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MONSTROUS 7 mins | Spanish | Spain


During his childhood, Esteban has been mistreated by his

classmates at school, especially by Rubén and his group of
friends, that pain has fueled the hatred of the child throughout
his childhood, making him a vengeful monster.

About the director:
He began his cinematographic career studying

Audiovisual Realization adn script and production courses at
IES Guadalpín (Marbella) in 2015his first short film, “Dear
Neighbor” was at the Notodofilmfest Jameson festival.

2019 251

MR. BEEJA 10 mins | English | India


Mr. Beeja is a black and white experimental silent flick and

a tribute to the movies belonging to the 19th and 20th
century. The film is the story of an innocent orphan in the
1920’s named Mr. Beeja and an encounter that slowly shapes
his life.

About the director:
Vinayaka, a 23 year old Bengaluru boy, is currently

working as an associate director and writer in the Kannada
film industry. He has also independently directed
documentaries, short films, album songs and advertisements.

2019 252

MR. DAS 27 mins | English, Hindi | India


Mr. Das, a widower, is battling depression and loneliness

after his daughter, Radhika leaves the country for her
education. After a heart attack, he fights an imposter who he
believes to have come into his life under the pretense of being
his daughter. Where is Radhika? Will Mr. Das ever find her?

About the director:
Ravali is an actor, filmmaker currently living in Los Angeles.

As a theatre practitioner for over five years, Ravali has
dabbled in various aspects of theatre such as acting, directing
and writing and has worked extensively with the Bangalore
based theatre group, MISF!T. She has written and directed
two short films, “Urmih” and “Mr. Das”.

2019 253


MUJEER PASHA, VEENA 22 mins | English, Hindi | India

Months after divorce, Kumar shows up with bags at his ex-

wife’s door only to find out she is leaving with her girlfriend
who happens to be Kumar’s best friend. Here is your classic
triangle with a queer twist.

About the director:
Mujeer Pasha, a 29 year old, resides in Bangalore, India.

Filmmaking has been a major form of his expression and he
believes storytelling through text, visuals, and sound is his
super-human power. This is how he thinks he brings value and
drives people to see things differently. Whereas Veena is a
teacher, a filmmaker and godmother, and in all of this, She’s a
powerful show runner and has put together many successes
in her long career. Anything created by Veena tends to evoke
love, freethinking, and hope. With her warm smile, she rules
the stage and the hearts of her audience.

2019 254


SAI KRISHNA ENREDDY 29 mins | Kannada | India

Stuck in the storm that is her parents’ relationship Aashi

bears a burden larger than her tender years. Muddhu
Muddhagi is what this little one sees and experiences - the
love she never sees, and the strife she has to live with.

About the director:
Sai Krishna Enreddy is a poster designer and has designed

for over 450 films. He is also an actor (12 films) and is a
director who has directed one feature film and one short film.

2019 255

MUFFIN 9 mins | No Dialogue | India


A lonely depressed man’s life takes a turn when he sees a

muffin so wonderful and otherworldly.

About the director:
Ranjith is 24-year-old Engineer from Bangalore who has a

keen interest in stories and films. He is cuurently working in an
MNC and Muffin is his first attempt at making a short film.
Some of the movies that have inspired him and had an impact
are The Hunt, Zodiac and The Big Lebowski.

2019 256

MY BODY 2 mins | No Dialogue | France


A teenage girl is staring at herself in a mirror. She doesn’t

like what she sees - fat, skinny, ugly; she thinks she looks like a
monster. Maybe it was about time she took a step back and
realized she’s not that terrible-looking.

About the director:
Sandralee Zinzen and Nicolas Nivesse have graduated

from the Pôle IIID school (Roubaix, France). In 2018, they co-
directed the short film “My Body”.

2019 257

NAAN DEVRU 20 mins | Kannada | India


The film narrates the tale of an ancient spirit worship

ritual, with an insecure man’s skepticism growing so serious
that he decides to hypnotise himself into a spirit to tackle the
fight between reality and beliefs.

