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1. Anand Varadaraj 2
2. Harish Mallya

3. Nikhil Bharadwaj 4 6
4. Pranati A S

5. Anagha Kalale

6. Nisarga J 5
7. Yash Mohite

8. Karthik S 7 9
9. Sunil Reddy

10. Thanuja M

11. Vinay Kumar J 8

12. Niranjana C

10 12


AUGUST 15 - 18, 2019



The Bengaluru International Short Film Festival or, as we
adorably call BISFF turns 9 this year and coincidently we have 9
different film sections screening viz.., International
Competition, Indian Competition, Karnataka Competition,
Animation Competition and Non Competition sections; along
with which, we have special packages- Pocket Films, Short Films
Export from Germany, The Oscar Nominated Short Films and
The Movers. This year, BISFF has received about a 3000 odd
submissions from about 60 countries; from which about 400
films will be screened.

The thought to support young filmmakers on that one
casual evening has now turned into something monumental.
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF) has grown
from an idea to one of the best short film festivals in the country.
BISFF completes its nine glorious years of celebrating short
films this year. Every year BISFF receives several submissions
from different countries that go through a selection process
and the films are finally screened for all film enthusiasts. Film
festivals create a great platform for filmmakers to meet, interact
and collaborate. They’re also centres for cultural exchange.

Apart from film screenings, BISFF also aims to enhance the
skills and thinking capabilities of young filmmakers by having
master classes and panel talks by some of the renowned
personalities in the industry.

2019 5


One upon a time in

Anand Varadaraj
Founder & Artistic Director, BISFF

If someone told me, that an idea that was discussed
with very casual chutzpah over a drink more than 10
years ago, would actually see green shoots and then
become BISFF - I would have scoffed in disbelief.

But here we are in the ninth edition of our child,
whose birth has been a fruit of sheer determination and a
never say die attitude. And of course, we always doff our
hats to our mentor Prakash Belavadi - whose words on
several occasions has been our driving factor.

Sweat, tears, blood (well figuratively at least) had laid
the foundation of BISFF and then we went strength to
strength on passion, grit and unadulterated love for the
movies. Now the largest Short Film Festival in India - who
would have thought?

From 30 submissions in the first year to over 3200
submissions this year, I am overwhelmed with the quality


and share the filmmakers’ elation on acceptance and
their disappointment on not being selected.

We attempted crowdfunding for the very first time
this year, and again to see people open their hearts and
wallets for cinema, restores our faith that the arts have
not been forgotten in a cluttered space. This gave us
wings and this time we are across three venues in
Bangalore - more access, more footfalls, more movies.

While I reminisce about the past, resting on our
laurels is not something I advocate. With so many people
reposing their faith is us - it pushes us to do everything
bigger and better- starting with a Motion Picture
Academy accreditation, which we all have our fingers
crossed for!

We need your support more than ever as we want to
partner with new-age streaming platforms, create a
short film market, have expert workshops, cross-
collaborate with other festivals and the ultimate dream
where a BISFF nominated short film wins at the Oscars.

It would be remiss of me to not mention my team
whose mad skills make this festival happen each year -
literally out of nothing at all.

With absolute joy I sign off - See you at the movies


BISFF, 9 and Growing

Prakash Belawadi
Mentor, BISFF

We got there, before long. Pun aside, it’s true enough
that when the movies were invented, they were all shot
short, till the reel ran out. Later, with editing too, they
were still shorts. Did you know that in our own old
Bengaluru, a small filmmaking base had been established
in the 1930s? By 1934, before the first full-length movie
‘Sati Sulochana’ was released, about 175 silent films
were made ‘in Kannada.’

Internationally, shorts had a lean period between the
Sixties and Eighties but began to find a new groove soon
after. Today, in the age of digital filmmaking, the Internet
and mobile phones, the short film — as animated videos,


memes, trolls, teasers, trailers, promotions, news, and
fiction — overwhelms the storage spaces in our devices.

