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Published by Flora Guittoune, 2019-04-29 10:30:17

CACT Strategy 2019-2022

CACT Strategy 2019-2022

Strategic Plan

2019 - 2022

Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Registered Charity Number


Foreword 1
Consultation Pathway 2
Executive Summary 4
Strategic Aims - Overview 5
Strategic Aims - Deliver Excellence 6
Strategic Aims - Govern & Lead 8
Strategic Aims - Sustain & Grow 10
Strategic Aims - Influence & Impact 12
Next Steps 13


The board of Trustees and I are proud that this strategy has been developed by an internal
working group of staff from every level of our organisation. The key principle they have
followed, is that we listen to the views of our delivery staff, service users and stakeholders.
This has helped us to better understand the economic, health and social needs of our
community and shaped the way we have set out this strategy.
Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) is a non-profit organisation that operates in South
East London and areas of Kent delivering a variety of projects and activities that aim to bring
about social change, empower local communities and address issues around health, crime,
education and employment.
The community programme at Charlton Athletic Football Club has grown over the past 26
years into an organisation that is regarded as one of the biggest community trusts in the
country and our achievements have been recognised both nationally and internationally. Our
projects and activities are delivered under seven key strands: – Early Help and Prevention,
Education, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Football and Sports Development, Health
Improvement, Social Action and Enterprise, and Youth Services – that engage with thousands
of participants each year.
This strategy sets out clear aims to ensure that we sustain, grow and lead the way in our
sector over the next three years. To achieve this, it is vital that we draw on the support and
expertise of individuals, businesses and the Charlton family that will allow CACT to empower
communities and change lives.
I am extremely proud of the success and progress CACT has made over many years, and
aware that our excellent and dedicated staff are committed to achieving the high standards we
all set ourselves. This strategy sets out a clear path which has been built by our staff, service
users and stakeholders. This fact gives me great confidence that we will deliver these aims
over the next three years.

Jason Morgan MBE,
Chief Executive Officer



Consultation has ‘‘ I was delighted to take part in something ‘‘
underpinned our approach I wouldn’t usually do day-to-day. It’s
to the development of important to involve the workforce when
the strategy. The entire making a decision that is for everyone,
workforce, from trustees enabling clarity and understanding to
to volunteers, has had an ensure everyone is on the same page,
opportunity to contribute. and allows people to feel valued.

Marketing & Outreach Officer

Continuous Strategy Service User
Professional Steering and Parent
Development Consultation

A Continuous Professional The feedback from the CPD Focus groups and surveys
Development day provided event led to the formation of were conducted with service
an opportunity for all staff a steering group, consisting users, parents and trustees,
to contribute towards the of frontline staff, central with members of the steering
new strategy. Staff were support staff, managers, senior group leading on this process.
mixed between different managers and executives. This This allowed their views and
departments and placed into group designed and conducted opinions to contribute towards
groups. They were tasked focus groups and surveys, the new vision, mission and
with developing a new vision, both internally and externally, values, as well as shaping the
mission statement and set and brought together feedback new strategy.
of values. Their ideas were to create what we have now
finalised and a representative adopted as our new vision,
pitched to a panel, consisting mission and values.
of service users, a trustee and
an employee from CAFC, who
selected a winning team.


‘‘ ...we have been involved from the outset in STRATEGIC PLAN | 2019 - 2022
shaping the new CACT strategy. This has
included contributing to staff professional ‘‘ It was good to know that
development on the key messages we wish what we think about stuff is
to promote and online consultation through important. It was fun! It made
to a workshop where we commented on me think about things I hadn’t
draft proposals. This has resulted in a thought of before.
strategy where there is ownership and a Mano, Youth Service Participant
consensus about our key mission, values ‘‘
and principles which, in turn, will give the ‘‘
strategy authority in achieving its purpose
of addressing social inequality across a
number of disadvantaged groups.

