it conveniently available.The dealer locations were given a fresh look with new
shop paintings and ensuring availability of technical literature about the crops of the area.

With all these strong fundamentals,media publicity,addition of new products and the interface of the Marketing team
with the Dealers and Farmers, the Brand 'Uttam' gradually gained popularity. And by the time Gadepan-II
commenced production in 1999, Brand Uttam was already a brand of first choice. Riding high on the brand image and
the network,the company handled the Gadepan II production with ease.

Now it has been more than 16 years since Gadepan II became operational.

Since then many changes have taken place in Chambal like:

• Chambal pioneered to promote the use of Neem coated Urea.The Neem coated Urea brand is 'Uttam Neem'
which is equally popular.

• Chambal crossed an annual sales turnover of 11.5 Lac MT
imported fertilisers which is equal to one large
manufacturing facility and is raring for more.

• Chambal is probably the first fertiliser company to touch Rs At Chambal
250 Cr pesticide turnover. team thanks!
Mr.Vikas Bhole
• Chambal has the highest market share in Bentonite Sulphur in for Sharing his
its marketing area. journey with

All the above achievements have been possible because of the
Brand story 'UttamVeer' and 'Uttam'.

Now Gadepan III is a reality taking shape and Team Chambal is
confident once again to repeat the history with 'Brand Uttam'.


lEiw.kZ d` f"k lek/kku

mÙke moZjd mÙke fof’k”V mRikn

mÙke cht+

mÙke [kjirokjuk’kd
mÙke dhVuk’kd
mÙke QQwanhuk’kd




Some proud moments… Chambal got
recognised for the goodwork done in various
fields. We won several awards in the field of
Environment, Plant performance, Corporate
Social Responsibility, Human Resource
Management and Water conservation.

Fertiliser Association of India
Award 2016

Chambal won the prestigious Fertiliser
Association of India Environment Protection
Award for its SSP Plant at Gadepan, for the year
2015-16 and FAI “Overall Performance award
for its Urea plant, for the year 2015-16 at the
annual seminar organised by Fertilisers
Association of India (FAI) in New Delhi. The
Awards were presented by Mr. Ananth Kumar,
Union Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

Further Anil Kumar Singh – Manager,
Agriculture Development Laboratory, received
First prize for his article titled “Swasth Mruda –
Swasth Jivan”published in Khad Patrika.

“BT-CSR Excellence Award”

Chambal bagged the ‘BureaucracyToday - CSR
Excellence Award’ in the Education category
for its outstanding CSR initiatives including
education and skill development of children
and youth of rural area in Kota and Baran

In a tough competition among 356 participants,
36 Corporate firms emerged as the winners of
the prestigious BT-CSR Excellence Awards
2016 in various categories. Besides Chambal,
some of the other winners include TATA BSS,
Lafarge, Hindustan Petroleum, Essar
Foundation, ACC, Wockhardt foundation and
Aditya Birla foundation.

Best EmployerAward
Chambal received the “Certificate of
Excellence”for“Best Employer”from
Employers' Association of Rajasthan,
Jaipur.The award was conferred to Ashok
Saxena, Manager – H.R by State Minister
Finance, Govt. of India, Mr.Arjun Ram
Meghwal at a function held in Jaipur.

ICC Certificate of Merit for Social Responsibility
national body representing the Chemical Industry in
India, has recognised our efforts and the model of
education implemented in Govt. schools,
Aanganwadis and ITIs under our Corporate Social
The award “ICC Certificate of Merit for Social
Responsibility” for the year 2015 was conferred to
Chambal Fertilisers on the occasion of ICC Annual
Award ceremony 2015 organised at Hotel Taj in
Mumbai.The award was received by Mr.Vikas Bhatia.

Bhamashah Award
The District administration, Kota and Baran felicitated "Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd." with the
"Bhamashah Award" for the contribution made in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility” in the Kota and
Baran District separately on the occasion of Republic Day 2016.
The Bhamashah Award is state Award instituted to honour individuals achieving the top position by securing the
highest position in select fields,in recognition of selfless sacrifice,astute financial management,and devotion to duty.



