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Church Bulletin 29th December 2018

Toowoomba Central Church Bulletin

Seventh-day Adventist Church 29 December 2018.

Revive Me

Mission Statement Again Job 19:25 Our Vision is…

By God’s grace and for to Know

His Glory we will be a Experience

spiritual home where

comfort and growth can and

be nurtured, a place where In This Share

the ministry of Christ is our Hope

experienced and shared New Year in

with the wider community. Church Pastor Church Bulletin - 29 December 2018 Jesus Christ

Pastor Andrew Feaveai

Duty Elder Toowoomba Central
Brother Valentine Mugabe Seventh-day Adventist Church

Welcome to the A Christmas Message CHURCH
Toowoomba Central Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Andrew Feaveai on holidays CORNER
We pray that you find a blessing while worshipping here with us today. Some Thoughts for the New Year As we reflect back on the end of another
The Church at Study - Sabbath School The old year, with its burden of record, is year, Dwight L. Moody says it well:
"Careful for nothing, prayerful for
fast passing away. The new year, with all
Lesson Study 9:30 to 10:30am its possibilities, will soon be ushered in. everything, thankful for anything." On
What advancement have we made in the
behalf of the Treasury Team, my sincere
This Weeks Lesson - Final Restoration of Unity knowledge of Christ during the past year? appreciation for your faithful support of
Are we prepared to show, more decidedly
than ever before, that we are on the Lord’s our church in 2018 and blessings to all
Memory Verse for the Week. side? At this time, when the nations of the for 2019, a year closer to our Lord’s
“Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in world are wavering between infidelity and return! Thanks kindly, David
which righteousness dwells” (2 Peter 3:13, NKJV). idolatry, are we prepared to stand as
faithful ambassadors for Christ? Shall we
not, at the beginning of this new year, give The sunset burns across the s
The Last Hourky;
ourselves and all we have to God? Shall we The sunset burns across the sky;
Upon the air its warming cry
not listen to His voice, which calls us to a The sunset burns across the sky;
Upon the air its warming cry
The Church at Worship - Divine Service renewed contest, to a more thorough The curfew tools, from tower to tower,
Upon the air its warming cry
The curfew tools, from tower to tower,
consecration of ourselves and our intrusted
O children 'tis the last, last hour!
The curfew tools, from tower to tower,
Praise and Worship in Song - Commencing at 10:50am capabilities to His service? O children 'tis the last, last hour!
O children 'tis the last, last hour!
To God we owe all we have and are. In
Main Service - Commencing at 11:00am Him we live and move and have our being. The work that centuries might have done
The work that centuries might have done
We have not been forgotten by Him. In His
Must crowd the hour of setting sun;
Must crowd the hour of setting sun;
book each human being has a page, on And through all the lands the saving name
Proclaiming the Word of the Lord which is recorded his whole history. And through all the lands the saving name
We must, in fervent haste, proclaim.
Constantly and untiringly God is working
Please Welcome for our happiness. The treasures which He We must, in fervent haste, proclaim.
has placed within our reach are
Today: Brother Peter Gwynne numberless. “The Lord is good to all; and We hear His footsteps on the way!
We hear His footsteps on the way!
O work, while it is called day.
His tender mercies are over all His works.
O work, while it is called day.
Thou openest Thine hand, and satisfiest the Constrained by love, endued by power,
Next Week: Sister Rosie Gwynne desire of every living thing.” He is the Constrained by love, endued by power,
O children, in this last, last hour!
Father of mercies and the God of all O children, in this last, last hour!
“O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: comfort. The earth is full of His goodness. By: Clara Thwaites
By: Clara Thwaites
fear before Him all the Earth.” Ps. 96:9 Creation proclaims, with myriad voice, the
forbearance, love, and compassion of the
Worship in Giving Almighty.
Through all the ages God has manifested
Today: Local Church Budget for the human race a love that is without a
Next Week: Local Church Budget parallel. He so loved man that He bestowed We give thanks to our Heavenly Father
on him a gift that defies computation. That
the abundance of His grace might be for all the answers to prayer that we have
Worship God with Sacrifices from the Heart.
revealed, He sent His only-begotten Son to experienced as a church this year and
The Sabbath Day our world, to live a man among men, to look forward to God’s leading as we
spend His life in the service of humanity.
The Celebration of God’s Sabbath ends tonight at 6:50pm In our behalf the Son of the Infinite God seek Him in 2019. Let us remember to
keep the Pathfinder Camporee in our
Then God’s Sabbath day begins anew next Friday evening at 6:51pm was numbered with the transgressors. prayers and for our own club attending
Christ was the channel through which the
“Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.” Father poured into the world the rich that God will protect with safe travel, be
stream of His grace. God could not give a memorable time and bless all to His
Mission Statement less than the fulness, nor was it possible for
By God’s grace and for His Glory we will be a spiritual home where Him to give more. “Herein is love, not that Glory. Please also continue to pray for
comfort and growth can be nurtured, a place where the ministry of we loved God, but that He loved us, and our Pastor & family and our church
Christ is experienced and shared with the wider community. family, that God will keep us united in
sent His Son to be the propitiation for our
sins.” By Ellen G. White Him. Blessings Eva

