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4th SONA: PRRD elated over DENR's performance - proposed two Departments to further its success

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DENR Kalikasan Vol. 6 No. 3

4th SONA: PRRD elated over DENR's performance - proposed two Departments to further its success

Cover Design by: Andrea Ana P. Sarian

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Official Newsletter of the On July 22, 2019, at the Session Hall of the House of
DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND Representatives in Batasang Pambansa Complex,
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte spent one and a
NATURAL RESOURCES half hour, in delivering his 4th State of the Nation Address
Vol. 6 No. 3 SEPTEMBER 2019 (SONA) to the Filipino people.

EDITORIAL The President’s message was conveyed on two tones:
elated, over those who kept their faith with him in the
USec Benny D. Antiporda most trying times of his administration and over the good
Adviser performances of his Cabinet leaders; and disgusted, over
the persistence of illegal drug problem and corruption in
Maria Matilda A. Gaddi the country.
One of the good performances in the Cabinet that put a
Adona P. San Diego smile on the President’s face was the performance of the
Managing Editor Department of Enviroment and Natural Resources.

Alvin D. Gatbonton High praises for Boracay Rehabilitation
Associate Editor
President Rodrigo R. Duterte had only high praises
Adona P. San Diego to tell concerning the rehabilitation of Boracay Island.
Madeline Patawaran-Dela Peña He admired Secretary Roy A. Cimatu on the way the
Secretary handled the six-month initial rehabilitation of
Gaudencio L. Dela Cruz the island.
Rowena Ganibi
“We cleaned and rehabilitated the island and I allowed
Martina R. Constantino it to heal naturally. I am proud to say that it has been
Fatima R. Leya restored close to its original pristine state,” said President
Joseph M. Villaflor
Writers "We cleaned and The success of the
rehabilitated six-month Boracay
Andrea Ana P. Sarian the island and I Rehabilitation that
Emmanuel M. Capuchino allowed it to heal prevented the further
Lay-out and Graphic Editors naturally. deterioration of the island
I am proud to say was borne out of the
Gaudencio L. de la Cruz that it has been political will of President
Eduard Dominic D. Ocado restored close Rodrigo Roa Duterte and
to its original the firm determination of
Marjun N. Jumao-as Secretary Roy A. Cimatu July 22, 2019—President Rodrigo Roa Duterte's State of the Nation Address, Sessi
Jasper L. Lumagbas
Michael M. Matira to address the problems
in Boracay.
Michael M. David Speaking in exaggeration to emphasize his point, the
Photographers pristine state." President Duterte also President said that he will do it even if it means to dismantle
gave his kudos to the other the big buildings or just simply burn them down to
Melvin B. Soriano - President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Boracay Inter-Agency transform a new set-up of environmentally friendly
Crisanto B. Mejia environment.
Distribution and Circulation Task Force members:
Department of the Interior and Local Government
A publication of the Secretary Eduardo M. Año, Department of Tourism
Department of Environment and Natural Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Department of Urged Congress to pass a bill to create
Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III, Department of Water
Resources through the Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary
Strategic Communication and Initiatives Mark A. Villar, former Technical Education and Skills President Duterte asked the Congress to pass a bill
Development Authority Chief Guiling A. Mamondiong, creating the Department of Water.
Service with office address at the Presidential Management Staff—for integrating
DENR Building, Visayas Avenue, the six-month Rehabilitation Plan, and the National “We weathered one
Economic Development Authority—for recently "El Niño wreaked damaging effect of climate
Diliman, 1101, Quezon City approving the Medium-Term Boracay Action Plan. havoc in the change this year. El Niño
agricultural sector wreaked havoc in the
VOLUME 6 NO.3 SEPTEMBER 2019 Firm on Manila Bay Rehabilitation and caused water agricultural sector and
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, aware that the Manila shortage in Metro caused water shortage in
Bay rehabilitation of his administration is in its infant Manila..we need to the greater Metro Manila
stage, admitted in his SONA that the Bay’s rehabilitation pass a bill creating area. We need to pass a bill
the Department of creating the Department of
has a long way to go. Water Resources and Water
However, he was encouraged by the quality Regulatory Commission,”
test of waters near Padre Faura, and thus, declared President Rodrigo
vowed to the Filipino people that the R. Duterte.
government will continue to relocate
informal settlers along the water Water Resources. The National Economic
ways and continue to shut and DevelopmentAuthority
down establishments that (DOW)." assured that a draft bill
pollute and poison the had been submitted to the
waters. - President Rodrigo Roa Duterte House of Representatives

and now being discussed
in a joint technical working group (TWG) of the House
Committee on Government Reorganization and Public


ss, Session Hall, Batasang Pambansa Complex, Quezon City, Philippines DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu with cabinet officials and foreign dignitaries