“Two out of every five people owe
their lives to fertilizer... and every

day, this number increases.”
– Bill Gates



Global hunger is at an all-time low, but many
families around the world still face a daily
struggle to get enough food to eat.
Deforestation, urbanization of arable land and
the public’s marginal interest in the
agricultural industry have all affected our
ability to feed a growing population. So what
can we do to ensure a plentiful, sustainable
food supply that will take us into the future?
Bill Gates, considered by many as one of the
most important figures of recent history,
believes that innovation holds the key to the
future of farming, and is passionate in
highlighting the vital role that fertilizer plays
in all our lives.Gates says:

Two out of every But the world has continued to If we want to
five people owe change, and we need to accelerate progress,
their lives to understand the potentially we need to actively
fertilizer. devastating impact that food pursue the same kind
deficiency could have on our of breakthroughs
Gates is demonstrating how current and future population. achieved by Haber,
alarming it is that agriculture While one farmer fed 19 people Sabin,and Salk.
gets less attention than it in the 1940s, today, one farmer
deserves, given that modern with the assistance of his Growing sufficient food for
farming must aim to feed a technology feeds 155. In the billions of people on limited
future population projected to 1960s, one hectare of land fed resources can only be done
surpass 9 billion by 2050. two people. By 2025, we know through the intelligent use of
that one hectare of land will need fertilizer and investment
Food deficiency is not a new to feed five. in developing innovative
problem and has been agricultural technologies. We
successfully tackled in the past. Most alarmingly, over truly have our work cut out to
The invention of the Haber- the next 50 years we will ensure the future of the world’s
Bosch process in 1908, and the need to produce as food sustainability.
subsequent Green Revolution of much food as we have in
the 1960s, demonstrated how the past 10,000 years The first Global Fertilizer Day
quickly dedicated agricultural combined. on 13 October 2016 raises
research and adoption of new awareness of fertilizer as one of
technologies can change the Clearly, we must figure out a way the most important inventions of
world. Thanks to Norman to provide food for everyone by our time – saving billions from
Borlaug’s research, billions of using much less land. And while famine, reducing poverty and
people were saved from famine Gates applauds the invention of offering the key to sustainably
and poverty. fertilizer, he understands that feeding our population into the
the security of our future future. In years to come, as
population’s food is far solutions to food shortages
from safe: become increasingly vital, this
initiative will grow and develop
into a driving force for the

Visit to
find out more and help to
share our message.






7 2020 2030 2040 2050



The Daruma doll, also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round,
Japanese traditional doll modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder
of the Zen sect of Buddhism. Daruma doll has a design that is rich in
symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck to the
Japanese. Daruma dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and
good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement and are
popularly set alongside to achieve goals and objectives.
When established,the eyes are white so a person can decide on a goal
or wish and paint one eye in. Once the goal is achieved, the second
eye is filled in. As a symbol of good luck and on the occasion of the
commencement of the activities of Gadepan III, Team Toyo gifted
The Daruma Doll to Mr. Kapoor. The Doll after getting an eye
painted was established in Corporate Office.

The tower with prilling power begins….

Gadepan III
site (birds eye) view

Foundation of
Prill tower



“Samvartika” - an annual function is a first of its kind event organised for all Government schools and Aanganwadis
adopted by Chambal Fertilisers.The event was designed two months back and Freedom House, Jaipur and Beat
Dance Academy, Kota were roped in to help students carve their talents in theatre/Skit and Dance. 15 days
workshops were done in all the schools a followed by final screening resulted in the selection of 150 budding
talents.These children were further trained in a workshop for 18 days before the Grand finale day.




The event became huge success in its first year of inception and eventually benchmarked with the annual functions
organised in private schools. Samvartika gave opportunity to students to showcase their talent in front of an august
gathering of officials from district administration and education department, teachers, parents and community
members.The event ended up at a very high note creating an atmosphere of emotions and happiness among all as
the audience realised the makeover these children have gone through during the past couple of years.The message
was loud and clear,that if given an opportunity we are no less than any private school going children.


Today, when every parent is running for a seat in private Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Bhauran - After Adoption
schools for their children, the scene in a remote village Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Bhauran - Before Adoption
of Bhauran (near Chambal plant) is different. Here,
parents from the neighbouring area are pulling out 21
children from private schools and getting them
enrolled in a government school. Such is the popularity
ofThe Government Senior Secondary School,Bhauran.

During these years, there is a complete transformation
in the approach of teachers due to Chambal’s
interventions. Students and teachers of Government
Senior Secondary School, Bhauran are now the
torchbearers of the programme. It is their continued
efforts that has made possible Chambal’s objective of
‘spreading quality education for underprivileged
children in rural pockets of India’. Just five years back,
the school was running from a dysfunctional building,
hardly suitable for schooling activities.Today, the same
building is a fully functional one, and has all the facilities
for school-going children.

