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FREE Picaro Workbook Activity

FREE Picaro Workbook Activity

The English Learning Adventure Succeed in Cambridge Young Learner
exams with Picaro
Each Picaro unit is mapped to the Cambridge English: Young
Learners English Exams (YLE). It builds familiarity and
con dence with the exam vocabulary, grammar structures
and format, helping children achieve their best possible

Picaro Topic 1


Say Hello, Goodbye, My name is...

Key language

Hello, Goodbye, My name is... What’s your name?
Charlie, Draco, Mr Picaro


Mr Picaro Topic 1 worksheet & character picture cards

Presentation Greetings Worksheet

Say Hello to your child. Ask you child to draw a picture of themselves on
Hold up the Mr Picaro picture card. the Greetings worksheet. Encourage your child to
Say Hello, my name’s Mr Picaro. present their picture and say Hello my name’s...
Wave and say Goodbye. Turn and start to walk away
from your child. Additional Activity: Repeat
Repeat with the Charlie and Draco picture cards.
Read or play the dialogue. Use different voices
Practice for the different characters. Pause to ask your child
questions, e.g. Who is it? What’s his name? Children
Ask your child to hold the picture card of Mr. Picaro. should respond in English.
Say Hello to Mr Picaro and wave at the Mr Picaro
picture card. Use gestures to encourage your child
to wave at the picture card.
Repeat with the additional picture cards.
Continue until your child are con�idently waving at
the correct picture card.

Teeny Starting Out 1

Tiny Starting Out 1

Charlie Starting Out 1

Draco Starting Out 1

Jamal Starting Out 1

Mr Picaro Starting Out 1

Pitch Starting Out 1

Potch Starting Out 1

Yuki Starting Out 1

Zoe Starting Out 1

Addtional Activity: Repeat

Hello! Hello!
My name’s Alex.

What’s your My name’s
name? Anna.

My name’s Goodbye!
Mr Picaro!

TopGicre1 etHinegllso!Worksheet

Say ‘Hello’ to Mr Picaro. Draw yourself in the space and practise
saying ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘My name is...’

Starting Out 1 : Unit 1

Did you enjoy your experience? Why not buy Picaro for your child at home or
tell your school about Picaro! This is just a small sample of what Picaro has to o er!
There are plenty of teaching and learning materials that meet the high academic
standards of the Cambridge YLE and keep young learners motivated and excited.
If you would like to buy Picaro for your child at home you can purchase Picaro's online
12 month subscription, which includes:

- access to all 16 units of the education game
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Picaro Levels

Picaro Level CEFR Cambridge YLE Recommended
Child Age
1 Level 1 Pre-A1 Pre-Starters
2 Level 2 Pre-A1 Starters 2-4
3 Level 3 Movers
4 Level 4 A1 Flyers 5-7
8 - 10

11 - 12

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