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Newsletter for Illinois State Council of Epsilong Sigma Alpha

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Published by ESA Illinois State Council Newsletter - ESA'ly Yours, 2019-11-24 23:21:00

ESA'ly Yours - Fall 2019

Newsletter for Illinois State Council of Epsilong Sigma Alpha

Keywords: ESA,MARC,St. Jude,Volunteer,Illinoi State Council

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Epsilon Sigma Alpha

ESA’ly Yours

ESA Illinois Step Up In ESA

• Bringing good people to- Fall greetings everyone!! state with the most new mem- ence calls, it gets crazy some-
gether to do good works Thanks to Gamma Chi and bers will have the honor of time, but also very informa-
Beta Eta for hosting the Fall having Charlotte Carloni, ESA tive. This month we covered,
• 7,000 members throughout Fun Leadership in Effingham Philanthropic info:
the world including 18 chap- and also to Amanda Tullis for Executive Director, to attend
ters in Illinois an inspiring workshop, what their state convention. That • MAL's can still list their
is your word? would be awesome, she is an hours, etc. the IRS tax
• Find out more about Illinois amazing speaker and motivator change for mileage is now
ESA Of course I hear the weather for ESA. So I hope the chapters $.58 per mile
report for Halloween and they have been introduced to the
• Illinois is part of the Midwest are talking about "snow". I new Chapter Guide that Char- • coupons for the military
Area Regional Council don't know about you but I'm lotte has put together, it has calculate their value then
(MARC), find out more at not ready for that. The trees ideas and surveys for your count them as donated are just now getting their fall chapters to look at and see how goods, they can be up to six
colors. So far my year as to get new members. You can months after expiration date
• Find out more about ESA president has not gone the find it on the ESA website. I and don't forget to count
International way I was hoping for, unfortu- know it can be hard to find new your time that it takes to cut nately, I missed the IC Con- members, but we need to try them out
vention in Memphis because and find them so ESA will con-
• Scholarships available of my mom's health and then tinue to grow. • if you help with boy or girl
www.epsilonsigmaalpha/ her passing, but was able to Speaking of growing ESA, here scouts that service counts.
esaf make it to the MARC Confer- is some good news, at the fall
ence, and had fun and a new board meeting we discussed • Count your donated goods: if
• Like Us on Facebook at roommate. It was the my first that the Iowa State Council may they are brand new you time to room with Barb War- be disbanding and some mem- count what you paid for
esaillinois moth, she was a wonderful bers may be forming a new them, IC Philanthropic Chair
roommate. chapter and joining us in Illi- Tammy Gregg is checking
• Next article submission 1/25 nois, well it's a go! Kim Poling, on the price for used items; I
to Jamie Atchison, Editor Now, as I'm typing this, I'm IA State Council President, will have more next time to
1711-G King Drive Normal, sitting in St. John's Hospital in contacted me to say, they have share.
IL 61761 Springfield with my husband disbanded the council and she
[email protected] as he recuperates from a has been in contact with ESA Please check the state calendar
quadruple bypass. He is Membership Director Tracy for upcoming events, and don't
Table of Contents 2 doing awesome so far in Swanson to make the transition forget to post those upcoming
3-4 recovery and we hope to be to Illinois. There will be five events so the rest of us can come
Membership/Treasurer home by the first of the and have fun with you.
MARC Recap 5 week. I hope the rest of the active members in our "new"
Appointed Board Reports 6-9 year is a little more low key. I chapter and they are a busy Perhaps is the moment for which
Chapter Chatter 10 do still want to know all the group, they have a St. Jude you have been created— Esther
Fall Financial Report 11-15 fun things you have planned Trivia night planned for Febru- 4:14.
Fall Minutes and let me know if I can help. ary, and also serving lunches at
I may be needing some "me" the cowboy shoots. They are
time while my husband gets looking forward to becoming
better. part of the Illinois State Council
and I am excited that they are
I do want to let you know that joining us.
there is a Membership Chal- I've been taking part in our
lenge among the states. The monthly IC presidents confer-

Terri Crum, President

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Membership– A Key Step to Success

“What is your ESA So seriously, what happened teer Organization help- would be interested and can
elevator Speech—know it, to Fall??? One day is 85 the ing St. Jude spare the time and money, I
next its 30! Hopefully, you would love to have some
own it, live it!” have been able to squeeze in • Local people making a company. I am still working
a bit of time outdoors when difference in our commu- on reaching out to folks to fill
“To be in good standing, the weather has cooperated. nity helping….(fill in the jobs at the state level. So if
every chapter must October was the official kick- blank) you haven’t heard from me
pay dues…” off for membership and as I yet, don’t worry you will!
reached out to a few chap- • Great people doing
ters, I heard some great Great Works, do you like Adrian Sperduto,
things about new members helping people? President—Elect / Membership
joining us and maybe even a
few reinstatements! We are • Premier Service Leader-
gaining a “new” to Illinois ship Organization, would
Chapter with the remaining IA you be interested in
members joining us. Please joining us?
be sure to share your ESA
spirit, where you attire and Always be talking up all the
have your elevator speech great things about ESA and
ready when people ask, “what reasons why new friends
is ESA?” You may consider: should join us!
I am looking forward to at-
• Largest 3rd Party Volun- tending ESA Leadership in
February to learn all I can
about leading Illinois.
If leadership is something you