The creation of the Department of Water is expected the country was hit with unfortunate large scale disasters prevailing 21st century conditions." He wants to have a
to make the country water-secure. It would address the such as Typhoons Reming, Ondoy, and Peping in 2006 truly empowered Department, characterized by a unity
fragmented water administration (several agencies in and 2009, the Congress, in 2010, enacted Republic Act of command, science-based approach, and full-time
charge of water administration and regulation) in the (RA) 10121 or the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction focus on natural hazards and disasters and one that can
country. and Management Act (DRRM Act), to replace PD 1566. take charge of disaster risk reduction; preparedness and
Among the institutional innovations of RA 10121 was response; with better recovery and faster rehabilitation.
Urged Congress to hasten the creation of the establishment of permanent disaster management Currently, there are various Senate and House versions of
Department of Disaster Resilience offices at all levels of local government. The National bills filed in Congress to answer the clamor of the President
Disaster Risk Reduction to create a Department. Notable
“The Philippine experience has shown that natural and Management Council "The Philippine experience has are House Bill 6075 introduced
disasters are poverty creators. That is why, we need to (NDRRMC) replaced the shown that natural disasters by House Representative Joey
hasten the establishment of a Department of Disaster former National Disaster Sarte Solceda, Senate Bill (SB)
Resilience so that this Department will focus only on Coordinating Council, whose 1994 introduced by Senator
the natural hazards and climate change,” said President function was expanded from are poverty creators..we need Juan Edgardo Angara and SB
Rodrigo Duterte during the SONA.
mere supervision and leading to hasten the establishment 1735 filed by Senator Grace L.
The President, aware of the “Big One” asked the of emergency management to of a Department of Disaster Poe. These bills seek to create
Congress to fast-track the passage of a bill that will make implementation of disaster- the Department of Disaster
the country more resilient to natural disasters. The “Big risk reduction through Resilience (DRR) to replace the
One” refers to the possible 7.2-magnitude earthquake in policy-making, coordination, Resilience (DDR)." existing DRRM.
case the West Valley fault, a major Luzon fault, moves.
The fault moved 361 years ago, and it moves every 400 integration, supervision, and - President Rodrigo Roa Duterte In the meantime that a
years according to experts, which means the big quake monitoring and evaluation. legislation to create the
could happen within this lifetime.
Nevertheless, the weaknesses of RA 10121 was learned Department has not yet been enacted, the Project
when the likes of Supertyphoon Yolanda revealed Management Office for Earthquake Resiliency of the
problems in the coordination and implementation of Greater Metro Manila Area (GMMA), pursuant to
Development of DRRM in the country programs for such immense scale disaster. It requires an Executive Order 52 was created to implement the
institution that is sufficiently in high position, with the two-pronged strategy towards an earthquake resilient
In her Business Mirror column, LheogwalldyisaSspteearkrinisgk, necessary authority, mandate, and resources to lead and metropolis. (Alvin D. Gatbonton)
Atty. Lorna Patojo-Kapunan narrated coordinate the efforts of local government units and the
reduction management was developed in the country. different stakeholders, and to oversee the implementation
of streamlined disaster-risk reduction and management
As early as 1978, the country has a law - Presidental policies nationwide.
Decree (PD) 1566, "Strengthening the Philippine Disaster
Control, Capability and Establishing the National President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, thus, “enjoined both
Program on Community Disaster Preparedness" – that houses of Congress to expeditiously craft a law establishing
took care of natural disasters concerns. However, after a new Authority or Department that is responsive to the