In FY 2016, the school not only achieved 100 percent
results in the board examination but also made
arrangements for preparing students for engineering
and medical examinations by way of remedial classes
organised by Motion IIT institute. Chambal’s goal is to
produce doctors and engineers from this remote
location. A learning enhancement and readiness
programme is also being run by Pratham for primary
class students. Unlike other government schools,
Bhauran has tried to incorporate a few programmes
from private schools - annual week, sports week,
cultural week and all other festivals.


Creating Virtual World is a Click Away
Creating wonder world or virtual world is just a click away for students studying at ITI Jhalawar. The newly
adopted institute reached another milestone with launch of Animation course at ITI Jhalawar, a first of its kind
academy at any ITI in Rajasthan. The academy was inaugurated by Hon’ble CM of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje.
Raje not only motivated the students but gave them an assignment to prepare a short movie on Govt. of Rajasthan at
the end of the course.

Surprise visit toAanganwadis.
Dr Shamit Sharma IAS, Director, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) made a surprise visit to
aanganwadi centers adopted by Chambal with an objective to monitor and get the real time feedback from the
stakeholders. Dr. Sharma was highly impressed by the learning level of students and the facilities provided in these
Government Aanganwadi centers by the company. Presently 4000 aanganwadi centers have successfully adopted
Chambal’s model of education and nearly 13000 aanganwadi are expected to join the line soon, informed
Dr. Sharma who is actively encouraging other companies to adopt the model implemented by Chambal in the field
of education.
Quality healthcare at doorsteps…
SHARP:School HealthAnnual Report Programme (SHARP) a non-govt.organization (NGO) is engaged to design
planned health programme for school children & community people.The programme is unique and along with
providing health facilities we plan to computerize and place health records of community on the internet in order
to create a readily available medical history of community.Various health camps are regularly being organized after
awareness and mobilization sessions of the community to create a sustainable model of healthcare.


Chambal Fertilisers is among the lead fertiliser manufacturers in India. Our brand “Uttam” is a preferred brand and top
choice among farmers, dealers and retailers. Our dynamic marketing team plays significant roles in sustaining this
lead position by being the face of the company and building confidence among the users.
Market Linkage
Chambal works closely with its 2000 Dealers and 21000 Sub-dealers ensuring that every dealer is a part of the
growth and the position that Chambal enjoys today.As a part of engagement with customers, a dealer’s meet was
organised in Karnal on November 5,2016.

Market Dominance
Congratulations Team RMO Agra for achieving sales of 1 Lakh MT of DAP on 21st November for FY 2016-17.
This is the highest sales achieved ever in any financial year.Team Agra celebrated and shared this moment with
prominent business associates and dealers.

Market Penetration
Chambal Fertilisers caters to the need of the farmers in twelve states in northern, eastern, central and western
regions of India.The newest entrant among these states isWest Bengal.We are aggressively penetrating in north east
market through our promotional campaign and marketing mix. A 45 days Jeep campaign was organised in 9
districts that covered 100 dealers,800 retailers,1000 villages and around 25000 famers.



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efgyk lfefr gj ekg ,d vk;kstu djrh gS - pkgs oks vxLr ekg esa
Units fd;k x;k rht dk vk;kstu gks ;k flrEcj esa vk;ksftr CyM
Mksus'ku dSai gks ;k vDVwcj vkSj uoEcj esa fnokyh feyu ,oa LiksVZ~l
Ms ij vk;ksftr çfr;ksfxrk,a gksa] lHkh vk;kstu esa efgykvksa us
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rht 2016

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g"kksZYykl ds lkFk euk;k tkrk gSA lkou dk vkxeu gh bl R;kSgkj ds vkus dh vkgV lqukus yxrk gS leLr l`f"V
lkou ds vnHkwr lkSan;Z esa Hkhxh gqbZ lh utj vkrh gSAbl le; o"kkZ vius pje ij gksrh gS ,oa Vkmuf'ki esa gj rjQ
gfj;kyh dh pknj lh fcNh gksrh gSA rht ds bl R;kSgkj ij lfefr dh efgyk,a dbZ rjg ds lkaL—frd dk;ZØeksa dk
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lkou dh rht dk ikSjkf.kd egRo Hkh jgk gSA bl ij ,d /kkfeZd fdoanfr çpfyr gS ftlds vuqlkj ekrk ikoZrh
Hkxoku f'ko dks çkIr djus ds fy, bl ozr dk ikyu djrh gSa vkSj mudh riL;k ls çlUu gksdj mUgsa Hkxoku f'ko
ojnku Lo#i çkIr gksrs gSaA




