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Published by Tampa Rock Club, 2019-08-13 14:48:15

2019 February


A P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e Ta m p a B ay M i n e r a l & S c i e n c e C l u b

Fe bruar y HOT RO C K S , C O OL G EM S & FA BULO US J EW EL RY 2019

SCHOLARSHIP Thanks to everyone for their members and make those
IN THIS ISSUE: faith in me to act as you current members want to stay

Cold Connections.................. 2 President for the upcoming and grow with us. To do this
TBM&SC Annual Auction....... 3
Board Meeting Minutes......... 4 year. I know that I have not we will enhance our class
General Meeting Minutes...... 6
Brad’s Bench Tips.................. 7 had the history with the club structure and offer additional
FLA Gulf Coast GIA....................7
Upcoming Shows.......................8 that some may have but I feel classes to move members
DMC Field Trips..........................9
Scholarship Fund Application..11 during the last year I have skills levels forward. We will
Fossil Fest........................... 12
Updated Instructors/Classes...13 immersed myself into the club update and invigorate some of
Monthly Calendar............... 14
and everyday operations. our current activities to make
10207 Fisher Avenue, Tampa, FL I have worked to establish them more interesting. We

33619 relations with members and will also enhance our building
Mailing Address: PO Box 89146
volunteered wherever necessary appearance and image. In
Tampa, FL 33689
Phone: (813) 684-2039 to help the club the future we hope to expand
the facility. While this may not
I think we all need to take a happen in 2019, we will work

moment to say a big thanks on the preliminary activities to

to Jerri for her many years make this happen sooner, not

of leading the club. She has later.

been the core of the club for

at least 5 years and thankfully To prepare for expansion we

is continuing as Vice President will be looking for additional

which will add continuity to club revenue streams to fund the

operations. Additionally, we expansion. Our show is the

have a great group of board best around, but we will work

members. I saw them work to make it even better this year.

tirelessly over the past year As we update our facility, items

for the club and memberships the club longer needs will be

benefit. New board members offered to members to generate

will add much welcomed some funds, and we will

energy and ideas. insure that each area of club

operations pay for themselves.

I am very excited about the Hopefully we can find avenues

prospects for 2019. I am for members to benefit from the

hoping that in the upcoming club as well.

year we can make the club

a place that will attract new Continued on next page

Continued from previous page COLD CONNECTIONS MIXED METALS

Remember now is the time Our first CCMM workshop took place last Wednesday evening.
we need your application for The group created earrings with decorative tin embellishments.
our scholarship program for
William Holland. We hope The CCMM Workshops will be held on Wednesdays, from 6-9
to award those at the March p.m. The fee is $20.That’s 3 hours of fun, instruction, creativity
board meeting. Speaking and all materials necessary to leave with a lovely creation of your
of future events, our annual very own!
auction will be coming up in
April. Look for details later in Email [email protected] for more information and RSVP
the Geode on this. We also for a Wednesday workshop! Each week a new project will be
are already starting to collect offered!
donations for our show in
November. We welcome those
items that can be used in the
grab bags (we’re striving to
make up 2000 this year), silent
auctions and small rough rocks
for the sluice.

To make everything work in the
club we need member input
and support. Volunteer to help,
pass along your talents in the
form of workshops, participate
in meetings and events,
support requests for donations
and spread the word that we
are a great organization to
those you meet.

Ken Moser – President TBMSC

Club member with experience Samples of Cold Connections Mixed Metals
in researching and applying Projects

for grants for nonprofit
organizations. Contact Ken at
[email protected] if you’re

willing to help.



Coming Saturday April 6, 2019 will be our Donated items for the club do not need any
annual auction. This year we will be doing forms submitted, however if the item will
things differently, a lot differently. benefit from a description then please attach
First, we will hold it during the day. This to the description to the item.
attract more buyers and allow those who can’t Buyers will be registered and given bidding
travel at night to partake also. numbers to use to bid on items. Buyers should
Second, we will be inviting other clubs and the be prepared to settle at the conclusion of
public. This again is to attract more buyers. the auction by either cash, check (payable to
TBMSC), or credit card.

