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Published by joshuagilliham2004, 2022-07-08 09:20:21

Introduction to the news

Introduction to the news

1. The news broadcast that I chose to focus was the ITV news Anglia broadcast on the 19th of May
2022. The content within the broadcast focused on small scale local matters within its stories. The
stories highlighted in the opening sequence being, 1 – terrifying trip to the hospital, 2 – making up
for lost education during covid, 3 – a girl self-conscious of her birth mark (I couldn’t make this up if I
tried) and 4 – a wedding. As can be seen from these stories they gradually decrease in terms of
severity and negativity, beginning with the most
negative story, and ending with the most positive.
The intro sequence to the news features a constant
white backdrop with varying colours and images
being displayed overlapping the background. The
music used during this opening segment is in my
opinion quite distressing, with the final four sounds
being bombastic, demanding viewer attention.

2. The story I chose to highlight was from a different ITV news Anglia broadcast from the 17th of
May 2022. I have chosen to highlight the second story which focuses on Richard Kiddle, 69 years of
age who has suddenly suffered from a stroke, this leading to numerous health problems. The story
introduces us to Richards’s daughter Tracey, her sister, and Richards’s partner who is not named is
mentioned multiple times. Tracey is the only person directly interviewed and named, i would
assume this is because the other family members wish to have anonymity The story points out
multiple times that the costs for his health conditions are not covered by insurance, this meaning the
family have resorted to asking for donations on go
fund me. Although not directly stated or linked, this
could highlight issues with the NHS. The family are
portrayed victims as, of this unfortunate
circumstance, which we as the audience are
encouraged to empathise for. One particular quote
that displays this is ‘she feels powerless’ (Tracey)
‘thousands of miles away in Norfolk’, we are made
to feel sympathy as is natural, despite the fact that
this happens the many more families than just this
one. One additional feature are the family photos
we are shown onscreen, portraying to us happier
times, that we wish to return to the family. A small
narrative is created, Richard lived in Cambodia with
his partner when he suddenly suffered from the
stroke caused by a brain haemorrhage, this
humanises the subject, as without this we as an
audience would be lost and would lack the means to
be immersed in the story.

3. Within the Anglian news documentary (2006) the people interviewed consisted of directors,
presenters, reporters and editors. It is explained that newsreaders and presenters are to speak with
direct address, and it is important to be likeable from audience’s perspective, additionally they need
to be effective at multitasking and improvisation, this is because things are always changing with the
news and those presenting need to adapt to these changes. The role of the field reporter is to obtain
the images and video for the broadcast before they go live. They may also be required to go to
locations where events are being held as to get information for the news story to be reported upon.
An editor although self-explanatory will be assigned the task of editing each story to an appropriate
length, comprised of various images and sounds. Editing for a daily live news show means that work
is required to be completed at a rapid pace and in large quantities, and so the editor/ editors must

be swift with their work as to meet daily deadlines, this is quite like a newspaper editor. Finally, the
director role may once again seem self-explanatory, they oversee the overall production, ensuring
that it maintains quality, and that production comes along as desired, this means that the role is of
high importance as the director is responsible for multiple aspects of the broadcast.

4. Terms:
News ordering – order of stories
Prospects list – not final list of stories for a broadcast
Running order – final list of stories for a broadcast
Slow news day – A day where there is not much news so filler stories are needed
Typically the most impactful story will come first this usually means a tragic or negative story. This is
to gain viewer attention early on and this also allows the following stories to slowly decrease in
severity with the concluding story allowing the viewer to finish with a positive experience. News
values are what determine if something is ‘news worthy’ and where its placement would be within
the news, these values can vary however.
Stock footage (B roll) is pre-recorded footage
that can be used later on during a broadcast or
film. This might be used during a voiceover
segment where a news presenter will talk
about a story with appropriate B roll footage
being shown as to better help to viewer
understand the story and what is being talked
about. Actuality footage is live footage that is
unscripted, this would be used if someone is at
the location of the story, they may talk with
the presenters of the news live with the
location of interest being visible in the

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