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Published by kristoffer.nielsen, 2019-10-30 17:20:27

Carrier Connections_Vol I_Issue I

Internal Communication - Magazine

Proprietary and Confidential. Not for Further Distribution.

2019 Habitat for Humanity - Carter Work Project
President Carter - Carrier participated for the second consecutive year
Carrier participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. This year the 21 homes that are part of the project will include an Infinity® 16 heat pump system paired with the Infinity control.
Tech Talk
There has been a lot of talk
15 Quick Hit Video Series TM Tracks and Red Talks are
Carrier’s and Bryant’s new video series providing distribution with a sneak peek into what’s planned for 2020, and the support we are providing to help them advance their business. Videos are hosted on
16 Product Showcase
Carrier and Bryant have some
exciting product launches and co-branding opportunities coming in 2020. Take a sneak peak.
from our channel about getting easier access to HVACpartners. Our Marketing IT folks took a deeper dive and made it so! Check out the new intuitive navigation and the sleek design of the revamped portal.
Community Corner
Take a look at just a few of the
great things we are doing within our community. From sorting clothes for those in need to picking up our environment, it’s been a busy few months.
WE’RE COOLER THAN YOU - Carrier participated in the Corporate Challenge for the first time this year. While we had a respectful finish within our category, we took home 1st prize for best tee-shirt design. Well done Jorge Silva. Check it out on page 8.
Carrier Connections n Fall 2019

President’s Desk
Welcome to the Carrier Connections Newsletter
Maintaining Innovation Iand Customer Focus.
am pleased to share the new Carrier While we head into the final months on the tremendous future that we will all
Connections quarterly newsletter. of the year, we are beginning to plan Our intent is to better communicate for our spin. 2020 will bring a once in a all of our great work with our life-time opportunity for Carrier, and for Residential teammates, as well our customers, as Carrier Corporation as provide any relevant business becomes a public company. Together, we
create, together.
- Matthew Pine, President, Carrier, Residential HVAC
Carrier/Bryant recently entered into a 3-year program where they have brand exclusivity in ~50% of the 600 Sam’s Clubs in the U.S.
Estimated number of SmartComfort indoor units that will ship by 2024 as part of our recent Clayton Homes partnership.
Carrier donated 21 Infinity® 16 heat pump units for our second consecutive Jimmy Carter Work Project build.
Number of systems donated to Habitat for Humanity (Indy Chapter) during this nearly 25- year relationship.
updates. I hope you enjoy.
Looking back on 2019, we knew the year would pose a challenge. Federal interest rate concerns, tariff uncertainty, a slowing global economy, and a government shutdown kicking off the year played a role.
The good news is, we’ve demonstrated we’re collectively on the right track with products and programs to win in this aggressive market. We are gaining share, on average, while the industry contracts. We’re proud of the successful launch of our FER furnace platform and enhanced rebates to help dealers win at the kitchen table.
can chart our own course. Our investments and our passions will be singly focused on our business – and this focus will yield benefits for many years to come.
I have observed this team’s commitment to innovation and customer focus — two priorities that will remain at the core of Carrier’s success going forward. From engineering to product manufacturing to services, we have the premier home comfort portfolio. We will maintain our winning formula, continue to focus on growth and performance, and ensure that we are the industry leader in the eyes of our customers, employees, and our shareholders.
But with all the many accomplishments that Carrier has achieved over more than a century, our best days are ahead of us. I look forward to working with all of you
Fall 2019 n Carrier Connections

