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Close Reading MATTER Mixtures Portigo Publications

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Close Reading MATTER Mixtures Portigo Publications

Close Reading MATTER Mixtures Portigo Publications

About the Passages

One passage is written on three levels.

Passages are marked H, M, or L (high, medium, low) at the bottom right of the page.

Passages are written with large font for annotating text in centers or
guided reading as well as half page format for use in interactive
science notebooks.

Mixtures Answers

1. A Mixture contains two or more types of matter. Mixtures can be separated.
2. A sieve is a tool used to separate mixtures. It has a screen to allow smaller pieces to fall through it.
3. A sieve separates mixtures of small and large parts.
4. Magnets are stirred into the mixture. The attract and separate the magnetic parts of the mixture.
5. Filters separate tiny parts of a mixture from the liquid parts.
6. Evaporation is used to remove all of the liquid from a mixture.
7. Andrew can use another magnet to attract the other magnets. He can stir the sand and remove the magnets.
8. Andrew can use a strainer, which is like a sieve to drain the water from the noodles.
9. Andrew can pour the mixture into a coffee filter. The filter will catch the glitter and allow the water to pass through it.
10. Andrew can let evaporation remove the water from the sandbox.

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