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Volume 4 Issue 14


& Medicaid?...Call or BUILT ON SITE
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RUNS NOW TILL OCT. 31 5690 Transit Rd.
THE HUMAN LIVER Lockport, NY 14094
It’s the perfect time to get inside, now & make 2019 your year to organize!
Make room in your house, see your basement oor again, and start by Kathy Wolfe OPEN DAILY
parking in your garage again! 7am - 9pm
Although you rarely think about your liver, this
ANY CUSTOM ORDER PLACED BETWEEN OCT. 1 TO OCT 31, 2019, RECEIVES A vital organ is constantly working to keep your Come Enjoy Family Dining At Its Finest!
body in good working order. Because October
FREE LOFT —IN YOUR CHOICE OF SIZE— AS A GIFT FROM US! is National Liver Awareness Month, Tidbits is Here at Kalamata we offer a large selection of
First come, first served! bringing you up to date on your liver’s func- Greek and American dishes, served up in a
• LOCALLY BUILT = SAVINGS • tions and how to keep it healthy. friendly family atmosphere.
• The liver is a wedge-shaped organ, reddish-
• UNPARALLELED SERVICE • brown in color. It’s the largest glandular organ We offer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all day long,
of the body, weighing around 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg), including a children’s section to satisfy even our
• UNBEATABLE VALUE - MANY IN STOCK • the heaviest internal organ. The liver is about 6 littlest customers. We feature Daily Homemade
inches (15 cm) wide. You can find your liver in Specials that are sure to keep you coming back
• SELL OFF PRICING NOW TILL OCT 31! • “So much more than a shed” the right upper quadrant of your abdominal cav- for more!
Jay or Richard Keep your local economy ticking, buy locally made products. ity, to the right of your stomach, overlying your
716-292-1680 585-318-4385 *October special doesn’t apply to Rent-To-Own purchases. gall bladder.
• It’s estimated that the liver performs around
Not valid on prior orders. Expires 10-31-19 500 functions in your body, with about 200 of
those performing simultaneously. If it were to
ROBERTSAnother Great Job By: stop functioning for a single day, you would
• The three main functions of the liver are
For 4 Generations • Since 1940 storing fuel, filtering harmful toxins from the
blood, and producing bile that helps the body
SPECIALIZING IN: digest food. When food is eaten, the digestive
system immediately starts breaking it down into
• DOORS • ROOFING • GUTTERS small pieces. Nutrients from the food, such as
• PATIO ROOMS • WINDOWS • SIDING • INSULATION sugars, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals,
enter the bloodstream and travel to the liver, which will process and deliver them according
Fully Licensed • Fully Insured to what the body needs.
• Some of those nutrients are stored in a form
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6279 Ridge Rd (Rt 104) Lkpt

PAULA’S OCTOBER SPECIALS Coming at coming soon
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6312 Robinson Rd. • Lkpt SERVICES: NEW CUST. ONLY 6312 Robinson Rd. AVAILABLE
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ACurvy ’n Chic e&OAldrtCishaanpMelaArknetitque
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As we welcome the Fall season... OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK A WEEK the former
We are also welcoming Ascension Church
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Page 2 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729


