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BHROON 4 mins | Hindi | India


An artist’s contemplation of the numerous stigmas faced

by a women right from birth to the way she lives her life.

About the director:
Rohan Ahershinge is an aspiring filmmaker who works as a

Copy Writer with Publicis Groupe in Bombay.. He began
writing English poetry in 2009 and eventually also wrote
Hindi poems and lyrics and started composing music. he shot
is first short film - Devarika - in 2017. The movie was shot on
an iphone for a festival held in Pune. Although the production
quality of the movie was poor, its content was appreciated and
the movie was also selected in the top 20 at the festival

2019 151

BILOYO 29 mins | Bengali | India


This is a film about people who exist, but often go unseen.

The story is based on the people living in West Bengal, a part
of India where people are often dressed as mythological
characters, Indian gods and goddesses. The Goddess Durga
who killed Mahishasura, the buffalo demon, is undoubtedly a
symbol of the power a woman carries within herself. In real
life, the situation is quite different; although we say women
and men are equal, there is a Mahishasura, the demon,
assassinating women everyday.

About the director:
Samratt is a director, cinematographer and a scriptwriter

who has also worked as an actor in the play Falguni, a
production of Anya Theatre, Kolkata. His directorial Obyakto,
a short film was screened at a number of film festivals. He
worked as a Director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor
for the film Biloyo that has won the Best Film award at Bengal
Film and Television chamber of commerce, 2019 and other

2019 152

BINARY CODE 4 mins | Spanish | Spain


In a dystopian future, two androids engaged in household

tasks discover the small great things of life lost to humans.

About the director:
Joaquin Manuel Ramos Carvallo is a filmmaker who has

directed Cicatrices, Social Shame and Aokigahara.

2019 153

BLACK DOLL 10 mins | Spanish | Spain


Sara is a black girl who dreams of being an actress in Spain,

can she get it?

About the director:

2019 154

BLOCK A-2-15 15 mins | Chinese, Malay |

This is the first day Kai stays in a sub divided unit in Kuala

Lumpur, where there are different race tenants living. A lot of
problems are waiting for Kai and the other tenants to solve.
What is the relationship between these tenants with this sub
divided unit? What is their relationship with Malaysia?

2019 155

BLUE WHALE 13 mins | Bengali, English |

Blue Whale is a film directly inspired by the game, wherein

to win you have to lose...your life. A young girl meets the
game’s curator for the first time; after completing 49
painstaking tasks, she is excited and eager for instructions to
complete the final task of the game to end the game. What is
the final task? Does she cross the last line to face the ultimate

About the director:
Anirban Guha works as a program director in a production

house in Kolkata. He has worked on 5 short films and a
documentary so far and as a director, her most prominent
feature has been the short film Elixir; which won many awards
including the best short film award at Boston Kaleidoscope
Film Festival (2016), Montage Short Film Festival (2019) and
Kolkata Short Film Festival (2016).

2019 156

BOSA 13 mins | Spanish, French,
Arabic | Spain

When Lucas finds out that Driss, his best friend, has been

sent back to Morocco with his uncle, decides to start a crazy
adventure and go to look for him. In Morocco he’ll meet
Ibrahim, a sub-Saharan that is waiting for an opportunity to
cross the fence of the Spanish/Moroccan border, and another
close friendship will be born between them.

About the director:
Born in Valencia to an artistic family, Aitana Serrallet had a

very early exposure to fine arts. Her first approach to the
cinema was in 2013 when she was part of the cast of Our
school in the middle of the street movie produced by MICE
festival in Valencia. In 2018 she won a price in her secondary
school with a documentary about water and later that year
started the recording of Bosa her opera prima, a project
coproduced by the IES Luis Vives and MICE Festival in
Valencia where all her family was involved.

2019 157


MACU MACHIN 12 mins | Spanish | Spain

Some human figures appear on-screen, trapped by their

own passions. They are part of a forgotten silent film, La hija
del mestre. Nothing seems to save its protagonists from their
tragic fate, except for the fragile film material of which they
are made.

