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Published by Todd Hart, 2019-12-03 12:01:22

Otto Fonseca | Proofs#1

Otto Fonseca | Proofs#1

Day 1

Day 3JUST SOLD! $265.000

1013 Sussex Rd
San Jacinto, CA 92583

W W W. W E B S I T E . C O M 903.917.6104

Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty
29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Menifee, CA 92586
DRE# 00939614

Otto Fonseca


Day 5

I Started Looking For
The Buyer For Your House
180 Days Ago…

Dear Jane Doe , November 6th, 2019

What you might not realize is that the new buyer for your house has already
starting to look for homes in Fulton County.

In fact, every month we receive hundreds of calls from potential buyers who are
just now starting to look for homes and are calling us for help.

We help these buyers by sending them pricing and market data on all the homes
that come on the market, and also many homes that are not yet on the market.

That’s where we may be able to help you sell your house for top price in as little
as 24 hours - without even putting it on the market.

Right now, we have several buyers who are looking for homes near 123 First Street
and we’d like to be able to offer your home as well.

If you’d like me to include your house in our exclusive marketing, please don’t
hesitate to give me a call or text message at (444) 332-4543 and I can explain
exactly how everything works.

Talk to you soon!

Mike Price

Day 5 The Otto Fonseca Newsletter


Your guide to getting top dollar for your home


Location Otto Fonseca
Condition Before you sell your home, consider these 4
Timing important questions that homebuyers will ask
themselves about your house -- and be
prepared with how answer them.

Is this a good location?

Create the perception of a highly desirable
neighborhood. Whether you're selling that
you're adjacent to a great coffee shops,
museums, the best school district or even
freeway access, in the mind of an ideal buyer,
your location will be exceptional viewed as a
hot new place to live.

continued on reverse...

Your guide to getting top dollar for your home continued.Day 5

What about price? Otto Fonseca

As the basis for determining which propeties to Your Bio.
look at, price is always one of the most
important factors when considering how long it Client Testimonial
takes to sell. If you ask too much, you could
delay a sale, but even worse, asking too little Otto Fonseca
could potentially leave alot of money on the 903.917.6104
table. Realistic but competitive pricing data as
provided by an experianced real etate Coldwell Banker Associated
professional is extremely important when Brokers Realty
considering both time to sale, and the final 29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
selling price. Menifee, CA 92586
DRE# 00939614
How does it look?

Your home is your castle - the place where
memories and created and shared amoung
family. There are a few things that you can do
to give a great first impression when showing
your home to potential buyers. Pressure wash
the driveway and walkways. Spruce up the
landscaping by planting some flowers -- this
gives a warm inviting feeling. Paint the front
door, and lastly, clean and de-clutter the
interior of your home by packing up knick
knacks and any extra items you may have laying
around. Not only does this gives you a great
head start to moving, but it also provides the
buyer an opportunity to visualize the house as
their new home. These first impressions will
make a dramatic impact right when it counts
the most.

Are you ready to move?

Many of the buyers I work with are looking to
move in quickly, they may be transferring into
the area or may have already sold their previous
home. For people like these, the ability to move
in quickly could be a huge extra incentive when
considering your home.

As one of Orange Counties premier real estate
agents, I specalize in selling homes like yours
for top dollar and in record time. In fact I may
already be working with buyers who are ready
to act quickly. If you’d like to showcase your
house to my exclusive clientel just give me a
call or text and we’ll schedule time to meet and
review your selling timeframe.

Day 10

Sell Your House In As Little
As 24 hrs - And Laugh To
Yourself At How Easy It Was!

Dear {{owner}}, {{date}}

What you do right now will determine how long your house will take to sell, how
much money you will get for your house, and how easy or complicated your
selling experience will be.

There are some simple things that you can and should be doing right now to
make sure you’ll get the highest price at the closing table.

If you’re serious about selling quickly and for maximum dollar, I’d highly
recommend our free “Home Value Review” we’ll walk through your home
together and I’ll show you the most important things you can be doing right now
to prepare for a fast and easy sale.