These are new times with new spaces, like YouTube,
for instance. The first YouTube video was 18 seconds
long, uploaded on 23 April 2005. Now 400 hours of video
are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
says we watch over One Billion Hours of YouTube videos
a day, 70 percent of it on mobile devices. It is big. It can be

BISFF tries to make sense of it all, for the filmmakers,
film lovers and ourselves. We yearn, we learn. We began
small, with 30 entries from all over India, but now get
3,000 from 60 countries. So, across three venues in our
beloved Bengaluru, we again put together this happy fest
for you, this quest to find meaning, in short.

Be there with us.


Suchitra is a word meaning
‘good and beautiful picture’,
in its literal sense.

K V Ravindranath Tagore

President, Suchitra Cinema and

Cultural Academy

The Suchitra Film Academy/Society hosts its yearly
SHORT FILMS FESTIVAL, returning each year with a bang on
the previous record and with great exposure of the latent
changing canvas across the globe.

Fast forwarding to 2019 this season has seen many new
directors and their equally promising works which have won
the hearts of the masses in particular Art and Films lovers and
captured the fancy of connoisseurs of celluloid. This admired
cultural forum has played a pivotal role in providing a platform
to the new-comers in the industry and encouraging successes
with awards and recognition.

Dear Bangloreans, you are in for a treat as the cinema on
display is some of the best short films the world has ever
witnessed, ranging from our very own and cherished Kannada
to the exotics of Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc and
even tapping our indigenous and local produce of our very
diverse yet unified Indian languages.

Let the magic of SHORT FILMS/ cinema enthral us with
innovative but meaningful expositions, as we enter the world
of not so much known masters and their brilliant works.


It’s not just short films...

B Suresha
President, Suchitra Film Society

Suchitra takes great pleasure to showcase BISFF
2019 edition. The length and duration of the short films
may be short, but it will not be short of creative ideas and
the impact it has on the viewer.

Short films always pose great challenge to the film
maker in executing his/her creative ideas. The short film
maker also has to follow all the guidelines and techniques
which is required for making a full length film. Though the
process is same, making a short film requires a poetic
mind. So making short film remains a challenge always.

We are sure that the short film makers participating
in this festival will either make feature films in the days to
come or continue to create celluloid poetry through
short films itself.

We wish all the participants and the festival a great


Dr. Claus Heimes
Director, Goethe-Institut / Max
Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

We are honoured to present the ninth edition of the
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival (BISFF), the
first edition in which we are not an only partner but also
one of the three main venue hosts! The Goethe-Institut /
Max Mueller Bhavan has collaborated with BISFF since
its inception and we have witnessed the Festival grow in
size and scope. This year the Festival has made the extra
effort to take the films to different parts of the City, in
order to reach an even wider audience. We are happy to
be part of this effort.

Short films must be seen! Within the scope of its
diverse activities, BISFF ensures that the short gems are
brought to the public – this year the festival received no
less than 400 entries! As the German cultural institute,
we are proud to contribute and to present a package
from Germany. The 14th edition of “SHORT EXPORT -


Made in Germany” comprises seven outstanding films
from more than 500 German submissions at the
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Congratulations and a big thank you to BISFF and the
great team behind this name. The Bengaluru
International Short Film Festival is once again a highlight
in our annual calendar.


Our new partner...

Director, Bangalore International Centre

It’s heartening to see Bangalore’s public spaces come
alive with events like the Bengaluru International Short
Film Festival (BISFF). With its 9th edition, BISSF
continues to provide the film loving audience a rich,
cultural experience annually. Bangalore International
Centre (BIC) is happy to partner with BISFF as the venue
partner for this edition - it fits in with BIC’s ethos as a
place for informed conversations, arts and culture

Opening Film

23 mins


Nestled in the Kashmir valley, lies a small village on the India-Pakistan
border, always caught in the crossfire between the two warring nations. One
night an eight year old girl ‘Nooreh’ discovers that the gun battle rages when
she sleeps and the bloody duel stops when she keeps her eyes open.

