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Church Bulletin and Conference News 22nd December 2018

Toowoomba Central Church Bulletin

Seventh-day Adventist Church 22 December 2018.

Mission Statement Our Vision is…

By God’s grace and for to Know

Job 19:25
His Glory we will be a Experience

spiritual home where

comfort and growth can

be nurtured, a place where

the ministry of Christ is They saw the young child with our Hope

Mary his mother, and fell
experienced and shared down, and worshiped Him. in
Matthew 2:11

with the wider community. Church Pastor Church Bulletin - 22 December 2018 Jesus Christ
Pastor Andrew Feaveai

Duty Elder Toowoomba Central
Brother Valentine Mugade Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome to the A Christmas Message Treasurer’s
Toowoomba Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Andrew Feaveai on holidays CORNER
We pray that you find a blessing while worshipping here with us today. As we approach and reflect back on the
Should We Celebrate Christmas?
The Church at Study - Sabbath School The Bible highlights the birth of Christ (Luke end of another year, Dwight L. Moody
says it well: "Careful for nothing,
Lesson Study 9:30 to 10:30am 2:7). It not only describes the glorious prayerful for everything, thankful for
announcement of the Messiah’s birth (v. 13)
but also tells of shepherds coming to worship anything." On behalf of the Treasury
This Weeks Lesson - Church Organization and Unity the newborn child (v. 16). These humble Team, my sincere appreciation for your
worshippers were not quiet about what they faithful support of our church in 2018
Memory Verse for the Week. saw either (v. 17). Furthermore, there is a and blessings to all for 2019, a year
“Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let record of wise men from the east bringing closer to our Lord’s return! Thanks
him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave” gifts to Jesus—though this likely occurred kindly, David
(Matthew 20:26, 27, NKJV). when Jesus was a toddler (Matthew 2:11). If
people recognized the birth of Christ through
worship and bringing gifts, perhaps there is
something we can learn from their examples.
The Church at Worship - Divine Service Aside from its pagan elements, most people
understand that Christmas celebrates the birth
Praise and Worship in Song - Commencing at 10:50am of Jesus. But in practice, people spend more
Main Service - Commencing at 11:00am time in December cruising shopping malls
than studying the life of the Savior. Frosty the
Snowman and Rudolf the Red-nosed
Proclaiming the Word of the Lord Reindeer compete with wise men and
shepherds for our attention. During all the
Please Welcome bustle between “Black Friday” and Christmas
Eve, materialism tends to overshadow the
Today: Rosie Gwynne & Worship Team simple stable.
But what if Christians spent more time
Next Week: Brother Peter Gwynne witnessing for Christ at Christmas or
purchasing and sharing Christians resources
to point people to Jesus? What would happen
“O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness:
fear before Him all the Earth.” Ps. 96:9 if more families dedicated time and money to
serve the poor and advance the gospel
Worship in Giving through short-term mission service? How
would our churches be strengthened if, during
Today: Local Church Budget this holiday time, believers explored the Please continue to keep Val Dwyer’s
family in your prayers with the passing of
prophecies of Christ’s first advent as well as
Next Week: His second advent? Perhaps our concerns Val recently. We give thanks to our
about Christmas should have less to do with Heavenly Father for all the answers to
Worship God with Sacrifices from the Heart.
its pagan origins and more with its current prayer that we have experienced as a
The Sabbath Day practice. church this year and look forward to
God’s leading as we seek Him in 2019.
Many people might deny they “worship” this
The Celebration of God’s Sabbath ends tonight at 6:47pm day as holy, but what is worship? Worship Please continue to pray for our Pastor &
Then God’s Sabbath day begins anew next Friday evening at 6:49pm isn’t measured by simply attending a family and our church family, that God
Christmas concert or midnight mass. It
“Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.” will keep us united in Him. Straight after
describes how we live our lives and spend our church today, please remember if you
Mission Statement means. As Paul said, "He who observes the would like to be prayed for or have a
day, observes it to the Lord" (Romans 14:6),
By God’s grace and for His Glory we will be a spiritual home where prayer request, please come to the prayer
comfort and growth can be nurtured, a place where the ministry of and, “Whether you eat or drink, or whatever
Christ is experienced and shared with the wider community. you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 room, an Elder and myself will be
Corinthians 10:31). from Amazing Facts waiting to pray with you. Blessings Eva

