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"Once upon a time, in a faraway land. There is a
castle Which is the home of the 3 brothers "

"I am a selfish boy"
"I am a greedy girl"
"I am a craven boy"


On the bloody moon night, the witch Fera has
stolen the faces of the three little children.

"No face, No smile,
so how can we be happy?"

"Fera, It's mine. Give it back!!,"
said Brinley

"HA HA HA!! If you want your face back,
you must go and get me the golden apple
before the full moon night next time."

Minotaur Labyrinth
and a falcon

Poseidon river

Olympus mountain with
the golden apple tree.

Draberus dragon

We are going to find the golden apple.
We have to get the faces back.

Brinley found the river that flowed rapidly, then he heard
the mommy monkey was crying.

Brinley said "Excuse me, sir, is there any problem, why are
you crying,"

"My baby is missing," said Mommy monkey
"Can you help me find my baby?"

Brinley helped the mommy monkey find her baby successful.

The mommy monkey gave an award to Brinley
who helped to find the baby monkey by helping

the children cross the river safely.

They kept walking toward after they can get across the river.

but suddenly, Brony saw one bird crying, and
decided to walk to that bird

She asked `` Excuse me, sir, is there any
problem? Why are you crying?''

Shortly after her question, the
bird replied `` I haven't eaten
anything many days, I am out of

energy and going to die ''

because Brony felt so sorry for the bird,
coming up with the idea to offer some food to the

bird though she was stingy with her food.

Then, the children have been walking until they meet a big
dragon named Draberus who is crying and guarding the

golden apple.

"Excuse me, sir, is there any problem, why are you crying," said

"I have been guarding here for hundreds years, during these
times, I haven't eaten anything yet. So, if all of you want to
pass through this way, you must be able to answer my riddle,
if you can't, you all need to be my food." "My riddle is if
May's mother has 2 children, the first one named June, then,
what would be the second one's name?," asked Draberus.

"Let me answer this riddle, my answer is
May because May's mother has 2 children,
the first one named June, so the second

one must be May, " answered Brady.

With the eldest brother's bravery and
brilliance, the dragon allows all three to pass
through and get the golden apple according to

their wish.

When the time for the full moon comes again, the
children take the golden apple to the witch, and the

witch gives their faces back.

because I am a helper,
because I am a sharer,
because I am a braver,
we can smile again and forever.

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