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Published by Distinct Destinations, 2020-12-14 06:03:28

What We Love About... Kandy

What we love about...


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Welcome to our

DISTINCT city guide – Kandy

If the fairies decide to land on Earth and find an adobe, it is going to
be the city of Kandy! Strolling along the sparkling and historical rich
Kandy lake and standing in the candle-lit shrine at the Temple of the

Sacred Tooth Relic, is one of the many enjoyable things to do while in

From sipping in the natural beauty of this heavenly city to embracing
its warm and lavish culture in the form of exhilarating drum and
dancing shows, we put forth the buttery and the graphic corners of

This guide will skate you through the realm of Kandy as a tuk-tuk slides
through its alleys, swiftly but enthusiastically. The thrilling activities, the
yummiest restaurants, the pocket-friendly and chic boutiques and stays
that makes it difficult to leave the room, we have it all sorted for you.

Come and know how this Kandy tastes!

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Only in Kandy Experiences ........06

From famous landmarks to hidden gems,
here we highlight our favourite local
experiences appropriate for every style,
pocket and interest.

Flavours to Savour ....................18
From the best regional specialties to the
most atmospheric street food spots, here we
show off Kandy’s exciting culinary scene.

Handpicked Experiential Stays ...22
Our travel experts reveal their all time
favourite boutique homes to stay in Kandy,
all beautiful but different, exceptional but

Most Loved Shopping Streets .....32
We selected some of our favourite bazaars
well worth taking a wander around.

Giving Back ..............................34

Kandy, a city with which one falls in love
within a heartbeat presents the remarkable
opportunity of ‘giving back’.

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The beauty of this Sri Lankan city goes beyond its
verdant hills and divinity of temples. The opportunities
Kandy presents are phenomenally engrossing to each
visitor. There are exhilarating treks, relaxing walks in
the temple vicinity, a rich cultural legacy to embrace
and so much more.

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Think Travel, Think Distinct

Guided Tour With Botanist

Kandy is home to the largest botanical gardens of Sri Lanka, the
Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens. To be encapsulated within the
floral scents and the shades of thick trees is an experience nobody
would like to miss. The botanist accompanying the tourists here
presents insightful information in the most jovial manner, making the
tour both fun and flowery!

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A Visit To An Artist’s Home

Kandy is brimming with art! From dynamic performers to
ardent craftsmen, every nook of this city passionately exhibits
their artistic glory. This experience is for those who want to
know the entirety of Kandy’s art legacy by stepping foot inside
the artist’s creative space. The host here is one of the most
eminent artists of the region, and has lived and worked in
Kandy for the past 3 decades. Eying his studio, his work and
chatting with him exhibits all the unknown facets.

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Nature Walk With Authentic Home

Cooked Food

A guided walk through the tropical estate, under a sunny sky
and moist air is an appealing way to spend a day in Kandy.
Sniffing into the fresh cinnamon and the creamy scent of the
vanilla vines, surely kicks in the hunger hormones which are
heartily satisfied by a wholesome Sri Lankan home-cooked
meal at the end.

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Tea & Stories With A Photographer

If seen keenly, one can hear a photograph speak a thousand words!
Spending an afternoon with a passionate photographer, who displays
many such pictures is a real walk-down-the-memory-lane moment. The
shimmer of the clicks exhibit the grandeur of Sri Lankan culture as well
as the iconic vision of the host/photographer.

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Bhikkhuni ; Buddhist Nuns Of Sri Lanka

Everyone talks about the monks but none about the nuns!
Kandy gives its tourists the opportunity to glance inside the
pristine walls of Bhikkhuni monastery and get up close and
personal with the Buddhist nuns. This is indeed best suited for
those who want to discover the founding principles and legacy
of Buddhism.

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Traditional Sri Lanka Drums

Drums play a vital part in the Sri Lankan culture and so visiting a
professional drum teacher while in Kandy is a significant experience. A
person can learn the nitty-gritties of this rhythmic art, learn the difference
in sounds and catch some tricks from the expert himself.

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Kadugannawa Tea Factory

The gloriously sweet smelling tea plantations cover the hills of
Kadugannawa where a tea factory welcomes visitors to take them
through the whole laborious task of tea production. Moving one’s
fingers over the dried up leaves, watching them being plucked
and then poured hot into a cup is an oddly satisfying activity which
one can stare at for hours.

