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Published by Tampa Rock Club, 2019-08-13 14:50:19

2019 March



A P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e Ta m p a B ay M i n e r a l & S c i e n c e C l u b



Ken Moser

Club member with experience WOW! Just got home from the the fair that this is needed, and
in researching and applying March Board Meeting for the we are in a strong position to
club and still very excited by take this on.
for grants for nonprofit what we accomplished tonight.
organizations. Contact Ken at All the details can be found Lastly, everyone should stop
[email protected] if you’re later in the Geode so read what you are doing and
carefully. A few of the items go visit our website. James
willing to help. need special attention. McGuillicuddy presented to us,
all the upgrades he has made.
IN THIS ISSUE: First, the board approved Its unbelievable what he has
preliminary ideas for expansion accomplished. He also filled us
Notable News....................... 2 of our facility. That is the first in on how many people have
TBM&SC Annual Auction....... 3 step in a long process but a visited our site. We couldn’t
Auction Submission Form...... 4 very important one. It was believe the number. The website
Board Meeting Minutes......... 5 decided to square off the front is one of our primary contacts
General Meeting Minutes...... 7 of our building. This will get us with potential members.
SFMS Rockhound Roundup.... 8 an additional 1200 sq. ft. of With these improvements we
SFMS Roundup Application.... 9 space. More than enough room are in a fantastic position
SFMS Roundup Info............. 10 for meetings and activities. The to attract those potential
DMC Field Trips................... 11 additional space will allow for members. We didn’t forget
Brad’s Bench Tips................ 12 expanding the silversmithing about our current members
Fossil Fest........................... 13 area, moving the slab saws either. The site provides great
Updated Instructors/Classes...14 into the current office area, informational resources and
Monthly Calendar............... 15 relocating the office and acknowledges our member’s
leveling the flooring where accomplishments.
1 wirewrapping is currently.
Armed with this, we can move Coming up we are having
forward with drawings and our auction in April. Watch for
gather pricing information. information on Facebook of
all the great items up for sale.
Secondly, Debbie Meyer has You can also get a preview
agreed to spearhead our effort of some of these items at the
to create a youth program. It clubhouse. Rough, slabs, saws,
was obvious from our time at
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Continued from previous page NOTABLE NEWS!

grinders, polishing units and WILLIAM HOLLAND SCHOLARSHIPS
much, much more. This is an AWARDS
event not to be missed. Also,
it is an excellent time for club Congratulations to Roxann Dragula and Gerri Lundergan for
members to offer their items on being awarded this year’s scholarships. Roxann will be taking
consignment for sale. Details instruction on Wire Weaving, what I like to call, wirewrapping on
are in the Geode on how steroids, and Gerri will be taking a class on Opal cutting. When
to participate. Since we are they return, they will initiate classes on these skills. The award(s)
opening it up to other clubs are given each year to recipient(s) who have the desire to learn
and the public, we are hoping and pass along that knowledge through a commitment to the
for a large turnout. club. The award reimburses the recipient for the cost of the weeks
training and a travel allowance.
Again, I can’t end this message
without thanking current COLD CONNECTIONS MIXED METALS
members and imploring that
those who have not done so, Our first CCMM workshop
renew their membership. I feel took place last Wednesday
the club is moving forward and evening. The group created
the energy is there to make it earrings with decorative tin
a great year. But it’s not those embellishments.
on the Board that makes this
happen, it’s our members. The CCMM Workshops will
be held on Wednesdays,
Jump on the bus and let’s take from 6-9 p.m. The fee is
this adventure forward. $20.That’s 3 hours of fun,
instruction, creativity and all
Ken Moser materials necessary to leave
President with a lovely creation of your
very own!

Email [email protected]
com for more information
and RSVP for a Wednesday
workshop! Each week a new
project will be offered!

ABOUT OUR CLUB Samples of Cold
10207 Fisher Avenue, Tampa, FL Connections Mixed

33619 Metals Projects
Mailing Address: PO Box 89146

Tampa, FL 33689
Phone: (813) 684-2039



Coming Saturday April 6, 2019 will be our Donated items for the club, do not need any
annual auction. This year we will be doing things forms submitted however if the item will benefit
differently, a lot differently. from a description then please attach the
description to the item.
First, we will hold it during the day. This to attract
more buyers and allow those who can’t travel at Buyers will be registered and given Bidding
night to partake also. numbers to use to bid on items. Buyers should be
prepared to settle at the conclusion of the auction
Second, we will be inviting other clubs and the by either cash, credit card or check payable to
public. This again is to attract more buyers. TBMSC.

