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Las Vegas NV

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Pioneers in Home Improvement Niche Marketing

A vehicle specifically for Home Improvement advertising did not exist before TheHomeMag®
launched in 2002. Before TheHomeMag®, such advertising was commonly rolled into regionally
mailed magazines with everything from pizza to dry-cleaning to oil changes. Upon separating Home
Improvement from other categories and controlling the content and the audience, we have a greater
chance of controlling the result. And nothing creates results better than TheHomeMag.

But being clear about who we market and who we target is but two pieces of our triangle. Our
specialty, that thing that makes us so unique, is our ability to create a very specific and direct
message to our high income and high home value homeowner audience. The message – how we
promote and what we say – is critical to the success of our business, and to the success of every one
of our customers here in greater Las Vegas, along with all of our customers nationwide.

Our National Footprint

TheHomeMag® is mailed to 48 unique markets covering 24 states. As a blend of franchise and
corporately owned publications, we publish over 7.5 million magazines monthly, each of which is direct-
mailed to the ideal home improvement audience in each specific area.

Serving greater Las Vegas since May 2007, we continue to mail to 150,000 of the most affluent single
family homeowners every month.

TheHomeMag Locations 1 47

16 25 46

1 Portland, OR 11 Salt Lake, UT 21 Austin, TX 31 Orlando, FL 41 Richmond, VA 2 11 14 26 28 44
2 Sacramento, CA 12 Phoenix, AZ 22 Houston, TX 32 Palm Beach, FL 42 Washington, DC
15 17 24 45

3 East Bay, CA 13 Tucson, AZ 23 San Antonio, TX 33 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 43 Annapolis, MD 3 43

4 South Bay, CA 14 Denver, CO 24 St Louis, MO 34 Miami, FL 44 Philadelphia, PA 4 10 18 27 41
20 19 29 39 40
5 Ventura, CA 15 Colorado Springs, CO 25 Chicago, IL 35 Southwest FL 45 Central NJ 56
6 San Fernando Valley, CA 16 Omaha, NE 26 Indianapolis, IN 36 Sarasota, FL 46 Boston, MA 12
7 Orange County, CA 17 Kansas City, KS 27 Nashville, TN 37 Tampa, FL 47 Minnesota 78 13
8 Riverside, CA 18 Oklahoma City, OK 28 Columbus, OH 38 Lakeland, FL 48 Greater New Orleans

9 San Diego, CA 19 Dallas, TX 29 Atlanta, GA 39 Charlotte, NC 21 48 30
10 Las Vegas, NV 20 Ft. Worth, TX 30 Jacksonville, FL 40 Raleigh, NC 31


38 33


*Data current as of March 2017. 35 34

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

TheHomeMag Las Vegas Reader

53.7 $135,000
Average Income
Average Age of Homeowner
18.8 Average Home Value

Average Age of Home

$1.128 MILLION
Average Net Worth



72% of our readers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in TheHomeMag.
66% of our readers plan to remodel or redecorate part of their home during the next twelve months.

81% of our readers plan to purchase home improvements during the next twelve months.

SOURCES: CVC 2013 AND MEDIA AUDIT 2013 America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“My business really ramped up after I started advertising in TheHomeMag.
The advertising paid for itself the first day it hit mailboxes. The folks at
TheHomeMag know how to catch the customer’s eye. I highly recommend
TheHomeMag for anyone in the home improvement industry.”

Bar-B-Clean // Phoenix AZ

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

More than Just a Magazine Opportunities are limited, so act fast. Talk with
your Account Executive and ask how you can take
All companies, no matter the industry, may now take advantage of advantage of the power of TheHomeMag today.
TheHomeMag’s market leading distribution to send mailings for a
fraction of the normal cost. With our ZIPCard™ program, your custom
designed, direct mail cards ride along with TheHomeMag® into the
mailboxes of affluent homeowners.