Sec. Cimatu's and Yorme’s

political will to resettle ISFs along esteros

by: Joseph M. Villaflor

Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko" Moreno Domagoso (left) and DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu during the ISF inspection at Estero de San Antonio de Abad, Malate, Manila

Urbanization has tremendous impact to One of them is the Estero San Antonio de Abad in ISFs. The two leaders encouraged the remaining 20 ISFs
environment. The accumulation of harmful and Malate, Manila. Early this year, DENR Secretary Roy A. to also apply for resettlement with the National Housing
dirty activities of an exploding population, the Cimatu inspected establishments and buildings around Authority.
rise of large industries, concentrated use of energy, direct the estero and announced Estero de San Antonio de During the press interview, the actor-turned-politician
discharge of untreated household and industrial liquid Abad as the “ground zero” of Manila Bay rehabilitation. Mayor Isko Moreno reminded the Heads of Barangays
wastes, large volume of uncollected solid wastes, and Taking initiative, the Environment Chief instructed in the city of Manila to actively participate in DENR’s
threat of toxic and hazardous chemical use in an urban DENR personnel to lead the clean-up activities in the campaign to rehabilitate Manila Bay and all its
set up, in many and different ways, alter permanently the estero. He also took proactive action to coordinate with tributaries. DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu, on the other
natural environment. The rivers and waterways in such the City of Manila and negotiate the resettlement of some hand, reminded other local government units to fulfill
environment often suffer or become victims of urban 70 informal settler families (ISFs) living along the estero. their mandate to protect the environment in their area
development. The political will of DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu of jurisdiction and impose appropriate penalties for acts
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Manila Mayor Francisco "Isko" Moreno Domagoso that endanger the environment. He also reminded them
(DENR), in line with its priority program to rehabilitate pave the way for some 50 ISFs living along the estero to of their duty to pass resolutions and develop ordinances
Manila Bay, has launched an intensive campaign to clean resettle in Tala District in Caloocan City. When they that would enable efficient and effective environmental
the esteros, creeks, and other tributaries draining into visited the estero on July 17, 2019, the two strong men governance.
the Bay. were happy to see a huge area along the estero vacated by



Secretary Roy A. Cimatu (left), DENR Undersecretary Benny D. Antiporda, Mayor Isko Moreno, and Barangay 718 Chairman Jaime P. Adriano Celentano (far right) assess the debris from demolished
houses along Estero de San Antonio de Abad.

Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso (center), Secretary Roy A. Cimatu, DENR Undersecretary Juan Miguel T. Some ISFs in Estero de San Antonio de Abad who voluntarily agreed for transfer to the relocation site
Cuna (4th from center) and Assistant Secretary Nonita S. Caguioa during the inspection

A truck carrying belongings of some ISFs to the relocation site in Tala District, Caloocan City Inside peek of one of the relocation apartments for ISFs in Tala District


by: Martina R. Constantino

Pafuntauyre, tbhaemPbhiolipopcinaepsi’tal

BAYAMBANG, Pangasinan—Secretary Roy A. Cimatu drops by to see the giant statue of Saint Vincent Ferrer that holds the Guiness Book of World Record's Tallest Bamboo Scuplture in the world in 2019.

Increased forest cover and forest productivity at the same time, uplift the economic condition of Establishing the bamboo capital
are two top commitments of the Department of local farmers by providing them sustainable livelihood. The DENR has initially allocated ten (10) million pesos
Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Engineered bamboo is one way of processing bamboo to prepare the region for the bamboo program. Through
National Convergence Initiative for Sustainable to produce lumber and timber products with quality as its Forest Management Bureau and the support of local
Rural Development (NCI-SRD). To flesh out such good as those produced from other forest trees.
commitments, Secretary Roy A. Cimatu laid a project government units (LGUs) of Panay and stakeholders,
that will make Panay Island, the country’s future bamboo “We will adopt the latest technology in producing it is conducting capacity building seminars for people’s
capital. lumber and timber out of bamboo stands. This can organizations (POs), which include training on plantation
"There are many bamboo plantations in Panay. usher inclusive development in the island, which would establishment and maintenance, raising planting
Compared to other regions in the country, Panay not only provide income and livelihood to the marginal materials, post-harvest techniques, and processing of
has established advanced bamboo technology,"
young bamboo shoots.