Lastly the format is changed. As usual, we are The auction will proceed with the auctioneer
looking for quality, club related items donations selling items by alternating between the donated
from you to be auctioned off. 100% of these items and each of the members items. Bid
funds go back to the club. We also are going to increments will be established on the day of the
allow members to put up items on a commission auction. Sold items will be distributed as they are
basis of 25%. Here’s how that works. sold.

Member, who wish to participate, will be limited No buyers may settle their purchases until the end
to 5 lots each. To make the auction noteworthy of the auction unless a time is established for a
to potential buyers, members are encouraged to break during the auction.
submit quality items.
At the conclusion of the auction, buyers will settle
To place items in the auction, members will fill with TBMSC by cash, check or credit card. They
out duplicate, Member Submission Forms, which should also remove any purchased items at that
will number and describe each of their items. time.
Each item should have a number attached to
them corresponding to the number on their form. Members who sold items will receive their portion
One copy will be retained with the items, and of the sale within 7 days of the conclusion of the
the duplicate given to those in charge of money. auction. Any unsold items need to be removed
Members can establish a minimum bid on their at the conclusion of the auction or they will be
items which will need to be included on the considered abandoned and retained by the club
submission form. as a donation.

Completed forms need to be turned into the We are excited that the new format will generate
clubhouse by March 30th, (no exceptions after increased funds to the club, establish our club
this date) so a catalog can be developed. Place as must go to place when we have and auction,
forms in the designated box located in the and allow members a pathway to generate some
kitchen. On the day of the auction, items need income for their passions. This can only happen
to be brought to the clubhouse between 9-10 with your support.
a.m. for staging. Previewing starts at 10 and the
auction will follow at 11:00 a.m.

Member Auction Submission Form on next page



Member Submission Form for items to be sold at annual auction

Item Item Description Min. bid Selling
Number Price
(if you choose to)






Member Submission Form for items to be sold at annual auction


Item Item Description Min. bid Selling
Number Price
(if you choose to)



March 4, 2019

Call to Order: With a quorum present, President that supplies the rest of the shop, to prevent air

Ken Moser called the meeting to order at 6:56 PM. born particulates from traveling throughout the

HVAC system. This may also need to apply to

Present: the lapidary lab.

Board Members: Ken Moser, Jerri Heer, Heidi 6. Gerri Lundergan volunteered to get a to-scale

Arnold, Tracy Canales, Dave Rodgers, Melinda drawing of the floor plan in time for the April 1st

Riddle, Debbie Meyer, Brian Brantley, Gerri board meeting.

Lundergan. Absent: Lisa Miller. 7. A plot survey of the lot will be the next item on

Non Board Members: Michael Brantley, Kym Hoerr, the expansion agenda.

Roxann Dragula, James McGillicuddy. B. State Fair Results: The board agreed that the

club should definitely hold lapidary demonstrations

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of last month’s at the fair next year. It was a very good experience

meeting were printed in the February Geode. Brian this year, we gained a few new members and a lot

Brantley moved the minutes be accepted, Gerri of contacts were made.

Lundergan seconded the motion. Motion passed. C. Strawberry Festival: Congratulations to the

many club members who entered their pieces

Treasurer’s Report: Heidi Arnold reported the and won numerous awards. The results can be

club has $11,375.50 in the checking account and found on the club Facebook page, thanks to

$48,370.40 in the money market/building fund. Gerri Lundergan. The club is looking into doing

A motion was made and seconded to accept the demonstrations, similar to the ones done at the

report, which passed. State Fair, during the Strawberry festival next year.

D. William Holland:

Committee Reports: 1. The board voted to extend William Holland

A. Facilities: The bathroom floor has been Scholarships to Roxann Dragula (wire weaving)

replaced. Many thanks to Mike Brantley. and Gerri Lundergan (opals) this year.

