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A man named randy is going to a meeting but he has a few obstacles on the way. So it takes him a while to get there.

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Published by Ethan Andresen, 2019-05-08 11:58:04

A Terrifying Day

A man named randy is going to a meeting but he has a few obstacles on the way. So it takes him a while to get there.


A Terrifying Day 

By Ethan Andresen 




Have you ever had a good day then 
everything suddenly went bad? Well, that is 

what happens to a man named Randy.  



Randy was sleeping in his big house. 
He was a millionaire. He lived in Australia. 
Randy was six feet six inches tall. He 
works at an oil company. It was named 
Blue Diamond Energy.  



Randy woke up by his alarm clock at 
nine AM. Then he got up and got dressed. 
He wore a black suit with a red tie. Then he 
went to his garage to get in his 
Lamborghini Huracan. It is jet black 





He started to drive two hundred miles 
per hour. On a road in the forest unused 
but newly paved. When he was 
seventy-five miles to the airport he felt a 
shake and a noise that sound like metal 
ripping. He looked in the mirror and saw a 
giant grasshopper ripped off the tire. The 
car swerved and hit a tree. Randy got out 
of his car.  




He saw his car hit a tree. Then the tree 
snapped, the car rolled into a river, and 
exploded. Randy stared in shock at the car 
then it started to rain.  







He hid tree.behind a One hour later the 
grasshopper left with a giant hop. ( I guess 
he was done terrifying me.) So, Randy, 
decided to sit next to the road and wait for 
a car to drive by. 



So, Randy, stopped a car to get a ride 
to an airport. They gave him a ride to the 
airport. He went to buy a new ticket. Then 
he got on the plane. 





The plane ride was twelve hours long in 
first class. When he got to New York, he 
took a taxi two miles to his office.  




​When he got there, the meeting was 
over. Most of the people were gone. Lucky 
his boss was still there. 




When he got to his boss, Daren, he 
asked him ¨Why are you late¨? He told his 
boss everything what happened to his car, 
how the people helped him and how he got 
a taxi. 




​When he was done, Daren was 
surprised. He told Randy, “You will not get 
fired. Actually you will get a pay raise 
because your of dedication to get here”.  



​ Then he got a hotel room in the city 
and stayed there for a week. He decided to 
relax and take a few days off from work. 
And go out to eat. 



When he got to Australia he called his 
cousins and asked for a ride to a car shop. 
To buy a new Lamborghini Huracan and 
drive it home.  


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