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Volume 4 Issue 23


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Of Niagara Region SALE GOOD TO 1/4/20
840 Seneca St.• Lewiston
The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read®
“So much more than a shed” 716-754-2199
Published by Toby Publishing, Inc.
Week of December 15th 2019 Volume 4, Issue #23

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716-433-2626 TIDBITS® WONDERS AT
5690 Transit Rd.

OPEN DAILY by Janet Spencer
7am - 9pm
Come along with Tidbits as we learn about
Come Enjoy Family Dining At Its Finest! symbiotic partnerships with microbes!

Here at Kalamata we offer a large selection of UNUSUAL PARTNERSHIPS
Greek and American dishes, served up in a • A submersible named Alvin descended to the
friendly family atmosphere. bottom of the ocean off the Galapagos Islands
in 1977. It landed on the ocean floor, 7,900 ft
We offer Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all day long, (2,400 m) beneath the surface, where tectonic
including a children’s section to satisfy even our plates pull away from each other and thermal
littlest customers. We feature Daily Homemade vents spew super-heated water.
Specials that are sure to keep you coming back • Three geologists inside Alvin were there to
for more! study the geology, but were shocked to see the
area teeming with life, despite the water being
heated to 750 F (400 C) and being subjected to on
the pressure of the deep water.
• One of the specimens they collected was a until Dec. 31, 2019
giant tube worm as long as a human. When it
was examined at the surface, biologists at the hair care products
Smithsonian were surprised to find that it had at
no mouth, no digestive system, and no way of
eating or excreting food. What it did have, how- D
ever, was an organ that was covered with sulfur (716)
crystals gleaned from the chemical-laden water
of the hot vents. The crystals were covered with 433-3331
a dense layer of microbes, to the tune of one
million per gram of sulfur. 6312 Robinson Rd.
• Microbes were oxidizing sulfur and liberating Lockport, NY
energy that was feeding the tube worm in a case
of creatures using chemosynthesis instead of Curvy ’n Chic
• One type of bacteria called Wolbachia is pres We are currently welcoming
Winter consignments!
(continued on next page)
consignments accepted on Fridays or by appt

DEC 24th

& 25th

A Plus Size Consignment Boutique

2105 Military Rd. • N.F.


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Page 2 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729


ent in caterpillars who feed on apple leaves. LITTLE BLUE REMOVAL
When secreted by the caterpillar, it prevents the
apple leaf from turning yellow in the fall, giv- Commercial • Residential • Small to Large Loads
ing the caterpillar more food to eat as autumn
progresses. The same microbe, when present in  Hot Tub Disposal  Furniture Removal
bees, ants, and wasps, prevents the development
of males.  Construction Debris  Waste Disposal & Recycling
• A type of squid that lives in the waters off the
coast of Hawaii uses bioluminescent bacteria  Trash Removal  Yard Waste Removal
to light up the underside of its body, mimick-
ing moonlight hitting the surface of the sea, and  Mattress Disposal  Foreclosure Clean Outs
causing the creature to be camouflaged to the
point of invisibility when seen from below.  Garbage Removal  Appliance Removal
• In South America, ants live in the hol-
low thorns of acacia trees, where they repel  Refrigerator Disposal & Recycling
other insects that would damage the tree. They
eat the leaves of the acacia, and the acacia CALL LITTLE BLUE TODAY! 585.820.3981
tree imparts to the ants a specific microbe that
prevents the ants from being able to digest BY
anything other than acacia leaves. If the ants go HENRY
elsewhere to feed, they starve. Therefore they BOLTINOFF
are basically enslaved to the acacia tree.
Information in the Tidbits® Paper is gathered from sources considered to be • The hoopoe is a colorful bird found in Africa
reliable but the accuracy of all information cannot be guaranteed. and parts of Asia. When it lays an egg, it covers
the shell with a bacteria-laden fluid secreted
RESERVE NOW! from a gland under its tail. The bacteria release
antibiotics which stop other more dangerous
Send $17.95 (plus $5.00 S&H) microbes from infiltrating the eggshell and
by Check or Money Order hurting the chicks inside.
• Leafcutter ants carry microbes around on their
BOOK SET Tidbits Media, Inc. bodies and use them to sterilize fungus gardens
Tidbits Books II & III that they cultivate in underground gardens.
1430 I-85 Parkway, Ste. 210 • The Colorado potato beetle uses bacteria in its
Montgomery, AL 36106 saliva to suppress the defense mechanisms of
(800) 523-3096 the plants that it feeds from.
• The zebra-striped cardinalfish harbors a
The Tidbits® Paper is a division of Tidbits Media, Inc. • Montgomery, AL 36106 colony of luminous bacteria which it uses to at-
(800) 523-3096 • All Rights Reserved tract potential prey.
• The ant lion paralyses prey using toxins pro-
Able InspectIons duced by the bacteria in its saliva.
purchase with confidence! • Most corals are covered in a layer of mi-
crobes. Every square inch of their surface is Differences on page 7
Gary Mulrain • Home covered with over 100 million microbes, more
Inspections than ten times as many as on a similar size TO ADVERTISE CALL
Senior Inspector • Business patch of human skin or forest soil.
Inter N.A.C.H.I. Certified Inspections 716.807.7729
NY# 16000012150 • Mold (continued on next page)
Inspections Nancy Murphy
716.432.7423 • Radon Gas Solution Puzzle on Page 8 owner
[email protected] 716-778-7100
6119 1st St
of niagara region Published Weekly by: Newfane NY 14108
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6237 South Transit, Lockport, NY 14094 We invite you to tour The Woodlands, a family friendly
community in Lockport, NY. Located just 30 minutes
from downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls, and three miles
from shopping, dining and entertainment, this charming
community is in the perfect place for any family to call home!

