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Volume 4 Issue 20


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Week of November 24th 2019 Volume 4, Issue #20

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716-433-2626 TIDBITS® VISITS ROBERTSAnother Great Job By:
5690 Transit Rd.
Lockport, NY 14094 PEARL HARBOR

OPEN DAILY by Kathy Wolfe
7am - 9pm
With the 78th anniversary of the attack on Pearl
Come Enjoy Family Dining At Its Finest! Harbor approaching, Tidbits takes the time to
honor this Oahu location.
Here at Kalamata we offer a large selection of • Inhabited by Polynesians for centuries, Pearl
Greek and American dishes, served up in a Harbor was once rich with an abundant sup-
friendly family atmosphere. ply of pearls. Westerners first visited the island
in 1778, when British Captain James Cook
We offer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all day long, sailed past the island of Oahu. Unable to enter
including a children’s section to satisfy even our Pearl Harbor because of coral at its shallow
littlest customers. We feature Daily Homemade entrance, Cook landed on Kauai two days later.
Specials that are sure to keep you coming back He named the group of islands the Sandwich
for more! Islands to honor one of his patrons, John Mon-
tague, the Earl of Sandwich.
• Pearl Harbor was acquired by the United ROOFING & SIDING
States from the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1875.
The Kingdom signed a treaty with the U.S., For 4 Generations • Since 1940
relinquishing control of the harbor in exchange
for being allowed to export raw sugar to the SPECIALIZING IN:
U.S. duty free. In 1898, five years after the
Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown, Hawaii • DOORS • ROOFING • GUTTERS
became a territory of the United States. • PATIO ROOMS • WINDOWS • SIDING • INSULATION
• In 1902, the coral was blasted away, and large
vessels could then navigate into the harbor. It
was further enlarged and dredged in 1908 in Fully Licensed • Fully Insured
preparation for the establishment of the Pearl
Harbor U.S. Naval Shipyard. FREE ESTIMATES
• In the late 1930s, relations between the U.S.
and Japan were strained, due to Japan’s in- 716-433-2883
creased aggression toward China. Japan’s
economic problems led to efforts to expand into 6279 Ridge Rd (Rt 104) Lkpt

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China and take over that country’s import mar- LITTLE BLUE REMOVAL
ket. In 1937, Japan initiated the Nanjing mas-
sacre, murdering tens of thousands of Chinese Commercial • Residential • Small to Large Loads
civilians. In 1940, President Franklin D. Roo-
sevelt ordered the U.S. Pacific Fleet to move  Hot Tub Disposal  Furniture Removal
from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, as well as
increasing military personnel in the Philippines,  Construction Debris  Waste Disposal & Recycling
hoping to inhibit Japanese aggression.
• FDR also ordered a termination of oil exports  Trash Removal  Yard Waste Removal
to Japan in July, 1941, after Japan had seized
French Indochina. Japan then made plans to  Mattress Disposal  Foreclosure Clean Outs
overpower the Dutch East Indies, because of
their rich oil supplies. When Japan was warned  Garbage Removal  Appliance Removal
by the U.S. to withdraw from China and cease
attacking neighboring countries, the Japanese  Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
initiated tactics to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet
from getting in the way of their military con- CALL LITTLE BLUE TODAY! 585.820.3981
• The plan to attack Pearl Harbor was devised BY
by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who command- HENRY
ed the Imperial Japanese Navy combined fleets. BOLTINOFF
Yamamoto had studied at Harvard University
Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered to be from 1919 to 1921, and had served as a naval
reliable but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed. attaché in Washington, D.C. Between his duties
there and a large amount of travel throughout
RESERVE NOW! the U.S., Yamomoto learned English, as well
as obtaining a firm grasp on American customs
Send $17.95 (plus $5.00 S&H) and business. His plan was to destroy the U.S.
by Check or Money Order Pacific Fleet, thus preventing the Americans
from fighting back as the Japanese military
BOOK SET Tidbits Media, Inc. spread out over the South Pacific.
Tidbits Books II & III • Although American code-breakers had figured
1430 I-85 Parkway, Ste. 210 out that the Japanese were planning some type
Montgomery, AL 36106 of attack, they had not determined the target.
(800) 523-3096 The Philippines seemed likely to them.
• On a quiet Sunday morning, just before
The Tidbits® Paper is a division of Tidbits Media, Inc. • Montgomery, AL 36106 8:00, under the command of Admiral Chuichi
(800) 523-3096 • All Rights Reserved Nagumo, the first wave of 183 fighter planes
launched from six aircraft carriers began a
Able InspectIons surprise attack on the American airfields,
purchase with confidence! completely destroying 188 U.S. aircraft and
damaging another 159. The second wave of Differences on page 7
Gary Mulrain • Home 170 bombers set their sights on the U.S. Navy
Inspections battleships. TO ADVERTISE CALL
Senior Inspector • Business • Eight battleships were moored in Battleship
Inter N.A.C.H.I. Certified Inspections 716.807.7729
NY# 16000012150 • Mold (continued on next page)
Inspections Nancy Murphy
716.432.7423 • Radon Gas Solution Puzzle on Page 8 owner
[email protected] 716-778-7100
6119 1st St
of niagara region Published Weekly by: Newfane NY 14108
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Niagara County’s 3953 Lockport-Olcott Rd Tis the Season
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PAW’S CORNER 6237 South Transit, Lockport, NY 14094 We invite you to tour The Woodlands, a family friendly
By Sam Mazzotta community in Lockport, NY. Located just 30 minutes
from downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and three miles
FAMILY FEUD OVER DOG from shopping, dining and entertainment, this charming
MAY RUIN THNSGIVING community is in the perfect place for any family to call home!

