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Driver and Representative training Manual

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Published by Distinct Destinations, 2021-04-02 05:15:20

Driver and Representative training Manual

Driver and Representative training Manual

Logistics Training Manual

(Drivers and Airport Representatives)

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 1

Toyota Innova Crysta Tempo Traveler

Mini Coach Large Coach

Volvo Coaches Toyota Coasters

Mercedes Viano Mercedes Sprinters

2 T h i n k Tr a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

Transport Quality process and Driver Training Manual

Quality Parameters

At Distinct Destinations, we have our dedicated quality and transport logistic team located
at our Head Office in Gurugram ( India) which offers a 24*7 service. We have a strong
mechanism and quality parameters which are followed by all our offices in India , Nepal,
Bhutan, and Sri Lanka to ensure consistency in service delivery. The transport quality, driver
profiles , vehicle checks, and service level agreements are validated at Head office by our
procurement and quality team.

The selection of a vehicle is based on our parameters of health and safety, driver quality
and understanding of the tour operators’ expectations.

( In Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka configuration changes )

❖❖ 01 - 02 pax – Toyota Innova
❖❖ 03 – 06 pax – Tempo Traveller
❖❖ 07 – 14 – Mini Coach
❖❖ 15 + pax – Large Coach
❖❖ 30 – 40 Pax – Volvo Coach
❖❖ L uxury vehicles like Mercedes , BMW and others are available based on specific requests.

OUR Selection Vehicle
QUALITY of Quality

Feedback Driver Service
Analysis Trainings Level

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 3

Selection of Vendors (Transport)

❖❖ Selection Process: We have a rigorous selection process and work closely with our supply
chain through joint investment and having vehicles on desired quality parameters. All
suppliers sign our service level agreement, before getting shortlisted and selected to
work with Distinct Destinations.

❖❖ Consistency: Proven track record of the Supplier. We prefer Suppliers and drivers with
a minimum of 5 years Inbound Experience (Handling International Clients in the Sub-

❖❖ Vehicle and Drivers: Transparency and Honesty is a key parameter. Not only vehicles
(less than 3 years old), the quality of vehicle but the drivers are also measured in terms
of experience, knowledge, handling of Foreign Clients, and level of spoken English.

❖❖ P roper verification ( Police and Government Ids ) of suppliers and drivers are vetted by
our legal team.

❖❖ References: Feedback from within the Industry and our quality team.
❖❖ Value Proposition: We review based on Quality, crisis handling , after office hours

availability, 24*7 assistance and having competitive offerings.

4 T h i n k Tr a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

Vehicle Quality 5

❖❖ Vehicle should not be more than 3 years old for
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and 6 year for Bhutan.

❖❖ Comprehensive insurance, registration, state
taxes, pollution and other mandatory certificates
and documents.

❖❖ Every vehicle must contain wet tissues, water
bottles/water dispenser and sanitizers along with
disposable face-masks.

❖❖ F ully equipped with first aid kit, Fire extinguisher
with validity date, Emergency exit and Automotive
life Hammer.

❖❖ M andatory to have clean exteriors as well as
interiors, including windowpanes.

❖❖ It should always have a spare wheel with inflated

❖❖ Signage of ‘No Smoking’, Signage of Wearing
seat belts, signage indicating location of Fire
Extinguisher and first aid kits.

❖❖ Coaches equipped with latest technology

❖❖ Every vehicle should contain Umbrellas.
❖❖ Fully functional Air-Conditioning with vents.
❖❖ Good Working condition of Seat belts, seat

handles and seat levers
❖❖ Overhead lockers in coaches.
❖❖ All working lights.
❖❖ Child/baby seat provision upon request.
❖❖ Seat Covers should be clean and tidy either of

White, or Beige colour.
❖❖ Disposable paper litter bags.
❖❖ I ce Box which should easily be able to contain

mineral water in 500 ML Bottles of Kinley, Aqua
Fina or other approved brand and Cold Towels in
tray with a tong (upon request).
❖❖ Mosquito Repellent.
❖❖ Good quality tissue (both dry and wet ones).
❖❖ A good quality light smelling Car Freshener.
❖❖ Daily newspaper and few travel magazines.
❖❖ Wi-fi on board upon request.

