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Guidance for Guests


Intelligent Conversa on in English


What is intelligent conversa on in English?

Intelligent conversa on is more than interes ng. It is a powerful ingredient

in crea ve thinking and problem solving and helps build strong rela onships

with colleagues, customers and acquaintances. Feeling confident enough

with your English to take part in sophis cated, spontaneous discussions is

also, of course, highly enjoyable.

Every business deal, just like every love affair, begins with small talk and

intelligent conversa on. It helps form bonds and kick-starts rela onships. It

builds trust and goodwill and there can be li le doubt that people prefer to

do business with those they feel a connec on with.

ICE is an acronym we use here for what we do. This stands for Intelligent

Conversa on in English and is designed to refine your language skills and

broaden your horizons. Ul mately it means that you are not only confident

in the mee ng room, but also in the conference coffee break, at the

business lunch and even at your next interview.

With a maximum of 4 guests, our in mate online environments focus on a

range of skills, topics and outcomes designed to capture the imagina on,

provide meaningful learning and be the catalyst for intelligent conversa on.

“One of the biggest predictors of career success is verbal fluency.”

Bernardo Carducci

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Does this sound like you?

You already use English on a regular basis par cularly in your professional life

and know the technical jargon of your industry. At your level on the career

ladder, it has become less about proving your competence and more about

rela onships. This is true with the people you lead, the people you might

report to and the people you do business with.

● Your English is already good

● You can talk easily about your job, company & industry

● Spontaneous, open conversa ons can be difficult to enter

● Unexpected or complicated topics can reduce your fluency

You want:

● To enjoy discussing complicated topics

● To contribute good ideas to group discussions

● To react fluently to unexpected ques ons

● To be relaxed in fast, subtle, complex conversa ons

● To move to na ve level proficiency and spontaneity in English

● To not be stuck on the sidelines struggling to follow

Your me is valuable and you have a busy professional and personal life.

Although you want to improve your English it is not always easy to find the

opportunity to do so and you are looking for flexibility and a new challenge.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Where do our guests come from?

We welcome people from all over the world and the goal for all of us is an

interna onal community of like-minded people engaged in intelligent

conversa on in English. Some choose to a end at regular mes throughout the

week while others might base their reserva ons around their immediate

commitments. The beauty is that it is the choice of the individual.

Everyone is welcome to join us but we currently an cipate many students to

come from the following countries listed in alphabe cal order:

Brazil Japan

Canada Saudi Arabia

China Spain

Colombia Switzerland

Germany Turkey

Intelligent Conversa on in English -


An ICE event is a congenial hour of intelligent conversa ons presented in five

sec ons to explore a variety of subjects and skills:

● Media Perspec ves

● Crea ve Enquiry

● Philosophical Approaches
● Ethical Debates

● Cri cal Thinking

The host will guide the inves ga ons and conversa ons so everyone can relax

and enjoy sharing ideas in a comfortable, s mula ng and enriching

atmosphere. During each event, you will delve into the recent news as well as

meless issues, apply classic theories as well as modern thinking models, and

discover new ways of expressing yourself in more sophis cated, spontaneous


The extemporary nature of ICE events will develop your confidence thinking,

listening and contribu ng in the kinds of unexpected and o en complex English

discussions that can arise during dinner par es, business lunches, conference

coffee breaks, open interviews, social occasions, client mee ngs, etc. Cultured,

nuanced communica on in English is a highly valuable component in the skill

set of a broad range of professions including business, medicine, law,

journalism, academia, diplomacy, and a lot more.

You will get to know your host and the other guests in a safe and welcoming

environment of intellectual and emo onal proximity that also gives you space

to think and prac se ar cula ng those thoughts. The host will provide plen ful

feedback and advice on your English and events can be recorded to watch

again later. You need only bring enthusiasm and open-mindedness; the host

will give you everything else you need.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Media Perspec ves

A knowledge of current affairs, recent developments

and future predic ons is perfect for connec ng with

strangers or acquaintances at a deeper level.