Just give me a call or text message at {{agent-phone}}and we can arrange a
convenient time to get together.

Talk to you soon!


Day 10 The {{AGENT}} Newsletter


Tricks of the trade that help get you top dollar


First Impressions {{Agent Name}}
Small Inconveniences
Kitchen is King It’s true, you can maximize the value of your proper-
Don’t go Overboard ty without spending money on upgrades or improve-
ments. This newsletter reveals some of the best kept
selling secrets known by top-producing real estate

Secret #1: First Impressions

Entryways are the most important. No more storing
coat and shoes by the door. When you’re selling,
store away your personal items and add a welcoming
touch by putting out a small bench, a vase or
fresh-cut flowers or maybe even some cookies.

continued on reverse...

Day 10
Tricks of the trade that help you get top dollar continued.

Secret #2: Small Inconveniences Otto Fonseca

The buyer for your home could come at any time! Your Bio.
Always be available whenever possible. Keeping your
home looking top-notch at all times can help you Client Testimonial
sell your home faster. Keeping tidy 24/7 may be
difficult, but it’s a small price to pay to maximize Otto Fonseca
your chances of selling. You may not be ready, but 903.917.6104
your buyer might be ready to act. Remember, if
you’re not available-someone else will be. Coldwell Banker Associated
Brokers Realty
Secret #3: Kitchen is King! 29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Menifee, CA 92586
Kitchen reigns supreme. Dated kitchens can DRE# 00939614
decrease the value of your home by 10-30 THOU-
SAND dollars. Kitchens should be taken as priority
#1 when it comes to your upgrade budget. You can’t
go wrong with neutral paint color to start. If you’re
trying to stay economical new hardware can give
the space an illusion of looking more expensive than
it is. If you have a little more to spend I suggest
investing in one new appliance such as an oven.
Having a luxurious focal point creates the idea that
the entire kitchen is more up to date. Investing in
your kitchen can only help you, but ignoring it
completely will hinder your success in finding the
right buyer.

Secret #4: Don’t go overboard!

A lot of people make the mistake of going above and
beyond with renovation projects. Upgrades
are sometimes a necessity but don’t “fix something
that isn’t broken.” as they say. The goal is to get the
most out of what you have so you can get top dollar
for your home. The return on the investment for a
huge project is often slim to none. Create an elevat-
ed version of the home you have now instead of
going all out on huge changes. The best thing you
can do is to make sure everything works properly
and looks fresh.

If you’re wondering what you can do to maximize
the value of your home, there’s no substitute for a
well-trained eye. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or
text message at {{agent-phone}}. I’m happy to drop
by and provide a free, no-obligation home valuation

Day 15JUST SOLD! $265.000

1013 Sussex Rd
San Jacinto, CA 92583

W W W. W E B S I T E . C O M 903.917.6104

Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty
29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Menifee, CA 92586
DRE# 00939614

Otto Fonseca


Day 20

Before You Decide To List with an agent,
Take a minute to read this letter
(It could save you a lot of money)

Dear {{owner}}, {{date}}

Did you ever wonder why some homes sit on the market unsold for what seems
like forever?

The most important factors that will determine whether a house will sell quickly
happen in the time before the house ever goes on the market.

There are some simple things you can do before you put your house on the
market that will give you a much better chance of selling your home quickly and
for a higher price.

Did you know homes that sell quickly almost always sell for more money than
homes that sit on the market for several months?

A free “Selling Review” will tell you the secrets to making sure your house will
sell quickly and for a good price.

Just give me a call or text message at {{agent-phone}}and we’ll arrange a time to
get together

Talk to you soon!


Day 20 The {{AGENT}} Newsletter


Exactly what NOT to do when your selling a home

Local Photo


Pools {{Agent Name}}
New Roof
Closets It’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed by the
Room Additions sheer thought of all the preparations you need to do
Kitchen & Bath once you decide to sell your home. Before you start
panicking just remember soap and paint are your
friends. Be sure to give the house a thorough clean-
ing and replace anything that’s broken, but resist
the urge to undertake major renovations.


