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Published by ESA'ly Yours, 2019-05-29 20:55:56

ESA'ly Yours - Fall 2018

ESA'ly Yours - Fall 2018

Illinois State Council

‘ly Yours

Fall 2018

Editor - Jill Shull - [email protected]

 Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) International

is an extraordinary  organization – an organization that is
truly defined by the hearts, loyalty, and dedication  of  our
members. An international leadership and service organization,
ESA is a place where members develop meaningful friendships,
find their passion for community service, and continue on the
path of lifelong learning. The Illinois State Council consists of 15
chapters throughout Illinois with the purpose of promoting
philanthropic and service endeavors, educational and leadership
development, friendship and fellowship, and to assist in the
growth of ESA.

All chapters through ESA volunteer and fund raise for St.
Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN and
Easterseals. The Illinois State Council  philanthropy is Camp
New Hope, nestled on the banks of Lake Mattoon in central
Illinois; the camp is a place where developmentally disabled
children and adults have been enjoying the myriad of
recreational programs and activities at the premiere facility since
1974.   Chapter members throughout the state work extensively
within their own communities providing helping hands and fund
raising  and awareness for many projects, such as, Community
Cancer Center, Human Society, Homeless Shelters, Soup
Kitchens, Veterans & Family Readiness programs, Wounded
Warriors, etc.

Through ESA, women and men of all ages, backgrounds,
and interests are united by the desire to make a difference in the
lives of others – as well as their own. Some join collegiate or
community chapters, others join as individual members. But all
leave a positive mark on their communities and the world
around them.

When you join ESA, you become a part of a large
network  – one that supports you, challenges you, and works
with you to help you become your best self. You’ll grow as a
person, becoming more confident and a better leader. You’ll be
introduced to new situations that expand your horizons and
increase your levels of knowledge and understanding. Perhaps
most importantly, you’ll have fun, make lasting memories, and
form deep bonds with fellow members, as you work together to
accomplish good things on a local, state,  national, and
international level.

Table of Contents

Chapter One Elected Officer News
Chapter Two Appointed Officer News
Chapter Three International News
Chapter Four Regional News
Chapter Five Chapter Chatter
Chapter Six ISC Fall Leadership Minutes
Chapter Seven ISC Officer Roster
Chapter Eight IC Officer Roster
Chapter Nine Forms
Chapter Ten Save The Dates

Chapter One

Elected Officers

2018 - 2019 ISC President

Kathleen Grissom
[email protected]

WOW…I have to admit, this has been a very
busy and productive couple of months since our
last articles were written in July. We are now into
the Fall of our lives, with Thanksgiving right
around the corner and Santa Claus watching
every move we make till December!

I would like to extend a special invitation to
one and all of our ISC members to attend the upcoming New Chapter
member “Meet ‘n Greet” on Thursday, November 15 at the Tuscan Hills
Winery, Effingham. This is an informal gathering, from 5pm till 9pm, of
local people who might be interested in being a part of this New Chapter.
We would appreciate as much ISC member support and encouragement
as possible for Mary Stewart, ISC Recording Secretary, as she shares her
dream of starting a new Chapter in Effingham.

My goal as your President has been to be involved with as many of
your Chapter events, as possible. Since our July IC Convention in
Phoenix, I have had the privilege of helping with my own Chapter’s
Rummage Sale on August 4, then driving up to Peoria, later that
afternoon, to cheer on and watch our Mattoon to Peoria Runners come
across the finish line (a very humbling feeling!!). On Saturday, August 11,
your ISC Executive Officers came together at our local Library for a little
planning session lunch and friendship. At the end of August, I drove back
to Peoria to share in the fun of Bradley’s RUSH event: “Snow Cones and
Baseball”. In September, I found out that when you ‘volunteer’ to help
make Apple Dumplings, you had better bring back the finished product to
share with other local Chapters!! Remember this, Beta Eta when I come
back next year with orders to go!

I had the pleasure of attending
and volunteering at the St. Jude Walk on
LaCleats Landing in St. Louis, MO on
September 22. It was a good day to remember
my late husband’s birthday and to be amazed at
how many people were in attendance for this St.
Jude Walk/Run!! From here is where I missed
coming to support our Collegiate SIU-E Recruitment
event on September 26 and our own Sam Noe and her
Tau Tau Chapter at Clinton’s Apple Pork Festival on
September 30. It was around this time that I had contacted some “silly”
virus that literally knocked me to my knees and got me a ‘birds-eye’ view of
our local airport from the beautiful new Telemetry Unit at Sarah Bush
Lincoln Health Center. “But," due to some fantastic Physicians (who got
tired of me saying I “HAD TO” be at our Fall Meeting on the 6th!!), several
bags of IV fluids and a ‘boat-load’ of IV Push Potassium, I was able to leave
the hospital late Thursday night and be in Neoga for our meeting on “the
6th”. I was still a bit weak and not up to par as planned but, your kindness
shown to me that day was overwhelming.

Our Charleston Sisters, Beta Mu, invited me to share in their RUSH
Meeting on October 9. This meeting also included a very informative
Educational presented by Rick and Nelda Campbell of Be My Honey. Thank
You, Beta Mu, Edie Floyd and Sharon Nichols for the lovely invitation, the
unique “Bee headpiece” and sunflowers and the always appreciated paper

plates .

Which now brings me up to our MARC Conference, held on October
12 and 13 in Sioux Falls, SD. My Chapter Sister, Paula Winchester, was an
excellent traveling buddy and “Mama Bear”. We were able to cheer on our
IL Sister Celeste Webb (MARC Past President) in her many accomplishments
this past year and wish our other IL Sister, Rhonda Rawlings (MARC
Parliamentarian) much success in this position. This year’s “Party on the
Plains," hosted by South Dakota, certainly lived up to its theme. Next year’s
MARC Conference will be held in Ohio, which will be a much easier drive.

Being away at MARC, had me miss Xi Chi’s “Quarter’s Auction” held
on March 11. But, I did get to travel down for one of their Chapter
Educational on October 20. We took a trolley tour of Bellefontaine
Mausoleum in St. Louis, followed by lunch on The Hill with the Xi Chi
ladies. My first time for both was such a welcoming experience – thank you!

I plan on attending April Pickett’s (our EIU Collegiate who came to
Convention this past June) Trivia Night for St. Jude on October 27 in
Aviston and will be wrapping up October at our Beta Upsilon’s Collegiate
Business meeting at Bradley University on the 29th.

I would like to say “KUDOS” and a HUGE “THANK YOU” for all of our
volunteers, walkers and runners who helped in any way during the St. Jude
Walk/Run held September in the Chicagoland area, Peoria, Normal and St.

Please take a few minutes to read your Fall Meeting Minutes in this
issue. We had GREAT attendance (Thirty-Three members), wonderful food
and friendship presented by the Delta Xi Chapter, Neoga – “thank you,"
ladies! Our Workshop Coordinator, Adrian Sperduto, brought back last year’s
identified opportunities for growth in ESA and had the members break into
specific group discussion, planning and improvement for our Illinois State

Remember dear Members that “You’re braver than you believe,
stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” (Christopher Robin)

Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving and Christmas Season ahead … Till we
meet again, continue to seek out members, you never know where they may


2018 - 2019 ISC Treasurer

Leann Polston
[email protected]

Every season has its special beauty and
autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn
from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow
and red is a remarkable experience.

All dues have been paid, and each chapter’s
Tax Facts should have been sent in.

I love summer, so I am not looking forward to winter. Some of the
days lately have felt like winter, and that is why I am on vacation in sunny

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season and Happy 2019!

2018 - 2019 ISC Parliamentarian

Maria Bingheim
[email protected]

At the Fall Leadership, we had a small
group session that talked about the appointed
positions on the Illinois State Council. The group
discussed and looked at if we could combine some
positions or eliminate some.