About the director:
Uthkarsha started making short films under his own

banner - Mintonette Films in 2016. He has worked as a writer
and director in nearly ten short films and has also made two
documentaries and a music video. Having worked as a
director, writer, cinematographer, sound designer, editor and
production designer in short films, he enjoys being on the film
set. He aims at creating good stories that will linger in the
audiences’ minds for a long time.

2019 258

NAMMA METRO 5 mins | Kannada | India


We’ve all met familiar strangers; It’s nothing uncommon,

especially with how the world seems to be contracting.
However, not many of us make an attempt to speak to that
person. Why do we hesitate, when there’s a good chance of
them being an acquaintance? Namma Metro is a breezy tale of
familiarity and taking chances.

About the director:
A native of Bangalore, Santhosh worked in the IT industry

for four years. But his lingering passion for cinema grew
stronger every day and in 2009, he finally quit the corporate
world to realize his dreams as a filmmaker. Since then, he has
donned multiple roles in cinema. After having worked as an
Assistant Director in “Aaptha” and “Premagaami”, he became
an Associate Director on the film “Badmaash”.

2019 259


ALISON ZAGO 14 mins | French, Portugese |

Constantin works as a police detective, but dreams about

being a writer, always pursuing his next story. Paulo is a
policeman with angry issues that just came back from a period
of suspension. The different perspectives from Constantin
and Paulo collide when they met at a crime scene, and the
conflict between them flirts with tragedy, revealing a reality
full of ironies, tears and blood.

About the director:
Alison Zago graduated in Cinema from São Paulo

University. His first short film was “Flash”, written by Eduardo
Prado. His second short was “Preto ou Branco!” written and
directed by himself. Zago decided to shoot this film completely
in front of a green screen, seeking to learn the complexity of
the whole process of postproduction. His last project is
“Narrativas de um crime”, a project that won the 1st TNT Film
Festival in Brazil, selected between 1400 participants. Zago is
currently working on two projects: a feature film screenplay
and a multi-platform series screenplay.

2019 260

NEED HELP 20 mins | Hindi | India


Cases of child sexual abuse comes up in daily news in India

these days. At the same time, the World Health Organization
states that India is going through a mental health crisis. This
short film tries to show that there is a strong connection
between both of the facts and possible solutions.

About the director:
Pranav Kumar was born in Bihar and is a graduate in mass

communication from the School of communication, MAHE
Manipal, Karnataka.

2019 261

NEPENTHE 18 mins | Spanish | Mexico


Nepenthe is a wild girl who has been ophaned. She lives

alienated and doesn’t understand at all the civilized world that
she observes at a distance. The day comes when she runs out
of food ventures beyond her limits in order to eat. So, she
meets a taciturn and a curious boy who confronts her. In their
lonelinnes, both of them establish a peculiar friendship and
they briefly know happyness. Until the situation suddenly

About the director:
Rosalba Garcia graduated at the “Forum of contemporary

art” in 2005 and has a bachelor degree in Scenic Arts from the
UDG. She has participated in Theatre Staging, Dance
Choreography, Short Films, Long Films, and Commercial
Films. As a director she has received the National award of
University Theatre in 2005 and the Centenario Award in
Morelos in 2010. Rosalba has also participated in many state
and country festivals.

2019 262

NO EXIT 24 mins | Korean | Korea


In the background of Korean War, clash of two ideologies

confront and blame each other for the present situation of
war, but there is no way out. Will they find their exit?

About the director:
Arvind Alok is a filmmaker who graduated from the

Korean National University of Arts in Film Direction. No Exit,
Dammed, Bollywood vs Bollywood and Who am I are some of
his films.

2019 263


ARNAUD GUEZ 3 mins | French | Belgium

During the world cup final in ‘98, a cop waits in his

surveillance van; along with his partner, they have the task to
bring a big fish down. But things go wrong.