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: Last year at Thanksgiving Pre-Selling Brand New
dinner, my dog “Aker” nipped at one of my sister- 3 Bedroom Homes! Act now
in-law’s children as they played in the living room.
They had opened the door to my room and let Aker and pick your homesite!
out without my knowledge, and when she got caught
between a couple of roughhousing kids and hurt, she Weekend Open Houses
reacted the way any dog would. Now my sister-in-law
is refusing to bring her family to dinner this year un- 10am - 3pm
less I get rid of Aker. What would you do? -- Janice,
Lansing, Michigan Call (844) 875-6559 for a tour today! EQUAL HOUSING
DEAR JANICE: I’d enjoy a quiet dinner with no kids
around to torture my dog. Home details apply to specific homes only, and are subject to change without notice. Must meet residency requirements. Additional restrictions may apply, see associate for full details.
Getting rid of Aker is an absolute no-go. If you still
want your sister-in-law and her kids to come to dinner, PEARL HARBOR (cont’d):
then let her know that you have ground rules about
interacting with Aker. The children are not to let Aker Row. The U.S.S. Arizona was struck with an
out of your room, where you have put her so she won’t armor-piercing bomb that entered the forward
be stressed out by all the activity and strange people ammunition compartment, tearing the ship in
in the house. Further, it is your sister-in-law’s respon- half and sinking it within minutes. There were
sibility to make sure her kids behave. If they can’t 1,512 crewmen on board, of whom 1,177 were
behave, then they shouldn’t be allowed over. killed.
The holidays are a stressful time for pets: Parties, din- • Two ships, the USS California and the USS
ners and visits from strangers all contribute to height- West Virginia were torpedoed and came to rest
ened anxiety. Add lots of rich, tempting food on the on the Harbor’s bottom, but due to the shal-
countertop -- some of which can make pets very sick, low waters, which saved them from sinking to
like chocolate desserts, guacamole or grapes -– and a the bottom of the Pacific, the main decks were
home can be downright dangerous. above water. The bottoms of the battleships
Aker shouldn’t suffer or be abandoned just to make were just feet away from the seabed, which
one family member happy. I’m very serious about meant that none of the ships disappeared below
this. If this family tiff can’t be resolved in a way that the surface. However, 206 lives were lost on
protects your dog from being hassled, then inform the these two ships. The ships were repaired and
in-laws that they will need to make other plans. made seaworthy again by 1944, as were several
Send your questions, tips or comments to [email protected] • The USS Oklahoma was hit by five torpedoes and capsized, killing 429. The ship was later
brought up, but was too damaged to repair. It
(c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc. was decided to tow the hulk to San Francisco
to be sold for scrap. While en route in 1947, a
DON’T BE A TURKEY THIS NOVEMBER storm struck and the Oklahoma sank to the bot-
tom of the Pacific.
TAKE$10anyOFF • In addition to the Imperial Japanese aircraft
turkey bath & pluck attack, five Japanese midget submarines were
or full service groom submerged near the entrance to the Harbor,
offer good thru November 30th having been launched the night before the at-
tack. Each of the 78-foot-long (23.8-m) subma-
CONTINUES AT rines carried two men and two torpedoes with
an explosive charge of twice that of the bombs
AMHERST carried by aircraft. They could maneuver in the
(continued on page 5)
4650 Millersport Hwy
E. Amherst, NY 14051 Keller Williams Realty Buffalo Northtowns