that the body can draw from for quick energy. LITTLE BLUE REMOVAL
The remainder are used to produce important
chemicals needed by the body. Commercial • Residential • Small to Large Loads
• The liver is a storehouse for sugar, delivering
it when the body needs it. The sugar is stored as  Hot Tub Disposal  Furniture Removal
glycogen, and the liver breaks this compound
down to form glucose, which is used as fuel for  Construction Debris  Waste Disposal & Recycling
the body’s energy.
• One of the liver’s tasks is to convert sugar  Trash Removal  Yard Waste Removal
into fat. It’s the only organ that can actually
break down sugar. Too much sugar makes too  Mattress Disposal  Foreclosure Clean Outs
much fat, which can result in fatty liver disease.
Sugar-filled soda in particular has been linked  Garbage Removal  Appliance Removal
to this condition.
• A healthy liver is always protecting the body,  Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
detecting and destroying harmful bacteria,
germs, and viruses. The liver contains the CALL LITTLE BLUE TODAY! 585.820.3981
body’s largest group of immune cells known as
phagocytes that devour toxic particles. BY
• If the liver’s ability to rid the body of toxins is HENRY
damaged, those toxins build up and can affect BOLTINOFF
sleep, mood, and behavior. Anxiety, muscle
Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered to be spasms, sluggish speech, lack of focus, and
reliable but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed. shakiness may result
• At any given time, there is about 1 pint (0.47
RESERVE NOW! liter) of blood in your liver, about 13% of the
body’s supply.
Send $17.95 (plus $5.00 S&H) • Bile is produced by the liver to aid in diges-
by Check or Money Order tion, particularly fat. It’s a thick, greenish-
yellow fluid made in the liver, but stored in the
BOOK SET Tidbits Media, Inc. gall bladder. If you’ve eaten an especially fatty
Tidbits Books II & III meal, the store of bile is used to break down the
1430 I-85 Parkway, Ste. 210 fats for digestion.
Montgomery, AL 36106 • All kinds of toxins are prepared for removal
(800) 523-3096 by the liver, including drugs, such as penicillin,
Tylenol, or Advil, but also alcohol, damaged
The Tidbits® Paper is a division of Tidbits Media, Inc. • Montgomery, AL 36106 cells, and old hormones.
(800) 523-3096 • All Rights Reserved • As red blood cells break down in the body, the
liver helps get rid of the resulting waste prod-
Able InspectIons uct called bilirubin. A normal liver filters out
purchase with confidence! the bilirubin, but when the liver isn’t function-
ing properly, bilirubin builds up in the body, Differences on page 7
Gary Mulrain • Home creating jaundice, which turns the skin and the
Inspections whites of the eyes yellow. Newborns frequently TO ADVERTISE CALL
Senior Inspector • Business have jaundice because their livers aren’t quite
Inspections 716.807.7729
Inter N.A.C.H.I. Certified (continued on next page)
NY# 16000012150 Nancy Murphy
716.432.7423 • Mold
Inspections 716-778-7100

[email protected] • Radon Gas 6119 1st St Testing Newfane NY 14108
[email protected]
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Now servicing Niagara & Orleans counties
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• Custom Framing
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Rural Niagara Transportation

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KITCHENS  BATHS  FLOORING Floor Covering & Window Treatments
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Ceramic • Draperies • Blinds • Shades

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Mike Marotta 716870-6405 Solution Puzzle on Page 8

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PAW’S CORNER 6237 South Transit, Lockport, NY 14094 We invite you to tour The Woodlands, a family friendly
By Sam Mazzotta community in Lockport, NY. Located just 30 minutes
from downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and three miles
WHY IS EXAM REQUIRED from shopping, dining and entertainment, this charming
FOR PET EUTHANASIA? community is in the perfect place for any family to call home!

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My sweet dog “Bertie” Pre-Selling Brand New
has advanced cancer and is suffering greatly, and so 3 Bedroom Homes! Act now
I will soon have to make the sad decision to put him
to sleep. After talking with his veterinarian, I was and pick your homesite!
left wondering: Why does an examination need to be
performed by the vet before an animal is euthanized? Weekend Open Houses
-- Devoted Doggie Mom in New Hampshire
10am - 3pm
DEAR DEVOTED: I’m so sorry to hear about Bertie’s
illness and that he must leave you soon. And I’m glad Call (844) 875-6559 for a tour today! EQUAL HOUSING
that you’re carefully planning the process so that his OPPORTUNITY
exit will be peaceful.
The exam the vet may have referred to is not the same Home details apply to specific homes only, and are subject to change without notice. Must meet residency requirements. Additional restrictions may apply, see associate for full details.
as an exam performed on a healthy pet. Rather, when
a pet is very ill and euthanasia is being considered, THE HUMAN LIVER (cont’d):
the vet will do an evaluation and decide if its time to
recommend euthanasia, or if the pet still has a good developed, and sometimes have difficulties
quality of life for several weeks or months to come. filtering out the bilirubin.
“There is not one perfect moment in time in which to • The liver also plays a role in helping your
make that ultimate choice,” says veterinary hospice blood clot normally by secreting enzymes and
service Lap of Love. Vets will evaluate pets on the chemicals necessary to form clots and stop
scheduled day of euthanasia, and they may refuse to bleeding. For those with mild liver disease, it
perform it if they believe it isn’t yet necessary. takes a long time for bleeding to stop, but those
Putting pets to sleep is tough on veterinarians, too, and with severe damage bleed easily and often,
many struggle to talk with their patients about it as it as the blood is unable to clot. In people with
causes them as much anxiety and sadness as it does for advanced cirrhosis, serious bleeding is the most
pet owners. This can sometimes lead to communica- common cause of death.
tion issues and misunderstandings. That may be the • The liver is the only organ with the amazing
case here. ability to regenerate itself when part of it is
I recommend calling the vet’s office to go over the damaged or removed. Donors can donate part
process again and learn more about what the exam of their liver and the remaining portion will
entails. A well-trained staff will answer your questions grow back, and the donated part grows to fit the
with compassion and professionalism. recipient’s body. As much as 75% of the liver
can be removed without destroying it. Unlike
Send your comments and tips to [email protected] other transplant procedures, a donor doesn’t
com. even need to be related to someone to give up
part of the liver.
(c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc. • What foods does your liver like? Foods that
are high in fiber help your liver work at optimal
$10 OFF levels. Vegetables also keep it healthy. Foods
that are high in saturated fat can be detrimental
any bath & brush to liver function, and continued consumption
or full service groom can lead to inflammation.
• Liver damage prevents the proper processing
OCTOBER SPECIAL offer good thru October 31st of nutrients. Amino acids are not built into use-
AMHERST BOARDING KENNEL GROOMERS ful proteins, and vitamins aren’t distributed as
needed. A person might notice the symptom of
4650 Millersport HwyE. Amherst, NY 14051 excessive fatigue.