Final Restoration Of Unity. Special

Soon the starry heavens will open, Invitation
And our dear Saviour will appear; Today, is the celebtation of the
We will see the glorious angels; birthday”s of Daniel Awde and Yes, you are invited each Sabbath
And God's loud trumpet we will hear. morning at 9:30am to come along
Natalie Haslam. Jasmine and join with fellow believers as
Not then will He come as a baby, McMicking will celebrate her they study God’s Word in Sabbath
In Bethlehem's manger to lay. birthday on the 1 January. On 2 nd School. We would love for you to
But as King of kings, and Lord of lords. January both Malcolm McPhail join us for a time of Fellowship,
He will come on that glorious day. (Jr) and Mary Slykerman have their Praise and Study. Don’t forget there
birthdays. John Oehlmann will are Sabbath School group’s for all
The graves of the dead will be opened, rd ages. In the children’s and young
And His redeemed ones will arise; celebrate his birthday on the 3 people’s Sabbath School there are
Then the living righteous will join them, January. dedicated teacher’s that will help in
And so meet Jesus in the skies.
guiding these precious one’s to be
ready to meet Jesus when He soon
Living a thousand years in Heaven;
Then this old earth will be restored; returns. So, make a date each week
The New Jerusalem from Heaven, of coming along and worship with
Descends to earth with all aboard. us. Bring your friends, they would
love to be there also, they maybe
From God's city, New Jerusalem, just waiting for you to ask them.
Jesus will reign upon His throne.
And we will have such strong unity,
As we have never ever known.
By: B.J.Hanson. A Prayer for the New Year
Sister’s Encouraging Sister’s There is going to be a Kids Club run Whether I leave behind
There is going to be a Kids Club run
by our local church from the 14 - 18
The Kids Club that was planned for
Christian Women’s Fellowship by our local church from the 14 - 18 a year of joy or of trials and difficulties,
January 2019 in the Harlaxton Hall,
Home Group coordinator. the Halaxton hall has
January 2019 in the Harlaxton Hall,
Toowoomba. John Oehlmann is the
been postpone to later in the new
Toowoomba. John Oehlmann is the
I pause to give thanks.
year. For more information on this
January at
For January only the Home Group coordinator. Thank you for being with me
see John or phone 0432606445.
will meet on Thursday 17 & 31 of John is looking for interested people every day of every year.
January at 10:00am to 12:00 noon for I'm looking for interested people to
to assist with the weeks activity who
Bible Study, Prayer, Praise and assist with the weeks activity who Thank you for making all things new
should also have a Government Blue
Thank you.
Worship. You are welcome to stay should also have a Government Blue
and enjoy fellowship together after card. First meeting after church on the and for giving me the grace of
card. First meeting after church on the
the meeting with a cool or hot drink 15th of December. Thanking you. fresh starts
or you may like to BYO lunch. 15th of December. Thanking you.
Contact Julie McBryde Ph: 0409 615 John Oehlmann. and new beginnings.
Just A Friendly Reminder
Just A Friendly Reminder
956 or Email: [email protected] If you are visiting our church today, Remind me of your presence in the days to
Christian Women’s Fellowship is a Toowoomba Central Church family Out of Respect for our Lord, and come.
home group meeting at 18 Wyalla cordially invite you to our Church Hall other church member’s, you are even when I feel pushed and rushed by
Street, Newtown. All Ladies after the main church service to the requested to Observe a Quiet Time busyness.
Welcome Visitor’s Lunch. Many thanks to all those in the Lord’s House on Sabbath. Be glorified in my life this year.
Kindly Turn Off or Silent your
who faithfully help out with the lunches Mobile Phones. Thank You Amen
weekly. Host: Rosemary and Crew