Some of the thoughts were:

1. Combine Publicity and Social
2. Eliminate Association of the Arts
3. Add Outstanding Youth to the Awards Chairman (as the IC Council

4. Discussion on if the members of the budget committee (With the

exception of the ISC Treasurer) could also serve as the auditing

If you have specific thoughts or concerns, please share them with us. I
have not investigated completely if these would be by-law changes, standing rule
changes or a combination of both.

Also, don’t forget to send any by-law changes and standing rule changes
to me by the deadline.


Rhonda Rawlings
esarawl[email protected]

It seems like every time we turn on the television, the
news anchors are reporting another natural disaster. I wondered if
these disasters are the worst we have ever seen, so I did a little
research. This article is meant to be educational AND express
gratitude for our blessings, especially for the ESA Disaster Fund.

Some of the disasters listed (The Deadliest Natural
Disasters in US History) are before our time on earth, but certainly
can put things into perspective.

The Great Galveston Storm of 1900 – this unnamed hurricane bearing 140 mph winds
slammed into the Gulf Coast generating a 16-foot storm surge that nearly wiped the island and
its 37,000 residents off of the map. An estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people perished in this storm.
I have been to Galveston and as you walk the shoreline, there are monuments depicting the
hurricane. The greatest single tragedy belongs to St. Mary’s Orphans Asylum, where 93
children and 10 numbs took refuge in the girl’s dormitory after the boy’s was lifted off its
foundation and washed away by the pounding waves. In desperation, each of the sisters bound
herself with clothesline to eight to 10 children, and that’s how most of their bodies were found.
Only three of the orphans survived the storm. This picture says a lot.

Great Galveston Storm of 1900 San Francisco Earthquake & Fire of 1906

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire – On April 18, 1906, the
residents of San Francisco were awoken with a jolt at 5:12 a.m. They had
just enough time to get their belongs before the real shaking began. For
nearly one minute, the city of 450,000 was rocked with a 7.9-magnitude
earthquake that ripped a 296-mile fissure along the San Andreas Fault
(yikes, isn’t this the fault in Southern Illinois!). But the quake that leveled
countless buildings and homes was only the beginning of the nightmare.
Hundreds of fires burned across the city fueled by broken gas lines, and
firefighters could only watch helpless, their water supply drained by
ruptured pipes. The fires raged for three days, covering nearly 500 city
blocks. More than 3,000 souls lost their lives and more than 28,000
buildings were destroyed. More than 200,000 people were left homeless,
forced to sleep in makeshift cottages in city parks for months as the city

The Johnstown Flood – Tsunamis aren’t supposed to strike central
Pennsylvania, but that’s exactly what it looked like when a 40-foot high, half-
mile wide wall of water and debris came down upon the Appalachian town of
Johnstown in 1889. In minutes, 1,600 homes were flattened and washed
away, and 2,209 people were dead, including 99 entire families. The source
of the flood was the failure of dam holding back 20 million tons of water
contained in Lake Conemaugh, a manmade reservoir 14 miles from
Johnstown in the mountains. The lake and
dam were owned by South Fork Hunting
and Fishing Club, which included wealth
industrialists Andrew Carnegie and Henry
Clay Frick as members. The club blocked
off the dam’s drainage pieces to maintain
the fish population and allowed the lake to
fill up dangerously high with spring rains.
When the dam collapsed on May 31, the
massive rush of water tore down the
mountainside, picking up trees and large
boulders as the wave gained terrible speed
and strength. 170,000-pound locomotives
in the wave’s path were shoved 4,800 feed
off of their tracks. Houses were ripped from
their foundations and bodies were
Johnstown Flood of 1889 recovered as far as 350 miles.

The Peshtigo Fire – The Great Chicago Fire is arguable the most famous
fire in US history, but a far deadlier blaze occurred on the very same day in
neighboring Wisconsin and Michigan. The Peshtigo Fire, which consumed 1.5
million acres of tinder-dry land on October 8, 1871, was responsible for the
deaths of an estimated 2,500 people, more than any other fire in American
history. Drought conditions in the upper Midwest triggered a string of
wildfires, including the massive one that was believed to have originated near
the small town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin. High winds fanned the flames into
firestorms that were able to leap natural firebreaks and even large bodies of
water. When the residents of Peshtigo heard of the approaching fire – it was
reported to rumble like a freight train – many fled to the river, where they
thought the flames couldn’t reach them. They had to continually throw water
in over themselves and their faces to keep the flames at bay. A group that
took refuge in a water tower were boiled to death. Some fathers, unable to get
their families to safety, choose to kill themselves and their children before the
flames could reach them. The firestorm was so hot that it turned sand on the
Peshtigo streets into glass.

Hurricane Maria – America has a long and tragic history of murderous
hurricane. The carnage of the Great Galveston Storm of 1900 is unmatched,
but there’s also the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane that claimed 2,500 lives in
Florida and the 1893 Sea Islands storm that drowned 2,000 people in costal
Georgia and South Carolina. New data describes Hurricane Maria, which
ripped through Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, may be one of the
deadliest ever. The official death toll from the Category 4 storm is 64 people,
but the scenes of devastation and the stories from local hospitals hinted at a
much larger poll. The research showed that the months following Hurricane
Maria, the death rate was 62 percent higher than the same period the previous
year. Those “excess deaths” totaled 4,645 people, making Maria the second
deadliest hurricane in US history, claiming more American lives than 9/11
and Hurricane Katrina combined.

I’m sure technology has helped reduce the death toll on natural
disasters of current day; however, there were several disasters in 2018. It’s
important to remember that the ESA Disaster Fund exists to provide support
to members in times of catastrophic life events; a way we support our fellow
members a one of their most significant times of need. During your fund
raising efforts, let’s not forget to donate to the ESA Disaster Fund; we never
know when disaster might strike our own families.

Chapter Two
Appointed Officers

2018 - 2019 ISC Association of the Arts

Lurene Connor
[email protected]

The first frost has arrived with the promise of
winter’s taking most of us indoors for a few months.
Because the pools, gardens, and most warm weather
activities have ceased. It’s time for indoor creativity to
share with your sisters … photography, needlework,
artwork in any media, hobby … something creative.

More will come in future issues, so get your mind

2018 - 2019 ISC CHAPLAIN

Paula Winchester
[email protected]

Hello to all my Illinois Sisters. I have just
returned home from the MARC Conference in
Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was an interesting
weekend, good workshops, good food and good
friends. Can’t say much about the weather though.
When we arrived on Thursday, it was windy and
cold, and when we left Sunday it was snowing. Had
to de-ice our plane twice. All in all it was a good
weekend. We were so sorry to hear from
headquarters about the passing of our friend Cathy Lyons. She will be
missed. Our thoughts and prayers go with her family.
I have been kept busy this summer and fall sending out cards to our IL
sisters and their families. So far since convention I have sent out a total of
25 cards. Since the last issue of the ESA’ly yours I have sent out a total of 23
cards.  6 Thinking of you, 7 Sympathy and 10 Get Well Cards. Please let me
know if someone you know is in need of a card. They can be sent to my e-
mail: [email protected] or text: 217/259-9274, or mailed to my home
1917 Evergreen Ct., Mattoon, IL. 61938.
Hope everyone has a very good holiday season. See you next year.

2018 - 2019 ISC ESA for ST JUDE

Kim Haverkamp
[email protected]

Hello All,

I hope everyone is having a great Fall season!
According to St. Jude reports, ESA Illinois has raised
a total of $149,188.22 thus far. Please keep up the
great work! Remember, no event is too small or too
large. As you plan events please do not forget to
complete a “booked event form” before the event and a completed event form
after the event. To do this log on to Then click on
“Member Center”. Then you will need to “log on”. Next click “Chapter/
Council Management," then to “forms” (St. Jude). There you will find Booked
Event and Completed Event forms (Online and PDF). If you have any
questions please contact me.