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n

Drivers Responsibility:

❖❖ Treat every Clients with respect.
❖❖ All drivers should be fully trained and educated about COVID and should carry a

small personal kit of disposal masks and sanitizers along with a bottle of disinfectant.
❖❖ Before the start of duty, the driver should duly check all fitness documents, insurance,

pollution, state taxes and other mandatory documents for compliances.

❖❖ The driver should be:
• Well-dressed and maintain a high level of personal hygiene.
• Avoid wearing Sunglasses, Rings, Bracelets, Caps, and Hats.
• Beards & moustache should be trimmed.
• Should not have long hair (except Sikhs).
• Clean & polished shoes neatly tied.

❖❖ A ll vehicles being used MUST have seat belts – both in front and rear seats in working

❖❖ T he drive should always carry the emergency numbers to contact with office and
operations staff, in case of any emergency.

❖❖ T he driver should be able to converse in basic English, be pleasant, and willing to

❖❖ T he guide or the airport representative should introduce driver to clients on the first
day of the arrival.

❖❖ D river should greet Clients every morning saying Good morning or Namaste and, in
the evening, leaving Clients at the hotel should say Good Night.

❖❖ The driver should not use a mobile phone while driving. In case of an urgent call, he
should stop the vehicle with prior permission from Clients and then attend the call. No
call should be entertained while driving the vehicle.

❖❖ T he driver should be informed not to make use of the horn excessively.
❖❖ T he driver must carry a copy of the client’s itinerary, list of contacts, and a road map.
❖❖ The driver should use a good quality light-smelling deodorant as protection against

sweat smell and body odor.

6 T h i n k Tr a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

❖❖ The driver should drive under the speed limit and overtaking should be kept to a
minimum. The driver must ALWAYS drive safely. The driver is expected to drive well
within the requirements of local laws and highway codes.

❖❖ T he driver should assist in loading and unloading luggage from the vehicle, even over
a significant distance to accommodation, airport lounge, etc.

❖❖ T he driver should never advise any late-night driving from one city to another and If
Clients are requesting inform the operations staff immediately, prior to taking such

❖❖ Driver to ensure proper sleep routine, to be alert to drive safety.

❖❖ He should avoid playing music unless Clients request it.

❖❖ H e should refrain from his comments on the itinerary and share his feedback with
Operations staff at the time of getting the assignment (No Over commitments or itinerary

❖❖ For Group tours, driver should take instructions from the accompanying guide on
itinerary and discuss with the tour guide the day to day schedules.

❖❖ The driver should be Punctual and disciplined.

❖❖ Driver should never take alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco during duty.

❖❖ The driver should be Cautious with the Client’s personal belongings.

❖❖ I n case of taking the luggage a day prior, he should have a duly signed authority letter
by the Clients to show it to authorities on the way if demanded.

❖❖ R efrain from discussing personal issues to take advantage of the tipping issue that
Clients will have mercy on him and will be more generous with their tips.

❖❖ He should always know whom to contact during a crisis, emergency and should not
take any decisions without speaking with operations or Distinct Destinations staff.

❖❖ No direct or optional excursions to be sold to the Clients, if Clients request for any
additional services, immediately inform Distinct Destinations office.

❖❖ During any crisis, he should remain calm and immediately review Client’s safety and
connect Clients with operations staff of Distinct Destinations to handle the situation.

❖❖ R egular participate in trainings of Distinct Destinations to gain knowledge on handling
various scenarios, challenges, crisis situations and process of handling Clients’

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 7

Distinct Destinations -
Representative responsibility

❖❖ The representative should be:

o In smart uniform and maintain a high level of
personal hygiene.

o Avoid wearing Sunglasses, Rings, Bracelets,
Caps, and Hats.

o Beards and moustache should be trimmed.
o Should not have long hair (except Sikhs).
o Clean & polished shoes neatly tied.