2019 264

OLD MAN 8 mins | Spanish | Spain


Carmen, once again, is about to go to her tedious workday.

With the passing of hours something extraordinary happens,
sadly, not such an extraordinary thing for Carmen. The
selfishness society we live in will soon make the dystopian
society that “Old man” poses a reality.

About the director:
Trueba and Trueba are two brothers from Santander

(Spain). Their first piece was the short film One Step Ahead.
The film was selected in more than 60 festivals all over the
world and also won awards in five of them. Oldman, their
second production deals with a subject of painful actuality:
The loneliness in the third age.

2019 265


SAPIN ALBAN 2 mins | French | France

When the wolf returns to pursue Little Red Riding Hood,

it’s time for revenge.

About the director:
Alban Sapin has written and directed his first short movie

when he was 19. Once upon a time... The return is his first
experience in comedy. Earlier he has worked on western,
horror, political, thiller and drama genre. His films have been
selected in more than 120 festivals and won 15 prizes.Alban
Sapin is working on is first feature film script.

2019 266

ONE FINE DAY 10 mins | Tamil | India


A young rag picker was on his usual round of collecting

garbage when he finds something unusual - a treasure chest
that changed not only his life, but also his sister’s.

About the director:
Born in the state of Kerala, India Vibin was an Advertising

professional for about 5 years. He is now working as Writer /
Associate director in the Malayalam Film Industry. He is also
the dialogue writer for various Malayalam movies like
Chapters, Arikil Oraal & 100 Days of love. One Fine Day is his
directorial debut.

2019 267

ONE NIGHT STAND 26 mins | English | India


This movie defines an obsession and possessiveness that

leads to a fatal attraction between two completely different
human beings . It might seem like an erotic thriller at first, but
the ending is rather twisted. This story is basically of a one
night stand gone wrong.

About the director:
Indranil is into direction and D.O.P. His critically acclaimed

and Award winning films for direction include Reality Show,
The Chase, The Mirage, Trinayani, One Night Stand and

2019 268

OUR STREET 17 mins | Spanish | Spain


The story of four very different women who live on the

same street and join in a chain of sisterhood, empowerment
and strength. Together they stand up and overcome the
realities that others had chosen for them. Sometimes, a small
day by day revolution can change everything.

About the director:
Clara Santaolaya has directed 2 short films previously:

Damocles chains (2011) Pangea (2015) and various video
clips, video-arts and video-essays that have been exhibited at
the CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona) as
Llull movement or The voice of the people. He has been
Assistant and Assistant Director in numerous series and
fictions among which are Central Hospital, The Secret of Old
Bridge and Victim number 8.

2019 269

PAMPHLET 30 mins | Marathi | India


A 12 year old child receives a religious pamphlet which

mandates circulation of copies of the same to avoid
misfortune. But the child does not have money to print the
copies of the same, he develops a tremendous fear. This film is
about how this fear transforms a child who was once ready to
compete with moon to a mentally handicapped child.

About the director:
Shekhar Bapu Rankhamb has worked as an assistant

director for the film, Kunasathi Kunitari and has written and
directed the short films Dhonda, Muk and Punjabi dress.

2019 270


HARSHAL PANDHE 3 mins | English, French | India

An unbreakable bond between a kid and his father,

changes his entire life.

About the director:
He is specialised in visual storytelling, creative direction,

editing, graphic design, VFX and animation. Currently, he is
working as a freelancer and collaborating with international
artists, hoping to tell unique stories to break the barriers of
expressing art through films.

2019 271


LOUVE DUBUC-BABINET 25 mins | French, Portugese |

A girl who is struggling to get back in the saddle, a boy on

the side of the road, and somewhere, a fire that goes out...