Also don’t forget to send me 1 or 2 pictures from your event to be
included in the state convention St. Jude presentation.

Did you know…
St. Jude currently operates eight affiliate clinics in the United States.

“Eight Locations. One Mission.”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana St. Jude Mattoon to Peoria Run
Charlotte, North Carolina
Huntsville, Alabama
Johnson City, Tennessee
Peoria, Illinois
Shreveport, Louisiana
Springfield, Missouri
Tulsa, Oklahoma

2018 - 2019 ISC FOUNDATION

Jamie Atchison
[email protected]

We are ready for scholarship applications!!! The
information about the scholarships, requirements and
applications are available on the ESA
Foundation  website:
scholarships-and-grants. The application submission
process is done online and deadline for submission is
February 1, 2019!
Many ask why do there is a scholarship application fee?
The Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation was established in 1970 with the
purpose of promoting continuing education and altruistic activities that make a
positive difference in the world. The primary goals of the ESAF are education and
leadership. ESAF is an IRS designated 501[c]3 public foundation serving the
world community. The ESAF Board of Directors is a ‘working’ board and serves,
like all appointed persons, without compensation; only the auditing firm is paid.
Learn more about ESAF here:
Where does the application fee go?
• Maintenance costs and updates to the online application website
• The cost of our annual financial audit. The audit report can be
viewed here:
• Leftover funds are added to the ESA General Scholarship and
distributed in the form of additional scholarships
• Scholarships by the numbers
• ESAF offers more than 200 scholarships each year
• On average 8000 students apply for one or more of our scholarships
• $248,000 plus is distributed to winners each year
• ESAF has a force of more than 100 volunteers
ESAF shares your concern for your students. In that pursuit, we do not
allow our scholarship program to be advertised or used by companies that charge
for scholarship information. The Federal Trade Commission offers an excellent
resource for identifying potential scholarship scams.

Congrats to 2017-18 MARC 2018 - 2019 ISC Campaign
President Celeste Webb on a successful
year, we wish you ALL the best in future Jamie Atchison
endeavors!!!  More good news to share, [email protected]

Rhonda Rawlings for was elected 2018-19 MARC Parliamentarian, we wish you all
the best!!!  Thanks  to our members great support, the  Campaign Fund has a
healthy balance, so we  will not be holding any  raffles fundraisers until state
convention in June!!!

2017 - 2018 ISC MARC

Joy Reed
[email protected]

Paula Winchester
[email protected]

By: Kathleen Grissom

Hello IL State Council members! I just want to share some highlights of
this past year of your MARC (MidWest Area Regional Council).

Back in April, our MARC President Celeste Webb (Omega Nu, Mattoon)
spoke before the members sharing what MARC ”is”. MARC is a get-together of
twelve (12) states sharing Workshop ideas and having FUN. There are No Dues,
it is a “Social” piece of ESA. MARC was founded over twelve (12) years ago as a
means for members to participate in a scaled down version of our IC
Convention. MARC has wonderful Workshops that are geared to the area where
the Conference is being held. At the October 13-14 Sioux Falls, SD Conference,
there will be Workshops on: 1) making sleeping mats out of plastic bags (plarn)
for the homeless people in Sioux Falls; 2) a Marathon Runner, well into her 80’s,
will present her motivational adventure and pursuit of happiness view of ‘how’
she got to where she is today; and last, but certainly not least, there will be a
speaker sharing her “Call To Freedom” (human trafficking) stories.

The MARC Executive Board has decided for this year, there will be NO
Fundraisers at the upcoming MARC…. no baskets, purses or donations!!
Instead, there will be a “reverse raffle”, with the name of the last person’s name
drawn winning! Also there will be the Foundation raffle of two beautiful
afghans, made by Lurene Connor, Beta Psi, Murphysboro and a quilt made from
St. Jude material by MARC President Celeste Webb, Omega Nu, Mattoon. All
income for the Foundation raffle will be divided between the two MARC

We next met in warm, humid, HOT Phoenix at our IC Convention July 21,
2018. At that time, President Celeste Webb (Omega Nu, IL) presided over the
MARC Meeting. Minutes of this Meeting were sent by MARC Recording
Secretary Linda Schmidt to all members. At Roll Call, there were 2737 MARC
members total, with 88 in attendance, 12 State Presidents, 10 MARC Reps and
10 Alternate MARC Reps with 3 “first-time” attendees and 10 MARCettes

MARC Treasurer Brenda Fields presented the Treasurer’s Report and the
2018-2019 Proposed Budget. (please refer to your Minutes for the complete
break-down or contact me for specific information). The Proposed Budget was
incomplete because some of the needed data was unavailable.

Denise Hagerty, MARC Parliamentarian presented the new ByLaw

changes. She asked that the States discuss this at their Fall Board meetings,
so a vote could be presented at the MARC Conference. (again, please refer to the
actual July 21, 2018, MARC Minutes or contact me).

Kim Berven, South Dakota President and MARC Co-Chair discussed the
upcoming “Party on the Plains” MARC Conference for October 12th-14th, 2018.
Discussion was held on the hotel cost and venue around the hotel (within
walking distance). A Pub Crawl and a Shopping trip is planned for the
members. Discussion was held regarding a proposal to give a free Registration
for each State who registers by September 11. Rhonda Rawlings, Delta Xi,
Neoga, won her Registration money “back” at the Sioux Falls MARC Conference.

Introduction of Slate of Candidates was presented by Angie Butenschoen,
Jr. Past President:

•President Deb Vercellano, NE
•President-Elect Linda Schmidt, KS
•Secretary Brenda Fields, MO
•Treasurer Bonnie Templeton, KS - Denise Hagerty, IN
•Parliamentarian Rhonda Rawlings, IL - Rose Wagner, OH
•Communicators Kim Poling, IA & Mary Hougland, IN
•Past President Celeste Webb, IL
•Auditor Lynne Thiebault,
•Chaplain Jill Richards, KS
•Ways and Means Sandy Hongerholt, MN

It was voted on by the MARC Representatives of the States Present that
your Treasurer is Denise Hagerty, IN and your Parliamentarian is our own IL
Sister, Rhonda Rawlings (Delta Xi, Neoga). Congratulations ladies on your new

The 2019 MARC Conference will be held in Cincinnati, OH at the
Embassy Suites on October 11-12. Co-Chairs are Brenda Myers and Judi

Which now brings us to saying “farewell” to our Illinois Sister and
2017-2018 MARC President Celeste Webb. Celeste has done a remarkable job
as your President and has ‘walked the walk’ every step of the way….KUDOS,
Celeste on your beautiful year!! It was our privilege to be your Honor Guard
when you were installed in Detroit, MI and it was still our privilege to see you
inducted into the MARCettes (past MARC President’s group) in Sioux Falls, SD.
We also want to say “goodbye” to our 2017-2018 IL MARC Reps Paula
Winchester, Alpha Upsilon, Mattoon and Joy Reed, Tau-Tau, Clinton. Thank
you, ladies for keeping us informed and for bringing us updated news of MARC
this past year.

2018 - 2019 ISC PUBLICITY

Sharon Nichols
[email protected]

ESA new year is beginning.  As your plan your year and
hold your events, remember to save your publicity items.    Remember the
following counts towards the Publicity Award.

