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SVAH: SO BE IT! 12 mins | Hindi | India


A girl wanting to get married faces the most bizarre

hurdle. A defective chromosome inthe family.

About the director:
During the course of her career, Gauri has had the

opportunity to assist reputed directors and to be associated
with movie projects like “Chakravyuh & Satyagraha” (with
Prakash Jha), “Shamitabh” (with R. Balki) and “Mom” (with
Ravi Udyawar) as well as many advertising projects.

2019 301

SWACHHTA 4 mins | English, Hindi | India


A Short-film about the Clean India Movement (Swachh

Bharat Mission), an excellent initiative taken by India’s Prime
Minister and how some people have received it in the wrong
way, and are using it to show-off. CLEAN YOUR MENTALITY

About the director:
Rahul Abhua, 23, is a young filmmaker, an aspiring actor,

and Founder of ‘Bhooka Nanga Productions’. Abhua has done
Theatre under the National School Of Drama’s (NSD)
Professional and recently began making short and feature
films for different web-portals. He has directed a documentary
on the subject of ‘women empowerment and their rights’ for
the Ministry of Delhi and has now directed more than 20 short
films which are available on various streaming platforms.

2019 302

TAHRIB 10 mins | Arabic | Spain


A young Moroccan must take a group of illegal immigrants

in a boat through the Strait of Gibraltar

About the director:
Gerard Vidal – Cortes is a Graduate in Film & Audiovisual

and specializes in film directing at ESCAC. After writing,
directing and collaborating on many projects in and out of
college, he has written and directed Tahrib as his graduation
project. Last year he also co-directed a feature film developed
at college called “La filla d’algu?”.

2019 303

TAILORED 7 mins | | France


This film tells the story of a human being in a world full of

animals. It is his first day of work as a dressmaker in a famous
Haute Couture workroom. Instead of doing his work, he sews
together a disguise with versions of different animal parts to
imitate his colleagues and hide his difference.

About the director:
Léa Cousty, Chloé Astier, Raphaël Guez, Mélanie

Fourgeaud, Hugo Bourriez and Victoire Le Dourner have
graduated from Supinfocom Rubika school (Valenciennes,
France) with a Master in Digital Direction. In 2018, they co-
directed the short film “Sur Mesure”.

2019 304


SABARIVASAN 20 mins | Tamil | India

A man who is sentenced to death has a fervent last wish

which is to have his last meal cooked and served by his young
wife. What will be the mental state of the wife? How will she
talk to her beloved husband, who is heading to receive death
in a few hours? What will she talk, that is, if at all?

About the director:
Sabarivasan Shanmugam studied Film direction under

one of the most renowned filmmakers of india, Mr.
Balumahendra in his film school, “Balumahendra Cinema
Pattarai”. Mr.Balumahendra is known for his national award
winning Tamil films like ‘Moondram Pirai’ (Sadma in Hindi),
‘Veedu’ and ‘Sandhyaragam’. Sabarivasan has also worked as
an assistant director under Balumahendra in the film
‘’Thalaimuraigal’ which won a National Award.

2019 305

TEA 25 mins | English | India


Despite several attempts, Radha can’t brew the perfect

cup of tea. When she meets Shankar, a truth about their lives
is revealed.

About the director:
Pooja Sudhir studied filmmaking at the New York Film

Academy, she currently works as a writer at Paramvah
Studios. ‘Tea’ is her first short film.

2019 306

TERROR 17 mins | Arabic, Hebrew |

Dan, a patient who suffers from PTSD, finds himself

thrown together with his Arab co-workers when multiple
terror attacks hit Jerusalem again.

About the director:
Yonatan Shehoah was born and raised in Mexico City and

emigrated to Israel in 2012. From 2013 to 2017 he studied
directing and cinematography full time at the Maaleh School
of Film and Television and graduated in 2018. Terror is his
graduating film. Yonatan was the director of photography for
five of his fellow students’ films viz., 11 Minutes, Taken, Round
2, Shmil and Possessed.

