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This story is about a youtuber that had a very unlucky day so if you wanna know what happens keep reading.

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Published by Genevlyn Bishop, 2019-05-14 12:41:34

Sam's Very Bad Very Horrible Day

This story is about a youtuber that had a very unlucky day so if you wanna know what happens keep reading.

S​ am’s Very Bad, Very Horrible Day
By: Genevlyn Bishop

​It was a rainy, but quiet morning in Sam’s house,
Sam was gonna head to work at 5:13 am because he had
to film a video for his Youtube channel that day, and it was
3:00 am.

Sam woke up to his loud alarm clock that
sounded like a police siren when they are chasing
down criminals, but Sam didn’t feel like a million
bucks. He felt like his stomach felt like an earthquake.
He was still tired I don't have to wake up until 5:13,
sam thought, so he tried to lay back down but he
couldn't go back to sleep, He decided to tiptoe
downstairs quietly trying not to wake up all the

Sam walked down the really creaky stairs and into the
kitchen and decided to make pancakes, and got out the
pancake maker and batter, a plate and a fork, and a nicely
shiny looking coffee cup, and placed the cup on the table
waiting for the pancakes to be done.

He was scrolling through Instagram when he
heard a !Beep! his pancakes were done he put them
on his plate, and then placed them on the glass table,
and sat down and began to eat while still scrolling
through Instagram.

When he was finished, he put his dishes in the sink, and
Went back upstairs to take a shower. He got his clothes
and when in the bathroom and took a shower. When he
got out of the shower, he got dressed. He put on a
sweatshirt, and some sweatpants and grabbed the phone
off his side table and walked out of the room and closed
the door behind him. He went downstairs and walked out
of the house and to his car.

He was 20 minutes from his job and then he realized

he forgot his camera. He had to drive back to his house in
the dreadful rain that was pouring now...

Sam arrived and leaped out of his car and dashed to
the front door, opened the door and walked in to see the
two dogs were peacefully sleeping, Sam was being quiet
and started to go upstairs, all the dogs started to bark. It
wasn’t so quiet anymore. Sam thought to himself as he
ran up the stairs to his bedroom.

Sam grabbed his camera off his dresser and ran past
the barking dogs, and two of his roommates, Corey and
Jake, and down the stairs. He ran out the house, and to
his car and started it, and drove off.

He was now 2 minutes from his job, it was 4:59 he
just kept driving and Sam heard a loud grinding sound,
and then his wheels popped off and with a!Bang! his car
was on the pavement on the side of the road.

Sam was in shock so he got out and dashed to the office
and saw Colby, his business partner, and roommate.
“Where were you?. You’re late, and we need to film a
video because we're behind on posting weekly” Colby said
looking at Sam with serious eye’s.

“I'm sorry, Colby,” Sam was thinking of lying but he
knew he would get in even more trouble if he lied.

So Sam decided to tell the truth “ My car broke down on
the road when I was coming to work, and I forgot the
camera. I was on my way here, and I may need a ride
back home,” Sam said with affectionate eyes.

“It’s ok. But please don’t be late again,” Colby said.

“ok I promise I won’t,” Sam said.

Sam and Colby were gonna film a video about an
abandoned middle school. They finished the video,
edited it, and posted it and now it was 8:00, and they
were both exhausted, so Colby and Sam got in
Colby's car and drove home and Sam went up to his
room and took a shower, got changed, and set his
alarm clock to 5:50.

Sam texted his girlfriend goodnight. He said goodnight to
all his roommates

And sprinted back into his room and plopped on his

Today was such a bad day, but I always have
tomorrow, and hopefully, a better day, Sam thought
as he drifted off to sleep.

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