• 10 points for each story published in ESA’ly Yours
• 15 points for each story or photo published in the Journey


• 10 points for each newspaper announcement of ESA Meeting
• 25 points for each news release, article, or feature story

published in newspaper

• 25 points for each photo published in newspaper
• 5 points for each poster billboard, or t-shirt designed and

used to promote an ESA event

• 5 points for providing library subscriptions of the ESA’ly

Yours / Journey Magazine

• 5 points for each speech or presentation given to a group

outside of ESA

• 10 points for Public Service Announcements broadcast on

radio (Not how many times broadcast)

• 10 points for Public Service Announcements broadcast on

television (Not how many times broadcast)

• 15 points for each public affairs appearance or news

broadcast on radio or television

• 5 points for any other publicity/public relations achievement


At the Spring Event we need
to update the Publicity Award form,
adding items dealing with Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram.    If you have
any other items, please let me know
before the meeting, so we can put
them on the agenda.  Thank you.  

Have wonderful and safe

Chapter Three
International News

2018 Young Leaders Elite Retreat
By: Misty Douglas, Omega Nu
Take a moment and think to
yourself…Have you ever thought I
would make a great leader? Or I
just don’t think I can do that..I
don’t have the skills to step up
and be in charge? My personality
won’t jive with those people?
Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group

of people or an organization.  Leaders motivate, inspire,
coach and manage a team to a common goal of achieving a
vision whether local, state or on the international level.  A
leader must have confidence and understanding in
themselves and be able to adapt to the surroundings of
those around them.  We learned at the retreat that a
persons’ personality and upbringing plays a huge role in
their leadership interactions.  A leader must be able to
recognize and utilize the personality types of their team
members and use them to their full potential, while keeping
in mind any generational differences. 

Each of us have a distinct personality. To identify
ourselves we took The REAL You Personality test which many of you may
know as the Bird Test. After this assessment, we were provided our bird
ranking and were able to see different characteristics such as personality
traits, communication styles, what we fear, what motivates us and so on. We
were able to see what we lacked, what we need and that bridges us to look for
those characteristics in others we are serving with and what their strengths
and weaknesses may be and we can serve together.

Generational differences are so wide spread and we took the time to
write good and bad of the different
generations from the Silent Gen/
Traditional to Gen Z. After identifying
these differences, we were then able to
talk through how we could bring them
together to work towards one goal.
ESA is represented by sisters from all
generations…Silent Gen is set in their
ways and not adaptive to a lot of
change, where Millennials/Gen Z are
all about change and trying to look at
the bigger picture and what it would
take to get there more easily.

We learned to set goals and break down the goals into small achievable
steps by listing pros/cons and what it would take to achieve the goals and how
to look outside ourselves or the “box” for help in achieving those goals.

We hiked, explored and enjoyed nature. It was beautiful and I was
named the “elk whisperer” for capturing some amazing bugles. I may have
even brought back Mrs. Wilson’s spirit from Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel
with me…..

We shared our role models and what was so special about them and how
we could strive to be like them.   

Friendships were made at the retreat that will last a lifetime. I personally
went into this knowing that I would be the oldest “sister” and was a little
uneasy about potentially being quite a bit older but no matter our age…we
were there for one reason and that was to make ourselves better leaders. By
the end of the retreat, several of the girls were calling me Mom….Most of all we
learned that a group of strong, intelligent, young women from all over the US,
from all walks of life and different stages can have so much fun, learn so much
and most of all that we all love ESA!

AmandaTullis & Misty Douglas

2018 Young Leaders Elite Retreat
By: Amanda Tullis, Gamma Chi
On September 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2018 ESA International hosted a
Young Leaders Elite Retreat in Estes Park, CO at the YMCA of the
Rockies.  From Illinois, Misty Douglas of Omega Nu and
Amanda Tullis of Gamma Chi and several Illinois State
University alumni attended.  The retreat’s main focus was on
communicating.  The retreat also featured a lengthy
discussion on membership.
Thursday, September 27 was travel day for the ladies. 
Members flew and drove in from all over the US. Everyone got
settled in and got to know each other over burgers and games.
Friday, September 28 began with a morning workout for a few ladies
followed by breakfast.  After breakfast everyone was given a personality test. 
After taking this test, members learned what personality they were and how to
best communicate with other personality types. Classes were completed and
members broke up into smaller groups. The ladies enjoyed vineyards, hiking
and rock climbing. Members returned to a “chopped challenge”.  Given to the
teams were pita chips, goat cheese and pears.  The winning team of Danae
Haug, Nicole Barnett, Chelsea Jackson and Amanda Tullis prepared a smoky
goat cheese and bacon cheese ball crusted with cinnamon pita chips, topped
with sweet pear chutney.
Saturday, September 29 began again with breakfast. Members discussed
generational differences; Then learned how to work with, communicate with
and what to expect from a team member from a different generation. Tracy
Swanson led a great discussion on membership. She instructed on how to
increase interest.  She spoke on accepting and welcoming new members
appropriately. She then asked for feedback and suggestions from different
experiences. Members briefly enjoyed the town of Estes Park.  Members then
met back up for a tour to the famous Stanley Hotel. That evening the members
were given a choice of star gazing or a night hike.

Sunday, September 30 the
ladies headed back home.  The
retreat was an excellent
experience. Members left with
more education, new friends and
great memories!

Chapter Four
Regional News

MARC Flag Ceremony
Jamie Atchison


Lurene Conner

ESA Foundation Flag Bearer

Kathleen Grissom

Illinois State Flag Bearer

Celeste Webb

United States Flag Bearer


Gamma Chi Pork-burger Sale
Front row from left is Jamie
Vaughan - Amanda Tullis -
Barb Young.
Back row from left is
Georgiana Fletcher - Mary Ann

Jamie Vaughn
Hello from Gamma Chi. Fall is here, finally! We have been keeping
busy with projects. First up our gun raffle fundraiser from the Fall Fun
Fest was a big success. We raised money for Easter Seals and the winner
of the gun was our own member, Barb Young. Our president Amanda
Tullis recently went on a retreat to Estes Park, Colorado for the ESA young
leader’s event. She joined Omega Nu member Misty Douglas. Amanda had
a wonderful time, she met some really wonderful ladies.
In October we had a fundraiser pork burger sale. The weather was
chilly but sunny and we had a couple of the Gamma Chi husbands help
out with cooking. It was a huge success, we sold out of food and raised
$769 dollars for St. Jude. The ladies really enjoyed serving those delicious
burgers and sweet tea. On Halloween we will be having a “trunk or treat”
event. Tables will be set up on the courthouse lawn and candy will be
passed out to trick or treaters. We held this event a couple years ago and
the community response was great.
We have some upcoming fun events in November too. There will be a
parade to celebrate Veterans Day and the ladies will have a float they ride
on and pass out candy. We have our annual pecan sale and for
Thanksgiving we are having a potluck social at a local church. Members
can bring a guest and enjoy an evening of good food and fellowship.
Everyone from Gamma Chi would like to say Happy Holidays!


Deanna Dalby
And all at once, summer collapsed into fall…- Oscar Wilde
The annual St. Jude Mattoon to Peoria run was held on August 3 and
4th; Omega Nu ladies and runners raised 148,278 for St. Jude.
Special Olympic family festival was held in September 15; you could
see us checking participants in, assisting with games, handing out lunch,
where ever we could help-we were there!
Our Rush Social was held in September at Camp New Hope. We
cooked hot dogs, had s’mores with 3 lovely guests.
October got started with
something sweet with a Taste of
Something Special held at the
Walkway on October4th. It was
an evening of food with wine and
beer samples along with a silent
auction. This event benefits
Special Olympics of Illinois
Region I, which provides free
year-round sports competitions
and trainings, healthy athletes'
initiatives, Young Athletes
programs, and more for Special
Olympics athletes!
Business with Scope was held on October 9; our very own Terri Crum
dressed like a Captain to go with our 2018-2019 theme of Let your Dreams
set Sail with ESA.
We are holding our very first Omega Nu of ESA’s Witches Gone Wicked
Witches Walk on Saturday, October 27 from 6pm-10pm in Mattoon. Proceeds
will go to St. Jude, Camp New Hope and Special Olympics. We will have
raffle prizes, door prizes, challenge prizes, food, and photo booth..let the ESA
ladies cast a spell of fun on you!! Bring your best witches and your witchiest
costume for a good cause.
Tuesday, October 29 we will have our fall banquet at The Smith House
in Tuscola to recognize the accomplishments of our sisters and fall into the
spirit Omega Nu!