Diwali is the most prominent and among very few festivals that are celebrated across the length and breadth of the
country. It is therefore celebrated at all the locations of Chambal in various states. Deepmilan in Gadepan is
characterised by wonderful “Fire Show” followed by Tambola at Club. A get-together was organised at all other
locations of the company.Here are glimpse of Deepmilan 2016

Team Udaipur Team Bhopal

Team Karnal Team Corporate

Team Agra Team ADL Kota


The most awaited event in its all newAVATAR

A dance competition was organised for township children after almost 6 years.The event was back with bang in all
newAVATAR and a new name “Super Dancer”.Talented kids in three different age groups were pitted against each
other in a competition where children entertained everyone through their wonderful performances.

Position GroupA - LKG to II Group B - III toVII Group C -VIII to XII
I Vanshika Mandawat Sunidhi Pal
Jiya Jani
II SomyaJani Prisha Chaturvedi Riya Sirohi
Angel Sharma RahatJaggi
Anjali Sharma Arshdeep Singh
III Aastha Bhushan
Mehul Pal Sahil Sainivas
Amber Bhatia

Khushi Khandelwal
Raghav Jaggi
Kirti Lahoti



Khajuraho, a sleepy little town at the heart of Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh), is swamped with camera -toting
shutterbugs throughout the year - provided the weather is bearable - thanks to its rich and incredible architectural
heritage. I was one such shutterbug mesmerized with the extent of architectural excellence existed during those
medieval days.The intricate and bold carvings and sculptures, that pepper the medieval Hindu and Jain temples, is
an incredible attraction to say the least. However, like most interesting places, there is much more to Khajuraho.
Built between 950-1050AD by the Chandela Dynasty, these temples depict various forms like meditation, spiritual
teachings, kinship, wrestling, royalty and most significantly art. The Khajuraho group of temples were built
together but were dedicated to two religions - namely Hinduism and Jainism - suggesting a tradition of acceptance
and respect for diverse religious views among Hindus and Jains.
Based on their geographical location, the temples are categorized into three groups: Eastern, Western and
Southern. Beautiful, intricate and expressive, the sculptures of the Khajuraho temples will leave you in awe and
wonder.It was a touch and go trip for me and could only cover few of them through the lens eyes.

Head in a clockwise direction, and
find yourself facing the Lakshmana
Temple with two shrines dedicated
toVaraha and Lakshmi.

Lakshmana Temple

The main image at the Lakshmana
Temple is of tri-headed & four-armed

sculpture of VaikunthaVishnu. The
central head is of human, and two sides

of boar (depictingVaraha) and lion
(depicting Narshima).

Khajuraho - Map Lakshmana Temple

The group of 85 temples once spread
over 20 kms are now survived with
only 20 temples in an area of 6 kms.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
meaning "the Great God of the Cave", is
the largest and most ornate Hindu temple
dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Devi Jagadambika Temple Shiva Temple

Devi Jagadambika temple, in a group to the The temple is dedicated to Shiva, who is also
north, is one of the most finely decorated known as "Vishvanatha" meaning "Lord of
the Universe".But what really catches your
temples at Khajuraho, with numerous erotic eyes? The stunning sculptures of “surasundaris”
carvings.Three bands of carvings encircle the in all their sensuous glory, writing letters,

body of the temple. In the sanctum is an playing with infants, and playing music.
enormous image of the goddess Durga.

Lion Statue The King and the Lion Statue, Himanshu Srivastava
the most common figurine at IT, Gadepan
Khajuraho. Lion is known as
Vyala, a creature with Lion's 29
body and head of different
creature such as human,
elephant, boar or parrot.


