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Published by Jokim Bryant, 2019-12-12 15:21:33

GRAPES History of Me

GRAPES History of Me




When I came to Stephen M White STEAM Magnet
Middle School. I was nervous because i didn’t know
anybody besides my cousin. I was looking at three kids
and I was thinking, “I am the only one who doesn’t
know anyone.” My aunty saw me looking and told me,
”Go talk to them .” I went to go say hi and tell them my
name. They were Troy, Tyler, and Maddy. We were all
in the same homeroom BG-G with Ms.Lee who was
very pale and skinny. She was super strict. I had her
for the whole day besides pe. When homeroom was
over Tyler and them left. For 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th.


I remember a great day. I was born again
with Christ. I was baptised at First Missionary
Baptist Church. I had a great morning that
Sunday. My Aunty told me a lot of people
were coming to see me. I didn’t believe her
not one bit. When I got to church I was talking
to my friends Sierra and Diana. In the middle
of church I went in the restroom to change
into the robe. Then, when I got back into the
church a lot of people were their for me. I
went to talk to them. Then, the pastor called


Books improved my life. If books weren't made I'd
probably be dumb. My brain cells developed by hearing
books being read to me when I was little. I would have a
different lifestyle. The world would basically be brand
new. Books keep my brain working/running.


I Need to be able to keep my mouth shut when
adults are talking. I need to stay in a childs

I have chores that Economics
are not that hard. I
have to clean the
bathroom and the
living room. I have a
rare allowance
chance. Usually my
grandmother gives
me $20 every two
weeks. When I grow
up I want to be a
lawyer, actor, singer,
and perhaps be the
President of the
United States of
America. I want to do
all of that because it
is something I am
good at. I am
passionate about
leading, acting, and
singing. I am good at
making good
arguments and

SSotcriuacl tureIlivewithmyauntwhotookmeinat5

months because my my mom was ill and
died when I was in 2nd gradr. My
deadbeat is a loaner and a fat punk. I
have two bigre grown with children. We
are all heartbroken about the situation
and realize each other is all we got in
the long run. brothers Kendell and
Keiyon who a

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