Closing Film

38 mins


Aasawari, who is a painter by profession has undergone a failed delivery and
lost her girl child in a still birth. Totally frustrated by the condolence visits and
typical society gossips, she withdraws to her ancestral house in a remote Konkan
village.However Aasawari’s struggle to overcome this trauma is met with an
ultimate provocation, when she accidentally learns about a pregnant cow due to
deliver soon in their own cowshed.

JURY Prelimnary Jury

Arpana HS
Writer, Translator,
Voiceover Artist

Arpana H S is an ex-journo. After her stint in visual
media she is now working as freelance writer,
translator and voice over artist. A columnist and
literary enthusiast. She has worked for three
documentaries as writer and director. A cinephile.

JURY Prelimnary Jury

Kiran Kumar
Writer, Film Enthusiast

Kiran Kumar is a freelance writer. In his previous
avatar, he was an IT professional. He is an ardent fan of
mainstream Malayalam movies from the 80s and 90s
in particular, and movies; good or bad, in general.
Currently he is part of the writers’ forum formed by a
reputed Kannada movie director, aspiring to
transform writing expertise to screenwriting.

JURY Prelimnary Jury

Vivekananda Kodandaraman
Film Enthusiast

Vivekananda Kodandaraman is an engineering
graduate and data specialist by profession. But,
cinema is his one and only passion. Biggest cinephile
who watches average four movies in a day. His
exposure to world cinema is astounding. Vivekananda
is part of a film review website and a film fest regular.


Competition Section

International Competition Section brings a
collection of competitive works by filmmakers
around the globe, promoting a culture of
understanding and appreciating global
cinema, its trends and perspectives. It also
provides a platform for local and international
filmmakers to connect, share and collaborate.

2019 21

JURY International Competition

H N Narahari Rao
Film Critic

H N Narahari Rao is a film critic from India and is the
ex-president of FIPRESCI India. He is also a noted film
society activist for over 35 years. He has authored
several books, including his latest, The Most Memorable
Films of the World from the Diaries of the Film Societies.

JURY International Competition

Agustín Acevedo Kanopa
Journalist, Writer

Agustín Acevedo Kanopa is a Uruguayan
psychologist, journalist and writer specializing in film
criticism. He has written articles on cinema and music for
the national newspaper La Diaria since 2008. In
additional to working for other online and print
publications, he has served on the jury of the Uruguayan
International Cinematographic Festival and the
International Film Festival Rotterdam. He is vice-
president of FIPRESCI Uruguay and has worked as a
programmer for the last two editions of the Montevideo
Film Festival.

JURY International Competition

Shrihari Sathe
Director, Producer

“Shrihari Sathe is a New York and Mumbai-based
director and producer. Sathe most recently won the 2019
Film Independent Spirit Award – Producers Award. He
produced Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s Pervertigo, which world-
premiered at the 2012 Warsaw and Mumbai film festivals
and was a part of the 2011 IFP Independent Filmmaker
Labs. Sathe’s follow up production, Eliza Hittman’s It Felt
Like Love, premiered at 2013 Sundance Film Festival and
2013 International Film Festival Rotterdam to great

Sathe is a 2011 Film Independent Producing Lab fellow
and a 2013 Sundance Institute Creative Producing Fellow.
He has received fellowships from the HFPA, PGA, IFP, Film
Independent and The Sundance Institute to name a few. He
is a Film Independent Spirit Award (2015) nominee and a
Gotham Award nominee (2014). In 2016, Sathe received the
Cinereach Producer Award.

He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor and Senior
Production Advisor at Columbia University’s School of the

2ND CLASS 13 mins | Swedish | Sweden


Charlotte has a new job as a second grade teacher. One night,

she is attacked by a Nazi and is severely injured. When she comes
back to her students, she discovers that one of them is the Nazi’s
About the director:

Jimmy Olsson started working with films in 2002 and has
worked in almost every position there is, behind the camera. He
went to a film school in Stockholm for two years after 2004. He likes
to listen to people around him, capture the reality and give it a
funny twist. He prefers stories that focus on human beings, their
inner self and their relationshipd. 2nd class is his ninth short film as
a director.