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Trek In The Knuckles Mountain Range

Trekking to the mystifying Knuckles Mountain Range is an absorbing
experience that lands one hugged in the smooth cloud of fog, dense
rainforests and the bubbling sound of waterfalls. With the company of
the local guide, this trek is an insightful activity amidst the raw beauty
of nature.

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A Scenic Trek Through A Hidden Hamlet

It is blissful to walk into the serenity of the village Hamlet which is
enjoyably startled by the squeaking echo of birds and the clinking
of leaves. Visiting this hidden gem is soul-stirring as the trek
leads one to an utopian ground of aureate fields and a hushed
village life.

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Kandy City And Temple Walk

Traversing Kandy is never complete without roaming, at leisure, through
the Temple of the Tooth and the temple grounds. The ones who wish to
ramble the city, get inside the busy streets and eye all the magnificent
structures, this experience gives it all and more. With a learned guide
by the side, the tourists get to see all the charms of Kandy.

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To tickle your taste-buds and give your food palate a gala time,
Kandy has a number of eateries. Upholding the strong Sri Lankan
spice flavors, the glamour of sophistication and the culinary skills to
satisfy the hunger of a gannet, restaurants in Kandy are both belly
and eye pleasing.

Sala Thai

The name for sure gives a hint to
what the menu shall have! Sala Thai
is a paradise for Thai food lovers,
serving the finest green curry along
with a number of scrumptiously
cooked seafood delicacies. The taste
here flows around in heavy coconut
milk, spicy curries and rich Asian
spices with Sri Lankan twist.

Theva Cuisine

If you are looking for a fine dining
restaurant in Kandy, you should
head to Theva

Cuisine. Relishing a hearty meal on
its rooftop setting under the azure sky
and cotton candy clouds is a delight.
The menu here honors the power of
a fusion delicacy and serve flavors
that make you close your eyes while
you chew into its heavenly savour.

The Empire Café

Housed inside the Olde Empire
Hotel, the Empire Café is a quirky,
relaxed establishment with an
affordable menu. The café’s interior
features eclectic artwork and a bright
pink-and-teal colour scheme. It is the
ideal cafe to stop by and grab a juicy
chicken sandwich or the famous Sri
Lankan-style eggs at breakfast.
Once here, make sure to save room
for the Regal Cake for dessert!

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Café Nihonbashi

One of Sri Lanka’s exclusive Japanese
(Washoku) restaurants, their culinary
excellence is amply reflected in the
gastronomic fare that uses the finest
Sri Lankan ingredients and traditional
Japanese culinary techniques that
rationalize the name. Upholding the
uniqueness it carries both in its decor
and menu, this restaurant will soon
enter Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, so
you might want to grab a bite before


Tucked away in a teeny tiny corner
in a building, Buono is a beautiful
cafe in Kandy that serves up some
excellent cuppas and snacks. It’s
a hidden gem of a cafe if you’re
looking for a place to dine on a
budget. This place fills your belly with
vegan choices, smoothies, avocado
toast and burgers and your hearts
with its association with Child Action

Hela Bojun Hala

A unique name and a unique concept,
Hela Bojun Hala is a remarkably
conceptualized restaurant. This
eatery provides bona-fide Sri Lankan
village style food, freshly cooked by
self-employed women, giving these
women an opportunity to make a
living. The meals here are served in
reusable containers and have plenty
of savor and a great deal of heart
and emotions.

The Garage Café

A recycled garage from the 1980s
is now an aesthetically pleasing cafe
called the Garage Cafe! The cafe
has a vintage vibe and the most
alluring antique decor that highlights
the splendour of the bygone era as
well as the novel charm of today. The
food is freshly prepared, carefully
textured and has a finger-licking
tickle to it.

Mulberry Sugar Carb

A freshly baked pizza which is
dripping melted cheese along with
a foamy-chilled beer, is a classic
combination for a wholesome brunch
and this is what Mulberry Sugar Carb
is known for! This restaurant is idyllic
when you want to relish an Italian
wood-fired pizza and a bunch of
customized extra-spicy margaritas.

Cafe Aroma Inn

The name hints towards the fact
that this petite cafe is a bouquet of
aromas! Cafe Aroma Inn serves
dreamy cookies, cakes and pastries
coupled with velvety textured tea and
coffee. The cafe has a few exclusives
for which you have to step inside its
beautiful mustard walls interiors.

Handpicked Experiential Stays

Blanketed within an ink blue sky, situated on olive-green
hills, embraced in the confines of moist yet soft air, the
properties in Kandy are breathtaking. The stays here honor

the vintage allure and blend it ceaselessly with the modern
amenities, providing by far the finest vicinity to lodge in.