Carrier Connections
Carrier is, and has been, heavily involved in and around the community. On the following pages, you’ll find a recap of some of the recent activity.
STAY CONNECTED Carrier is excited to introduce a new committee that is focused on improving our work experiences. Please welcome Carrier Connections.
Cultivating connections within Carrier to positively shape our work experience.
A group of your peers, across many departments. We are YOU. And just like you, we want to get to know our co-workers to learn more about our business, and collaborate to improve our work experiences.
n Committee Lead: Margo Richter, Bryant Marketing Manager n Communications Champion: Ann Matheis, Brand Marketing n Calendar Champion: Michelle Bodem, Sr. Supervisor,
Executive Administration
n Manage Incoming Suggestions/Surveys Report on Results:
Todd Parrish, Training Manager
n Wave Tool: Marty Peacock, Sr. Manager, Product
n Engage Community: Margo Richter
n HR Liaison: Tracey McCoy
n Executive Sponsor: Bill McDonogh, Executive Director, HR n Report on Success/Data: Alicia Kimiagarov, Specialist,
Market Analyst
Align with other ERG groups to provide a more collaborative and innovative work experience:
n Carrier Green Team
n Carrier Cross Cultures
n AAF – African American Forum
Indianapolis Campuses
We will soon begin communicating to keep you informed of activities including opportunities to volunteer within the community.
n Support for other ERG groups
n Support and participation in local events n Support Carrier culture and collaboration n Fun and interactive activities for our team n Things like:
ƒ Friday Lunch Corn-hole league - CLICK to SIGN UP ƒ Department open houses
ƒ Communication and engagement events
Top left to right: Bill McDonogh, Tracey McCoy, Margo Richter, Ann Matheis Bottom left to right: Alicia Kimiagarov, Michelle Bodem
Not pictured: Marty Peacock, Todd Parish
Carrier Connections n Fall 2019

For decades, Carrier employees have helped build Habitat houses, and Carrier home comfort systems have been installed in Habitat homes from coast to coast.
Fall 2019 n
Carrier Connections

(Left) President and Mrs. Carter hard at work helping piece together mailboxes as part of the build. (Right) Christine Rasche & Jeremy Riffle with future home owner, Lauren.
arrier has a rich legacy of volunteerism and philanthropy, Carrier supported the Carter Work Project for the first time in 2018, and its employees worldwide support organizations like when it provided heating and cooling systems for a neighborhood that Habitat for Humanity, on both the local and national levels. was constructed in St. Joseph County, Indiana. For the first time, four For decades, Carrier employees have helped build Habitat of those homes achieved the classification of net zero energy using
®® houses, and Carrier home comfort systems have been Infinity heat pumps with Greenspeed intelligence, as well as Infinity
installed in Habitat homes from coast to coast. geothermal and ductless systems. This means they produce as much
Building on that legacy of support, Carrier recently participated in the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project for the second time. Each year, hundreds of volunteers and future homeowners help build a housing community alongside the former President and Mrs. Carter. This year, the Carter Work Project was held in October and it constructed 21 affordable homes in the north Nashville neighborhood of Park Preserve.
To support the project, Carrier donated 21 Infinity® 16 heat pump systems – one for each Carter Work Project Home – helping to provide dependable and energy-efficient cooling and heating. The system is paired with an Infinity® control, offering homeowners the ability to control humidification, dehumidification, airflow, ventilation, indoor air quality and up to eight separate comfort zones through intelligent user interface.
renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year. Carrier also donated a mix of Infinity® geothermal, ductless system and ducted split systems.
In addition, Carrier Residential has been supporting the Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity with equipment donations since 1995. And, local employees have built one home a year since 1998. In fact, Carrier has built more Habitat homes in Indianapolis than any other sponsor and has donated approximately 576 systems to the Indy Chapter during this nearly 25-year relationship. Carrier is the exclusive HVAC supplier for Greater Indy Habitat homes. Thanks to all volunteers, and be on the look out for a recap video highlighting the 2019 Carter Work Project, coming soon.
Fall 2019 n Carrier Connections