The Magazine* Front Cover Banner Page Full Page Half Page V Back Cover

Our full-color magazine has proven to be an incredible marketing tool for Half Page H Qtr Page
home improvement businesses from a variety of industries. The magazine
offers quarter, half and full page ads along with front and back covers Double Truck Back Cover Primary
that put your business in the spotlight. Premium placements and double Back Cover Banner
spreads are also available and our pricing structure rewards consistency
and commitment. Full 2-Sided Full 2-Sided 5” x 9”
8.375” x 10.875”THM DAL with Address
ZipCard™ Insert (Standard & Oversized) Pop-Out Insert

A 2-sided, full-color, full-bleed, 4” x 6” or 5” x 8” glossy insert, placed inside Full 2-Sided Full 2-Sided
the magazine to fall right into the hands of buyers as they page through our 5.25” x 11.5 Bookmark 5.25” x 11.25”
magazine. Full 2-Sided for THM & HI HI Pop-Out Insert Full 2-Sided
4” x 6” Insert 5” x 8” Insert

The Detached Address Label Card arrives in mailboxes like a postcard,
but without the expense. This 2-sided, full color, 5” x 9” glossy piece lands
directly in the mailbox with the magazine, allowing you to stand out.

Bookmark Insert

The Bookmark Insert is 1” taller than the magazine and creates a unique
marketing opportunity. As a 2-sided, full-color, full-bleed, 1 1.5” x 5.25”
glossy insert, placed inside, it extends beyond the magazine for exceptional
visibility and reader impact.

Pop-Out Single Sheet

The Pop-Out Single Sheet is a heavy, 80lb single sheet placed inside the
magazine. As a 2-sided, full-color, full-bleed, 8.375” x 10.875” insert, it
extends .375” from the top and .375” from the right of the magazine.

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“I am writing this letter as an expression of gratitude for the professionalism
in service and product that TheHomeMag has displayed. While we were
skeptical at first of taking on another publication, TheHomeMag hits
the exact right demographic for us. Value Remodelers and Handyman
Services, while being owned by Archadeck, was not exactly a household
name. We were looking to not only brand the company but also generate
more potential leads. TheHomeMag has done both in just a couple of years!
Thank you once again. You represent a business that is a great partner for
our industry.”

Value Remodelers and Handyman Services // Charlotte NC
America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Las Vegas Distribution Map
89166 89131

89149 89130

89138 89134 89128 89106 East Zone
89107 75,000 Homes
89144 89145 89110
89135 89117 89146 89142 89015

89147 89121 89005

89148 89118 89120

89178 89113 89014
89139 89123 89074
West Zone
75,000 Homes 89141 89183 89012



America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“I wasn’t sure an “all ads” publication would be the right fit for me. I
have to say it was a great decision! Eight out of ten calls I get come from
TheHomeMag. The quality of the leads is fantastic and the magazine is
most definitely hitting my target market. I recently landed a job from the
magazine and the quality of that job alone will pay for my advertising for a
year! I did a front cover this spring and was blown away with the volume of
calls I received. I’ve already booked another front cover for 2016! I can always
count on TheHomeMag to make my phone ring with each and every mailing
each month. The customer service is always great and my representative
truly cares about my success. Thanks for keeping me busy!”

R&D Painting // Raleigh NC

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Las Vegas Schedule

Issue: The published issue month on the magazine | Ad Deadline: Final day for agreement & artwork submission | In-Home: The first of a 3 day requested USPS delivery window.

Ad Schedule 2018-2019

January Spring August December

AD DEADLINE: December 12 AD DEADLINE: April 12 AD DEADLINE: July 26 AD DEADLINE: November 15
IN-HOME: January 4 IN-HOME: April 26 IN-HOME: August 9 IN-HOME: November 29

February May September January

AD DEADLINE: January 18 AD DEADLINE: May 3 AD DEADLINE: August 23 AD DEADLINE: December 13
IN-HOME: February 1 IN-HOME: May 17 IN-HOME: September 6 IN-HOME: January 3

March June October February

AD DEADLINE: February 15 AD DEADLINE: May 31 AD DEADLINE: September 20 AD DEADLINE: January 17
IN-HOME: March 1 IN-HOME: June 14 IN-HOME: October 4 IN-HOME: January 31

April July November March

AD DEADLINE: March 15 AD DEADLINE: June 28 AD DEADLINE: October 18 AD DEADLINE: February 14
IN-HOME: March 29 IN-HOME: July 12 IN-HOME: November 1 IN-HOME: February 28

“I have been advertising with TheHomeMag Kansas City since 2007. We pay
close attention to the results of our marketing efforts and TheHomeMag
is the only source that we have never dropped. It pays off with more leads
every month than any other lead source we have ever tried. Their customer
service is also exceptional. They are willing to help out with artwork and
ideas even 8 years later.”