Lastly the format is changed. As usual, we The auction will proceed with the auctioneer
are looking for quality, club related items selling items by alternating between the
donations from you to be auctioned off. One donated items and each of the member’s
hundred percent (100%) of these funds go items. Bid increments will be established on
back to the club. We also are going to allow the day of the auction. Sold items will be
members to put up items on a commission distributed as they are sold.
basis of 25%. Here’s how that will work. No buyers may settle their purchases until the
Members who wish to participate, will be end of the auction, unless a time is established
limited to 5 lots each. To make the auction for a break during the auction.
noteworthy to potential buyers, members are At the conclusion of the auction, buyers will
encouraged to submit quality items. settle with TBMSC by cash, check or credit
To place items in the auction, members will card. They should also remove any purchased
fill out duplicate, Member Submission Forms, items at that time.
which will number and describe each of their Members who sold items will receive their
items. Each item should have a number portion of the sale within 7 days of the
attached to it corresponding to the number on conclusion of the auction. Any unsold items
their form. One copy will be retained with need to be removed at the conclusion of the
the items, and the duplicate given to those in auction or they will be considered abandoned
charge of money. Members can establish a and retained by the club as a donation.
minimum bid on their items which also needs We are excited that the new format will
to be included on the submission form. generate increased funds for the club, as well
Completed forms need to be turned into the as establishing our club as a must go-to place
clubhouse by March 30th, (no exceptions when we have an auction. It will also provide
after this date) so a catalog can be developed. members a pathway to generate some income
Place forms in the designated box located in for their passions.
the kitchen. On the day of the auction, items This can only happen with your support.
need to be brought to the clubhouse between
9-10 a.m. for staging. Previewing starts at 10
a.m. and the auction will follow at 11a.m.



February 4, 2019

Call to Order: President Ken Moser called the A. Facilities: New batteries have been placed in

meeting to order at 7:01 PM and thanked the the club phone.

members in attendance. B. Education: Lapidary

Present: 1. New lapidary classes are going well, lapidary

Board Members: Ken Moser, Jerri Heer, Dave foreman Gerri Lundergan reported.

Rodgers, Melinda Riddle, Debbie Meyer, Brian 2. New students are being taught on

Brantley, Heidi Arnold, Gerri Lundergan. Absent: Wednesday nights with a few who can’t come at

Tracy Canales night coming on Thursday mornings.

Guests: Michael Brantley, Judy Anderson, Kym 3. The safety kits for new students are being

Hoerr, Christy Gorrow. sold at a small profit. It includes a waterproof

apron, safety glasses, and ear protection.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of last month’s 4. Gerri said she can now take credit cards

meeting were printed in the January Geode. Gerri for the club, she and three other members are

Lundergan moved the minutes be accepted, Lisa making slabs for the new students, and the new

Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed. students are enjoying the classes.

5. Gerri reported we still have some problems

Treasurer’s Report: with a few older members not yet accustomed

Club treasurer, Heidi Arnold, reported the club to the new rules especially the one about only

has a balance of $9547.00 in checking and working 3 cabs. Some old members have left.

$48,270.00 in the money market. Jerri Heer 6. Over all, things are going well with the shop

moved the report be accepted. Lisa Miller foremen. Any issues will be handled as they

seconded the motion which passed. arise.

C. Show:

Heidi asked shop foremen to fill out the money 1. Grab Bags: We need material for 2000 bags

envelop correctly for each class session. It should this year. Several ways members can help were

contain the date, class name, foreman, and mentioned. Jerri Heer scavenges at shows for

the total. The roll sheets are not to be put in the good bulk deals. Oriental Trading Company

envelopes. These must be kept to verify questions has a lot of the little trinkets the club gets for

for scholarship recipients and in case of legal the kids at a low price. Christy Gorrow picks

action to verify attendance. things up a Dollar General after each holiday,

Debbie Meyer orders bags of bulk rock from

A question was asked about the monies raised the internet, and many others do similar things.

and the percentage of which is required to be We need more help this year to reach our goal.

placed in the building fund. Heidi relayed that our A list of ways members can contribute will be

previous Board vote stated that at least 50% of all published in a future issue of the Geode.

funds raised in shows and sales should be placed 2. SOP’s: The standard operating procedures

in the Money Market (Building Fund). for the show still need updating. Ken Moser,

Jerri Heer and Heidi Arnold offered to work on

Heidi mentioned that if we average $50,000 a them as they work at the State Fair.

year in income, we will need to hire an accountant

to do the taxes, as the reporting becomes much Old Business:

more complicated. Our income is currently A. Renovation/Expansion –

around $41,000 per year. 1. The floor in both bathrooms needs replacing as

does the toilet lid.