2019 307

THE ACCORDION 20 mins | Hindi | India


The story of this film revolves around the basis of the

karmic cycle, portrayed by the surreal and psychological
journey of the protagonist and how the whole essence of it
holds up to a quote-”Try to discover who I am from my choice
of words and colours”, which also describes the inner self/
voice of the protagonist, who is shown drifting from one form
to another and then to the absolute, where he meets his own

About the director:
Sandip Banerjee is passionate about painting and poetry.

His published works include “One Barrel Blood”, “Last Sunday”,
“Coffin Maker” and “Time” which are a reflection of him and
the society he’s a part of. He has been into research about one
of the greatest parallel film maker of all time-Ritwik
Ghatak(World Cinema), for at least a period over 6 years,
before he chose film making as a way of expressing himself.

2019 308


DEBASHIS DAS 18 mins | Bengali | Bangladesh

Gittu, an introvert milkman, goes to an abandoned local

temple regularly to smoke after performing his duty of
delivering milk from door to door. Once while smoking
cigarettes in solitude, he becomes aware of the temple’s

About the director:
Debashis Das has a diploma in Film-making from

Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute (BCTI). Many of
his short films were screened at a number of international film
festivals including International Film Festival of South Asia
[IFFSA] - Toronto, Dadasaheb Phalke International Short Film
Festival, Clapstick International student’s Film Festival, Pune
Short Film Festival, ReelLife Film Festival, Open Window
International Film Festival, South Asian Short Film Festival
and The Lift-Off Session.

2019 309


(MULTIPLE DIRECTORS) 7 mins | No Dialogue | France

After a heist that goes wrong, a frail robot who was the

driver of a robot mafia, ends up processing of some loot he
shouldn’t have, a human heart. Tempted by the opportunity of
being like his bosses, he grafts the heart to himself and
discovers the feeling of being alive. But those brief instants of
life have a price.

About the director:
Nicolas Lebas, Claire Cartier, Mathilde Dourdy, Thibault

Grunenberger, Maurine Lecerf and Shih-Hui Pan have
graduated from Supinfocom Rubika school (Valenciennes,
France) with a Master in Digital Direction. In 2018, they co-
directed the short film “The Bolt Connection”.

2019 310

THE CALL 11 mins | English | India


A regular telephone conversation between 2 people on an

ominous night, turns into something more mysterious, as
strange and horrifying occurrences begin to haunt the couple.
This is a short, yet gripping tale, based on an online story by
Pascal Chatterjee and a loose adaptation of Lovecraftian /
Cosmic horror.

About the director:
Amogh Ravindra is a designer and an illustrator by

profession but a cinephile at heart. A first-time filmmaker
from Bangalore, Amogh worked as an art director for
numerous Ad Films and Music Videos, which eventually got
him into more of writing and directing.

2019 311

THE CIRCLE 13 mins | Arabic | Egypt


A day in life of an employee, working in a private company

suffering from the cruelty of capitalism, which made him
struggle between being as cruel as them or not.

About the director:
A 30 year old Egyptian engineering graduate, Mo worked

as an engineer for 5 years until he found his passion while
taking up a film-making workshop. He soon started his carrer
as an assistant director in an Egyptian series and later made
his debut in the short film “The Circle”.

2019 312

THE CLOSE SHAVE 7 mins | Kannada | India


A barber goes about his daily life until fate almost snips

him off.

About the director:
Neelam Singh is a filmographer who’s worked as an

assistant director for popular Kannada films like and with
Randy Kent, a Hollywood Director. He’s written and directed
several short films - “Hell-O!”,” Love in Bangalore”, “Rs. 500/-” ,
“PASS-I-ON”. One of his short films - “CHI CHI MAN”, was
selected for six film festivals from across the world. His
screenplay, “DHUNN”, has won the 3rd prize in the imA
Screenwriting Competition.

2019 313

THE CORNFIELD 20 mins | | France


Yves has accepted to plant an experimental cornfield in his

farm. This decision allows the couple to be more financially
stable. As they have a baby on the way, everything seems to be
on the up. That is, until one day, when Yves discovers some
strange sap flowing down an ear of the corn.