PAW’S CORNER Pre-Selling Brand New
By Sam Mazzotta 3 Bedroom Homes! Act now

gifts for pets and pick your homesite!
should be useful & safe
Weekend Open Houses
DEAR PAW’S CORNER: I’m invited to a Yankee
swap party with friends I met at the dog park over the 10am - 3pm
past year. The theme is not presents for humans, but
for our dogs. I don’t want to get a gift that everyone Call (844) 875-6559 for a tour today! EQUAL HOUSING
else is buying, so what are the most popular pet items OPPORTUNITY
right now? That way I can hopefully avoid a dupli-
cate gift. -- Cheri in Somerville, Massachusetts Home details apply to specific homes only, and are subject to change without notice. Must meet residency requirements. Additional restrictions may apply, see associate for full details.

DEAR CHERI: If the item really is popular, I bet SYMBIOSIS (cont’d)
people won’t mind duplicate gifts -- dog booties come
to mind as items that wear out quickly in the winter • One study started with a control group of mice
and are expensive to replace. that lived in sterile environments and had no
For those not in the know, a Yankee swap (known as gut bacteria at all. When these mice were in-
a Santa swap in other parts of the country) is a group fused by bacteria from skinny mice, they gained
gift-giving event where participants each bring a gift, a little weight. But when they were infused
then draw numbers to take turns picking a gift from with bacteria from fat mice, they gained a lot
somebody else -- or opt to swap their gift for another of weight. After this, the newspaper headlines
gift. Things can get a bit wild, I know, but that’s how proclaimed that a person’s weight is determined
we party in the Northeast. The gifts are usually inex- by the type of microflora in the intestines,
pensive -- less than $50. which isn’t quite true. When the same research-
Concentrate on buying a practical gift that will make ers infused the “fat” biotics into mice that were
a dog more comfortable or happy. A box of treats, a eating healthy high-fiber foods, the mice would
raincoat or sweater, spare booties, a collar and leash, a not gain weight; but when they were infused
chew toy or feeding bowl, or a stylish item like a ban- with the same biotics when eating an unhealthy
danna or a bow tie. If your dog likes or needs some- diet, they gained a lot of weight.
thing, then your friends’ dogs are almost certain to like • The beewolf is a wasp that preys on bees. It
or need the same thing. captures a bee, paralyzes it with a sting, and
And, since people rarely end up with exactly what buries it alive in an underground burrow along
they want at a Yankee swap, save a few dollars to buy with a wasp egg. When the egg hatches, it eats
something you think your dog will really like after the the bee, and then forms a cocoon and hibernates
party. over winter, emerging as an adult beewolf in
the spring. The mother wasp, prior to sealing
Send your comments, questions or tips to [email protected] up the burrow with the egg inside, will daub the entire area with a secretion excreted from
the tips of her antennae. This white liquid is
(c) 2019 King Features Synd., Inc. packed with a microbe called Streptomyces, the
same microbe that provides about two-thirds of
TREAT YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND December human antibiotics. In this way, the mother wasp
THEIR BEST FRIEND... TO THE GIFT Special is preventing her progeny from being over-run
by fungi and other pathogens as it incubates
OF GROOMING, THIS $10 OFF for nine months. When the adult beewolf
any bath & brush climbs out of the chamber, it’s coated with the
or full microbe, which it then passes on to the next
HOLIDAY SEASON service groom generation. (continued on next page)


716-429-7813 or 716-688-2247 Now with two locations

AMHERST BOARDING KENNEL GROOMERS 6599 S Transit Rd. 141 Buffalo St. Suite 20
Lockport, NY 14094 Hamburg, NY 14075
4650 Millersport Hwy • E. Amherst, NY 14051 716-434-2583 716-992-4364