716-429-7813 or 716-688-2247 (continued on next page)

Specializing in: Ochah Mineral Mud Baths for your pet w/skin conditions VanBurenEnterprises

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Solution puzzle on page 7 TELL ‘EM YOU

Page 4 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

How Seniors Can Get Help with THE HUMAN LIVER (cont’d): Answers on page 7
Credit Card and Mortgage Debt
• You can seriously damage your liver by tak- 1. What substance does the liver use to make the
Dear Savvy Senior, ing too much medicine. Acetaminophen can be digestive juice known as bile?
My husband and I, who are both 66 years old, have found in upwards of 600 medications, includ- 2. What carries bile from the liver to the
fallen behind on our mortgage payments and have ing Tylenol and cold and cough remedies. It’s gall bladder?
accumulated quite a bit of credit card debt over the alarming to think that an overdose of Tylenol 3. Almonds are a good source of a certain vitamin
past few years. Where can we get help? can destroy half of a person’s liver cells in that may help protect against fatty liver disease.
Drowning in Debt less than a week! Adults shouldn’t exceed a Name that vitamin.
4,000-milligram limit per day. 4. What is the most common complaint of those
Dear Drowning, • Cirrhosis of the liver is primarily the result of with liver disease?
Unfortunately, credit card and mortgage debt have excess alcohol intake, and is one of the Top Ten 5. Hepatic encephalopathy is a common symptom
become a growing problem for many older Americans causes of death in the world. One in 5 heavy of serious liver failure. What is it?
who often face medical-related expenses on top of drinkers will get cirrhosis, a scarring of the
their mortgage and other growing costs. Here are some liver that is irreversible. As the prolonged use Answers on Page 7
tips and services that can help. of alcohol reduces the liver’s ability to regener-
ate new cells, the liver loses its ability to break 1. Ingesting this poisonous living thing can lead
Credit Card Counseling down toxins. to liver failure and death within 12 hours.
To help you get a handle on your credit card debt, a • Ten percent of the liver is made up of fat. If What is it?
good place to turn is an accredited credit counseling the fat content exceeds that 10%, the condi- 2. What vitamin is vital for normal
agency. These are nonprofit agencies that offer free tion is known as fatty liver, or hepatic ste- blood clotting?
financial information and advice on how to handle atosis, which contributes to Type 2 diabetes.
financial problems. Although heavy use of alcohol makes a person “Mr. Piano”
more likely to get it, you can get it if you don’t
Depending on the significance of your credit card drink a lot. Contributors are obesity, high blood Tuning & Repair
debt, they can help you sort out your finances and pressure, malnourishment, high levels of bad
set you up in a debt management plan (DMP), which cholesterol, and excess belly fat. Roy Nieman
allows a counselor to negotiate with your creditors to • There are several different varieties of the The tuner that cares!
lower your interest rates and eliminate any late fees liver infection hepatitis. Hepatitis A and E are
and other penalties. the result of eating food or drinking water that Karaoke & 716-444-2423
is contaminated with the virus. Poor cleanli- DJ Services Available
The agency will then act as a consolidator, grouping ness during food preparation is a major cause. [email protected]
your debts together into one payment that you would It usually takes about two months to recover.
make, and distributes those funds to your creditors. Hepatitis B, C, and D are spread through blood Solution puzzle on page 8
Typically, the first counseling session is free, but a and bodily fluids. The B variety usually goes
DMP comes with monthly fees of roughly $20 to $75 a away after several months, but in some cases, it
month, depending on the state. can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Hepatitis
C is one of the most common bloodborne viral
To locate a credible agency in your area, use the infections in the U.S., with treatment usually
National Foundation for Credit Counseling website at lasting up to 16 weeks. More than 3 million (800-388-2227), or the Financial Coun- Americans are living with HCV.
seling Association of America (800-450-
But make sure that you don’t use a debt settlement
company that claims to settle all your debt or cut it Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box
in half for a fee without counseling. Most of these 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit
companies use deceptive practices and will only leave Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show
you more in debt then you already are.
and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.
Mortgage Counseling
If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, Solution on page 8
or if you have already received a letter or phone call
about missed payments, you should contact your
lender immediately to explain your situation and see if
you can work out a payment plan. Be prepared to pro-
vide your financial information, such as your monthly
income and expenses.