While pools may seem like a great way to attract
buyers, research shows many folks don’t want the
hassle. Pools can be a lot of unwanted upkeep, plus
they increase insurance and other liabilities. Let the
buyer put their own pool in later and you’ll come out
on top.

continued on reverse...

Exactly what NOT to do when your selling a home continued.Day 20

New Roof Otto Fonseca

Even if your roof is aging, resist installing a new Your Bio.
roof. A seller is only required to have a roof that
doesn’t leak. Leaky roofs are easily and inexpensive- Client Testimonial
ly patched. The money saved by patching the roof
makes repair a better choice. Also, replacing the Otto Fonseca
roof involves making a choice about the style and 903.917.6104
color. If the buyer doesn’t care for your choices it
could be money wasted. Coldwell Banker Associated
Brokers Realty
Closets 29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Menifee, CA 92586
While it’s true that buyers may oooh and ahhh over DRE# 00939614
an expansive walk-in closet that could double for an
office or well-organized bedroom, they won’t want
to pay you extra for it. Adding, expanding or cus-
tomizing closets can cost tens of thousands of
dollars and while they may look impressive, the
return on investment is little to none. Save your

Room Additions

Unless your home is drastically smaller when com-
pared with every other home in your neighborhood,
don’t waste your time, sanity or money on hiring a
contractor to add rooms. There’s no way to predict
your buyers preferences, so it is best to leave the
renovations to the new owners. Focus on improve-
ments using paint, soap, and carpet as your go-to

Kitchen & Bath

Remember the mantra? Soap and paint are my
friends. These renovations are costly and require
decisions as to style, colors, brands, and price.
Instead of remodeling, experts agree to slightly
reduce the asking price when the kitchen or bath-
rooms are seriously outdated.

If you’re wondering which improvements are worth
doing, my free “Home Valuation” review will quickly
show you the most important things you can start
doing right now to prepare. Just give me a call or
text at {{agent-phone}} and we’ll arrange a time to
get together.

Day 30

Here’s How To Find Out
What Your Home is Really Worth
(plus, how long it will take to sell)

Dear {{owner}}, {{date}}

Before you consider selling your home, you need to find out what comparatively
similar homes have sold for in your same neighborhood.

Now you can look online, browse the Zestimate or several other automated
guesses. But these estimations do not adjust for home condition, upgrades or
many other contributing factors.

You’re much better off requesting a complimentary value assessment from my
office. Every month I put together a complete financial report for homes located
near {{property-address}} and I’d be happy to share it with you.

This free report will help you get a really good idea of what your home is worth.
My contact info will be in the report so you can ask me any questions.

I don’t charge a dime for this report, even though an appraiser would typically
charge you $300-500.

You’ll get your completed report in your email within just a few days and we’ll
be available (if you’d like) by phone to go over the report and answer any
questions you may have…

Talk to you soon…


Day 30 The {{AGENT}} Newsletter


Home renovation secrets from a top agent


Painting {{Agent Name}}
Curb Appeal These five relatively inexpensive repairs or renova-
Driveways tions won't blow your budget to bits or cause your
Entryways stress level to skyrocket. They will, however, enable
you to sell your home more quickly and get top

#1 Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your entire home with a coat of a light
neutral tone is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. This
color continuity creates a light and bright effect
that makes the home-buyer feel like the space is
cheery and spacious. Something as simple as paint
can automatically increase your home’s value.

continued on reverse...

Home renovation secrets from a top agent continued.Day 30

#2 Carpet Replacement Otto Fonseca

Don’t underestimate the value of a new carpet. Your Bio.
Carpets can already make a room feel dated espe-
cially when dirty, thus decreasing your chances of a Client Testimonial
sale. There’s no need to go extravagant-just replace
what you have with a new version but keep it a Otto Fonseca
lighter color to elevate the look and feel of the 903.917.6104
Coldwell Banker Associated
#3 Curb Appeal Brokers Realty
29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Prospects are going to judge your home before even Menifee, CA 92586
walking through your door. Make a good first DRE# 00939614
impression by adding inexpensive landscaping to
give your home an inviting edge. Grass should be
green, flowers should be bloomed, and bushes
should be trimmed. Tiny details like these can make
your house a home for your buyer.