Committee Reports: Continued on the next page


Continued from previous page

2. Door sensors have been replaced. 8. Several different layouts were discussed and
3. It’s time to construct a detailed plan of the will be finalized before the auction.
renovated facilities so we can obtain building 9. Talk was held of developing an auction
estimates and building costs. brochure with a list of items.
B. Member slab cutting is underway and working 10. It was decided to have light refreshments
well. available in lieu of a cookout or covered dish.
C. The Florida State Fair begins February 7th.
Jerri Heer passed out passes to workers who New Business:
were at the meeting. The others will be sent or A. Budget/Audit: Heidi stated she will have a
held for them. Our booth will be in the Florida rough draft of the budget for the next board
Living building, and there is free parking to all. A meeting. We also need an audit, which will be in
discussion of things to bring to the fair was held. April.
D. William Holland: B. Purging of the show shed was discussed. Some
items will be kept, other sold at the auction. The
1. We currently have 4 applications. More will following items were to be auctioned: grinder
available at the February and March general (tool sharpener), 40-50 wooden boxes (slab
meetings. boxes?), 2 wooden cases, briefcase display cases,
2. Application deadline is March 1st. parts boxes (plastic), combo unit – trim saw &
3. Two to three scholarships are usually given wheels with no motor, big buffer, large rock
out according to club needs. tumbler. The following items will be kept: foam
4. The club needs more lapidary and silver board for show display cases, stained glass on a
instructors. stand, grinder for stained glass, Small buffer with
E. Clubhouse Phone: 2 arbors.
1. Please keep in mind it is not monitored. C. Christy Gorrow asked about old paperwork
It was suggested the answering machine being kept in the library. Looking in the club
message should direct queries to the website bylaws may secure that information.
or encourage interested parties to come by the D. The Board decided not to buy a badge button
club on Saturday’s. maker being offered to the club.
2. If it rings, members should answer it and E. Our neighbor to the east said he would remove
take messages. the wall in the parking lot if we cut the rebar at
3. The Vonage plan would be $19.99 per the bottom. Club is to looking having this done.
month, but we must have working internet F. Gerri Lundergen let the club know she can
connections. get the club logo put on about anything. Those
F. The April 6th Auction was discussed again. interested were to stay after the board meeting.
1. Tony Corrino will be asked to be the Profits from these items will go towards the
auctioneer again. building fund.
2. Time: 11:00 am with a 10:00 am preview. G. All shops are asked to look for items that can
3. Staff will meet at 9:00 am to finalize be added to the April Auction.
4. Member sales will be limited to 5 items each, A motion to Adjourn was made by Brian Brantley,
auctioned at a 25% commission. Members will seconded by Dave Rodgers. Motion passed. The
be able to set minimum bids. meeting was adjourned at 8:42 PM.
5. Member items must be turned in by Saturday,
March 29th. Respectfully submitted,
6. Gerri Lundergan will advertise the event Debbie Meyer,
on the club website and Facebook page, TBMSC Secretary
publishing a list of large items.
7. The auction will be talked about at the
February general meeting.



January 15, 2019

Call to Order: President Jerri Heer called the next show in November.

meeting to order 7:05 pm. b. We will need more help with the grab bags

this year. We will be making 2000 this year.

Pledge of Allegiance: c. Don’t forget to look for rough gems,

New Members and Guests were recognized. minerals, and rocks for the sluice, too.

d. Member vendors need to get their forms in

Secretary’s Report: Minutes printed in the Geode early to assure a spot in the show.

were approved with Lisa Miller making the motion 4. State Fair: There are still openings for people

with a second by Norma Jackson. wishing to assist at the State Fair in February. We

are also selling t-shirts, patches and pins.

Correspondence: None 5. Shops: The cold connections class, taught

by Tracy Canales, will start in February on

Treasurer’s Report: Wednesday nights. Time will be 6 – 9 pm.