You can also get help from a foreclosure prevention
counselor. These are HUD-approved, trained counsel-
ors that will work with you, examine your financial
situation, and offer guidance on how best to avoid
default or foreclosure. They can also represent you in
negotiations with your lender if you need them to.

To find a government-approved housing counseling
agency in your area, use the National Foundation for
Credit Counseling or Financial Counseling Associa-
tion of America websites or phone numbers previously
listed. Or, for a larger selection of housing counseling
options see the Department of Housing and Urban
Development website at – click on “Re-
sources” at the top of the page, then on “Foreclosure
Avoidance Counseling,” or call 800-569-4287.

Financial Assistance
You also need to make sure you’re not missing out
on any financial assistance programs. The National
Council on Aging’s website (
contains a database of more than 2,500 federal, state
and local programs that can help seniors with prescrip-
tion drug costs, health care, food, utilities, and other
basic needs. The site will help you locate programs
that you may be eligible for and will show you how to

(continued in next column)

For advertising rates call 716.807.7729 Tidbits® of Niagara Region Page 5



Chickenpox vs. Shingles Tidbits is commemorating Alvin C. York Day CANCER &
on October 8. There’s a good chance you’ve NON-STICK COOKWARE
DEAR DR. ROACH: Do people who have never had never heard of Alvin C. York, but this gentle-
chickenpox get shingles? -- K.C.H. man is considered the greatest American hero DEAR DR. ROACH: I recently was diagnosed with
of World War I. Follow along and learn why. kidney cancer, and my wife is now getting treatment
ANSWER: Ninety-nine percent of people have had • Alvin didn’t set out to be any kind of hero. He for breast cancer. Would cooking on a nonstick skil-
chickenpox and are at risk for shingles, and this had his beginnings in poverty, one of 11 chil- let have caused the cancers? My wife used one for
includes most people who think they haven’t had dren, born in a two-room Tennessee log cabin. quite some time. -- B.R.
chickenpox. (Some cases are so mild that they go He had just nine months of formal schooling,
unrecognized.) But only people who have had chick- spending his time working the family farm and ANSWER: When someone is diagnosed with any seri-
enpox (or the vaccine, which is a weakened form of hunting for their food, an activity that turned ous disease, but especially with cancer, it is a human
the live virus) can get shingles. People who had the him into an excellent marksman. trait to think back on possible causes. We want to have
vaccine seem to be at lower risk of shingles than those • Following the death of his father, Alvin took as much control over our fate as possible. However,
who had the infection. jobs in railroad, construction, and logging to most cases of cancer occur without a specific risk
If the shingles vaccine technology can work for a help support the family. He began a hard life of (smoking cigarettes is the biggest exception). Cancer
chickenpox vaccine (and I see no reason it shouldn’t), heavy drinking and gambling, and was referred happens, among other reasons, when there is an error
then it’s possible we could see the end of chickenpox to by the townspeople as a “hell-raiser” who in replicating DNA, when we are hit by natural radia-
and of shingles forever, the way we were able to elimi- “would never amount to anything.” However, tion or when something in our environment damages
nate smallpox. when his best friend was beaten to death dur- our DNA. There certainly are behaviors we can do
ing a drunken brawl, Alvin made a complete to reduce cancer risk, but there is no way to entirely
*** change in his life. prevent cancer from occurring.
DEAR DR. ROACH: Is there medical help or gene • Alvin became active in a local church, singing In the case of nonstick cookware, there is no increased
therapy to prevent excessive height? My niece is 6 in the choir and teaching Sunday school. With risk. Workers who make nonstick coatings for pans
feet, 1 inch tall and soon will marry a man who is the advent of World War I, he received his or clothing are potentially at risk due to a chemical
6 feet, 11 inches tall. Life was not always easy for draft notice just prior to his 30th birthday. He used in manufacturing called PFOA, but there is none
her, as she was mocked at school. And he has had had never been more than 50 miles from home. of this (probably) carcinogenic chemical in the final
a daily life of “How’s the weather up there?” Could Because his religious beliefs forbade violence, product. Overheating a nonstick-coated pan can cause
they prevent their children from growing to such a Alvin registered as a conscientious objector, but irritating, but not cancer-causing, chemical fumes.
height? -- D.B. his request was denied. During basic training, ***
two officers counseled with York for weeks, Dr. Roach regrets that he is unable to answer indi-
ANSWER: No, there is no medical treatment to prevent and eventually convinced him that war could be vidual letters, but will incorporate them in the column
excess height, and there is no medical reason to do so. moral and justified. whenever possible. Readers may email questions to
Instead, I’d advise your niece and her fiance to encour- • Serving in the 82nd Infantry in the Argonne, [email protected]
age their children to be comfortable how they are, no York’s division was dispatched to sever a rail-
matter what their height, and to recognize that many of road line. On October 8, 1918, they came under (c) 2019 North America Synd., Inc.
the comments they will hear are based on envy. heavy German machine-gun fire, and York and All Rights Reserved
I’d especially recommend that if they happen to have a 16 others were ordered to eliminate the machine
tall girl (if they do have a girl, one formula for pre- guns by approaching the Germans from the HAM DINNER
dicting height would estimate her height at 6 feet, 4 rear. But the gunners turned their fire toward SATURDAY
inches), they encourage her to have excellent posture. the small group, killing nine of the 17. OCTOBER 26, 2019
I see too many tall women hunched over, as if trying FROM 4 to 7 PM
to hide their height. There are good medical reasons to (continued on next page)
have an erect posture, especially for taller people. Adults... $10,
Children Age 5 to 12... $5
*** (Kids 4 & under FREE)
(continued at top of 3rd column)
Sanborn-Lewiston Farm Museum
In your 80’s and living alone? Lowest 2660 Saunders Settlement Rd (Rt 31
• Live in beautiful mansions with easy access since Sanborn, New York
• 3 meals prepared for you every day
• Days full of friends and activities 2010!* For info contact
• Only the help you need, when you need it Glenn @ 731-5982 or Bonnie @ 990-6909
• Housekeeping, laundry, personal care, Sponsored by SANBORN HISTORICAL SOCIETY