Specializing in: Ochah Mineral Mud Baths for your pet w/skin conditions



Solution puzzle on page 7 TELL ‘EM YOU

Page 4 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

How to Manage a Loved One’s SYMBIOSIS (cont’d) Answers on page 7
Social Media Afterlife
• There are two species of wasp that look 1. Do microbes have DNA?
Dear Savvy Senior, identical, but are unable to mate. When they 2. How many species of microbes have been
How do I go about changing or canceling a person’s do breed, the hybrid offspring die quickly and
social media accounts when they die? My sister never reach maturity. Researchers theorized officially named?
passed away several months ago and her social me- that the gut biome might be responsible, and 3. How quickly does E. coli reproduce?
dia accounts are still active. fed wasps of both species antibiotics. After 4. Are microbes the same as bacteria?
Inquiring Sister this, the two species were able to mate success-
fully and the offspring survived to adulthood, TO ADVERTISE CALL
Dear Inquiring, proving that the deaths of the offspring were
I’m sorry for your loss. This a question that’s become being caused by warring factions of different 716.807.7729
more frequent in recent years as most Americans have microbes.
participated on some type of social media platform. • Creosote bushes live in the desert and have a The campaign “Don’t be a litter bug” launched in the
Here’s a run-down of how you can change or cancel very pungent odor and a very toxic resin. When 1950s was a play on words, since the jitterbug craze
some different social media accounts after a loved one most rodents eat creosote, they get sick, and if had recently been in full swing. The crying Indian fea-
dies. they eat enough of it, the toxins shut down the tured in an anti-littering TV commercial in
liver and kidneys, killing the animal. But the the 1970s was actually the son of Italian
Facebook desert woodrat can eat all the creosote leaves it parents from Sicily.
Let’s start with the biggest and most frequently used wants without any ill effect. That’s because mi-
social media platform on the Web today. When some- crobes in the animal’s digestive system detoxify “Mr. Piano”
one with a Facebook profile dies, there are two differ- the resin before it can do any harm. If those
ent things someone with authority over their account microbes are transplanted into other rat species Tuning & Repair
can do. You can either “memorialize” it or “delete” it. who don’t have them, those rats also develop
the ability to digest creosote. Roy Nieman
A memorialized account serves as a place where • The species of flatworm called Paracatenula The tuner that cares!
friends and family can share stories, photos or memo- lives in warm ocean sediments and is about a
ries to celebrate the deceased person’s life, with the half-inch long. About 90% of that half-inch Karaoke & 716-444-2423
word “Remembering” shown next to the deceased per- long body is made up of symbiotic microbes DJ Services Available
son’s name. Once an account is memorialized, content and their living quarters. It’s essentially a [email protected]
the person shared is still visible on Facebook to the flatworm brain and a collection of microbes.
audience it was originally shared with, however, the Microbes provide the flatworm with its energy;
user’s profile will not show up in public spaces such as microbes store the fats; and microbes provide
people you may know, ads or birthday reminders. the worm’s white coloration. If you cut the flat-
worm in two, each of the two ends can regener-
If you don’t wish to memorialize your sister’s profile, ate the missing parts and become fully func-
you can also have her account permanently deleted tional worms. The rear half will even regrow a
from Facebook. new head and brain. But if one end of the worm
doesn’t come away with a big enough comple-
Facebook allows users (when they’re alive) to choose ment of microbes, it will not survive. It’s easier
a “legacy contact,” which is a person chosen to look for the tail end of the worm to re-grow a new
after their account once they’ve passed away, or users head and brain than it is for a brain to re-grow
can request to have their account permanently deleted the tail if it comes away from the split without
after they die. (To do either of these tasks, click on enough bacteria.
“Settings” on the top right of Facebook, then click
on “General” on the left-side menu and then on Social Media Afterlife
“Manage Account.”)
If your sister didn’t set up a legacy contact before
she passed, you can submit a memorialization and a copy of the deceased’s death certificate.
request at – type in “How do I
report a deceased person on Facebook that needs LinkedIn
to be memorialized?” in the search bar. You’ll If your sister also had a LinkedIn profile, the only
be asked to provide proof of death by providing option is to delete her account. To request this, see
a copy of either an obituary, death certificate or You’ll need
memorial card. to provide her name and URL to her LinkedIn
profile; the relationship you have to her; her email
Or, if you would rather have her account deleted go address; date she passed away; link to an obituary;
to, and type in “How do I request and company she most recently worked for.
the removal of a deceased family member’s Facebook
account?” This also requires proof of death plus veri- Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box
fication that you’re an immediate family member or 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit
executor of the account holder. Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show

Instagram and author of “The Savvy Senior” book.
Instagram’s policy on a deceased users’ account is
similar to its parent company, Facebook. A deceased Why did the paramecium cross the road?
users’ account can either be memorialized or re- He was stuck to the chicken’s foot.
moved, which you can request at Help.Instagram.

Like Facebook, to memorialize an Instagram account
requires proof of death, but to remove an account
you’ll also need to provide verification that you’re an
immediate family member.

If your sister was a Twitter user, Twitter will work
with anyone who is authorized to act on behalf of her
estate, or with a verified immediate family member to
have an account deactivated. To request the removal
of your sister’s account, go to

After you submit your request, Twitter will email you
with instructions for providing more details, including
information about the deceased, a copy of your ID,

(continued in next colulmn)

For advertising rates call 716.807.7729 Tidbits® of Niagara Region Page 5

• The Chinese water snake is a mildly venom- GIVING IDEAS

ous aquatic snake native to Asia commonly TIS THE SEASON

found in shallow freshwater ponds and rice $5 OFF

paddies. The snake is often eaten, and its skin purchases of $50 or more
thru December 24, 2019
is processed into leather. The fat of the Chinese
73 & 83 Locust St, Lockport, NY
water snake has been used as a folk remedy for 433-ROSE (7673)

centuries, prescribed by Chinese healers as a Mon.-Fri. 9-5 • Sat. 9-3 • like us on

topical ointment to relieve pain. The popularity Answers on Page 7

of this snake-oil liniment spread worldwide as

Chinese laborers immigrated to other countries.

• Born in Texas in 1854, Clark Stanley spent

11 years of his life as a cowboy before decid-

ing there had to be an easier way of making a

living. According to his account, he then spent

two years studying under a Hopi medicine man

in Arizona. Here he learned the secrets of mak-

ing healing salves from the fat of rattlesnakes

endemic to the area.