About the director:
After directing 5 self produced short films. Guerraz was

awarded a director’s grant at the Grenoble Short Film Festival,
thanks to his film “Contacts”. Since then, Michael has directed
two short films, both produced by Les Films du Cygne and
written by Olivier Dreux: “Clay” (2012) which was selected for
over 80 festivals and awarded more than 20 prizes as well as a
preselection for the 2014 César Short Film Award and more
recently, “The Cornfield” (2018).

2019 314


ABHINAV DUBEY 15 mins | Malayalam | India

This is the story of Fatima, a mother of two and object of

one, who is abused by her spouse, and how that affects her
children. Sometimes, society and religion make it harder for
women to break barriers and take some hard decisions.

About the director:
Abhinav Dubey is a photographer from Indore ,India.

2019 315

THE DAY HE DIED 12 mins | Hindi | India


This is the journey of Vikas, a 12 year old handicapped boy

who is stuck between the extreme belief system of his atheist
pregnant mother and an overly religious, alcoholic father.

About the director:
Coming from the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh, Abhijeet

Sarthi has completed his graduation in Computer Science and
Engineering and is currently pursuing a direction and
screenplay-writing course from the prestigious Satyajit Ray
Film and Television Institute in Kolkata. Though an introvert
by nature, his narratives do not shy away from telling these
bitter truths of the society. He derives major part of his
inspiration from his life experiences and experiences of those
close to him.

2019 316



Post-apocalyptic triptych, contemplating on the state of

the world after humans have gone extinct. Insects have
replaced humans and perpetuate their violence – a robot
paints a fresco in memory of the past civilization – and a
walking living plant lists the last surviving plant species.

About the director:
Lucas Roussel, Charlotte Brun, Loïc Frimat, Vincent Labis,

Adrien Lannoy, Alice Lepoutre

2019 317

THE FLEA 19 mins | Spanish, English |

Paola is a Spanish backpacker who has been traveling

around the world for more than a year with her camera, taking
pictures. At her first day in NYC, a stranger steals her camera
in Central Park. Paola will try to find the thief and to take her
camera and pictures back.

About the director:
Sergio Paton studied Audiovisual Communication in the

Complutense University of Madrid. He soon moved to
Barcelona where he did a Cinematographic Direction Masters
in the school of cinema Bande à Part. With his final master
project, the short-film “Great Future”, he got over thirty
official selections and won 12 national and international
awards. He is currently working in advertising.

2019 318

THE GETAWAY 8 mins | German | Germany


Two young gangsters try to outwit their father in order to

get out of the criminal business he is leading.

About the director:
He decided to follow his dream of being a filmmaker and

started the bachelor degree course “Digital Film Making” in
Zürich. During the last few months ofthe degree course he
already started working at two companies – one operates in
the event business while the other one produces corporate
films. Recently he was accepted for the graduate film course
at New York University, which he is starting in September

2019 319

THE GIFT 16 mins | Urdu | Pakistan


The film is about the value of a gift and how it creates

problems for a perfectionist.

About the director:
Jabran Zafar is a part time filmmaker who comes from a

small city Khushab in Punjab, Pakistan. His films Ghunchah,
The gift and Kam di Gal have got international acclamation.
Kam di Gal was declared 2nd best international film at the 3rd
Acharya Tulsi short film festival.The gift won best
cinematography-jury prize in Shunya international film
festival’s January edition 2019. Jabran has just graduated
from medical school and is training in medicine.

2019 320

THE GOOD WIFE 17 mins | Bengali, Hindi | India


Inspired by true stories & produced and part-written by

two female artists, “The Good Wife”, is a short film revolving
around the highs, lows, joys, defeat & triumphs of a woman in
the course of a single day; a woman who is nameless because
she is the epitome of an ancient and seemingly eternal
typecast, ‘The Good Wife’ and thus can be anyone; your friend,
colleague, mother or your sister. The story is set in the 90’s to
throw light on how little has changed in the last two and half
decades in the lives of these seemingly ‘Good Wives’.