716-429-7813 or 716-688-2247 Jessica Lee Taylor

Specializing in: Ochah Mineral Mud Baths for your pet w/skin conditions Licensed Real Estate Salesperson &
Insurance Advisor
Williamsville New York 14221 Email [email protected]

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Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated


Solution puzzle on page 7 TELL ‘EM YOU

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convenient. Here’s what you should know, along with ing about it, or planning to gamble versus doing his
some tips and resources that can help your dad if he normal activities?
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There are a number of reasons why seniors can be • Does he become uncomfortable, angry or lie when
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are often catered to by casinos with free bus transpor-
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and other prizes as a way to entice them. may have a problem. To find help contact the National
Council on Problem Gambling (, a
In addition, many seniors use gambling as a way to non-profit organization that operates a 24-hour na-
distract or escape feelings of loneliness, depression
(continued in next column)
(continued in next column)

For advertising rates call 716.807.7729 Tidbits® of Niagara Region Page 5

PEARL HARBOR (cont’d): shop small ...

shallow waters of the Harbor where conven- $AVE BIG
tional subs could not.
• One of the midget sub’s periscopes was spot- $5 OFF
ted by an American destroyer, which opened
fire, putting an end to the first sub. Another sub purchases of $50 or more
was able to enter the Harbor, but was sunk by
another destroyer. Yet another drifted to the 73 & 83 Locust St, Lockport, NY
coast of Oahu and was captured the next day,
giving the U.S. their first Japanese POW. Four 433-ROSE (7673)
of the midgets have been found, one as recently
as 2002. Two are on exhibit – one in Texas and Mon.-Fri. 9-5 • Sat. 9-3
one in Japan – two remain on the seabed, and
one has never been found. • like us on
• Ten days after the attack, Admiral Husband
Kimmel, naval commander at Pearl Harbor, REMARKABLE PEOPLE: Answers on page 7
and Lt. General Walter Short, U.S. Army
commander, were relieved of their duties, and STEVE IRWIN 1. The USS Nevada was repaired after Pearl Harbor and
entered into several investigations and finally went on to fight in another WWII battle at what beach?
early retirement. In 1999, both were exonerated This month we celebrate Steve Irwin Day, set 2. What university campus houses one of the bells salvaged
after their deaths by the U.S. Senate. aside to commemorate the life of the famous from the USS Arizona?
• It was the goal of the Japanese to decimate Australian animal enthusiast and host of “Croc- 3. Where can the mast, anchor, and gun barrel from the USS
the Pacific Fleet. But because all of the Fleet’s odile Hunter.” Arizona be found?
aircraft carriers were safely away from the base • Steve Irwin came into the world of wildlife 4. Name the musical artist who donated $64,000 from a
that day, the U.S. was able to rebound from the naturally since his parents owned a wildlife 1961 concert toward construction of the USS Arizona
attack. The Japanese also failed to destroy the park. Although his father was a plumber by memorial.
base’s oil storage depots, power station, dry trade and his mother was a nurse, the pair both 5. What battleship was the site of the surrender of the
dock, torpedo storage facility, repair facilities, loved wildlife, and when Steve was a young Empire of Japan?
shipyard, submarine docks, and headquarters child, they opened the Beerwah Reptile Park in
building. Queensland, Australia. HOLIDAYNOV 30th & NOV 30th &
• The USS Arizona memorial receives more • Steve received a python for his sixth birthday, DEC 1st DEC 1st
than two million visitors annually. The sunken the same year he caught his first venomous 11am - 6pm
battleship is submerged in less than 40 feet snake. By age nine, he was assisting his father OPEN HOUSE11am-6pm
(12.2 m) of water, but none of the wreckage in wrestling and catching problem crocodiles NOVEMBER 30TH & DECEMBER 1ST
is above water, because its guns, turrets, and who made their way to boat ramps. Steve
superstructures were removed. jumped on the crocs in the water, put his legs HOLIDAY GIFTS – OLD & NEW
• The death toll from the Pearl Harbor attack around the neck, and wrestled the reptile into
was 2,403 American citizens, including 2,335 the boat. Steve described it as “like being tossed 20% OFF purchase of 1 item
military personnel and 68 civilians. The Japa- around in a washing machine.” He determined $10 or more
nese loss was 64 Navy members and 29 out of at that young age that catching crocodiles was
their 353 attacking aircraft. Twenty-three sets the life he wanted. Just Looking
of brothers aboard the USS Arizona perished. • Steve spent his young adulthood capturing 4 Main St. • Lockport, NY 14094
problem crocodiles, saving them from poach-
Answers on Page 7 ers’ bullets, and moving them to his family’s
facility. When his parents retired in the 1990s,
Steve took over the management and renamed
the facility the Australia Zoo.
• Twenty-seven-year-old Oregon resident Terri
Raines was vacationing in Australia in 1991
when she visited the Irwin family wildlife park.
There she met Steve, and by June of the fol-
lowing year, they were married. They spent
their “honeymoon” filming a documentary that
would become part of “The Crocodile Hunter.”
Four years after the series debuted in Australia,
it was picked up by America’s cable channel,
Animal Planet. (continued on next page)

Answers on Page 7

1. In what year was the USS Arizona first
2. Who was the one dissenting vote against
the declaration of war against Japan?