A. Balances: Checking - $9,478. Money Market -

$48.371. This should rise due to new deposits. Old Business:

B. There are only two fiscal weeks left in which to A. Fire extinguishers are now up to date.

submit receipts for refund. Please get those in as B. Elections: A Quorum is present

soon as possible. 1. No nominations came from the floor.

C. Kym Hoerr made a motion to accept the 2. The slate of officers were:

treasurer’s report. Tracy Canales seconded the a. President: Ken Moser

motion which carried. b. Vice President: Jerri Heer

c. Treasurer: Heidi Arnold

Announcements: d. Board: Dave Rodgers, Lisa Miller, Gerri

A. New members and guests were recognized. Lundergan

B. Election of new officers will be held later in this 3. A show of hands was taken. All members

meeting once a quorum is verified. present voted in the affirmative, so the slate of

C. Applications are available for William Holland officers was elected as read.

scholarships sponsored by the club. We need new 4. Norma Jackson led the swearing in ceremony

instructors in Lapidary and Silver. for all officers.

D. Program: Ed Sankovich will be demonstrating flint

knapping after the meeting. New Business:

A. Volunteers: We need volunteers to help with

Committee Reports: areas such as the library, meeting programs and the

A. Education: Coral Geode. Talk to Jerri Heer.

1. Lapidary: The new lapidary program is B. Spring Raffle:

starting. Please see the lapidary instructors 1. The spring raffle has been moved to the first

for more detailed information. New members Saturday in April at 12:00 pm.

wishing to start lapidary will be meeting 2. We will have a meal of some type before the

on Wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm. See Gerri auction.

Lundergan for more information. All current 3. There will be NO CLASSES that day.

members and staff will also undergo retraining. 4. Sister clubs will be invited.

2. Field Trips: Please refer to the Geode for Dixie 5. No “garage sale” items will be accepted for

Mineral Council field trips. Several members are the auction. This is for lapidary and other crafts

planning a trip to the quartz mines in Arkansas produced by our club members or supplies used in

the first week of April. Talk to Debbie Meyer for their production.

more information. 6. Large items (saws, tools,…) may be accepted on a

3. Show: Continued on the next page
a. Retractable banners were ordered for our


Continued from previous page TWO UPCOMING FLORIDA GULF COAST GIA


4th, 7:00 p.m.
Next General Meeting: February On Thursday, March 7th we will once again be hosting Renee
19th, 7:00 p.m. Newman, GG, BA, MA, who will be sharing practical tips on how to
distinguish fake and treated jade from natural jade using examples
Meeting was adjourned at 7:49 of modern jade jewelry and carvings. Renee, as many of you know,
p.m. is a respected gemologist and author of many gem and jewelry
guides. Her books are used worldwide as buying guides, sales-
Respectfully submitted, training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals.
Debbie Meyer, TBMS Secretary Renée will be available before and after her presentation to
autograph books. Bring cash or a check if you would like to
BRAD’S BENCH TIPS purchase copies of them. For more information about Renée and
her books go to
SURFACES The meeting will be held at Associated Jewelers, 3418 West
I figure that any accidental Kennedy Blvd in Tampa, with food and beverages provided by your
scratch I make on a piece means Alumni Chapter, starting at 6:30pm and the presentation at 7pm.
about 15
minutes Also, we have been invited to attend the Jean Schlumberger exhibit
of extra at the St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday, March 24th with
sanding a private docent-guided tour starting at 2pm. This is a must-see
and exhibit, which has been highlighted by all the local media outlets
polishing. for it’s innovation in making the importance of the individual
So after pieces shine. The exhibit, called “Jewels of the Imagination; Drawn
finishing major surfaces I typically to Beauty” highlights the art of mid-century jewelry designer
cover them with some masking Jean Schlumberger, whose career included designing for Elsa
tape to avoid any Schiaparelli and Tiffany & Co., as well as designing for personal
scratches when doing final friends Jackie Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor, Babe Paley,
work like cleanups and setting Greta Garbo, Mona von Bismarck, Rachel Lambert Mellon, Gloria
of stones. The blue masking Vanderbilt, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Schlumberger’s
tape used by painters works designs at Tiffany & Co. were remarkable for their whimsical
particularly well because it interpretations of natural forms. Schlumberger remains one of only
doesn’t leave a sticky residue. four jewelers that Tiffany & Co. has allowed to sign his work.