❖❖ Representatives should be disciplined, always
polite in presence of the Clients. They should not
be seen bargaining with the porters at the station
or the airport.

❖❖ Representatives must refrain from taking alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco.

❖❖ T he representative should be welcoming and not appear to be just ‘mechanically
doing a job’

❖❖ Proactive is the approach and handling crisis training is imperative.

During Transfer


❖❖ B efore leaving for the airport the representative should check the vehicle and the driver for
all that it should contain and describe under the guidelines of quality under our Service Level
agreements and training. The representative should also ensure that the amenities are placed
in the vehicle as requested.

❖❖ T he representative should gain all relevant information about the Client’s program from the
operations team.

❖❖ T he representative should be at the airport/station comfortably in time before the arrival of
the flight/trains, at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

❖❖ Representative should always be inside the arrival hall at a designated area holding the
clipboard with tour operators’ brand with clients or group name.

❖❖ I n case of no shows or any other situations, the representative should immediately inform the
operations staff in office.

❖❖ W hile receiving our Clients at airports/stations the representatives should display Clients’
names – (Computer printout – handwritten placards are not accepted at all) on the tour
operator’s specified Paging board with proper branding.

❖❖ W hile leaving for the airport/station for an arrival transfer, the representative should check

8 T h i n k Tr a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

the arrival time of the train/flight, reconfirm the room with the hotels and inform the hotel of
any specific request including room type or if an extra bed is required, etc. The representative
should also inform the hotel of the approximate arrival time to the hotel.

❖❖ W hilst the luggage is being loaded into the vehicle the representative/driver should offer the
Clients Wet Tissues and mineral water.

❖❖ All check-in formalities at the hotels should be assisted by the representative while Clients are
made to sit comfortably in the lobby.

❖❖ The pick-up or sightseeing timings or general briefing of the program should be discussed at
this time. If the Clients are tired, the representative should take an appointment to meet the
Client the next day and conduct the trip/itinerary briefing accordingly. Any gap in committed
services and Clients’ expectations, they should immediately inform the operations staff to
speak to Clients.

❖❖ The representative assisting the Clients in check-in MUST wait in the lobby until Clients have
settled in and are satisfied with their room. The representative can wait in the lobby for about
10-15 minutes and then leave without calling up the Clients. The representative should not
accompany the Clients into their rooms. Clients should be advised that the representative
would be in the lobby to assist in case the Clients had any issue regarding the room allotted.

❖❖ Avoid Phone calls in-front of Clients unless there is an emergency.

❖❖ S hare completion of transfer to operations team and any specific request or update from the


❖❖ C lient to be advised about the pick-up time either during the first arrival or through a guide at
the end of sightseeing or from operations staff a day before the departure.

❖❖ All representatives to check flight/train timings before collecting the Clients. In case of any
delay, they should inform the Clients accordingly. This must be done without exception.

❖❖ T he representative should thoroughly inspect the car and the driver as mentioned under the
guidelines for quality for vehicles and drivers.

❖❖ The representative should be at the hotel before the scheduled pick-up (minimum 15 minutes
before) and immediately inform the hotel to keep the room bill ready for Client’s check-out.

❖❖ A t the scheduled pick-up time if the Clients are not present, the representative may call up the
Clients and wait in the lobby.

❖❖ T he representative is to brief the Clients about departure formalities en-route to the airport.

❖❖ The representative is to only depart the airport after the Clients have got their boarding pass
and have entered the ‘Security Check’ area. At the station, the Representative is to remain
accessible to the Clients until the train has departed.

❖❖ I n-case of railway station departure, the Representative should know the coach and seat
numbers and advise Client to keep the ticket handy with them.

❖❖ Assist the Clients to the correct departure location at the airport.

❖❖ It is very important during winters to reconfirm the departure timings of trains/flights to avoid
inconvenient to Clients on flights/train delays due to weather conditions.

❖❖ Share completion of transfer with feedback to operations staff.