and assist with medications

Take a tour. Call 434-8805.

*Must be a new resident. Offer expires 12/31/2019.


A man has a failing liver and the doctor tells him
he needs a transplant.
When the man asks if it is necessary, the doctor
says its liver die!

Unscrambled on Page 8

Page 6 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

The Village 5665 South Transit Road • Lockport, NY 14094 ALVIN C. YORK (cont’d):
Office: 716.434.8458 • Fax: 716.434.6589
A Manufactured Home Community • Left in command of the remainder, York put
Tammy Lee-Kavney-ROSe his marksman skills to use. Between his rifle
6035 S. Transit Rd. and his pistol, he shot 20 German soldiers, and
Lockport, NY 14094 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson ordered the remainder to surrender. Thirty-
five machine guns were captured and the eight
Phone: 716-434-6241 Do You Know the Difference Americans under York’s leadership took 132
Fax: 716-434-9634 prisoners.
Cell: 585-469-4597 between Pre-Qual and Pre Approval? • York was promoted to sergeant, and received
Email: [email protected] the Medal of Honor, the French Legion of Jeanie Swatsworth Tammy Lee-Kavney-Rose IF NOT... CALL ME Honor medal, and the Italian Croce al Merito
Russell Swatworth Jr. 716.392.3520 di Guerra. He came home to a New York City
Park Managers [email protected] ticker-tape parade and several endorsement offers. Hollywood wanted to tell his story, but
York rejected the chance to capitalize on his fame, returning to Tennessee. His vision of
fame was to promote educational opportuni-
BASEMENT WATERPROOFING ties for the children of his home state, going on
speaking tours to raise money for schools and
DONALD A. YORK INC. road improvement.
• Finally, in 1941, as America was once again
Waterproofing & Drainage Contractor • Wall Bracing on the brink of war, York agreed to the making
of a film, provided that the proceeds be used to
• Plugged drain tiles corrected OVER create a school. Starring Gary Cooper as York,
“Sergeant York” was released in July of that
• Bowed, cracked walls 60 YEARS Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Specialists year, and was the year’s highest-grossing film,
• Wet yards EXPERIENCE earning Cooper the Oscar for the role. In fact,
• Glass block windows 9720 Rochester Rd Jeff Ulrich, President when adjusted for inflation, the film is one of
Middleport, NY 14105 mobile phone: 716-622-9427 the highest-grossing films of all time.
• Basements spray painted: Waterproof paint seals, phone: 716-735-3370 • Alvin York attempted to re-enlist during
fax: 866-323-7402 email: [email protected] World War II, but was denied due to his age
makes walls look like new! and his weight. As an alternative, he went on
war bond-selling tours, military recruitment
709 Casey Road, East Amherst, NY • 716-688-6111 drives, and camp inspections. When asked how
he wanted to be remembered, his response had
PETE HERRIVEN Come see what we saw!” We Have nothing to do with his military achievements,
WOOD but rather for his efforts to improve education
OWNER CHIPS in the state of Tennessee.