PICKLE PRECAUTIONS The museum is open from 12-5pm on Sundays, so our members
A hot pickle pot gives off fumes are welcome to come early and/or stay late to see the rest of the
that bother me in my home museum. The regular cost of museum entrance is $20, but we
workshop. I get around that by have been offered a trade group discounted ticket price of $14
using my pickle cold. I mix it a per person, payable by cash or check to your local GIA Alumni
little stronger than for a hot pot chapter at the door. The museum is located at 255 Beach Drive NE
so that it works almost as quickly. in downtown St. Pete; more info on the museum can be viewed at
I keep it in a large-mouth plastic
bottle and cap it off whenever
I’m done using it.

Be More Productive With Brad’s Please RSVP to this email to: [email protected]
“How To Do It” Books Amazon. Questions: call Cyndi Gang @ 813-785-7172


Treasure Coast Gem & Mineral Society 43rd Annual Show

February 16-17, 2019

Vero Beach Community Center
2266 14th Av

Vero Beach, Florida 32960


Unique Beads April 12, 2019 1pm to 6pm Family Friendly
Minerals, Gems April 13, 2019 10am to 6pm Kids Activities
Custom Jewelry April 14, 2019 10am to 5pm
Fossils & Artifacts October 13L,lokcation: 16 yrs and Up $5
Metaphysical stones 6 to 15 yrs $2.
Door Prizes Florida NaLtoicoantioan:l Guard Armory 5 and under free
2809 South Fern Creek Ave.
Silent Auction 2809 SOorultahnFdeorn, FClr3e2e8k0A6ve.
Children Activities (justOSrloaundtho,oFfLM32ic8h0i6gan Ave)
Demonstrations Open to the public
Classes in wire wrap
and Cabochon cutting

For more Information go to



An Official Field Trip of the Athens Rock and small pry bars to free larger boulders

OoGAcTAoRfuAfDMUaCSMFCDCanlItfgloiPnhulhoeinelnaeicaeus:disnmoOiescltsedqtndstesrTaCitoouStlterPfrp9hsPapmaaeGneafsAaohbr&iina,lsgsiuicBasystoeJtznMr,uGceAaisrteeAcmikmaatGiwwshacstrOcriiAiteotlendtadoniietiiiromnlsv.hnffCFlnegaearafnssieWitiyscrtcyblwsceit9lSouuate,hGoeoTserlntst:bldeaFtthou0ei)(ipw&re.ndistn0v(rTagbiATo3daerAlSrlhric0tydnpMBcuaheai,oimBsaene-oFcstGaElntrnoiefulplynSlsAoeclmotflanT,ehesf1trrbucGek6sijClatudoei,AniTllsunua2atOiAg)AtAtnrbhs02mptpcp(i(2hsjp8NotHrrrGu18o0iioieiputlls0l9b9tOeaiftO111to9arPeShOS23r4OaLtiroSoSlos,,a,opBriruo1Tsunlcdoe2t22uaa3tdth)an00,0hnLt,oyntlhF1o11dkit,ooeo99c9FoaFfrnaL,netMt:l11h1Fr3iCpn0oe0l2iGfPNmFsCspmyrcam3na8reCpiaoAhElm02o:tmeHOeuruuieif6uTC8kltgemebnesoIt0StaeTaALaltItosloti6knyL6eEvycDnr(th6Iep5aahAN:ATgddo.RapmpwvevvAIlmoEfmveEeaetaleAN.h)s)wSl.s:yaes:ha.arPne(TotYdmecsdehelltueorysaeslosst)arras:eeesomrnrsCueyidrtalupe.hfrnsdeaceLitolorrecdbventimarliseoaK615Fiesttsmhiailn6iorelfdatefmoeaeonsoanyrsw-cnrirrfadgail1Aieedslytlrilt5lhdteeouceaiaaFee.dtvdnynlsirlsle.vldewriodbessiBatvewteienemrtaUir$aeefidrtnno2ptafedshlhgdrry.slieees$b.er5u. t

only a few miles away.