Fran Harris-Shaffer
Happy Fall, Everyone!!!
We’d like to share what Xi Chi has been busy doing since the last
issue of the ESA’ly Yours.
In August, we had our Annual BBQ at Di Scott’s mom’s home. What
a wonderful time everyone had! Great food, great friends, great fellowship!!
No wonder this is an annual event for us!
September found us busier than normal with our monthly business
meeting and a couple of weeks later several of us volunteered at the St Louis
St Jude Walk. We’d also like to thank Kathleen Grissom for coming down
and helping us at that event. We all really had a good time that day and of
course it was for St Jude’s!! Double bonus there!!
In October, four of our members attended the Fall ISC Meeting in
Neoga. Thank you to Delta Xi for hosting! On October 11, Xi Chi had a
Quarters Auction to benefit our Hope for Heroes Program. What a fun and
easy way to raise money!! Once again this year, it was a wonderful success
and another one is planned for next October to once again benefit Hope for
Heroes. We also have been working on our Educationals this year and have
attended a “Haunted Tour” of Historic Lebanon and a Trolley Tour of
Bellefontaine Cemetery in St Louis.
Several members will be attending will be attending Sigma Delta’s
(Kim Mandrell’s Chapter in St Louis) Lunch & Auction on October 27 and
also a Trivia Night in Aviston to benefit St Jude Children’s Research
Hospital that evening. The Chapter has also decided to donate Christmas
Presents for Foster children for Christmas this year through the Caritas
Family Solutions in Belleville.  What a busy fall we are having!!
With the Holidays coming up fast, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy
Thanksgiving and a Wonderful Christmas and a Great New Year!!! 


Eileen Jeffers
My heartfelt thanks to the ESA Sisters who sent me cards and e-mails
on who remembered me after my recent surgery. I miss being with all of you
at board meetings, state and IC conventions. My thoughts are with you as I
“slow down” a bit
Many, Many Thanks Again!!!

Chapter Six
ISC Fall Leadership Minutes

Illinois State Council
Fall Meeting & Workshop
Choose to Shine…AND… Be the Gift of ESA

October 6, 2018
Assumption Hall, 670 Walnut, Neoga, IL

At 10:00, the 2018 Illinois State Council Fall Board meeting was called to

Opening thoughts was shared by Paula Winchester (Alpha Upsilon) the ISC
Chaplain who read “I talk to myself”.

Roll call was taken from the sign-in sheet with 33 members present.

An introduction of Executive and Appointed board was made. Chapter
Presidents each gave a short description about what they LOVE about Fall.

Rules of the Meeting – Maria Bingheim (Epsilon Zeta) – ISC Parliamentarian
Jamie Atchison (Alpha Alpha) made the motion to approve rules of the meeting
with Maria Bingheim seconding. Motion carried

Convention Minutes – Kathleen Grissom (Alpha Upsilon) - ISC President
The minutes from the 2018 ISC State Convention First and Second General
Assemblies were included in the summer issue of the ESA’ly Yours newsletter.
No corrections were noted.
Maria Bingheim (Epsilon Zeta) made the motion to approve minutes and Joyce
Reed (Tau Tau) seconded the motion to accept the minutes in the summer
ESA’ly Yours. Motion carried.

Correspondence – Fran Harris-Shaffer (Xi Chi) – ISC Corresponding Secretary
A letter read by Fran from Eileen Jeffers, MAL, thinking of you. A card was
passed around to be signed by membership to honor Eileen on her 90th
A thank-you from St Jude Hospital for donations sent via ESA Foundation.

Treasurer’s Report – Leann Polston’s (Omega Nu) report presented by Maria
Bingheim (Epsilon Zeta)
**See Report Below**
Additional bills presented by Celeste Webb (Omega Nu) to pay deficit of $573 for
Young Leadership attendees. Motion made by Celeste Webb (Omega Nu).
Seconded by Jamie Atchison (Alpha Alpha). Motion carried
The Treasurer’s Report will be filed for audit.

Presentation from the September 27 Young Elite Retreat held in Estes
Park, CO - Misty Douglas (Omega Nu) and Amanda Tullis (Gamma Chi)
Misty’s report will be printed in the fall ESA’ly Yours.

President Elect – Terri Crum (Omega Nu) – Membership Report
Terri reminded the group that IC website has many ideas and tips to help get
pledges for the chapter. Her personal favorite was the Friendship-To-Go Kits.
Ambassador Program provides incentives for member sponsorship. Level 1 is
attained when 4 new members are sponsored during a twelve month prior
between June 1 and May 31. The sponsoring member gets next year’s renewal
dues for FREE!
Terri also introduced a state incentive for the member who has sponsored the
most pledges for the state. It is a scarf that the member will wear that allows
unique treatment such as, first into food line, cutting in line privileges for
bathroom, etc. This starts at Spring board meeting and continues to
Terri is also nomination chair. She reminded the membership that it will soon
be time to start nominating for offices (PLEASE CONSIDER RUNNING FOR AN
Motivational quotes from Terri: MOVE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. YOU

Parliamentarian – Maria Bingheim (Epsilon Zeta)
Take a look at Standing Rules. Can some appointed positions be combined?
Some are not able to be changed but membership can review. Bylaw changes
require a 30 day notification prior to our ISC June convention.

Past President – Rhonda Rawlings (Delta XI) – Disaster Fund Report
There is a new form available for national level of reporting

Chaplain – Paula Winchester (Alpha Upsilon)

June Dorothea Jenkins-Gamma Chi-Get Well

Chip Shaffer-Xi Chi-Get well Betty Jo Jones-Gamma Chi-Sympathy

Fran Harris Shaffer-Xi Chi-Thinking of September

You Kelli Thornberry-KY State President-Get

Vicki King-Gamma Chi-Congratulations Well

on grand baby Jamie Bryant-Alpha Upsilon-Thinking of

Leann Polston-Omega Nu-Get Well You

Tricia Bayles-Beta Mu-Thinking of You Carolyn Shaw-Past president IN-

July Sympathy

Jane Raciti-Alpha Upsilon-Get Well Eileen Jeffers-MAL-Get well

Betty Jo Jones-Gamma Chi-Thinking of M i l d r e d H o m a n n - A l p h a U p s i l o n -

You Sympathy

Jamie Vaughan-Gamma Chi-Thinking of October

You Leann Polston-Omega Nu-Get Well

Gayla Blackford-Gamma Chi-Get Well Kathleen Grissom-Alpha Upsilon-Get

G e o r g i a n a F l e t c h e r - G a m m a C h i - Well

Thinking of You Vicki King-Gamma Chi-Get Well

Joni Austin-Gamma Chi-Sympathy Gayla Blackford-Gamma Chi-Get Well

Collegiate Advisor - Adrian Sperduto (Xi Chi)
2018 collegiate attendees to the ISC Convention reported that they had a great
time. Adrian will continue to keep up with them and allowing them to be
aware of what is happening on state level.
Bradley trip is in works. Adrian hopes to see all collegiate chapters
throughout the month and encourage the chapters to take on a job of state
liaison to the college.

2019 ISC Convention – Suzi Coffman (Alpha Upsilon) and Paula Winchester
(Alpha Upsilon)
Suzi and Paula invited everyone to “Tour the USA with ESA” on June 7-9,
2019 beginning in Effingham, IL. Save the date reminders to come.

