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Transquisite Brochure (NEW)


Consulting Group.

Corporate Brochure

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About Us 2

Services 5

-Recruitment 6

-Outsourcing 5

-Human Resource 10

-Expatriate Employee Management Services 15

-Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool 18

Contacts 20


What differentiates us in the market? ?

We provide strategic recruitment and human resource solutions that are

tailored to enhance productivity, and exceed corporate objectives whilst
incorporating the ethos and culture of your organisation

Transquisite Consulting is a international Recruitment
and Training Consultancy with one objective – to
Identify, Develop, and Empower the talent in Nigeria

and Sub-Sahara Africa.

W We offer bespoke comprehensive services with the
objective to develop businesses to reach their

maximum potential through the recruitment and the
professional development of employees and their
business processes.


About Us

"At Transquisite, we are passionate about what we do. With precision we strive for perfection

because your business is important to us." - Mission Statement

Transquisite Consulting is a UK and Nigerian registered Recruitment and Training
Consultancy with one objective and that is to Identify, Develop, and Empower the

talent in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our bespoke services are tailored to assist businesses in achieving their
corporate agendas through the identification of key talent and the professional

development of employees and business processes.

Because no organisation is the same, and doesn’t operate as a “one size fits all”
Because no organisation is the same, and doesn’t operate as a “one size fits all”
we conduct various recruitment/ talent acquisition methodologies to ensure that

the candidates we provide are not just a good technical fit that will aid in achieving
corporate objectives but also demonstrate the qualities that allow them to function

and blend into the culture and ethos of your organisation.


About Us

With primary operations in the UK and Nigeria we have also established partnerships that have enabled us to
develop a growing presence in the Sub-Sahara Africa. So let’s discuss and design a tailored service specifically for
your needs.

Why Engage Transquisite Consulting?

Our Knowledge of the market – each consultant, candidate, client or collaborator
increases our network coverage to connect you to
Our recruiters will have their finger on the pulse of their specialist candidates with a range of skills and experiences, many of
markets, and can give the hiring team insight in to what is who would be off the radar of an in-house team or hiring
happening. They we know the available talent, where they are manager.
and how to reach out to them, their salary rates, career
expectations, available skill-sets and current hiring complexities. We produce Candidates, not applicants.
We act as partners and collaborators who are your eyes and ears
in the market. A lot of talent attraction is aimed at attracting applicants,

whether they are responding to an advert, applying on spec,
Our Extensive reach or through your website. A lot of these people may not be

good matches for the role hence a lot of time will be invested
Some candidates are hard to find. They may be passive, or in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with
they may be selective. If they aren’t responding to job them.
advertisements, don’t see themselves as part of your
‘talent pool’ and are too busy to search full time then the Engaging
Engaging Transquisite Consulting means that you see only
chances are that they may have relationships with trusted candidates – job seekers who have been pre-selected to
specialist recruiters in your sector. match all the criteria that you are looking for and who are

Even if they aren’t currently active, we will know who they worthy of consideration and interview.
are and how to reach them. We leverage on our diverse


About Us | Why Engage Transquisite Consulting?

We Promote you as an Employer Brand Testimonials

Look at us as your unofficial brand marketing team! Sourcing I worked with Transquisite Consulting
candidates in the market makes us a stakeholder that will across a number of recruitment briefs
promote your business as a reputable brand people should know
about. We can give potential candidates a real insight in to your and my previous organisations
business – what it’s like to work there, benefits and career continued to use them as their
openings available, and a feel for the culture. Getting to know knowledge of HR / Recruitment did put
you and your business enables us to represent you as an them head and shoulders above other
employer of choice.
employer of choice.
recruitment consultancies I worked with.
They understand the specific
Our Management of Budget/Resource They understand the specific
requirements of a client and can screen

There is a budget for agency fees, but not to gain extra and select only those that fit the job
resource. There are time constraints to performing a specification (unlike many other
thorough search, so it is often easier for managers to
interview from a consultancy shortlist. Making a costly hire consultancies I have worked with). This
is detrimental to an organisation so working with us did save us, hours of wasted interview
ensures that we thoroughly utilises our own resources to time, and meant we focus on and recruit
ensure that there is a return on your investment to the the correct employees. If you want
the correct employees. If you want
recruitment process and you seen the value the added
recruitment process and you seen the value the added
service has provided. professional and reliable staff, call
Transquisite Consulting now!!!

