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ANDREW ROULAINE - Module 3 (from Canvas) (1)

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Published by ANDREW ROULAINE, 2020-10-01 17:17:14

ANDREW ROULAINE - Module 3 (from Canvas) (1)

ANDREW ROULAINE - Module 3 (from Canvas) (1)


by:A. Roulaine

An Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is someone who takes a financial risk to start a business. An
Entrepreneur has to be able to run a company. Most can type, good
communication skills, and hard workers. The ones that don’t that these types of
skills most likely fail. Some traits of Entrepreneur is smart, quick-thinker, hard
workers, strict.

Pros and Cons

Pros of being in Entrepreneur is cash, being important, head of your entire
foundation. Cons of it is your dragged to meetings, and at the start, it is hard work.
Endless nights of work, papers to file, just to get your business running.


Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Reynolds is best known as an Actor, Producer, and Entrepreneur. He is a
Canadian-American Actor has been in many films and owns two businesses.

First Entrepreneurial Venture

● His first business he bought was Aviation American Gin in February 2018.
● He helped develop the company in Portland.

Was it a success?

It was a huge success! The company has the highest rating at 97 of 100. It is
carefully brewed in Portland and loved for its spicy, sweet, cardamom and smoky
flavor notes.

What is he known for and his net worth

● He is known for being one of the best actors in the world and owner of Mint
Mobile, the second company he bought.

● His net worth is $77 million dollars.

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