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Published by Jokim Bryant, 2019-12-12 15:22:50

The Wonders of the TITANIC

The Wonders of the TITANIC


The Wonders of 

By:Jokim Bryant 


Based off the true story of 




On April 10, 1912 the Titanic was about to set sail for New York City, NY.  
The Titanic was the grandest ship ever. The Titanic was also said as 
So many people wanted to board the ship for different. Eva Hart and 
her family went on the titanic to start a new life. Miss Elizabeth Dean 
Shutes went on the Titanic to be one of the first people to board it. 
Miss Lillian Gertrud Asplund went with her family because her dad got 
moved to the United States for his job. Mr. Harold Lowe worked with 
the White Star Line. He was commander junior officer on the trip. 


The lookouts were warned to look for icebergs. One of the lookouts, 
Fredrick Fleet noticed in the darkness, an iceberg as tall as two tables 
every second it grew larger. Fleet called, “Iceberg right ahead.” “Thank 
you,” replied a calm voice.  
Meanwhile in the boilers, “There’s an iceberg change the shift of 
course,” said the commander. It was turning and slowing down not 
moving quick enough. They were shoveling the coal inside the furnace 
twice as fast from what they were doing. 
In Miss Elizabeth Dean Shutes room, she was eating her dinner which 
was a chicken sandwich. 
Miss Lillian Gertrud Asplund and her family was asleep. 


Eva Hart and her family was also asleep.  
And Mr. Harold Lowe was asleep. 
Meanwhile on the upper deck, the ship wasn’t heading straight for the 
iceberg. The ship had a very close 
encounter with the iceberg. It scraped 
right along the side of the ship. 
A jolt came and stunned Miss 
Elizabeth Dean Shutes her for a 
second or few. Her chicken kept falling from the bread because of the 
shaking of her hand. 
Eva Hart’s dad woke her up while her mom went to go get lifevest. 
Lillian’s brother woke her up with all their screaming. “What’s going 
on? What’s going on?,” one said. “Cool look an iceberg!” another one 
said. The smallest one just plain on crying. While the 
mom tries to calm them down the dad was getting life vests.  

“Miss Shutes we assure you nothing is 
wrong, but take a life vest still,” said 
passing crewmen. “Yeah. Nothing wrong 
with this dumb ship,” she mumbled under 
her breath. 
“Here sweetie put this on you. Ok,” said 
Eva’s mom. “Honey! We need to get out of here,” said Eva’s dad in a 


very serious tone. “Come on sweetie,” Eva’s mom said to Eva. “Coming 
babe,” said Eva’s mom. 
“Lillian put this on,” said her dad. “Daddy is everything going to be ok,” 
said Lillian. “Yes. We just got to trust in God,” said Lillian’s dad.  

Warning bell sounded and lights flashed 
red inside. In the boiler things weren’t 
going so well. “GO! GO! GO! HURRY UP! WE 
CAN ALL MAKE IT!,”screamed the 

Half an hour later... 

Harold Lowe got up. “What in the world is going on 
here? I need to to go help,” stated Lowe while he 
watched Lillian Gertrud get tossed through a window 
onto a lifeboat with her mom and dad. “Hold on to 
me as tight as you can and never let go,” stated 
Lillian’s dad. “Oh no you don’t,” Lowe said a split second after he 
caught one of Lillian’s brothers from jumping onto a boat. 
“Elizabeth we need to go,” said Elizabeth’s roommate. “But what about 
my sandwich,” said Elizabeth. “Let’s go,” said Elizabeth’s roommate 
tugging at Elizabeth’s arm.  
“Eva get on the boat with your mom,” said Eva’s dad. Eva stated, “But 
what about you.” “I’ll be fine. Be my brave, strong, big girl and stay with 


your mother. Can you do that for me?” sated Eva’s dad sounding like 
he wanted to cry. “Yes...Daddy,” said Eva. “Yea,’ said her dad. “I love 
you,” said Eva with tears in her eyes. “I love you too. See you later,” 
Eva’s dad said to her. “Bye Honey. Be safe,” Eva’s mom said to Eva’s 