COLLECTING: “Savannah River Agate” Directions from I-20 in Augusta, GA:

BRING: Colorful, agatized material can be From I-20 in Augusta get onto I-520

found on the surface aFtotrhme soirtee, Ibnufot rmmaantyion go(BtoobbwywJown.ecfsmExgpsr.oesrsgway) and head

people usually bring light digging tools

Continued on next page

Continued from previous page forecast weather for Monteagle, TN.

toward the south end of the expressway. When SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Parking will be ample
you reach Exit 9 (Mike Padgett Hwy), exit and head and on a dirt road. Depending on the weather it
south (most likely Hwy 56 at that point) approx. may be muddy.
15 mi. to McBean, GA. Just beyond McBean turn
left onto Hwy 23 and follow it SE about 14 mi. to REGISTRATION: Will register everyone at meeting
Girard. GA. place.

Directions from I-16 just west of Savannah, GA: CHILDREN (Yes): No age limit but must be able to
Exit I-16 at US301/US25 (Exit #116) and head walk on uneven surfaces. Adults are expected to
north approx. 10 mi to Statesboro, GA.Continue supervise your children.
north on US 301 from Statesboro approx 20 mi to
Sylvania, GA. PETS (No): Pets are not allowed.
Continue north on US301 from Sylvania about 5
miles to junction with Hwy 24. FACILITIES: There are no adjacent facilities for
Turn left onto Hwy 24 and drive 14 mi to Sardis, this site. This is a remote site and very primitive.
GA. In Sardis pick up Hwy 23 and drive 6 miles to There are no facilities in the area, so bring water
Girard, GA. and food and first aid/meds if needed. Cell phone
reception is unreliable at best.
CONTACT: Trip chairman: Jim Maudsley 706-
353-1792 or [email protected] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: A brief safety/
orientation meeting will be held at the meeting
An Official Field Trip of the Tennessee Valley site. Samples of collecting material will be
Rock And Mineral Society (Chattanooga TN) available.

An Official Field Trip of the Tampa Bay We will meet at the Hardee’s parking lot on top
of Monteagle Mountain exit 138 on 1-24 W, 50
Mineral & Science Club minutes from Chattanooga. Meeting time is 9:00
Saturday, March 23, 2019 am CST, departure at 9:20 am CST. If you feel you
will be late call ahead to Charlie Jones, cell 423
9:00AM CST 653 4479, or before trip date 423 842 6441, cell
Ross Creek service at site is very limited.
Gruetli-Laager, TN
TRIP: Day trip to a Pennsylvanian/Mississippian CONTACT: Charlie Jones, C 423 653 4479,
scale tree and tree fern fossil site. Site is easily HOME 423 842 6441
accessible by auto and is not strenuous. Site is a
shallow creek that is wet year round. This time of
year snakes and poison ivy are probably not a

COLLECTING: Site collecting will include IMPORTANT: DMC field trips are open only to
various genus and species of Pennsylvanian and members of clubs within the SFMS that have
Mississippian Carboniferous plants. provided their members with field trip liability
insurance. SFMS club members are bound by the
BRING: Bring a bucket and digging trowel, a AFMS code of ethics (click here to read them), but
geology hammer, magnifying lens, packing the general public is not, and could jeopardize
material to protect finds, wet weather gear access to a collecting location. So unless the
(especially boots), gloves, and a change of shoes property owner has invited non-SFMS attendees,
and pants as you will get wet. It will be cold this the general public is not allowed on DMC field
time of year and you will be on top of a mountain. trips. Please do not post DMC field trip information
Bring warm dry clothes to change into. Check the where the general public can access it.





Applicant Information

Name of Club Member
Street Address
E-Mail Address
Home Phone
Have you applied in past?

Class Requested

Name of School
Class Requested
Date Requested

Tell us why you are a good candidate

Agreement and Signature

In return for receipt of this scholarship, I agree to teach 30 classes in this subject. If for any
reason I cannot complete my classes, I will repay the club a prorated amount based on classes I
did not teach. By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I
understand that if I am accepted, any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by
me on this application may result in my immediate disqualification.


Our Policy

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion,
national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.
Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in volunteering with us.