However, a cri cal apprecia on of the media can also

provide valuable experiences that can be drawn on

when considering human progress generally, or applied to specific personal and

professional issues at work and home. Knowing how others have made

decisions and discoveries, solved problems or openly experimented can be a

potent inspira on. Example content includes culture, science, economics,

health, technology, family, poli cs, educa on, society, etc.

Crea ve Enquiry

There are lots of ways to generate good ideas. Many

people and organisa ons only use a few, however, and

therefore run the risk of missing opportuni es by failing

to think as crea vely as they could. In this sec on of ICE

events, you will prac se looking at situa ons with new

eyes, employing a variety of strategies to see whether

they might serve you well whenever you are required to

find real-world solu ons or opportuni es and explain

them to others. Example content includes blending,

analogy, counterfactuals, abundance, conjecture,

artefacts, delay, problema sing, interdisciplinarity, etc.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Philosophical Approaches

Taking a philosophical approach to existence in

general and the individual situa ons it presents for

us to deal with is about enjoying thinking more

subtly, more deeply and more percep vely; it is

about not being scared to ask ‘bigger’ ques ons.

Many great thinkers have gone before us through

life and le us with frameworks and schools of thought that we can use as we

also go through our lives; the insights they have gleaned, o en
counterintui ve, can help shed light on our own circumstances. At an ICE

event, you will experience some of these perspec ves and percep ons by

discussing a range of scenarios that exemplify them and provide opportuni es

for increasingly though ul, eloquent responses. Example content includes

authority, integrity, sacrifice, libertarianism, dualism, insanity, scep cism,

omniscience, fidelity, etc.

Ethical Debates

Almost every day we encounter the awkward and somewhat

abstract ethical background of rights and wrongs, shoulds and

shouldn’ts, and goods and bads underpinning specific surface issues

and the uncomfortable choices they entail. By deba ng a range of

classic mo ons, you will learn to handle controversial topics in a

persuasive way in English, to appreciate others’ perspec ves and to

communicate sensi vely in the face of what can be passionately held

differences of opinion. The greater moral understandings that

emerge from par cipa ng in such meless debates can be applied to

a wide variety of personal scenarios, while the ability to navigate

them delicately in English can transform enemies into friends.

Example content includes moral leadership, talent & effort,

freedoms, rights & du es, gamifica on, determinism, intellectual

property, privacy & security, philanthropy, etc.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Cri cal Thinking

To think cri cally is by no means nega ve or dismissive. It is, in a broad sense,

an a tude of mind that deliberately scratches the surface of things by

exploring through ques oning. Your host will use this sec on of the event to

pose ques ons on any topic of your choosing to try to dissect it, undermine

commonly held assump ons about it, ask you to jus fy your opinions and to

provide you with the important opportunity to react in ways which may even

surprise you. Example content includes: Is it the best method …? How might it

benefit …? What is the most effec ve way …? What are the implica ons for …?

How might it be applied to …? How might we priori se …? What might happen

if …? Can you propose an alterna ve …? What pa erns exist in …? Etc.

As you can see, each event is full of ac vi es and employs a range of

excep onally useful skills that our guests can then use in the real world

situa ons they find themselves.

Guests don’t know in advance what they will be doing in the hour and the

event will unfold before them on arrival. All a guest needs to do is decide they

want to engage in intelligent conversa on and reserve a place at a me to suit


This level of freedom and this lack of prior knowledge ahead of the event might

seem unusual at first but it also keeps things interes ng and mirrors reality

when we don’t always know what to expect and might need to think on our


Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Event mes

Our events run 7 days week with a choice of 2 events each day and all mes

based on GMT (+1 April to October). You can join the course on any date and

book the events you wish to a end. When there is a wai ng list, guests will be

invited on a first-come, first-served basis.
Monday to Sunday

12.00 – 13.00 Event One

18.00 – 19.00 Event Two

To help you decide which op ons suit you best the table below shows event

start mes in a number of ci es around the world.