Don't Forget Jesus

Christmas is a special time
To reflect on Jesus Christ,
The wonder of His lowly birth Jenny King has a birthday on the 22 nd
Brings meaning to our lives December. Emanuel Ndayambaje There are still a few people that
There really is no other reason, and Nat Irianto celebrates their haven’t handed in their ADRA Cups
We celebrate this day, birthdays on the 25 December. June given out last year. As part of the
The birth of God's precious son Burke, Kaye Bygrave and Wendy requirements of ADRA, these need to
And the life, He willingly gave Barker celebrates their birthday’s on be returned each year and a new cup
But so much seems to distract us the 27 December. Cliff Jull has a issued. Thanks in advance for
In the busyness of our lives, birthday on the 28 December. handing yours in. Also if you haven’t
We lose our focus in all the happenings, For I know the plans I have for you received one in the past but would
Not knowing, we leave out Christ declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and like one please see one of our friendly
We lose sight of the true meaning not to harm you, plans to give you hope and Treasury team today.
As we endlessly rush about, a future. Jeremiah 29:11-13
Trying to find that perfect gift,
Seems to cloud our Saviour out
We need to stop and reflect awhile, Christmas Special
Remembering our precious Lord,
His birth, His life and sacrifice Fellowship Lunch
And all that He stands for
For though the world may celebrate, There is going to be a Kids Club run
by our local church from the 14 - 18
It seems, though, for other reasons, The Special Christmas Lunch to be There is going to be a Kids Club run
The Kids Club that was planned for
January 2019 in the Harlaxton Hall,
Let's keep in mind that Jesus Christ held in the Church Hall after the Main by our local church from the 14 - 18
January 2019 in the Harlaxton Hall,
Toowoomba. John Oehlmann is the
Is the true meaning of the season. Service “TODAY” 22 December. coordinator. the Halaxton hall has
been postpone to later in the new
by M.S.Lowndes Church member’s are reminded to Toowoomba. John Oehlmann is the
year. For more information on this
January at
Sister’s Encouraging Sister’s bring enough Christmas type food coordinator.
see John or phone 0432606445.
John is looking for interested people
Christian Women’s Fellowship and healthy Christmas treats for I'm looking for interested people to
to assist with the weeks activity who
themselves and a bit extra for any
Home Group visitor’s who may be attending assist with the weeks activity who
should also have a Government Blue
Thank you.
card. First meeting after church on the
church. Your hosts Cliff & Vall Jull. should also have a Government Blue
For January only the Home Group card. First meeting after church on the
15th of December. Thanking you.
will meet on Thursday 17 & 31 of 15th of December. Thanking you.
January at 10:00am to 12:00 noon for John Oehlmann.
Bible Study, Prayer, Praise and
Worship. You are welcome to stay
and enjoy fellowship together after
the meeting with a cool or hot drink
or you may like to BYO lunch.
Contact Julie McBryde Ph: 0409 615 Just A Friendly Reminder
Just A Friendly Reminder
956 or Email: [email protected] If you would like to put food items
Christian Women’s Fellowship is a (dried or tinned) under the Christmas Out of Respect for our Lord, and
home group meeting at 18 Wyalla tree, for people that aren’t as other church member’s, you are
Street, Newtown. All Ladies fortunate as you it would be much requested to Observe a Quiet Time
Welcome appreciated. This is the time for in the Lord’s House on Sabbath.
Kindly Turn Off or Silent your
giving and showing God’s love to Mobile Phones. Thank You