said Secretary Cimatu. "We will adopt the latest technology in producing “We started the capability building to teach
Bamboos have intrinsic environmental lumber and timber out of bamboo stands. people involved on how to go about effectively
benefits that can contribute to the sustainable This can usher inclusive development in the into the project,” said Nonito M. Tamayo,
development of the country’s environment island, which would not only provide income Forest Management Bureau Director.
and natural resources. Their wide root system Based on initial assessment, 13,050 hectares
prevents soil erosion. Their high nitrogen and livelihood to the marginal farmers, but also of forestlands in Panay are suitable for
consumption helps mitigate water pollution. promote Panay as the country's bamboo capital." planting bamboos. Three bamboo nurseries
Their high potential for carbon dioxide in Iloilo, Negros Occidental, and Capiz will be
sequestration and resiliency to strong typhoons established. Although all the municipalities
can help much to the government’s climate - Secretary Roy A. Cimatu, DENR in Panay will be planted with bamboos,

change mitigation and adaptation efforts. processing plants will be located in Capiz and
farmers, but also promote Panay as the country’s bamboo Iloilo because of their strategic locations.
Bamboos’ huge potential to boost rural economic capital,” said Secretary Cimatu. The Department of Science and Technology- Forest
development in the region should also be capitalized.
Bamboo is one of the best non-timber substitutes Through the Ecosystems Research and Development Product Research and Development Institute has already
for rainforest hardwoods. Establishing a productive Bureau (ERDB), the DENR would continuously generate made a prototype design for the bamboo processing
engineered bamboo industry in the region can augment bamboo production technology to be transferred and plants, which may costs around 15 to 20 million pesos
the timber needs of the wood industry in the country, disseminated to farmers. each.



Secretary Roy A. Cimatu during his speech in the NCI-SRD Summit in Iloilo City and signing of the renewed commitment of DENR to the NCI-SRD for 2018-2030

Secretary Roy A. Cimatu delivers his message during the 1st Asean Bamboo Congress Source :
in Iloilo Convention Center (from left to right) DENR 06 Regional Executive Director Francisco E. Milla, Jr., PENRO-LGU
Province of Iloilo Atty. Arturo C. Cangrejo, DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu, Global Programme Director of
International Network on Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) Mr. Brian Cohem, DENR-ERDB Director
Sofio B. Quintana, and DENR-ERDB Overall Congress Coordinator Mr. Angelito B. Exconde

on their solidary pose during the 1st Asean Bamboo Congress

The DENR, through its Expanded National Greening industry’ for it is still existing but not gaining well livelihood aspects, which is the heart and soul of ENGP.
Program, will provide the seedlings. Local farmers compared as before. With the DENR’s plan to revive it,
belonging to POs will plant, harvest, and manage this would change soon,” Director Tamayo said. One of the challenges, Director Tamayo foresees,
the enterprise. While attending the capacity building is finding good markets, both domestically and
seminars, the local farmers could start producing the “The good thing about bamboo is we only plant once internationally, where bamboo produce can be supplied.
planting materials, which cost around 35 pesos each. and we harvest for life,” Director Tamayo emphasized. Based on the report of the Department of Trade
Based on the initial plan, 100,000 seedlings will be and Industry, the country lacks supply for bamboos
planted before the year ends. Bamboo requires one time domestically. Through this project,
planting. When bamboo "The good thing about it is expected that supplies would be
Reviving the ‘sunset industry’ clump reached its maturity bamboo is we only plant sufficient for the local demand and
When Executive Order 879 series of 2010 was enacted, in three to six years, it can be can soon export quality products
it created the Philippine Bamboo Industry Development harvested without killing its once and we harvest for life." abroad.
Council. The Council set forth bamboo as the planting roots. Since bamboo belongs
material for at least 20% of the country’s annual to the fBaammilbyusoPidoeaaceeaoe,f the - Director Nonito M. Tamayo, Forest Management Bureau With DENR’s tie up with POs,
reforestation and rehabilitation areas, particularly in grass its LGUs, and government agencies like
provinces that are engaged in or have the potential to clump regrows fast and its Department of Science and Technology-Forest Products
engage in bamboo-based industries. However, even in life span typically last up to ten to fifty years. Research and Development Institute, the goal of climate
the country’s massive reforestation program, Expanded and community resiliency, and boosting local economies
National Greening Program (ENGP), there has only been In the past, local farmers plant and harvest bamboos, of the provinces in the region, will be realized.
62,171 hectares of bamboo planted, which is 3% only of even without specific market. “They plant but nobody
the program’s target. buys the harvest,” said Tamayo. He explained that “Bamboo is just one example. We in DENR do not just
“The bamboo industry has been considered a ‘sunset upland farming depend on agricultural products, which stop producing raw materials; we add value to them so
is more preferred by POs than planting trees. With the that people will benefit,” Tamayo concluded.
bamboo project, the DENR can fulfill both greening and