Treasurer News

We have the cold weather 2020 Illinois State Council Make checks payable to:
and some of us have gotten dues, please remember that ESA International Council
Chapter Assessment Dues Please send them with the
snow. I personally, hope are $25.00 per chapter plus form to:
this is a preview and we can individual member dues of Denise Holdaway
$15.00 per member, please 2019-2020 IC Treasurer
have a little more fall. No- include the dues form, which 902 Pierce Lane
vember is here and soon the may be found on the ISC web- Blytheville, AR 72315
holidays will follow with the site. For new members dues Individual dues must be sent
may be prorated based on the to ESA Headquarters
parties, shopping and mem- time they joined, please check 363 W. Drake Road
ories we create. Please the bylaws for key dates. Ft. Collins, CO 80525
take a moment to enjoy
Make checks payable I wish to all of you a Safe,
them. We only pass this to: Epsilon Sigma Alpha Illi- Thankful and Happy Holi-
time in our lives once, enjoy nois State Council and send days.
it! to:
Sharon Nichols Sharon Nichols, Treasurer
We had a great Fall meeting 921 Westgate Drive,
in Effingham. Thanks to the Charleston, IL 61920

Fairfield chapters Beta Eta To be in good standing and be
and Gamma Chi, we had a included under the ESA Fed-
wonderful day. We partici- eral Tax umbrella, every chap-
ter must pay International
pated in a creative craft that Council Dues of $40.00 per
Amanda Tullis, Workshop chapter, the form may be
Coordinator planned for us found on the ISC website.

and of course the Holiday
Inn again provided a deli-
cious meal and set-

ting. Attached is a copy of
the Treasurers report that
was presented that day.

There are still chapters
needing to pay their 2019-

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 2

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Lighting Up the Queen City—MARC Conference 2019 Recap