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 9

Know Your Client

Useful tips for a smooth transfer:
o Personal details of Clients (Name, Nationality, Passport, Languages Spoken)
o Flight or Train details
o Hotel (Location, Check-in and check-out process, Billing)
o Sightseeing schedule
o Issues/complaints reported during the tour at other locations
o Vehicle and driver assigned
o Departure details
o Special requests (like a meal, wheelchair, etc.)
o Branding
o Documents to be carried as briefed by Operations staff
o Any special instruction (like a collection of money)
o Celebrating birthday or anniversary or special occasion

10 T h i n k T r a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

Briefing Sheet Feedback Analysis

Operations staff, should update the following The whole process of Quality,
details into the briefing sheet and system for vendors, drivers, representative
Distinct Representative for easy understanding work in synergy to ensure that
and ensure to speak personally for debrief: at every step we obtain valuable
feedback, conduct proper checks,
❖❖ C lient Name (auto linked with unique File improvise, and ensure before and
code based on respective market/agents) after service feedback to keep
on raising the benchmark of our
❖❖ Client’s profile (VIP / Honeymoon /Agents quality parameters.
/Fam/ Staff etc)
We understand quality is to
❖❖ Service Type – Like (arrival/departure at deliver what we commit in service
airport/railway station assistance) level agreement with no gap in
the service delivery and it’s a
❖❖ Flight / Train details (including timings) continuous process to improvise
❖❖ Brief itinerary and enhance the skills.
❖❖ Hotel name
❖❖ Meal plan with the hotel Feedback analysis, proactive
❖❖ A ny special instruction like – Vegan, approach, and eagerness to
improvise make us Distinct
Birthday Cake / Wine bottle to be towards our approach to make
arranged, etc every service and trip memorable
❖❖ D ocuments to be handed over to the for Clients travelling with us.
Clients or not
❖❖ Pick up time for next assignment
❖❖ Escort or Guide Name or Number for
sightseeing and trip

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 11

12 T h i n k T r a v e l , T h i n k D i s t i n c t

Important Covid Precautions to be followed at all times:

Distinct Destinations have created and implemented staff protocols & guidelines for coach/
drivers and local specialists, and operations. We have provided the staff with the necessary
tools and information regarding infection control, physical contact, sharing of food and
utensils, appropriate attire, and enhanced hygiene measures, the use of masks and gloves
as recommended by local health authorities or as required by the tour operators’ procedures
when these go beyond local requirements. We have also requested that key transport
partners have trained their staff based on like-minded protocols to enable a consistent
approach across the sector.

Our company is committed to delivering a safe experience and we have been working
with suppliers to understand what additional measures have to been introduced for mutual
benefit. We have implemented and confirmed with transporters the processes which will
focus on enhanced sanitation, disinfection, and deep cleaning practices for coaches and
other vehicles used as well as increase their cleaning/disinfection frequency as and when

We have been educating the drivers/helpers on how to follow the strict health and safety
protocols. Approved disinfecting products made available to Clients in the form of alcohol-
based hand sanitizers.

We will share the approved guidelines ahead of the trip based on advice from the tour
operator which may include the wearing of face masks or coverings, guidance on hand
hygiene, and other important covid safety process.

For airports & airlines we are prioritizing and taking measures to ensure the entire passenger
journey is subject to high standards of hygiene & cleanliness. Protocols are being developed
through a risk-based approach to ensure passenger safety and will include as appropriate:

1. Health assessment and screening at the airport

2. E nhanced health and hygiene measures of the airport including check-in & boarding

3. Availability of hand sanitizer for the use of passengers

4. Limited physical interaction at all touchpoints according to current requirements and

5. The mandatory use of face masks by travellers and staff for as long as required under
the risk-based approach

6. Minimised contact with airport staff through the use of contactless facilities such as
self-check-in & passport control, among others

w w w. d i s t i n c t d e s t i n a t i o n s . i n 13

Alt F Private Office 2, Tower B, Suncity success Tower, Golf course Ext. Road
Sector-65 Gurugram, Haryana, 122018

+1941 124 4224 162/63/6T4h |i n [email protected] advisetinl c, tdTehstiinnaktioDnsi.sint i n|c wt

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