• He teamed up with a druggist from Boston
and beQg:cahWnatrhoaacmttekarirsnkddertoihvf ievs?ebhaiclmless adtowDeisstneerny medi-
cine sAho:wMs.inInni1e8-v9a3nhse gained much attention 1. Name the most visited theme park in all of Did you hear about the family who got stuck
Europe. on Peter Pan’s Flight for over 3 hours?
when he exhibited his wares at the World’s Apparently, their vehicle would never-
2. What part of Disneyland contains the “Big never land.
Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. This Thunder Mountain Railroad” and “Tom Sawyer
resulted in enough money so that he was able Spice Cookie Cutouts
3. What is the name of the transportation system
to set up production facilities in Massachusetts throughout Disneyland? (continued)
and R1h.oHDdoieswnIe smylalananndyd, whgorhotieculhns dbasro,e t ohowpsunefrefadet erbday orDenmi sthnaeerk y-?
4. What ride beings in Space Port where guests
board a rocket?

5. Where would a visitor find “Mr. Toad’s Wild
Ride” and “Peter Pan’s Flight”?

able lack of rattlesnakes.2.Name the only Disneyland ride to hang 1. In bowl, with mixer at medium speed, beat confec-
from the ceiling?
tioners’ sugar, meringue powder and 1/3 cup warm

• However, Stanley always travelled with a water until blended and mixture is so stiff that knife

crate full of rattlesnakes which he raised on “What youngster has not dreamed of drawn through it leaves a clean-cut path, about 5
flying with Peter Pan over moonlit
his farm in Texas. On the road, he would at- London, or tumbling into Alice’s minuteRs. L O O T D O A N W M
nonsensical Wonderland?” 2H. Iofmyeo oufl i“kMe,istsiinotnf rtoos Mtinagrsw,” i“thSpfaocoed colorings as
tract large crowds in the small towns where he -- Walt Disney desMireodu;nktaeienp,”c aonvde “reFdinwdiinthg pNleamstioc Vworyaapgeto” prevent

appeared. He would demonstrate how to kill drying out. With small spatula, artist’s paintbrushes,
a rattleAsnpsaaekrceko,bnCydabCleihafoeliarfndoiirnangAiaitd.DvHeisenntweuyoreut,lhdetmheen
skin the osnpaeknee,dpliunn2g0in0g1itosnbtohdeysiintteotahavtathoafd or decorating bags with small writing tips, decorate
btoopil,iwnghewlfroueatntSefcrtot.airnTolonheveeyedswr nao4asuk0 Deldy’isessafknarietmsy.wliaotnuadlnd’dsf plpooaaurtrktiiotntgh e
SolutVDioiannvoDindipeHasageesl s8elhoff 7/17/52 cookies with frosting. (You may need to thin frosting

Vikki Carr 7/19/41 right spreading
Spice Cookie Cutouts WithCarlos Santana frosting.
Jon Lovitz

into a bottle in front of onlookers. For only 50 Ornamental FrostingSelena Gomez 4. Space Mountain
Daniel Radcliffe (c5). 2019 HFeaanrsttaCsyomlamndunications, Inc.

cents a bottle you too could own this miracu- The perfect holiday sweets for an old-fashioned swap All rights reserved
with friends.
(continued on next page)

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup light (mild) molasses

2 teLasopoooknins ggr ofounrd ag ninagteurral weed killer for
1 1/2 yteoauspro gonasrdgeronu?n dWcihnintaem voinnegar is an
July 17 Wrong Way Corrigan Day 3rd Quarter 2016
Week 30
July 18 Chrysanthemum Day 1/2 teeasfpfeoocntivgreouannddcleoavretsh-friendly broadleaf
1. 3
July 19 2. “Peter Pan’s Flight”

Simple Holiday BarkJuly20
Flitch Day 1/2 tteetwaaaosslsepp toooehood oann pskggepirrl oolplyuueenn rasdd, k asbnystluar twicomskn eelpggeee dmpsspao elttrnh w ajtua iatceperp. seYoaolru uitn ico atnhn e
National Lollipop Day 1/4

July 21 Get to Know Your Customers Day

July 22 Spoonerism Day
Keep Jaurloyu2n3d the houseNfaotrioanahloDliadyaoyfttrheeaCt o--wobroywrap it
2 teascproaocnks sb aokfin ygosuodr adrivewaPyH OoTrO sCiRdEeDwITa: lSkan g An
up as a gift! 1/2 cuppa(v1esrtsic.k) butter, cut into chunks, or substitute

12 ounces (semisweet) chocolate, chopped margarine
8 ounces white chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup (coarseTlyOcrMushOedR) cRanOdyWcanLesAoNr pDeppermint 1 large egg, beaten
3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