Easterseals – Judy Huntley (Delta Chi)
Easterseals is 100 years old. We will have a representative at our spring board.
And there was a 50/50 raffle at the completion of fall gathering.
Judy gave us each a challenge as a whole and to return to our chapters to
complete. Each member is to provide a “gift” based on suggestions for the

ESA for St Jude - Kim Haverkamp (Xi Chi)
The challenge this year is for each chapter to surpass the amount contributed
to St. Jude last year which was $1,496,295.66.
Kim is really looking forward to seeing some great events this coming year both
annual and new events. She reminds us that no event is too small or too big
to count.
Please email Kim any completed and booked events thus far to:
[email protected] If you can include 1 or 2 pictures taken during the event
for publication and sharing at the St. Jude presentation during the 2019 State

ESA Foundation – Jamie Atchison (Alpha Alpha)
Fall is in the air and that means school is back in session. It also means that
the beginning of the scholarship season is upon us. I would ask that you all
encourage anyone you know that is going to be attending college next year to
apply. It doesn’t matter—freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or grad school.
I would highly recommend that anyone interested go to the website--https:// and sign up for the
email notification when the applications are open. They can also get a head
start and begin to set up their account with their demographics and
information.Age range for scholarships are 17-55 years old with the average
applicant being over 22 year old. Members are encouraged to check into life
active memberships the cost is $500 and can be sent in 2
paymentsFoundation memberships are $25 to join and then $15 yearly after
that.The ESA Foundation’s Career Enhancement Grant provides funds to
assist individuals who are seeking further educational experiences and
training to develop their personal career skills and opportunities for career
advancement. There is also an art spark whose purpose is to inspire creativity
among artists involved in the fine arts or those involved in teaching creativity
or fine arts (not limited to art teachers). More information can be found on the
ESA website

ESA’ly Yours – Jill Shull (Omega Nu)
19 means only 19 more days from today to get information to Jill for the
ESA’ly Yours.
October 25 is the next deadline. Please send her anything so we can have a
great newsletter. If you send photos, please put names with them.

Hope for Heroes – Chip Shaffer (Xi Chi)
Due to issues with sending items to a DPO address it is recommended that
shipping to DPO be discontinued unless the sender knows the individual
personally. When using custom forms it is highly recommended that the
shipper line be listed as Hope for Heroes of ESA. Chip also shared several
upcoming dates for events for Hope for Heroes. In addition, Chip reported
on the choice of O’Fallon, IL to be the future site of a Veterans Community
Project that builds tiny homes to help homeless veterans.

MARC – new MARC representatives are Judy Huntley (Delta Chi) and
Amanda Tullis (Gamma Chi)
Current representative, Joyce Reed (Tau Tau) requested that members bring
items for veterans to the SD Christmas gathering.

Philanthropic State Projects - Suzi Coffman (Alpha Upsilon)
Suzi let the members know that if help is needed to complete reports to
please contact her

Webmaster - Adrian Sperduto (Xi Chi) and Jamie Atchison (Alpha Alpha)
Adrian is adding links to Facebook. She has been mining photos from
Facebook sites to share on ESA site. If anyone wants a different picture to
be shared with her please send them to her.

Unfinished Business
2018 ISC Convention Report: Barb Warmoth (Beta Mu), Edie Floyd (Beta
Mu) reported on convention attendance and revenue. This report was
placed in ESA’ly Yours edition from the summer.
2018 IC IL State Award list was presented by Rhonda Rawlings (Delta Xi).

New Business
The Executive Board met on August 11, 2018, at the Mattoon Library for
State Planning Meeting. Minutes of the meeting are on file.

December 1 is the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in Memphis, TN. Celeste
Webb (Omega Nu) indicated she will be participating in the 5K.

ESA Regional Leadership Seminar will be held on March 23 in St. Louis,
MO. Registration is $125.00 and includes lunch. Times and hotel
information will be coming.

ISC Spring Fling will be hosted by Beta Nu at the Charleston Library on
March 2. Entrance to the library is located on 5 street even though address is
on 6. All chapters are asked to bring a gift card (any denomination but to
national businesses) to the spring meeting for our IC Foundation raffle item.
These will be placed in a donated purse/bag and raffled at the IC convention.

Joyce Reed (Tau Tau) explained that the MARC conference ways and means
committee needs crochet hooks donated in size g or above.

Chip Shaffer (Xi Chi) let members know that a collection of items for homeless
vets should not contain alcohol. Items are donated to the shelters and the vet
is allowed to “purchase” the needed items.

Book letters are for sale by Delta Xi for $15.

Edie Floyd (Beta Mu) told us “Pecans are back”. One pound bag sells for $12.
Chocolate covered pecan halves are also available for $10.

All are invited to the Omega Nu Witches Walk on October 27 to benefit St.
Jude, Camp New Hope and Special Olympics.

There being no further business, the chair declares this meeting adjourned
following the Closing Ritual

Lunch hosted by Delta XI Chapter, Neoga

Workshop presented by Adrian Sperduto, ISC Workshop Coordinator followed

October 6, 2018

BALANCE June 11, 2018 $22,320.71

RECEIPTS 1,470.00
Dues – 98 @ $15.00 10.00
Dues – 2 @ $5.00 60.00
MAL – 4 @ $15.00
Chapter Assessments – 8 @ $25.00 200.00
Interest – June .51
Interest – July .52
Interest – August .48

TOTAL RECEIPTS $ 1 ,741.51

TOTAL INCOME $24,062.22


Budget Check Date Amount
Account Number
6019 1167 06-08-18 Jamie Atchison, Webmaster -
Domain $87.90, Weebly $71.80 $ 159.70
8023 1168 06-10-18 Holiday Inn – State Convention -
Collegiate Room 311.36
8011 1169 06-10-18 Holiday Inn – State Convention –
2 Reps Room, 2 Nights 257.60
8002 1170 06-10-18 ISC Convention – Exec. Board,
8003 1171 06-22-18 Appt. Board, 4 Collegiates 1,287.50
8022 1172 06-22-18 Misty Douglas –
8023 Young Leaders Elite Retreat 400.00
6001 Paula Winchester –
Reimb. Kathleen Grissom Flight for
IC Convention 353.96
8022 1173 07-09-18 Misty Douglas -
Young Leaders Elite Retreat
Flight St. Louis to Denver 329.96
8022 1174 07-09-18 Amanda Tullis -
Young Leaders Elite Retreat
Flight St. Louis to Denver $359.96
Shuttle $85.00 444.96
6016 1175 07-10-18 Turn Around Fund, ESA Foundation –
IC Convention Gifts
(Bingheim, Grissom, Webb) 100.00

6002 1176 08-06-18 MARC Conference 2018 – 125.00
8002 1177 08-07-18 Kathleen Grissom, President, Regis 375.00
8023 1178 ISC Convention – 137.00
6011 1179 2018 Convention Expenses 403.20
6001 1180 45.00
5001 1181 08-07-18 CAN Surety Bond 373.60
6002 08-11-18 Policy #71454859 Renewal
08-30-18 Kathleen Grissom – IC Convention
ESA International Council – IC Dues
Kathleen Grissom – MARC Flight


BALANCE as of October 6, 2018 $18,958.38

Numbers of chapters paid: 9
Alpha Epsilon Chapter #B117
(2017-2018 or 2018-2019?)
Alpha Upsilon Chapter #644
Beta Eta Chapter #3696
Beta Mu Chapter #4199
Delta Chi Chapter #5546
Epsilon Zeta Chapter #2668
Gamma Chi Chapter #4289
Xi Chi Chapter #5456

Number of members paid: 100
Number of MAL’s paid: 4
Number of Chapter Rosters received: 10

Alpha Alpha # 5266
Alpha Epsilon #B117

(2017-2018 or 2018-2019?)
Alpha Upsilon #644
Beta Eta #3696
Beta Mu #4199
Beta Psi #4062
Delta Chi #5546
Epsilon Zeta #2668
Gamma Chi #6837
Xi Chi #5456