About the director:
Macu’s short films explore the lines between reality and

fiction, her film El mar inmóvil has also been selected for 20
international festivals around the world and has accumulated
numerous other accolades as well. Macu is currently working
on La Hojarasca, her first feature-length film.

2019 158


HRISHIKESH SANGLIKAR 11 mins | Hindi | India

Two brothers meet accidently and have a conversation.

Only one of them is aware of the truth.

About the director:
Hrishikesh is 23 years old and is from India. He has been

writing and directing short films for a few years now.

2019 159

CAMINS 4 mins | Spanish | Spain


Macarena shares a song on Facebook. Is she trying to

communicate something to Jordi or is it all just in Jordi’s head?

About the director:
Sara Gracia started acting at the age of 12. She

participated in several theatre companies. In 2011, she made
her acting debut for the big screen. Since then she has
participated in a number of shortfilms and feature films. In
2017 she decided to make her first shortfilm, only this time
behind the camera. Agelasta is her directional debut. After
getting more than 50 selections and several prizes she decides
to shoot her second short, Camins.

2019 160

CASE NO. 404 10 mins | English, Tamil | India


A psychology student holds a dark conversation with a

serial killer who has been given a lifetime asylum sentence.
The conversation gets deeper and wilder as time goes by.

About the director:
Mithun Balaji has created 12 short films for various

competitions over the past 4 years. He has now completed
this pilot film and is regarded as an aspiring filmmaker and film

2019 161


MURTAZA EZZI 12 mins | English | India

This is the story of a couple who decide to move to a

foreign country together. On the day of departure, the man is
unable to find his documents and the girl gets cold feet. What
will happen when they meet to leave?

About the director:
Murtaza Ezzi is an amateur film director from Nagpur. He

has been professionally doing video production since past 4
years and has worked on a variety of ad films, shot
documentaries and events. He has also created music and
fashion videos and other web based content. Change of Plans
is his first short film.

2019 162

CHEEKY MONKEY 8 mins | Spanish | Spain


Cristina and Fran, a young couple travel by car through

Madrid, during the journey they initiate a discussion where
they question the roles that each one must play when their
future child is born. Through this trip we will discover how the
society in which we grow influences us in each of our

About the director:
Eduardo and Guillermo Dieste are directors, producers

and screenwriters of short films. Their most notable works
include “Gasolina Sin Plomo” (2014) and “Bóxer” (2018),
which are currently being showcased in several Spanish
festivals. “Pimpollo” (2019) is their first direction together and
has an ambitious aesthetic.

2019 163

CHIRAG 17 mins | Hindi | India


Chirag is an adaptation of Ruskin Bond’s story, The Thief.

The story revolves around two characters, Chirag and
Ashwath. Chirag, a stranger teen, gets employed as a man
servant at Ashwath’s house. Over time, they develop a bond
with each other and Ashwath starts mentoring him. Will
Chirag prove to be a trustworthy friend?

About the director:
Syed Usman Ahmed is currently pursuing his Masters of

Design in Film & Video Communication at National Institute
of Design, Ahmedabad and has worked as an Assistant
Director in the advertising Industry. His documentary film,
Scarred, was screened at several film festivals. He has won the
Best Cinematographer Award for the same. He believes that
storytelling through film is the highest form of communication
and has the power to provoke, shape thoughts, address issues
and create social awareness.

2019 164

CHUHEDAANI 30 mins | Hindi |


Chuhedaani is a film about Meena, a young village girl who

is married to an abusive caretaker of an old house. She has
started coming to terms with her miserable life but fate adds
its own twist to the tale when the lecherous landlord arrives
one day.