Ornamental Frosting (recipe follows),tterilwrecnsw,ttiicet;hrtl ekewohfilDlisisrerltrocktcseirhetiigkcuihersewncwofe..neonnhogrlDpKiticaaeoiti, tolhl1httrefycu.eoolofe9ona wicrprphorlt3.tramehinauatS2lmtsiabsse.tepm bhoet iaPrroicrleuvenneeceergdtleposhdecetbspaaewlocet orohd1a1coimaewoenvo91fvadrfondlle.6nianscywnfodd9toot.genw ih.isom.t lahmmh;kitnoiibteoteierr-apoeenta ohAkf; cademfotcmed1f3s42hlrlgi.-.ou.ooinyeeigggIPuOunmnd n,hphgArrcaineettauhlh3mhhlwydhnlmy-eeiwae)qomgraan.stauonihhhtrstSti;fla,doehtixllotlnrscaoirsiyetvntpntrltu dieo,seglaerfir.adalvnsnrn.oispDutenctidtutbicshrioionr bcrue,vaneo,ipa3tninnwdtkrodka2uegoi1ermnis5rtelnam/uo,ldu4pgdcirchroennfueecieasagutnagtmaoanictglctsreatddeiaehihmrnos,aoies.sudniknns,ee(nWginamlctspnFtalheu eeagilairtataytdpsx, lhiugatumaotowrehrhngsfaeoisibhytpdfidlve.nool osueWoo3tirf,uonlkno-stiggtihin,aeaaintihulgmshenshctctrghiamohe ruelpvoptfrapioeren,ano-rirnyfnson in history – 22 Awards and 59 nominations

* Each serving: About 142 calories, 8g total fat (5g cookies as possible; reserve trimmings. Place cookies,
saturated), 2mg cholesterol, 12mg sodium, 18g total 1/2 inch apart, on ungreased large cookie sheet. Reroll
carbohydrate, 1g dietary fiber, 2g protein. trimmings and cut out more cookies.
4. Bake cookies 12 minutes or until edges begin to

For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our Web brown. Remove cookies to wire rack to cool. Repeat
site at with remaining dough.
5. When cookies are cool, prepare Ornamental Frost-

(c) 2019 Hearst Communications, Inc. ing; use to decorate cookies as desired. Set cookies Answers on Page 7
All rights reserved aside to allow frosting to dry completely, about 1 hour.
Store in tightly covered container (with waxed paper

TIDBITS OF NIAGARA REGION IS NOW ON FACEBOOK between layers, if decorated) at room temperature up
to 2 weeks, or in freezer up to 3 months. Ornamental Frosting 1. How much of the weight of a termite is com-
posed of bacteria that help it digest cellulose?
1 package (16-ounce) confectioners’ sugar 2. On average, how many microbes are swallowed
3 tablespoons meringue powder

Assorted food colorings (optional) with every bite of food?

(continued in next column)

Page 6 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

The Village 5665 South Transit Road • Lockport, NY 14094 CLARK STANLEY (cont’d)
Office: 716.434.8458 • Fax: 716.434.6589
A Manufactured Home Community lous healing substance which was guaranteed to
Tammy Lee-Kavney-ROSe cure all ills.
6035 S. Transit Rd. • Clark Stanley began calling himself “The
Lockport, NY 14094 Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Rattlesnake King” and even wrote his autobi-
ography in 1897, titling it “The Life and Ad-
Phone: 716-434-6241 Do You Know the Difference ventures of the American Cow-Boy: Life in the
Fax: 716-434-9634 Far West by Clark Stanley, Better Known as
Cell: 585-469-4597 between Pre-Qual and Pre Approval? the Rattle-Snake King.” He sold his book along
Email: [email protected] with his snake oil where ever he went. Jeanie Swatsworth Tammy Lee-Kavney-Rose IF NOT... CALL ME • But trouble began brewing for Stanley
Russell Swatworth Jr. 716.392.3520 with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug
Park Managers [email protected] Act in 1906. Prior to that, there were no regula- tions prohibiting false advertising of medicinal
products, so some quacks made money selling worthless or dangerous substances to unwitting
people. “Medicine shows” were also popular:
BASEMENT WATERPROOFING they were usually gatherings of hoaxers and
hucksters who showcased a variety of patented
DONALD A. YORK INC. medicines and then left town before citizens
could discover they had been duped.
Waterproofing & Drainage Contractor • Wall Bracing • Clark Stanley ranked among the best of them.
He advertised that his tincture would relieve
• Plugged drain tiles corrected OVER joint pain due to arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism,
orDluiodmn ybPoaeugt eohr.e PIatar nwa’boso uFulldti gtchhuet r ffeoaemr voielvyrey rwt h3hi onh goguofrrtso s?mt uck
• Bowed, cracked walls 60 YEARS Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Specialists headAapcphaersentotlyh,e tmheoirrr hvoehidicsl.e would never-
• Wet yards EXPERIENCE • Stannelveeyr mlananda. ged to stay one step ahead of the
• Glass block windows 9720 Rochester Rd Jeff Ulrich, President authorities until 1916, when officials at the Bu-
Middleport, NY 14105 mobile phone: 716-622-9427 reau of Chemistry (the precursor to the Food &
• Basements spray painted: Waterproof paint seals, phone: 716-735-3370 Drug Administration) tested his product. They
fax: 866-323-7402 email: [email protected] found it was actually composed of mineral oil,
makes walls look like new! tallow, capsaicin extracted from chili peppers,
turpentine, and camphor. There was no snake
709 Casey Road, East Amherst, NY • 716-688-6111 fat in the medicine, and the ointment had no
discerRnabLleOvalOue.T D O A N W M
PETE HERQR:IWVEhNat kind of vehicles do Disney Barb’s • H ome oCf “laMrkissSiotna ntol eMyawrs,a”s “Sfipnaeced $20 (equal to
characters drive? aboMutou$n4t5ai0n,”to adnad y“)Fifnodrintgh Ne edmeoc eVpotyiaogne”and ordered
OWNER Sweet Treats1. Name the most visited theme park in all of to cease and desist from marketing his product.
Europe. Stanley may have faded into obscurity after-
716-735-A4:12M9innie-vans 32.. WtIWTDhshlrihhasuotiaannunttcddg tiip”vehse?arotr CuhMth teooN coDufontluS saDaipnts•emoHitnnCCosageelhnaiieedynneowadCl yiyfaasResnlnC•,taadhhdMyniSoe•l?cuadroCgdto learrcaaeraFtoadenWrmnse”saseth pfasaflDoiennsradtsila y“tt!hTioeon m“sB ySisgat wemyer wards, but his notoriety lives on, as he was the
[email protected] 4. What ride beingsG iiann tSCpooakciees Port where guests or1ig. inal “DsnisankeeyolailnsdalPesamrisan.”
• I32r..o nicalFTlyrhoeennMtoieuorgnlhao,nrhdaoilwever, today many pain
PETE’S GARAGE board a rocket? Novelty Candies re4li.ef patSchpeascearMe boausnetdaoinn capsaicin, and many
5. WRWihdh7eeo1r”el6 ea -swn6a0dole9 u“-&lP0d9eR 3atee 1tvra iiPsliatno’rs f Finldig “hMt”?r. Toad’s Wild ch5e.s t rubFs aunsteacsyamlapnhdor to relieve cold symp-
9966 ROC1H.EHDSToisEwnRe RmyDlaannyd hgoroteulns dasr,e oowpnereadt ebdy oDni sthnee y? toms.
MIDDLEPO2R.TNfrNoaYmm1 e4t h1th0ee 5c eoinlilnyg D?isneyland ride to hang Barbara Wickman
238 Oliver Street • North Tonawanda, NY Unscrambled on Page 8