About the director:
Louve is a graduate of the ESRA in 2015; she signed her

first film with Theorem & Louve Productions that she met at
the Clermont-Ferrand film festival in 2016. Strong and secret
female characters are often at the heart of her scripts, often
immersed in a rural or remote world of cities.

2019 272

PERHAPS TODAY... 9 mins | Arabic | Lebanon


Oum Karim, a 60-year-old Beiruti lady, is used to prepare

Lahm Bi Ajin (Lebanese ham pie) once a week.

About the director:
Nadine Asmar, a Lebanese filmmaker and screenwriter.

“L’aveugle de la Cathédrale” (The Blind of the Cathedral) is her
2015 graduation short film. “Perhaps today” is her second
short film produced in 2017, which is a winner of 3 awards in
France and the UK and nominated for over 15 prizes. Nadine
is also a photographer, producer, editor and movie blogger.
She has been a part of 10 films which have been directed by

2019 273

PIGGY 14 mins | Spanish | Spain


Sara is an overweight teen that lives in the shadow of a

clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her
childhood friend, Claudia, defends her when she’s bullied at
the local pool in front of an unknown man. Her clothes are
stolen and Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini.
The long walk home will mark the rest of her life.

About the director:
Carlota has been a screenwriter and script supervisor for

series such as Periodistas and Motivos Personales, she has
also directed series likeEl secreto de Puente Viejo, LEX and
Lalola and has worked on Los Hombres de Paco, Red Eagle and
Luna. Piggy is her second short film.

2019 274

PITAAH 8 mins | Hindi | India


Our loved ones always care for us. They always check on

us wherever they are and which ever state they are in.This
thought is converted into “Pitaah”.

About the director:
Pankaz Singh is currently living in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and

has a BCA degree, he is currently working for a real estate
company and is rather passionate about films. He has
completed a professional editing course in Mumbai and has
worked as an assistant editor for the Indian tally awards 2010.
Pankaz worked in several theatre projects and with bollywood
directors like Tigmanshu Dhulia, Nagesh Kukunoor & Ram
Kishan Choyal. He has also worked on TV projects like Crime
Petrol. Pitaah being his directorial debut.

2019 275

PLUCKED 23 mins | Kannada | India


A young boy tries to save his dying mother by using his

eyelashes to ask for wishes.

About the director:
Tejus Yakhob graduated from AISFM, Hyderabad and

Plucked is his graduation film. Currently, he is writing for a
feature film.

2019 276

POSTMONITION 6 mins | No dialogue |

Can we speak of reality, if something happened, which

wasn‘t seen by anybody? Madnes as the source of all dreams
and dreams as the source of all madness. The movie shows the
try to remember a dream before it dissapears. Vanishing
memories remain. A vague feeling. A hunch.

About the director:
Hans & Franz are artists and filmmakers, based in Leipzig,

Germany. They study Graphic-Design and Illustration at the
Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Both are currently working on
their diplomas.

2019 277

PRAWNS 16 mins | Marathi | India


This short film talks about ups & downs in the relationship

between a father & son and how some situations change the
father’s entire perspective on education.

About the director:
Swapnil Shetye is a filmmaker who has directed and edited

many movies namely, Prawns, Cigna, Prestige, Indigo and
many more. He is also coming up with a series called Astro
Vastu on Hungama App. Swapnil has also worked as assistant
director for few movies.

2019 278

PRIVATE MEETING 11 mins | Farsi | Iran


A young woman whose husband is in jail does not approve

of illegal ways to make a living for herself and her little girl. She
has a plan to earn money.

About the director:
Farhad Gharibi has spent his filmmaking career in the

Iranian Youth Cinema Society and works as scriptwriter and
director. He has directed and written the short film “Private
Meeting” and has also been taking responsibilities in several
short film projects like the short film “Labyrinth” as an advisor
and planner and in the short fiction film “raha” as an editor.