Solution on page 8

Page 6 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

The Village 5665 South Transit Road • Lockport, NY 14094 STEVE IRWIN (cont’d):
Office: 716.434.8458 • Fax: 716.434.6589
A Manufactured Home Community • Crocodiles weren’t the only thing that Irwin
Tammy Lee-Kavney-ROSe rescued. In 2003, while filming a documentary
6035 S. Transit Rd. about sea lions off the coast of Baja Califor-
Lockport, NY 14094 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson nia, reports came over his boat’s radio that two
scuba divers were missing nearby. Irwin and
Phone: 716-434-6241 Do You Know the Difference his crew joined the rescue team and located one
Fax: 716-434-9634 survivor on a rock ledge on the side of a cliff
Cell: 585-469-4597 between Pre-Qual and Pre Approval? and ushered him to the safety of Irwin’s boat.
Email: [email protected] Unfortunately, the other diver perished. Jeanie Swatsworth Tammy Lee-Kavney-Rose IF NOT... CALL ME • Irwin came under fire in 2004 when he was
Russell Swatworth Jr. 716.392.3520 filmed feeding a chicken carcass to a 12.5-ft
Park Managers [email protected] (3.8-m) crocodile while holding his one-month- old son. Irwin rebutted the accusations of child
abuse by stating that he had been dealing with crocs since he was a young boy, and knew that
there was no danger to his baby.
BASEMENT WATERPROOFING • In addition to his rescue efforts, Irwin and his
father also discovered a new species of snap-
DONALD A. YORK INC. ping turtle in the early 1990s. The freshwater
turtle was named Elseya irwini after its discov-
Waterproofing & Drainage Contractor • Wall Bracing erers.
• Irwin branched out in film with 2002’s “The
• Plugged drain tiles corrected OVER CrDoicdo dyiolue hHeuanr taebr:ouCto tlhlies ifoanmCilyo uwrhseo, ”gowt hsitcuhck
wthaesYonAaneopwv puPeaanerrrtgdleeaenrAnd tPdlrytat.hi,n set’ths“Ae FBiwrle ivgasetrhdhtF sifac.omlHre ioewlyvaoelFurs elo3da mthnuoearuvedreeFsr?-ai lnma”pa-t
• Bowed, cracked walls 60 YEARS Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Specialists pearance in Eddie Murphy’s “Doctor Doolittle”
• Wet yards EXPERIENCE that same year. Irwin also provided the voice
• Glass block windows 9720 Rochester Rd Jeff Ulrich, President for an elephant seal named Trev in the animated
Middleport, NY 14105 mobile phone: 716-622-9427 “Happy Feet.” Sadly, he died while the film
• Basements spray painted: Waterproof paint seals, phone: 716-735-3370 was in post-production.
fax: 866-323-7402 email: [email protected] • Although occasionally criticized for what
makes walls look like new! some considered irresponsible, thrill-seeking,
and clowning around antics on the small screen,
709 Casey Road, East Amherst, NY • 716-688-6111 Irwin RwaLs cOomOmitTtedDtoOwiAldliNfe eWducMation and
coHnosmeer voaf t“iMonis.siHone too pMearrast,e” d“Sapnacoe rganization that
PETE HERQR:IWVEhNat kind of vehicles do Disney 1. Name the most visited theme park in all of rescMuoeudntaanind,”p arnodt e“Fcitneddincgr Nocemodo iVleosy,agaen”d supported
O7W1N6E-R735-A4:c1h2Ma9riancnteier-svdarnivs e? Europe. several other animal conservation charities.
• In September, 2006, while filming a segment
[email protected] 2. What part of Disneyland contains the “Big on1.stingraDyiss,naenydlasnndorPkaerliinsg in shallow waters,
Thunder Mountain Railroad” and “Tom Sawyer Ir2w.i n swaFmroonvtieerrlaanrady, and was pierced in the
PETE’S GARAGE Island”? by TthheeraMy’osntoarila.iHl is heart was pierced,
man54idn.. uthteiss faFSataptahnagecteraeso4yMf4l.taownuodnptaaisnsed away within a few
1.How many hotels are operated on the 3. What is the name of the transportation system
throughout Disneyland?
9966 ROC2H.EDNSTaisEmnReeRy Dtlhaen do nglryo Dunisdnse, yolwannde dr ibdye Dtoi shnaenyg?
MIDDLEPORTfrNoYm1 4th10e 5ceiling? 4. What ride beings in Space Port where guests
board a rocket?

5. Where would a visitor find “Mr. Toad’s Wild
Ride” and “Peter Pan’s Flight”?

“What youngster has not dreamed of
flying with Peter Pan over moonlit
London, or tumbling into Alice’s
nonsensical Wonderland?”
-- Walt Disney

A second California Disney theme David Hasselhoff 7/17/52
park, California Adventure,
opened in 2001 on the site that had Vin Diesel 7/18/67

DIlfSouCtnOfcotUiroNonveTedGr a4Rs0 ODyCiesEanRresIy.ElaSnd’s parking Vikki Carr 7/19/41

Carlos Santana 7/20/47

Jon Lovitz 7/21/57

Selena Gomez 7/22/92

Daniel Radcliffe 7/23/89

Solution puzzle on page 8

& MORE Credit & EBT Portraits and Wedding Photography
Cards Accepted
OPEN MON.- SAT. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. Booking now for your