2019 25

ANTXONI 14 mins | Spanish | Spain


Mikel arrives with his daughters to his parents’ house to eat as

he does every day. What he does not expect is the surprise that
awaits him there ...His life takes an unexpected turn as he faces a
great dilemma.
About the director:

Ruben Sainz, a self-taught filmmaker was born in 1974 in the
city of San Sebastian. In the recent years, he has directed, written
and produced several short films.

2019 26

DIALECTIC DIARY 15 mins | German | Germany


The film was created with the aim of strengthening the

establishment of an urban dance form (called contemporary
breaking) as a professional “performing art”. With psychedelic
scenarios in a theatrical style of a performance, it accompanies four
characters from their genesis - from the discovery of their passion
to their coming-to-grief.
About the director:

Mike Schafer has been creating pictures for almost 28 years via
two different kinds of creation. On the one hand as a visual artist,
filmmaker and CEO of Still in Motion GmbH for famous brands
like Disney, Mercedes, Panasonic, Glashütte Original and much
more. On the other hand as an urban abstract dancer,
choreographer and chairman of the center for urban culture (dance,
art & music) called 84´TIL for famous institutions like HELLERAU
- European Center for the Arts. Dialectic Diary is his first time as a
director and he would like to produce it as a live-performance later.

2019 27


DEBORAH HASSOUN 15 mins | French | France

After 6 years of analysis, Inès, a 31 years old, wishes to leave her

analyst. When confronted with the magnitude of the task, she
decides to get help from another analyst.
About the director:

A series fan since her parents got cable TV. To improve, she
attends the screenwriting class at the UQAM (University of Québec
Montreal) and enters the CEEA (European Conservatory of
Audiovisual Writing). She then works for television as a scriptwriter,
codirects a documentary and found La Mafia princess, the most
thrilling collective writing experience for her, ever. She then applies
for the competitive exam of the Atelier Scénario (Script Workshop)
at the FEMIS. There she develops the feature script which will
finally give her the desire to direct. But before, she tackles her first
short: Do not ask for your way, produced by Les Films du Cygne.

2019 28

EN VENDA 19 mins | Catalan | Spain


When he tastes the stew served by the cook woman, the only

customer who dines at a lonely restaurant, asks her for marriage.
This impertinent proposition triggers a situation of harassment that
will take an unexpected turn when the woman takes the initiative.
The night will end with the two characters wondering if everything
has a price.
About the director:

Mateu Ciurana is a filmmaker, a journalist, radio broadcaster
and cultural manager. He started with amateur cinema in Super 8
and with his production company, Veinália Produccions, he has
directed the short films Llàtzer (2013), Diògenes, el gos (2014),
Bernadeta (2015), La señora de la 212 (2016), La roda (2017) and
En venda (2018).

2019 29


ESCALADA - ESCALATION 12 mins | Spanish | Spain

A mother and her daughter are driving to the mall. Such a daily

situation like finding a spot in the car park quickly escalates to a
violent clash.
About the director:

Nacho Solana, a Spanish director of publicity and short films
has a record of more than 400 selections and 20 awards in festivals
from all over the world. His film Namnala was pre-nominated to
the Goya 2016 and The Cage, his sixth short film, was included in
the national catalogue Map of the Spanish Short Cinema 2017.
Escalation is his seventh work as a film director.

2019 30


EMANUEL PARVU 15 mins | Romanian | Romania

A mother travels a long way from the Danube Delta to

Bucharest in order to celebrate her son’s 40th birthday. What she’s
about to find out will make her rethink about love and devotion.
About the director:

Emanuel Parvu graduated the acting class from the Romanian
National University for Theater and Film and holds a Masters
Degree in the Art of Acting and a PHD in the Dramaturgical
Structures. He is known for his roles in: Cristian Mungiu’s
Graduation, Tales from the Golden Age and Adrian Sitaru’s Art,
His debut feature Meda or The not so bright side of things was
awarded Heart of Sarajevo for Best Director and Heart of Sarajevo
for Best Actor. Everything is far away is his sixth film as a director.

