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CARLOTTA’S FACE 5 mins | German | Germany


As a child, Carlotta didn’t expect the people around here

to have faces. She doesn’t even recognize her own face. Years
later, she learns about a rare, untreatable deficit in her brain. It
was art, after all, that offered her a way to finally recognize

About the director:
Valentin won the 2016 Young Talent Award of the

Cultural-Sparkassen-Foundation, a suggestion of Wim
Wenders. He is currently working on his first feature-length
documentary LOST IN FACE. He mainly works as a director
and animator on short films, animation and documentaries.

2019 101

CAZATALENTOS 8 mins | No Dialogue | Spain


Dominique had been the most prestigious talent scout in

Paris. Now, he is only the shadow of his past until he discovers
Sofia, a Spanish flamenco dancer who immigrates to France
because of the Spanish civil war and who hides the secret of
the greatest talent in history.

About the director:
Jose Herrera studied Multimedia and Graphic Design at

ESNE (University School of Design, Innovation and
Technology). “Talent Scout” is his first short film as a director,
with 12 Pingüinos Animation Studio

2019 102

DIES IRAE 3 mins | No Dialogue | France


A young boy is going live at his first concert, as a violin

player in a symphony orchestra. He’s going to perform in front
of the conductor and the audience, but can he overcome his

About the director:
Jordan Damour has graduated from the Pôle IIID school in

Roubaix. In 2018, he directed the short film “Dies Irae”.

2019 103

FIND ME MOTHER 4 mins | Bengali | India


A 25 year old takes care of her hospitalized mother. They

then delve into a nostalgic memory. After an encounter with
an undesirable change, they find it hard to digest the same.

About the director:
Suchana is currently pursuing her post-graduate diploma

in Animation Cinema from Satyajit Ray Film and Television
Institute. She got her Bachelor’s in Animation from St. Xavier’s
College, Kolkata. She was born and brought up in Kolkata, the
cultural capital of India.

2019 104


NATALIA MIRZOYAN 7 mins | Russian | Russia

The mother issues her decree: before you get back in the

water, you have to take a break and sit quietly for five minutes.
For the little girl, these five minutes are an ocean of boredom
that stretches on forever and ever. She starts to watch the
other bathers and how they spend their five minutes.

About the director:
Natalia Mirzoyan graduated from the Arts school named

after H. Danielyan and Department of Philosophy in Yerevan
State University. She attended the faculty of easel graphics in
Saint Petersburg Institute of Decorative-Applied Arts. Since
2004 she works in Peterburg Studio as animator and director.
Her films “My Childhood Mystery Tree” and “Chinti”
participated in many festivals and received awards all over the

2019 105

FUSE 7 mins | English | Germany


A mouse trap snaps shut and a market place awakens. A

group of men heatedly discuss how to kill the trapped animal.
But as the macabre game unfolds and spirals out of control,
both the victim and the tormentor suffer the same fate.

About the director:
Her initial project, Filmfabrik. Shadi also developed and

animated two films for the Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart. She
worked on her short film Like a Dream and on the multiple
awardee Alzheimer as a screenwriter, concept artist, and

2019 106


ANNA MANTZARIS 9 mins | No Dialogue | United

After a young woman is held responsible for a hit and run,

strange and spooky things starts to happen. A small thriller
about people who are not always prudent.

About the director:
Recently, she worked on Wes Andersons Isle of Dogs. Her

films have been screened in festivals around the world, and
have won multiple awards, including Walt Disney Award for
Best Graduation Film and Audience Award at Ottawa
International Animation Festival.

2019 107


PETER BÖVING 10 mins | German, English |

The Egyptian geese march through the ages: From the

bird´s perspective, a centuries-long settlement history is told.
While the water level in the pond continues to fall, the
inhabitants have the water up the neck. In the end, nothing
stays as it was; only the goose suspects nothing bad.

About the director:
Peter Boving founded the animation studio

“Kloetzchenkino” in 2010. From 2006 to 2011 he held various
commissions in the advertising film and music film industry. In
1999 he founded the audiobook label “Shower Records” and
he published numerous CDs in the field of literary dubbing,
funk and jazz in the distribution of EICHBORN. From 1993 to
2003, he made extensive tours with his own literary program;
he visited the Goethe-Instituts in Germany, Switzerland,
France, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. “God has
already gone ahead” is his fourth short film as a director

2019 108


ABEL GOLDFARB 10 mins | No Dialogue |

Ian was born with cerebral palsy. Like all kids, he wants to

have friends, but discrimination and bullying keep him from
his beloved playground. But Ian won’t give up easily,
accomplishing something that will surprise everyone.