Dita tree along Kalayaan C, Batasan Hills, Quezon City O ld trees’ century or decades of existence has made them historical landmarks
– constant reminders of the past and legacies to future generations. However,
HPerriotaggraemTr:ee other than their historic and cultural values, old trees are more effective
Protecting historical, valuable natural mitigators than any tree. Scientific studies show that old trees’ leaf cover,
old trees in Metro Manila richly grown over the years, absorbs more carbon than young trees.

With the rise of megacities, urban green spaces often allotted for aesthetic purposes,
are slowly diminishing. Metro Manila is no different; back in its days when the place
was teeming with lush green forests and rivers, rapid urbanization and development
took its toll, leaving a few aged trees now protected by laws.
Today, these old grown trees are sparse. One is lucky enough to see a 100-year
old tree still standing in the crowded city of Metro Manila. Most of them had been
cut down to make way for road and housing developments or construction of new
To protect the few remaining historically valuable old trees, and preserve them
for the much higher calling of climate change mitigation, the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources-National Capital Region (DENR-NCR) Office
implements the Heritage Tree Program.

Heritage Tree Program
“We started the Heritage Tree Program in 2009. Our former Regional Director
wanted to come up with a program that will replace the Centennial Tree Project
that became irrelevant because 100-year old trees had become rare in the city,”
said Carlito Castañeda, Chief of Protected Area Management and Biodiversity
Conservation Section of NCR.

The new program lowered the age criteria for trees from 100 to 50 years old, to
include other old trees in the urban tree preservation and protection program.
Old trees have withstood, if not century, decades of socio-economic, political, and
cultural episodes. This makes them really valuable for the country and its people.

Old trees, like any other trees, have ecological and environmental overtones. They
are fundamental components of urban ecosystem. They produce oxygen and cool
the cities. They also help in
filtering harmful air pollution.
In fact, older trees absorb more "Many of these old trees are
carbon dioxide than younger endemic and endangered,
ones - around 48 pounds a
year, which makes them better which makes the Program
at mitigating climate change's a great means to address
harmful effects.
“Many of these old trees are biodiversity concerns."
endemic and endangered, which
makes the Program a great - Carlito Castañeda, Chief, Protected Area Management
means to address biodiversity and Biodiversity Conservation Section of NCR

concerns,” Castañeda stressed.

The Program’s first heritage tree, a Kamagong tree, found at the Veterans Memorial
Medical Center in North Avenue, Quezon City, was declared on June 25, 2009. The
endangered Kamagong tree is a priced hard wood timber tree, noted for making
expensive furniture. The hard wood tree bears witness of the Veterans Hospital’s
many development episodes in the past.

Since then, one or more trees have been declared yearly by the Program. To this
date, it has declared a total of 29 heritage trees in the National Capital Region.

Program's guidelines and process

As defined in the program’s guidelines: a heritage tree is any healthy, native or
endemic, exotic, rare, threatened, and endangered tree with a minimum girth
circumference of 100 cm measuring one-half meter above the ground.
To become a ‘Certified Heritage Tree,’ a tree undergoes nomination and selection
process. Cities and municipalities nominate their tree or trees to the DENR- National
Capital Region.
Their girth measurement, height, and health status are then validated and assessed.
The DENR-NCR Office gathers historical accounts from the old residents of the area
where the tree is located. Candidate heritage trees are then evaluated by a panel,
whose findings are sent to the DENR Secretary for his approval.
Care, maintenance, and protection of declared heritage trees are rendered by an
agreement with a rightful adopter. A memorandum of agreement with the tree
owner capacitates him/her to monitor and maintain the growth of the tree. “He/
she will coordinate with DENR in case a problem arises and a technical assistance is
needed from the agency,” said Castañeda.
The trees’ inclusion in the future development plans is greatly considered for this
guarantees the heritage trees further preservation in the future.