dad. “I will,” responded Eva’s dad. 
“Rockets are being shot in the air, but no 
one is responding. I am even sending S.O.S 
and Help Titanic. The Californian is not 
even responding the only response we 
have is the Carpathia which is 3 hours 
away,” said the shipwright.  
Harold Lowe got on a boat. He fired three shots in the air to warn the 
men they are not allowed on the boat.  
It went into a bigger measure because by the time his boat another 

crewman, William McMaster  
Murdoch, screamed, “Stand back or I’ll 
shoot.” P​ ow. Pow. Pow. H​ e realized he 
shot three men dead. “I’m so sorry,” 
William McMaster Murdoch said while 
pointing the gun at his head. “Don’t do it! 
Don’t do it! Don’t do it!” everybody around him screamed. ​Pow. ​He shot 
himself in the head dead. 


Henry Tingle Wilde stood behind the wheel of the ship with doors 
closed. Water broke into the room and he started to drown. 
“You guys are officially done working for me,” said the shipwright. 
“What about you?” one of his workers asked. “Don’t worry about me 
take this life vest,” said the shipwright still standing in the room 
saddened while everyone left. 

The Titanic was breaking all you 
can hear were screams for help 
and all you can see are the rockets 
being shot in the air. Eva still 
remembers the colors and 
screams of help. 
Then, it was just deathly silence. 
Eva Hart never closed her eyes. She never fell asleep. She held on to 
her mom real tight still. 
“Hey, let’s go back and save more 
people! It’s your husbands out 
there! There is plenty of room!” 
screamed Molly Brown. “If you 
don’t shut up there’s gonna be 
another space in this boat,” replied the officer in the boat, “If we go 
back they will sink the ship there’s no chance of survival if we go back.” 


In a different group of lifeboats, Harold Lowe instructed, “You guys 
connect the boat here. Now you go here. Ok. We are about to go back 
and rescue some more people!” He saved 7 people. 
“May you please stop smoking,” Elizabeth Shutes begged to two people 
on her lifeboat. “No! Shut up!,” said the women. “We got a right to do 
what we want on this boat,” said one of the women with a rude tone of 
Waah.​ Eva cried out softer than a cloud. “If she strike a rock in a storm 
that’s nature, but just to die because there weren’t enough lifeboats… 
that’s crazy,” Eva mumbled. “What did you say, hon?” asked her mom 
with a voice shaking like an earthquake. “I said. Is dad ok?” Eva said. 
“Let’s hope so,” said her mom. “I miss him,” said Eva. “Mommy I seen a 
ship how come it didn’t help us?” asked Eva. “I don’t know,” replied her 

30 minutes later… 

TOOT! TOOT! ​ The Carpathia sounded. “Hello, passengers of Titanic,” 
boomed a loud voice from a speaker, “Welcome to the Carpathia.” 
Everyone was waving at them and screaming.  
On April 18,1912 the Carpathia made it to New York City, NY. 


Dedication:​ T​ o All The Strong People  

Mr. Harold Lowe went on with his life as a Merchant Navy Officer. 
Flash. Flash.​ In interviews they asked him about his life  

story and this is what he says, “I ran away from home to start trying to 
get jobs that involve boats…” He died May 12,1994 at 61 years old. 





Miss. Lillian Gertrud Asplund was one of the three last living survivors 
of the Titanic. She died May 6,2006 at 99 years old. 




Miss Elizabeth Shutes did not remain in the Graham family employ for 

long. She died October 27,1994 at 78 years old. 


When Eva Hart was plagued with nightmares upon the death of her 
mother in 1928. When Hart was 23 she confronted her fears head on 
by returning to the sea and locking herself in a cabin for four straight 
days until the nightmares went away. She always criticised the White 
Star Line for failing to provide enough lifeboats for all of the Titanic. 
Eva died February 14,1996 at Chadwell Heath two weeks after her 91st 


If a ship is torpedoed that’s war. If it strikes a rock in a storm that’s 
nature. But just to die because there weren’t enough lifeboats, that’s 

-E.M.H Eva Miriam Hart  

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