Marilyn, Trustee

Strategy Sub Staff and Stakeholder
Group Trustee Consultation

A strategy sub group was Strategic aims were identified Staff met with important
created to advise on the design, and developed through stakeholders to ensure that
schedule, and co-ordination consultation, in the form of our strategic aims are aligned
of the strategy, identifying focus groups, surveys and with their key priorities. The
individuals and/or groups away days, with staff and sub group also collated and
to include in discussions Trustees. Content and design reviewed relevant literature,
on strategic planning and have therefore been shaped by which has helped to inform the
synthesise stakeholder input their views and suggestion and strategy.
and staff recommendations incorporated into the key aims
to present draft strategic plan of strategy.
content for Trustee approval.



Our Vision

Empowering communities, changing lives.

Our Mission

Based on the needs of the community, we will work in partnership to
deliver high quality programmes with a lasting impact.

Our Values Respect – Two-way and vital
Equality – Open and fair
Passion – Fuels our work Inclusion – That means you
Trust – Safe and sound
Engagement – Stronger together

This strategy refreshes our vision, mission Govern and Lead: To deliver our vision we
statement and values, the key outcomes we have understand that our leaders must deliver strong
identified in our theory of change remain: governance combined with creating a culture
that is open, learning and promotes positive risk
Improving education and employment taking that drives our organisation forward. We
Improving health want leadership to be displayed at all levels,
Reducing crime from our frontline delivery staff to our trustees,
CACT has a strong track record for excellent but recognise that we need to identify and invest
delivery against these outcomes. This strategy to develop our leaders.
identifies four key aims that will strengthen Sustain and Grow: Our 2016 impact report
this delivery and enable us to reach more demonstrated the positive social return on
beneficiaries in the communities we serve. investment that CACT programmes deliver for
Deliver Excellence: CACT has built an our communities. It is this evidence base that
outstanding reputation for delivering a wide has inspired us to place growth at the heart
range of excellent programmes. We understand of this strategy. We will actively pursue new
that the continued professional development of opportunities where we know we can deliver
our workforce is the cornerstone of this delivery, excellence as we are seeking to maximise
and therefore our continued growth and success. the number of participants who benefit from
For this reason, we will commit the resources our delivery. We are also aware that, at the
required to ensure we continue to deliver same time, we need to ensure we continue to
excellence. resource and sustain the quality of our existing
programmes i.e. balanced growth.
4 Influence and Impact: We have the
infrastructure and expertise in place to
demonstrate the positive impact of our
programmes. This strategy recognises that we
need to continually enhance how we “tell our
story” to attract future supporters and funding,
as this will both sustain existing programmes,
and enable us to deliver new services.


STRATEGIC Deliver Strategic Aims
AIMS Excellence - Overview


Empowering communities,
changing lives


Based on the needs of the community, we will
work in partnership to deliver high quality
programmes with a lasting impact

OUR VALUES Influence & STRATEGIC PLAN | 2019 - 2022
Passion – Fuels our work
Sustain Trust – Safe and sound
& Grow Engagement – Stronger together
Respect – Two-way and vital
Equality – Open and fair
Inclusion – That means you



Deliver Excellence - By 2022 we will:

CACT has built a strong reputation for delivering Redesign our recruitment process to
a wide range of excellent programmes and we ensure we select outstanding staff who can
understand that professional development of our demonstrate that they live our values and
work-force is the cornerstone of our continued reflect our local communities.
growth and success. It is for that reason that Redesign a more comprehensive induction
this strategy commits the resources required that gives our staff an understanding of every
to meet the objectives we have identified to delivery strand across CACT.
ensure we continue to deliver excellence to the Create an integral role for service users in our
communities we serve. staff recruitment and induction.
Strategic objective: Continue to develop Form a staff led working group that will be
the skills, knowledge and performance empowered to redesign the way we recognise
of our workforce through the design and acknowledge the outstanding work
and implementation of a ‘Workforce staff deliver. The aim will be to maximise its
Development Strategy’ – co-designed with motivational impact.
our workforce Set the entry and development level
qualifications and training required to deliver
every role in CACT and commit the resources
to create a training programme that meets
this need.
Ensure every member of staff will have an
annual development plan.
Identify staff with potential, resource
development training and opportunities to
ensure we continually develop our future
Conduct an annual staff engagement survey
and commit to addressing any areas where
our staff tell us we can improve.


STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Strategic objective: Empower service Strategic objective: Ensure Quality
users, staff and partners to shape the Assurance is embedded into the
design and delivery of our programmes. monitoring and review of all programmes.
- By 2022 we will: - By 2022 we will:

Develop a range of consultation opportunities Design and embed a quality assurance
that harness the expertise of our staff, framework across every strand. It will define
partners and communities to inform and what “excellence” looks like and incorporate
shape the development of our existing and independent and service user led reviews.
new programmes. Use the views of our service users as
Foster a culture of cross strand delivery. Our our key measure of quality, developing a
bid initiation process will invite all strands range of tools to capture this information.
to assess how they can contribute to the Questions will be standardised to enable us
development of new programmes, ensuring to benchmark satisfaction across our delivery
that we maximise the creativity and strengths strands.
of each bid. Establish a quality assurance steering group
to oversee this framework and be responsible
for driving continuous improvement across
delivery. It will lead on the embedding of
an open, learning culture to support quality

34 7

STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Govern & Lead Strategic objective: Ensure financial stability
- By 2022 we will:
To deliver our vision we understand that our
leaders must display strong governance com- Take a proactive approach to diversify our
bined with a culture that is open, learn and income streams to mitigate risk; our approach
promotes positive risk taking that drives our will be informed by our strategic priorities.
organisation forward. We want leadership to be The breakdown of our income streams will be
displayed at all levels from our frontline delivery monitored and reported against to measure
staff to our Trustees but recognise that we need progress.
to identify and invest to develop our leaders. Monitor the level of resources required
to sustain and grow as an organisation,
Strategic objective: Ensure we are compliant ensuring the workforce are equipped to
with all relevant legislation and regulation. deliver and manage programmes effectively.
- By 2022 we will: Effectively manage our financial reserves with
a commitment to increasing them over the
We will continue to maintain a compliance lifetime of this strategy.
register with named leads against regulatory Design and embed a full cost recovery policy
obligations. This will be reported to Trustees in 2019.
and led by a designated staff member.
Put in place effective communication methods
and training to enable staff at all levels to
understand and deliver their individual
obligations regarding compliance.
Monitor that we have the policies and
processes in place to ensure the organisation
runs in accordance with its legal and
statutory requirements, thus mitigating risks
and protecting participants and staff equally.
We will maintain a register of our policies and
their review dates.


STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Strategic objective: Ensure our organisational Strategic objective: Our leaders will create
structures support the delivery of our vision. an open, learning culture that promotes
- By 2022 we will: positive risk taking.
- By 2022 we will:
Create an Equality Action Plan that will
translate/deliver our Equality Strategy. The Identify potential leaders at all levels of
implementation of this plan will be overseen the organisation and invest in a leadership
by our equality steering group chaired by our programme that enables them to develop
Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion. their skills and knowledge. We will continue
Continue to review our governance structure to offer opportunities for staff at all levels to
to ensure it has the right blend of skills and contribute and lead on key tasks and projects.
knowledge to effectively support the delivery Empower our employees to seek out
of this strategy. learning opportunities to support continuous
Review our operational structures whenever improvement in line with best practice.
it is required to ensure they are in line to We will aim to provide a minimum of two
support the delivery of this strategy. additional learning opportunities per year for
Produce an Involvement Strategy that will every employee.
increase and embed service users in our Create an annual strand development plan
decision making/governance structures. that supports the implementation of this
The strategy will be produced in 2019, strategy. Every staff member will be given the
involvement will increase over the life-time of opportunity to input and shape the design
the strategy and by 2022 we will have service and delivery of this plan.
user representation on our board of Trustees.


STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Sustain & Grow Strategic Theme: Maximise the impact of
our unrestricted funds
Our 2016 Impact Report demonstrated the - By 2022 we will:
positive social return on investment that CACT
programmes deliver for our communities. It is Put in place a strategy that maximises the
this evidence base that has inspired us to place impact of our unrestricted funding and
growth at the heart of this strategy. We will supports our vision. This will include the
actively pursue new opportunities where we are establishment of an innovation fund that will
convinced we can deliver excellence as we are enable CACT to run pilots designed to test
seeking to maximise the number of participants new ideas/innovation with the aim of building
who benefit from our excellent delivery. We are impact evidence to attract future sustainable
also aware that at the same time we need to funding.
ensure we continue to resource and sustain the
quality of our existing programmes. Commit to using our unrestricted funding to
Strategic objective: Investigate areas and resource our workforce development strategy.
opportunities for growth whilst ensuring
sustainability of existing programmes. Strategic objective: Ensure monitoring
- By 2022 we will: and evaluation is embedded into the
development and review of every
Produce a three-year growth plan in the first programme
year of this strategy. Our aim is responsible
growth, we will only consider developing Develop a common evaluation framework that
high quality programmes that can evidence a identifies the key aims and outcomes across
positive impact and we will ensure that any every programme at CACT. It will identify
growth does not negatively impact existing how these outcomes will be measured to
programmes. demonstrate positive impact.
Our programmes will be developed and
shaped using evaluation evidence, the needs
of our community and feedback from service


STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Strategic objective: Review our Strategic objective: We will use digital
partnerships to ensure they are effective, solutions to enhance our delivery
sustainable and deliver success - By 2022 we will:
- By 2022 we will:
Establish a working group whose remit will
Develop a CACT accreditation model for be to research and explore digital solutions
local partners as we recognise the value that will increase our efficiency and enhance
that working with smaller voluntary sector our existing service offer.
providers brings to our delivery. We therefore Ensure our impact is effectively
commit to using our resources to support and communicated and recognised externally.
capacity build these smaller partners. Link in with other organisations (e.g.
Map our key strategic partnerships and University of Greenwich) that can help
conduct reviews to ensure they are still validate our work and support CACT to share
relevant and delivering their stated aims. its best practice.
Create the conditions that promote cross
strand collaboration as we believe this will
maximise CACT’s impact.

34 11

STRATEGIC AIM | 2019 - 2022

Influence & Impact

We can demonstrate the impact of our excellent
programmes – it is vital that we tell the story of
this impact to attract future support and funding
to extend our reach into the communities we
Strategic Theme: ‘Tell our story’ to
maximise its impact and influence
- By 2022 we will:

Review our communication plan to ensure it
creates maximum impact. We will increase
the opportunities for service users to speak
on our behalf, directly explaining the positive
impact CACT has had on their lives.
Develop an annual CACT awards event that
enables us to acknowledge the achievements
and contributions of our service users, staff,
supporters and partners.
Take a strategic approach when applying for
external industry awards and kitemarks.
Review the impact of current events at CACT
to inform decisions about future events we
Ensure our impact is effectively
communicated and recognised externally.
Link in with other organisations that can help
validate our work and support CACT to share
its best practice.



CACT is excited about the possibilities this strategy creates for our future service delivery, but recognises
that its successful implementation will require every level of our organisation to understand their roles
and responsibilities.
To deliver we will:

Create an annual business plan that will detail tasks,
accountabilities and resources
Create annual strand development plans
Link every staff member’s appraisal targets to the
strategic aims of CACT
Regularly monitor and review progress against the
business plan at SMT and Trustee level
Produce an annual progress report for Trustees

Street Violence Ruins Lives strategy:

CACT has delivered programmes underneath this strategy for the last 10 years but due to the current
crisis of serious youth violence, decided to refresh and reenergise this strategy. The new approach
was signed off by Trustees in September 2018 with a commitment of funding to help us pilot new and
innovative programmes. It aims to harness the breadth and reach of CACT’s existing programmes whilst
securing additional funding to create new programmes. We are pleased that we have already secured
funding from the Mayor’s Young Londoners fund, in partnership with Royal Borough of Greenwich and
Peabody Housing Association, to commence a mentoring programme for young people at risk of being
drawn into serious youth violence. Trustees have also agreed to fund a six-month pilot to enable our
Youth Service to run sessions that target a younger cohort than we currently work with as CACT and
3our partners are concerned that younger children are now being drawn into risky behaviours. We will
evaluate this pilot to gather evidence of this need and build a case for future interventions.

Principal Partner

South of England Foundation
Operating as

Charlton Athletic Community Trust
Sparrows Lane, New Eltham,
London, SE9 2JR

Company Limited by Guarantee Registration
Number 04654582 (England and Wales)
Registered Charity Number 1096222


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