22 Think Travel, Think Distinct

The Radh Hotel

Situated in the heart of Kandy city, The Radh Hotel is a luxury 30-
Room Boutique Hotel. The precision and delicacy with which it has
been decorated is phenomenal and the exquisite finishings don’t go
unnoticed. The property has the quietness required for a business
trip and is also in close proximity to all tourists attractions. It is
elegant, charming and the perfect stay.

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Kandy House

An ancestral manor house, Kandy House is a beautiful example of luxury
Kandy boutique hotel and resorts. Kandy house aims to give the guests
an experience of staying in a more private house which has turned out
to be ideal for a honeymoon. The uniquely designed bedrooms overlook
the large jungle pool with infinity views of the paddy fields and the
sprawling tree in the garden making it a perfect boutique hotel.

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Villa Rosa Kandy

Villa Rosa Kandy offers a slightly different hotel experience
in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Embraced within sky-soaring palm trees
and gentle emerald green plantations, the villa gives a soft
romantic experience. Your stay here will be embellished with
overlooking the sparkling river and distant hills.

26 Think Travel, Think Distinct

The Elephant Stables

The Elephant Stables is a beautiful colonial era bungalow on
a hill overlooking Kandy city that has been converted into a
luxurious boutique hotel offering elegant colonial style living
in Sri Lanka. It features a unique blend of original mid-century
furniture with modern chic interiors with an exceptional level
of personalized service.

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1. 28 Kothi

Stone House

Serene, quiet and extraordinary in more ways than one, Stone House is your
private getaway in the hills of Sri Lanka. Just five minutes from Kandy town
and twenty minutes from surrounding areas of cultural and historical interest,
Stone House gives you a special holiday that can be enjoyed abundantly in the
property’s 3 luxury rooms and fully equipped suites.


28 Think Travel, Think Distinct

Kings Pavilion

Perfectly placed in the cosy confines of the misty mountains and verdant
forestlands, Kings Pavilion Kandy, transports you back to an era of bliss;
a time when great kings ruled the central highlands of Sri Lanka! The
property lets you slip into a sense of ease and lets you enjoy the retreat
that you have been longing for all along!

1. 28 Kothi

= = = = = = = = =

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Theva Residency

Theva Residency promises serenity, romance and rejuvenation in the
peaceful hills of Kandy. Ideally perched on the slopes of the Hantana
mountain range, Theva offers spectacular views of the surrounding
landscape and across the valley to Sri Lanka’s ancient city, the setting
sun and the lake below. They work in harmony with nature to provide
a refreshing soulful experience to you.

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Fox Resorts

Just a quick drive South West of the bustling Kandy city, FOX Kandy lies
nestled in the Hantana mountain range, offering guests the convenience
of being close to the city while enjoying the cool climes of the hill country.
Perched atop a cliff, surrounded by emerald hued mountains of lush green
tea and pepper plantations, you will believe that you’have entered into
a picture postcard. A serene boutique resort that offers every modern
convenience in the most breathtaking setting.

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No tourist will miss the
chance to get their hands on
the exclusive Kandy created
craft pieces! The city is
adorned with classic art and

ardent craftsmen who put
out the work for display and
buy in fancy boutiques. The
markets in Kandy are also a
playground for a bargainer!

Kandy City Centre

Looking for a one-stop destination for your shopping spree? Kandy City Centre it is!
Embellished with sparkling mirror doors, crystal chandeliers and all genres of shops, this
shopping complex is where any shopper can go bananas, thanks to the overwhelming
options. The food court within the mall is perfect to refuel you any time you want!

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For all the authentic handicrafts, beguiling art pieces, traditional fabrics with soft embroidery and
the dreamiest set of souvenirs, one has to drop at Laksala. To stroll through the market and browse
the diverse items that are catchy and worth the buy is indeed a relaxing activity.

The unreal beauty of Kandy doesn’t take it away from the harsh
reality of the world. The city is heartily dedicated towards the
betterment of society and its future generation. Kandy welcomes
each one of the visitors to seize the chance of helping and to make
someone’s heart smile.


Child action Lanka

The agenda of this organization is
to bring a childlike joy on each face
and so it agreeably invites volunteers
who embody enthusiasm for life,
have a heart that wants to give and
those who can uplift the spirits of
children living in need. Volunteering
here is a mixture of spreading your
knowledge, visiting your childhood
again and being a reason behind the
smiles of some innocent lives.

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