“What youngster has not dreamed of 3rd Quarter 2016
Not too LPAoTr LfEt lr yo af oini ntr dsngyoaoo nwnund,rsi toehnr sPtiuecmtaelbr W lPinaognn dionevtroelar A nmdlio?c”oe ’n s l i t Week 30

Wedding Photography needs. -- Walt Disney

A second California Disney theme Senior Photos Business
park, California Adventure,
opened in 2001 on the site that had Family Portraits Real Estate

DIlfSouCtnOfcotUiroNonveTedGr a4Rs0 ODyCiesEanRresIy.ElaSnd’s parking Engagement Fine Art David Hasselhoff 7/17/52

Save the Dates Art ReproductioVnisn Diesel 7/18/67

Head Shots Classic Cars Vikki Carr 7/19/41
Anniversary Carlos Santana 7/20/47
Weddings Boats 7/21/57
Special RequesJtson Lovitz 7/22/92

Selena Gomez

John R Witt Daniel Radcliffe 7/23/89

phone: 716-713-5641 (call or text)

email: [email protected]

facebook: WNY Shots

& MORE Credit & EBT
Cards Accepted
OPEN MON.- SAT. 9 A.M.-6 P.M.

11 MAIN ST. • LYNDONVILLE, NY Looking for a natural weed killer for
your garden? White vinegar is an
July 17 Wrong Way Corrigan Day effective and earth-friendly broadleaf
July 18 Chrysanthemum Day weed killer, as is lemon juice. You can
July 19 Flitch Day also apply a strong salt water solution
July 20 National Lollipop Day to those pesky weeds that appear in the
July 21 Get to Know Your Customers Day cracks of your driveway or sidewalk
July 22 Spoonerism Day pavers.
July 23 National Day of the Cowboy

2. “Peter Pan’s Flight”



YOU’RE NEEDED!Walt Disney has received more Academy Awards and nominations than any other person in history – 22 Awards and 59 nominations
between 1932 and 1969.

Solution puzzle on page 8 Answers on Page 8

Start each day with a peaceful nights sleep!

Chris Jagielo $fo5r y0o0uGrMEtrTaOdReE! Pillowtop, 2 Sided,
Sales Manager BRING THIS AD No flip & Organic Mattresses
Custom Sizes Available. Metal Bed Frames
Hours: Mon, Tues & Thurs 9am-6pm • Fri 8am-7pm • Sat 8am-12pm noon
6179 S. Transit Road Toyota 716-625-8444 1230 Foss Rd. (Off Rte 18) • Lyndonville
Lockport, NY 14094 Volkswagon 716-625-4444 [email protected]