About the director:
Abel Goldfarb studied Film Direction at the prestigious

University of Cinema (FUC) in BA and at just age of 17, he won
his first screenplay contest. Since 2004 he has been a lecturer
at ORT and since 2010 he works with Oscar winner Juan José

2019 109

MIX 1 min | Japanese | Japan


A “lie” hidden within a happy-looking family. For what, for

whom is this secret kept? What is important to you in this
“mix” of a world? Fact or fiction? Right or wrong?

About the director:
Born in Kyoto, Japan, Kotoko graduated from Kyoto

University of Education and also has a degree from the Kyoto
University of Art and Design. After working at a Stop motion
Animation Company, he became a freelance animation
director. Now Kotoko has been a part-time teacher at Kyoto
University of Art and Design since 2015.

2019 110

NO GRAVITY 8 mins | No Dialogue | France


An astronaut comes back to earth and tries to fit in again.

About the director:
Charline Parisot, Jérémy Cissé, Fioretta Caterina

Cosmidis, Flore Allier-Estrada, Maud Lemaître-Blanchart,
Ludovic Abraham

2019 111

PULSE 7 mins | No Dialogue | France


Jonas, a sensitive young man who comes from a

fishermen’s family, discovers a dead whale on the beach,
harpooned on every side. He’s shaken in the face of this
slaughter and feels the pain it has been through. He is then
torn between choosing traditions and his empathy towards

About the director:
Sarah Forest, Cécile Floucat, Pauline Javelot, Juliette

Gales, Thibaut Wambre, Kevin De Garidel

2019 112

SOUND 4 mins | No Dialogue | France


Record of a normal day.; All work and no play at the heart

of a city, with its shiny lights and multiple sounds, surrounded
by a crowd of strangers.

About the director:
Laureline Paul-Constant, Hugo Caby, Aurélien Issadi, Paco


2019 113


(MULTIPLE DIRECTORS) 6 mins | English, French |

Four french friends are taking a road trip through the

United States. In the middle of the desert, they pick up a really
strange hitchhiker. From this moment on, their journey does
not go as planned.

About the director:
Denis Fleurion, Etienne Bonafini, Romain Marchetti,

Cécile Minaud, Julien Adoum, Léo Nezot

2019 114


ROGER GIMÉNEZ 5 mins | No Dialogue | Spain

This story portrays the human condition in a daily

situation. Greed and impatience are always bad advisors, but
we are doomed to follow their impulses.

About the director:
Roger Gimenez has worked as an animator in “The Living

Forest” (2001), “Pinocchio 3000” (2003), “A Midsummer
Night’s Dream” (2005), “Donkey Xote” (2006) and the short
film “Sr. Barrientos - Fuera de Juego” (2013). He also directed
his first short film “Mario Animum. El primer monologuista
3D” in 2014.

2019 115


(MULTIPLE DIRECTORS) 7 mins | French | France

Finn has stains on his skin. One day, he meets a group of

cool kids with different stains on their bodies. Soon, he realises
that these stains aren’t just pretty.

About the director:
Mélanie Lopez, Simon Boucly, Marie Ciesielski, Alice

Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang, Béatrice Viguier

2019 116


AHMED ROSHDY 15 mins | Arabic | Egypt

An Egyptian artist named Khaled decides to investigate a

murder case of a child selling sweet potatoes in Tahrir Square.
He has visions and nightmares about the child during the
investigation, until it reaches a dead end and the case has
unexpected outcomes.

About the director:
His first short film, Night and Tarot. His latest movie, The

Unknown Sweet Potato Seller, was nominated for “Best
Animation” at Miami Short Film Festival 2017, won “Best
Emerging Media Storytelling/Commentary Special jury
Award”, and “Outstanding Achievement Award” at Calcutta
International Cult Film Festival.

2019 117


CÉCILE ROBINEAU 8 mins | French | France

An ogre lives alone in a huge garden. One day, he meets a

tiny woman who fell from a swallow. Their peculiar friendship
disintegrates because of their true nature : TommeLise wants
to travel again while the appetite of the ogre awakens.