ATR 2016

Shut down can be defined as scheduled down period for a plant for scheduled maintenance for an extended period of time.
Shutdowns provide unique opportunities to a maintenance department not normally available during standard operation or
even during short shutdown periods. A large work is required to schedule into a relatively short period of time. Our
colleagues worked with utmost planning and coordination to achieve the desired aims in the most timely, safest, and cost-
efficient manner during this successful shutdown. Planning for ATR-2016 had been initiated post ATR-2014 itself and no
stone was left unturned in researching and implementing the latest technology upgradations, set as the current industry

Ammonia-1 Plant:Major Revamp Schemes implemented inATR - 2016

Major revamp schemes were initiated in ATR - 2016 with the aim of ensuring smooth plant operation in the forthcoming years.

1. Primary Reformer (H-201) Burners replacement

Primary Reformer (H-201) plays an important role in the
production of ammonia.The goal of reforming is to prepare as pure
as possible a gas mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen in a 3:1
stoichiometric ratio from the raw materials of water, air, and natural
gas. Nitrogen and hydrogen further react to form ammonia in
convertor section. This Primary Reformer in Ammonia-1 plant
contains 576 burners in total which are distributed in six different
levels on four sides of reformer labeled asA, B, C & D.Total number
of 388 burners have been replaced inATR-2016 (majority of which are
present in 2,3,4 & 5 sections of primary reformer).
The modified burners are capable of handling a relative high backpressure which is important considering that in the
future there will be fluctuations in natural gas composition.

2. Upgrading main Ammonia Synthesis Convertor from
S-200 series to S-300 series (R-501), designed by
M/S HaldorTopsoe

TheTopsoe S-200 ammonia synthesis converter is a two-bed radial
flow converter with indirect cooling between the catalyst beds.
Since the introduction of the S-200 converter type in 1976, it has
been used in more ammonia plants than any other converter design,
with more than 130 converters installed worldwide and the same
was installed at CFCL in 1994.
Topsoe’s S-300 converter is the latest development in Topsoe’s
ammonia converter portfolio and is the recommended converter
design for all new plants. The advantages of the S-300 radial flow
converter are proven by more than 50 installations world-wide.
Compared to the S-200 converters, the presence of three catalyst
beds in S-300 offers higher conversion into ammonia and hence
increased production efficiency. Alternatively, the catalyst volume
can be reduced, which lowers investment costs compared to the
previous generation of converter design.When the S-300 basket is
installed in an existing ammonia converter pressure shell as part of a
revamp project done in CFCL, significant energy savings can
be achieved.

3. Adding a Cold-Walled Ammonia Booster Convertor
S-50 (R-502),designed byM/S KBR

During the Revamp of Ammonia-1 plant in 2009, to increase the
conversion rate of ammonia from,M/S KBR proposed to install S-50
booster Convertor (Hot wall convertor). In August 2014 leakage
was observed in the S-50 convertor shell.After that it was decided to
bypass the S-50 convertor and to take proper action in theATR-2016.

M/S KBR prescribed the new S-50 cold wall convertor which is a
technologically advanced option. After the installation of new Cold
Walled S-50 booster convertor the pressure drop will decrease
which implies more energy saving and also increase in the conversion
rate. As compared with the old Hot-walled S-50 convertor, the type
of catalyst which is used in the new Cold-walled S-50 Convertor is
also different from the previous one (KM1 to KM111) as KM111 is
chemically more active than the KM1 catalyst and results in higher
conversion rate.

4. Re-tubing of GV Reboiler exchangers (E-302A/B)

In Ammonia-1 plant, two heat exchangers namely E-302A/B are
present in the carbon dioxide removal section (GV Section).These
are Kettle type heat exchangers comprising of Process Gas in the
tube side and GV solution in the shell side as the interfacing
constituents, performing significant heat transfer.These exchangers
were designed by M/s GV (GiamarrcoVetrocoke) according to the
original process design flow datasheet and an additional 30% margin
was included in GV Reboilers exchanger heat duty.

In early July, leakage had taken place GV Reboilers. A short shut
down was taken and thorough inspection of GV reboilers was carried out.Thinning was observed in tubes of both the exchangers
and decision was taken to carry out partial re tubing of these Reboilers inATR 2016.Thus, under the sound expertise of
the Maintenance department total of 538 tubes in both the Reboilers were replaced using hydraulic bundle extractors.

5. Replacement of some essential heat exchangers,inter-stage coolers

Many heat exchangers and inter-stage Coolers were replaced due to fouling, poor heat transfer and completion of life
service.Notable among these are:

Before After

Replacement of Synthesis Gas Compressor Inter-stage Coolers (E-431A/B,E-432A/B,E-433A/B)

Interstage coolers are installed to cool the synthesis gas after every stage of compression by heat transfer with cooling
water.These were changed due to completion of service life of these exchangers (1992-2016). Old exchangers were of
MHI make and new ones are of ISGEC make.