B. Standard Operating Procedures (Show): Jerri 2. Josh Cushing will taking the beginning

Heer and Heidi Arnold have almost completed the silver as a refresher so that he can serve as

new SOP’s for the Show. an apprentice with Lisa Miller to help in our

C. Education: No business. needs in that area. Beginning silver fees will be

waived for him during this period.

Old Business: 3. The stipend for traveling expenses to William

A. Renovation/Expansion- Holland has been increased to $250.00.

1. All present felt Ken Moser’s suggested 4. Heidi Arnold made the motion to accept

renovation plan makes the most sense. these items, Jerri Heer seconded it. The motion

2. The building will be extended across the front passed

adding ample space for a new meeting room/ E. Spring Auction: The April 6th Auction was

display room. discussed again.

3. Expansion of the silver lab bathroom was also 1. Tony Corrino will be the auctioneer again.

discussed. It will be enlarged, and the opening 2. Time: 11:00 am with a 10:00 am preview.

changed to the common space, instead of the 3. Staff will meet at 9:00 am to finalize

silver room. The silver shop will get a new closet. preparations.

4. The roof will need to be replaced which 4. Member sales will be limited to 5 items each,

could allow for duct work to improve the air auctioned at a 25% commission. Members will

conditioning. be able to set minimum bids.

5. The slabbing room will have its own air 5. Member items must be turned in by Saturday,

conditioning, not connected to the ductwork Continued on the next page


Continued from previous page

March 29th. B.Youth Program: A short discussion was held
6. Gerri Lundergan is advertising the event on about youth and the club.
the club website and Facebook page, showing
pictures of some of the large items. Be sure to 1. The club has reached out, with little success,
like and share so it gets around on Facebook. in the past to home school groups.
7. An auction brochure with a list of items is still 2. There is a liability of having children in the
in the works. shops that will have to be further explored.
8. Preregistration of bidders will be attempted Parents and students may have to join the
using Messenger. Gerri Lundergan will work on club to be covered by our insurance for some
this. activities.
3. Classroom sessions, tied into the local
New Business: school science curriculum can be offered in the
A. Club Website: James McGillicuddy was present classroom. These sessions will include many
to present information about the website. hands-on activities using rocks and minerals.
Safer activities, such as soft rock cabbing (no
1. Goals are to: Make it more user friendly, redo machine), wire wrap, beading, and such could
class lists, enable members to pay for services also be offered.
online, show resources available to members, 4. A beginning set of lessons will be developed
provide information on how to make donations by Debbie Meyer, pulling in information from
to the club, provide contacts, have a member other club members. This will be presented at
recognition page, and much more. James said the May board meeting.
most of this is already in place as he has already 5. Details, such as ages accepted, will depend
started updating the site. on the activity and be spelled out in the lesson
2. James shared statistics showing that our site plan.
is frequently visited, as much as 466 weekly hits; 6. Much of the national Junior Rock Hound
and that the class page and calendar are most curriculum will be included, as well as hands on
frequently used. science programs, such as “Systems, Balance,
3. After the home page, many visitors enter the Change.” The 4H, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts
site through the Annual Show Page. He would handbooks will also be used.
like to change that to Show Page, so as to keep 7. Offered to all, this program will most likely
multiple years of pictures on the website. be used by groups such as home schoolers,
4. He’s working on a link to instructors on 4H, Girl and Boy Scouts, and other children’s
the class pages, so that interested parties can groups.
contact the instructor for more detail. 8. Once the beginning lessons are formulated,
5. The president and vice president will have the club will talk with the likely groups to
email links people can use. He would like to develop times, days, and activities that are
include the entire board so people can ask desired.
questions and give input. 9. Sluicing and gold panning are two
6. Donations right now go through Charity possibilities that can be offered, as well as rock
Navigator, and he is not sure that is the best and mineral identification appropriate to grade
route. He will continue to investigate. level.
7. PayPal is a possibility for paying for classes
and other items. A motion to Adjourn was made and passed. The
8. James wants to build excitement on the site. meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.
It’s pretty informational right now, but needs
some spirit. Respectfully submitted,
9. As a nonprofit, our page can reroute users Debbie Meyer,
to other pages, such as members’ sales pages. TBMSC Secretary
Once they leave our site, it won’t affect our
nonprofit status.