716-735-4129 Specializing in making bins of all sorts
Where quality and value meet
[email protected]
1265 Morrison Road, Lyndonville, NY 14098
PETE’S GARAGE Phares Zimmerman - OWNER

9966 ROCHESTER RD slabwood • firewood • chunk wood
MIDDLEPORT NY 14105 all hardwood • saw dust • 1/2 to bushel peach crates

I just had a successful liver transplant operation.
That surgeon really de-livered!


& MORE Credit & EBT B & B BBQ
Cards Accepted
OPEN MON.- SAT. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. “Come Get Some Que”


on October 31st only
105 Telegraph Road
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Mon, Thurs, 238 Oliver St., North Tonawanda, NY
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BEFORE Start each day with a peaceful nights sleep!



Chris Jagielo $fo5r y0o0uGrMEtrTaOdReE! Pillowtop, 2 Sided,
Sales Manager BRING THIS AD No flip & Organic Mattresses
Custom Sizes Available. Metal Bed Frames
Hours: Mon, Tues & Thurs 9am-6pm • Fri 8am-7pm • Sat 8am-12pm noon
6179 S. Transit Road Toyota 716-625-8444 1230 Foss Rd. (Off Rte 18) • Lyndonville
Lockport, NY 14094 Volkswagon 716-625-4444 [email protected]

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Quality Handcrafted NECKTIES
Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

It seems there is a commemoration for just

about everything! October 18 is International 3976 Lockport Olcott Rd, Ste A Lockport, NY 14094
Necktie Day, and Tidbits is paying tribute by

The Dan Yoder Family tying up an assortment of facts and figures on NNEOWWWCOROORIFGPFNIHEECNTRE.SS..IN Recipient of consecutive
Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5 this important item in a man’s ensemble. "Agent of the Year" award
• Evidence of neckties dates back to 210 B.C.
585-798-4563 to Chinese emperor Shih Huang Ti. When his Deborah Carpenter
massive mausoleum was discovered in 1974,
2886 Murdock Rd. • Medina his tomb was filled with 7,500 life-size terracot- Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Cell: 716.998.0039
O ce: 716.638.9300
• Gazebos • Poly Lawn Furniture • Beds & Dressers • Coffee Tables ta carvings of his army. The emperor, who had
• Bedroom Suites • Dining Rooms • China Cabinets • Deck Furniture an extreme fear of death, ordered the figures E-mail: [email protected]
placed in his tomb in order to have his officers, Web site:
• Solid Wood Decor • Pedestal Tables • Corner Hutches
• Rustic Cedar Sets • Rustic Aspen Sets

soldiers, archers, and horsemen close by in the

next world. The details on each figure were

intricate, right down to their armor, uniforms,

hair, and facial expressions. Every single one of

the figures had a carving of a silk cloth wrapped

Grme12eco.. tNWITEyvtscihuilanhnalrumeganogndtedpd rb pe”eetpo.?haraar xedMtp e myoesofrotu ,woDsnatit rntsavehdniilnseotbi yhtcRueleaaadbtnih ebltdrih?log eecaBhmowdeen”esrt staaapuipncanrdrosemk n “t tithaToneedo n acem“tlhBloo oSoiffgoaf sweyer arDoiudn ydotuh ehieranre acbko. ut the family who got stuck
re3c. tWyhcrhloeaudtgihpsoltauhste tDincai.smAneefytoelfarnthydeo? utr’arnesspeotrttlaetdioinns,ydsrtoemp p• iActonAsmnep2v apP,er5aerb0rtllee0eanrn sRtPdlcyoa.u,nm ltp’hsate unFirrlse iovgflehrdohti miefcrolsrea wnowcveioeaeurrn il3tnd Rg hnoonemuverceeskr?-dw ee-ar,
ofo54ffr.. WbWtoohthhaehareedbrtr eorsa iwxdtreoeoos cubrklaeeden-i tnuad?gs vsep i.aisnict koSirpn fagicnedm P“aoMtretrr .wi aThloearde’ sg uWesiltds shorter than modern-day ties, wound around the
neck and tucked into their armor.
Ride” and “Peter Pan’s Flight”?
e • During the Thirty-Year war in central Europe
ey? during the 17th century, French King Louis
ng XIII hired mercenary Croatian soldiers to add to
his army. The soldiers all wore a piece of cloth

tied around their neck as part of their uniforms.