#4 Driveways can drive away a buyer

You may not think much of your driveway but when
a buyer comes around the corner and sees that it’s
cracked and broken they might not want to see what
the rest of the house has to offer. The driveway is
the first thing your buyer comes into contact with
so make sure it has a clean finish. Fix anything that’s
broken and kill weeds if necessary.

#5 Entryway to a sale

The first steps inside the home are critical so don’t
miss any small details. Make sure your entryway is
spotless and inviting. Adding a bench for comfort
and decorations for ambiance can make a person
feel welcomed and relaxed. The door shouldn’t
squeak and dirty shoes should be put away. Upon
walking inside your prospect should already feel at

As a home valuation specialist, I have the resources
to provide a complimentary home renovation
assessment to help assist you with upgrade deci-
sions. This free report will help you get a really good
idea of what your home is worth before and after
any upgrades. Just call or text me at {{agent-phone}}
and we’ll find a time to get together.

Day 40JUST SOLD! $265.000

1013 Sussex Rd
San Jacinto, CA 92583

W W W. W E B S I T E . C O M 903.917.6104

Coldwell Banker Associated Brokers Realty
29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
Menifee, CA 92586
DRE# 00939614

Otto Fonseca


Day 50

Some Homes Sit On The Market
For Way Too Long — And

What You Can Do To Sell Quickly

Dear {{owner}}, {{date}}

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, as I have inside knowledge
that I know can get your property sold in record time.

I am very familiar with your area. I have completed many successful sales in the
vicinity of your home and I know with absolute certainty that I can help you
accomplish your goal of selling your property for maximum value, and much
faster than you may realize.

I have an established base of buyers in your area and a reputation for getting
sellers their asking price (sometimes more).

There are several key ingredients in my marketing strategy that will help ensure
you receive the full financial potential available to you through the sale of your
home. In addition, my unique strategies will minimize the amount of time your
home is on the market.

I would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you to present a marketing
plan that I know will produce great results for you. Please call or send a text
message to my cell at {{agent-phone}} and we’ll find a time to meet.

Talk to you soon…


Day 50 The {{AGENT}} Newsletter


Preparing private rooms for a high dollar sale


Bathrooms {{Agent Name}}
- Personal Products
- Grime & Mold Your bathroom is easily one of the most lived in
- Leaky Faucets areas of the home. Due to this fact, you must take
extra steps to insure that your buyer feels like
they’re just walking into a clean room that they can
picture themselves using instead of feeling as if
they’re imposing on your personal space.

Hiding any and all personal prod-
ucts is crucial to making the pros-
pect feel comfortable.

When showing your home you need to take the
“home out of the house” by depersonalizing every-
thing; especially the bathroom.

continued on reverse...

Preparing private rooms for a high dollar sale continued.Day 50

Once you’ve taken the time to clear the area of any Otto Fonseca
clutter you need to make sure everything is sani-
tized, wiped down, and most importantly-make sure Your Bio.
it smells fresh.
Client Testimonial
There is nothing more off putting
than seeing grime and mold in the Otto Fonseca
bathroom. 903.917.6104

If the buyer is given any impression that the space Coldwell Banker Associated
hasn’t at least been wiped down you can guarantee Brokers Realty
to lose the sale. The client doesn’t want to be think- 29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
ing about how dirty your house is. They could easily Menifee, CA 92586
assume that if your bathroom isn’t clean than the DRE# 00939614
rest of the home probably isn’t either. What good is
a clean bathroom if nothing works properly?

Make sure your faucets aren’t
leaking and the shower head has
nice water pressure.