2019 31

FIGARO 7 mins | Modern Greek |

A young actress tries to show her talent in an audition, but

something always stands her way!
About the director:

Dimitris Andjus was born in Athens in 1978. He graduated
from Stavrakos Film and Television Academy in 2000 earning the
Directing Diploma approved by the Ministry of Culture. He also
received the Bachelor of Science in Film Studies from the Empire
State College in Athens in 2003. He has been credited as Assistant
Camera in dozens of Short films and Documentaries before
directing his own projects. Since 2005, he is an active member of
the Greek Director’s Guild and the Directors UK and has produced
and directed 15 Short Films, 3 Documentaries and one theatrical

2019 32

FOLLOWER 10 mins | German | Germany


A home invasion from a smartphone’s point of view.

About the director:
Jonathan Benedict Behr worked as a film projectionist during

his school days in order to be in cinema as much as possible. He
graduated with a master’s thesis on primeval fears in horror movies
and in 2016 he started studying film directing at the Filmakademie
Baden-Württemberg. His first short, Fremde (2017), was screened
at over 70 festivals worldwide. With his second short film Follower,
he premiered at the Berlinale 2018 and 50 other festivals, as well as
got a nomination for the German Short Film Award.

2019 33


DOMENICO DE ORSI 20 mins | Italian | Italy

In a world where nature prevails, a man and a woman live their

lives as the last survivors of their species. Working as farmers, they
deal calmly with the fatigue, the silence and existence. Driven by
the desire to escape, the man finds refuge in his imagination. He
explores abandoned villages, scavenges for junk and designs
improbable flying machines.
About the director:

Domenico De Orsi was born in Apulia in 1978. He has directed
three short movies and edited several shorts and documentaries.
Co-founder with Efisio Scanu of Purple Neon Lights, a production
company based in Rome.

2019 34


PAULA GARISOAIN 13 mins | Spanish | Spain

Driss is a woman who enforces in a world where wealthy men

reign. Telmo is a waiter embellished by the beauty of Driss, his
unattainable love. One night, both will have the opportunity to hold
a conversation in which they will keep their cards on the table.
About the director:

Paula Garisoain has worked in different areas of the audiovisual
world. She started working as an Art Director in the fiction short El
comisario and after that, she worked as a producer and editor in the
documentary Haritz Amurgain, a story inspired by nature and the
passage of time. She was a producer in Al cuadrilátero, an
entertainment program where the debates were fought in a ring,
and assistant director in the short films Donuts and Ciento volando.
Ice, the musical is his first work as director and writer.

2019 35


CHABNAME ZARIÂB 15 mins | Farsi | France

Somewhere in the desert, a little boy is plunged by force into an

intimidating and completely foreign new world: the world of camel
racing. Will the distant hope of seeing his mother again give him
the strength to overcome his fears and find his place in this hostile
About the director:

Chabname Zariab was 7 when she migrated to France with her
parents. She grew up in a very literary family and in 2011; she
published her first novel, The Afghan Pianist, which won several
literary prizes. She then turned to documentary screenplay and in
2015 directed a short fiction film When you hear the bells, which
has met with great success in festivals around the world, accounting
lots of awards and being named at the César 2016. After her second
short film, L’enfant chameau (The Camel Boy), she is preparing her
next short film and writing her first feature-length work.

2019 36

LA FEMME CERF 8 mins | French | Spain


Disturbed because of what she is surrounded by, she tries to

leave from the space where she is not able to remember how she got
there. While she walks by the cold and silence rooms, a memories
stirs in her, memories she believed forgotten.