The Ohio State Council host- teers who share that same Celebration of Life - Jill Judy Huntley, 2018-2019
ed the 2019 MARC Confer- position. This ARMY of 45 are Richards, Chaplain – present- MARC Rep
ence “Lighting Up the Queen available 24/7. They do far ed the “What a friend”, we
City” on October 11-12, 2019 more then provide the neces- celebrated 22 of our MARC St. Jude ALSAC Reps – Two
at the Embassy Suites Cincin- sities! Because of their tre- members from nine MARC reps showed two videos and
nati – River Front . There mendous efforts on behalf of states that we lost this past shared their gratitude for ESA
were seven Illinois State the homeless, Susan was one year. who has supported St. Jude for
Council members who attend- of the winners of the prestig- 47 years. 80% of ESA volun-
ed the MARC Conference, ious award, “Women of the IC President - Teri Olson #1 teers work the Dream Homes.
Terri Crum, IL State Council Year” in 2017 by the City of concern is Membership. She This past year ESA raised
President, Celeste Webb, Jill Cincinnati. The story they has assigned four members $22,806,799.00 and a grand
Shull, Judy Huntley, Jamie shared was endearing and of her Appointed Board to total of $290,434,946.00 so far
Atchison, Barbara Warmoth, heart wrenching. help the State Presidents to for ESA.
and Rhonda Rawlings. We all gain members. The State
had a wonderful time repre- HANDS ON ACTIVITY that has gain the most com- New Elected Officers are
senting our State Council. Members took washcloths munity members will have our Linda Schmidt (KS), President,
Here’s a recap of the fun filled and added Necessities for the Executive Director, Charlotte Brenda Fields (MO),
weekend conference. homeless. Carloni to attend your state. VP/President Elect, Bonnie
Templeton (KS), Treasurer,
Friday, October 11 Leader- RITA HEIKENFELD – “Eating Roll Call - MARC has 2,522 Kim Poling (IA), Secretary,
ship from the Garden of Eden: members – Members attend- Rose Wagner (OH) Parliamen-
TEDDY KREMER – Bat Boy Super foods and Anti-Aging ed was 127 with 22 first tim- tarian, Sandy Honger-
for the Cincinnati Reds and Herbs and Spices from the ers and 14 past MARC Presi- holt/Birdie Elkofska (MN) co-
award-winning Ball Room Bible – An Interactive and dents – “The MARCettes. communicator.
Dancer sensory presentation. The
Teddy Kremer shared his best foods and herbs for Hope for Heroes - Birdie 2019-2020 MARC President –
journey as a successful young health and longevity have Elkofska stated – 100% of all Linda Schmidt logo is an ele-
man, who, when he was born, ancient Biblical histories. chapter’s supported this year. phant and her theme is
doctors expressed that he Members donated misc. items “Taking Chances.”
could never walk, and possi- Learned why parsley is like a and gift cards for the “Fisher
bly, he would have a 20 IQ. vitamin pill in a plant and why House” in the local area. Elephant Fun Facts:
Teddy proved them wrong, in a cluster of grapes offers • Elephants use their large
a big way! He is a bat boy for heart health. Future MARC Conference ears to radiate excess heat
the Cincinnati Reds and has Sites – from their body.They have
won numerous awards for his Rita Nader Heikenfeld is an incredibly poor digestion, with
ballroom dancing! In addition, Appalachian herbal scholar, • Evansville, IN – only 50% efficiency. As a
he has co-authored a book cooking teacher and a certi- Oct. 10-11, 2020 – Mary result, they release an incredi-
about his journey. PLUS, he fied Family Herbalist. She is Hougland and Peggy ble amount of Methane gas
has his own Bobble head! an author, media personality Zimmer, Chairs. “Rollin and produce around 250
Teddy was full of joy. He sold and journalist. Most im- on the River with pounds of manure a day
his book to the members, portantly, she is a wife, mom MARC” – Room Rates: • The familiar trumpet blast
“Stealing First” The Teddy and grandma. She lives in the $139 plus tax. sound they’re know for, Ele-
Kremer Story. “sticks” with her family where phants also purr much like the
they heat with wood and raise Wichita, Kansas – Oc- sound of cat
MASLOW’S ARMY chickens and produce! tober 9-10, 2021 – Suzy
Maslow’s Army was founded Winters and Ruth
in 2017, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Friday Mixer Archambeau, Chairs.
The dynamic duo that found- German Heritage Mixer – “Hotel at Old Town” –
ed this endearing Mission to Played German games and Room Rates: $103 -
provide the homeless in Cin- music. Candidates Introduc- $129.
cinnati with the basic necessi- tions and Nominee Skits.
ties are Sam and Susan Lan- ESA Foundation – Deb
dis, who were in fact home- GENERAL ASSEMBLY – Hughes had a raffle of a quilt,
less themselves and on the Saturday - Highlights tote bags w/gift cards and a
streets of Cincinnati. What Flay Ceremony - Susan $100 bracket for our MARC
began as two people passion- Winters, Past International scholarships. Raised $1,500.
ately caring about the home- President presented a beauti-
less, has grown into 45 volun- ful ceremony.

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 3

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

MARC Conference 2019 Recap Continued...

• Elephants grieve when one of their herd dies and they show sadness and mourn the loss.
• Baby elephants are born blind but can stand up almost immediately.

IC Council Skit Information – IC Convention – July 15-19,2020 – “Texas…Where It All Began”.
• Embassy Suites by Hilton DFW Airport North, 2401 Bass Pro Drive, Grapevine, TX 76051
• Room Rates: Single/Double $169 Plus Tax, King $159 Plus Tax, Premium Suite $289 Plus Tax. There is a $10 for each addition-
al person in a room.
• There is a wonderful breakfast in the morning and a manager’s reception each evening for each guest at no charge.
• Member Registration Fee: $250 includes General Assemblies, Workshops, Welcome Party, Recognition Luncheon, and Banquet.
Non-Member, Youth and Child registrations are also offered.
• Keynote Speaker – Dirk Weisiger – A travel trekker, trick roper and story teller that will keep you on the edge of your seat with his
binding tales of travelling the world.
• There is a huge outlet shopping mall within minutes with hotel shuttle. A Bass Pro Shop is attached to the hotel. If your husband is
not golfing you might find him there!

2019-2020 MARC Executive Board

Left to Right: Rose Wagner (OH), Parliamentarian; Sandy Hongerholt (MN), Co-Communicator; Kim Poling (IA), Recording Secretary;
Linda Schimdt (KS), President; Brenda Fields (MO), Vice President; Bonnie Templeton (KS), Treasurer; Birdie Elkofska (MN) Co-
Communicator; Deb Vercellano (NE), Jr. Past-President

The amazing Teddy Kremer shared his incredible Story Stealing First; Cincinnati Blink Waterfront; Jamie & Jill

enjoying a slice & a spicy margarita! IL members at MARC Saturday night banquet; Celeste & Terri at the Local
Goat; Happy Birthday Celeste, thanks for being with us at MARC—hope you enjoyed your birthday cheesecake!