Climbing High -

Congratulations to all our
students at CFDAV for an
excellent performance at DAV
National Sports meet by
claiming 6 Gold and 24 Silver
Medals. Keep Going

The Shikha Jain D/O Ashok Kumar Jain
would be (Urea II) cleared All India Medical
Doctor Entrance Exam (NEET 1 - 2016). She
secured 342 Rank in Rajasthan and
joined MBBS in RNT Medical College,
Udaipur. Shikha, a bright student since
beginning secured 10 CGPA and
89.4% percentage in Class 10th and
12th CBSE respectively.

Hitting the Bulls eye

Dileep Singh Hada from Bagging Plant has set a new benchmark for
people who live their passion along with work.Starting late in his career as
a professional shooter, Dileep realised his potential while practising
aiming at village level. He soon started practising at local level without
any professional gadgets, gun and range. Dileep managed to gather the
minimum required gadgets and got selected in 10M Air Pistol category
for All Rajasthan State Open Shooting Championship 2016 held at Jaipur,
Rajasthan. He secured commendable 36th position in Rajasthan. He is
also a professional WUSHU player and recently participated at State
Wushu Championship.


America did not invent human rights.
In a very real sense,

it is the other way round.
Human rights invented America.

Jimmy Carter
39th President of the United States of America

James Earl Carter, Jr. was born on Oct. 1, 1924 in Georgia. He was the first United States President to be born in a
hospital. During his childhood, he lived on a peanut farm. He helped his dad with the farming and his mother with
some of the patients she had as a nurse.The Carter family was poor and had a hard time, with no running water and
no electricity in their home.
But he had an upside to his childhood. Carter remembers being inspired by things such as Charles Lindbergh's first
trans-Atlantic solo flight, and Amelia Earhart's solo flight across the Atlantic. He was alive for the "Star-Spangled
Banner" to be officially selected as theAmerican anthem.
He went to school at the Plains Public School in Georgia. He later attended Georgia Southwestern College and the
Georgia Institute of Technology. He also was in the Navy, served as a submariner in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets,
became a lieutenant and received the
In 1946, Carter married Rosalynn Smith, resigned from his position in the Navy and went back to live at his father's
farm. He and his wife then made the CarterWarehouse, a company that produced seeds and farm supplies. He was
chairman of the school board and the first president of the Georgia PlanningAssociation.
Later he became part of the George State Senate, and then the state's 76th governor on Jan. 12, 1971. He was a very
busy man at that point in his life.
Carter began his campaign for president on Dec.12,1974.Many people outside of Georgia had never heard of him,
so he started campaigning two years early because he wanted people to get to know him. Carter went to Boston,
Texas, Minnesota and Hawaii. Many people said he was crazy running for president, but it wasn’t a bad idea to
Jimmy Carter.
After going all over the country for two years, in 1976, all that hard work paid off. James Earl Carter, Jr., became
the 39th President of the United States of America. He was elected on Nov. 2, 1976. He served from January 20,
1977 until January 20,1981.
During this time, he accomplished many things, including many issues dealing with foreign policy. He helped with
the Panama Canal treaties, the treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel, the establishment of U.S. diplomatic
relations with the People's Republic of China and a treaty with the Soviet Union. He also championed human rights
throughout the world.
After leaving theWhite House, Carter became a professor at Emory University inAtlanta, and founded the Carter
Center there. He and his wife became volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that helps



people build homes for needy people in the United States. Carter now teaches Sunday school and is a deacon in the
Marathon Baptist Church of Plains,Ga.He has written 12 books.

Some of the things Carter enjoys most are fly-fishing, woodworking, cycling, jogging and tennis. Some of his
favorite sports are basketball,baseball,bowling,hunting,fishing and motorcycling.

Many think a hero is a person who saves lives or stops crime, and that can be true. I think Jimmy Carter is a hero
because he overcame many difficult things during his childhood.When he became an adult, he helped many people
and was involved in things he once didn't think were possible. When he was a child, no one thought he would
become anyone big in life, but he proved them all wrong. He was a senator, a governor and even the President of the
United States ofAmerica. Now think a minute: how could a peanut farmer become a person so big in people's lives?
The only answer I can give is hard work and determination.And these are very good traits for a hero. His actions
have saved lives,stopped crime and helped people in need around the world.