Revive Me Again Church Contact Team Roster’s

When I think about a spiritual revival, my mind goes back to the days when it meant Pastor: Andrew Feaveai Worship Co-ordinator - 05 January
a traveling Evangelist came to town, set up a large tent, covered the ground in sawdust, Mobile: O405 684 770
and posted flyers on telephone poles. For the most part, that has become an event Rosie Gwynne
relegated to a bygone era, uncommon in this day and time. Duty Elder: Valentine Mugabe
Revivals moved into church buildings and for a couple of weeks, people received a
fresh gospel message and an opportunity to renew their faith and their excitement for
God. Eventually two weeks became one until now most church “Revivals” run from Head Elder:…….…...……Kerry Wilmott
Sunday through Wednesday. In some Churches, revivals have become a short burst of Mobile: 0415 859045 Church Cleaning
life in an otherwise predictable series of routine services. Head Deacon:… ….…Stan Starkey 05 January: Gail & Kerry Wilmott
Young people are hungry for spiritual awakening, the reality of the gospel, but when Phone: 46 98 70 76
they don’t find it they lose interest all together. Some say revivals have died due to a Head Deaconess:…. .…Cristine Wills 12 January: Clive & Diane Butcher
lack of interest. I hope that is not true, for revival is what we need more than anything. Mobile: 0407 762 794 19 January: Stan & Gloria Starkey
We need to recapture our first love, turn back to the God of power and might, the God Treasurer:……………… …..David Peers
of love who changes lives and heals broken hearts.
But one question remains. Are we revivable? Are we? If so, then how does it happen? Mobile: 0427 728 409
What should we do? First, we must understand that revival begins with us, as Church Clerk:……… .Robyn Brierley Your Church Bulletin will now be
individuals. The greatest revivals began with one concerned person who went to their Mobile: 0418 465 151
knees and prayed for God to bring revival as a sovereign act. Church Bulletin Editor available online in full colour. There
We have God’s promise in the Bible that says, “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, Garry McBryde - Mobile: 0490178915 will only be a limited number of
You will revive me.” Psalms 138:7 KJV Bulletin’s available at the church door
From this and other scriptures we know that the heart of God is to draw us close to Notices to: [email protected] for Visitor’s and those who are unable
Him and to have pure Holy fellowship together. No matter what we have done, or how before 8:00pm Wednesday evenings. Thank to access the Bulletin on a Internet
far we have strayed from Him, His loving arms are outstretched to His children. When you. device. To receive your Church
our relationship is right, there is so much peace that floods our soul that we must ask Bulletin simply forward your email
ourselves, why? Why do we stray and allow ourselves to become cold and distant Bible Study/ Prayer Meeting
from God? address to the email address below.
A cold indifferent world of sin will drag us away if we let it, but is it ever worth it? Every Tuesday evening from 5:30pm [email protected]
No. A relationship with our Loving Father is priceless and should be our first priority. in the Youth Room or Pastor’s Office
Yet we take Him for granted because He is always there. a time of Bible Study and Prayer for
It’s time we turn back to God, repent, and ask for revival, for our families, our Nation,
and ourselves. Yet the question remains, are we revivable? The same question is asked all. Extra Church Parking Available
in the Bible as the Psalmist wrote, Every Wednesday, 7:00pm to Please use the rear car park of HB
Christmas break, starting
“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” Psalms 85:6 8:00pm a prayer, song and study based
KJV meeting in the Highfields area. Phone Recruitment (business opposite our
Yes we are revivable! God will breathe new life into us when we ask. It’s His will to up again in the New Year. church car park, Laurel St.). To enter
forgive us, bless us, and welcome us back to our first love. He is so wonderful, and Stan on 4698 7076 for more drive down the side entrance (eastern
His grace is unfathomable. He will not only bring us back to where we were, but He information including this weeks side of HB’s building) to the rear area
will take us to new places in Him. location. and for those first to start parking on
If we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord He will lift us up. the western boundary & continue
“For thus says the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: “I Every Friday night at 6:30pm,
dwell in the high and holy place, with him who has a contrite and humble spirit, to Patriarchs and Prophets is being across to maximize the number of cars
revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.”” Isaiah studied here at the church. able to park there – thank you. A
57:15 NKJV reminder if you park in a metered car
Pray for revival. History shows that God has sent revival to countries in times of Prayer Group meets every Sabbath park in the vicinity of our church, you
national crisis, war and economic stress. His word describes how He will look morning from 8:30am to 9:00am in the don’t have to feed the meter on a
throughout the earth for those whose heart is toward Him. And to those loyal to Him, Prayer Room. All Welcome. Sabbath if you have given your car
He will prove Himself strong on their behalf, and will actually fight their battles. Find a Group that suits you and be details (rego, make and model) to
The Bible is replete with examples and proof that He wants to bless His people
because He cares about each one. So since we are revivable, pray for revival as if it all inspired by God’s grace and love for David. If you’re unsure please see
…..depends on you. It very well may. by Gene Markland you. David today.

Stir Me!

Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, I care not how,
But stir my heart in passion for the world,
Stir me to give, to go, but most to pray;
Stir till the blood-red banner be unfurled
O’er lands that still in heathen darkness lie,
O’er deserts where no cross is lifted high.

Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, till all my heart
Is filled with strong compassion for these-souls;
Till Thy compelling word drives me to pray;
Till Thy constraining love reach to the poles
Far north and south, in burning deep desire,
Till east and west are caught in love’s great fire.

Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, till prayer is pain,
Till prayer is joy, till prayer turns into praise;
Stir me, till heart and will and mind, yea, all
Is wholly Thine to use through all the days.
Stir, till I learn to pray exceedingly;
Stir, till I learn to wait expectantly.

Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, Thy heart was stirred
By love’s intensest fire, till Thou didst give
Thine only Son, Thy best beloved One,
E’en to the dreadful cross, that I might live.
Stir me to give myself so back to Thee,
That Thou canst give Thyself again through me.

Stir me, oh, stir me, Lord, for I can see
Thy glorious triumph-day begin to break;
The dawn already gilds the eastern sky;
Oh, Church of Christ, arise, awake, awake.
Oh! stir us, Lord, as heralds of that day.
For night is past, our King is on His way.
Hymn by Bessie Porter Head.

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