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 4

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Philanthropic—the Heart of ESA

Well, here we are in Fall Remember that as we work 878 Misty Valley Road
2019, just after Illinois State for our causes that we are O’Fallon, IL 62269
Convention with new goals also to shine ESA’s light onto 618-444-6142
and new ideas! Our new the world so that we may [email protected]
goals are reporting more than grow our organization and set
last year, meaning be sure examples of hard work, integ-
you are counting every rity and leadership for our
thing...mileage, time, money, future generations of mem-
donated goods.. bers.

Target is over 7,649 hours Let’s Make it An Incredible
and total philanthropic monies year for ESA Illinois! If you
(cash, donated goods and have questions, please Kim Haverkamp, Philanthropic Chair
miles) are over $652,469.91.
And the KEY is to REPORT it contact me at: Jamie Atchison, ESA’ly Yours Editor /
to me by May 10th! Track Kim Haverkamp Webmaster

today so it will be easy when Philanthropic Chair Lurene Connor, ESAF Counselor
we get to May.

Editor / Webmaster

Thanks to all those who please submit articles to fun leadership, thanks to
submitted articles for the [email protected] Amanda Tullis for a great

Fall 2019 issue, I hope Workshop, I “believe” in you!
you’re enjoying the re-
A shout out of gratitude to Wishing Everyone a Very
freshed look. Please use Kathleen Grissom for cap- Happy Thanksgiving and
this newsletter to share all turing many ESA moments Merry Christmas and Happy
the great happenings in your & Healthy Blessed New
that I “borrowed” for the
chapter and communities. issue of the news and the Year!
The fall article
submission photo gallery on the website!

deadline is A special thanks for Gamma
January 25, Chi and Beta Eta for a great

Extra Extra

ESA Foundation News

ESA Foundation Counse- sized the scholarship pro- As one of my favorite holidays
lorYou have the chance to win gram. Applications are now approaches, may your list of
a beautiful quilt with the flying being accepted at blessings and things you’re
geese pattern. My quilter thankful for, be long and with
https://scholarship.epsilonsig safety. Have a wonderful
friend says this is a difficult Just follow Thanksgiving.
pattern to make so precisely. instructions. Please notify
You’ll have a chance to meet your local high schools and
it in person at the Spring community colleges.

Meeting and make a donation

toward the Illinois/Atchison This time I’m promoting the
Scholarship Endowment. The grant programs. These are to
chances will be $2, or higher. assist in developing better
It’ll be at Spring Meeting and skills for advancement. B.J.
at Convention. Drawing will Clark gives information at
be during Convention in June.
By the way, you donated ch?v=6eu0VCULf14&feature=
$177 for the scholarship at
Fall Meeting. Those checks
were really appreciated.
Check it for your benefit and

At the Fall Meeting, I empha- for someone you know.

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 5

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Chapter Chatter

Beta Mu—Charleston—Kristi Keck

In July, Beta Mu had a Girls Day Out social at Flesor’s in Tuscola. It was a great time with great food and friends. Our meal was excel-
lent but who can resist homemade ice cream? A few lucky prize winners went home with some awesome things. We are so glad to be a
part of this group of friends. Below pictured around the table are: Debbie Dunning, guest Patty Watson, Kathy Spence, Kathleen Gris-
som, Kristi Keck, Tricia Bayles, Jennifer Bayles, Edie Floyd, Susan Kile, Helen Hendren & Pat Beaulieu.


September, we gathered with 4 guests to attend the Sarah Bush Lincoln binga fundraiser for their hospice program. We ended the night
with 4 winners. Pat Beaulieu won an ipad in the blackout game, Edie Floyd won football tickets in the silent auction, and Jennifer Bayles
and Helen Hendren won gift baskets from bingos. Debbie Dunning’s daughter, Mandy, brought cupcakes for an early birthday surprise.
Pictured left to right: Debbie, Barbara, Edie, Susan, Tricia, Helen, Jennifer, Pat, Sharon & Kristi

Fun and creativity were the order of the morning at a birthday party for Edie Floyd. She invited friends to Daisy Lane to a card making
party and some members who are self proclaimed “craft challenged”, surprised themselves with their excellent final product!
Pictured: Edie, Sharon, Susan, Pat, Kristi, Helen, Edie’s friend Tonya & Barbara was our picture taker.

Beta Mu has begun their annual pecan sales. The money raised is donated to St Jude, Camp New Hope and local non-profit organiza-
tions. What makes these pecans so much better than what you get in the store is that they are from this years harvest so they are so
much more fresh. They are also bigger and meatier. A 1lb bag sells for $12 and a 10oz bag of chocolate covered pecans sells for $10.