11 MAIN ST. • LYNDONVILLE, NY HLoolidoakyiPnogr tfraoitrs aa nndatural weed killer for Unscrambled on Page 8

July 17 Wrong Way Corrigan Day WeddinygoPuhro tgoagrradpehny?n eWedhs.ite vinegar is an 3rd Quarter 2016
July 18 Chrysanthemum Day effective and earth-friendly broadleaf Week 30
July 19 Flitch Day ESFanemngiaiolgyrePPmhoeorawnttrtolasseitosed a pkFBRpiieulnalsleilyneAEe srrstat,sa taesstr iosn lge msaoltn w juaitceer. sYooluut icoann
July 20 National Lollipop Day Save the Dtaote sthoseAr tpReepsrokduyct iwonseeds that appear in the 1. 3
July 21 Get to Know Your Customers Day Head Shotcs racks Colafs siyc Coaurs r driveway or sidewalk 2. “Peter Pan’s Flight”
July 22 Spoonerism Day
July 23 National Day of the Cowboy

Anniversapry avers.Boats
Weddings Special Requests

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Walt Disney has received more Academy Awards and nomination“sC othmaenG aentyS oomtheerQ puee”rson in history – 22 Awards and 59 nominations
between 1932 and 1969.

Brenda Kephardt

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Quality Handcrafted KING TUT
Indoor and Outdoor Furniture
This week, Tidbits delves into the background
of the world’s most famous mummy, discov- 3976 Lockport Olcott Rd, Ste A Lockport, NY 14094
ered 97 years ago this week.
The Dan Yoder Family • Although much is known about the tomb of NNEOWWWCOROORIFGPFNIHEECNTRE.SS..IN Recipient of consecutive
King Tut, not a great deal is known about him "Agent of the Year" award
Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5 as a person. His tomb has revealed more about
him than historical records. It’s believed that he Deborah Carpenter
585-798-4563 was born in Egypt around 1341 B.C., the son
of the powerful Pharaoh Akhenaten. Tut’s full Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
2886 Murdock Rd. • Medina birth name was Tutankhaten, which means “liv-
ing image of Aten.” Tut’s father had forbidden Cell: 716.998.0039
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• Bedroom Suites • Dining Rooms • China Cabinets • Deck Furniture ing that the people would now worship one O ce: 716.638.9300
god, Aten, the sun disk. While a prince, he was
• Solid Wood Decor • Pedestal Tables • Corner Hutches known as Tutankhaten, but when he ascended E-mail: [email protected]
• Rustic Cedar Sets • Rustic Aspen Sets the throne, it was changed to Tutankhamun. Web site:
• Tut became Pharaoh in 1333 BC, at age nine
Considering that the average person throws away 600 or ten. He married his half-sister, and the couple