2019 37


DANIEL HERNÁNDEZ 14 mins | Spanish | Spain

Manuel, an old veteran of World War II, recounts his memoirs

to a young man in an asylum. Manuel loses most of his family
during the bombing of the Condor Legion of Hitler in Spain and
sends his daughter to Paris to save her. After the defeat and the exile,
Nazism spreads across Europe. Hitler’s Army occupy Paris and
Manuel is sent to the forced labor camps of Algeria, where the
prisoners are treated like animals. After escaping Manuel joins the
ninth company in a desperate struggle to recover his daughter and
free Europe from Nazism. What the young man will discover in the
story of Manuel will change their lives forever.

2019 38

MAIN BLESSINGS 9 mins | English | United

When an ex-alcoholic desperately attempts to convince a weary

priest of his spiritual dedication, an uninvited guest from his
drunken past threatens his holy facade.

2019 39


PEDRO JAÉN R. 10 mins | Spanish | Paraguay

After the loss of her mother, a little girl arrives at an orphanage.

Outside, the greatest discovery awaits her.
About the director:

Being a self taught artist, Pedro has worked with concepts of
synthetic image and literary stories, as well as his short films. He
completed his training with the director / producer Antonio
Gonzalo, the prestigious scriptwriter of “Syd Field”, at the ECAM.

2019 40


AJITPAL SINGH 19 mins | Gujarathi | India

Rammat Gammat is a moving a tale of two best friends, young

boys in rural Gujarat - the son of a lower caste thief and the son of
an upper caste village head and their mutual love for football. Their
friendship is stretched to the breaking point when one of them is
gifted a pair of golden yellow football studs, which will take him
away from his friend and out of the village. It’s a simple story of
complex characters.

About the director:
Ajitpal Singh was an 8 years old boy when his father ran a

cinema hall. After studying chemistry, learning theatre and
photography, he slowly came to filmmaking, making some
experimental films before writing a fiction film script that was
selected or Sundance Screenwriter’s India Lab in 2012. Ajitpal Singh
has worked as Associate Director For Gurgaon (2016), dialogue
writer for Once Again (2017). He has also worked as a researcher
for 16 German Documentary films in India. Currently, he is writing
two International co-production feature scripts while working on
his debut directorial feature.

2019 41

NOEL 13 mins | Spanish | Spain


Noel turns 8 years old and his birthday goes along with a dress-

up play organized by his teacher at the school. He thinks that
dressing as his favorite character could help to find a friend who
shares his same hobby.
About the director:

Kike Arroyo works on fiction documentary and advertising as a
production assistant, but his strength and true vocation lies in film
direction, which led him to graduate in film direction. During his
graduation he produced and directed his first documentary short
film “United for Life”. This film was shortlisted for the Goya awards
and other national and international nominations. Now, with his
first fiction short film “Noel”, he highlights the bullying problem, a
menace in society today.

2019 42

PARIS YOU GOT ME 9 mins | No Dialogue |

“Art may change the inner as well as the external world“. That’s

how our protagonist Ksenia experiences it. The street artist George
lures her into his magic world of art illusions, an artistic dance
about the realization of your dreams.
About the director:

Julie Boehm is a conceptual cross-media artist in the district of
Painting, Photography, Illustration, Composing, Bodypainting,
Dance and Film. After her studies, she worked as a creative director
for the Art Magazine Spykeheels in Berlin. Between 2013 and 2018;
she studied Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.
“Paris you got me” is her third film as a director.

2019 43


AHMAD ZAYERI 20 mins | Arabic | Iran, Islamic
Republic of

The film tells us a story of a Syrian child who lost his eyes

because of a mortar shell while he was playing with his friends. The
child locked himself at home and the mother tries in various ways
to get him out. One day, she tried an innovative way, with the help
of the residents of the neighborhood who still live there.
About the director:

He directed at the Young Directors’ Club in Iran, 1999 and then
produced the first short film about 100 seconds from Iraqi children
(paper bullets). She produced a short film (the shadow) that tells the
story of a child stealing sweets from a sick old man. The film tells the
story of the life of a child imprisoned by his father in the house where
the father is a drug dealer and that the child does not have the means
to connect the outside world. Zeytouna Saad’s film tells the story of
the life of a Syrian child, he was spotted by a rocket-propelled
grenade and became a prisoner of the house, the mother and
neighbors try to take him out in an ambiguous way.