Paris Riyadh Beijing Tokyo/Seoul Bogota Rio

Event One 13.00 14.00 19.00 20.00 06.00 08.00

Event Two 19.00 20.00 01.00 02.00 12.00 14.00

Events One and Two are different each day meaning you can book for both


Intelligent Conversa on in English -


You can book one-hour sessions on a one-to-one basis

to focus on areas of specific interest to you. You can

book just one hour or as many as you deem necessary

and these can be delivered at a me to suit you. The

focus of the hour is en rely down to you and your

requirements but examples include:

Just In Time - Have you got a presenta on to give, a job

interview to a end or a mee ng with new clients? We

can help you prepare fully and polish your English to

give the best possible impression.

Linguis c Charisma - Discovering and developing

eloquence in both speaking and wri ng that engages,

cap vates and mo vates audiences .

Poetry Apprecia on - Recognising the imagery, rhythm,

rhyme and emo ons s rred through haikus to sonnets

and from limericks to slam.

Original Wri ng - The art of self-expression and the

opportunity to explore (or find) your imagina on

through storytelling, speeches and songs.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Bespoke training

Many businesses want very specific training for their employees and this is

something we can help you with. We have experience in all areas of general

business English and examples include giving presenta ons, chairing mee ngs,

interview techniques, appraisals and report wri ng.

We also have experience in specialist areas such as avia on, mari me, medical,

legal and financial English, technical English for engineers, nego a on skills and

wri ng for diplomats and ambassadors, English for tourism, etc.

We are able to offer tailor-made online language training solu ons to meet the

needs of your business.

Sessions can be held at mes to suit your business and up to 4 people can

a end at any one me. Course lengths will be dictated by your requirements.

Also, businesses can book employees in for our one-to-one sessions at mes to

suit their working hours and availability.

Plus there is the op on to purchase corporate credits for our ICE events that

can then be used by authorised employees to a end any of our twice-daily

events as guests.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

A guest’s journey

● You book with us using our online booking form.

● We send you a booking confirma on & invoice.

● You can pay the invoice via bank transfer.

● We contact you with details of how to reserve a place at events, etc.

● You plan the events you want to a end and book online.

● You a end your first event with many more to come.

● You con nue to book more events

using your credits.

● When your credits have nearly all

been used we will contact you to remind


● At the end of the course, you will

receive a cer ficate and report outlining

the number of hours a ended, the topics

and skills you worked on, a comment on

your English and recommenda ons for

further improvement.

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

The credits system

We appreciate your me is precious and so we offer a range of op ons to

choose from. With all of these, you have the freedom to decide which days you

join us to fit in with your lifestyle and other commitments. All prices are in

sterling (GBP).

Each credit can be used for any one-hour event. All credits are valid for 3

months from the date of purchase. For an intensive experience, we

recommend 10 events per week but you choose your own metable.

Op ons Access to all events with a daily choice of mes Price

ICE 10 10 hours of events £300

ICE 20 20 hours of events £550

ICE 40 40 hours of events £1000

ICE 60 60 hours of events £1350

We can also arrange one-to-one sessions. There is no minimum number of

sessions you need to book and we will work with you to find a suitable me for

each one. The price is GBP 80 per 60 minutes.
Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Who we are (and who we aren’t)

We are called The Mondial Experience because our goal is to deliver

an experience rather than just another language course and Mondial

meaning rela ng to the whole world.

We are a new company created by experienced people from the

English language school industry. It is a very small team who have

worked together for many years and now wish to use their

knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to offer higher-level language

learners a new and exci ng online alterna ve.

Our management team have around 50 years of experience running

language schools both in the UK and overseas.

Our teachers are all well-qualified, highly skilled and passionate

about what they do. They have taught around the world and

between them have decades of experience.

We are not another language school offering generic, coursebook

based programmes for language learners at all levels with fixed

dates, finite study lengths, etc. There are plenty of good schools who

do this and for lower-level students, they can be very effec ve.

However, people a racted to what we offer have gone beyond

needing that formal, predictable learning environment and seek

greater challenges and mental s mula on.

Every hour is unique and does not rely on formulaic coursebooks and

materials but instead on the use of current affairs, the development

of some key skills and a matrix of op ons that make every 60

minutes different, spontaneous and engaging.

All Photos by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Intelligent Conversa on in English -

Thank you for taking the me to learn more about what we do.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our forthcoming events.

The Mondial Experience Team

Intelligent Conversa on in English -


[email protected]

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