Respectfully Submitted
Illinois State Council
Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Leann Polston, Treasurer

Chapter Seven
ISC Officer Roster

Chapter Eight
IC Roster

2018-2019 IC Executive Board

Kim Kummer President

2837 Paseo Drive
Great Bend, KS 67530

H: 620-792-5415 C: 620-617-7208
Birthday: June 10 Anniversary: August 17 (Steve)

[email protected]

Terri Olson First Vice President

2627 Colorado Road

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

C: 612-578-5003

Birthday: August 21 Anniversary: Nov. 23 (Bob Elwell)

[email protected]

Lynda Edwards Recording Secretary

LeAnn Wray Second Vice President 125 Quail Run

10355 Blaine Road Prattville, AL 36067

Brighton, MI 48114 C: 334-224-0496

H: 810-632-7857 C: 810-772-9551 F: 810-632-7857 Birthday: June 23 Anniversary: December 12 (Earnie)

Birthday: January 5 Anniversary: Dec. 19 (Larry) [email protected]

[email protected]

Maureen Wells Corresponding Secretary

3009 Tumbleweed Terrace

IC Exec. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 1 Manhattan, KS 66502-8968

H: 785-537-4461 C: 785-477-1070

Birthday: May 5 Anniversary: April 25 (Mike)

[email protected]

2018-2019 IC Executive Board Robin Bussey Treasurer

4688 Madeline Drive

Kim Kummer President Rock Hill, SC 29732

H: 803-324-2420 C: 803-207-4698

Gre2a8t3B7 ePnadse, oKSDri6v7e53B0renda Meyers Birthday: February 10

Workshop Coordinator [email protected]

H: 620-792-5415 C: 620-617-7208 242 Oxford Drive

Birthday: June [email protected]:etAugBuirstthd1a7y(:SJtuelyve7F)aCir:bo9Ar3n7n,-n4Oi1vH6e-r9s43a50r31y2:4April 26 (Terry) Denise Holdaway Parliamentarian

[email protected] 902 Pierce Lane

Blytheville, AR 72315

C: 870-838-6916 F: 870-763-5223

Sandy Alexander Jr. Past IC President Birthday: October 8

Terri66O97lLSsoitoutltenhtoRne,eCdOW8a0yF1,2Ui3rnist tA Vice President [email protected]

C: 32063-22778C-7o67lo5rado Road IC Exec. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 2
Birthday: Sepstaenmdbye.arl2eG4xarnadnedCrA6:[email protected],ri8yMl.-:c5oNN0mo0v35. 1587(4D4avid)

Birthday: August 21 Anniversary: Nov. 23 (Bob Elwell)

[email protected]

Julene Donnay

2019-20 Corresponding Secretary

17763 Oakland Drive

Ham Lake, MN 55304

LeAnn Wray Second ViceBirPthrdeays: HiFd:eb7er6un3a-4rty345-5777 C: 612-805-9098 30 (Tim)
Anniversary: June

10355 Blaine Road [email protected]

Brighton, MI 48114

H: 810-632-7857 C: 810-772-9551 F: 810-632-7857

Birthday: JanuarCy h5arlAotntneiCvearrslaornyi: Dec. 1E9S(ALaHrrQy)Representative
[email protected] West Drake Road

Fort Collins, CO 80526

W: 970-223-2824

Birthday: July 4

[email protected]

IC Exec. Board RoIsCteErxec. Board“ERSoAste–r A Gift“”ESA – A Gift” PagePa1ge 3

2018 – 2019 2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board IC Appointed Board

Administrative Pat Josey AV Tech Jenni May-Dennis
Assistant 9608 West 129 Street 402 Bexar Drive
Overland Park, KS 66213 Awards Chair
San Antonio, TX 78228
C: 913-515-8456 Budget Chair C: 210-464-2545
[email protected]
Budget [email protected]
Birthday: April 15 Committee Birthday: May 16

Administrative Judy Ahrens Budget Jaycee Peak
Assistant 1530 Westwind Drive Committee 265 Raintree Drive
Manhattan, KS 66503 Danville, IN 46122
H: 785-776-0024 -- C: 785-477-0564 H: 317-745-2823 – C: 317-443-7983
[email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: February 13
Birthday: October 21
LeAnn Wray
Administrative Cindee Leong 10355 Blaine Road
Assistant 24902 West 78 Street Brighton, MI 48114
Shawnee, KS 66227 H: 810-632-7857 -- C: 810-772-9551
[email protected]
C: 314-330-9930 Birthday: January 5
[email protected]
Birthday: August 6 Sandy Alexander
6697 S. Reed Way, Unit A
Administrative Brenda Schaffer
Assistant 3413 Vanesta Circle Littleton, CO 80123
Manhattan, KS 66503 C: 303-278-7675

C: 785-313-0650 [email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: September 24

Birthday: April 9 Robin Bussey
4688 Madeline Drive
Association of Bonnie Templeton Rock Hill, SC 29732
the Arts Co-Chair 3020 Honeydew Lane H: 803-324-2420 -- C: 803-207-4698
Manhattan, KS 66503 [email protected]
H: 785-776-4305 -- C: 785-770-2741 Birthday: February 10
[email protected]
Birthday: August 5

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 1 IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 3

2018 – 2019 2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board IC Appointed Board

Association of Sandy Weston Budget Kim Kummer
the Arts Co-Chair PO Box 1123 Committee 2837 Paseo Drive
Great Bend, KS 67530
Heflin, AL 36264 Budget H: 620-792-5415 -- C: 620-617-7208
C: 256-310-3013 Committee [email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: June 10
Birthday: February 14 Bylaws Chair
Terri Olson
Audit Chair Vicky Jones 2627 Colorado Road
664 Grigsby Lane Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Cadiz, KY 42211
C: 270-836-4804 C: 612-578-5003
[email protected] [email protected]
Birthday: March 25
Birthday: August 21
Audit Tina Davenport McKamie
Committee 8057 Blocker Road Denise Holdaway
902 Pierce Lane
McAlester, OK 74501
H: 918-469-3420 - C: 918-916-2199 Blytheville, AR 72315
C: 870-838-6916
[email protected]
Birthday: July 11 [email protected]
Birthday: October 8

Audit Kim Poling Bylaws Jerie Longacre
Committee 502 Second Street West Committee PO Box 64857

Andalusia, IL 61232 Bylaws Tacoma, WA 98464
C: 309-235-1789 Committee C: 253-226-6872

[email protected] [email protected]
Birthday: September 7 Birthday: September 6

AV Tech Leanne Dickens Anna Oberste
6014 Brazos 165 Naylor Road
Vilonia, AR 72173
San Angelo, TX 76904 C: 501-428-3712
C: 325-374-2309 [email protected]
Birthday: August 11
[email protected]
Birthday: October 2

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 4
Page 2

2018 – 2019 2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board IC Appointed Board

Bylaws Judy Ann Scott Disaster Fund Sandy Alexander
Committee PO Box 84 Chair 6697 S. Reed Way, Unit A

Bylaws Green River, UT 84525 Easterseals Littleton, CO 80123
Committee H: 435-564-3366 - C: 435-749-2376 Chair C: 303-278-7675

Chaplain [email protected] Educational [email protected]
Birthday: December 21 Director Birthday: September 24
Co-Chair Anne Murry ESA for Deana Walters
PO Box 1282 St. Jude Senior 1704 Delores Avenue
Convention Lake Sherwood, MO 63357 Henderson, NV 89074
Co-Chair C: 314-225-5631 ESA for
[email protected] St. Jude Junior C: 317-294-9027
Birthday: August 16 [email protected]
Birthday: December 9
Maria Bingheim
1428 South 27 Street Susanne Dullack
16035 Spinnaker Drive
Quincy, IL 62301
H: 217-224-6244 -- C: 217-257-2272 Crosby, TX 77532
C: 281-507-2939
[email protected] [email protected]
Birthday: April 1 Birthday: August 17

