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Adventures of an eccentric monkey.

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Published by yasminroslan.yr, 2020-02-18 01:07:33

The Monkey and The Horse

Adventures of an eccentric monkey.

Keywords: fable

The Monkey
by Yasmin and The Horse

Roslan Fikri

Once upon a time, in a hustling zoo, there
lived a monkey named Marsya and a horse
named Fatima. They are best of friends and
have lived in the zoo since they were born.

One day, Marsya the monkey wondered
how amazing the outside world would be.
But Fatima the horse was not keen on the
idea. She thought that the outside world is
dangerous and humans are mean. Marsya
was determined to explore the world.

"It's too dangerous. You can hurt yourself,"
said Fatima.

That night, Marsya the monkey sneaked out of
the zoo secretly. She went to the city. it was
beautifully lit with lights. The people around
were astounded by her presence and gave her lots
of gifts such as bananas and fruits.

The next day, she went back to the zoo. Marsya
the monkey told Fatima the horse about her
experience exploring the city with enthusiasm.
Fatima could only ponder with envy because she
didn't took the chance go out to the world too.

There is no shame in not
knowing; the shame lies

in not finding out.

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