Artistic Concrete Services // Kansas City KS

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Las Vegas Advertising Rates 150,000 Homes

METRO (150,000 HOMES) Las Vegas’ Total Market Distribution

SIZE: 4x 8x 13x
QUARTER $975 $875 $775
HALF $1,875 $1,675 $1,475
FULL $3,675 $3,275 $2,875
DOUBLE SPREAD $6,275 $5,645 $4,750
FRONT COVER + AD $4,975 per issue
BACK COVER $4,175 per issue

ZONE (75,000 HOMES)

SIZE: 4x 8x 13x
QUARTER $675 $625 $575
HALF $1,275 $1,175 $1,075
FULL $2,275 $2,075 $1,875
DOUBLE SPREAD $3,875 $3,475 $3,075
FRONT COVER + AD $2,975 per issue
BACK COVER $2,675 per issue


America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“I wanted to thank you and your team at TheHomeMag for the overwhelming
response we have had to our ads in the magazine. Our phone rings as soon
as the magazine lands in people’s mailboxes and continues throughout
the month until the next publication arrives. The call tracking has made
it extremely easy to track response and see our return on investment. In
addition, I am convinced your magazine has increased our responses and
activity from other advertising as well.”

Granite Transformations // Nashville TN

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Las Vegas Advertising Specs General Product Specifications

Front Cover Back Cover - Standard Back Cover - Primary Ad Back Cover - Banner Ad Final Trim: 8” x 10.5” (magazine)
Bleed: 0.25” (print), Safety: 0.25” (print)

Color Mode: CMYK (print) / RGB (web)
Resolution: 300 dpi (print) / 72 dpi (web)

Full Page

Trim Size: 8” x 10.5” Trim Size: 8” x 9” Trim Size: 8” x 6.5” Trim Size: 8” x 2.3750” Trim Size: 8” x 10.5”
Bleed Size: 8.5” x 11” Bleed Size: 8.5” x 9.25” Bleed Size: 8.5” x 6.5” Bleed Size: 8.5” x 2.625” Bleed Size: 8.5” x 11”
Safety: 0.25” Safety: 0.25” Safety: 0.25” left & right Safety: 0.25” left, right & bottom Without Bleed: 7.5” x 9.75”
Spread - Double Truck Safety: 0.25”
3/4 Page Half Page - Horizontal Half Page - Vertical
Quarter Page

Trim Size: 16” x 10.5” Ad Size: 5.75” x 9.75” Ad Size: 7.5” x 4.75” Ad Size: 3.625” x 9.75” Ad Size: 3.625” x 4.75”
Bleed Size: 16.5” x 11”
Without Bleed: 15.5” x 9.75” Copyright © 2017 - TheHomeMag® - All Rights Reserved
Safety: 0.25”

Bleed, Trim & Safety: Color: Submitted Materials:
Full page and two page spreads can be designed for full bleed. Any full bleed ad, Advertisers understand and accept that in our normal 4-color, web offset printing Advertiser warrants and represents that all material submitted to THM is original art
including the front and back covers, requires a 1/4” bleed. Quarter and half page process, color variations can occur and differences in the quality of paper may cause or art which Advertiser has legal permission to use and that no art submitted is in
ads do not have a full bleed option. Ads designed to bleed must adhere to the slight variations in color, clarity and overall appearance between digital proofs and violation of any law and does not infringe on copyright, trademarks, trade names, or
recommended safety margin and keep all text 1/4” from the final trim size. Front the printed magazine.
covers are designed by a THM Certified Designer with client provided photos or stock patents of any type.
images. Safety, or margin, is the distance from the “safe area” to the trimmed edge Software:
of the ad. You should keep anything you want to protect from accidental trimming Artwork Submission:
within this safe area. Color, imagery and of course bleed are expected to extend Our design teams exclusively use the Adobe Creative Suite of applications comprised
well beyond the safety area. Important things to consider keeping within the margin of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. Our offices are equipped to Design files can be submitted electronically via email, DropBox, Google Drive, Box or
would be text, phone numbers or logos. The safety is merely a margin to protect from handle a wide range of file types but specific versions of software vary by office. Yes, just about any other digital means. Submissions can also be made using CDs, DVDs,
anything important being accidentally trimmed during the printing process. FREE Design Services are included with the purchase of any product. Ads developed USB/Flash Drives or any other acceptable form of media capable of transmitting
by TheHomeMag can only be used in our publications and products. We do not high resolution design files. All submissions will be reviewed prior to placement and
TheHomeMag reserves the right to make adjustments to any designs violating the
provideAhmighe-rersiocluati’osn #file1s Hforoumse ien oItmherpmreodviae. ment Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 t|efrm7s0an2d-c7on2d2itio-2ns4o0f th4e |advveergtisainsg.atghreeehmoenmt.