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 6

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Chapter Chatter

Alpha Upsilon—Mattoon—Jane Racitti

Happy Fall Y'All! Greetings from your Alpha Upsilon sisters! As summer has given away to Fall we are still a busy group. The first week of Au-
gust we held our annual Back To School Rummage Sale. We also have scheduled and are working diligently on our fifth 5 K run and 1 Mile walk
to benefit Camp New Hope, renamed this year from " Freaky 5 K" to "Trails of Hope".

Trails of Hope 5K Event
Left Top: Members of Alpha Upsilon
with Terri Crum, ISC President; Right
Top: Terri Crum with Camp New
Hope Friend Bottom Left: Lisa Hub-
bartt, Alpha Upsilon Philanthropic
Chair; Suzi Coffman registration
chair, and Suzi Coffiman, friend, and
Kathleen Grissom at Finish Line

Below: Alpha Upsilon members had a busy work night at the home of Suzi Coffman, members worked on approximately 5,000 pairs
of socks that have been donated for the upcoming One Stop Community Christmas Bazaar!

We recently celebrated at our Fall Banquet, with good food and fellowship, welcoming new sister Kathy Brown. Four of our mem-
ber were recognized for their years of service: Sue Burcham - 5 years, Jane Raciti - 15 years, Linda Schilling - 30 years, and Suzi
Coffman - 45 years. Wow! That's combined, almost 100 years of community service! Congratulations to all!

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 7

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Chapter Chatter

Gamma Chi—Fairfield—Dorothea Jenkins

It was great to see so many of you who took the time to step up, down, or over to Effingham to attend the Fall Fun Leadership. Gamma
Chi’s own Amanda Tullis had us “stepping out” of our shoes during her workshop. Before I took my number up, I said to Peggy, “What
are the odds that someone will get their own number?” I was almost as flabbergasted (is that really a word) when I walked up to the
table with my number and found it WAS my shoes as I was when I found out the clothes that Kathleen Grissom had been carrying
around since June convention were mine! Thanks Kathleen!
Joni Austin’s educational theme this year is “Women of Strength and Influence”. We have learned about Clara Barton, Helen Keller,
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Susan G. Komen. Each of these remarkable women has affected our daily lives in some way.
Gamma Chi had the Shotgun Raffle Booth in September at Fall Fun Fest and Pecan Sales are happening as we speak or write. Our
porkburger sale is up-coming. Natasha Hershey’s father is supplying the pork-burgers (400). We knew she would be a good member!
We thought it would be chocolates but we’ll take the burgers now and talk to her hubby later.
We had a fun meeting and social in October with a hayride and bonfire roast at the Pumpkin Patch. Families were invited and a good
time was had by all. Our Frontier Community College Scholarship winner was there with his girlfriend and helped roast the hotdogs.
Fall is here and it is beautiful! Enjoy it because it doesn’t last long. We’ll see you’all in the Spring in Bloomington??? Till then…

Above: Dorothea Jenkins reunited with her “missing” outfit; Gamma Chi members & Beta Eta LaDonna Beck hosting the IL
State Council Fall Fun Leadership in Effingham and selling Pork Burgers in Fairfield.

Alpha Alpha—Bloomington—Jamie Atchison

The St. Jude Walk / Run to End Childhood Cancer featuring the We Care Half Marathon raised $138,000 for the children of St. Jude!
The morning was cloudy and it did turn out to be a very rainy day but that did not keep the participants away. We love to see this
event getter bigger and raising money fund for the kids each year! Please enjoy the photos!!! See you on March 14th in Normal!

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 8

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Chapter Chatter

Beta Psi—Murphysboro—Lurene Connor

We may be small and getting older, but we’re still here. Half of us are members-at-a-distance, but we keep track of hours and donations for
the Philanthropic Report. We have Doris in Missouri with her daughter, Lanie in Iowa, Pat in Illinois, and Sally and Ron have just moved to
Alabama to be close to one of their sons. Ruth is recuperating from a broken hip. That leaves three of us for monthly adventures that are
social and educational.

August found us on the Ohio River eating catfish and shrimp on the Elizabethtown Barge before traveling across the state and the Mississippi
River for a shopping venture in Cape Girardeau. September took us to unfamiliar parts of Missouri to visit (and eat) with Doris, Connie, and
cousin/nephew Tom. We saw pictures of Connie’s alligator catch while she was visiting her military son. October took us to Central Illinois to
visit Pat (and eat), found her in great spirits and also glad to see us. That takes us to a mystery trip for Gladys and Helen in November. They
just knew we would go north. Melvin Price Lock And Dam near Alton with its tour and museum will be interesting.

Yes, we enjoy our monthly adventures as we follow that ESA license plate.