About the director:
After spending her early years in Bordeaux, Cécile

Robineau did an art prep school in Agoulême before joining
the prestigious Arts Decos school (ENSAD) in Paris. She has
attended animation classes there and she is now at the
animation school of La Poudrière in Valence.

2019 118

TOUCH 2 mins | No Dialogue | France


A young girl goes home tired.

About the director:
Rachel Anciaux and Laurence De Wilde have graduated

from the Pôle IIID school (Roubaix, France). In 2018, they co-
directed the short film “Touch”.

2019 119


STEP CHEUNG 3 mins | No Dialogue
| Hong Kong

The value and happiness of people should not be built on

other people. Unstable relationships cannot give you bliss and
joy; you will only suffer in pain.

About the director:
Step has studied illustration, animation and photography

at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Gobelins School
in Paris, University of Windsor and Hong Kong Polytechnic
University respectively. Her illustrations are published in The
Standard newspaper weekly and she has illustrated and
animated for TV commercials, magazines, and other forms of
media. Her passion for drawing germinated when she was a
child. She loves to use a variety of media to express the world
in her imagination.

2019 120


Competition Section

Non-Competition Section brings a
delightful potpourri of work by filmmakers
from India and around the world, each
with their unique storytelling method
which transcends categories of style,
genre or technique.

2019 121

15 AUGUST 20 mins | Marathi | India


15 august (Independence Day) is a real-life movie based

on helpless people and their everyday struggles.

About the director:
Anillkumar is a filmmaker who has received over 25

awards including the Ra.Sh.Datar Puraskar (USA),
Dronachary Award , Marathwada Bhushan Award.

2019 122

30 POP 18 mins | Hebrew | Israel


Mika is a girl who’s always in control, but she finds herself

at a loss when her boyfriend unexpectedly breaks off their

About the director:
Shira Billig is from Jerusalem who from an early age used

to play musical instruments, and later wrote and composed
the music for a number of short films. At Tzvia Arts High
School, Shira majored in graphics and also studied
cinematography and video editing. Shira studied in a four-
year, full time directing program at the Ma’aleh School of Film
and Television in Jerusalem, graduating in January 2019. A
Pain in the Neck, her second-year narrative short film, has
been shown at a number of festivals worldwide. She is also
engaged in a B.Ed. program in Herzog college, majoring in
Communication and literature. Pop 30 is her graduating film.

2019 123


PABLO FAJARDO 14 mins | Spanish | Spain

Since putting up the ad, Maite has had to write a list of

appointments to attend to all the people interested in renting
the room she has up for rent. Choosing the tenant will not be
easy; but Maite is not in a hurry. For her, there is only one
condition: no one can arrive later than 7pm to visit the room.

About the director:
Pablo Fajardo holds a degree in History of Art (UCM,

Madrid) and is also a graduate in Cinematography and
Audiovisual Arts (TAI University Arts Centre, Madrid).
Throughout his career, his films have been recognised and
applauded for.

2019 124

A KNOWN STORY 4 mins | Malayalam | India


Reflecting upon a life in a day

About the director:
Ajmal Shahul, born and brought up in Alleppey, Kerala is

passionate about cinema. After his schooling & graduation, his
passion towards cinema took him to the sets of the movie
Amen, which was directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery. He worked
as an Assistant Director and that was the beginning. Recently,
he worked in Domin D’silva’s film Paippin Chuvattile
Pranayam as an Associate Director. He has worked as an
Associate Director in several popular Advertisements.

2019 125


MUKUL HALOI 25 mins | Assamese | India

Rahul, a young boy, hopes to pen down his experience of

growing up in his ancestral village. His mother, being deeply
connected to nature, can sense messages and signs. Urmila, a
pregnant lady, is driven by sensorial experiences. But in
contrast to the serenity and harmonious living, there lurks a
violent societal past that re-surfaces in people’s dreams.
These peaceful and quiet lives intersect in the space of
traumatic memories of death and loss in Assam’s thirty years
of secessionist movement.

About the director:
Mukul Haloi is from Nalbari, Assam and has studied Film

Direction at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.
His works deal with various memories - both personal and
socio-political. His short film, “Days of Autumn”, was
appreciated at many festivals and was awarded the top prize
at the International Documentary and Short Film Festival of
Kerala, 2017.