tsiosiDanmnvei’Anoeetdtssneoip tv y3tnpPht9eoieoaem.ru6frtalee ecmbahnartaneoo rtrPdudalrryebnare.l,o tcns aayto’b(hrscf1dole ,heF6siui?ra6slt ivR3 vogteerheghscahhet1yl e il.cffrc1oolalniabnmreds ag )uowriolrolvteyfonewl eosurwei l(tl3iod4,hgn 6a hohnntog oedgifanuvloralreealotsuc rnls?ym-istcf )uiel.nitcniumkgm e, had two daughters, neither of whom survived.
wyer About 16.3 barrels (685 gallons) of oil are saved by The second daughter had several birth defects,
em recycling one ton of plastic. including spina bifida and scoliosis, perhaps
ts caused by the family’s inbreeding. DNA testing
ld showed that his parents were brother and sister.
• Although a tall person, his remains suggest
of RLOOTDOANWM that he was physically frail, suffering from a
lit bone disease that crippled his left foot. Art-
s work depicts him as seated while participating
Home of “Mission to Mars,” “Space in physical activities such as archery. DNA
Mountain,” and “Finding Nemo Voyage” samples uncovered evidence of several malaria
In 1943, U.S. Navy code-breakers learned that Jap- infections. It’s possible that Tut died from a
gangrene infection following a broken leg.
anese Admiral Yamamoto would be flying to the • His tomb was relatively small in size, which
leads historians to believe that Tut’s death at
Solomon Islands to inspect air bases. age 19 was sudden and unexpected. Following LAKE WINDS METALWORKING
the Egyptian religious tradition, Tut’s organs
President Roosevelt instructed Amer- were removed and wrapped in resin-soaked • SHEARING • BENDING
bandages. A 24-lb. solid gold mask was placed • DRILLING • MACHINING
ican P38 aircraft from Guadalcanal over his head and shoulders, and the body was
then placed in eight nested containers, includ-
1. toDshiosont deowynltahenpdlanPe. aForuirsU.S. ing golden coffins, a granite sarcophagus and
2. TFpcielrhgosoestsefaunnwlcMet“erOi,e”epioiennrrvnlawoatilhoovninecrdhdVaYieninaltm-hea-suc- gilded wooden shrines.
3. • The relatively-unknown Tut rested in his tomb New Steel (All Shapes & Sizes)
for more than 3,200 years, until November, - cut to size while you wait!
4. SpamoctoewMas koilluedn. OtnaeiUn.S. 1922, when British archaeologist Howard Cart- Paints-Lubricants-Bolts & Fasteners
5. Fantapsilyotlwaansnesvdheortfoduonwdn. and er discovered the four-room tomb, unsealed the Trailer Hitch Supplies
burial chamber in February, 1923, and turned WOOD &
(continued on next page) STOVES &
12551 Roosevelt Hwy (Rt 18) • Lyndonville, NY
There are 57.87 days in 5,000,000 seconds. Samuel Martin
Hours: M-F 8-5; Sat 8-12
5,000,000/60=83,333.33 minutes • 83,333.33/60=1,388.88 hours
WNY’s LoWesT Price 1,388.88/24=57.87 days