About the director:
Prataya Saha is an independent filmmaker and

photographer based out of Bengaluru, India. His directorial
debut was “Anna’s Weekend” (2016) and since then, he has
been directing short films. His films left a mark in film festivals
around the world including the Woodpecker International
Film Festival and Cardiff International Film Festival. Two of
his films have also been accepted at, South East
Asia’s largest online independent short films curators.

2019 321


ALENA NARTSISSOVA 19 mins | | Russian Federation

A young antique dealer visits a collector, looking to buy a

few valuable etchings from him. As it turns out, the collector is
a blind, elderly man. Upon hearing the name of the antique
shop, he happily greets his guest, prepared to show him
everything he has. His collection, however, proves to be
nothing like what the antique dealer had expected.

About the director:
Alena Nartsissova is a director and screenwriter, born in

Novosibirsk (Russia). Graduated from the Russian State
University of Cinematography. The invisible collection, …ad
astra (short film, 2014) - Festival de Cannes (Short Film
Corner, 2015), Film festival “Saint Anna”, Moscow (2015), Film
festival “Autumn “, Moscow (2015), “Blackbird Film Fest”, New
York (2015); For a minute (short film, 2010) - Film festival
“Saint Anna”, Moscow (2010), VGIK international student
festival (2010); Solar eclipse (documentary, 2008); Waiting
(short film, 2008).

2019 322

THE KEEPER 15 mins | Chinese | Singapore


Rong lives with his ailing wife, Shan. One day, Ling, their

daughter returns home for a visit.

About the director:
Shreela Agarwal comes from Bombay, India and is

currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Film at the
Puttnam School of Film and Animation in Singapore. The
occasion to study film set within the traditional framework of
formal education has given her the opportunity to direct and
complete a slew of short films such as The Keeper, Moments
and Shoe Box among others. She has also served as the
director of photography and editor for other film projects, the
most recent one being Azizah in the capacity of an editor. At
19 years of age, Shreela is a filmmaker, photographer and a
certified mountaineer who enjoys traveling, meeting new
people and learning different cultures of the world.

2019 323

THE LAST CRUISE 2 mins | | Uzbekistan


Everyone has a ticket for this ship, but it sails, at different

times always.

About the director:
In 2015, she co-founded the company Dante Rustav

Films, with Dante Rustav. The same year, she shot her debut
movie. She’s been drawing her films since 2017. Her short
films and cartoon artworks have won different awards and
have been featured on more than 100 International Film

2019 324


IMAN HAASANZADEH 30 mins | Farsi | Iran

A boy paralyzed by a pestilent incident feels that he

ineffective for his community and an additional burden for his
family. The life insurance which he had prepared before states
that if he accidentally dies, 3000 million Rials will be paid to his
family. He now tries to design a random death for himself so
that his family can use the insurance money.

About the director:
Iman Mehrabad is a producer, writer, director and theatre

dramatist. He has written short films and plays like “Big Bang”,
“Mona Lisa” and “The Completely Infected Mind” and is also
the director and producer of the short film “Desperation”.

2019 325

THE OTHER HALF 15 mins | Bengali | India


A woman and a man are declared as joint winners for their

presentation in the finale of a 5 day long business workshop in
a city far from home. The film traces the life of these two
individuals on that night when they return to their homes and
acts as a mirror, taking a voyeuristic look into the gender
disparity that exists all over world. The film shows how the win
of the man is celebrated by his family and on the other hand
how the win of the woman is not even talked about.

About the director:
Prabal Chakraborty is a writor and director from West

Bengal, India. After completing a course in film making and
editing at New York University, he embarked on his film
journey. His short films “Affliction” and “Papangul” have left
marks in festivals like the Kolkata International Film Festival
and Garden State Film Festival. His latest flick “Sampurak” has
also been selected at the International Film Festival of India
(IFFI, Goa) and 15 other film festivals around the world.

2019 326


SUPREETH M S 8 mins | Kannada | India

Set in rural Karnataka, the story is about three best friends

whose weekly ritual is to treat each other alternatively after
school hours. When one of them misses out on treating the
other two, the story takes a different turn, all the while
dribbling between innocence and maturity.

