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cupid copy2

cupid copy2

Lash Cupid

Fall in love with your lashes.

Table of Contents

PG 1 Resume
PG 2 Mission Statement
PG 3 Recommendation Letters
PG 4 Business Policy
PG 5
PG 6 General Health & Safety/ Aftercare
PG 7
PG 8 Table Set Up
PG 9 Client Consent Form
PG 10 Before & After Pictures
Salon Service & Pricing Menu

Hardworking Eyelash Extension OLIVAREZ
Specialist with a pleasant personality
and passion for lashing. Focused on Eyelash Extension Specialist
building a loyal client base by
developing and enhancing personal EDUCATION
appearance. Friendly professional San Jacinto College
who excels at lashing all types of January 2019 – May 2019
natural lash hairs, mixing lash lengths
and advising on styles to best suit Novalash Certified
each individual client. June 2019
Barbicide Certified
CONTACT January 2019
PHONE: Licensed Eyelash Extension Specialist
State of Texas- June 2019
Address: Eyelash Extension student at San Jacinto College. 320 hours of
course instruction and hands on application of eyelash
735 E. Copano St. extension on 15+ clients.

Mathis, Tx. 78368 SKILLS

EMAIL: • Full eyelash extension set in 2 hours or less
• Classic eyelash extension application
[email protected] • Volume eyelash extension application
• Bottom lash extension application
• 3 length bonding

Mission Statement

At the Lash Cupid it is our goal to make you fall in love with your lashes at
first sight! We are dedicated to making you feel your absolute best with little to no
effort. Beauty is made easy at the Lash Cupid.

Recommendation Letters

To whom it may concern:

I have gotten so many compliments on my eyelash extensions. Veronica took her time on putting them on and always making sure I was comfortable at all times. Very well
informative to explain the process and also the cleaning process. Will be going back for a refill when needed. Thank you for doing a great job!

Satisfied Customer,

Beverly DeLeon

To who it may concern:

I have eye problems to where I am required to wear special contacts. Mascara is a real problem for me because it gets on the contacts and then I spend a huge amount of time
trying to clean them. I had thought about getting eyelash extensions but was hesitant to do so. One day I was scrolling facebook and came across an article posted by Veronica
Olivarez. Her explanation of eyelash extensions and what is done to make them look natural, and what issues arise when you go beyond what is the normal lengths your lashes
can hold when getting eyelash extensions convinced me to give her a try in the hopes that I would no longer need to wear mascara. Needless to say, I am very pleased with her
work. I have gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes and have been told they look so natural. So without hesitation, to anyone who wants a professional job done, get step by
step explanation of whats being done, and end up with great looking lashes that look natural, I highly recommend Veronica Olivarez for the job. She is a highly talented and
gifted young lady with the charisma and personality to go with a job well done.

A very satisfied and happy customer,

Irma Bomer

Business Policy

A $25 holding deposit is required to hold appointments.
As a courtesy, please give us at least 24 hour notice of cancellation for your
appointment. Any later than a 24 hour period will be charged $25.

Late Policy: We ask that you do come in right on time for your appointment, failing
to do so will result in a $10 late fee. After 15 minutes of waiting will we have to
reschedule as this will interfere with the next clients appointment time.

Guests: We ask that you come to your appointment alone, this is a luxury service
and we try our best to make sure you are at your most comfortable state during
your appointment.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds.
If an allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, Lash Cupid will gladly remove the
extensions free of charge.

Lash Cupid accepts Cash, PayPal and Cash App payments.

General Health and Safety

& Aftercare

I am informing the eyelash extension professional of the following conditions by
marking each that applies to myself with a check mark:

( ) Have had eyelash extensions before. ( ) Use contact lenses. You may
be asked to

remove them during the procedure.

( ) Use of oily moisturizers around your eyes daily. ( ) Use eye drops of any kind,

prescription or over-the-


( ) Have allergies or sensitivities. ( ) Allergies to latex or adhesives.

( ) History of recurrent eye or tear duct infections. ( ) Recent history of

( ) Other medical conditions which would prohibit or compromise placement and
retention of eyelash extensions.


By marking with a check, I agree to the following eyelash extension follow-up
and maintenance instructions:

( ) No use of waterproof mascara.

( ) No massive amounts of oil based products around the eye area.

( ) No tinting or perming of the eyelash extensions.

( ) Do not curl the eyelash extensions with an eyelash curler.

( ) No pulling, picking or rubbing of the eyelash extensions

( ) Know that it is recommended to return for a refill in 3 weeks.

I_____________________________________consent to the procedure and authorize the eyelash
extension professional to apply eyelash extensions to my own natural eyelashes.

Table Set Up

Client Consent Form

1. I agree to have eyelashes applied to my natural eyelashes and/or removed and retouched. By signing this agreement, I consent to
the placement and/or removal of the eyelash extensions by the eyelash extension professional.

2. I understand that in the rare occasions there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions applied to or
removed from my natural eyelashes. I further understand that in rare cases as part of the procedure eye irritation and discomfort could
occur. I agree that if I experience any of these conditions with my lashes that I will contact the eyelash extension professional that
performed this procedure and it may be beneficial to have the eyelashes removed.

3. I understand and agree to the after-care instructions provided by the certified eyelash extension professional for the use and care of my
eyelash extensions. I realize and accept the consequences of failure to adhere to these instructions may cause the eyelash extensions to fall
out and/or decrease the time the lashes will last.

4. I understand and consent to having my eyes closed for the duration of approximately 60-120 minute procedure. Times vary
depending on the type and number of eyelashes applied.

5. I agree to minimal talking during the duration of the procedure as this may cause the eyelashes of the lower lash line to slip from under
the under eye pad/tape. In result the eyelashes may stick together with the upper lash line.

I certify that I completely understand and comply with the above as stated.

Print Name:______________________________ Date: _____________________

Before & After Pictures

Lash Cupid

Services & Pricing Menu

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Set $145

Hybrid Set $175

Volume Set $200

Mega Volume Set $235

Bottom Lash Set $35

Eyelash Extension Refills

(Client must have 50% of previous lash extensions remaining, otherwise this will be
considered a FULL SET.)

Classic Set Refill $60

Hybrid Set Refill $90

Volume & Mega Refill $100

Eyelash Extension Removal $30


How long will my extensions last?

Your new extension set applied by Lash Cupid should last you up to 4 weeks. They will fall
out naturally with your natural eyelashes. Because of your lash growth cycle it is normal to
see 3-5 extensions fall out daily. This is why we would like to see you back in 3 weeks for a
refill to keep your lash set nice and full.

How long will it take you to put them on?
2 hours or less, depending on the amount of natural lashes you have.

Do re-fills cost just as much as a full set?
No, refills are cheaper than a full set. This is why we would like to see you back in 3 weeks.
They also will not take as long to apply since you should still have at least 50% of your
previous lash set on.

Can I still wear makeup?
Yes, although we do ask you to avoid putting on mascara, and anything oily away from your

What should I do if an allergic reaction does occur?
Please notify me immediately, DO NOT try to remove the extensions yourself. I will be able
to remove them for you.

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