“We originally signed up for 3 months because we weren’t sure what the
results would be. We tried other means of printing previously with little
to no success. I am happy to say we consistently enjoy a good ROI with
TheHomeMag and now sign up for a year at a time. Our representative
stays in touch with us each month and offers suggestions when needed
regarding our ad design. He didn’t just sell us an ad and walk away. He is
with us every step of the way. We know this is a company committed to
our success. We highly recommend TheHomeMag to anyone looking to
grow their business with solid, quality leads.”

Brennan’s Fence & Deck // Raleigh NC

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Las Vegas ZipCard™ Advertising Rates

SIZE: 15K 20K 25K 30K 40K 50K 60K 75K 100K 120K 150K 200K

STANDARD INSERT (4 x 6) 15.0¢ 12.0¢ 11.0¢ 10.0¢ 9.5¢ 8.5¢ 7.0¢ 6.5¢ 5.0¢ 4.5¢ 4.3¢ 4.2¢
6.8¢ 6.5¢
OVERSIZED INSERT (5 x 8) 18.0¢ 15.0¢ 13.5¢ 12¢ 11.5¢ 10.0¢ 9.0¢ 8.5¢ 7.5¢ 7.0¢ 6.8¢ 6.5¢
6.8¢ 6.5¢
THM POP-OUT SHEET (10.875 x 8.5) 18.0¢ 15.0¢ 13.5¢ 12.0¢ 11.5¢ 10.0¢ 9.0¢ 8.5¢ 7.5¢ 7.0¢ 8.5¢ 8.0¢
1 1.5¢ 1 1.0¢
HI POP-OUT SHEET (11.25 x 6.375) 18.0¢ 15.0¢ 13.5¢ 12.0¢ 11.5¢ 10.0¢ 9.0¢ 8.5¢ 7.5¢ 7.0¢

BOOKMARK INSERT (11.5 x 5.25) 21.0¢ 18.0¢ 15.5¢ 15.0¢ 13.5¢ 12.5¢ 12.0¢ 11.5¢ 9.5¢ 9.0¢

DALCARD (5 x 9) 24.0¢ 21.0¢ 18.5¢ 18.0¢ 16.5¢ 15.5¢ 15.0¢ 14.5¢ 12.5¢ 12.0¢

Minimum PRINT + MAIL run of 15,000 pieces. Minimum mail/inserted in an Issue is 15,000 pieces. Pricing hold until next quantity break.

ZipCard™ Advertising Specs

DALCard Detached Address Label Standard Insert Bookmark Insert Pop-Out Sheet
Side A Side A
Side A Side B Side A Side B Side B

Side B TM Trim Size: 4” x 6”
Bleed Size: 4.5” x 6.5”
Without Bleed: 4” x 6”
Safety: 0.25”

Oversized Insert

Side A Side B

Trim Size: 5” x 9” Trim Size: 11.5” x 5.25” Trim Size: 10.875” x 8.375”
Bleed Size: 5.5” x 9.5” Bleed Size: 12” x 5.75” Bleed Size: 11.375” x 9”
Without Bleed: 5” x 9” Without Bleed: 11.5” x 5.25” Without Bleed: 10.875” x 8.375”
Safety: 0.25” Safety: 0.25” Safety: 0.25”

Trim Size: 5” x 8”
Bleed Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Without Bleed: 5” x 8”
Safety: 0.25”

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“I have been an advertiser in the Lakeland, Florida market for 28 years
and TheHomeMag has surpassed my expectations in every way. We are
currently in multiple markets and intend to stay on board. Thank you for
all you have done for our company. I would highly recommend this Home
Improvement magazine.”