Come and Worship Church Contact Team Roster’s

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!” .Psalm Pastor: Andrew Feaveai Worship Co-ordinator - 29 December
150:6 Mobile: O405 684 770 Gloria Starkey
As the inspired hymnbook for the people of God, the book of Psalms teaches Duty Elder: Valentine Mugabe Phone: 46987076
us how to pray and sing in a manner that pleases our Creator. Worship and [email protected]
praise are the chief concerns of the Psalter, so it is fitting that the book Head Elder:…….…...……Kerry Wilmott
concludes with a hymn calling the people of God to exalt Him. Psalm 150 Mobile: 0415 859045 Church Cleaning
concludes the book of Psalms by calling us—and all other living things—to Head Deacon:… ….…Stan Starkey
praise the name of the Lord. Phone: 46 98 70 76 29 th December: Andrew & Jenny King
Regarding the placement of this psalm at the end of the Psalter, several Head Deaconess:…. .…Cristine Wills 05 January: Gail & Kerry Wilmott
commentators note how this arrangement shows us the true goal of obedience Mobile: 0407 762 794 12 January: Clive & Diane Butcher
to the law of God. The book of Psalms contains several psalms that highlight Treasurer:……………… …..David Peers
the importance of God’s law and how it guides the lives of His people. These Mobile: 0427 728 409
hymns, including such psalms as Psalm 1; 19; and 119, indicate the Church Clerk:……… .Robyn Brierley
Mobile: 0418 465 151 Your Church Bulletin will now be
blessedness that comes with keeping the Lord’s commandments. But the available online in full colour. There
Psalter also shows us that our Creator never intends law-keeping to be an end Church Bulletin Editor will only be a limited number of
in itself. Instead, the worship of the Lord is the final goal of our obedience. A Garry McBryde - Mobile: 0490178915 Bulletin’s available at the church door
life governed by God’s law, and ultimately by all of Scripture, will produce Notices to: [email protected] for Visitor’s and those who are unable
heartfelt worship and praise. The adoration we see in Psalm 150 grows out of before 8:00pm Wednesday evenings. Thank to access the Bulletin on a Internet
those who have been redeemed and are truly intent on pleasing the Almighty. device. To receive your Church
We have kept His commandments only if we worship our Maker. The purpose Bulletin simply forward your email
of God’s law is to produce the worship described in Psalm 150. Bible Study/ Prayer Meeting address to the email address below.
Psalm 150:3–5 demonstrates that it is appropriate to worship God with the Every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm [email protected]
assistance of many different kinds of instruments. No musical instrument is in the Youth Room or Pastor’s Office
inherently ill-suited to worshiping God; it is what we do with the instrument a time of Bible Study and Prayer for
that matters. And with the instruments that we have, we are to praise and all.
worship the Lord for His character (“his greatness”) and His work (“his mighty Every Wednesday, 7:00pm to Extra Church Parking Available
Christmas break, starting
deeds”). This requires the proclamation of His Word so that we will know Him 8:00pm a prayer, song and study based Please use the rear car park of HB
Recruitment (business opposite our
up again in the New Year.
and what He has done for His people. meeting in the Highfields area. Phone church car park, Laurel St.). To enter
Verse 6 calls upon all creatures to praise the Lord. The book of Psalms is meant Stan on 4698 7076 for more drive down the side entrance (eastern
not only for the worship of the Jews, but its hymns are to be sung by all people information including this weeks side of HB’s building) to the rear area
unto the one true God. John Calvin comments that the psalmist looked forward location. and for those first to start parking on
to a day when its hymns, which were once used only in Israel, would be heard Every Friday night at 6:30pm, the western boundary & continue
the world over, and that this has happened in Christ. “In this prediction, across to maximize the number of cars
everyone may worship God with constant sacrifices of praise, until being Patriarchs and Prophets is being able to park there – thank you. A
gathered into the kingdom of heaven, we sing with elect angels an eternal studied here at the church. reminder if you park in a metered car
hallelujah.” Prayer Group meets every Sabbath park in the vicinity of our church, you
Worshiping God in spirit and truth must be the goal of our lives. How do we morning from 8:30am to 9:00am in the don’t have to feed the meter on a
know if we are truly obeying our Lord’s commandments? One way is to look Prayer Room. All Welcome. Sabbath if you have given your car
at our desire for worship. If we are eager to praise the Lord for who He is and Find a Group that suits you and be details (rego, make and model) to
what He has done, then we know that we are growing in true obedience to inspired by God’s grace and love for David. If you’re unsure please see
…God’s law. Anon you. David today.