About the director:
Born in Rewari, India in 1986, Ravi has a degree in

Engineering and has been working in the field of Data
Networks for the past decade. A self taught filmmaker, he
initially honed his skills by participating in and winning
numerous time-bound competitions. His subsequent short
films have focused on internal conflicts of its characters and
have been screened at multiple film festivals in India and

2019 165


ARUN K VANIYAMKULAM 28 mins | Malayalam | India

Experimental short movie.

About the director:
Arun K Vaniyamkulam is a filmmaker from Kerala, India

who has directed December 24, War, Confession of Ceasar
and others.

2019 166


VISHNULAL SUDHA 19 mins | Malayalam | India

Black is the third instalment of the Conscience series,

mainly dealing with mental struggles and agony. Colours,
properties and symbols have been used to communicate with
a different perspective. Inspired by the story of Oedipus,
Black portrays a curious case of incest seduction on a whole
new dimension. The two shades of truth depicted here are as
two different Hindu deities and their conflicts, sums up the
whole story.

About the director:
Vishnulal Sudha is an MBA graduate and an Analyst. He

made his first short film Kannadakal in 2012 and got his
breakthrough with the first installment of Conscience series,
which fetched him 3 ‘best director’ awards in different
festivals. The second installment of Conscience series
grabbed him close to 20 awards throughout festivals. His
short film Shyama has crossed 5 million views on YouTube and
his latest short film is the third installment of conscience
series named, Black.

2019 167


RAKSHITH P J 26 mins | English | India

An Insomnia patient stuck in his dark past visits a

psychiatrist to explore his deep secrets; this event changes
the psychiatrist’s life.

About the director:
Rakshith was born and raised in Bengaluru. He is a Civil

Engineering graduate and was interested in filmmaking since
the age of ten. After his graduation, he was very keen to make
a career out of film making and so, started attending
workshops. With his script of Conscience of Vincent,
everything fell into place and the project was successfully

2019 168

COUNTING 12 mins | Other | Iran, Islamic
Republic of

History of humanity is the tale of suffering masses in the

hands of a few.

About the director:
Rahil Bustani is an undergraduate in Bachelors of Cinema.

She started as a director in 2010 and has also acted in a few
films. No One Said a Word, Phobia, Counting and The Waltz of
Grey Years are directed by her. She has acted in Like a Father
and Harir. Cinema written by Rahil was accepted in Iranian
Television Animation Festival. This animation script was
elected as one of twenty-five best works.

2019 169

CROQUETAS 7 mins | Spanish | Spain


Angel and Ana´s daughter is pregnant. Today they will

know if it is a boy or a girl. But something is wrong.

2019 170


JULIO ANTONIO ESPINOSA 10 mins | Spanish | Spain

Andrés Gutiérrez is a man with a difficult problem to

control. Monica, her only daughter, shies away from him and is
afraid of his presence. She acts in secret so as not to disturb
him and to remove the most despicable being that lives inside
his father. However, this can not continue like that. They have
to find a solution quickly.

About the director:
Julio Espinosa ia director of short films and also an actor

born in Malaga in the year 1970. His mother was an actress
and he has always been in love with the world of cinema. He
has participated as an actor in numerous shortfilms,
advertising and corporate videos. In 2017, he performed his
first major play El cianuro, solo o con leche. His first audiovisual
project as Director and Screenwriter is Guilty?. His second
project, Back to Nowhere premiered in 2018.

2019 171

CYCLE 14 mins | Malayalam | India


A woman - a wife and a mother of two college students,

wishes to learn driving. She presents her interest to the family
during dinner. Will her family be supportive? This film portrays
an intricate balance within a family.

About the director:
Arun MS is a student pursuing screenplay, writing and

direction. Previously, he worked as a civil engineer. He has
made three films - Waves, Cycle and, Rhythm of a Village as a
part of academic projects at his institute. Cycle and Rhythm of
a Village was selected and screened in the 12th edition of
International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala
(IDSFFK). Cycle has received numerous accolades in film
festivals, including best film and best editing.