Jimmy Carter showed me that you can start out with very little and become someone very big. I also learned that if

you work hard and have determination, you have a good chance of achieving your goal.That is why I think Jimmy

Carter is a hero. Sourced from

Written by Alex from Montvale


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• AbhishekSharmafromTechnicalTrainingtoAmmoniaI • Narendra Kumar Meena fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia I
• Abnish Singh fromTechnicalTraining to Urea I • Naresh Bairwa fromTechnicalTraining to Inspection
• Ajay Malav fromTechnicalTraining to Electrical • Nitesh Ghidode fromTechnicalTraining to Urea I
• Akash Kumar Gupta fromTechnicalTraining to Urea II • Om Prakash Godara from Mechanical to Planning
• Amit Kumar fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical • ParasVaish from CFG3 Project to Fire & Safety
• Amrinder Singh fromTechnicalTraining to Instrumentation • Pawan Prajapati fromTechnicalTraining to Urea I
• Anand Rao Ghatge fromTechnicalTraining to Instrumentation • Pradeep Prajapat fromTechnicalTraining to Urea I
• Anekant Jain fromTechnicalTraining to Urea II • Prakash Singh fromTechnicalTraining to Urea II
• Anil Raj Suman fromTechnicalTraining to Offsite & Utilities • Rajnish Kumar Pal fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II
• Anis Mohammad fromTechnicalTraining to Urea II • Ramkesh Choudhary fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical
• AnkurGirifromRMORaipur(Dhamtari)toRMORaipur(Ambikapur) • Ranjeetkumar E.Patle fromAmmonia II to Process
• Anup Singh fromTechnicalTraining to Instrumentation • Ravi Kumar Mishra fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia I
• Arvind Maywad fromTechnicalTraining to Urea II • Ravi Mehta from RMO Lucknow (Jhansi) to RMO Lucknow (Hardoi)
• AsheeshUpadhyayfromTechnicalTrainingtoAmmoniaII • Ritesh Kumar fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical
• Ashish Kumar Singh fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II • Sandeep Babel from RMO Jaipur (Sikar) to RMO Jaipur (Bharatpur)
• Ashok Nagar fromTechnicalTraining to Instrumentation • Sandeep Kumar Rathour fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II
• Avdesh Singh from RMOAgra (Moradabad) to RMOAgra (Meerut) • Saurabh Kumar Mishra fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II
• Bhawani Singh Rathore from RMO Udaipur to RMO Jaipur • Saurabh Mishra fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia I
• Deepak Saini fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II • Shakti Singh from Bagging Plant to CFG3 Project
• Denis Singla fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II • Snehil Srivastava from RMOAgra (Agra) to RMOAgra (Aligarh)
• Devendra fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II • Subham Kumar Gupta fromTechnical Training to Offsite & Utilities
• Girraj Nagar from Electrical to CFG3 Project • SumitTripathi from RMOAgra to RMO Chandigarh(Hoshiarpur)
• HarishTolani from Urea II to Urea I • Surendra Kumar Saini fromTechnicalTraining to Electrical
• HarshAgrawal fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia II • V.K.Fotedar from MHO Delhi to Finance - Delhi
• Himanshu Sharma from Process to CFG3 Project • Vaibhav Gupta fromTechnicalTraining to Offsite & Utilities
• Jaipal Baliwal fromTechnicalTraining toAmmonia I • Vibin Ravi K.fromTechnicalTraining to Urea I
• Jayesh Kumar Gupta from Urea II to Fire & Safety • Vijay Kumar Maurya fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical
• Khushal Junagal fromTechnicalTraining to Electrical • Virendra Kumar Gautam from Offsite & Utilities to CFG3 Project
• Krishna Kumar Mishra • Vishal fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical

from RMO Udaipur (Udaipur) to RMO Udaipur (Baran)
• Mahendra Kumar fromTechnicalTraining to Mechanical
• Mahesh Sharma fromTechnicalTraining to Electrical
• Mohd.Faiz from RMOAgra (Bulandshahar)to RMOAgra (Etawah)
• Mukesh Kumar Mishra fromTechnicalTraining to Instrumentation
• Mukesh Mehta from RMOAhmedabad to RMO Udaipur