South Queensland

Conference Announcements GIVE GIFTS THAT MATTER - You can make charitable giving part of
your Christmas celebration by joining ADRA’s Christmas Tree fundraiser —
PLEASE NOTE: South Queensland Administration and Resourcing Centre
will be closed from 12.30pm Friday 21st December 2018 and will reopen for it’s not too late! Gifts include things like gardening packs and crisis food
business at 8.30am 2nd January 2019. hampers. Register at or call us on
1800 242 372. Your generosity will help others thrive.
CONVERGE 2019 - Australia-Wide 18+ Festival When: 8-11 February, 2019. HELP OTHERS TO THRIVE THIS CHRISTMAS WITH ADRA - If all
Where: Stuarts Point Convention Centre, NSW. Cost: Starting at $124. you want for Christmas is for others to thrive, your gifts can make a
Speakers: Tacyana Nixon and Simon Gigliotti. Accommodation: Pitch a tent, meaningful difference in the lives of those in need! The ADRA Gift
Catalogue is out now and features a variety of life-changing gifts for people
hire a cabin, or stay offsite. Food: Starting at $75 for a weekend package that
includes 6 main meals. in Australia and overseas. View the full range available now at or connect with the ADRA Christmas Appeal at
OPENING HOURS for both ABC and CLR Book Stores over the Holidays:
Adventist Book Centre at Dakabin will be closed from Friday the 21st of
December 2018 and reopen Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019. ADRA Logan Management Committee – Expressions of Interest - Have you
Christian Life Resources will be closed from Tuesday the 25th of December been praying for a missional vehicle to apply your spiritual gifts, passion and
skillset? Here is an opportunity to bring meaning to your mission. The ADRA
and reopen on Thursday the 3rd of January 2019.
Community Centre in Logan Central is seeking active management
CHANGES TO OPREATING HOURS –ADVENTIST BOOK CENTRES committee members. Register your interest by contacting Centre Manager
– While the same materials and resources will remain available the Kallangur Henk La Dru to discuss this further. Phone 0401 356 105 or Email:
store located at our Watson Park Convention Centre, the actual physical shop [email protected]
will now only be open on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. The Eight
Mile Plains shop (Christian Life Resources) will remain open five days and all SUMMERFEST REGISTRATIONS - close on 16th Dec at 10pm online
members and friends throughout the Conference are most welcome to contact for SummerFest 7-13 January 2019. To register for SummerFest Camp,
either shop, whichever is most convenient, for literature and all other please head to our website.​
resources in the full range that will continue to be available for ministry,
including Pathfinder and Adventurer supplies. Thank you for noting the SHARE YOUR CHRISTMAS WITH ADRA LOGAN – as we are
following operating hours: collecting for this Christmas. If you have a life group, a church in action or
Christian Life Resources (Eight Mile Plains) Sabbath school group or play group. We need to collect non-perishable foods
Monday – Wednesday Open 9:00am – 5:00pm for the community, we need all the help you can give. Some of our normal
Thursday Open 9:00am – 7:00pm channels have dried up with these foods which is making it difficult for us to
Friday Open 9:00am – 4:00pm compile healthful food parcels. We want to look after our community over
Phone: 3340 4700 the Christmas period whilst the centre is closed and for our Christmas day
Email: [email protected] party. Last year we had a fantastic turn out with the community where we
Adventist Book Centre (Kallangur) had music, kid’s activities and great food for all who came. Our focus is for
Monday – Tuesday Closed those who have no family, or home or lonely and with God’s Grace we can
Wednesday – Thursday Open 8:45am – 5:00pm fill this space. You can be part of it. Jesus says thank you on behalf of His
Friday Closed children. Items like: Baked Beans, Canned fruit and Veg, Pasta, Long or
Phone: 3886 1316 short grain Rice etc, Noodles, Pasta sauce, Rice cream, Spaghetti, Cereals.
Email: [email protected] Please contact Henk at ADRA on 0401 356105 for collection by Dec 10th

Retirement Village Announcements School Announcements

Did you know that the Seventh-day Adventist Church operate four retirement
villages across South Queensland? Each of them are ideally located in areas
with good public transport, that are close to local shops and amenities and they
all have an Adventist aged care facility collocated onsite. If you are
considering a move into a retirement village and would like to find out more
about and / or visit one of our four Adventist villages please contact:
• Melody Park (Nerang) – Dean Cook 0491 052 202
• Victoria Point - Daniel van der Merwe 0418 740 304
• Caloundra – Dean Cook 0491 052 202
• Capricorn (Yeppoon) – David Tyson 0427 297 755