2019 126


RAGHDA KARAM 12 mins | Other | Egypt

A thief decides to rob a house after its owners go to spend

the night out. But suddenly they came back and so the thief
hides under the bed and is a witness of a series of unexpected
events to happen in that late hour after midnight.

About the director:
A director & writer, Raghda graduated from the High

Cinema Institute at Egypt. He has made a few short film
including, “1 AM” (2015), “The Butcher” (2016), “Atelier”
(2016), “The Search For An Idea” (Documentary) (2017) and
“A Midnight Robbery” (2018).

2019 127


SOUMADEEP SEN 15 mins | English | India

“Requiem for Jenny” is about one small event Jenny’s life,

which leads to her death. The story revolves around three
other characters and the different perspectives they have. A
Standup act has been used to portray the main narrative with
humor that is delivered through implicit sarcasm. Each of
these acts is directly related to what’s happening in Jenny’s
life and how it changes her perspective towards life.

About the director:
Soumadeep is an independent filmmaker who started

making films unexpectedly. After producing his first film
Urmi’s Cat, he realised that the script he had written didn’t
translate his vision and so, began making films. Soumadeep
has an IT background and runs a software product company.
He lives in Bangalore with his wife, Mandira, and an only
daughter Kyra. He has produced and directed 5 films since
2017. Few of his films have even been selected fro
international festivals across Europe and India.

2019 128

AAGAADHI 5 mins | Hindi | India


Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight

to imagination and life to everything. The genius of our
country is improvisation, and jazz reflects that. Classical music
has blood, energy, a sinister side and the rhythm akin to that of
rock music. This film is an audio-visual journey; a fusion of
Indian classical music with a tinge of jazz, portraying a man
who deludes in loneliness.

About the director:
Tharindu Ramanayaka is a filmmaker from Satyajit Ray

Film and Television Institute, Kolkata.

2019 129

AAVARTA 16 mins | Kannada | India


This story is of a young gangster who wants to prove his

superiority in the underworld by killing a yesteryear don. His
plan is executed, in spite of receiving demotivating
information from his wingman. Consequently, his thoughts go
awry and he’s confused about his deeds. The don’s last,
profound words about karma makes him realise that it’s all a
loop - what goes around, inevitably comes around. In the end,
there’s hope for redemption; he might switch to a better path
after all.

About the director:
Ganesh Hegde is a writer, director and photographer with

a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He created his
first experimental short film in 2017 and has been a part of
major Indian feature films and script-writing ever since.
Ganesh is an independent filmmaker who wishes to bring in
stories unlike those told in mainstream Indian Cinema.

2019 130

ABHIYOG 15 mins | Hindi | India


Few years after a cop shot people praying in a mosque, he

is held captive by a victim’s family. He learns that the intention
is to seek revenge.

About the director:
Aaditya Bhardwaj has in B.A. in Filmmaking and has

specialised in Direction from Whistling Woods International,
Mumbai. His films have a twisted portrayal of characters and
subtly raise socially relevant themes. Has assisted in 15 WWI
short Films and has an experience of visualizing film’s pacing,
tone and visual editing in pre – production stage by
storyboarding sequence and scenes.

2019 131

ABUSED 10 mins | English | Ghana


A short narrative film which tells the story of a lady - Dzifa,

who suffered from domestic violence and lost her baby in the
process. 3 years later, after rebuilding herself, Dzifa decides to
empower other women going through a similar situation by
narrating her trauma and advising the general public.

About the director:
Dela Finn is a Filmmaker in Ghana (Africa). He started his

film career in the year 2016 where he directed a non-verbal
short film titled Bound to be, featuring Nelson Mandela
Junior. In April 2017, Dela Finn released a Christian Short
Film Titled I Believe for Deland Films. The Movie featured his
actor - Nelson Mandela Jnr. This is one of the Shortest film
made by Dela Finn; duration of 1 minute, 11 seconds. SCARED
had its Official Selection at the REALTIME INTERNATIONAL
FILM FESTIVAL (Lagos Nigeria) in June 2019.

2019 132


ALVARO MARTIN 4 mins | French | Italy

We often come up with metaphors to talk about things

that we otherwise find a difficulty in talking about.

