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Billy Goes To School

Billy Goes To


Written For: Demo Purposes PPC.

Copyright © 2019 by Pataskity Publishing Co.


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Dedicated To: Wonderful Students



Today was Billy’s favorite day

After a long summer of sunshine and play

Now it was time to go somewhere cool

And that place was called Raleigh Rolls Elementary school


This summer he swam and played with toys

With all the neighborhood girls and boys

They would play at the park or at the pool

But now they were back to Raleigh Rolls Elementary school!



His backpack all packed nice and neat

Brand new shoes tight on his feet

And Billy was ready to follow every rule

To get good grades in Raleigh Elementary school


Here he’ll see his friends every day

Whether the sky was bright blue or gray

Billy would learn math! It’s a useful tool

And he’d only learn it at Raleigh Rolls Elementary School!


Here at school Billy had a desk and chair

A little small cubby to put his things there

Snacks and good lunch to give him fuel

Because there’s so much to do in Raleigh Rolls

Elementary school!

The first day of class was always the best

There was no homework and never a test

Yes, there’s no other place so cool

Than recess at Raleigh Rolls Elementary school


There are other classes like Music too

Where they play instruments and sing it’s true

In theater class they wear costumes and jewels

He goes to the best of all Raleigh Rolls Elementary schools.


The only sad part of the day is when it ends

And he has to say goodbye to all his friends

Except there’s one thing that’s not at school

His mom and dad, who are cool.


Billy has the best life you can see

He plays and learns with his friends so free

And when he comes home, he gets hugs real tight

From Mom and Dad every single night.


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