Jack Hall Jr’s Construction Aluminum Inc. // Lakeland FL
America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Introducing Your Designer

Your Unique Experience Hello, my
name is Leah!
Our design professional will create an ad that makes your business attractive to
homeowners. We include appealing images, hooks, and calls to action that stimulate Phone: 702-722-2400
contact and we will educate you on the process. Advertising with TheHomeMag® Email: [email protected]
regularly makes your phone ring, speaks to readers about your credibility, and builds
your brand identity with every ad. We update ads as needed, working with you to find
the right mix – the ones that bring in the leads. Our Brand to Action Design Process
was specifically developed to get readers to stop in 3 seconds, pick up the phone and

contact your business.

Introducing Your Designer

Hello, my name is Leah Dumont and I am excited to have you advertising with us here at
TheHomeMag. My job as your graphic designer is to make your advertising experience
effortless and a success. I have been working with TheHomeMag since April 2012
and have experience helping home improvement companies like yours make smart
marketing decisions. So what happens next?

1 You will receive an email from me once your contract has been signed, which
will ask you to respond with a time and date that works best for you so that we
may schedule a design consult. In the meantime, gather any high-resolution
photographs and logos as well as any pertinent information that you would like
to incorporate in the ad.

2 In our experience, successful ads have a clear focus, highlight your company’s
unique skills, and present an enticing offer. Following our consult I will assemble
your ad showcasing your business in the best way that will resonate with our

3 I will then send you a proof of your ad to review. Please inspect the ad and then
respond in an appropriate amount of time with any changes or corrections. I
will work to return your email in a timely manner so that the process can be
as quick and simple as possible and we can get your ad approved before the
artwork deadline.

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“The exposure we receive by advertising in TheHomeMag is fantastic
because it puts our ad into the hands of the local homeowners who are
exactly the type of clients we want to attract. Our account representative
is wonderful to deal with. She takes excellent care of us and is always there
if we need to speak to her. Her work etiquette mirrors the people she works
with because everyone at TheHomeMag is available if we have questions
or concerns and that’s really appreciated.”

Coastal Kitchen Interiors // Southwest FL

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

Ready For Those Calls?

We know you’re busy, so we want to help you make your advertising worthwhile. Be sure your team is prepared
to handle new leads, customer questions and increased call volumes when the next issue lands in mailboxes.
The following are suggestions offered by our successful clients from TheHomeMag’s across the country.

1 5

Answer phone calls with Track your calls using
your company name. Call Management reports.

2 6

Setup a voice-mail message that Be aware and prepared for
states your company name. magazine in-home dates.

3 7

Don’t leave calls on hold for Alert staff about your ad and any
long periods of time. specials that may be included.

4 8

Strike while the iron’s hot! Use enthusiasm & professionalism
Answer and return calls promptly. on calls! Smile on the phone!


America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |

“Very simple — we’ve been with them all… but you can’t beat TheHomeMag.
We received tremendous increases in new leads in our existing market
areas, and also many new areas have been reached and that has helped
us. We finally have a magazine dedicated to quality home improvement
services without the ‘pizza and chicken wings’ mixed in like other
publications. Great work, great magazine, great coverage with a smart eye-
catching professional layout.”

Classic California Spaces // Bay Area CA

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

More than Just an Ad

Instant Included Savings 48 Magazines
Over $400 every month! 25 States
FREE FREE FREE 5,000 Clients
Ad Design + Call Tracking + Web Directory NATIONWIDE EVERY MONTH

$350 Value $50 Value $39 Value

per month per month per month

Print, Mobile & Web

We start with print because it works. Generating more than
a million leads for advertising clients all across the country,
we know that print advertising is still the backbone of local,
community based marketing. We then compliment your print
ad with FREE web and mobile offerings to enhance a truly
comprehensive marketing solution for your home improvement


Tracking That Works

Always know who is calling with our FREE integrated call
tracking and management system. You’ll never lose touch with
a lead again and you may monitor your results from anywhere.
Call tracking proves your ad is working and guarantees an
accurate calculation of your return on investment.

• 24/7 Reporting • Re-listen to Every Call
• Real-Time Notifications • Monitor Staff Performance
• Online Recorded Call History • Respond to Missed Calls

America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™
TheHomeMag® Las Vegas | 8820 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste 105 | Las Vegas, NV 89123 | p 702-722-2400 | f 702-722-2404 |


TheHomeMag Way - Through Our
People, Product & Performance.

TheHomeMag® Las Vegas
8820 S. Maryland Pkwy. Suite 105
Las Vegas, NV 89123

01/2017 America’s #1 Home Improvement Magazine™

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