February 19, 2019

Call to Order: President Ken Moser called the Old Business: Club members gave

meeting to order 7:01 pm. demonstrations at the 2019 Florida State Fair

for 12 days. This went very well. The club gained

Pledge of Allegiance: 4 new members on the spot with many others

President Ken Moser greeted the members present planning to visit the club. Cabochons were

and thanked them for electing him president. produced by 5 – 6 children. Several home school

groups asked about classes for their students.

Secretary’s Report: The January Minutes are

printed in the Geode. There were no additions or New Business:

corrections from the membership. President Moser A. Recognition: Club member Mike Brantley was

stated the Minutes would stand as printed in the recognized with a certificate of appreciation and a

Geode. gift card for the many ways he helps the club.

B. Spring Auction:

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was not 1. The spring auction will be held Saturday, April

present. Balances: Checking - $9,547. Money 6th. The building will open for setup at 9:00

Market (Building Fund) - $48,270. AM, buyers may enter to preview items at 10:00

AM, and the auction will start at 11:00.

Correspondence: None 2. Club members are encouraged to donate

lapidary related items to the auction.

New Members/Guests: None 3. Tony Corrino has agreed to be the auctioneer

Announcements: for the day.

A. Jerri Heer reminded us that the Suncoast Gem 4. There will be NO CLASSES that day.

Show was March 1-3, and that the Southeast 5. Sister clubs will be invited.

Federation Quarterly meeting would be held in 6. No “garage sale” items will be accepted for

conjunction. The next quarterly meeting would be the auction. This is for lapidary and other crafts

held the first weekend after Mother’s Day during produced by our club members or supplies used

which a Rock Swap would take place. in their production.

B. Today was take in day at the Strawberry Festival. 7. Up to 5 member owned items may be

Several members have entered pieces. accepted on a 25% consignment basis.

C. Discussion was held on looking into having 8. See the February Geode for more

demonstrations at the Strawberry Festival next year, information.

similar to what was done at the Florida State Fair. 9. Members were encouraged to talk it up on


Committee Reports: 10. Some of the auction items may be on

A. Education: Friday, March 1st, is the deadline display at the March general meeting.

for William Holland scholarships. The board will 11. The possibility of overflow parking across

be considering the applications at their March 4th the street was discussed.

meeting. C. Building Expansion: Please share your ideas

B. Field Trips: Field trips are listed in the Geode. for expansion with board members. This will be

C. Show Committee: We need to continue to find a big topic of discussion at the March 4th Board

items for the grab bags and sluice. Christy Gorrow Meeting.

brought in a huge box of items purchased at the D. Website Design: James McGillicuddy is back

Dollar Store after holidays. Bags of rough for the with the club. It’s hoped that our website can

sluice can be found online or picked up the next be redesigned to include more pictures, to allow

time you go traveling or rock hunting. Continued on the next page


Continued from previous page 1ST ANNUAL SFMS ROCKHOUND
members to pay online, and to
give more class information, MAY 17-19, 2019
such as instructor biographies.
E. Tailgating: Saturday, March Ready for an old fashion rock swap and sale? The SFMS is
2nd is the next Tailgate resurrecting the former Florida Rockhound Roundups from
Saturday. the 1980’s. Open to all members of SFMS Clubs, we hope to
F. T-Shirts: Gerri Lundergan encourage networking between clubs, all rockhounds and SFMS
is doing an excellent job of leadership... and of course, have fun! The application and info
obtaining t-shirts for the club. below will provide the basics. The Southeast Federation Website
See her for special ordering. : will have a Roundup page and more
She can get the club logo on information as it is developed. The next SFMS Executive Meeting
just about anything, including will also be held that weekend. We hope to see many of you there!
caps and tote bags.
G. Vests: Jerri Heer mentioned Your leaders of the Southeast Federation have been tossing the
the possibility of getting blue idea for a Rock Swap around for several years now. Apparently,
(club official color) vests to we’d held them regularly back in the 1970-80’s. With the help of
present a uniform appearance our 2018 President, Craig Hamilton and Membership Chair Jason
of club workers at the show. Hamilton, we’ve come up with a location to revive the tradition.
H. Membership: Corresponding Although still in the detail planning stages, at the time of this
Secretary, Christy Gorrow, asked publication, we are starting to nail down the specifics.
members to please pay their
dues, if they have not already The location is the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park, located in
done so. Membership cards North Florida near Live Oak. There is plenty of space for a three-
can be obtained from her after day event currently scheduled for May 17-19, 2109. There are
paying. cabins, RV sites and tent camping sites available for participants,
I. Club Banners: Jerri Heer as well as several hotels and motels nearby.
showed off the beautiful new
club banners. These were The Rockhound Roundup itself will be held on a large grass field
purchased for the show and which should accommodate at least fifty spaces. Each vendor
special events, like the State will be asked to pay $25 for the weekend, to cover set-up costs,
Fair. Banners were obtained for advertising, etc. We have plenty more to decide, but that should
Club Info, Silent Auction, Mine give those interested some rough idea.
Sluice, and Demo, in addition to
the main TBSMC banner. Our hope is that if we are successful, we’ll make this event a new
J. Next Board Meeting: March annual tradition. We will also hold our summer SFMS Executive
4th, 7:00 Meetings during the event. So save the dates, and check out the
K. Next General Meeting: March application on the following page!
19th, 7:00 PM.
Adjourn: A motion was Jerri Heer, SFMS Secretary
made by Melinda Riddle and
seconded by Brian Brantley to
adjourn. The motion carried,
the meeting was adjourned at
7:32 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Meyer,
TBMS Secretary