College Corner Photo Collage—ISU & SIUE

November 9, 2019 ESA ISU Alpha Beta Chapter turned 27 years old and celebrated with a dinner at Portillo’s with their founder,
Jamie Atchison a few days later. November 9 was the annual St. Jude Up ‘Til Dawn Event , the chapter raised $46,603 of the
$109,176.17 total! Way to Go!!!

ESA SIUE Alpha Chi Chapter held a successful fall rush and show up BIG time to volunteer for the St. Jude Walk/Run to End
Childhood Cancer in September—Way to Go!!!

Continue to Strive to Be Your Best Self — Everyone Else is Already Taken —Unknown 9
Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Illinois State Council
Fall ESA Meeting 9/28/19

hosted by
Gamma Chi and Beta Eta Fairfield
Financial Report

Income $812.00
29 registrants @28

4 @ $33 (past due date at meeting) $132.00
Total Income

Expense $844.28
Keller Convention Center $ 39.72
LaDonna Beck (Doorprize and $15 on ink/namecards) $ 60.00
Amanda Tullis (Workshop)
Total Expenses (944.00)
$ 0.00

Submitted by Dorothea Jenkins, Registration Chair

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 10

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Step Up in ESA
Illinois State Council General Meeting

Fall Fun Leadership in ESA
Hosted by: Gamma Chi & Beta Eta

Effingham, Illinois

9 a.m. Executive Board Meeting
10 a.m. Leadership – Amanda Tullis, ISC Workshop Coordinator

The Illinois State Council Fall Board Meeting was called to order by Terri Crum, ISC President, at 11:54 a.m. with the reading of the
Opening Ritual and Pledge of Allegiance.

Opening Thoughts were given by Regina Considine on behalf of Dalena Hall, ISC Chaplain

Welcome by Peggy Best, Gamma Chi

Roll Call – Roll call was taken from the registration sheets, 32 in attendance.

Introductions – Those at the Head Table, Appointed Board, Chapter Presidents, Pledges and Usterwuzzers. They were asked to
state what their favorite type of shoe was to wear.

Rules of the Meeting Edie Floyd, ISC Parliamentarian passed out Rules of the Meeting. Barb Warmoth, Beta Mu moved that
we approve the rules and Regina Considine, Omega Nu Seconded. Motion carried.

Minutes of the June 2019 Convention – submitted by Mary Stewart
The June 2019 Illinois State Convention First and Second General Assemblies were printed in the summer issue of the ESA’ly
Yours newsletter. Are there any corrections or additions? Kathleen Grissom, ISC Past President had a correction to read Celeste
Webb, Past President under the Usterwuzzer report. Jamie Atchison, Alpha Alpha motioned that we accept the minutes as correct-
ed and Trisha Bayles, Beta Mu, seconded. Motion Carried.

Correspondence Jill Shull, ISC Corresponding Secretary
1. Easter Seals / ESA Foundation thank you letter for donation
2. Terri Crum thank you for prayers, flowers, love during the passing of her mother.

Treasurer’s Report Sharon Nichols, ISC Treasurer

Are there any bills to be presented at this time not in the budget? None were presented.

Omega Nu requested the 2020 Convention start up fund - $500 previously approved in the budget.

Treasurer’s Report will be filed for audit.

President Elect – Adrian Sperduto
Slideshow presented regarding membership. Ask yourself why did I join ESA? Why do I stay in ESA? Think about those friends you
can share ESA with. 88 ways to recruit new members was pass out. Nominations will be accepted soon for the 2020-21 ISC board,
think about joining me. If you have questions, please ask!

Celeste Webb made a suggestion that ISC give $500 for a membership incentive that she heard from another state. The idea is to
give a certain amount to each chapter per new member pledge to help boost numbers.

Parliamentarian – Edie Floyd
Edie reminded members that if any changes to Bylaws/Standing Rules were to be submitted, there needs to be a 60 day notice giv-

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 11

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Officers and Appointed Board Reports

Past President – Kathleen Grissom – Disaster Fund
For 2018-19 there was 11 claims file - 2 health, 1 fire - Disaster request forms were passed out to the chapters and can be found on

Awards – Maria Bingheim – no report

Campaign Fund - Jamie Atchison
Funds are good in the campaign fund. MARC is coming up. Jill Shull is running for MARC Communicator; Rhonda is withdrawing
from running for Parliamentarian. IC Officer nominations are due November 15

Chaplain – Dalena Hall (given by Regina Considine)
Adrian Sperduto, XI Chi - Loss of Father - Sympathy
Sharon Nichols, Beta Mu – New Grandchild - Congratulations
Samantha Noe, Tau Tau - husband in accident – thinking of you; loss of father – sympathy
Sharon Young, Gamma Chi- thinking of you
Terri Taylor-Crum, Omega Nu - passing of mother - sympathy
Joyce McCoy - failing health – Please send her cards.