snowon Differences
af 3rd Quarter 2016
an Week 30 1. Burger stack is shorter. 2. Man in background is missing.
3. Slacks have no cuffs. 4. Two small signs are reversed.
the 5. Customers nose is smaller. 4. Large sign is different.

tiresk 1. Normandy
Durf’s Tire & Auto 2. University of Arizona, Tucson
3. On the Arizona state capitol complex in Phoenix
1. 7316-772-7591 4. Elvis Presley
5. USS Missouri
726. 42 “RPeotecr Phaen’ss Ftleigrht”Rd., Rt. 31
GaspoRt, NY 1. 1915
2. Montana Congresswoman
Jerry’s Loose Threads Jeannette Rankin TUESDAYS
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person in history – 22 AwarJdesr raynCd h5a9m nboemrsinations PIZZA & 1 TOPPING & 10 WINGS

Owner 15$ tax included
take out only
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Schwab Farm Market GOODS • D Turkey Roasting Times KING TUT (cont’d):
ORDER YOUR S & CHEES Roast the turkey until temperature reaches 170 degrees Tut into the world’s most famous pharaoh.
F in the breast and 180 degrees F in the thigh. Cooking • Carter had been excavating in Egypt since
Thanksgiving times are for planning purposes only -- always use a 1891. After World War I, his search was con-
meat thermometer to determine doneness. centrated in the Valley of the Kings, where Tut
Approximate Timetable for Roasting a Turkey (325 • The antechambers contained 5,398 artifacts,
TODAY! degrees F): which took Howard Carter 17 years to exca-
716.735.7570 vate, classify, and record. Although it seems
Schwab Farm Market Unstuffed Turkey the tomb had been robbed twice of a few items,
[email protected] 8 to 12 pounds 2 3/4 to 3 hours the robberies clearly took place less than a year
12 to 14 pounds 3 to 3 3/4 hours after Tut’s death. Items discovered included
9035 Rochester Rd. • Gasport, NY 14067 14 to 18 pounds 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 hours weapons, chariots, thrones, jewelry, clothes,
18 to 20 pounds 4 1/4 to 4 1/2 hours oils and perfumes, wine, trumpets, childhood
(Rt. 31, between Gasport & Middleport) 20 to 24 pounds 4 1/2 to 5 hours toys, gold and ebony statues, and 130 of the
24 to 30 pounds 5 to 5 1/4 hours crippled king’s canes – anything that he might
“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which possibly need in the afterlife. Carter even found
will live in infamy – the United States of Stuffed Turkey fresh linen underwear!
America was suddenly and deliberately 8 to 12 pounds 3 to 3 1/2 hours • Tut’s tomb relics have been displayed
attacked by naval and air forces of the 12 to 14 pounds 3 1/2 to 4 hours throughout the world. The most well-known
Empire of Japan.” 14 to 18 pounds 4 to 4 1/4 hours tour began in 1972 at London’s British Mu-
– Franklin D. Roosevelt 18 to 20 pounds 4 1/4 to 4 3/4 hours seum. Over a six-month period, more than 1.6
20 to 24 pounds 4 3/4 to 5 1/4 hours million visitors attended the exhibition, stand-