by: Fatima R. Leya



Kamagong tree at Veterans Memorial North Avenue, Quezon City

Acacia tree inside the compound of Philippine School for the Deaf in Pasay, Manila Impact to community

The communities have a large stake in taking care of the Heritage Trees as they
are given the role of hosts in the environment where these trees will continue to
thrive. By engaging them, they are made aware of the trees’ existence, relevance and
Such important role Mr. Anecito Herman holds in taking care of a big old Dita tree,
declared as heritage tree by DENR National Capital Region. The old Dita tree has
taken firm roots along Kalayaan C, Batasan Hills, Quezon City, with its elaborate
branches providing cool shade in the neighbourhood. Mr. Herman, who has been a
resident there for more than 50 years, considers himself its caretaker.
“People come to me offering huge sum of money but I always decline. The tree has
been valuable to us more than anything. It’ll be a sad thing to sell it away after so
many years,” he said.
When rapid construction of government buildings started in Batasan Hills, Quezon
City, many trees were cut down to make way for the development. The Dita was one
of the trees that remained up to this day. It has withstood numerous storms and
development pressures because there are people like Mr. Herman who continually
stand to fight for its preservation.
In the University of the Philippines compound in Manila, though construction
works of the new National Institute of Health building are ongoing, another Dita tree
remained undisturbed. According to Chancellor Carmencita Padilla of UP Manila,
in order to protect the tree, they have included it in the new building’s construction
plan and design, and even stipulated in the contractor’s terms of reference, that if the
tree dies, the contractor would be fined.

Possible replication

The program, which is now on its 10th year, is a prospect for roll out in the regions.
Possible replication is underway in the regional offices, such as Regions 3 and 4A, as
they have seen how it has preserved old trees and the positive response the Program
has received from communities. But still, there is a need to tailor-fit the Program’s
guidelines according to regional preference.
“We received encouraging feedbacks from officials about the Program, and the
regions are vocal with their intent to implement it in their area to preserve old trees,
which have become part of their places’ history,” Castañeda disclosed.
But for now, according to him, their priority is to sustain the program in NCR.
They aim to identify and declare more heritage trees in all cities of the Capital.

Mango tree inside the compound of Alabang Tangisang-Bayawak tree inside Amparo Nature Park, Balete tree beside Lichauco Heritage House in Sta. Ana, Manila
Elementary School, Muntinlupa City Caloocan City VOLUME 6 NO.3 SEPTEMBER 2019


DENR’s environmental education:
a catalyst for positive environmental c

by: Madeline Patawaran-Dela Peña

Environmental Education Education, Commission on Higher Education, and DENR like the Manila Bay Coordinating Office, Forest
Department of Science and Technology have converged Management Bureau, Biodiversity Management Bureau
What is so important about environmental to implement environmental education programs. etc., got involved with the environmental educational
education that governments around the world An Inter-agency committee was created and tasked to campaign. Activities such as orientation and awareness
have included it among an array of effective develop the National Environmental Education Action on the status of the environment through presentation
strategies to protect and sustain the environment? Plan for Sustainable Development. and film showing; lectures on
A fruit of this Act is DENR’s environmental education proper solid waste
The UNESCO describes environmental education as partnership with the Department of Education
a learning process that increases people's knowledge (DepEd). As a strategy to educate
and awareness about the environment and associated the youth on
challenges. This knowledge and awareness help develop
in people the necessary skills and expertise
to address the challenges.
They also foster
attitudes, motivations,
and commitments
to make informed
decisions and take
responsible actions.”

education results to
positive change in people’s
perception and attitude
towards the environment.
It widens and deepens
people’s understanding
about the natural and
scientific occurrences in an
environment- importantly,
how they impact peoples’
lives and how they change
peoples’ view and thoughts
about the environment. This
consequently change people’s
attitudes, behaviours, and
practices: most often, from
harmful and selfish to a more
concerned and caring ones.