It was noted that IC Chaplain hasn’t been receiving reports from IL. Please be sure to send report to the IC Chaplain.

We need to be sure that chapter rosters are updated also as members have not been receiving cards when noted that they are being

Judy Huntley - needs prayers as she goes to Mayo Clinic

Collegiate Advisor – Adrian Sperduto
Adrian has been in contact with collegiate chapters. Bradley has decided not to participate at the State level. ISU has good numbers,
EIU has 1 member and did not do a fall RUSH. Please let Adrian know if you have good ideas to help with the chapters. Discussion
was held about whether the Mattoon/Charleston chapters help EIU with a rush; supply food; help promote, decorate. Chapters are to
get in contact with the EIU member.

Convention – Jill Shull, Omega Nu
Step Up in ESA at Thelma Keller Convention Center in Effingham - June 5, 6 & 7. Details to follow. Save the date.

Easterseals – LaDonna Beck
Ladonna was unable to attend IC. She is going to bring back Judy’s calendar from 2018-19 to raise funds. Jill suggested chapter
and individual challenge. Jamie will post to the ISC website.

Educational – Mary Stewart - no report

ESA for St. Jude – Kami McDonough
Only a couple of reports have been received. Please remember to submit Booked/Completed Event Forms in a timely manner.

ESA Foundation – Lurene Connor
There are many aspects of the ESA Foundation’s programs. In respect to the scholarship program, since 1980, 3,661 scholarships
have been given for a total of $3,444,603. This year we awarded 168 scholarships in the amount of $270,100. There are fifty-one
available for Illinois students, but some are restricted to certain fields of study. Four of those were funded by us in Illinois ESA.

Margaret Dimler from Peoria received $1700 from the Billy Brockman;
Abigayle Orndroff from Pontiac received $500 from the Charles B. Atchison;
Michelle Gates from Pittsfield received $600 from the Illinois State;
Priscilla Mivaura from Chicago received $3000 from the Second Chance.

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 12

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

ESA Foundation Con’t—Lurene Connor
Thanks to Jamie’s lead, the Charles B. Atchison and Illinois State ones have been combined in the Illinois/Atchison Endowment.
Right now, that fund has $12,701.43. The 2020 recipient will receive a $1300 scholarship. I’m not asking, I’m begging you to help by
contacting your high school counselors and community college financial aid officers and letting them know the opportunities possible
for their students through ESA funded scholarships.
ESA’ly Yours – Jamie Atchison
October 25 deadline for articles to be sent to the Gmail email account. Please send anything you have especially at the chapter lev-
el. If sending photos, please note who they are of.
Historian – Kerry Considine
Send photos to Kerry of events. Terri has requested a digital scrapbook.
Hope for Heroes – Rhonda Rawlings
November is a few months away but, please consider about what you can do for veterans. With holidays coming, think of active duty
and veterans. Prepare care baskets. Alpha Upsilon is doing Socks for Soldiers. Anything for Hope for Heroes send to Rhonda.
MARC Reps. – Judy Huntley/Amanda Tullis (2018-2019); Kathleen Grissom/ (2019-2020)
Judy noted that there were seven from Illinois attending MARC. There will be some standing rules changes as published in the
MARC newsletter. Terri asked for an additional representative for MARC from Illinois and Misty Douglas, Omega Nu volunteered to
do so.
Philanthropic – Kim Haverkamp – no report from Kim.
Terri Crum passed out a wish list from Camp New Hope along with projects list and facilities work list
Celeste asked for Sharon to check on the $500 sponsorship that ISC committed to. Please note that Sharon did confirm this was
paid on 5/8/2019.
Sunday, October 13 - Camp New Hope 65/45 party. Everyone Welcome to attend.
Alpha Upsilon 5k/1mile run for Camp New Hope will be held on November 2.

Unfinished Business
2019 ISC Convention Report – Suzi Coffman
Paula reported its over and we got through it. Was happy to report that it was a good convention.
2019 International Council Awards – Kathleen Grissom, 2018-2019 President
Very proud of Illinois at IC in Memphis and reported the following awards:.
1st Place - State membership - greatest number of new members
3rd place - State newsletter 4 issues or less
1st place - Outstanding Website
3rd place - State Foundation / Foundation scholarship
Largest Individual Event excluding Dream Home - St Jude - Omega Nu
New Business
Regina Considine, Omega Nu – Made a motion to nominate and support Celeste Webb in running for an IC Office to be determined.
Jamie Atchison , Alpha Alpha seconded. Motion carried.
December 7th is the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in Memphis. Celeste and Jamie will attend. Would appreciate monetary support.
Iowa State Council is disbanding. Instead of quitting ESA there are four sisters that want to create a chapter and join ISC. We
agreed that we will welcome them with open arms to ISC.
Installation of Amanda Tullis as Workshop Coordinator.
Jill Shull won the Faith Family and Friends gift basket for Foundation fundraiser raising $161 Door prize winner was Terri Crum.