2019 172

DAAYAN 16 mins | Hindi | India


Daayan narrates the story of unconditional love between

a mother and her daughter during the uprising of the myth
related to the existence of witches. The film is a day in Padma’s
life - a day full of revelations, decisions and impotence.

About the director:
Kartika is a Writer, Director, and a Poet from Mumbai.

Currently, she is working as the Creative Director at Basta
Films, a production house in Mumbai. She has been writing
commercials for 4 years and has directed a few of them. Ads/
Campaigns written by her have have fetched several
prestigious awards. Her directorial debut short film Daayan
(Witch) was written by her and was selected for screening at
the Cannes Short Film Corner 2018. It was officially selected
for the 12th Annual KAFFNY Infinite Cinema.

2019 173

DARÍO 15 mins | Spanish | Germany


A 17-year-old boy from Barranquilla (Colombia) loves to

dance in one of the carnival dancing groups. But he tries to
keep it secret because his mother doesn’t want him to dance,
she forces him to work in his uncles shop and tells him to stop
dancing. Will he be able to join the carnival which will take
place soon?

About the director:
Manuel Kinzer studied Visual Communication at the Art

college in Kassel and cinematography at the German Film-
and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). He has produced
various short films. DARÍO is his first work as a Director.Jorge
A. Trujillo was born in Colombia and raised in Spain. He
studied Audiovisual Communication (UPSA-University of
Salamanca), cinema (Ramon Llull-Blanquerna University in
Barcelona) and politics studies (UB-University of Barcelona).
He participated in different social and journalistic projects in
Spain and Colombia. Today he lives and works in Berlin.
DARÍO is his first work as a director.

2019 174

DARK WATER 9 mins | No Dialogue | Brazil


The direction is characterized by the sparing use of

dispersion elements. The shooting script favors contemplation
planes and few and light camera movements, creating an
aesthetically elaborated portrait of Julia’s universe. The
narrative concept of the film is atmospheric, with the
spectator being invited to participate by means of audiovisual
elements used in the construction of the plot, as well as by the
rupture of temporal linearity that is justified by the mental
state of the character.

About the director:
Christian Schneider is a graduate in audiovisual

production and directed his first short film in 1997.
Throughout the last 21 years he has participated in several
films either as a Director, Cinematographer or Editor.
Schneider also has 32 awards to his name from various
categories including best film, best direction, best
cinematography and best editing.

2019 175

DAUGHTER 10 mins | Nepali | india


Daughter is a filmmaker’s autobiographical video journal.

About the director:
Tribeny, 27 years, hails from Nandok near Ranipool in East

Sikkim. Her short films have been screened at various national
and international film festivals besides fetching her awards.

2019 176

DAYBREAK 6 mins | Other | India


The monotony of life can hit you hard as you age, especially

when you are tied to a pension that just isn’t enough. In a
culture where fish is more than just a meal, what does life have
in store for an old man who wishes to get over this lack of

About the director:
Puja Chakraborty is an independent filmmaker and writer

from Assam. She likes to speak about existential crises and
situations that are beyond one’s control. A self-taught
filmmaker, Daybreak is Puja’s debut short film.

2019 177

DEAD WISH 11 mins | Hindi | India


The film is based on the strange wish of a tree at the time

of its assassination. Since the wish has no scope for fulfilment,
the film is named Dead Wish.

About the director:
Anil Kadian is a writer and director who considers the art

of writing to be the closest thing to his heart. Majority of his
work has been heavily influenced by his quest of finding
remedies to all his troubles. He has made films on Women
Empowerment and staff motivation, and educational plays for
kids, including two successful theatrical launches.

2019 178

DEADLOCK 18 mins | Kannada | India


A story revolving around the gruesome rape and murder

of a woman.

About the director:
Nandish Jagadish is a passionate filmmaker and

cinematographer based out of Bangalore, India. “Deadlock” is
his debut directional short film that he hopes will help him
grow and boost his passion for the field.

