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Published by Cstonesifer97, 2019-03-20 20:54:10

Character Sheet - Alternative 2

Character Sheet - Alternative 2

weapon attacks D&D class features
attack damage type

spell attacks

attack damage

racial traits

spellcasting details

spells spells save dc
per day used


2 character name

3 race class coinage
4 alignment

5 copper cp
silver sp
6 gender hair eyes size height weight ep
electrum gp
7 gold pp

8 level platinum
9 experience
next level

hit points score modifier aarrmmoorr ccllaassss
ac - no armor
total remaining initiative str languages
hit dice speed dex hit dice
int vision
total remaining cha

spells proficiencies

cantrips proficiency
level 1 bonus
level 2
level 3 saving throws
level 4
level 5 tools
level 6
level 7 weapons
level 8
level 9 armors

prepared spells skills

equipment treasure

feats gems & art objects



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