- David Ojulari , Senior HR Professional



We offer bespoke comprehensive services with the objective to develop businesses to reach their
maximum potential through the recruitment and the professional development of employees and their

business processes.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Human Sub-Sahara Expatriate Employee
Resource Africa Talent Pool Management Services


Services | Recruitment

At Transquisite, we understand the complexities that identifying We also provide market intelligence for your
the right talent can bring. The process in itself can be both organisation based on the current business trends
time-consuming and tedious in a region where the dynamics and markets from a manpower perspective ensuring

rapidly changes in the market and this has a direct effect on that you establish and maintain your reputation as a
business trends. reputable employer brand and not just a market
leader in your sector.
Identifying key talent for your organisation is core to our
Identifying key talent for your organisation is core to our
business objective. This entails sourcing for professionals who
will be an asset to your organisation using strategic
methodologies to ensure they are not just a technical fit but
also demonstrate the attributes that embody your

organisations’ ethos, values, and culture.

What di
What differentiates us as a consultancy is our engagement
with our clients. We see you more as stakeholders rather than

engage you in a “supply and demand” style of relationship. We
work with you Our services are designed to synergize technical
ability, and leadership identification with cultural integration and
adaptation. because we see every client as a partner.


Services | Recruitment

We recruit professionals within Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa, sourcing and engaging talent
on the following basis:

Permanent Recruitment (Contingency and Retainership)

Fixed Term Contract (Contract & Temporary Recruitment)
Executive Recruitment (C-Level and Senior Management)

Outsourcing Recruitment and Management

Expatriate & Repatriate Recruitment (using our International & UK Talent Pool)

Our recruitment and selection services include:

Complete management of recruitment campaigns

An in-house “Engage-athon” screening process for those with limited interview schedules

Creating candidate profile, and job descriptions
Screening interviews
Psychometric assessment by our qualified consultants covering both ability and personality

Management and design of assessment centres

Co-ordination at the oer stage including obtaining references and medical details where necessary
Co-ordination at the off


Services | Outsourcing

Let’s consider those headaches that take you away from actually running your business; would you rather be planning
for growth, or worrying about the additional workload that comes with it?

Whether it’s sourcing for a new employee, managing payroll, or HR support/consultancy services; Our business

services outsourcing team provide a comprehensive back office solution that is efficient, personable, and report-driven
service designed specifically to your business needs.

We cover the HR Management of personnel, so you don’t have to worry about the
technicalities of managing employees, and their professional development.
These services cover:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Permanent, Contract and

Temporary positions)
Employee Contract administration

Employee Record Management
Monthly Payroll Administration and Statutory Obligations

Facilitation of Health insurance plans
Design and implementation of Training Calendar

T Training Programme Design and Facilitation for outsourced
employees – built from UK Continuous Professional Development

(CPD) modules to ensure through our Training company
Transquisite Career Academy


Services | Outsourcing Cont.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing?

Increase in the quantity and Overhead and associated Resources are freed up to
quality of candidates costs are reduced focus on core processes to
drive business

Service is improved by Condense the recruitment life
having a quicker cycle and generate a sustainable
turnaround and genuine talent channel for
future needs


Services | Human Resource

There are things that you have to have in place in terms of HR Operational Procedure such as contracts and policies, then

there are those things that really make a difference such as performance appraisals, career development paths and
behavioural frameworks within the context of an HR strategy and effectively structured organisation – these are the things

that are essential to support sustainable growth.