2019 179

DELAY 15 mins | Persian | Iran


A man and his two children are late for their flight. While

they wait for the next flight something happens that changes
his point of view about being a father.

About the director:
Ali Asgari was born in Tehran, Iran. He studied cinema in

Italy. He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talent Campus. Two of his
short films MoreThan Two Hours and The Silence (co-directed
by Farnoosh Samadi) were in competition at Festival de
Cannes. His short film The Baby premiered in competition of
Venice Film Festival in 2014. His short films were screened in
more than 600 film festivals around the world including
Sundance, BFI London and Melbourne and won more than
150 international awards. Disappearance is his first feature
film. The script was developed at Cannes Festival’s
Cinefondation La Residence.

2019 180

DEVI 12 mins | Kannada | India


The story of a kid whose sister has been repeatedly raped,

and her struggle of choosing between her beliefs and the

About the director:
Shreekant Nayak has been directing ad films, corporate

films and short films for over 6 years.He was born in Mudgal,
Karnataka and completed MCA in Dayananda Sagar College,
Bangalore. He started his career as an assistant director in
short films, serials, TV commercials and feature films.
Shreekant then worked as an associate director and co-
director in Kannada feature films. He is interested in stories
which are close to life and Devi is one of them.

2019 181

DHACHKA 15 mins | Hindi | India


A submissive woman on a family road trip gets frustrated

with the constant friction within the family and decides to
take control.

About the director:
With a passion for storytelling, Devik Rathod gave up a

career in civil engineering and went on to pursue a diploma in
filmmaking from the prestigious Whistling Woods Academy
in Mumbai. His portfolio includes commercials for many
prestigious brands and he has also assisted Mr.Shoojit Sircar
at Rising Sun Films for various commercials for both, TV and
Web media. At the moment, he is inclined towards writing and
directing commercials and hopes to eventually make a feature
film someday.

2019 182

DINOSAUR DAY 22 mins | French | France


Today is a great day: Marthe will have to face a dragon,

retouch brides and not bang too much. Because today is
Simon’s birthday, she decided to organize everything. But
Martha, she’s tired ...

About the director:
After studying literature and photography, Juliette Kempf

graduated from the Fémis in 2007. She edited fiction and
documentaries for film and television collaborating with many
directors he is currently writing a second short fiction film.

2019 183

DISPARUE 13 mins | French | France


As usual, the whole family, Mom, Dad and the kids are

leaving home for the weekend. Everything works fine until
Mum decides to wash the car.

2019 184


ACHUTHANKUTTY 12 mins | Malayalam | India

The protagonists of the film are travelling to the fast track

court to attend a trial. Their leader doubts the government
which looted their natural resources; the youngsters disagree
with this and they negate the idea of rebels without a cause.
Polarized ridges vibrate while the journey towards justice

About the director:
Achuthankutty was born in Thrissur, Kerala and holds a

graduation in designing and direction for theatre. He is
currently pursuing his post graduation in cinema with
direction and screenplay writing as his specialization.

2019 185

DOMB 12 mins | Marathi | India


This short film is about people from backward classes -

those who migrate to a different village each day because they
don’t even have a house to live in, and those people who can’t
afford even a day’s meal.

2019 186

DOMESTICATED 17 mins | | Spain


A father and his son live in an isolated farmhouse. They

just lost and buried the mother. Silence, modesty, and hunger
settle between them. The son finds a lost donkey, decides to
take care of it and take responsibility for it. A wonderful
friendship grows between them.

About the director:
Juan Francisco Viruega (Almería, Spain, 1982) is Doctor

cum laude in Film Studies and holds a degree in Film Direction
from the ECAM with the Excellence Award of his promotion.
His three narrative shorts, ‘Stockholm’ (2010), ‘Postcards
from the Moon’, (2012) and ‘Solstice’ (2013) got more than
200 selections in international festivals, and have been
awarded in more than 20 countries. He has won three times
the RTVA Award and the ASECAN-SGAE Award for the best
fiction short film in 2014. He is the head of Official Degree in
Cinema Studies of URJC / TAI since 2014, and the artistic
director of Almeria Western Film Festival since 2016, while
he is working in his first feature film.