2019 44

SHOUT AT ME! 11 mins | Spanish | Mexico


Violence and judgement against women are the heavy burden

that Melissa lifts off at every training. She lives in a macho society
that punishes women who don’t comply with their role. On the
street and on the ring, she is constantly met with the EXIGENCIA,
with harassment, with guilt. But she will continue fighting and
answering “Come on, shout at me! So what?”
About the director:

Laura studied Master’s in Creation Documentary at the
Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and her interest in
filmmaking started in San Francisco, California. In 2010, she
arrived to Mexico to study film and work as a director, photographer
and editor in different documentary projects.

2019 45

SPERM FRIENDS 15 mins | Spanish | Argentina


Sperm Friends is an Argentinian LGBT comedy short-film

about friendship, paternity and modern-day families. Andrea and
Carla’s apartment are two girlfriends determined to be mothers.
They invite Hernan and Facundo, a gay couple and the girls propose
to have two babies (one for each family) through fertility treatment.
After several wine glasses, the guys accept the proposal and all of
them get into an uncomfortable situation of choosing which of the
two men will be the sperm donor.
About the director:

Ramiro Velasco was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is a
graduate in Image and Sound Designing (UBA). Velasco also
happens to be a founding partner of the production company El
Delirio Cine. He has directed and written many short films, namely
In the name of the son (2006), Spoiled (2011) and Sperm Friends
(2019) amongst others. Currently, he is busy with advertisement
production and commercials.

2019 46


FERNANDO VERA MORENO 15 mins | Spanish | Spain

Ana is good at locks, and Teo is looking forward to someone

entering her house. How two strangers come together one night,
how to dance from the ground.
About the director:

Fernando Vera Moreno is an audiovisual producer with more
than 15 years of experience in management and production teams.
He has experience for more than 4 years in the preparation and
implementation of educational programs that take cinema as a
pedagogical tool in different schools, both in primary and
secondary. He is also responsible for award-winning short films
inside and outside of Spain, launch campaigns for brands
nationwide, and a number of institutional documentaries.

2019 47

SUSPICION 9 mins | Arabic | Egypt


Two years into a turbulent marriage, haunted with suspicion

and non-stop queries; the young couple, Khaled and Hend lead a
precarious, troubled life. Up until Khaled finds out about a secret
that will have great consequences.
About the director:

Ahmed Anwar, an Egyptian Director, Graduated from faculty
of commerce, Cairo University, Worked as a production manager
since 2008 in many advertising campaigns, TV series and
documentaries. Studied film making and worked as a director for 3
short movies, a documentary movie and was also a script-writer for
many short movies.

2019 48

THE BARBER 7 mins | Arabic | Egypt


A suspicious Barber shop, where there had been a huge quarrel

between a young man and the barber, the barber because he had
removed the man’s hair. The customers are interfering to solve the
problem in a framework characterised by black comedy.
About the director:

Andrew Mossad is a young director and producer. He worked
as an assistant director in documentary films. He has worked for
“The Barber” as a director and as production manager for a Swiss
documentary film, Fiancee and was an official selection at the
official competition of Vision du reel film festival.

2019 49


JORGE MURIEL 20 mins | Spanish | Spain

In the Madrid of the 80s, Ivan, a five-year-old boy, is confronted

with the birth of a new brother. His sister is dad´s favorite, the
newborn is mom’s favorite. Which place does he take in this new
situation? What if he could fly and escape?
About the director:

Born in Madrid, Spain. He has a Economic´s Degree and a
double major in Drama. A Fulbright grant student from 1999-2001.
He lives in NYC and completes his education in HB Studio, NY
Film Academy, Susan Batson Studio and Actors Center. He writes,
directs and produces his films. His shortfilm Lemon Juice was
nominated as best shorfilm of the year at Goya Awards, 2010.

2019 50

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