For advertising rates call 716.807.7729 Tidbits® of Niagara Region Page 7

Solution puzzle on page 8 THE POISON SQUAD

One study raised fruit flies on either an all- • In the late 1800s and early 1900s, food be- 3976 Lockport Olcott Rd, Ste A Lockport, NY 14094
starch diet or an all-sugar diet. After two gen- gan to be more and more mass-produced and
erations of this, the fruit flies shipped long distances, rather than being grown NNEOWWWCOROORIFGPFNIHEECNTRE.SS..IN Recipient of consecutive
preferred to mate with other locally and sold fresh. Prior to the passage of "Agent of the Year" award
fruit flies who had been raised the Pure Food & Drug Act of 1906, there was
on the identical diet. However, no regulation whatsoever governing food pro- Deborah Carpenter
when the flies were fed cessing and production.
• If it was labelled chicken and contained only Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
antibiotics which killed turkey, there was nothing to prevent that. If
their gut biome, they morphine was added to children’s cough syrup; Cell: 716.998.0039
if formaldehyde was used as a preservative; if
lost their mating flour was cut with chalk dust; if charcoal was O ce: 716.638.9300
preferences. added to coffee grounds; or if milk was diluted
with river water – there was no law against that. E-mail: [email protected]
Jerry’s Loose Threads One irate consumer returned a ten-pound bag Web site:
of sugar to his local grocer with a note saying,
Kustom Upholstery, Tops, Boats “Not enough sand for building, and not enough Q: Why did the bacteria cross the microscope?
sugar for cooking!” One study found that of 10 A: To get to the other slide!
Jerry Chambers kinds of maple syrup tested, nine did not con-
tain even a trace of maple syrup. LAKE WINDS METALWORKING
Owner • Dr. Harvey Wiley, chief chemist at the De-
2800 Bebee Road partment of Agriculture, became concerned • SHEARING • BENDING
Newfane, NY 14108 about the state of the situation, and was espe- • DRILLING • MACHINING
cially worried about the substances being used New Steel (All Shapes & Sizes)
716-628-8503 as preservatives. - cut to size while you wait!
• In 1902 Dr. Wiley received a grant of $5,000 Paints-Lubricants-Bolts & Fasteners
[email protected] ($143,000 today) to set up a series of trials to Trailer Hitch Supplies
test the safety of food additives. He then re- WOOD &
cruited a team of 12 men to eat various things COAL
and report back. Women were not allowed to STOVES &
participate in what was ultimately dubbed “The ANTHRACITE & BLACKSMITHING COAL BOILERS
Poison Squad Trials.”
• Participants were paid a small stipend, given 12551 Roosevelt Hwy (Rt 18) • Lyndonville, NY
free living quarters for the six-month duration Samuel Martin
of the trials, and had all their meals prepared for Hours: M-F 8-5; Sat 8-12
them. Wiley was flooded with volunteers, but
chose the 12 healthiest men he could find. All
were required to sign waivers in case they suf-
fered complications.

• No one was allowed to eat anything
outside the experiment. Their health was
rigorously monitored. Their “output”
was examined. And so they were fed
various preservatives, starting with low
doses and gradually ramping up

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All six choices could be integers TUESDAYS
Differences & SUNDAYS

1. Boy’s pants are black. 2. Ball near boy’s foot is missing. LARGE CHEESE
3. Mom’s hat is gone. 4. Drapes are wider. PIZZA & 1 TOPPING & 10 WINGS

5. Girl’s bow is different. 6. There’s more trash on the floor. 15$ tax included
1. Yes take out only
2. About 9,000
3. Every 20 minutes Country Cottage
4. All bacteria are microbes, but not all Restaurant
microbes are bacteria
5. 99% 4072 Beach Ridge Rd • Pendleton, NY
1. About half
2. 1 million (Corner of Town Line & Beach Road)


Page 8 Tidbits® of Niagara Region For advertising rates call 716.807.7729

ES BAKED ELI MEAT over time until adverse effects began to
It’s Time to ORDER manifest. Every six months, the twelve

S & CHEES BUSINESS men would be dismissed and 12 new
GOODIES OF THE WEEK men would come on board, in order to
minimize the dangers for any single
PSIESc,hBwAKaEDbGOFOaDSr,mMEAMT TRaAYrSk, CeHtEESE9S03&5MROoRcEhesstcehrwRad7b.1s•[email protected],5Ntm7Y0a1il4.c0o6m7 group. Volunteers dressed in formal at-
tire for their meals to boost morale and
(Rt. 31, between Gasport & Middleport) to provide better publicity photos. The
media ate it up. The food industry was
Schwab Farm Market
not so pleased.
Hi, I just wanted to take a minute and talk about

the Flight of Five • Borax was commonly used to preserve
Winery here in meat. It caused headaches and depres-
Lockport at

2 Pine St in Old sion. Formaldehyde was used to preserve

City Hall next to dairy products but caused severe illness
the flight of five at any dose. The experiments continued
locks that gave

the city its name. for five years. Data was collected and

WAYS COMFORTABLE We share the reports were written.
building with
AL 11AM - MIDNITE Stooge’s stuffed • The food industry was outraged at any
burger restaurant. suggestion that using poisonous sub-
We’re the ones in the city’s previous courtroom lo-
stances to preserve or enhance food was
FFUONODGDRREIANTKS GTOIOMDES cated at the back of the building. unacceptable, and they lobbied hard to
We opened our doors about seven years ago and ensure that Wiley’s report was buried.
featured only seven of our own wines while stocking
some of our favorite offerings from our sister wineries