2019 187

DONKEY 15 mins | Hindi | India


This film is based on a folk story set in a small village of

Rajasthan. The story is a satirical journey of GORU (a naive
washer man) who believes that MAATSA (the only teacher in
the village) will be able to transform his donkey into a man.

About the director:
A native of Jodhpur, Jai started his journey 15 years ago as

an assistant director. He has assisted Mr. Wes Anderson (The
Darjeeling Limited), Mr. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra (Delhi-
6), Mr. Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots, PK), Ms. Zoya Akhtar
(Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Dhadakne Do, Bombay Talkies,
Lust Stories), Mr. Rajesh Mapuskar (Ferrari Ki Sawaari), Mr.
Abhinay Deo (Game), Mr. Ashim Ahluwaliya (Daddy), Ms.
Gurinder Chaddha (Beecham House) and many other
directors on various International/ Hindi feature films, series
& TV commercials. Gadhedo is Jai’s first independent film.

2019 188

EEN JONG MEISJE 17 mins | Flemish | Belgium


A grieving elderly and rather confused farmer is slowly

losing touch with reality. After the sudden death of her
husband she has to face numerous challenges in her daily life.
Also there is financial turmoil and the upcoming auction of her
farm. Can her son Geert save both his mother and the farm?

About the director:
Jeannice Adriaansens first studied medicine before she

followed her heart and started filmmaking. She started with 9
short movies for children and after being a teacher in
screenwriting at a film school in Gent for more than 12 years
she started making short films for adults. For the moment she
is writing at her first feature script.

2019 189

EL AGUACATE 10 mins | English, Spanish |
United States

Coworkers, Rosa and Raul always share their lunch breaks

together, which always includes Rosa’s homemade dishes and
an avocado from Raul’s tree. With hopes of companionship
and possiblity of love, Raul finally gets the courage to ask Rosa
out on a date.

About the director:
Darwin Serink is an award winning filmmaker currently

living in Los Angeles. His debut film “Aban + Khorshid” was
screened at over sixty film festivals world-wide and won over
a dozen awards including the best LGBT film at the Cannes
Emerging Filmmakers Showcase and Cleveland International
Film Festival. He was a writing fellow at Out Fest Los Angeles’
Screenwriters lab with his screenplay “Paper Cranes”, this
went on to become a quarter finalist in the Academy Nicholl
Fellowship for Screenwriting as well.

2019 190

ON THE ROAD SIDE 5 mins | No dialogue |

The story of two men who suffer for their respective

losses. The death of one’s family, the dismissal of his work as a
farmer of the other. At the side of the road they will meet and
learn to live differently.

About the director:
Isabel devoted herself to animated cinema by addressing

both classical and experimental cartoon techniques. She is a
founding member of the Argentine Animation Film
Association. Her short films include “El Correo”, “La nena”, “El
botón”, “Nina”, “En la banquina”, “Lady Hacker” and “Genesis”.

2019 191

ENDLESS DREAM 8 mins | | Palestine, State of


The events revolve around prisoner number 25822,

sentenced to life. He tries to break his prison, only to find
himself trapped in a dream.

2019 192

EUIGON 23 mins | Korean | Korea,
Republic of

Every day, Euigon follows a simple routine: he wakes up

before his alarm rings; listens to an English radio show while
preparing for work; goes to work; eats lunch alone; goes to the
gym after work; eats dinner; goes back home. Despite having a
degree in photography, he works as a security guard in a big
building. One day, his step-brother, whom he has last seen 10
years ago, comes to visit. Suddenly his life starts to change.

About the director:
Jeremiah is an avif filmmaker and moviesta who pursued

Filmmaking at the Korea National University of Arts.

