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Sabbath School Presentation 15th December 2018.

UNITY IN WORSHIP Lesson 11 for

December 15, 2018

God is worshipped by heavenly beings, and He is eager for

our worship from Earth too.

To worship God means to acknowledge His greatness and

majesty, to understand that He is the Creator and we are His

creatures, and to admit our own unworthiness, helplessness

and dependency on Him. It also involves accepting God’s

control in our lives.

A call to worship:

Worship in Heaven

Worship on Earth

False worship

United in worship:

Studying the Scriptures

Communion and prayer

To worship the Lord is to give Him the glory

and honor He deserves.

Heavenly worship is an act of gratitude for

everything God has done: “for You created

all things […] and with your blood you

purchased for God persons from every tribe

and language and people and nation.”
(Rev. 4:11; 5:9 NIV).

The sacrifice of Jesus is the heart of worship.

The heavenly beings worship God because He
has redeemed us. We should also worship

Him and give Him thanks for our redemption!

In worship we give to God adoration,

reverence, praise, love, and obedience
because we believe that He is worthy to

receive them.

The last message from God to mankind

has two parts:

• Those who have not • This is an allusion to

accepted the eternal the fourth
Gospel will fear this commandment

message (Exodus 20:8-11)

• Those who have • The final crisis will

accepted the Gospel revolve around

will admire and worship: worship

respect God. We will either God or the
“have boldness in the dragon

day of judgment”

(1 John 4:17)

Fear God, Worship the
because He Creator

judges the world

Satan has wanted to be worshipped as god

since his rebellion (Isaiah 14:13).

He tempted Jesus to

worship him as the

prince of this world

(Matthew 4:8-9).

In the End Time, Satan

will try to force everyone

to worship him through

the beast and its image,

under the death penalty

(Revelation 13:14-15).

We can compare the false adoration in the End Time to the

experience of Daniel’s friends.


“We do not serve your

gods, nor will we “who worship the

worship the gold image beast and his image.”
which you have set up.”

“Then [they] were cast “[They] shall be

into the midst of the tormented with fire
burning fiery furnace.” and brimstone.”

“and they have no rest
“[God] delivered His
day or night, who
servants who trusted in worship the beast and

his image.”

We may worship God in private, but worship is

mainly a corporate activity.

Our voices join in songs of worship like the angels’.

We also worship God when we study His Word


By studying the Bible, we

learn about what God has
done for us, how we should

live from now on and the
Second Coming of Jesus.

The more we study the

Scriptures, the more

encouraged we are to worship

our Creator and Redeemer


“And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’

doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread,

and in prayers.” (Acts 2:42)

The Church is united in one doctrine, and we must spend

time together, encouraging one another and

remembering the teachings of Jesus. Then our unity is

strengthened in Christ.

Praying together is another important aspect of

Church. What should we pray for?

To worship God (Acts 4:24)

For receiving power (Acts 4:30)

For solving our issues (Acts 12:12)

For other’s well being (1Tim. 2:1)

For the preaching of the Gospel (Eph. 6:19)

“The church of God below is one with the church

of God above. Believers on the earth and the

beings in heaven who have never fallen constitute

one church. Every heavenly intelligence is

interested in the assemblies of the saints who on

earth meet to worship God. In the inner court of

heaven they listen to the testimony of the

witnesses for Christ in the outer court on earth,

and the praise and thanksgiving from the

worshipers below is taken up in the heavenly

anthem, and praise and rejoicing sound through

the heavenly courts because Christ has not died

in vain for the fallen sons of Adam.”

E.G.W. (Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, cp. 44, p. 366)

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