Southeast Federation Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

Rockhound Roundup Application

May 17 -19, 2019

Suwannee River Music Park, Live Oak, FL

We hope this will be the first of many Rockhound Roundups sponsored by the SFMS. Each

SFMS member who applies for and is accepted, will be allotted a 10’ x 20’ space in an open

field designated for this event. Cost this year is a minimal $25.00 per space, one space per

Vendor, for one to all three days. No tents, tables or chairs are available, you MUST BRING

YOUR OWN! This is intended to be an old-fashioned rock swap and sale - bring your pickup,

drop the tailgate and have fun.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Cell: ___________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________

SFMS Club Affiliation: __________________________________________________________

Vehicle Make/Model: _________________________ Plate#: __________________________

Will you have a tent? Yes _________ No __________

Applicant Signature____________________________________ Date________________

Your signature indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined in this two-page document.

Send Application and check made out to SFMS to:
SFMS Secretary
Jerri Heer
9016 122nd Av

Tampa, FL 33637-5321

______________________________________for office use only_______________________________________

Date form was received: _______________ By: ___________________Check # ___________Check $ ___________

Space assignment: Row: __________________ Space: _______________________


SFMS First Annual
Rockhound Roundup

Set-up Friday- Sunday, May 17-19, 2019 each day from 8 am – 10 am. Check in at the SFMS
Welcome tent. All vendor vehicles must be in place by 10 am. Swap and sales start each day at
10 am, ending at 5 pm.

Venue Info:
1. Restrooms are available inside the Suwannee River Music Park at the Music Hall and
2. ATM machine is available in the General Store.
3. Housing: Cabins, RV Space and campsites are available in the Park. Call Carol Walker at
(386)365-0070 for reservations. If you don’t reach her, leave a message, she will call you
back. Please indicate that that you are with the Rockhound Roundup as they are
tracking our participation. You may also reserve online at or
by calling the main line (386)364-1683.
4. Hotels: In addition to accommodations onsite, there are several hotels nearby. Go to for a list.
5. The General Store and Café has food available onsite and as take out. We are
attempting to arrange one or more food trucks, but that is not finalized at this time. You
are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. We may provide bottle water for
sale at the SFMS Welcome Booth.

SFMS Responsibilities:

1. Provide a marked 10’ x 20’ space and vehicle access to the space.
2. Provide access to trash receptacles
3. Provide access to toilet facilities

Applicant/Vendor Responsibilities

1. Set-up within boundaries of provided space. Any changes to the designated space are
only allowed at the discretion of the Roundup Committee.

2. Police assigned site for trash during and after event.
3. You are responsible for your own security. You may set-up and tear down each day.
4. Provide all equipment, tents, tables and chairs for your own set-up.