2019 193

EVENING 27 mins | English, Marathi |

Blurring the lines between knowing someone all too well

and not knowing them at all, open wounds and closely tied
knots, Evening is a simmering encounter between two former
lovers. The question is - does closure even mean anything?

About the director:
Anupam Barvé is a filmmaker and educator from Pune. He

holds an MA in Directing: Film and TV, from the University of
Westminster, London. He is the recipient of ‘Scholarship to
outstanding Performing Artistes’ by the Ministry of Culture.
His films have showcased and received critical acclaim at film
festivals and competitions worldwide. His film Fresh suicide,
was nominated for the Golden Palm Tree Award at IFFI, Goa
and has won various awards at Pune Short Film Festival.

2019 194


HUSSEIN AL-ASADI 6 mins | Arabic | Iraq

Two Solders in war of Mosul 2014 Against ISIS, Their

responsibility is protecting the only mountain in the area , But
they face an enemy from afar ... to show in the end that he is
just a boy.

About the director:
Hussein Abd Ali Abd Al-samad is from Iraq, he has worked

on two cinematic short films as the Director of Photography.

2019 195

FARMER 3 mins | Kannada | India


Most parents dream of raising a future engineer or a

doctor. If their aspirations persist, who will look after farming?
What will we eat? Currently, the average age of a Karnatakan
farmer is 50. In the next decade, these farmers will be too
worn out to cultivate crops. This film is to raise awareness
about this dilemma.

About the director:
A native of Bangalore, Santhosh worked in the IT industry

for four years. But his lingering passion for cinema grew
stronger every day and in 2009, he finally quit the corporate
world to realize his dreams as a filmmaker. Since then, he has
donned multiple roles in cinema. After having worked as an
Assistant Director in “Aaptha” and “Premagaami”, he became
an Associate Director on the film “Badmaash”.

2019 196

FILM ACTION 3 mins | | Egypt


In the absence of parental supervision, a child watching an

action film, tries to imitate it, and ends having a special

About the director:
Mustafa Zeki was born in Baghdad, Iraq and is a graduate

in software engineering. He worked as an editor for a number
of TV channels which encouraged him to study directing in the
High Cinema Institute- Egypt, “ Film Action” is his first film
that engaged in a number of film festivals and won the silver
award as the second best short film in el-Sakia short.

2019 197

FIRST SIN 18 mins | Hindi | India


What would you do if you inadvertently obtained magical

powers? Ashwath, a failed businessman is having a troubled
relationship with his wife. One morning, he finds a magical
hour glass at his door step. Will it prove to be a boon, or a

About the director:
Vineed Menon is the Founder of TOB- plays and films and

co-founder of Twisted Frames. A contemporary playwright,
screenplay writer, director, and actor of English and Hindi
plays and short films, he tackles intense subjects in his works,
aiming to provoke the audience to reflect on their lives and
spark social change. He also guides the members of the
creative team into realizing their artistic vision in their work.

2019 198

FOR ME FOR ALL 13 mins | Spanish | Chile


Blanca is only hours away from unveiling a secret that has

kept her away from her family. During this time she must face
her fears and open up her wounds in order to reveal the truth
to her mother and her family. Only after she does this will she
be able to finally begin healing her past.

About the director:
Born in Santiago, Chile, Manuela realised her passion for

movies at a very young age. She studied art in Pontificia
Universidad Católica de Chile, and later joined Audiovisual
Communication at Duoc UC. Manuela has worked in three
short films so far, “For me. For all” is her debut as a director.

2019 199


RENJIT VARMA, SANJO JOE 12 mins | Arabic, Malayalam |

This anthology of three short films takes three different

narratives on how trivial joy is and how it elevates our daily
lives. Each story revolves around a female protagonist set in
worlds apart. Confined to four walls, these tales weave a
fabric of magic with an act as simple as a smile. While the
world might not have resolved their conflicts and tomorrow
might turn out to be just as bleak as today or worse, they still
find reasons to smile.

2019 200

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