About the director:
Álvaro Martín Sanz (1991). Associate professor of the

Design degree of the Open University of Catalonia, Master in
Cinematography by the University of Córdoba and in
Humanities by the Open University of Catalonia. He is
currently pursuing a PhD in Media Research at the Carlos III
University. As a filmmaker, his short films have been selected
in more than three hundred festivals and deserving of more
than thirty awards, including the Best Comedy Short of the
Comic-Con in San Diego.

2019 133

ADHYASA 16 mins | Kannada | India


The title translates to “the false superimposition of

attribute”. In this context, three major characters are trying to
impose the existence (of what) through their own imagination.

About the director:
An editor, writer, graphic designer, photographer and a

film-maker in the making.

2019 134

AFTER ASIFA 30 mins | Bengali | India


After the brutality of communal rape and murder of Asifa,

a director and his team meet two characters in a void.

About the director:
Sayantan is an undergraduate student who passionately

loves cinema and music. This is his first professional movie-
project, but he has worked on many non-cinema videos
previously. Sayantan dreams cinema and tries to make
something which is radically different, both aesthetically and
economically from the mainstream film industry.

2019 135

AKARUSI 8 mins | Tamil | India


A girl is caught off-guard by two men in an isolated subway

with a history of girls being preyed and raped.

About the director:
Nebutt Najdorf is a writer, director, cinematographer and

editor. He studied Visual Communication at Loyola College in
Chennai and graduated in 2018. His passion for films started
from a very young age. Making short films from the age of 11,
he has made about 25 short films till now.

2019 136


CHARLES WILLIAMS 13 mins | English | Australia

An adolescent boy attempts to untangle his memories of a

mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father, and the
little creatures inside us all.

About the director:
Charles grew up in a country town in northern Victoria.

Though his household was largely dependent on government
assistance, he found a way to make films with equipment
‘borrowed’ from the local school and, while still in his teens,
won the Best Director award at Tropfest. His latest short film
‘All These Creatures’ has been awarded the Palme D’Or at the
2018 Cannes Film Festival.

2019 137

AL-SHIT 7 mins | No Dialogue | India


This film showcases how our habits create troubles in our

day to day life.

About the director:
Randheer from Ernakulam, Kerala used to work in the

software field until 2016. Before his first short film, al-Shit, he
worked as a screenwriter for the film Seesaw which is under

2019 138

AM CU CE - PRIDE 19 mins | German | Germany


Romanian truck driver Stancu, has given his nephew

Dragan, a second driver card to stretch his legal driving time.
But when Dragan almost causes an accident due to microsleep
at the wheel, Stancu feels responsible all of a sudden.

About the director:
Hannah shot her first documentary in USA, Mexico,

Romania and Great Britain. After studying politics, social
sciences and law, she studied directing at Filmakademie
Baden-Württemberg. She has also passed a guest semester at
Academy of Media Arts Cologne and at La Fémis, Paris.

2019 139

ARANZAZU 19 mins | Spanish | Columbia


Actors Veronica and Manuel travel outside the city to a

country house to practice and rehearse their next play.
Veronica wishes to be a mother but this wish is flustered every
time her menstrual period arrives.

2019 140

ASTHA 18 mins | Kannada | India


This story is about Shamanna, a Yakshagana artist living in

Coastal Karnataka. Shamanna is dealing with the trauma of
growing old & his everyday struggles with life in general, soon
he gets acquainted with two localites. The story further
unravels into the plight of several estranged parents, left to
fend for themselves. Though he’s receiving temporary support
from Ravi and Decosta, his friends, is he happy enough? Will
their friendship persist?

About the director:
Pradeep Parameshwar comes from a small town of

Shimoga District from Karnataka. Pradeep made his debut
short film “Ondhsaari” (One time) in 2018 based on the Indian
election system which was screened in many Short film
festivals and got awards like Best movie in The Shankarnag
short film festival and Best film in Samskruthi short film

2019 141

ASTHU 10 mins | Kannada | India


A film about your thoughts.

About the director:
Aroor Rakesh is a graduate from Crossland college, after

which he moved to Bangalore. He began as an assistant
director for news media platforms, few TV ads and multiple
documentaries. Later, he co founded Chukki talkies with his
wife and “Asthu” happens to be the first of his directoral
venture in short films.