NEVER BORING along the Niagara Escarpment, but those days are in Wiley himself leaked his reports to the
the past. Currently we have 23 distinct wines ranging media to be sure that the word got out.
5855 E. Main St.Olcott, NY from a traditional Cabernet Franc to our unique coffee Food industry lobbyists claimed Wiley
(716) 638-4593 wine, called Beales’ Beans, which is made with local

grapes flavored with whole Brazilian coffee beans was out to destroy American business.
Q: Why did the bacteria cross the microscope? roasted by Lockport’s own TrueBean Coffee Company But when women got wind of the news,
A: To get to the other slide! women’s clubs from coast to coast orga-
Mbanyid21nf..,oeDtfHvforioacmmewinaiglcledmyreonanbtnZaetaymsiibhensndaplgv?eneeciiDCebasNaoAoPfs?neemctdioacrlorobdofesfrgehrRarvaieonpbugeeenssndlaiankbdeoHWHouehutuwyrwadnsiCdgshttuhauiceckrcpihtauoaratmnihmseePcbcmhiueiecmkrpaecdnpro’seessfrotohste. road? nized to apply pressure to politicians, to
tToog354e...sAHWttrhoahewayemtqripucce,irrcoocikbenlennysttdstoehoifeenstsshttaEeemi.hocneuonmatlsiaarbwnealpbclriitoyoetdrmh.iuaec?eoi?s ulocratnedainme our tastings are great effect.

donetheignut?groups of five. Flights, if you’ll allow for the • In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act,

1. How much of the weight of a termite is composed repeated use of the word. In trying to have something also called the Wiley Act, required ac-
of bacteria that help it digest cellulose? for everyone the current flights are Dry (all dry wines,

2. On average, how many microbes are swallowed Gruner Veltliner to our smoky red blend, Canawler curate labels and outlawed a number of
with every bite of food? Red), Sweet (all sweet wines including Pomegranate poisonous substances. It banned misla-
beled or adulterated substances. It estab-
Giraffe in a Little Girl Costume, P.S. You’re the Worst lished penalties and set up the precursor
to the Food and Drug Administration.
MOre ANSWERS aBnldauUfrpa“IsnfwiyrkdooniuegsdphoDlna’nttoehltiw.k”ae-tnSbtaie)csw,tearSsritatBi,agyraionnnud’alreetousnsrtehse t(esetalratsgewditahPnEadRveIenSrdHysFdwFryiFthU
our Kool Aid adjacent Ghost Dog)Thbaiasncttedyrpiaeftioonmf
Flight (the current crop of experiments and oddities)

One study raised fruit flies on either an all- which is always entirely unboring. Also, we offer are It was the first in a series of consumer
starch diet or an all-sugar diet. After two
generations of this, the fruit flies preferred curated cheeseDonpJaohinrsoinngs12t/o15/1e9n49hance the tasting experi- protection laws. The Poison Squad had
to mate with other fruit flies who had been TenhceeEoafset aHchillfPBMlCoriaapgrdergahPeFrirteaatttn,mMciescaeud rry1r11222e///a111n867n///t111ld999y630416afneaHtuerr21i..bnYAegBbsouYot u9a,0rn0s0ciny’ws eFabnlecnyd, done their work.
raised on the identical diet. However, when oItu’srsiemlvpeosr.tantJUJaetrnnioneGiefFeulolrenrBsdeaatlshat111222o///221910u///111r999346o376 fferin43g..aAEsrlevleabbraayrcce2ttee0rriidmaa.aiinrveutmeesirc. sroebesi,nbutanont all microbes
the flies were fed antibiotics which killed attempt to offer a memorable exper5i. e99n%ce to everyone
their gut biome, they lost their mating

who visits us whether they’re looking for a wine they

like, picking up a gift for someone who left the area or

trying to find an unknown red wine containing hints of

veiny cheeses. While we understand that serious wine

drinkers can become incredibly competitive about who

12/15 International Tea Day ntitishooatinThtsh.TTijseineathVtMeceelthbarlcucbemooreuormyp1gwissa9msnci5tggtre0stanrIsthzcinea“ifmwdaeDholisaaoaistnprsdnne’apfrtotenehrpbacae,rltoeeautc1nwyrava9teel7ydolnii0entcbistatneewelwrnenaynobanedrwsuidnagvwasn”,fcaituetisnleu-tlaillrantuiestlcentlmwteeycnaridhinttnhehaktgrdgeei.iieonnntskaieodirnresslaaanincnkdatthtsmhea4WeorttheirscoeepQokuohuns5feav1ecrreteaoercrnsh2a-0-19
12/16 Stupid Toy Day needsosn otfoItaeliannjpoaryenttshfroemmSiscielyl. ves.
12/17 National Maple Syrup Day
12/18 Migrants Day
12/19 National Necktie Month
12/20 Mudd Day

12/21 Humbug Day Until the end of January when you bring in our ad

from Tidbits you can have any two flights of wine

for the price of one and ten percent off any bottles TO ADVERTISE CALL
you purchase. (our ad is on the front page)

PUFFERFISH Hope to see you soon and thank you for reading this. 716.807.7729
1. About half.

~ Bob 2. 1 million.

Carpenter ants secrCeatrpeentferoanrtms secircete afocrmiicdacifdrfroomma glaandg, wlhaicnh adcts,aws a dhefiencsehmeachcantissm.aWshean andtsegeftea sntosmeachmachee fcrohmaa bnadibsamlanc.e oWf mihcroebens inathneitr sgutg, et a stomach ache from a bad balance
of microbes in their tgheyucto,nsutmheesoymecofothneirsouwnmforemicsaocidm, wehichokfillstthheeovierrgroowwth onf thfeobardmbacitecria.acid, which kills the overgrowth of the bad bacteria.

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