About the director:
Supreeth believes that one day, stories will change society

and not degrees. He is an Engineering graduate with an urge
to tell stories and a love for the ironies of life.

2019 327

THE POLE STAR 19 mins | Bengali | India


The Pole Star deals with various themes like the cycle of

life, hopelessness, lack of belief and the need to avoid
considering suicide as a way to cope up with the harshness of
reality. The film chronicles around a disillusioned
documentary maker who learns about the beauty of life from
a suicide survivor, Riddhi, who becomes the protagonist’s
mirror image and helps the latter to see himself. An unlikely
bond is formed between them but a disaster breaks that bond.
This film tries to showcase the importance of acceptance in
one’s life and how it helps one be at peace.

About the director:
An Independent filmmaker and an actor.

2019 328

THE REED 20 mins | Marathi | India


The story about a son who is trying to save his father

suffering from paralysis.

2019 329

THE SLOT 13 mins | No dialogues | Spain


Clodette is a young woman who professes faith and good

manners. She sleeps under a picture of Christ and next to her
rosary. But in the middle of the night, a dream begins in which
her unconscious mind takes over, letting her repressed self
float. But then the horse man appears on the clock, and
everything starts again.

2019 330

THE SURGEON 18 mins | | Spain


A plastic surgeon finds no inspiration for his beauty

operations, until one day he meets a woman.

About the director:
Benjamín Villaverde is an independent filmmaker who

makes films with a low budget, hence having to find new ways
to tell stories, saving the obstacles with imagination. His films
include are “Tacones”, “Le Futur”, “Peones” and ‘Look Up”. All of
them have won several international awards and have been
screened at more than one hundred film festivals around the

2019 331


DAVID CONILL 10 mins | Catalan | Spain

An old taxidermist solitaire lives reclined between the

four walls of his house. Surrounded by dissected birds as the
only company, he lives frightened by monsters that live
outside the building.

About the director:
David Conill was born in1971 in Catalonia,. He is an

director, known for Solisombra (2013), Santa Innocència
(2013), Fang (2014) and Sr. Expósito (2015).

2019 332

THE SWIMMER 18 mins | Arabic | Spain


A boy throws himself into the sea without looking back.

Each breath is a memory; every stroke, some more hope.

About the director:
Pablo Barce is an editor and director, with a degree in

Audiovisual Communication from the UMA and a diploma in
Assembly from the ECAM. An editor of numerous short films
like Manías (Santiago Capuz, 2015), or Cabezas habladoras
(Juan Vicente Córdoba, 2016), winner of a Goya Award. He
has also mounted the feature-length documentary Ruibal por
libre by César Martínez Herrada in 2017. His first short film as
a director is El nadador, which has already won several awards
at the 20th Community Short Film Week of the Community of

2019 333

THE T - SHIRT 15 mins | Spanish | Spain


Ricardo looks like an unstable and aggressive person, but

this morning will not be one more. Events will inevitably drag
him towards what will be the first day of his new life.
Magdalena, a sweet old woman, will be responsible that it

About the director:
Jose Luis has a degree in Fine Arts as well as one in

marketing and communication. He has developed his entire
career as an advertising creative, audiovisual producer and
press editor.

2019 334

THE THIRD ROOF 11 mins | Bengali | India


The Third Roof is the story of a woman who wanted to fly

kites all her life but was not allowed, her journey to freedom is
depicted through this film story.

About the director:
Tathagata Chatterjee is an independent filmmaker based

in Kolkata, India, his previous film ‘The Machine’ was selected
in many festivals throughout India as well as worldwide. Most
notably, the film was officially selected to compete in River to
River Florence Indian Film Festival 2017.

2019 335


ILMAZ SYED 19 mins | Bengali | India

In the year 2050, a tyrant dictator wakes up from his

slumber to find that all humans have vanished from his land.
Confused and bewildered, he searches frantically but finds no
one. At this moment of his peril, he meets a woman and chases
her until she agrees to tell him the reason why no humans
could ever exist in his land. This film quotes the price a warlord
had to pay for his war.