2019 279

PROTYUSH 12 mins | Other | india


The despair of a poverty stricken family accentuates,

when the sole bread earner of the family meets an untimely
death. The wife is now left with her two school going children
and society offers her two choices; either to succumb to her
miseries and employ them as child labourers or to take the
challenging path which out-right rejects the societal norms of
rural India. Now, the wife must make a tough decision to feed
her family.

About the director:
Hailing from Assam, Arindam Barooah shot his first short

film in 2014, Eti Notun Prabhat: A New Dawn, that became a
turning point in his career. Since then he has made several well
received short films such as Akanksha: An Impassioned Desire
and Exploring Namphake, a travelogue documentary. He
formed Panchoi Productions under which his films are
produced. His passion for cinema drives him to shape his
dreams into reality through films.

2019 280

PUB & SUCH 7 mins | English | United

Ethel works night shift in a pub. It’s almost 11 o’clock, yet

again she has to pick up the glasses and clear the space, as she
cleans, her thoughts take over everything. A glimpse in a girl’s
life, as she struggles with her life and her thoughts.

About the director:
Eleanna was born in Athens, Greece. After finishing her

studies in Athens, she moved to London to study filmmaking
at the London Film Academy. She has been collaborating for 9
years with Fournos Center for Digital Culture in Athens
where she has written and directed 5 plays for Children. Since
2014, she has been working in London as a freelance editor
and director. She has directed 5 short films with the latest one
being Pub & Such.

2019 281

RAM NEEDS 75 30 mins | English | India


A dream since his childhood, Ram works to make it a

reality by enrolling himself into a photography course.
However, he’s not satisfied with what is provided from the
course which adds on to the reasons for him to miss classes
lavishly, by being late and bunking for significant reasons. He
eventually runs short of adequate attendance required to
clear the semester. His friends come up with a plan to save
Ram. The film is creative nonfiction that deals with real-life
issues of students in a fictitious plotting.

About the director:
Born and raised in Qatar, Rameez Poyil moved to India to

enroll himself into a filmmaking course. He along with his
friends founded One Room Mediaworks through which this
film was produced. He was the awardee for Best Screenplay at
the 8th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival. He has been making
short films, ad films, corporate videos and wedding films ever

2019 282


ALEJANDRO PEDREGAL 16 mins | Spanish, English |
Finland, Mexico, Spain

Every day Alberto cleans rooms at a fancy hotel, trying to

stay out of trouble. But one day, a conflict with Emma, a
business woman staying at the hotel, will disturb his peace,
triggering a shift that will go beyond the lives of them both.

2019 283

RESTLESS 5 mins | Bengali | Bangladesh


A child living a simple and easy life with equal amount of

fear and fun, has grown up naturally with his knowledge &
intellectuality. In the era of machinery, there is joy in
conquering the kingdom by moving a windlass.

About the director:
Mitul Ahmed is a film-maker, journalist & writer. He is the

executive-producer of the film Bhoy: The fear of silence which
is based on the murder issue of bloggers in Bangladesh.

2019 284

RUFUS KING PARK 13 mins | English | United

Sharon & Matthew both suffering from cancer last stage

meet by chance. They become good friends over time & decide
to spend their last lap of their lives together as much as they

About the director:
Vinay Pujara is an India born filmmaker. Started his career

in Bollywood as an Assistant Director. After taking classes at
NYU’s filmmaking school as well as other’s in 2012, he has
since completed 9 short films and is in pre-production for his
first feature. His company “Sun Om Productions Inc.” is quickly
outputting content with strong themes. Vinay has valued his
films in the sense of being fearless pieces that tell a story from
a view that is not often seen. His past short films have been
screened at film festivals around the globe as well as have won
some awards.

2019 285

SAAD (CALLING) 20 mins | Hindi | India


Saad is a story of an old couple who live a mundane life and

long for their children when suddenly, an unexpected event
occurs in the house that changes everything.