Church Announcements

KIDS CLUB – EDENS LANDING – For all kids aged 5 – 12, during School
Holidays January 14 to 19 2019. 9.30am to 12 noon. At the Hall, 3 Castile
Cres, Edens Landing. Crafts Stories, Food, Games, Songs and Drama.
Because of limited places, the children must be registered to attend. For more
information contact Brigita on 0409 618 101.

informal session where parents, careers, children and babies meet together in
a relaxed environment. You are welcome to come and see how your child will
enjoy their time at our Bright Sparks Playgroup. We meet every Thursday
during term time – 9.00am to 10.30am. For more information phone 3347
6444 or email – [email protected]

NORTHPINE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE has amassed a tremendously
talented and diverse group of alumni throughout the years. Now, we want to
connect with them, share news about their old school and learn about what they
have been up to. If you are a former student of Northpine Christian College,
please visit and fill
out the form. We also encourage you to share it with all of your classmates. If
you have any questions or wish to share information with us, please email
[email protected]


SESSION - Organisers are looking for Seventh-day Adventist musicians to focused travel group to North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef in March
represent the South Pacific Division by providing music at the General 2019. Cruise for 7 nights from Brisbane and join your fellow travellers for
Conference Session in Indianapolis in 2020. They are searching for a diversity included port tours (Cairns and Airlie Beach) and group activities on board the
of culture, age, styles & genres including singing groups, bands, soloists and Pacific Aria. Flights and transfers arranged from other capital cities. Singles
instrumentalists. Applications must be completed online. Follow this link to are welcomed – no single supplement if you are willing to share. For more
apply, and for audition details: information: Website: Email:
Applications close 31 December, 2018 [email protected] or Telephone: 07 3272 2167

CAR RIDES WITH LITTLE MISS GIGI - A podcast filled with Christian SOUTH PACIFIC DIVISION (SPD) Church Planting Conference. February
stories for 6-10 year old girls. A wonderful world of inspiring stories await 10-13, 2019. This is for pastors, church leaders, administrators and especially
you at ‘Car rides with little miss GIGI.’ These stories will delight and inspire local church members - anyone who is passionate about making disciples and
your little girl’s imagination and excite her as she learns more about God. You church planting. With overseas and local speakers, plus over twenty
can listen in the car, at home for quiet time or before bed. Find us on iTunes workshops to choose from, this SPD Church Planting Conference, with the
& Stitcher or Visit: or Email: Holy Spirit’s leading, promises to be a unique opportunity to be inspired,
[email protected] empowered and equipped to join God in His mission on earth. This
conference will:
Examine Adventism’s unique heritage as a disciple making, church planting
Empower and equip individuals, teams, Churches, Conferences, Unions and
Missions to plant churches
Show how to facilitate a church planting movement in our communities
Explore the growing potential in making disciples in an increasingly post-
Christian world
For more details email [email protected] or
[email protected]. Register here.

Positions Vacant

Full-time and Part-time positions have become available in our South
Queensland Administration and Resourcing Centre (Spring Hill), Finance
These positions offers variety and challenges as part of the team in the
Conference and will be responsible for data capture/entry in accounts
receivable/payables and providing general accounts support to our
Accountants covering a wide range of the Conference operations, including
assisting in the Tithes and Offerings System.
Relevant current experience including data entry to accounting ledgers,
competent use of Excel spreadsheets/other similar accounting software and
general accounts support, is essential for this position.
The successful applicant should be an active member of the Seventh-day
Adventist Church and be able to demonstrate good communication and
relational skills to be able to effectively relate to staff, church members and
the general community.
A detailed Position Profile is available on request.
Written applications, including detailed resume, references and details of

full-time or part-time availability, should be forwarded to:
Mrs Susan Hensley
HR Manager
Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) Limited
PO Box 577
The Administration of Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland
Conference) Ltd reserves the right to make an appointment to this position.

DESIGN? Camp Somerset is looking for someone who may be able to help
them update their site maps that are handed out to groups and campers for their
planning purposes, some of the maps that need creating are the following:
Central Complex and Cabin Map. Lodge Map. Central Complex and Lodge
Map (combined). Campsite Location Map. Entire Site Map (Dimensions to
suite A4 printout and an office sign 1100W x 900H. Internal Layout of Cabins
and Units. If you can help we would love to hear from you, please e-mail Tim
at [email protected].

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