Charlotte Garrett Angie Fairbanks
121 Edward Street 8745 Southwest 45 Street
Pine Bluff, AR 71602
H: 870-247-1249 -- C: 870-550-3089 Topeka, KS 66610
[email protected] C: 785-410-5247
Birthday: December 3 [email protected]
Birthday: May 24
Ann Southall
915 Hazelhurst Street Mary Humphrey
El Dorado, AR 71730 56295 East 28 Court
Strasburg, CO 80136
C: 870-814-9024
[email protected] C: 303-981-1315
Birthday: September 12 [email protected]
Birthday: August 28

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 5 IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 7

2018 – 2019 2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board IC Appointed Board

Credentials Malinda Remington Hope for Heroes Gail Marchant
Chair 5978 Caspian Tern Drive Chair 6960 Cowan Mill Road
Winston, GA 30187
Credentials Sarasota, FL 34238 H: 770-949-4658 -- C: 770-846-1187
Committee H: 941-921-6475 -- C: 803-735-6282 [email protected]
Birthday: December 22
Credentials [email protected]
Committee Birthday: October 27 Hotel Contracts Sherry Day
Chair 17619 North 102 Drive
Credentials Susan Caldwell
Committee 13932 Krim Point Way Sun City, AZ 85373
Midlothian, VA 23114 C: 602-751-4360
Committee C: 804-690-6378 [email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: February 21

Birthday: July 19 Hotel Contracts Jamie Atchison
Committee 1711-G King Drive
Pam McElvain Normal, IL 61761
2480 Lilac Drive H: 309-452-2323 -- C: 309-838-6199
Liberal, KS 67901 [email protected]
H: 620-624-7363 -- C: 620-629-7479 Birthday: July 22
[email protected]
Birthday: November 19 Hotel Contracts Jean Johnson
Committee 512 Rock Springs Road NE
Terri Sayre
2200 Ormond Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30324
Destrehan, LA 70047 H: 404-874-5840 -- C: 404-667-7050
C: 504-231-6145
[email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: September 9
Birthday: October 3
Hotel Contracts Pat Josey
Delene Whetsel Committee 9608 West 129 Street
1641 Pineola Avenue Overland Park, KS 66213
Kingsport, TN 37664
C: 913-515-8456
C: 423-416-2329 [email protected]
[email protected]
Birthday: September 5 Birthday: April 15

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 8

2018 – 2019 2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board IC Appointed Board

Membership Tammy Gregg State Presidents’ Carolyn Vasko
Chair - Senior 1328 Hunts Bridge Road Chair - Senior 5307 West Village Drive

Membership Easley, SC 29640 Glendale, AZ 85308
Chair - Junior H: 864-836-7528 -- C: 864-483-1538 C: 623-521-0941

News Bulletin [email protected] [email protected]
Chair Birthday: July 28 Birthday: August 5

Nominating Alysha Wagley State Presidents’ Celeste Webb
Chair 70 Adams Ranch Road Chair - Junior 1120 Richmond Avenue

Nominating Animas, NM 88020 Mattoon IL 61938
Committee C: 575-649-7528 H: 217-235-6567 -- C: 217-276-6568

[email protected] [email protected]
Birthday: November 27 Birthday: October 12

Kaycee Headley Webmaster Patricia Gale
1988 River Road Senior 9860 East Paseo San Rosendo

Lebanon, OR 97355 Tucson, AZ 85747
C: 541-917-0406 C: 520-227-4818
[email protected]
[email protected] Birthday: May 27
Birthday: December 20
Webmaster Dana Terry
Terri Olson Junior 4024 Regent Avenue N
2627 Colorado Road Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
C: 612-619-0810
C: 612-578-5003 [email protected]
[email protected]
Birthday: May 14
Birthday: August 21

Sandy Alexander
6697 S. Reed Way, Unit A

Littleton, CO 80123
C: 303-278-7675

[email protected]
Birthday: September 24

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 9 IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 11

2018 – 2019
IC Appointed Board

Nominating Rhonda Coy
Committee 317 Country Club Drive

Oldsmar, FL 34677
C: 813-416-3577
[email protected]
Birthday: April 17

Nominating Dorothy Morey
Committee 6708 Sly Lane

Bakersfield, CA 93309
C: 661-619-4175

[email protected]
Birthday: May 25

Nominating Royce Walker
Committee 2725 Lighthouse Drive

Houston, TX 77508
C: 713-252-8296

[email protected]
Birthday: June 26

Philanthropic Chris York
Chair 899 Northeast 90 Avenue

Portland, OR 97220
H: 503-281-9279 -- C: 503-459-6431

[email protected]
Birthday: June 28

Special Projects Sherry Day
Chair 17619 North 102 Drive

Sun City, AZ 85373
C: 602-751-4360

[email protected]
Birthday: February 21

IC Appt. Board Roster “ESA – A Gift” Page 10

Chapter Nine

State President’s Leadership Conference

Reserve your spot today.

Return the attached registration form and necessary payment to ESA Headquarters to register.


February 28 – March 3, 2019. The meeting will begin Thursday evening (Feb. 28) at 7:00 p.m.
The meetings conclude Saturday evening (March 2) at 9:00 p.m.


Holiday Inn DIA, 6900 Tower Road, Denver, CO 80249. Phone: 303.574.1300.

Registration Fees

$625.00, double-occupancy, before January 1 ($675.00 after January 15)

$695.00, single-occupancy, before January 1 ($725.00 after January 15)

Registration Includes:

- Lodging for Thursday, Friday, and - Innovative and in-depth leadership
Saturday nights training

- Lunch on Friday and lunch and - Applicable ideas ready to use locally
dinner on Saturday - All seminar materials

Travel Tips

Arrange your flight into Denver International Airport, Denver, CO. The Holiday Inn DIA has
a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport.

Annual Leadership Conference Registration Form

We’re so happy you’re joining us! We’re already planning an unforgettable event
just for you. Complete this application and return it with necessary payment to ESA
Headquarters at 363 W. Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO 80526.

Personal Information: City: State: ZIP:
Name: E-mail: Cell:
Address: Fax:
Phone (H):
Phone (W):

ESA Office (please check one):
Incoming State President - State: ______________

Room Accommodations please check one).
For double-

Registration Fees (non-refundable):
$625, double-occupancy, before January 1 ($675 after January 1)

$695, single-occupancy, before January 1 ($725 after January 1)

Payment Information (check only one):

made payable to ESA.

Card Number: Expiration Date:

Card Security Code (three digits on the authorized signature panel on the back of the card):

Name on card: _____________________________________

Signature: _______________________________

Questions? Contact Kristin Hall, ESA Headquarters at [email protected] or
970.223.2824 Ext. 108

© 2016. All content copyright by Epsilon Sigma Alpha except where indicated.

Chapter Ten
Upcoming Events


10th of Each Month: Chapter Educational Reports are due to the ISC
Educational Director (by USPS or Email)

November 2-3: South East Regional Council Conference - Lafayette,

November 15: IC Officer Nominations due to IC President-Elect

December 1: St Jude Memphis Marathon, 1/2 Marathon,10K, 5K, Kids
Marathon - Memphis, Tennessee

January 25: ESA’ly Yours Articles due to the ISC ESA’ly Yours Editor

February 1: ISC Officer Nominations due to ISC Nominations Chair

February 1: ISC Bylaw changes due to ISC Parliamentarian

February 1: ESAF Scholarship Application Deadline

February 28-March 3: 2019 Leadership Conference - Denver, Colorado

March 1: reMARCs articles due tp MARC Communicator

March 2: ISC Spring Event hosted by Beta Mu - Charleston, Illinois

March 23: ESA Regional Leadership - St Louis, MO

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