About the director:
Kunika Kharat comes from Navi Mumbai and is studying

Film and Video communication at National Institute of Design,
India. Kunika’s journey as a film maker started in 2017 when
she joined the course, she has always enjoyed story-telling
and believes films are strong mediums of telling stories as you
can re-create reality and capture it forever. But she also
believes that films can do more than just story-telling and can
be used as a medium to create awareness.

2019 286

SAAVITRI 20 mins | Marathi | India


Inspired by the ancient mythological figure Sati Saavitri,

this film’s main character Saavitri, lives with her husband who
is unable to fulfill her sexual needs and so she is deprived of
motherhood. With time, life offers her something and her
choice is an ambiguity.

About the director:
Madan is currently doing his post graduation in film

editing (Third year) at the Film and Television Institute of India
– Pune, and is working with different art forms involved in film

2019 287

SAMUDRA 24 mins | Marathi | India


Two young girls rent a room in a hotel to shoot an intimate

video. They want to make a quick buck to pay for something

About the director:
From a family involved in the printing and bookbinding

business, Harshal was driven to the art of narrative
storytelling through a camera in his college days. He took to
his dream when he got into theatre and gradually into films.
Starting as an apprentice, Harshal worked as a Director in
commercials, corporate films, music videos, and Ad-films. He
completed his FA course from FTII and NFAI in 2009 and has
been involved in making short films, documentaries and Ad-
Films ever since. His recent short films Cycle and
Conversations have gained critical acclaim across national
and international film festivals.

2019 288

SAOLI 8 mins | Other | India


Skin color cannot define a person’s mind, but can a mind

define whether it is good, bad or ugly?” This film is an attempt
to shift our focus towards the problem of discrimination based
on skin color in society. Why do we prefer fair or white skin?
White people make fun of black people and treat them as
inferior. Saoli, a little girl feels the pain of being born with dark
skin and the mindset of people prevailing in society that the
dark-skinned are inferior.

About the director:
Kumar Kuldip Medhi is an Assamese filmmaker living and

working in Guwahati, India. He attended the Film
Appreciation Course by FTII and has been working for
Doordarshan Channel and the state government since 1992,
under his production house Roopkonwar Cine Production.
His works often deal with cultural & social issues focusing on
women empowerment, health, and rural development.

2019 289

SHIVA D’COSTA 8 mins | Hindi | India


Shiva D’costa is the story of a boy who adopts the

transformation of religion from Hindu to Christianity and how
his mother reacts to it.

About the director:
Gurukaranbir Singh Batth is a filmmaker, currently based

in Florida, USA. He is pursuing Master’s in Filmmaking from
Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida. Gurukaran was born in
Pathankot, a city in the state of Punjab, India. He graduated
from Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar, Punjab in
Bachelors in Multimedia. After completing his Bachelor’s, he
has directed two short films, viz.., Harike Pattan (2016) and
Shiva D’Costa (2018). Apart from that, he has been working as
Chief Assistant Director in a web series and directed several
Punjabi music videos.

2019 290

SIEGE 16 mins | English | India


After a citywide lockdown due to crime, Aaditya, a soldier

from the city forces, must find a way to protect the people of
the city from the commander and his forces.

About the director:
Deeptanshu is currently pursuing his passion for

filmmaking at the Vancouver Film School, Canada.
Deeptanshu started off as a Screenwriter and now has 2
feature-length screenplays to his name, he has also been a
Screenwriter for more than 15 short films. He has directed
over 20 short-films and is also well versed in the technical
aspects of cinema.

2019 291

SILKBOARD 12 mins | Kannada | India


SILK BOARD’ revolves around a couple who meet at the

infamous Bangalore traffic signal (SILK BOARD). The most
annoying of all traffic jams helps them bond, after which they
begin the journey of a lifetime together.