If something as important as the toilet isn’t func-
tioning properly that pretty much sums up every-
thing the buyer needs to know about the home.
Basically, if the toilet doesn’t work there must be an
entire laundry list of other things that need work
done. This could knock thousands of dollars off your
asking price.

Don’t give your buyer the impres-
sion that your house is a “fixer
upper” just because it needs a few
small repairs.

A clean space with everything in working order is
ideal. Now all that you need to do is add a few extra
details and your client will feel right at home! Some
neutral hand towels and scented candles can help
sell the fantasy of the perfect home your buyer

If you’re serious about selling your home for top
dollar, Please call or send a text message to my cell
at {{agent-phone}}. I would love the opportunity to
share some unique solutions for selling your home
that may not have considered yet.

Day 60

Find Out How Much Your
House Is Worth

In Today’s Hot Market

Dear {{owner}}, {{date}}

After a slow but steady increase in the local housing market, I’m happy to
confirm that our area is experiencing near-record values.

In fact, your neighborhood is now considered to be a “seller’s market” and
inventory is low. Your home is in a prime area to take advantage of the large
numbers of buyers currently competing to purchase a home.

I follow the local real estate sales history closely. I’d like to offer you an
opportunity to review the comparable sales data which will give us a target
quick-sale price for your property.

This complimentary market report is most helpful when figuring how long it will
take your home to sell, and at what price. I’d be happy to confidentially meet
with you to discuss the data and answer your questions with no obligation or

Thank you for taking the time to consider this letter. It’s always a pleasure to
report good news to homeowners. I look forward to hearing from you. I can be
reached on my cell, call or text at {{agent-phone}}

Talk soon…


Day 60 The {{AGENT}} Newsletter


The kitchen is your secret weapon to win top dollar


Kitchens {{Agent Name}}
- Small Updates
- Light & Bright Kitchens are the epicenter of the home and the
- First Impressions heartbeat of any family gathering. This room of the
house is the most important; therefore you must
take extra steps to insure your kitchen looks it’s
best! A dirty kitchen can ruin the fantasy for the

You want your prospect to think of
all the great times they’ll enjoy in
your wonderful kitchen

not all the dirt and grime that can inflict a bad

impression. A clean kitchen makes anyone feel at

ease. Keep clean and organized and you can guaran-

tee success! continued on reverse...

The kitchen is your secret weapon to win top dollar continued.Day 60

Even just one or two small updates Otto Fonseca
in a kitchen can dramatically in-
crease your home’s value. Your Bio.

For example, a designer range or oven can make or Client Testimonial
break an entire sale. I’ve come across buyers that
deliberately chose another property just because a Otto Fonseca
home is lacking this one feature. Don’t go in the red 903.917.6104
by wasting effort on an entire remodel. Instead, fix
what’s broken and spend wisely on a few small Coldwell Banker Associated
updates. My go-to kitchen upgrades include a tile Brokers Realty
back-splash or a fancy looking range or even. It’s all 29950 Haun Road, Suite #101
about getting the highest return on investment Menifee, CA 92586
possible. DRE# 00939614

Keep your kitchen light and bright
by turning on all your fixtures
when showing your home.

Make your kitchen sparkle to really wow your
buyers. Open your windows and clean the space
thoroughly to give your kitchen that extra shine.
Roll on a fresh coat of neutral paint and a buyer
won’t be too far behind.

You never have the second chance at
a first impression so be sure to set
the tone.

Always be on your toes when it comes to the kitch-
en. Before anyone comes through your door, dou-
ble-check everything. Have you turned on all the
lights? Are the towels clean and hanging on a rail?
Do you need to give the faucets a quick wipe? Does
the garbage need to be taken outside? Everything is
ready? Light a gingerbread smelling candle, put on
some soft music and wait for the doorbell to ring

As an agent who follows local real estate history
closely, I’m uniquely qualified to provide you with a
free in-home value add-on analysis. In just a few
minutes I can make a few recommendations that are
virtually guaranteed to provide an amazing return
on investment. I can be reached on my cell anytime
by call or text message at {{agent-phone}}. I look
forward to hearing from you.

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