The King was impressed with the look, and

“What youngster has not dreamed of soon all of his troops were wearing what he
flying with Peter Pan over moonlit
London, or tumbling into Alice’s calledRLaLCOravOateT, orDcrOavaAt. InNfaWct, hMe made
nonsensical Wonderland?”
-- Walt Disney ihtHisaoMmcmooeua uonnrfttd a“.iaMnSt,o”ois rmasyinoedin t“w etFomei nMrdefaoinrmrsg, ua”N ls“lelSmitpnhoa,oc Vsseoeo mygaaegetsh”ielkre,dotihners
lace, and were often embellished with embroi-
Up to half of those with liver disease will
have no symptoms at all. dery.


Some of the earlyDsyamvipdtoHmassselhoff 7/17/52 • Around 1900, cravats were worn by all men.
are nausea, itchy sVkiinn,Dloiesssel 7/18/67 • SHEARING • BENDING
of appetite, confuVCsiiaokrnklo,i saCnaSdrarntana 7/19/41 wtTh312ooe...d rcnaryaa,vraoaDFTutcrhnitroshaednnavMtettahiytieesolrraennlpanfeioenndcrrndkasPe.itldaAorrniaastashisleckrohtthaiasnndaktvieeardrci.haBiteioofwn of • DRILLING • MACHINING
fatigue. JaundiceJoanndLoavitz 7/20/47 ti4e.s wereSaplasoceaMpoopuunlatar ianccessory. In the 1930s, New Steel (All Shapes & Sizes)
7/21/57 n5e.c ktiesFbaencatamseylwanidder with bolder patterns, and
were shorter than the ties of today. During the
swelling of theSaebl-ena Gomez 7/22/92 - cut to size while you wait!
domen, ankleDs,aannidel Radcliffe 7/23/89 1950s, skinny ties were all the rage.
feet may follow. Paints-Lubricants-Bolts & Fasteners
Trailer Hitch Supplies
when paid in full at time of order BOILERS

12551 Roosevelt Hwy (Rt 18) • Lyndonville, NY
Samuel Martin
Hours: M-F 8-5; Sat 8-12

Looking for a natural weed killer for ANSWERS TO PUZZLES
your garden? White vinegar is an 3rd Quarter 2016
effective and earth-friendly broadleaf Week 30
weed killer, as is lemon juice. You can
Day also apply a strong salt water solution
The answer is soupspoons
to those MpeUskSyI CweLeEdSsS thOaNt Sappear in the
pcraavcekrssP .oIAf yNoOurI NdrSivTeRwUaCyT oIrO sNidewalk
1. Tree is added. 2. Saw blade is shorter.
Experienced, Certified Teacher, 3. Bricks are missing. 4. Dress’s neckline is different.
Your Home • References Available
Lockport and Surrounding Communities 5. House is wider. 6. Man’s hair is different.
1. 3
630-5998 2. “Peter Pan’s Flight”

716.807.7729 1. Cholesterol
2. Bile ducts
3. Vitamin E
4. Itching
5. Mental disorientation or confusion
Jerry’s Loose Threads

re Academy Awards aKnudst onmoUmphionlsatetriyo, Tnosp st,hBaoants any other person in history – 22 Awards and 59 nominations TUESDAYS
Jerry Chambers
2800 Bebee Road 1. Poisonous wild mushrooms
Newfane, NY 14108 2. Vitamin K 15$ tax included
take out only
Country Cottage
[email protected] Restaurant

4072 Beach Ridge Rd • Pendleton, NY

(Corner of Town Line & Beach Road)


