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Published by mariaconsuelohurtado, 2022-01-06 11:36:02

Potch the blob-3

Potch the blob-3

Potch the blob

Potch is a character in the animated film Pitch and Potch 4: Potch
Jr.'s beginnings in the circus from Eden Zeevi.

Potch you are going to be a dad, he's back.

And now he is punished with his uncle Andy, his aunt Pitch, his
parents: Potch and Potchina.

His voice is Tom Kenny, so he is angry his son.

Potch Jr. has run away in the house and gone.

Pitch said "What happen" Potchina said "My son is gone" and
Potch yelled "¡¡¡Potch Jr.!!! get out of there, it's very dangerous".

Lema said "Mom, dad, uncle Andy, aunt Pitch my twin brother
Potch Jr. is running and the train is leaving".

Potch and Potchina are searching with their son Potch Jr. in the
circus with Katie, Potchina is jealous and she's very angry with
her son.

Potch said "Potchina calm down, are you OK?" Potchina said
"Yes honey, OK" Potch and Potchina are hugging and the love
with heart.

Potch yelled ¡¡¡Potch Jr., get out of there now!!!

And now Potch is very angry just like Potchina.

Potch is sticking his son's butt again and Potch Jr. starts crying.

Potch Jr., don't go to the circus again and he's punished.

Potch and Potchina are asleep all night, Andy and Pitch are

asleep, Sparkles and Marlee are asleep, Lema is asleep, Swinger
and Coco are asleep, Chip is asleep, Shara is asleep, Ruby and
Willson are asleep, Ana is asleep and Lulu is also asleep.

The next day, Potch and Potchina are awake, the two of them
having breakfast with Andy, Pitch and the kids.

A newspaper for him, Potch Jr. is not here, Now Potch has tears
on his eyes.

He's very sad, Potch got angry to him. He's going to the rescue to

Potch is going to fight Lucifer just like Ronno from Walt Disney's
Bambi in 1942.

Lucifer is going to hit, kill Potch with a knife on the blood of his
heart and he is going to die.

Potch Jr. is a hero, the death of Potch is just like Bambi's mother
and Simba's father.

Potch Jr., Lema, Swinger, Coco, Chip, Shara, Ruby, Willson, Ana
and Lulu are crying with their dad, Joey is crying with his uncle,
Andy is crying with his brother-in-law, Pitch is crying with her
brother and Potchina is crying with her husband.

Potch goes to heaven as angels.

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