32st Annual Florida’s Largest






PALEO WORKSHOPS March 9th & 10th, 2019

Learn about Florida’s prehistoric Sat: 9AM–5PM, Sun: 10AM–4PM
past in a FossilFest workshop! Adults $8 - Kids 12 and under FREE!
Experienced collectors will teach
you how to find, identify, and pre- Florida State Fairgrounds
serve fossil treasures of your very Intersection of I-4 & Hwy 301, just east of Tampa.
own! All workshops are free to Fos-
silFest attendees!

Saturday & Sunday

Discovering Florida’s Fossil Treasures with TBFC’s
own Dr. Bob Sinibaldi PhD. Learn where and how to find
fossils of your own right here in Florida!

Florida’s Fossil Vertebrates & the Fossil Hunting Permit
with Dr. Richard Hulbert PhD of the Florida Museum of
Natural History. It’s cheap and easy! Learn how to get
your fossil permit and participate in the science of paleon-

The Perfect Plaster Jacket & Other Preservation Tech-
niques with Bill Faucher. Learn how to successfully get
fossils from the field to your lab. Jacketing, glues, and
preservation techniques are discussed for the beginner.

Be a part of the adventure!


TBMSC Classes (as of 12-2018) fee/hr
Beading Tuesdays 10am - 12pm Nina Megginson $3
Chainmaille $4
Intarsia by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr $4
by appointment by appointment by appointment Christy Gorrow $3
Casting by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr $4
Chain Making by appointment by appointment by appointment Kym Hoerr
Cold Connections Mixed Metals TBD TBD Tracy Canales $3
Faceting contact inst. to join Saturdays 10am - 1pm Tom Dershem
Glass Fusing by appointment Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm Dave Mediema $3
Kumihimo 6pm - 9pm $3
Wirewrap 2nd & 4th Jan Hendershot $3
Wednesdays $4
Christy Gorrow $4
by appointment by appointment by appointment Mary Liewert, $5
Melinda Riddle
Wirewrap I Saturdays 10am - 1pm Mary Liewert,
Melinda Riddle
Wirewrap I Tuesdays 10am - 12pm
Wirewrap I 2nd & 4th 6:30-8:30 pm Melinda Riddle
Advanced Wire II Tuesdays 12:30pm - 3pm
Lloyd Moore

Metal Smithing beginning silver Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm Lisa Miller
Judy Anderson
Opals open shop Saturdays 10am - 1pm Pam Gonzalez
PMC Lloyd Moore
must have Lap. 1 by appointment by appointment
Precious metal Clay Tuesdays 12:30pm - 3pm, by

Lapidary Open Shop Tuesdays 6pm - 9pm rotating

Open Shop Thursdays 10am - 12pm Pam Gonzalez $5
Open Shop Saturdays 10am - 1pm rotating $5

Beginning Lapidary by appointment by appointment Gerri Lundergan $5

Viking Knit contact inst. to join by appointment by appointment Christy Gorrow $3
Nina Megginson Tracy Canales
Jan Hendershot [email protected] Norma Jackson [email protected]
Kym Hoerr [email protected] Pam Gonzalez
Melinda Riddle Lisa Miller [email protected]
Dave Mediema [email protected] Don Harrison
Ken Moser Christy Gorrow [email protected]
Judy Anderson [email protected] Tom Dershem
Mary Liewert [email protected] [email protected]
Gerri Lundergan [email protected] [email protected]
Lloyd Moore [email protected]
[email protected]
13 [email protected] [email protected]

[email protected] *** All classes subject to change. Contact instructors for most current
schedules. Curious? Come by Saturday mornings when many of the
[email protected]
classes are going on at the same time!

Tampa Bay Mineral & Science Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 89146
Tampa, FL 33689-0402

February • March 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Stoney Bluff
Girard, GA Field


Treasure Coast
Gem & Mineral
Society 43rd
17 18 19 20 21 22 Annual Sho2w3

Treasure Coast General
Gem & Mineral Meeting
Society 43rd
Annual Show 7 p.m.

24 25 26 27 28 March 1 2

Suncoast Suncoast
Gem & Mineral Gem & Mineral
Show & Sale Show & Sale
10 a.m.-6 p.m. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Suncoast Board Florida Gulf Fossil Fest
Gem & Mineral Meeting Coast GIA 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Show & Sale 7 p.m. Alumni Meeting Florida State
10 a.m.-5 p.m. Fairgrounds

10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Fossil Fest

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Florida State


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