We ask that you please be understanding that as this will be our first time hosting this event. We will try to
anticipate all reasonable needs. Our goal is to provide a smooth event, but there will likely be hiccups along
the way. All of us are volunteers trying to make this an enjoyable event for all. We welcome your suggestions
and ideas for improvement. You may email questions to [email protected]


Unique Beads April 12, 2019 1pm to 6pm Family Friendly
Minerals, Gems April 13, 2019 10am to 6pm Kids Activities
Custom Jewelry April 14, 2019 10am to 5pm
Fossils & Artifacts October 13L,lokcation: 16 yrs and Up $5
Metaphysical stones 6 to 15 yrs $2.
Door Prizes Florida NaLtoicoantioan:l Guard Armory 5 and under free
2809 South Fern Creek Ave.
Silent Auction 2809 SOorultahnFdeorn, FClr3e2e8k0A6ve.
Children Activities (justOSrloaundtho,oFfLM32ic8h0i6gan Ave)
Demonstrations Open to the public
Classes in wire wrap
and Cabochon cutting

For more Information go to



of Pennsylvanian and Mississippian

TenUMnninAiqeeunrseaslBOse,eeGaffediVmscasiallleFyieRlodcTkriApnodf the Carboniferous plants.
SoCucsiteomtyJe(wCehlray ttanooga TN) (HOST) BRING: Bring a bucket and digging
AnFosOsilfsf&icAiartlifaFcites ld Trip of theApTrail m12,p2a019 11tlerp0onamwmst,eotpol6,a6pacpmmkgineoglomgaytehraiaml mtoFeapr,mromiltyeacgFtnrfiiiefnyndindsgl,ywet
MeBtaapyhyMsicianl setornaels & Science CAplruilb13, 2019
DooSr aPrtiuzersday, March 23, 20Ap1ri9l 14, 2019 1w0eaamthtoe5rpgmear (especiallyKbidosotAs)c,tgivliotiveess,
9:00AM CST October 13L,lokcataionnd: a change of shoes and pants as you
is not strenuous. Site is a shallow creek
that is wet year round. This time of year SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Parking will be
snakes and poison ivy are probably not a ample and on a dirt road. Depending on
problem. the weather it may be muddy.

COLLECTING: Site colFleocrtimngorweilIlnformation gRoEGtoISwTRwAwTI.OcfNm:gWs.iollrgregister everyone at
meeting place.
include various genus and species

Continued on next page

Continued from previous page BRAD’S BENCH TIPS

CHILDREN (Yes): No age limit but must be able MAKE A TEXTURE HAMMER
to walk on uneven surfaces. Adults are expected
to supervise your children. An inexpensive hammer can be easily turned into a
great texturing tool by grinding a pattern of narrow
PETS (No): Pets are not allowed. lines into its face.

FACILITIES: There are no adjacent facilities for The tool I like to use to grind the pattern is a thin
this site. This is a remote site and very primitive. separating
There are no facilities in the area, so bring water disc in a
and food and first aid/meds if needed. Cell Foredom
phone reception is unreliable at best. or Dremel.
Be sure to
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A brief safety/ hold the
orientation meeting will be held at the meeting hammer
site. Samples of collecting material will be and
available. separating
disc steady
We will meet at the Hardee’s parking lot on top carve, and wear those safety glasses to protect
of Monteagle Mountain exit 138 on 1-24 W, your eyes.
50 minutes from Chattanooga. Meeting time is
9:00 am CST, departure at 9:20 am CST. If you For the pattern to work well, a major part of the
feel you will be late call ahead to Charlie Jones, face needs to be ground away leaving only small
cell 423 653 4479, or before trip date 423 842 areas of high points. That way the high points will
6441, cell service at site is very limited. have enough force to emboss the pattern into your
sheet metal.
CONTACT: Charlie Jones, C 423 653 4479,
HOME 423 842 6441 My
preference is
IMPORTANT: DMC field trips are open only to to use small
members of clubs within the SFMS that have ball peen or
provided their members with field trip liability cross peen
insurance. SFMS club members are bound by hammers.
the AFMS code of ethics (click here to read They are
them), but the general public is not, and could quite
jeopardize access to a collecting location. So inexpensive
unless the property owner has invited non-SFMS from tool
attendees, the general public is not allowed on dealers at
DMC field trips. Please do not post DMC field trip swap meets and rock & mineral
information where the general public can access shows. There is no reason to buy an expensive
it. hammer to experiment with creating your own
And BTW, if you don’t like the first pattern you
create, simply file or grind it off and try again.