Roots to Rooftops n Fall 2016 n Nobody Covers You Better

Community Corner
Carrier is, and has been, heavily involved in and around the community. On the following pages, you’ll find a recap of some of the recent activity.
F or the first time Carrier recently participated in the Indiana Sports Corp’s Corporate Challenge. The annual “Challenge” is a great way for employees to experience team building and camaraderie while participating in several different events.
From cornhole to bowling, esports to tug-of-war, running and cycling, obstacles courses, dodgeball, yoga, zumba - there is truly something for everyone. The main event is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, welcomes families of employees, and includes a Family Fun Zone and free lunch.
The events in which Carrier participated took place on August 15, 21 and 24. We had over 30 participants in several different categories. And while we respectfully finished in the middle of the pact (grouped by company size), we
won the coveted Golden Hanger Award - first place for the best tee-shirt (includes all group sizes). Thanks to Jorge Silva, marketing communications, for his
creative design, and the rest of the marketing communications group
for developing the tagline. A special
thanks for everyone that was able to participate. We hope to see you, and more, next year. Be sure to save the date now.
Saturday, August 29, 2020
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Watch Video >>
Carrier Connections n Fall 2019

Drumstick Dash
Move Your Feet WSo Others Can Eat
heeler Mission is an organization that helps the homeless in Indiana. They provide critically needed goods and services to
the homeless, poor, and needy without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, or religion.
Each year Wheeler holds an event known as the Drumstick Dash, a 4.6 mile race through Broad Ripple. This year, Carrier is a proud sponsor of the 17th annual event,
where all proceeds provide meals When: Thursday, November 28,
and care for homeless men, women, and children in our community. So, invite your friends and family to move their feet so others can eat! Come out on Turkey Day to support this annual Indy tradition!
Where: Broad Ripple
How: Register at
n Click 2019 Registration
n Select your category and click
n Options: 4.6 mile course, 2.75 mile course, #OuttaTownDashAround (virtual race), and Lil’ Gobbler’s run (40 yard dash for kids 12 and under)
n Enter your info and be sure to select the “Carrier Cares” team
Cost: $27 for ages 8-12 and $37 for everyone 13+ through November 12, 2019
n Use coupon code “Carrier2019” for $5 off
We hope you can join us for this great cause. For more information, including coupons and discounts, pease contact Kris Nielsen or Amy Jobe.
Fall 2019 n
Carrier Connections

The Green Team
Sustainability Initiatives
ƒ Pursue initiatives that reduce waste, promote biodiversity and improve the indoor and outdoor environments on campus.
ƒ Create a sustainable relationship between human societies and the natural environment upon which we all depend.
Workplace Improvement
ƒ Create a regular forum that enables networking with members that share a common passion for the environment.
ƒ Host informative events to educate employees on sustainable practices.
Professional Development
ƒ Officer Roles will create leadership opportunities
ƒ Meetings & events will provide networking opportunities
TReduce. Restore. Reuse.
he Carrier Green Team (CGT), led by Nick Kamm, has a mission of identifying and overseeing environmental sustainability initiatives at the Indianapolis
campus and within the local community.
Recently they partnered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) to clear an invasive plant species in Indianapolis. 25 Carrier teammates volunteered to identify, cut down, spray and clear invasive plants from Riverside Park in Indianapolis. Over an acre of land was cleared of Honeysuckle, a shrub that quickly overtakes native plants by several methods, including poisoning the ground below it. Activities like this help preserve biodiversity in forests and wild lands. Improving biodiversity of plant species has a chain reaction effect up the food chain which helps support larger birds and mammals.
The event was considered a success, volunteers enjoyed giving back to the community and receiving education on the importance of biodiversity. CGT will continue to partner with KIB and host this as an annual event.
Carrier Green Team at Riverside Park.
ƒ Community engagement events to support green initiatives around Indianapolis
ƒ Networking with other corporate champions of sustainability
Carrier Connections n
Fall 2019