Page 8 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

SchwabAFPaPrLmESMarket GOODS • D Apple Noodle Pudding
ES BAKED ELI MEAT (continued)
S & CHEES BUSINESS 1. Heat oven to 350 F. Spray an 8-by-8-inch baking
Honey Crisp Empire OF THE WEEK dish with butter-flavored cooking spray.
2. In a large saucepan, combine dry pudding mix,
Schwab FaSrnmapMdraagroknet THE dry milk powder, water and apple juice. Cook over
716.735.7570 VILLAGE medium heat until mixture thickens and starts to boil,
stirring constantly using a wire whisk. Stir in apple-pie
[email protected] spice and noodles. Add walnuts, apples and raisins.
Mix well to combine, using a sturdy spoon. Spread
9035 Rochester Rd. • Gasport, NY 14067 mixture into prepared baking dish.
3. Bake for 45-50 minutes. Place baking dish on a wire
(Rt. 31, between Gasport & Middleport) rack and let set for 5 minutes. Good warm or cold.
Serves 6.
“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of Since the early 1970’s, The Village has been
my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, providing its residence a quaint and charming * Each serving equals: 188 calories, 4g fat, 6g protein,
my heart. Like my blood. It was a force al- place to live. Our communal amenities include 32g carb., 123mg sodium, 2g fiber; Diabetic Exchang-
ready within me when I arrived on the scene. a sizable community clubhouse open to all of es: 1 Starch, 1 Fruit, 1/2 Fat.
It was a necessity for me - like food or our residents, which is great for a multitude of
water.” -- Ray Charles (c) 2019 King Features Syndicate, Inc.
CAtoiceLcsLatso7ioc1no6sm-rma8nu0gni7intgy-7aw7ni2ydwe9heevreentfsr.oWm ebiarltshodaoyffperar-
our residents a community swimming pool to
CALL 716-807-7729 help cool off on those hot summer days. On-site • During the 1960s and 1970s, ties were wide
management is available to our residents to as- once again, about 4 to 5 in. (10.1 to 12.7 cm)
LumberJack’s sist in resolving any issues that they may come wide, and known as the Kipper Tie. It was
Patio Grill LIVE MUSIC across. also the time of the introduction of the bolo
1000 River Rd., EVERY If you’re just starting a new family, looking tie, a cord or braided leather with decorative
WED. & SUN. to downsize, or you just want the connivence tips known as aiguillettes, and secured with an
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 Deja2 on Sun of having everything on one floor, The Vil- ornamental slide. The tie takes its name from
716-693-4349 lage is the place for you. Whether it’s one of the word “boleadora,” an Argentine lariat. The
Dos Fogies on Wed our fantastic pre-owned homes, or if you want Brits call them bootlace ties. The governor of
something a little more personalized, we have Arizona declared the bolo as the official necktie
Enjoy dining on our outdoor patio with something for everyone. Stop by the office at of that state in 1971, an action followed up by
picturesque view overlooking the Niagara River 6035 S. Transit Rd. Lockport NY, 14094 Texas and New Mexico.
Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm or call • Although once considered a mandatory item
NOW OPEN GREAT FOOD 716-434-6241 for more information. We can of men’s clothing, today, just 6% of men wear a
ICE COLD BEER & BEVERAGES also make weekend appointments, if that fits tie to work every day. Casual Friday instituted
your schedule better. If you’re unsure if this is by many industries resulted in a 10% slump in
SEASONAL BOATSLIPS, TRANSIENT SLIPS, JET SKI RAMPS AVAILABLE FOR RENT the right place for you and your family, come sales in 2002. The average man has 7 ties in his
For Rental Info Call Linda at: 716-308-7487 / email: [email protected] join us for our next community event. We will wardrobe, and less than 1% of American men
be hosting our annual Basket Raffle and know how to tie a bow tie. Yet about 80 million
MOre ANSWERS Bake sale on November 9th from 9am-3pm. ties are sold a year in the U.S., with about $1
We hope to see you there. billion spent.
• Today’s neckties are 3.5 to 3.75 in. wide
— Jeanie and Russ Swatsworth (8.9 to 9.5 cm) and 52 to 58 in. (132 to 147
cm) long. A high-quality silk tie requires more
Apple than 100 silkworm cocoons, with 245,500 feet
Noodle (74,828 m) of silk thread needed for one tie.
Pudding Shengzhou, China is the largest manufacturer of
neckties in the world, with close to 500 compa-
Fall is that wonderful time of the year when Okto- nies in operation.
berfest -- the traditional German festival centered on • If you’re looking for an especially nice tie,
food, music and fun -- takes place. If you put on a try the Satya Paul Design Studio. They have
polka record and share this dish with friends, you’ll designed a tie containing 150 grams of gold and
see why these festivals are so much fun! 271 diamonds. Cost is right around $220,000.

1 (4-serving) package sugar-free vanilla cook-and-
serve pudding mix
2/3 cup nonfat dry milk powder
1 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice
1 teaspoon apple-pie spice
2 cups hot cooked noodles, rinsed and drained
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1 1/2 cups peeled and diced cooking apples
1/4 cup raisins (cont’d at top of next column)

Hepatitis E is a waterborne disease, caused by poor sanitation and contamination of the water supply. It’s not common in the U.S., and more so in the Middle East, Asia, Central
America, and Africa.

GARAGES Manufacturers of the Empire Series

Quality by Design 1054 FOSS ROAD (OFF RT. 18) • LYNDONVILLE, NY 14098

“Incredible Sheds for Incredible People” Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Saturdays 8am - 3pm • Closed on Sunday

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