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Published by j.a.mabry02, 2019-04-25 19:25:03

low organized games book

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Low Organized Games

Jason Mabry II


❏ Jumping Jacks
❏ Straight leg hangs
❏ Right over left
❏ Left over right
❏ Quad stretch
❏ Arm swings

Scarf Toss

Get a partner, and challenge each other to catch juggling scarves
Basically you and your partner each have a scarf and you both toss it in the air. Your goal is to catch the scarf
before it hits the ground.
After each catch you step further back so it could be more challenging

Pop up

Get a partner
One person has two balls, one in each hand
The other person will will be laying down chest on the floor
Your goal is to not let the ball bounce twice
They can drop the ball the in there left or right hand so be ready to get up as soon as possible

Capture the flag relay

4 teams of 3-5 players
Each team have 3 hula hoops that they must fill up with 3-5 flags/bean bags
On person tosses a ball to the other player that standing in one the hula hoops. If the catch is successful then
that player will run and grab a flag and place it in the first hula hoop. The person who tossed the ball then
goes in the hula hoop and the person who caught the balls goes to the end of the line. Once the first hula
hoop has 3-5 flags then you fill up the next hula hoop. The team who fills up all hula hoops win

Hula hoop shuffle tag

Everybody stands in a hula hoop and have to slide the hula hoop around and tag one of the other players if
you get tagged then you have to pick up the hula hoop and do 5 spins in the hula hoop. You get 2 minutes to
play each round.

Hula hoop blitz

Set up 30-40 bowling pins, make sure they’re spaced out. The students will have a partner.
One will kick the hula hoop and knock down a bowling pin. Then run and pick up the hula hoop and give it to
the next person.
The team that knocks down the last bowling pin WINS

Travel the hula hoop

Split into 2 teams doesn’t matter how many players on the teams
Your goal is to get the hula hoop from side to the other while holding your teammates hand.
You will have to step in the hula hoop and pass it the next person without letting go of their hand

Bean bag 4 square

4 players each have a hula hoop and one bean bags in the hula hoop
You will be in push up position.
Your goal is to not have a bean bag in your hula when the time runs out. So will have to toss your bean bag to
another players hula hoop
The one with no bean bags WIN

Rock, Paper, Scissors hoop hop

2 teams one person from each team jumps in as many hula hoops as possible and play rock, paper, scissors.
The person who wins keep going and the person who loses goes to end of the line. The person is line starts
hopping and plays rock, paper, scissors until one person of either team gets past the last hula hoop.

Tic Tac Toe relays

Split into 2 teams and you have to play tic tac toe
A member from each team runs and places a bean bag is one of the squares. Then runs back and tags the
next person. The team the finishes the tic tac toe WIN


Set up 10 bowling pins and try to knock all 10 pins down
The player who knocks down the most pins WIN
Everybody gets a chance to go.
Winner advances until one person is left

Shark attack

You will have 3 sharks and rest of the players are the swimmers
Your goal is to get to the other end without being tag
If your tagged then you become a shark
Last person to not be a shark wins

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