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A Dream of Two Cities
Working with author, Harrison F. Carter, a group of students at St Vincenare working on the production of a comic book to share with school children in Indonesia, as part of hopeful future collaborations and engagement pertaining to literacy and creative writing.

The comic is based upon a story by the author, ‘A Dream of Two Cities’, which can be found on the http://www.creativityinmind.org website, under the heading ‘Literacy Workshops / Recent projects.’ The bespoke story was written and designed by the author to allow a group of visually impaired students to embark upon an interactive, creative adventure that encourages and inspires their imagination, whilst simultaneously develops their literacy skills and creative writing abilities.

In an additional and intentional dual-fold role, the story is also designed to provide the students with a learning experience that introduces them to the historical and cultural significance of the city of Liverpool. It is intended that both the story and the comic book will serve as an educational resource to showcase the city’s historical and cultural pride, highlighting its maritime heritage and cultural position on the global stage.
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