ALWAYS COMFORTABLE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 to 30 pounds 5 1/4 to 6 1/4hours ing in line for up to eight hours. The Metro-
11AM - MIDNITE politan Museum of Art hosted the U.S. exhibi-
Source: National Turkey Federation tion from 1976 to 1979. Upwards of 8 million
FFUONODGDRREIANTKS GTOIOMDES people viewed the display over the 2 ½-year
NEVER BORING • Today, Tut’s mummy still rests in his tomb in
the Valley of the Kings. On the 85th anniver-
5855 E. Main St.Olcott, NY sary of the discovery, in order to reduce further
(716) 638-4593 decomposition, the mummy was transferred
from its golden sarcophagus to a climate-con-
LakBe BIrCeeYzeCLE trolled glass box, where it remains on display to

Full Service Family Bike Shop Turkey Leftovers
Service on all brands • Plenty of pasta dishes lend themselves to diced white
Specializing in 10707 Millers Rd. turkey meat.
• A turkey sauté is quick, easy and delectable. Just heat
Lyndonville, NY 14098 Turkey Leftovers butter and oil in a skillet until hot. Add mushrooms,
onions or peppers, and cook. Then add minced garlic,
585-735-5678 Work Magic With Leftover Turkey a little broth, and turkey.

MOre ANSWERS Trying to figure out how to use all of those Thanksgiv- (c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc.
ing dinner leftovers in meals? Here are some sugges-
tions: 3 this out
• Make turkey chili in your slow cooker: Toss some
chopped turkey meat, chili beans, tomato paste, chili Many children are waiting for
powder and any leftover veggies into the slow cooker. very special foster families...
Refrigerate overnight and let the chili simmer on low
until ready. COULD THAT BE YOU?
• If plain turkey sandwiches from the fridge leave you
cold, how about one that’s barbecued? Sauté some on- INFORMATIONAL MEETING
ions in a little butter, stir in cooked turkey and barbe- DECEMBER 5, 2019
cue sauce until heated through, add pepper and throw 6PM - 7PM
it all on a split hard roll.
• Another sandwich variation: Mix together chopped WEHRLE COMMONS Small gift to adults who attend
olives, celery, onions, roasted peppers, capers, oreg- 2801 WEHRLE DR
ano, pepper or any other vegetables or herbs that call SUITE 13 & 14 RSVP KATHY @
out to you. Mix in oil and vinegar. Split a round Italian WILLIAMSVILLE, NY 14221 716.634.1058
bread loaf, pulling out some of the insides, and brush
both sides with more oil and vinegar. Place turkey slic-
es on the bottom half of the bread, then spoon the olive
mixture over the turkey. Arrange provolone or Swiss
cheese slices on top, then press the top bread half over
it all. Cut the sandwich into wedges.
• Try a turkey stir-fry using soy sauce, rice vinegar,
sesame oil, garlic and vegetables.

(continued in next column)

In addition to the Pearl Harbor attack, the Japanese also launched attacks against Malaya, Hong Kong, Guam, the Philippines, Wake Island,
and Midway Island on December 7 and 8, 1941.

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