We work with organisations to achieve its’ success through your existing and potential employees. From project-based HR to

ad-hoc support, our aim is always the same: to apply our practical advice and skills to support your business.


Services | Human Resource Cont.

Understanding your business is very important to us, because we believe no organisation is exactly the same, so we

ensure that your organisation is rightly represented as well as keeping your employees happy and motivated because
they are the mechanisms behind its’ success

Amongst the diverse range of services, we offer are but are not limited to:

Performance Management and Appraisal Design and Implementation

HR Strategy & Creation
Organisational Restructuring

Occupational Health & Safety Compliance & Policy Design
Compensation, Rewards, and Benefits Review and Policy Implementation

HR Legal & Compliance Advisory Services
Process Re-engineering
Process Re-engineering
Learning and Development
HR Department Design for SME & New Businesses

Employee Engagement and Culture Adaptation Services


Services | Human Resource Cont.

Benefits of using our HR Services
Cost effective

Outsourcing can be very cost effective. Working with our human resources consultants, you
will have access to a team of HR professionals who have a wealth of experience and
specialised knowledge across the various spheres of HR. Hiring individual employees with
this experience would cost you more than engaging us to handle specific tasks whether it be
project-based or back office administration.


Our workforce structure allows us to deal with HR processes more effectively – especially

quite complex HR functions such as recruitment, compensation and benefits administration,
employee regulations, employee handbooks and occupational health and safety. The key
objective of our structure is to support our clients exclusively on a project to project basis.

This will reduce the time that employers and managers spend on HR-related paperwork and
procedures, and more time dedicated to their areas of focus.

Return on investment

Having our experienced HR team assist with your long-term strategic management goals
such as succession planning and professional development is ideal as we will have more

time to be invest our resources unto its implementation into the development of these areas
than you or your in-house HR team may not have sufficient time to spare. This shift in the
HR focus towards strategy, policy and decision-making will bring about a much greater,
sustainable return that the initial up-front investment in outsourcing.


Services | Human Resource Cont.

Regaining primary focus

Business leaders often get embroiled in the day-to-day HR issues, distracting them from
their main business focus. At Transquisite Consulting, we allow you to shift your focus
back, while providing comfort knowing that the HR side of things is being taken care of. By
working alongside the HR consultants, your own HR staff can learn and grow, as well as
being able to focus their efforts in key areas.

Employee satisfaction and decreased turnover

The quality of services we provide has a direct effect on employee satisfaction. Having an
external HR expert speak honestly with your employees about their work, and then having
changes implemented that are fair and that benefit everyone, will lead to greater employee
satisfaction, increased productivity and decreased turnover.

Minimizing risk management

Employment & Labour Laws change regularly, and it can be difficult for employers to
remain up-to-date on regulations that affect the workplace. Our risk management
services ensure your organisation is compliant by staying on top of these laws so that
you don’t have to. This includes making sure your policies and procedures comply with
these laws and that both the employer and the employee are protected.


Services | Human Resource Cont.

Employee development

Our Employment Development Strategies help businesses manage employee performance

and development. Looking at your organisation from an un-biased and objective perspective
we can work with you to provide solutions that ensure productivity, promote employee

engagement, and meet your operational objectives.

Alongside the development of employees, it is paramount that we implement and monitor
Alongside the development of employees, it is paramount that we implement and monitor
performance management plans to ensure that the employee development strategy has not

only increased their productivity and efficiently, but their newly adapted functionalities
comply with company policies and procedures and successfully meet business goals.

This reduces the workload of managers by minimizing the amount of administrative

responsibilities you focus on leaving room to channel your energy on business growth and
market penetration.


Services | Expatriate Employee Management Services

Working with our strategic partners, Transquisite Consulting
provides expatriate support services in immigration, logistics,
consular and compliance advisory services to an increasing and

diverse clientele. Our seamless, efficient and cost effective

immigration service tackles the challenges sometimes faced so
that you can focus on business and avoid the distractions and
frustrations that immigration processes can cause.