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 13

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

MARC Conference is October 11th through 13th at the Embassy Suites Cincinnati-River Center, Covington, Kentucky – “Lighting
Up the Queen City”
ESA’ly Yours articles are due Oct.25th.
The Spring Board Meeting will be hosted by Alpha Alpha, Bloomington either March 7 or 14th. Confirmation of date and location to
be forthcoming.
Terri thanked Beta Eta and Gamma Chi for hosting the workshop and meeting. She also thanked Amanda Tullis for a great work-
Please let Terri know of any chapter events so that she has an opportunity to attend events across the state.
Adjournment by Terri Crum with Closing Thoughts from Regina Considine and reciting of the Closing Ritual.
Submitted by Misty Douglas, ISC Recording Secretary, Electronic Signature
Reviewed by Terri Crum, ISC President, Electronic Signature
October 22, 2019

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works 14

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Epsilon Sigma Alpha

September 28, 2019

BALANCE - June 7, 2019 $19,879.77
RECEIPTS $ 930.00 $19,459.88
Dues - 62 @ $15.00 $ 30.00
Dues MAL – 2 @ 15.00 $ 5.00 15
Dues – 1 @ $5.00 $ 125.00
Chapter Assessments – 5 @ 25.00 $ 381.09
ESA Ill. State Convention 2019 ½ Profit $ 0.44
Interest - June $ 0.50
Interest - July $ 0.47
Interest - August



DISBURSEMENTS Paid To / Description Amount
Budget Check ISC Convention / Elected Officers full Registration 7 x $99.00 $ 693.00
Amount number Date ISC Convention /Appointed Officers Reg. discount 12 x $7.50 $ 112.50
8002 1197 6/6/2019 ISC Convention / Full Reg. IC Rep $ 99.00
8003 1198 6/6/2019 Blythe Wilson / Historian $ 100.00
8011 1199 6/6/2019
7008 1208 6/9/2019 Susan Coffman / Name Badge inserts $ 32.09
8004 1201 6/9/2019 D to Z Sports / Bill Strobe Plaque Dist. Achieve. Award $ 40.00
7011 1203 6/10/2019 Holiday Inn / 2 nights: IC & Marc Reps $ 324.80
8011 1202 6/9/2019 Mary Stewart, ISC Rec. Sec/ reimb convention full Regist. $ 110.00
8002 1204 6/18/2019 ISC Convention MARC Rep Birdie Elkofsha Full Regist $ 99.00
8001 1205 6/18/2019 ESA Foundation / ISC Convention gifts (Maria, Terri, Celeste) $ 100.00
6017 1206 7/1/2019 Bob Oetting & Assoc / Bond Renewal $ 137.00
6011 1208 8/28/2019 ESA IC / Dues for Illinois State Council $ 45.00
5001 1209 9/4/2019


BALANCE as of September 23, 2019

Number of members paid = 63
Number of MALs paid = 2
Number of Chapters paid = 5

Chapters Paid (members)
Alpha Upsilon (14) #644
Beta Mu(12) #4199
Delta Chi (5) #5546
Omega Nu (21) #5382
Xi Chi (11) #5456

Respectfully Submitted,
Sharon Nichols, ISC Treasuer

Bringing Good People Together to Do Good Works

ESA’ly Yours — Fall 2019

Epsilon Sigma Alpha
Illinois State Council
Jamie Atchison,
ESA’ly Yours Editor
1711-G King Drive
Normal, IL 61761

Next Article Submission Due 1/25/2020
Save the Date Spring Event 3/14/2020

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) is an extraordinary organization – an organization that is truly defined by the
hearts, loyalty, and dedication of our members. An international leadership and service organization, ESA is a
place where members develop meaningful friendships, find their passion for community service, and continue
on the path of lifelong learning. The Illinois State Council consists of 18 chapters throughout Illinois with the
purpose of promoting philanthropic and service endeavors, educational and leadership development, friend-
ship and fellowship, and to assist in the growth of ESA.
Through ESA, women and men of all ages, backgrounds, and interests are united by the desire to make a dif-
ference in the lives of others – as well as their own. Some join collegiate or community chapters, others join as
individual members. But all leave a positive mark on their communities and the world around them.
When you join ESA, you become a part of a large network – one that supports you, challenges you, and works
with you to help you become your best self. You’ll grow as a person, becoming more confident and a better
leader. You’ll be introduced to new situations that expand your horizons and increase your levels of knowledge
and understanding. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have fun, make lasting memories, and form deep bonds
with fellow members, as you work together to accomplish good things on a local, state, national, and interna-
tional level. Find out more at

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