2019 142

ATO SAN NEN 26 mins | Chinese, Spanish |

Marisa is a widow who lives alone in a small countryside

village, with the only company of her dog: Tico. One day,
Marisa and Tico receive an unexpected visit to Hiroshi, a
Japanese gentleman who claims to be friends with Marisa’s
son. Despite not having a common language, Hiroshi and
Marisa make efforts to communicate with each other.

About the director:
Pedro studied cinema at Valladolid University, specialized

in editing at TAI Arts University (Madrid) and did an MA at the
Netherlands Film Academy. His work has received awards at
Clermont Ferrand, Festival de Málaga, ALCINE, and Palm
Springs, among others. His work was also shown at the
Biennale di Venezia 2015.

2019 143

AZAF 27 mins | Arabic, English |

A fiddler finds himself alone in an unwanted house

occupied by a number of human figures and mannequins;
disturbing voices and sounds start haunting him inside the
place when he decides to mute that noise around him by using
his violin.

About the director:
Khaled is an Egyptian architect and filmmaker, born and

raised in Kuwait. He soon moved to Cairo to study Mass
Communication and then shifted to Architecture in MSA
University at the “6th of October” city, spending the whole
education period with a passionate interest in Cinema and
Film making theory.

2019 144

BACKBONE 22 mins | Tamil | India


The story of an aged farmer who only knows of agriculture;

he sells his own land to clear off his debts. Akin to the common
folks, he too migrates to the town in search of a job.

About the director:
Karunakaran is a new filmmaker and has worked as an

Assistant director in several Tamil films.

2019 145

BAD PEOPLE 20 mins | Georgian | Georgia


Tbilisi,1991, Georgia after the collapse of the USSR, in the

midst of a civil war, Gia tries to find medicine for his son when
he meets an old friend who fights on the opposite side.

About the director:
Born in Georgia, Tbilisi, a year and a half before the Tbilisi

Civil war. Gerogi lived the first one year in Soviet Union and
gained a Bachelors and Masters degree in Film Directing in
Shota Rustaveli Film and Theatre Georgian State University.
He has filmed up to ten short fiction and documentary films.
“Bad People” is the third professional film, which is about
Tbilisi civil war 1991-92.

2019 146

BANDOOK 7 mins | Hindi | India


A child killed his father beacuse his father was beating his

mother for money to drink alcohol (daru) and this happened
every day . The delivery boy gets caught.

About the director:
Pravin Shinde, certified from Rachan Sansad film Institute

worked as an assistant director for television soaps- Love
Lagna Locha, Sant Dnyaneshwer, Durva and Radha Prem
Rangi Rangali. He also works as a casting assistant.

2019 147

BBUMP 8 mins | Kannada | India


BBuMP is a satire based on the state of Bangalore roads. It

uses comedy to try and explain how a Civil Engineer’s mind

About the director:
Sreenath Vinodan is a software engineer from Bangalore

and “BBuMP” is his second short film. Film making is his
passion and his aim is to be a great story-teller.

2019 148

BEEDIWALA 21 mins | Hindi | India


This Film is an interrogative crime drama loosely based on

the after effects of the Anti Sikh Riots (1984) of India. It deals
with the subject of how innocent civilians were affected and
how their lives were pushed into unwanted and violent
directions. The film revolves around a young boy following
footsteps of his father, carrying a past burden and trauma.

About the director:
Pranjal is an electronic media graduate who is now into

film making. He and his fellow mates have started a small
production group called Light Trails Production. He makes
Films, Documentaries, Music videos, Advertisements and so
on. He is also into Literature, Photography and Fine arts.

2019 149

BHAIRU 29 mins | Marathi | India


Young Bhairu is deaf and mute, but his imagination knows

no bounds. He likes to imagine what aural sensation would
feel like, and quite enjoys the idea of it. But when his parents
get him a hearing machine, the reality of sound floods into his
head, clattering and clanging in chaos, clashing with his
imaginations. As Bhairu is caught between the discord of his
imagination and reality, he tries to figure out what works
better for him.

About the director:
Born and brought up in small village of Maharashtra, Akeri

Manasi Deodhar is an Arts Graduate. She does not have any
formal education in film-making, but has made a name as a
writer, director, photographer and cinematographer.

2019 150

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