Our team of Immigration Professionals are constantly abreast
Our team of Immigration Professionals are constantly abreast
with market trends, Immigration regulations, and how that can
affect your organisation, and as a result, we are able to offer the

best advice and services tailored specifically to your needs.

Over the years, we have come to realize that immigration compliance is easily the greatest source of frustration for
expatriates in Nigeria. This is a potential risk area for major business and therefore requires professional handling from the
onset. Many expatriates and foreign companies have fallen victim of non-compliance on immigration matters and our ethos

is simple, “Compliance is Key”

As part of our process and in order to ensure compliance with the Nigerian Immigration laws/procedures, our team would
As part of our process and in order to ensure compliance with the Nigerian Immigration laws/procedures, our team would
need to carry out an initial immigration audit on our clients. This exercise involves the review of all files relating to the

company’s ability to be in full compliance with the Nigeria Immigration laws. It will enable us to appraise your immigration

needs with a view to providing you with the appropriate solutions to meet those identified needs


Services | Expatriate Employee Management Services

The services we provide

Visa on arrival

Regularization of STR visa
Extension of Business/Visitors visa.

Multiple Re-entry visa
Procurement of Temporary Work Permit Visa (TWP).

General Consultancy on immigration Regulation and practices
T Training on immigration processes and procedures.

Procurement of Expatriate Quota
Renewal/Re-designation/ Additional of Expatriate Quota

Renewal of CERPAC
Expatriate Logistic Support

Upgrade of EQ slots to Permanent Until Review (PUR)
Filing of Immigration Monthly Returns and TWP Quarterly Returns

Landing Permit visa
Landing Permit visa
Deletion of Expatriate Personnel from the Company’s EQ slots

Compliance Advisory Services / Immigration Audit


Services | Expatriate Employee Management Services

Why Transquisite Expatraite Management Services?

Favourable and competitive pricing. Inventory management and unique

handling of document.

Efficient process dealing with all With a wealth of experience,
documentation involving immigrations. government know-how, we will provide

effective integrated immigration advice,

saving you time, expense, and a
hassle-free processes


Services | Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool

We use our international presence in the UK as well as our global
network to our advantage by holding seasonal candidate

networking events. The objective of these events is to build a
diverse talent pool and educate professionals in the diaspora about

the opportunities in Africa whether it be in their country of origin or
other parts of Africa. We focus on the social economic dynamics

taking place in Africa, the market trends, international bilateral
information, and most importantly the professional opportunities
information, and most importantly the professional opportunities
available in the region should they wish to pursue a career in Africa
on a short- or long-term basis.

From these events we’ve built and attracted a talent pool

of candidates that fit into the following criteria:

British citizens who are of Nigerian/African descent who want to seek career opportunities in Nigeria and /or other parts of

Nigerian professionals who came to the UK to study an undergraduate or post-graduate course and are looking to utilise

those skills in Nigeria
African nationals who are looking to return to their country of origin for career progression

Those who are looking for expatriate positions in Africa on a short- or long-term assignments.


Services | Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool

The key advantages of our Sub-Sahara African Talent Pool are:

No visa requirement or very minimal processing procedures necessary because in

most cases the candidates would already have the necessary documents and
eligibility to work in their country of ethnic origin or in Africa as a whole.

Companies will not always be liable to hire candidates as expatriates especially if
Companies will not always be liable to hire candidates as expatriates especially if
they have already demonstrated an interest in relocating which results into attracting
candidates with international experience cost effectively which ultimately means there

will be minimal or no relocation expenses

Senior candidates would have attended management courses at some point in their
Senior candidates would have attended management courses at some point in their
career, and with that experience they can implement change management in an

organisation to ensure that it’s operating at an international level. This can result into
minimal immediate training costs.



UK Head Office
23 Durrant Way

Kent DA10 0EP
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44(0)203 0868788
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Registered in England and Wales
No: 7564643


visit for more information

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