DENR’s different
approach to

environmental education

Environmental education, as a

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n: HRDS extends “Isang Linggong Pagmamahal
change para sa Empleyadong Marangal”

by: Joseph M. Villaflor

economic importance of environment and natural Let’s think of a computer system as an agency members by providing free medical, dental, legal,
resources. It discusses important and relevant topics or a business entity. A computer has its and government licensing services. The occasion
such as the importance of ecosystems, many components working altogether. Big also pampers the employees with its free facial and
components are composed of smaller ones, which beauty treatments, spa and massage, and insurance
watersheds, reforestation, proper play important functions to make the computer promotion.
solid waste management, disaster useful. So do as a government agency having various It is undeniable that, in any government agency
risk reduction management, and departments with many employees performing their or private company, the rank-and-file or common
climate change mitigation and own duties and responsibilities to make the agency employees make up the most of its workforce. Director
adaptation. work effectively and serve the public efficiently. Enriquez said that all employees are important,
Each part of the computer, even the tiniest, is regardless of their rank or position. The “common”
The SCIS uses other forms necessary to make the whole system work efficiently. employees form part of the organization’s human
and mediums to inform, raise Thus like a government agency - composed of resources, who need and must be kept motivated to
awareness, and educate the different employees, necessary to work cohesively increase the organization’s productivity.
children, youth, as well as to serve the public efficiently. Furthermore, like Just like a computer for which a user has to take
the public in general, about computer components that have working limits and good care of, employees ought to be taken cared of
the environment. The office need to be shut down from time to time, human also by the management to utilize them at their best
periodically produces the employees also need to take a break, and refresh capacity.
once in a while.

Kalikasan Newsletter to inform Thus in line with the celebration of the Department In reaction to this HRDS initiative, the DENR
and educate both the young and of Environment and Natural Resources’ 32nd Employees Union commends the HRDS leadership,
old about the programs and Anniversary, its Human Resource Development particularly Undersecretary Ernesto D. Adobo, Jr.,
activities of the Department. Service (HRDS) launched the HR @ UR SERVICE, Assistant Secretary Joan A. Lagunda, and Director
It produces books on different not only to recognize the people behind the agency’s Ric G. Enriquez, for the love and care that they have
topics or subjects covering achievements and successes, but also to reciprocate shown to DENR Central employees.
different environmental with love the hard work of the employees. What makes a company work and progress is its
sectors. It also produces and HRDS Director Ric Enriquez, named the event’s employees. Employees are the most valuable resource
disseminates pamphlets, tEghomeampl loeefy,sahd“ooIwsnaignnggMloaLvreiannagnggadolng,”graptriPtouajedgcmettiaonmgthaethhhaeal rodpcwacoararskioinns’ags of an organization or institution. Without them,
flyers, brochures, posters, employees of DENR and their immediate family organizations or institutions cannot function, nor
and other IEC materials perform and progress at all.
for various environmental
events and campaign of

The SCIS utilizes the
powerful media as a tool to
effectively inform, update,
and educate the public
about the environment.
The Office utilizes
the traditional news
dailies in circulating
environmental news
to the public. It takes
advantage of the reach
of radio and television
in promoting
programs and projects
hief Donaver M. Guevarra (4th row, 10th from left) of the Department.
It uses the effective
online platform
of website and new media such
Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in informing and
updating the public regarding environment events and

The SCIS also has Regional Public Affairs Offices
nationwide that provide the same services given by
SCIS in the Central Office. They conduct information
and awareness campaign, support advocacy efforts by
stakeholders and partners, produce and disseminate
IEC materials, hold educational and promotional events,
and attend to public inquiries.

It is hoped that by becoming educated on the DENR employees gather in the lobby to avail the government services offered in HR @ UR SERVICE.
environment, the future generations of Filipinos would
have a positive change in heart and mind towards the
environment: their attitudes, behaviours, and practices
concerning the environment would become more
caring, and their commitment to become good stewards
of the Earth would become deeper and stronger.



by: Rowena R. Ganibi | Infographics by: Emmanuel M. Capuchino

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