About the director:
Syed is an independnet filmmaker from the city of Kolkata,

India. He makes films on stories that revolve around him and
his time. Time, he says is our greatest friend and alas our bitter

2019 336

THE WARRIORS 16 mins | Kannada | India


Four friends debate about current affairs, on the

aftermath of a Tragic multistorey Building collapse in
Dharwad, India

About the director:
Adarsh Eshwarappa is a Mechanical Engineer who was

working in the BPO industry, following his dreams of
becoming a Filmmaker. Adarsh’s journey as a Filmmaker
began in 2006. His initial Film Making course was at home,
watching thousands of world cinemas. He took up a Short
Term Film-making course in NYFA at Los Angeles, USA in
2010. He is known for his debut feature, Shuddhi. Adarsh has
also worked on a couple of short films. He’s all set to release
his next feature, Bhinna.

2019 337

THREE TWO ONE 25 mins | Hindi, Marathi | India


Snippets of events in an urban police station unfold the

relationship between SI Piyush and ASI Ratika. Though they
share an intimacy; Ratika is not yet ready to be in a
relationship. Another SI Vishwanath also has a sense of
affection towards her, but he cannot express his feelings to

About the director:
Himanshu Prajapati is a postgraduate in film direction and

screenplay from FTII (Pune) with a keen interest in Hindi
literature and Iranian cinema. His short film, “Ek Kahani Aisi
Bhi”, and the documentary “Jivari “ were both recipients of
TOTO Film Award in cinema. He made another documentary
film called ‘fill in the blank’ on veteran theatre director Sunil
Shanbag’s play ‘Blank Page’. His latest work is a 25min fiction
long-short ‘Three Two One’

2019 338

TICKET 15 mins | | India


A lower middle class man searches for the ticket of his

existence in the socioeconomic scenario of daily Indian city

About the director:
Abhik Das is an independent filmmaker who learnt

filmmaking by reading books, the Internet and self-
experience. Other than directing films, he writes screenplay,
does cinematography and edits. Among his works lie ‘The
Doors’, ‘The Gift’ and ‘Ticket’.

2019 339

TIME TO GO 10 mins | Spanish | Mexico


Darío a young man has deep depression due to family

conflicts and makes the decision to commit suicide by
throwing himself on the subway tracks. Shortly before
achieving his plan, he meets Soledad, a deaf girl. Darío falls
deeply in love and learns sign language to enter her world.
They live a happy relationship until they suffer a fatal road
accident where Darío loses his life. Death comes for him,
giving him one last chance to say goodbye to the woman he

2019 340

TOO TAME! 7 mins | No Dialogue |

The seven protagonists are trapped in their cliché,

recurring everyday routine. Their individuality is , because far
too easy their independence can be taken away - even if they
gamble with life. But show must go on and money is rolling in.

About the director:
Illustration-studies and building puppets led her to an

animation-film studio. She strigs frames together in different
ways, draws and photographs animation films and flip-books.
She lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

2019 341

TORTURE 14 mins | Russian | Russia


Bastards who tied two people in a time of blooming youth,

full of life and love, went much further in a sophisticated
cruelty. With their shoulder surgery, they ripped the
tenderness out of their hearts. And if people died because of
physical torture, and some repented in their renunciation, and
could live on, then our torture took away from us the very
concept of life in life.

About the director:
Fernando Vera Moreno (Zaragoza, SPAIN, 1975). Formed

in the Bigas Luna Film Workshop, the New York Film Academy
and different courses in script, direction, and production.
Diploma in Teaching from the University of Zaragoza. An
audiovisual producer with more than 15 years of experience
in management and production teams. Experience for more
than 4 years in the preparation and implementation of
educational programs that take the cinema as a pedagogical
tool in different schools, both in primary and secondary.