About the director:
A native of Bangalore, Santhosh worked in the IT industry

for four years. But his lingering passion for cinema grew
stronger every day and in 2009, he finally quit the corporate
world to realize his dreams as a filmmaker. Since then, he has
donned multiple roles in cinema. After having worked as an
Assistant Director in “Aaptha” and “Premagaami”, he became
an Associate Director on the film “Badmaash”.

2019 292

SIN TI 10 mins | Spanish, English |

In the darkest night, Maria returns home in tears. There

they wait for his husband, his daughter and a terrible secret.

About the director:
Allan J.Arcal aka Jorge Calero Alonso graduated in

Audiovisual Communication at the European University of
Madrid. He has been a scriptwriter and director of series and
documentaries for La2 of TVE. He has also worked as a
speaker and scriptwriter for Cadena SER and has been an
actor for television, film and advertising. Apart from directing
several short films such as El vendedor de humo and El día que
nunca te olvide, Calero has also written novels and has
scripted comics.

2019 293

SKETCH 16 mins | Kannada | India


An infamous, mentally tormented artist sedated in his

solitude, seeks nature to express his troubled soul in his

About the director:
Sharath is a film maker from Bangalore, interested in

creating engaging content.

2019 294

SLAUGHTER 13 mins | Kurdish | Iran,
Islamic Republic of

Ghasem is forced to sell their cow to spend a hard winter

in their village, but his son fled out the cow.

About the director:
Saman Hosseinpuor and Ako Zandkarimi have directed 5

short films separately, and soon after they decided to write
and direct films together.

2019 295

SOJU RAFAEL 20 mins | Other | Spain


On a remote island in the Pacific, a man and a woman, on a

chance encounter, try to open up to each other. Perhaps they
will never achieve it.

About the director:
Rafael is an architect by profession but always had a keen

interest in films. He made his first short film in 2012 and since
then has been writing scripts, directing and acting in various
short films. He also has several awards in scripting and
direction categories in various festivals.

2019 296


SUBRATA PAUL 25 mins | Bengali | Bangladesh

A construction-site day worker comes to a new city with

his only earning resource, a spade. Someone steals it while he
is sleeping. When he fails to buy a new spade, he takes an
opportunity to steal someone else’s spade.

About the director:
Subrata Paul is a writer, director and producer from

Bangladesh. He graduated from the faculty of film & media,
Stamford University, Bangladesh. He is the founder and
owner of a production company named Cinemaya and with
the immense passion of film making, he directed and produced
his own graduation film “Stranded In The City”. Paul also got a
government grant to make a film named “Chayajoddha” in the
fiscal year 2016-2017.

2019 297

STRAY STAR 8 mins | English | India


This short film encompasses the plight of migration in

Punjab (India). The relationship between Punjab and
migration is as old as Punjab and the film focuses on the
migration of landscape, language and colors. It tells the tale of
contemporary concerns throughout various time spans of

About the director:
Paramjeet is a student of literature and art. Published one

research book, one translation book, 15 research paper and
more than 50 articles in prominent magazines and
newspapers. Currently, Paramjeet is an Assistant Professor,
School of Social Sciences and Languages at Lovely
Professional University, Phagwara (Punjab).

2019 298

STRESS 3 mins | No Dialogue | France


In an oppressing environment, a child plays with a knife.

About the director:
Simon Dauchy, Tom Delforge, Antoine Wilmot, Théo

Mechref and Julien Delcroix have graduated from the Pôle
IIID school (Roubaix, France) with a Master in Digital
direction. In 2018, they co-directed the short film “Stress”.

2019 299

SUMATI 15 mins | Hindi | India


A small-town girl realizes she’s falling into a loop of

expectation from her husband, through the story of another
woman, who failed to get out of it.

About the director:
Deeksha M Haskar has had a long winding journey that

was destined to lead to film-making. She is a film enthusiast
and an avid reader. She has worked in a PR firm and then in a
production house that produced regional language daily-
soaps. She then pursued film making and enrolled in Whistling
Woods International to specialise in Direction.

2019 300

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