This is just one of the many tips in the new book,
“More Bench Tips for Jewelry Making” See a
sample chapter at

32st Annual Florida’s Largest






PALEO WORKSHOPS March 9th & 10th, 2019

Learn about Florida’s prehistoric Sat: 9AM–5PM, Sun: 10AM–4PM
past in a FossilFest workshop! Adults $8 - Kids 12 and under FREE!
Experienced collectors will teach
you how to find, identify, and pre- Florida State Fairgrounds
serve fossil treasures of your very Intersection of I-4 & Hwy 301, just east of Tampa.
own! All workshops are free to Fos-
silFest attendees!

Saturday & Sunday

Discovering Florida’s Fossil Treasures with TBFC’s
own Dr. Bob Sinibaldi PhD. Learn where and how to find
fossils of your own right here in Florida!

Florida’s Fossil Vertebrates & the Fossil Hunting Permit
with Dr. Richard Hulbert PhD of the Florida Museum of
Natural History. It’s cheap and easy! Learn how to get
your fossil permit and participate in the science of paleon-

The Perfect Plaster Jacket & Other Preservation Tech-
niques with Bill Faucher. Learn how to successfully get
fossils from the field to your lab. Jacketing, glues, and
preservation techniques are discussed for the beginner.

Be a part of the adventure!


TBMSC Classes (as of 2-2019) fee/hr
Beading Tuesdays 10am - 12pm Nina Megginson $3
Chainmaille $4
Intarsia by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr $4
Casting $3
Chain Making by appointment by appointment by appointment Christy Gorrow $3
by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr $4

by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr $3
Cold Connections Mixed Metals Wed. 6pm -9pm Tracy Canales $3

Faceting contact inst. to join Saturdays 10am - 1pm Tom Dershem $3
Glass Fusing by appointment Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm Dave Mediema $3
Kumihimo 6pm - 9pm $3
Wirewrap 2nd & 4th Jan Hendershot $4
Wednesdays $4
Christy Gorrow $5
by appointment by appointment by appointment Mary Liewert,
Melinda Riddle
Wirewrap I Saturdays 10am - 1pm Mary Liewert,
Wirewrap I 10am - 12pm Melinda Riddle
Wirewrap I Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm
Advanced Wire II 2nd & 4th 12:30pm - 3pm Melinda Riddle
Lloyd Moore

Metal Smithing beginning silver Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm Lisa Miller
open shop Judy Anderson
Opals must have Lap. 1 Saturdays 10am - 1pm Pam Gonzalez
PMC Precious metal Clay Lloyd Moore
by appointment by appointment
12:30pm - 3pm, by

Lapidary Open Shop Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm rotating

Open Shop Thursdays 10am - 12pm Pam Gonzalez $5

Open Shop Saturdays 10am - 1pm rotating $5
Gerri Lundergan $5
Wednesdays 6pm – 9pm
Beginning Lapidary Thursdays 10am – 12pm

Viking Knit contact inst. to join by appointment by appointment Christy Gorrow $3

Nina Megginson [email protected] Ken Moser [email protected]
Tracy Canales [email protected]
Jan Hendershot [email protected] Christy Gorrow [email protected]
Norma Jackson Judy Anderson
Kym Hoerr [email protected] Tom Dershem [email protected]
Pam Gonzalez Mary Liewert
Melinda Riddle [email protected] [email protected]
Lisa Miller
Dave Mediema [email protected] [email protected]
Don Harrison
[email protected] Gerri Lundergan [email protected]
1134 [email protected]
[email protected]@[email protected] Lloyd Moore [email protected]
[email protected]
*** All classes subject to change. Contact instructors for most

current schedules. Curious? Come by Saturday mornings

when many of the classes are going on at the same time!

Tampa Bay Mineral & Science Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 89146
Tampa, FL 33689-0402

March • April 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Fossil Fest
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Florida State

Daylight Savings Time

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

General Field Trip
Meeting 9 a.m.

7 p.m. Gruetli-Laager

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

31 April 1 2 3 4 5 6

Board TBM&SC
Meeting Spring
7 p.m. Auction

7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Central Florida Mineral Society
Rock, Gem & Mineral Show
April 12-14


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