2019 342

TRAVELER 6 mins | Arabic, English | Egypt


Rahaal is an ordinary book like all other books which exists

in the arab world . It tells us the catastrophe of the book which
is treated bad and carelessly, it also tells us the meaning of
reading in our countries at modern times. The film
encapsulates the story of the book from its beginning before
printing to its sad ending.

About the director:
Hossam Mousa, Ahmed Raafat, Yara Magdy, Amr Galal,

Zahra Ashraf

2019 343

UNLOVED 13 mins | English | India


Set in the Urban Jungle of India, Unloved is the story of a

boy who wants to be loved.

About the director:
Based in India, Akarsh has directed two short films

‘Hunters in Bangalore’ and ‘Dream Scar’. He has been
associated with other shorts and music videos through the
production house Raker Media Labs and is also a published
author with two titles to his name.

2019 344

URMIH 8 mins | English | India


An aggressive specially-abled man, Shiv, who shares a

turbulent and a broken relationship with his loving sister,
Madhu, chances upon a dog who’s loyalty and unconditional
love bring about a change in him and his relationship with his

About the director:
Ravali Thummalachetty is an actor, filmmaker currently

based in Los Angeles, California. She is native to Bangalore,
India, where she did her Bachelors in Civil Engineering. As a
theatre practitioner for over five years, Ravali has dabbled in
various aspects of theatre such as acting, directing and writing
and has extensively worked with the Bangalore based theatre
group, MISF!T (Ratan Thakore Grant’s studio for acting). She
has written and directed two short films, “Urmih”, and “Mr.
Das” in the year 2018. She’s currently pursuing her MFA in
Filmmaking from USC School of Cinematic Arts.

2019 345

VAEMBA 7 mins | Tamil | India


This film depicts the struggle/battle of a widow for a life

with her toddler. Lady (madhu) lives in a very typical fashion
and has lost her husband recently. Her Landlord (sagoyaa)
asks for the money which her husband had taken which is now
a huge amount for her. The landlord threatens her up to the
point where he starts verbally abusing her and takes
advantage of her by asking her to choose between being in
bed with him or sending her child to Mumbai for child
trafficking. The bold woman startles for a while since there is
no other option for her to choose. Later she takes an
unpredictable step at a point.

2019 346

VALAI MOZHI 16 mins | English, Tamil | India


A young adult and a divorced women are about to have a

casual date in a cafeteria, both of them are interested in
having a lesbian relationship but how far does their
conversation go?

About the director:
Khishore R Kumar is from Chennai, India and is an

independent filmmaker and a film institute graduate (Digital
Film Making). So far he has made two movies.

2019 347


YOGESH BABAN GADAGE 24 mins | Marathi | India

Vashat- The Cannibal is a film about the life of Sada, a

regular meat eater who starts consuming human flesh due to
critical mental issues.

About the director:
Yogesh, a 27-year-old moved to Pune after his 12th grade

to study further and make a career in Marathi films. After his
graduation, he tried his luck with Hindi films in Mumbai but
could not succeed. Currently, he works as an actor, director
and also a writer. He started his career with his debut film
Dhaap - An unexpected journey of life in 2016. DHAAP won
the most prestigious award for Indian films, Dadasaheb
Phalke film festival award Delhi 2017. Vashat - The Cannibal is
his second short film in his career as the director, dialogue
Writer, and screenplay writer.

2019 348

VITHA 16 mins | Marathi | India


Based on a true story of the dancer Vithabai

Narayangaonkar, who performs in a live show while her
pregnancy is due, only to return to the stage after delivering
the baby midway.

About the director:
Avishkar Bharadwaj is a 21 year old Internationally

acclaimed Indian film director, writer & actor of multiple short
films. He is an alumnus of Whistling Woods International Film
school and has traveled across the world as a cultural
exchange student in his teenage years while representing

2019 349

WALKING HOME 7 mins | English, Hindi | India


A couple, that is on the brink of separation, takes their last

walk together back to their homes from their favourite café.

About the director:
Avik Pande is a director, actor, writer and musician. He has

worked as an assistant director, writer and actor in various
short films and has acted in several advertisements by
companies such as UrbanClap and POPxo.

2019 350

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