Carrier FC (Football Club)
U nited Way of Central Indiana and Indy Eleven
recently teamed up to create a Corporate Soccer Tournament. This was a
recreational-style, 9 vs. 9 tournament to raise money for the United Way.
The tournament was open to all Central Indiana businesses and Carrier took advantage of the opportunity. In September, Carrier formed a team aptly named Carrier FC. The team is a fusion of a variety of professional backgrounds from engineers to marketing managers, and includes employees from both Indianapolis campuses.
The tournament took place on
Carrier FC at the Lucas Oil Stadium tournament
Saturday, October 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Carrier FC made it to the Semi-Finals and lost against Center Properties with a score of 4 – 0. Immediately after that game, Carrier FC played for 3rd place against Woolpert and lost 3 – 2.
Carrier FC players are absolutely talented and are practicing now to gear up for next
year. The players are highly motivated and
are continuing to build the team. If you are interested in joining Carrier FC, please contact the following:
West Morris Location:
Emmanuel Mensah (Captain), Asad Sardar (Coach)
Downtown Location:
Michelle Bodem
11 Carrier Connections n Fall 2019

Roots to Rooftops n Fall 2016 n Nobody Covers You Better

Distributors and dealers alike can now get quick access to product information and documents, along with service and installation tools.
Fall 2019 n
Carrier Connections

14 & - Easily search for products, documents and more.
e are pleased to introduce the NEW We look forward to getting feedback from dealers and HVACpartners experience. Based on channel distributors on how we can deliver a frictionless, valuable feedback and input, the new HVACpartners experience. We will use their feedback as the team continues landing page focuses on delivering product to work on optimizing the search feature and improving the rest
information and documents quickly and easily without requiring logging into the site. Now, whether distributors or dealers are at their computer or using a mobile device, they will have relevant product information at their fingertips.
The new HVACpartners website features the ability to search or browse to find product information, installation guides, product data, brochures and more! Documents can also be easily shared with others. To access more sensitive documents and information, such as service bulletins, program details, marketing programs, etc., visitors can log into the secured portal. Once in, their experience will be the same as it is today in the current environment.
of the HVACpartners website, including the login experience and personalization once logged into the HVACpartners site.
Welcome to the New HVACpartners website. Please let us know what you think!
Carrier Connections n
Fall 2019

TM Tracks / Red Talks
provides distribution with a sneak peek into what’s planned for 2020, and the support we are providing to help advance their business.
In October, Carrier and Bryant began publishing short, “quick hit” videos in order to provide distribution with a look at what we are doing at the factory and how we can help them up their game. The videos are high level overviews of their respective topics, with the intent to discuss more in-person about each subject when we are with them at the Sales Leadership and Territory Managers’ meeting in January.
With a little humor incorporated, this series has proven to not only be a different approach to some drier topics, but a great way for our channel partners to retain information. Be sure to check out the video catalog at, and filter by TM Tracks and Red Talks to view the available videos. We will continue adding to the playlist.
Fall 2019 n Carrier Connections

Product Showcase
Efficiency, intelligence, convenience and comfort are what our customers have come to expect from us. And the new Carrier® Infinity® 26 Air Conditioner with Greenspeed® Intelligence, and the new Evolution® Extreme 26 Air Conditioner, deliver that and more. This system is so smart, it uses advanced diagnostics and over-the-air software updates to ensure optimum system performance. With an up to 26 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating, it will be one of the most efficient ducted air conditioners on the market.
This system, plus many additional benefits, will be available soon.
Stay tuned for more information, along with quiet convenience and refined comfort.
nn FCalrlr2ie0r1C9onneCcatirorinesr ConFnaellc2ti0o1n9s

With the great activities that we are involved in, and all of the events that are taking place with our philanthropic efforts, we are altering the 30 South Meridian Intranet site to provide a landing spot to better share this information.
This site was originally created to provide teammates with general information about the new space downtown. While that information will still be present, we are adding a section for “community” content. Here, visitors will be able to find information about our philanthropic efforts, opportunities to volunteer, information from the Carrier Connections team (introduced earlier in this newsletter) and more.
We are currently under construction, so be sure to check the following link in the very near future for updated content.
Carrier Connections n Fall 2019

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