• AbhishekAnand(Treasury)gotpromotedasDeputyManager-Treasury • Anirudh Joshi (Civil) was blessed with Daughter (Anjana)
• Akash Deep Sharma (RMO Chandigarh) got promoted asAccountant • Arvind Kumar (Mechanical) was blessed with Son (Umang Malav)
• Ankur Sharma (Ammonia I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Deepak Prajapati (Instrumentation) was blessed with Son (Anant)
• Ankur Swarnkar (Urea I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Dhanendu Singh (Ammonia II) was blessed with Son (Ayansh Singh )
• Aparna Shukla (HR) got promoted as Sr.Analyst • Geetam Singh (RMOAgra ) was blessed with Daughter (Sangeeta)
• Ashish Kumar Srivastava • HimmatLal(Instrumentation)wasblessedwithDaughter(SakshiSuman)
• Himmat Lal (Instrumentation) was blessed with Daughter (Sejal Suman)
(Ammonia I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Irfan Khan (Ammonia II) was blessed with Son (Arhaan Khan)
• AshokKumarShukla(RMORaipur)gotpromotedasSr.Assistant-S&D • Kuldeep Kumar (Offsites & Utilities) was blessed with Daughter
• Avanish Kumar (Urea II) got promoted asTechnicalAsst. • Manoj Kumar Gupta (RMO Karnal) was blessed with Daughter (Swati)
• Avdhesh Kumar (SSP) got promoted as Craftsman • Naresh Nagar (Ammonia I) was blessed with Son
• Bhanwar Singh (HR) got promoted as Sr.Caretaker • Prashant Sharma (Ammonia II) was blessed with Son (Shantanu Sharma)
• Bharat Kumar (Stores) got promoted as Sr.Analyst • RaghunandanSharma(AmmoniaII)wasblessedwithSon(YuvaanSharma)
• Devendra Mandovara (Ammonia II) got promoted asTechnicalAsst. • Ravendra Kumar (Ammonia I) was blessed with Son
• Dinesh Dangi (Urea II) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Ravindra Kumar Kesharwani (Urea I) was blessed with Daughter
• Gurjeet Singh (Mechanical) got promoted as Sr.Craftsman (Shreyashi Kesharwani)
• Harish Kumar (Ammonia II) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Santosh (Engineering) was blessed with Son
• Manish Gupta (F &A) got promoted asAccountant • Shyam Sunder (Ammonia I) was blessed with Daughter ( Ishika )
• Manish Jain (Mechanical) got promoted as Craftsman I • SunilKumarMandawat(S&D)wasblessedwithSon(JiyanshMandawat)
• Monu Rathore (Offsites & Utilities) got promoted asTechnicalAsst. • Sunil Kumar Prajapati (Electrical)
• Navin Kumar (Ammonia I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator
• P.G.Mathew (Mechanical) got promoted as Sr.Master Craftsman was blessed with Daughter (Henee Prajapati)
• Pawan Dadhich (Offsites & Utilities) got promoted as Operations • SyedWaquarAhmad (RMO Lucknow) was blessed with Son (Ahmad)
Coordinator • Vishvamitra Singh (SSP) was blessed with Son ( Siddharth Singh )
• Pradeep Kumar Rathore
(Ammonia II) got promoted as Operations Coordinator BELLS
• Praveen Salvi (Urea I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator
• R.K.Sharma (HR) got promoted as Coordinator -Admn. • Akant Khanduri (Purchase) got married to Anjali
• Ramavtar Singh (RmoAgra ) got promoted as Sr.StenoAsst.II • BalkishanVerma (Inspection) got married to Neelam
• S.N.Kurup (RMO Bhopal) got promoted as Sr.StenoAsst.- I • Birendra Singh Rathore (RMO Udaipur)
• SantoshKumarMishra(UreaI)gotpromotedasOperationsCoordinator
• Sarvendra Kumar Singh got married to Kiran Kanwar
• Nand Singh (SSP) got married toVishakha
(Urea I) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • PankajThakur (Purchase) got married to Monika
• Takhat Singh Jhala (Urea II) got promoted as Operations Coordinator • Pradip De (Ammonia II) got married to Bithi
• Tapeshwar Lal (SSP) got promoted as Craftsman I • Satyendra Kumar Mishra (Ammonia I) got married to Seema
• Satyendra Yadav (Mechanical) got married to Aadra
• Tapash Jyoti Goswami (CFG3) got married to Srijita


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